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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  September 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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lives taken from us so cruelly." butt with "lorain grace...bell rings" good evening. and thanks for joining us. i'm christopher king. today -- we pause to remember -- 15 years ago -- in an unimaginable tragedy. al qaeda hijackers -- crashing two passenger jets -- in-to the twin towers in new york -- another into the pentagon in washington, d.c. -- and another at a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. abc's -- marci gonzalez -- joins us from lower manhattan -- as our nation gathers to mourn -- remember and heal nat names through tradition... nat names and tearful memories- sot: "i'm sorry i never got to say goodbye,
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lives lost in the september 11th terror attacks?15 years ago, today? sot: "15 years is like 15 seconds" from here- below the resilient reflection of the new- one world trade "15 years is like 15 seconds" from here- below the resilient reflection of the new- one world trade center? nat chimes/bagpipes etc to the pentagon sot obama: "as americans we do not live in shanksville, pennsylvania? nats of ceremony ceremonies- highlighting not only on the utter loss...and horror of that day... quick file nat but the heroism... sot allison crowther (the man in the red bandana's mother): you saved many lives on sept. 11. //thank you wells for the gift of your final hour . honoring the legacies...etched into history, and into the hearts of those too young to remember...
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three months. i feel like i've known you forever. tag- those grieving family members- of all ages, saying this day never gets any easier, but that it is so important to be here...carrying on the vow made 15 years ago to never forget. mg abc news ny nevada senator harry reid -- comemorating the victims of 9-11 -- and their families. he put out a reading -- "the memory of that terrible day -- will never fade -- and the many innocent lives -- will never be forgotten. but we didn't allow terror to break us. we rose again together -- stronger and more determined than ever." the north las vegas police department tweeting -- "today we remember those who lost their lives -- in the tragic attack on 9-11". governor brian sandoval -- is ordering all flags in nevada -- to be lowered to half-staff today they'll stay that way from sunrise to sunset -- in
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with and the national day of service and remembrance. governor sandoval -- speaking at a ceremony in fallon today -- in recognition -- the men and women who serve our nation. 8:22:58 bell ringing firefighters and other first reponders -- gathering outside fire station five-- earlier this morning. the bells rang at 6-59 a-m -- pacific time -- the same time the south tower collapsed at the tolling of the bells -- is a firefighter tradition -- to remember the people -- who died on 9-11. tim syzmanski/lvfr 8:39:35:26 "when you're a firefighter and you're going down the street, there's things that go through your mind. i can imagine what they were thinking when they were going out to the world trade center. so it means a lot to every the raising of a special flag -- presented by the new york city fire department.
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fly it only on september 11th -- at half-staff -- over a piece of metal from the world trade center. a henderson family -- has a very personal connection -- to the tragic events of 9-11. kellie lee -- lost her husband -- in one of the plane crashes. she gave birth to their daughter -- just two days later. 13-action news reporter -- david schuman -- is live -- as the family commemorates this 15-year anniversary. david. when kellie lee had her daughter allison two days after her husband danny was killed became a national story. she went on the maury povich show and today i got a chance to rewatch that clip with her. reliving it...hearing danny's voice -- none of it's ever easy but especially not on this milestone anniversary. danny was a roadie for the backstreet boys and he was given time off to fly home for the birth of his daughter. kellie learned what happened to danny's flight on the everyone else. 04:33:58 kellie lee, lost her
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that it was his flight and my world just stopped. i can't even explain. everything went gray. i couldn't really comprehend what was going on." so now allison is turning 15. she never met her father but kellie says she sees parts of him in her daughter. allison's a dancer and she and her friends created a touching tribute to her father that i'll show you tonight at 6. reporting live..david schuman..13 action news. a special ceremony -- at palm honoring the victims of the 9-11 attacks. the mortuary -- laying out its healing field. it's a sprawling memorial -- made up of nearly three-thousand flags --for each life lost. it's located near the 2-15 and jones tonight -- the las vegas firefighters-benefit association -- will co-host the annual 9-11 firefighter tribute -- and procession. that takes place in downtown las vegas -- at 7 this evening.
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it's taking place at six tonight on the trail from bruce with old glory for 24hrs in remembrance of the victims. students and faculty -- gather at palo verde high school -- to honor one of their own. the air force junior r-o-t-c -- on friday -- holding its annual flag re- dedication -- for foreign-language teacher -- barbara edwards. she was on flight 77 -- which crashed into the pentagon. languages chair 27:31-27:37 "she was not a morning person, and we were just praying all day that she missed the flight." capt. gordon doughty 10:39:48 "she on the soccer field is because she came to every soccer game that the kids had. this was her favorite place to be outside the classroom." current students at palo aretoos -- so the school makes sure she's remembered each year. the paul mitchell school of las
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repsonders -- in honor of 9-11. they're giving out free haircuts at the school. it's located near eastern and serene. they do this every year -- around the country. people across the nation -- gathering to remember the horrific events of 9-11. even the presidential race -- taking a backseat-- as hillary clinton and donald trump -- attend memorials at ground zero. that's where the democratic candidate -- suffered a health scare. what doctors are now saying -- about her condition. plus -- the latest on the mercury scar-- middle school. health officials -- back -- out again today. just how soon -- until the school is safe enough -- for kids to go back to class? karla ad-lib (no music, fade to black) people around the world -- honor the victims of the terror
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services ings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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day -- at the 9-11 memorial outside jerusalem. it's the only memorial of its kind -- outside the u-s. it lists the name of every victim. they stood for a moment of silence -- before placing a wreath at the site. and take a look at this. back here in las vegas -- a mural honoring the people who serve -- near buffalo and alta. it's been there since the attacks -- a reminder of the sacrifices first responders make every day. it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. 9-11 ceremony early - the moment captured on camera. her campaign says she was overheated... now, her doctor confirms that -- also saying the candidate was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. abc's devin dwyer has the latest. nats - hillary clinton and donald trump in lower manhattan for the 15th anniversary of september eleventh? standing just feet from each other, as the bells tolled. nats - both left the ceremony early? but clinton first - her
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hour and a half - paying her respects and greeting families of the fallen. however - quote - "during the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter's apartment." sot - rep. joseph crowley / (d) new york "it was very very very hot. // she was standing right in front of me. her staff had come over, tapped her on the shoulder, i thought twitter shows aides helping clinton into a van to leave. sot - dr. richard besser / abc news chief health & medical editor the heat, and the fact that she was able to go out and greet people two hours later, is clinton?" hrc - "feeling great. feeling great." clinton walked out of chelsea's building before noon - waving to the media, posing for a picture? and assuring everyone she felt better. natsot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential nominee hrc - "thanks everybody. thank you." clinton's doctor released a statement saying clinton had become overheated and dehydrated - but she is recovering nicely. she had told the candidate to
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a new abc news - washington post poll shows clinton still has an edge in the race for the white house? leading trump by five points nationally - 46 to 41. meanwhile, clinton still taking heat for referring to half of trump's supporters as "the basket of deplorables." trump advisor rudy giuliani said the rhetoric on both sides is too amped up. (abc this week) sot - rudy giuliani / trump supporter "i know hillary clinton. i know donald trump much better. neither of them is a racist. and for either one to say that means they're getting a little too excited in their campaigning, but both of them be the next commander-in- chief still has 57 days to go. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. this just in. metro is looking for this man. they say -- he tried to rob a business -- near tropicana and nellis. police say -- he pulled out a gun -- and demanded cash. employees -- took off running -- soon as they saw the gun. the crook ran -- without taking any cash or merchandise. new developments on that mercury spill -- shutting down walter johnson junior high school. class is cancelled again
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on when the school will re-open. federal inspectors -- back at the school -- checking sneakers -- backpacks and other school items -- for any traces of the poisonous liquid. the environmental protection agency -- also sending crews -- to check out a number of homes. so far -- only finding a handful of contaminated items -- that could be dangerous. the health district says -- parents don't have too much to worry about. 04:26:26 fermin leguen, southern nevada health district "this is considered a low-level exposure of mercury because of the school could be some things so we are advising the parents to look at signs, symptoms." should take your child to the doctor -- if you're concerned. a man -- on the run -- wanted for murder -- is behind bars this evening asa brown -- arrested -- earlier in gilbert, arizona. police say -- brown shot and killed a man -- friday morning -- near maryland parkway and
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argument -- beore brown opend fire. in connecticut -- dozens of college students -- are in the hospital right now -- after a balcony collapses at a house party. the students attend trinity college in hartford. but hte accident happened off campus. police say -- a third-story balcony collapsed -- tearing down the second and first-floor balconies. most of the injuries -- are broken bones. more now -- in the battle over zika. planes take off -- spray for mosquitoes. the centers for disease control -- say money to fight to the growing crisis -- if congress doesn't approve more funding -- soon. for the people who live in miami beach -- the threat is real. sot (caroline cashion / miami resident) if we don't eradicate it now when is it going to stop? how many more unborn children are going to be affected? sot (dr. tom frieden / cdc director) in the coming weeks and months we microcephaly and other birth defects right now -- officials estimate
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zika in south florida. 84 pregnant women -- infected. miami beach -- announcing -- a fourth pool of mosquitoes -- tested positive for the virus. wx chat wx chat now -- to the scare -- over the
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airlines -- after frightening reports -- of the smart-phones -- catching fire. but will passengers go along with them? abc's -- gloria riviera -- has the latest. passengers boarding american airlines flights...will hear this announcement warning about galaxy note seven phones "the federal aviation administration advises these
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not connect to any power source while on board the aircraft." they join at least four other domestic carriers stepping up safety warnings over the exploding devices steve ganyard: "everybody who has one has an inherent reason not to turn it on for their own safety, much less the safety of their fellow passengers" several international airlines, the f-a-a, and even samsung itself now urging anyone who owns a note 7 not to turn it on at all, with some safety groups calling for an outright ban of the recalled ma mos: "i think it's pretty scary and i think people really need to be very cautious." but experts say even if officials declared the device a prohibited item, it would be up to the "honor system" for passengers to comply. steve ganyard: "it's not going to be so easy for each idnividual airline to enforce the ban because then they have to go through more check procedures, where aer they gonna get the people." this is the latest in what has been a
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confirmed 35 cases so far of its lithium ion batteries failing...resulting in burned phones...and possibly this jeep engulfed in flames. that was gloria riviera -- reporting tonight's miss america pageant -- promises to be an entertaining spectacle. we'll have a preview -- and introduce you -- to a woman -- trying to make history. what she's courageously doing -- that no one has done before. the countdown to the crown begins! tonight -- there'll
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preview. 52 contestants -- from across the u.s. and it's territories -- all vying and dreaming for this very moment nats: of cheering
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the bedazzled sash... and the coveted title of miss america 20-17. nats: miss america contestants for the last two weeks -- the beautiful and sophisticated young women have put forward their absolute best..hoping to shine the spotlight on their passion... and to grasp scholarship funds for causes they cherish. this year espn's sage steele and the bachelor's chri sot: sage steele / chris harrison among the women vying to take the crown... is the first openly lesbian contestant. miss missouri erin o'flaherty has the opportunity to make history..... nats: of contestants being introduced along with the glitz...and glamour... is the honor that comes with the miss america telecast being held on america's darkest day. the same day...the country
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coming up -- in tonight's primetime lineup -- right here on channel 13... at 7 -- america's funniest home videos at 8 -- celebrity family feud at 9 -- miss america competition at 11 -- 13 action news that's our news for now. but stay with us -- for abc's world news tonight -- up next. remember -- we're always on -- at -- and our free k-t-n-v mobile app. we'll see you back here in 30- minutes -- for action news -- live at 6. until then --thanks for watching. project 150 teamed up with
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. hillary clinton's diagnosis. new video showing her wobbling, then appearing to fall. the campaign saying she was overcome by the heat, rebounding about two hours later. but now, word she's also battling pneumonia. tonight, clinton's health and the political fallout. remembering 9/11. the memorials in new york, washington, and nn plus, the new heroes emerging 15 years later. deck collapse. two balconies full of people crashing into one another, then into a deck below. dozens of college students trapped. what happened? new warning. what you could hear when you board a plane about the smartphone with the risk of exploding batteries. and, roughing the ref? >> i've never seen anything like that before in my life. >> the college player caught on


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