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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and charleston. right now -- we're getting live pictures of the scene. all this -- happening just before nine this evening. 13-action news reporter -- gina lazara -- is on her way. she'll have more on how this happened -- in just a few minutes. but first-- bell the bell tolls -- for the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks. nearly three-thousand men -- women --and children -- killed in the most devastating foreign attack -- on american soil -- harbor. from from las vegas -- to new york -- to washingoton, d.c. -- and shanksville, pennsylvania -- our nation gathers to mourn -- remember -- and heal. and the day -- touching americans -- from virginia -- to kansas -- to afghanistan. abc's -- david wright -- is in the shadow of one-world trade center -- tonight. nats today at ground zero, one toll of the bell. and silence. nats standing still for that moment 15 years ago when the first plane struck the
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of names, read out by their families. nats nearly 3-thousand names. sot obama - fifteen years may seem like a long time, but for president obama offered a eulogy. sot obama 09:43:49 perhaps it's the memory of a last kiss given goodbye to a mother or father, a sister or a brother. we wonder how their lives might have unfolded, how their dreams might have taken shape. the last words fiona havlish has from her husband was a voicemail from the 101st floor of the south tower. sot (mother) fh: he said "honey, i'm trying to get out of the building as soon as i get out i'll call you on your cell. four they found a way to move on. but flew back from their new home in colorado, determined to be here.
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remembrance but also a day of resolve? fh: it is but it can also be a day of forgiveness. it can be a day of forgiveness // that was david wright reporting. in shanksville, pennsylvania -- a ceremony -- to honor the victims -- who lost their live on flight 93. a moment of silence -- before a reading of the names -- of the the memorial -- marks the site -- where the united airlines jet -- crashed in a field. they would die -- rushed the terrorists -- fighting for control of the plane -- when it crashed. passenger -- todd beamer famously shouted -- let's roll! -- as he and fellow passengers stormed the cockpit -- preventing the hijackers -- from completing their mission. drums the las vegas firefighters
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terrorist attacks with a march down fremont street. the parade ends at the 3rd street stage. las vegas performer frankie scinta sings the national anthem... followed by a moment of silenc.e 8:22:58 bell ringing firefighters and other first reponders -- gathering outside fire station five-- earlier this morning. the bells rang at 6-59 a-m -- pacific time -- the same time the south tower collapsed at the world trade center. a firefighter tradition -- to remember the people -- who died on 9-11. tim syzmanski/lvfr 8:39:35:26 "when you're a firefighter and you're going down the street, there's things that go through there. i can imagine what they were thinking when they were going out to the world trade center. so it means a lot to every firefighter, knowing what those people were feeling when they were on their way." the 9-11 tribute -- including the raising of a special flag -- presented by the new york
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it only on september 11th -- at half-staff -- over a piece of metal from the world trade center. the north las vegas police department tweeting -- "today we remember those who lost their lives -- in the tragic attack on 9-11". and right here in the valley -- a special tribute -- at palo verde high school. they're honoring one of their own -- barbara edwards -- a teacher -- who died on the plane that crashed into the a somber memorial..for a teacher..who died..before many of these student were born. "just kind of jolly, fun person." barbara edwards..was a foreign-language palo verde high school. "she was the most wonderful person-she was always fun." gail fahy..a retired teacher..was edwards's friend. "we were praying that she missed the flight because she just wasn't a morning person." on the morning of september 11,
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get back in las help fahey celebrate. "it was my birthday." edwards..boarded american airlines..flight 77..the plane that crashed into the pentagon. "each year-we pay tribute to those who lost their lives that day-especially our own-ms. barbara edwards." on friday..palo verde high school..paying respect to edwards. students..stand in silent tribute. an honor guard..with the air force junior r-o-t-c..hands fahey th memory of her fallen friend. "the flag represents barbara to me. it's her legacy-all the wonderful things she did." entire wall..dedicated to barbara edwards. it stands as a constant reminder..of one of thousands of lives lost..on a day these students now learn about..and their teachers..will never forget. "yes-she is an angel." a henderson family -- has a very personal connection -- to
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kellie lee -- lost her husband -- in one of the plane crashes. danny lee -- had been in boston for work. -- but was flying home that day -- so he could see -- the birth of his child. 04:33:58 kellie lee, lost her husband in 9/11 "i realized i everything went gray. i couldn't really comprehend what was going on." kellie -- gave birth to their daughter -- allison two days later. allison is now 15. she's inherited her father's musical sie she and her friends -- creating a dance tribute -- to the father -- she never got to meet. a special ceremony -- at palm mortuary this afternoon -- also honoring the victims of the attacks. they laid out its healing field -- a sprawling memorial -- made up of nearly three-thousand flags -- one for each life lost. it's located near the 2-15 -- and jones. breaking right now. 13 action news -- fast and first to the scene -- of a
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gina lazara -- is near torrey pines and charleston -- right now. gina? police are investigating -- a deadly hit-and-run. this -- is near torrey pines -- and charleston. right now -- we're getting live pictures of the scene. all this -- happening just before nine this evening. 13-action news reporter -- gina she'll have more on how this happened -- in just a few all this -- happening just before nine this evening. 13-action news reporter -- gina but first-- new information.. hillary clinton -- canceling
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this -- after leaving the 9-11 memorial ceremony -- in new york early today -- and stumbling on the way to the car. the campaign -- saying she felt "overheated." but clinton's doctor confirming -- the democratic nominee has pneumonia. the doctor says -- clinton is recovering. in the meantime -- donald trump is expected to speak tomorrow -- at an event in baltimore. new tonight. police are investigating a it crash landed -- in the parking lot -- of the airport this evening. local media -- reporting three people were on the plane -- when it went down.. investigators -- not saying if anyone is hurt. police surround a home near charleston and sloan. a neighbor -- sending this video of cops standing outside. the woman tells 13 action news -- she wasn't being allowed to leave. we've reached out to police. they aren't releasing any information. a crook -- tries to hold-up a business and now --police
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they say -- he pulled out a gun -- at a business -- near tropicana and nellis -- and demanded cash. employees -- ran as soon as they saw the gun. the crook took off -- empty-handed. five days -- now since the mercury spill -- at walter johnson junior high school. classes -- cancelled yet again. tonight -- parents -- growing more annoyed -- after crews find more than a quarter cup of mercury -- inside the school. 13-action news reporter -- gina lazara -- has the latest. rishonne dunn and her daughter got the call this afternoon screened --- and cleared to be picked up. five days after the mercury spill was reported by the district. "we had irate families out here. mad. you have families out here....there was a fight....they're withholding information.....they wouldn't get down to the bottom of what was really going on. i mean come on" rishonne recalls the night last wednesday where she waited outside for hours and hours for her daughter to be released from the school..... sitting with other parents.... receiving little to no
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them if they aren't giving us the information that we need. hello!" so far we've learned --- more than a quarter cup of mercury has been picked up around the school..... mainly the gymnasium here at walter johnson junior high. nearly 14-hundred students were screened. more than a dozen backpacks had to be sent for further testing due to their mercury levels. and environmental protection agency workers visited and enough levels --- that tonight -- the family is sleeping elsewhere. "initially we thought we could open tomorrow. we just want to be certain th the campus are 100% safe" monday marks day three of the school being closed. epa and school officials have families on standby about what will happen on tuesday. gina lazara 13 action news at this time -- epa-- and school officials believe -- a student brought the mercury into the building. but the million dollar question-- still remains --- where did he or she get the mercury --- and why??
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a college-football lineman -- now facing some serious consequences. plus -- chaos at a house party in connecticut. dozens -- injured -- when three decks -- packed with people -- collapses. it's just the latest -- in a number of similar mishapsleavin. karla ad-lib a football player -- out of control.
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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lineman -- brian schirmer -- gets into a shouting match -- with the other team. the official -- in the middle of the scrum -- trying holding him back. then -- bam -- the ref -- laid schirmer -- later arrested. he's now facing felony battery charges. in connecticut -- dozens of people are recovering tonight -- after two crowded balconies -- collapse. the third-story deck -- crashing down last night -- in trinity college it lands on the porch below. then -- crashed on-to the first floor. sot -- raul ortiz, hartford fire chief scattered and there was just debris on top of people. hartford police say -- the deck was rotted and old. and we've seen this before.. last year --this roof came crashing down -- during a saint patrick's day college party -- in san luis obispo, california and -- six students were killed -- when a balcony in berkely -- collapsed -- from the fourth floor of an apartment building
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assassinate president ronald reagan -- is free --. john hinckley junior -- released from a psychiatric hosptal -- after 35 years. hinckley -- also shooting and woundng james brady -- reagan's press secretary. the would-be assasin -- now living at his mother's virginia home. in july -- a federal judge -- ruling hinckley -- is no longer a danger. there are limitations to his new freedom. hinckley can't use social media. and -- he's banned from contacting any of his victims -- or their families. now -- to the war against zika. issues a dire warning. the head of the centers for disease control -- telling congress -- if they don't act now -- and vote on a funding bill -- it may be too late right now -- there are 56 known -- locally-transmitted cases of zika -- in south florida. in miami -- they're worried the number could grow -- if the fight has to be scaled down -- due to cut-backs. congress -- is expected to vote again this week -- on a zika funding bill.
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heat. here's a live look at las vegas. the temperatures -- expected to drop -- before the end of the week. 13-first alert meteorlogist -- karla huelga is in studio to tell us -- how low they're going to go. karla? ad-lib a storm system ill move into the region bringing increasingly gusty winds and cooler temperatures to start the week. the valley will not see chances for rain with this system. expect high temps in the mid 90s tomorrow then around 90 through friday. monday and tuesday will be windy then breezy wednesday. lighter winds the rest of the week. a firefighter -- killed in the 9-11 attacks -- is the driving chances for rain with this system. expect high temps in the mid 90s tomorrow then around 90 through friday. monday and tuesday will be windy then breezy wednesday. lighter winds are expected for
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a firefighter -- killed in the chances for rain with this system. expect high tempsn the mid 90s tomorrow then around 90 through friday. monday and tuesday will be windy then breezy wednesday. lighter winds are expected for the rest of the week. chances for rain with this system. expect high temps in the mid 90s tomorrow then around 90 through friday. monday and tuesday will be windy then breezy wednesday. lighter winds are expected for the rest of the week.
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monday and tuesday will be windy then breezy wednesday. lighter winds are expected for the rest of the week. a firefighter -- killed in the 9-11 attacks -- is the driving force -- to start the week. the valley will not see chances for rain with this system. expect high temps in the mid 90s tomorrow then around 90 through friday.
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foundation. the tunnel-to-towers run-walk -- helping the families of the victims. now -- more than decade later -- it's reaching a much wider path. take a look at this.
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honoring the people who serve -- near buffalo and alta. it's been there since the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- a reminder of the sacrifices first responders make every day. stephen siller -- was one of the many firefighters -- who died -- trying to save lives -- in the terror attack in new
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memories -- with cnn's -- john berman --reporter pkg-as follows-- (frank siller, stephen siller's brother): "we believe he was in the south tower. he was never recovered." it was a gorgeous september morning. firefighter stephen siller just finished his overnight shift with squad one - the elite unit trained to rescue other firefighters. stephen was headed to play golf (frank siller, stephen siller's brother): "we were pumped up because we're four brothers getting together to play golf. everybody very busy. steven already with five kids. // and you know heard what happened on his scanner and he turned his truck around." the golf-date would never happen. stephen - who'd dreamed of being a firefighter since he was a teen -- turned his truck toward the twin towers, but could only get as far as the
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blocked, but that didn't stop him (frank siller, stephen siller's brother): "there was never a doubt in my mind that stephen did what he did. firefighters were there, already. he loved that brotherhood. he came to a screeching halt. got out calmly. put his gear on. and started running through the tunnel. and that tunnel is nearly two miles long." that heroic run -- loaded down with more than 60 driving force of the foundation created by his family in stephen's honor. (frank siller, stephen siller's brother): "we wanted his kids that heroic run -- loaded down with more than 60 pounds of brother): "we wanted his kids to know that his dad is a hero. we didn't have any great lofty you just know the right thing when you hear it." the race, called tunnel to towers, is it has helped children of 9/11 to the families of the slain
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able to save people. 50 in november?" (frank siller, stephen siller's brother): "november 15th he would have been turning fifty." (john brother): "i think he would still be a firefighter. he would have had over twenty-years already. he would have been able to retire. um but there is no way he would retire." (john berman, new york):"if you could talk to stephen again, what would you tell him?" (frank siller, stephen siller's brother): "proud of you. look what you have done with your life with your sacrifice. mommy and daddy are proud of you, all your siblings are. september 25-th this year. dangerous on the ground. and a nightmare in the sky. tonight-- an urgent warning -- from u-s airlines -- about the samsung galaxy note 7. now -- to fears -- of those
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galaxy-note- seven's. tells us --about a special warning tonight -- for people on airplanes. script: tonight - the exploding cell phone battery that may have sparked this car fire ? now triggering a new pre-flight warning across america. gfx/natsot delta on-board announcement: samsung galaxy note7 phones are not to be charged or powered on during this flight. passengers on board several domestic carriers hearing similar messages about that galaxy note 7 - the instructions coming straight from the f- a-a. mos leigha mai-ling: "it's a
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nerve- wracking and now i'm also thinking about it when i get on my plane." samsung says so far - at least 35 reports of devices have caught fire or exploded due to a faulty lithium ion battery ? dangerous on the ground, a nightmare in is on fire, and what you may or may not have is the ability to fight that fire." but so far samsung is not issuing a global recall ? instead urging customers to exchange the device. joni barwick says hers exploded on her nightstand, filling her home with smoke. sot: jonie barwish: the smoke was unbearable - smoke. she knew about the issue but? sot joni barwick: "we were told to wait for the replacement." that was gloria reviera reporting. as for enforcing those new rules for galaxy note 7's on planes - experts say, its basically the honor system. still to come on 13 action news -- live at 11. we're following breaking news. one person is dead -- after a car slams into them -- then takes off.
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gathering new details. and -- a potentially deadly poison -- keeping students out of school the latest -- on the investigation -- into a mercury spill -- at johnson junior high
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strikes. hijackers crash planes -- in-to the world trade center -- in new york city. the twin towers -- plummeting to the ground -- covering downtown manhattn -- in dust -- and debris. stunned crowds -- watch in horror -- as their lives change forever. on the left -- this what the
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and on the right-- what it looks like today the freedom tower -- now stands taller -- than the twin towers. and just below -- a somber memorial -- dedicated to the lives lost people remember that dark day in our nation's history. karin caifa -- in new yok -- with more --reporter pkg-as follows-- americans stopped sunday to remember the terror attacks of september 11, 2001 and honor the nearly three thousand people killed that day. new york's memorial spanned much of the morning.. (nats star spangled banner) at the exact times al qaeda hijackers flew planes into the world trade center towers... and at the moments the towers fell. family members read out the names of the victims... (nats names) and remembered those who were lost. (granvilette kestenbaum/wife of 9/11 victim howard kestenbaum) "we know the shock and grief and anger that follows, the heartache that won't heal."
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trail to attend. democrat hillary clinton left early because she was feeling ill, according to her campaign ... but was all smiles about about two hours later as she left her daughter's apartment. a moment of silence was held at the pentagon, too where president obama placed a wreath and addressed the crowd. (pres. barack obama) no font necessary "may god bless the memory of the loved ones here and across the country. they remain in our hearts today." and shanksvile, pennsylvania - where flight 93 crashed into a field - was not forgotten. in new york the freedom tower now stands where the twin towers once did -- a monument to resilience ... and the memories of the lives lost. in new york, i'm karin caifa. nevada senator -- harry reid issuing a statement today -- remembering the victims of 9-11 and their families. it reads -- "the memory of that terrible day -- will never fade -- and the many innocent lives -- will never be forgotten.
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we rose again together -- stronger and more determined than ever." we are staying on top of breaking news. one person is dead after someone crashed into the victim... and ran this happened near torrey pines and charleston police say this truck was rounding a bend-- possibly speeding -- and crashed into this home's back yard. we are the only station that was allowed in the family's home to see the destruction. neighbors tell us someone on their bike--- happened to be in the alley--- and was hit when that person has died. police say the driver took off-- but they found him shortly after. they believe he may have been drunk. no class tomorrow. that's the word from walter johnson junior high --- five days after a mercury spill. and tonight -- we're learning -- officials -- finding more than a quarter of a cup of mercury -- inside the school so far -- nearly 14-hundred students -- screened. the environmental protection agency -- inspecting 80 homes
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one of them -- with dangerous enough levels -- the home had to be evacuated. water is bubbling up in the middle of the road -- on the east side. this -- near desert inn -- and vista del monte drive. a 13-action news employee -- spotting this leak on thursday. and it's still there! the southern-nevada water authority says -- they're aware of the problem. they'll be out there tomorrow -- to fix it. fundraiser las vegas headliner -- chris angel -- is bringing the world's biggest stars together tomorrow. and -- it's all for a good a one-night-only performance at the luxor . world-class entertainers -- will attempt to raise one-million dollars -- to fund pediatric-cancer research. angel's son -- johnny was diagnosed with a form of leukemia -- last year. protests -- are growing on the nfl field. more players -- refusing to stand for the national anthem. and later -- president obama teams up -- with a former president-- to deliver a special message to n-f-l fans. karla


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