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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 12, 2016 4:15am-4:31am PDT

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? ? an ? an american soldier an american ? ? my brothers and my sisters i will proudly take the stand ? patriotic tunes. the horrors of war have been documented as long as there have been wars to document. >> usually the story is told by a third party. not those engaged in combat. >> but now abc's dan harris shows us one group of american soldiers who are giving us a first-person view by strapping cameras right on to their helmets. [ bleep ] >> those are close as [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in some ways, it may look like a video game. but this is as real as it gets. >> welcome to afghanistan. >> go, go!
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of a rookie platoon in the army's 101st airborne. >> behind that wall, sir. >> reporter: told in a way we have never seen before, through the eyes of the soldiers themselves. >> what is that? is that a camera? >> reporter: in 2010 kyle's unit was deployed to one of the most dangerous places on earth. how did it come about that you guys started filming your lives? >> the guys wanted to have memories of the deployment. if they wanted to go back years later and say this is what i did. >> reporter: with the help of tiny, mountable cameras, for the first time, we can see war filmed by the soldiers themselves. the concept of a new series on the discovery channel taking fire. >> this is my first patrol. i'm thinking it's a beautiful country. up there when the sun comes up, and you're wondering, man, like, this is so cool. >> reporter: kyle boucher was just 22 years old when he left home for afghanistan.
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afghan border with pakistan, a remote taliban-held region nicknamed the valley of dealt by the bullet battered battalions stationed there. 42 american servicemen lost their lives in that valley. hundreds more wounded. >> where's it coming from? >> i don't know. dude, behind me. >> reporter: in the show, it looks like you guys are sitting ducks, incoming fire all the time. was it actually that bad? >> yeah. we were at the bottom of a valley. the taliban could just creep right over the peak of a mo and rpgs on us and disappear into the mountains like it was nothing. >> reporter: were people getting hit by shrapnel while eating lunch, taking showers? >> yeah, all the time. >> reporter: six years later, kyle boucher is one of the stars of "taking fire" along with his close friend and fellow soldier, j.j. mccool. j.j. was the first to rig his helmet with cameras.
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for the series the department of defense had the final signoff on what made the cut. >> this was filmed by us. we didn't have reporters out there, journalists. >> reporter: their pov footage tells the raw story of a year on the front lines. the panic. >> we've only got two rockets left. >> reporter: the adrenaline. >> whoa. it's still shooting. >> reporter: and some pretty funny pranks. >> candy has always been somewhat of a passion of mine. you didn't r and hide something from anyone else because no one in our platoon will steal something, even as trivial as a piece of candy. >> mccool probably has the best care packages, when he's sleeping, we sneak into his boxes and steal his chocolate and mountain dews and stuff. >> reporter: there are moments of fear and concern and stress, you're also having fun and you like each other. >> yeah. we loved each other. we still love each other.
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guys at the drop of a hat. >> reporter: woven into that love, the pain of the losses they suffered, comrades who never made it out of the valley of death. boucher says he's learned to cope in his own way. since his tour, he's left the service to become a firefighter, a job where he can help people and still feel that rush of adrenaline. "taking fire" for him, is a chance to honor his fallen friends. >> i'll never be as close as i am to anybody as i am with those guys. you come home and look at a guy you grew up with, feel like you don't know him. a buddy you went to war with, it's like you knew him your whole life. >> take "taking fire" debuts tomorrow night on discovery. >> i can't believe we have seen so much from that war and this is the first time you're seeing a pov of it.
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time for the "world news now" inbox segment. i'm glad we're doing this. while you were gone, we got inundated with all these people asking, where in the world is kendis. now you can tell them yourself. >> and by all those people, we mean both of you, sam and some other woman on twitter asking. >> no. a lot of people wanted to know. >> there were so were curious. i went to asia and the south pacific. and there were some interesting experiences. here's what happens when you make a wrong turn. if you can see the bottom sign which we didn't see until we got to the shore, nudity permitted. of course we took the wrong turn there. >> oh, hi there. hello, everybody. >> sure you did. >> behind there. and on a related note, here's the photos of that. kidding.
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well known opera house. "my fair ladies," went opening night. it was my birthday. who doesn't want to go see a show inside? it's the first day judi andrews was directing a show. ever. she was in the audience. >> how was it? >> walked out after 15 minutes because we fell asleep. >> what? >> it was so boring. >> this amazing iconic experience, once in a lifetime. >> the next day i was hanging out with our colleagues from channel 9 in sydney. they were saying, hey, here is a the acoustics suck inside the sydney opera house. >> really? >> it's a local thing they don't tell you about. >> they need to make the cocktails bigger. >> i found your halloween costume. this is in tokyo. >> are those feathers? >> it's all over. feathers and sequins in one outfit. >> winning. and some of the cuisine in tokyo, as well. you know i'm weird about food.
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yeah, i ate that on camera without a problem. i got you something. excuse me while i whip this out. >> yes. i said i wanted a boom -- this is a nice one, too. >> not bad. >> apparently they don't really come back. >> no? >> unlike your co-anchors. >> we like that you come back. >> yes. i'm hooked. >> while you were gone, nick watt and i covered a major breaking song. >> iphone? no? >> the song "furious 7" is now the second song to ever hit 2 billion views on youtube. the reigning champ, of course, gangham style. that gave us an opportunity to do this. sneets hey, sexy lady ? ? what is it like gangham style ?
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backyard trashed! our crews were the only ones to get these images from inside the backyard. again-hl "how are we supposed to trust them if they aren't giving us the information that we need. hello!" walter johnson junior high students are missing another day of school today. how a mercury scare is now affecting some families not just at school but also at home this video of hillary clinton appearing to almost faint while questions about her health....and forcing her to make changes to campaign stops good morning las vegas! the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett...with a look at your monday forecast. ((ad-lib)) low pressure from the californian coast slides over the sierra nevada today and sets up shop. rain chances hold well to the north of southern nevada but with the rotation of this pressure system and how it is oriented over the las vegas


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