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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the two met on the soccer field fifteen years ago. ramirez's brother translating. he's really sad because they were really friends , they would go out together, everywhere. and when ruben fell on hard times.... ramirez....let him this now completely charred space. it was early this morning....a neighbor saw flames shooting out! kicked the door a couple of times, half the door was already burnt through. i was yelling fire, fire, get but with so much stuff in the room. no one even knew if ruben was actually inside... that is until firefighters cleared the room and found him on the ground, (was he ever worried that there was too much stuff in there, did he ever try to tell him to clear it out?) he says that he would always tell him to clean the room but when he would go out and find something on the street, he will bring it over and put it inside the room converted space no fire alsrms
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with an important warning. reporting live mahsa saeidi 13 action news. new images just-in from metro of two robbery suspects. on september 1st.. police say one of the suspects opened a man's car door and put a pistol to his neck.. then demanded his wallet.. phone.. and a-t-m pin number. one of the suspects went to a withdrew some cash. tomorrow could be a huge day for the future of las vegas. a decision is expected from the committee discussing a proposed nfl stadium. several important elements of the 1.9- billion dollar deal will be discussed before a recommendation is sent to governor sandoval. 13 action news reporter.... bryan callahan joins us.... with a look at those issues. bryan... the committee has laid out three key decisions it must
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convention center expansion to the governor's office. the first is whether the city of las vegas should have a representative on the stadium authority. that is something mayor carolyn goodman asked for at the last the proposed 39 percent limit on the public contribution to the project. stadium developers are opposed to that clause... saying they need the $750 million from the room tax even if the cost of the 65,000 seat stadium drops below the current estimate of $1.9 billion dollars. the third is a proposal that would exempt the stadium fro after the stadium is approved. if the committee can make it through all those issues tomorrow... it could forward the plan to the governor. then... it would be up to the governor to call a special session to vote on the proposed deal. bryan callahan, 13 action news. when all is said and done... the stadium would hold..... about -65- thousand people. it's projected to bring.... a lot of jobs here. about -8- thousand full time jobs.... to be exact. and... we could see hundreds of millions of dollars.... in economic impact.
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we're talking about.... a price tag of nearly.... -2- billion dollars. let's talk about that cost for a bit... because someone's..... going to have to pay for it. the raiders are already saying..... they'll chip in.... -5- hundred million dollars. that'll cover about.... -26- percent. sheldon adelson says.... he'd put up... -6- hundred -50- million dollars... so about -34- percent. but... the bulk of the cost.... -39- percent.... is expected to come..... from a proposed increased room tax. there is another element of the stadium deal that isn't bin 13 action news political analyst jon ralston is here to continue our team coverage with more on that. jon. ---one aspect not talked about much is a section of the draft dealing with tax exemptions for the stadium. nothing in the current draft exempt the stadium. but a proposal that will come before the committee thursday, as bryan said, would exempt the stadium from any new or expanded taxes.
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language in here that would allow the developers to be reimbursed if the legislature were to expand an existing tax to cover pro football stadiums. that tax, the live entertainment tax, is charged at concerts. but lawmakers like to grant exemptions and add categories. ---so if they add this stadium, guess what happens? patrons will pay more for a ticket, but that extra money will not go where it usually goes -- to the state to fina it would go back to the stadium developers. the argument they make: that money tacked onto tickets might be spent on beer or hot dogs. the other side: why take that money away
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it to a company that has a billionaire and a nfl team? and.... it's been a long and involved process. but.... we've made it easy for you.... to follow. right now.... on k-t-n-v dot com.. we have an entire section dedicated to keeping you up to date.....
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from jon ralston and politifact reporter.... riley snyder. 13 action news will continue to be all over the stadium proposal. that includes team coverage with live reports tomorrow on the vote and inside information from 13 action news political analyst jon ralston you won't find anywhere else. new video just into our newsroom...henderson firefighters rescued a 100 pound pitbull from a house fire. here you see firefighters comforting the pet. they pulled the dog to safety and had to resusci a specialized pet oxygen mask. the fire was in the 1-thousand block of timberline court near east lake mead parkway and warm springs road. it happened around 11-this morning. the fire displaced a family of three and caused about 90-thousand dollars worth of damage. the dog is doing fine and is being checked out by a vet. we're seeing a big cool down here in the valley. this is the temperature change since this time last night..
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the kids off to school.. you might have noticed a little bit of a chill. let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga to see how long it's going to last. karla. a warm-up with a quiet weather pattern is in store for the las vegas valley through the start to next week. we have weak low pressure in place which will suppress a quick warm-up, but will allow a gradual one. tomorrow, expect highs in the low 90s with only high cloud cover possible. by friday we wam and mid 90s around the valley and then to the mid 90s by the weekend. we'll reach the mid and upper 90s on monday and tuesday. also, we'll start to see some breezes tuesday afternoon ahead of a storm system that will pass to our north on wednesday. wednesday the winds will be stronger, but still in the breezy category and we will see a cool-down by a few degrees as
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three phoenix police officers appeared before a judge today.. and a warning.. the surveillance video might be hard to watch. it shows a car speeding through a parking lot. the officers see it.. but don't have enough time to get out of the way. one is sent flying nearly 8 feet into the air. amazingly.. the officers still managed to wrestle the suspect to the ground and arrest him. court documents show the suspect also attacked 3 other phoenix officers during a traffic stop in 1997. hurt. another big development with a contact 13 consumer alert..... we've been following. another car fire is being blamed..... on samsung's latest smartphone. the driver says.... his galaxy note 7 exploded on the passenger seat..... while he was charging it. and... in new york... a -6- year-old boy is recovering from second degree burns.... after his family says.... the device exploded in his hands. samsung says.... the problem is a "battery
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their devices... immediately. critics say.... it's not enough. samsung hasn't issued an official recall... but the company says.... it's working on a software update.. nats of protesters demonstrators gathered outside the college of southern nevada today to protest against democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. many were shouting "lock her up".. in reference to her ongoing email scandal. we're following right now in our 'your voice.. your vote' coverage in the race for the white house. while hillary clinton is recovering from pneumonia -- her husband bill is making a case for her campaign right here in las vegas. today ...bill clinton took her place on the stage at college of southern nevada cheyenne campus spread his wife's message- "stronger together." sprinkiling in his sense of humor when it came to his opponents message. 114242 it saves people from thinking and taps into the
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your momma telling you do not ever make a decision when you are mad you will make a mistake. 114252 clinton says 14 million jobs would be at stake if voters chose trump. he also knocked down -trumps plan to spend money on a border wall with mexico. he says that money would be better spent on infrastructure. here in nevada.. donald trump is now leading hillary clinto released poll conducted by monmouth university. it shows trump at 44.. 2-points ahead of clinton at 42%. libertarian gary johnson comes-in at 8%.. while 3% of the voters surveyed responded with "none of these candidates." some neighbors in one part of the valley say they're afraid to step outside. find out what's happening in their neighborhood after they say squatters moved-in to a home.. and they're wondering what it will take to get them out. when you ask.. we investigate. plus...
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attacked..... in broad daylight... drivers just sitting there.... watching. what happens next.... will have you.... shaking your head!!! and.. netflix is taking on internet service providers. find out what they want stopped.. to save you some serious cash. stay with us.
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in the crosswalk... a man..... suddenly tries swiping her purse.... right from her hands. as she struggles with him... two men hop out of their car..... and rush in.... to help her out. they get the purse back.... and... the man takes off... but... his stealing spree doesnt stop there! police say... he was arrested a short time later..... after stealing someone else's property.... just down the block. some neighbors in a summerlin community say some squatters
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conditioning.. and the whole situation is making them afraid. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin takes a closer look our latest report from 'squatter spotters.' 13.11.46 people here say it's a nice neighborhood and a quiet neighborhood, but full of elderly people and a lot of widows. and that's why the squatters here have them scared 54 people in this summerlin neighborhood are mad at their hoa -- not for what's going on, but rather, whath isn't. they say squatters have been living in this house for the last three months and hoa has not done much. one neighbor told us she's warned them about the squatters multiple times. 12.26.10 the only thing they can do is take care of the outside of the home 14 whatever goes inside the home, they can't do nothing about it 19 and they are right - only the police with the legal owner can get them out. and she says the police have been out there. 12.25.27 in the middle of the night theres yelling and
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33 and motorcycles going out 35 and very loud 36 [butt with] 12.25.19 the cops have come here several times 23 talked to the tenants 24 people say the squatters have gone so far as to knock door-to-door asking people for water. 11.59.28 this was a lovely neighborhood and we paid good money for our home 34 we keep it up nice 36 and it's frightening to have people in there that are just squatting 42 we checked with metro -- they told us there were no recent calls in connection with this situation, so we gave them the only advice we could -- keep calling. soc. if you see squatters in your neighborhood.. let us know. just send an email to "netflix" is fighting for your right..... to watch as much streaming service.... as you want. contact 13 is all over this one!!! the streaming service is asking the f-c-c... to stop home internet providers..... from offering plans..... with data limits.
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the more it costs. netflix says.... these data-limited plans... discourage people from using broadband... or watching..... internet television..... whenever they want. widespread problems..... hit google's popular g-mail service.... today. the outage even hit parts of the united kingdom. users flooded media with complaints. according to reports... it only affected business accounts. google is investigating... and says.... it's identified the cause of the issue. millions of people along the coast of mainland china are of a potentially deadly storm. super typhoon meranti is set to make landfall after pounding taiwan yesterday.. forcing hundreds of evacuate. meranti has weakened significantly since then.. but it's still considered the world's most powerful storm this year. forecasters say meranti will bring tremendous amounts of rain.. and wind speeds could reach 130 miles per hour when it hits china. right now... a flash flood watch has been issued.....
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carolina. a tropical storm formed...... just west of jacksonville, florida... pounding the region with heavy rain and high winds. officials warning people... those high winds could spawn tornadoes.... as well. adlib toss let's go to meteorologist karla huelga and '13 first alert weather.' a warm-up with a quiet weather pattern is in store for the las vegas valley through the start to next week. we have weak low pressure in quick warm-up, but will allow a gradual one. tomorrow, expect highs in the low 90s with only high cloud cover possible. by friday we warm to the low and mid 90s around the valley
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the weekend. we'll reach the mid and upper 90s on monday and tuesday. also, we'll start to see some breezes tuesday afternoon ahead of a storm system that wednesday. wednesday the winds will be stronger, but still in the breezy category and we will see a cool-down by a few degrees as the system drags in
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tense moments outside a metro area command. the eerie call and suspicious delivery that had a community on edge.. officers scrambling for safety. and... at -6- losing their loved one.... was traumatic enough. but now... the emotional wounds are being ripped back open. and they're blaming a local business.... for the new pain. a package left at a metro
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it.
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substation puts officers..... on high-alert. chopper -13-..... fast and fast was over the scene this morning..... near cheyenne and grand canyon. several roads were shut down..... while police investigated. turns out... it was nothing dangerous. officers got a call about the package too.... and are now trying to find out.... who made that call. chopper 13..
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fire near arville and spring mountain. the republic services crew dumped the trash on the street to prevent the fire from spreading. arville was closed for a short time while the mess was cleaned up. a warm-up with a quiet weather pattern is in store for the las vegas valley through the start to next week. we have weak low pressure in place which will suppress a cover possible. by friday we warm to the low and mid 90s around the valley and then to the mid 90s by the weekend. we'll reach the mid and upper 90s on monday and tuesda. find out who's suing the tech- giant.. claiming others are getting preferential treatment.. and allowed to buy the iphone7 ahead of them. and... here's a look at what's coming up in tonight's primetime line- up.... right here on abc... at -8-... it's back-to-back episodes of "the goldbergs"... at -9-... it's "modern family".... followed by "black-ish" at 9:30.... at -10-... it's "modern family"... followed by "fresh off the boat"... and then... we will see you tonight for action news... live at 11... that's our news for now..
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st for abc's world news tonight... up next. remember.. we're always on at and on our free ktnv mobile app. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news.. live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching.
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i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump stopped in the middle of a political attack, scolded by a pastor in flint, who said, that's not why we invited you here. also tonight, trump's moment with dr. oz. how much did trump reveal? and hillary clinton, just moments ago, with her own disclosure. also tonight, former secretary of state colin powell, hacked. calling trump a national disgrace. and calling trump's birther movement racist. and warning of clinton, quote, "she doesn't look good. she's working herself to death." the tropical storm hitting the east coast right now. gusting winds and rain pounding the coast. and the other major storm baring down. breaking news in the case of the driver who police say intentionally plowed into three officers who were simply standing there. what we've now learned tonight.


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