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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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a dip in temperatures has everyone putting on.... an extra let's go to 13 first alert meteoroligist karla huelga to let us know how long the cool down will stick around. karla. a warm-up with a quiet weather pattern is in store for the las vegas valley through the start
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place which will suppress a quick warm-up, but will allow a gradual one. tomorrow, expect highs in the low 90s with only high cloud cover possible. inside a converted shed in the backyard of a home. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston tells us how the size of the living space could have played a role in the tragedy. take pkg it has a bed, a television set, a little refrigerator and it's made up like a studio it almost looks like a storage shed in the backyard-- but people living inside this home told fire crews-- they converted the small space into a studio
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studio went up in flames. the man-- still inside. fire officials say it was an accident-- most likely caused by electrical cords. but according to them-- the studio couldnt have been over one hundred square feet-- possibly violating building codes-- and potentially putting somebody living inside-- in danger. fire officials say they see this too often-- sot tim szymanksi a lot of times people make conversions to their homes and they don't tell the city about it and people living nearby say-- converting part this part of town. sot brian macgilvery neighbor the houses are 1957-1959, built in that era, so there's been a lot of modifications and changes made to the houses marissa tag fire officials tell me they have reached out to the city about the room-- and theyll be looking into it. mk-- 13an. right now... two armed robbers are on the run. according to metro... the pair robbed a man.... near jones and the -95-....
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to withdraw hundreds of dollars from an a-t-m.... near decatur and washington. thankfully... nobody was hurt. now... here's a look.... at the top stories we're following.... on 13 action news. parker 8:04:54-8:05:23 i'm parker collins at metro's northwest area command for hours this morning both lanes of cheyenne were closed along with a lot of other road closures all because of a package that was left outiside this building take vo at 8:05:07 police threw everything they had at it including their armor unit it turns out it was phone call warning them about this package so they are going to continue looking into this thankfully it didn't hurt anybody but a lot of people couldn't get to work on time because of all those closures. david i'm david schuman at the alamo hand car wash at rancho and decatur where a family says the manager ripped them off for half the proceeds that they raised during a fundraiser. javonte stockard was killed earlier this month in what police say was an accidental shooting. his family was raising money
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them less than what was agreed upon. he says the arrangement was laid out to them clearly. the lesson they want to pass on is to always get these kinds of things down in writing. stephanie 13.12.21 im stephanie zepelin near cimmaron and vegas drive where people say squatters are scaring the their community 27 neighbors say there are a lot of elderly people here, and they are scared of the squatters who moved in a few months ago. they say they are living in this house without any kind of utilities, even going door-to-door asking for water. if you have squatters in your or the legal homeowner. marti i'm marti glaser here at csn's cheyanne campus where former president bill clinton just got off the stage standing in for his wife hillary- who will be back on the campaingn trail tomorrow.but- today -spread her message stronger together while urging nevadans to get out for early voting on october 22. the "hillary clinton presidential campaign" rolled through las vegas today -- minus hillary clinton. stepping in -- her husband, former president bill clinton who's filling his wife's shoes
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political analyst jon ralston... what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas, especially when a former president speaks, and especially when he makes a huge gaffe. bill clinton's rambling 45-minute speech talked about donald trump and his supporters' road rage. but attacking them wasn't what made news. this was: play sound (former president bill clinton) i just talked to her, she's she'll be back out there tomorrow. so i - it's a crazy time we i checked millions of people we're getting it every year. ----well, mr. president, the campaign says she had pneumonia, which is slightly worse than the flu. of course the classic explanation was given for what bill said about hillary: he misspoke.
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reason to theorize about hillary's health and the secretiveness of her campaign, this wasn't good. maybe she called her husband afterwards and said: stop helping! now... taking a look.... at the race to the white house. an l-a times/u-s-c poll has
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by -5- points. just four days ago.... he was losing.... by -1- point..... in the exact same poll. las vegas has the honor of hosting..... the final presidential debate.... before the election. trump and clinton will share the stage..... on october -19-th.... at "the thomas and mack center". u-n-l-v and las vegas city leaders kicked off the countdown.... to the debate with a pep rally. students at u-n-l-v..... can take nearly a dozen special classes tied to the debate... and... the presidential elections. coming up.... are getting ready.... for christmas who's hiring.... ahead of the holiday rush. and.. count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first. stay with us. over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood
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but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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morning. dow down 32 nasdaq up 19 sp500 down 1 all of the big local gaming stocks finished ahead. caesars entertainment added more than 2% today. las vegas sands and wynn resorts were also both up more than 3%. a german chemical company is buying u.s. seed maker monsanto. the 66-billion dollar deal is the latest mega-merger aimed at
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chemical sectors. monsanto helps farmers find sustainable agriculture solutions and use data to improve production. it's also a leading producer of genetically engineered seed. : the latest numbers show the state's unemployment rate is dropping. new figures released today show the jobless rate in nevada last month was 6.3%. that's down month to month.. and down from 12-months earlier. if you or someone youk is looking for a job.... u-p-s is hiring! u-p-s is the second big company this week..... to reveal its plans..... for seasonal jobs. it expects to hire..... around - 95- thousand extra people.... for the holidays. that's the same number.... as the past -2- years. but... that seasonal job.... could become full-time for you. u-p-s says.... that has happened..... to around -37- percent of the holiday workers.... over the past few years. chipotle is looking at hiring thousands of people this month.... in one big swoop. in one day....
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the company will offer jobs.... to -5- thousand people around the country. we checked and there are several locations in our area.... where you can interview. and... you can register on-line. we're putting a link online.... for you. and... while you're there... you can check out the list of other job opportunities.... in our area. an elderly woman is targeted by a purse snatcher.. but not quietly. and now.... she is opening up..... about the terrifying ordeal... and.... she does not sound like.... an innocent grandma. we even had to bleep..... some of it!
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vegas boulevard. 13 action news anchor christopher king is on the
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an 86 year old.... new york woman.....
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she has some very strong words.... for the woman! "i hope that they beat her bleep. some of the women in prison starnes/robbery victim) "so what! what she did to me was even worse." that suspect is now behind bars. officers pooled their own money together.... and... donated it.... to the victim. a phoenix man is behind bars..... accused of intentionally plowing his car into a group of police officers!!! you can see the car..... speed through a parking lot. the officers try to dive out of but.... don't have enough time. one officer was sent flying.... at least.... -8- feet into the air. amazingly.... the officers still managed to wrestle the suspect to the ground and arrest him. all three officers.are expected to be.... o-k. nsa-leader edward snowden is asking for a pardon from president obama so he can return to the u-s. snowden has been living in russia since 2013 under political asylum. he tried made his case in a teleconference this morning. (edward snowden/whistleblower ) while i'm grateful about the
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about us. it's our right to descend. it's about the kind of country we want to have the kind of world we want to build, amnesty international and the a-c-l-u are now urging obama to grant snowden a pardon. in "your voice.... your vote".... and... the race for the white house!!! released his medical records... to a daytime t-v doctor. while the g-o-p nominee's...... his rival..... hillary clinton will be back on the trail.... tomorrow. (pkg) donald trump's be revealed on a daytime talk show. nats it's two letters. one is the report audience members of the dr. oz show watched as the 70 year old billionaire handed over his medical records and recent results of a physical to the tv doctor. sot no super audience member
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have him slim down a little hillary clinton also plans to release additional health information. she's preparing to jump back on the campaign trail thursday after recovering from pneumonia. nats of trump in flint trump...was later in flint, michigan...checking on the city's efforts to recover from its lead contaminated water crisis. trump on the trail but back home battling with new york's attorney general. the clinton supporter launched an inquiry into trump's nonprofit foundation after the washington post reported trump hadn't donated since 2008 and 20 charitable funds was spent to buy a 6 foot tall painting of trump. trump's campaign...calls it all a left wing hit job. but both candidates are now dealing with the blistering attacks from former gop secretary of state colin powell. in hacked emails, powell called trump a "national disgrace" who has "no sense of shame." the week of the democratic convention, powell took on the clintons..."i would rather not vote for her although she is a friend i respect" he wrote. powell described clinton as a
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track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational. powell then said something derogatory about former president bill clinton too graphic for air. (kenneth standup close) there's also a newsweek magazine report out questioning trump's business ties with foreign groups. but his daughter ivanka said if he becomes president, his company will be put into a blind trust and turned over to his children to run. kenneth moton, abc news washington. forecasters are keeping an eye on a new tropical storm off the coast of florida. yesterday.. bringing heavy rain and strong wind gusts to the northeast coast. julia is expected to linger along the coast of northern georgia and south carolina for at least another day. a warm-up with a quiet weather pattern is in store for the las vegas valley through the start to next week. we have weak low pressure in place which will suppress a quick warm-up, but will allow a gradual one. tomorrow, expect highs in the low 90s with only high cloud cover
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we warm to the low and mid 90s around the valley and then to the mid 90s by the weekend. we'll reach the mid and upper 90s on monday and tuesday. also, we'll start to see some breezes tuesday afternoon ahead of a storm system that will pass to our north on wednesday. wednesday the winds will be stronger, but still in the breezy
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degrees as the system drags in cooler air. you have to hear to believe! a family's dog goes missing for
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how the dog was found... and where.... next. and.. find out why netflix is cracking down on internet providers. stay with us. danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme.
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leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go.
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king depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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-80- miles away..... from their home. -2- year old..... puppy "kacy".... ran away.... while going for a walk.... in february. a woman spotted "kacy" on her porch... and immediately recognized her..... from a "missing pets" facebook page. owners say... kacy is doing.... just fine. now.. a look at today's top trending anchor dayna roselli. it's netflix versus internet service providers! and it's now trending.... the streaming service is asking the f-c-c to push companies to end the practice of data caps... calling it unreasonable and unfair. comcast and other home internet providers offer consumers plans with data limits... the more data you want to use-- the more it costs. but netflix says the average american needs an allotment of three-hundred gigabytes of data per month to meet its internet television needs. netflix claims data-limited
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internet television whenever they want to. netflix is also going after the low data caps that cellphone companies offer... calling them unreasonably limiting. a video of a panda cub lying on its back and crunching repeatedly in an attempt to turn itself over has gone viral on chinese social media platforms. the clip released by the china conservation and research centre for the giant panda. the 5 week old panda cub is the bigger 4th. for more stories now trending -- go to our website ktnv dot-com. join us tomorrow for good morning las vegas-- from 4:30 to 7! coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime line-up.. at 8:00... it's "the goldbergs"... followed by "modern family"... at 9:30... it's "black-ish".... followed by "modern family"... at 10:30... it's "fresh off the boat"... then..... on 13 action news.. live at 11.
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among our students.... has c-c-s-d working on creating.... a new type of school. more on when this rehab high.... will become a reality... plus... a woman's purse.... suddenly explodes into flames.... while she's shopping. and... the device that caused the fire....could be something you're carrying... right now. that's 13 action news for now.. but.... we hope to see you again later tonight.... for 13 action news... live at 11. remember..
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>> why not share your medical records? >> i mean, should i do it ( i don't care. >> the new revelation from donald trump's medical records. he weighs 236 pounds. then, the college dancer. what she says happened to her on campus. >> this man raped me. d the police told him not to sweat it. >> the shocking way she says cops questioned her. >> did i lead him on? danger in paradise. our shocking investigation. >> on average, one tourist a week dies in hawaii. >> how vacationing in hawaii can turn deadly. plus -- >> i love bread. >> has oprah lost her golden touch?


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