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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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step one is complete to bring n- f-l to las vegas...there's still a lot standing in the way of it being a done deal... there's a lot of excitement this morning...but not everyone is feeling the same way... new overnight... donald trump's campaign says president obama was born in the u-s it's something the nominee has never confirmed we are following breaking news... we're hearing reports that an officer was involved in a bad crash at tropicana and durango. we know fire and rescue is heading to the intersection right now. and we have our parker collins headed there as well... we will update you as soon as
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believes president obama was born in the u-s! they released the statement late last night.... hours after he was being criticized for a washington post interview, where he said that he wasn't ready to say whether president obama was born in the u-s. in the statement, the campaign falsly criticizes hillary clinton for first raising the birther issue. it goes on to say that trump country for quote "compelling president obama to release his birth certificate". trump's critics correctly note that this is a statement from trump's campaign... and not from him personally. he has never publicly said that he thinks president obama was born in the u-s. before the trump campaign sent out that statement... hillary clinton publicly criticized him for his comments in that washington post article dayna referenced. :6-:12 he was asked once more time, where was president obama
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the clinton campaign is now calling on trump to apologize for ever suggesting president obama was not born in the u-s. back here in the valley... a man is recovering after being shot his chest and leg. police say this all started when two men got into a dispute... near pennwood and valley view. we caught up with a person who says he tried to help the man hector vasquez 08:07:53:20 as soon as i went to help him.... it hurt him it hurt him... 08:08:10:10 we kept asking what happened to him and he said, i don't know, it just came from behind. police say the man is expected to survive. no one has been arrested. people in a henderson neighborhood say they are shocked... after finding out a registered sex offender was living in their gated community. :47:43/letisha montiel/neighbor "it really terrifies me to know that guy was up the street." butted with :53:30/melendez "he was a nice
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his kids outside." butted with :55:03melendez "i'm really surprised." martin suarez was arrrested tuesday, at sunset and gibson, for violating his parole in california. we're told he was living right around the corner from a playground. suarez is now in the process of being extradited to california. "touchdooooooown raiders!!!" the possibility of the raiders scoring a touchdown here in las vegas just took a big leap forward.. but there's still some work to be done... the plan to fund thee 1 point 9 billion dollar stadium was unanimously passed yesterday morning by a committee. the advisory committe is made up of casino executives..elected officials and leaders in the community. the plan includes 750 million dollars in public funding. the money would come from a hotel room tax. (take sot"we are on the verge of having an nfl franchise. this is an exciting day for las
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now it's up to the governor to call a special legislative session for lawmakers to approve the plan..... after that...n-f-l owners still need to vote to allow they raiders to move here. if the stadium comes in on budget... it would be the most expensive stadium in the n-f-l. right now... that title goes to metlife stadium...home to the new york mets and giants. that came in at 1 point 6 billion. but the most expensive stadium in the the new york billion sports fans are getting excited about the possibility of getting an n-f-l team here. while everything was being worked outbehind closed doors yesterday, fans were already tailgating in the u- n-l-v parking lot. tommy white, waited outside union labors local 872 11:52:18-11:52:20 "oh we're big sports fans" butt to difficult line to walk if you're not a raiders fan but you're kind of rooting for them to come here? yeah it is but i'll be with my cowboys jersey
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raiders fire truck. critics of the plan are concerned about using 750-million in public funding to get it built. oakland's mayor released a statement after the funding proposal was passed... libby schaaf says she understands the team's desire to explore all possible options. she goes on to say quote "it's my job to remain fully focused on what i can do to where they belong. now is the time for everyone in our region to pull together to show the n-f-l and the raiders that their future is in oakland." but a move to las vegas might be good for the raiders franchise... according to forbes the value of the franchise has recently surged by 47-percent to 2 point 1 billion. that's reportedly the highest in team history. that jump is being attributed to the possible move to either las vegas of los angeles.
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donald trump's son is getting into some trouble with his attack on the media... it's offending a much bigger group than he expected... the i-phone 7 goes on sale today! but good luck getting's set to sell out quicly. i'll be watching that this morning from the breaking news center... ((ad-lib)) oh, dishwasher, why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish? jet-dry? in the rinse aid compartment.
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than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish? jet-dry?.
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in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. the republican nominee on the senate floor. (sen. harry reid / (d) senate minority leader) "let's be clear about donald trump. he's a spoiled brat raised in plenty butted with :23-:28 trump is a human leech wh bleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing at the money he has made trump's v-p mike pence responded saying he is getting a - quote - "whiff of desperation" from senate minority leader harry reid. this morning, another trump is under fire. the candidate's son... donald junior is facing criticism for this attack on the media: 2:23-2:37 sot don jr. (phoner): "they've let her slide on every indiscrepancy, on every lie, on every dnc game trying to get bernie sanders out of this thing.
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chamber right now."" the anti defamation league....a prominent jewish advocacy organization... called trump junior out on twitter saying "the trivialization of the holocaust and gas chambers is never okay." donald trump's campaign says trump junior was referring to the gas chamber used in capital punishmennt...not those used in the holocaust. this morning we're hearing a woman's help.... nats - 911 call operator: does he have a weapon? caller: he's got a taser. police found much more than they were expecting when they finally got that woman out... time now is ??? also ahead, growing concern this morning over toy weapons and how similar they look to real ones. the confusion is being blamed on an officer killing a teen.... we're continuting to follow breaking news...
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collins where we're hearing reports that an officer was involved in a crash near tropicana and durango...
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here's a live picture from tropicana and durango... follow breaking news... here's a live picture from tropicana and durango...where we're hearing reports of officer involved in a crash
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to the valley! sunny skies will be common along with winds out of the southwest between 5
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but very slowly. expect the valley to range between 91 and 96 degrees between 3pm and 5pm this afternoon. the weekend is nearly a carbon copy of today's forecast but temperatures ranging 2 degrees warmer. it is monday into tuesday that we are more interested in now! the weak low pressure system we
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has shown signs of strengthening and looking to shift closer to southern nevada. monday night into tuesday morning now shows much better signs of rain for the valley. chances are holding for that time frame! as this low passes over head, high temperatures will fall back to the upper 80s and lower 90s for nats - 911 call i've been abducted butted with nats - 911 call operator: are you tied
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myself. that terrifying 9-1-1 call came from an ohio woman--- who police say was kidnapped by this man you see behind me...40-year-old shawn grate. the woman managed to call 9-1- 1 while grate was asleeep in the same room...that's why you hear her whispering during the call. nats - 911 call operator: if you think you can get out, you need to get out. caller: not unless they were he would hear me, catch me and he's strong. police showed up and rescued the woman... but also made a disturbing discovery. they found two women's bodies inside the house.... and he reportedly led them to a third body. police say grate confessed to killing the women. a scary scene on the streets of new york city during rush hour. a man with a meat cleaver ran through a busy area right near penn station...attacking police
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attacking those officers. akram joudeh was eventually shot by police yesterday evening. police say this entire incident started when they saw joudeh trying to illegally remove the boot off his car. :17-:24 when he tried to swing the butcher knife at the cops they shot for like five seconds straight it sounded like fireworks officers fired 18 shots at the suspect. he was taken to the hospital in one detective was injured...he has a cut on his face. another officer is being treated for a graze wound from shots fired by officers. both officers are expected to be ok. broadcastify nat- "oh, he's shootin' 'em! oh my god!" growing questions this morning surrounding the death of a 13- year-old in columbus ohio. police shot tyree king --- saying he pulled out a gun from his waistband... it turns out, it was a b-b gun... sot columbus police chief kim
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looks like a firearm that could kill you. the columbus police chief says its too soon to draw comparrisons to the tamir rice shooting. in that case, a rookie officer in cleveland shot and killed the 12 year old who had a pallet gun. the officer was not charged. the u-s government has issued a formal recall for all samsung galaxy note seven phones. if you have one...send it back or take it back for a refund or replacement. commission says they're recived 92 reports of the phone batteries overheating...26 burns...and 55 reports of property damage from fires. it's all from a lithium ion battery that overheats during charging. federal regulators say 97- percent of the galxy note 7 phones in the u-s have the faulty battery. we're continuting to follow
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we're hearing reports of officer involved in a crash roads shut down there... right now...doctors in
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breaking news... here's a live picture from tropicana and durango...where we're hearing reports of officer involved in a crash roads shut down there... another day high pressure holds to the valley! sunny skies will be common along with winds out southwest between 5 and 15 mph!
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to the valley! sunny skies will be common along with winds it is monday into tuesday that we are more interested in now! shift closer to southern nevada. monday night into tuesday morning now shows much better signs of rain for the valley. in fact, 20-30 percent chances are holding for that time frame! as this low passes over head, high temperatures will fall back to the upper 80s and lower 90s for the city and 05:15:04:29 welcome to my world... won't you come in. " anticipation is building for one of the most hyped high school football
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take on kahuku from hawaii. football fans held a rally on fremont street yesterday for the hawaii team. they had live music..speeches and a haka warrior dance from the players. 05:34:48:08- 05:34:55:23 these fans follow these boys wherever they go. no matter what part of the nation they're at. this fanbase will be alongside with them." at least 7 thousand supporters typically travel with the team from hawaii. sold out. :4-:13 ladies and gentlemen...the time you've been waiting for is you have the brand new iphone 7! the iphone 7 is out today. you just saw some people in australia who already have their phones! in the valley...people still won't be getting their phones
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at apple stores...and bring you some pictures throughout the show.. fans finally get their team's jersey customized with "harambe" on the it's topping our look at today's stories now trending... the gorilla harambe was put down after a child fell into his zoo enclosure earlier this year. gorilla supporters wanted jerseys made with the name harambe on them. but pro sports leagues added the name to a list of words they wouldn't allow...but after a lot of outrage on social
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list. the emmy awards show is just a couple days away. this year some rule changes could bring some upsets. the academy revised how votes are cast and counted this year. they switched from a ranking and points system to letting voters check off their top choice. that could affect past winners who managed to collect enough the competition. you can watch the emmys on sunday right here on channel 13. "can i mess your hair up?" fallon: "you say yes?" trump: "go ahead" "donald trump everybody." donald trump was on the tonight show last night...and you can see jimmy fallon had to check
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you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, take a look at this video we're just getting in from new jersey... that's a school bus driver doing exactly what any driver shouldn't do... more of this video of a possible case of roadrage is plus dayna is following breaking news... reports of a crash near tropicana and durango.... parker is there right now...
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