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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  September 20, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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homicide. one person has also been arrested in the case. officers found the bodies at a home near tropicana and swenson just after noon today. detectives say they were called after reports of a man hitting people with a bat.. and the victims were not shot. they've also found a hammer on scene. the victims lived together and had the same last name.. we've also learned the suspect was a man in his 50's.and did have criminal history we are on top of another story developing as we speak. our 13-first alert meteorologists are tracking rain moving into the valley now. you can see it here on our doppler radar. let's go to bryan scofield in the weather center with details on when it will arrive. bryan. while the cloud cover and moisture has pushed into the area, most models seem to indicate that the rain is going to stay to our south and east.
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a chance for rain remains in the forecast through tomorrow. high temps will warm to the upper 80s tomorrow and by the afternoon we will start to see a bit of a breeze, ahead of a large pacific system that will sweep through the area on thursday. this system is expected to bring big winds to the area with gusts to about 50mph om then low 80s on friday. as the system makes an exit on friday, we'll be down to the lower end of the windy category that day. highs in the mid 80s, light of degrees for the start to next workweek. right now a family of three is looking for a place to live after a fire damaged their home overnight. they say a 4-legged friend might have saved the day. parker collins talks with them in an interview you'll see only 13 action news. 6:54:16-6:54:37 the sign that something went wrong is right over here you can see where that smoke was pouring out of
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was their dog a boxer and her people can't go home including a grandmother and her granddaughter but none of them had to go to the hospital. take sot alfred ruiz livingston, displaced 5:43:22-5:43:32 "she was going crazy she was scared she was scared because of all the smoke and everything and wake me up and i took everybody fast as i could out of the house." 6:54:45-6:54:54 the red cross is helping the family out because this will cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix near 95 and flamingo parker collins 13 action news. we're learning more about the inside a minnesota mall. st. cloud detectives now say he recently graduated from college and worked as a private security guard. investigators are also trying to determine a motive for the attack on saturday night. at this point.. they believe he was a lone wolf with no ties to a terror group. the man wounded 10 people with a kitchen knife before he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. there was at least one victim who was asked if they were muslim. (butted with) ryan schliep "he
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pregnant female" isis is claiming responsibility for the attack.. saying the young man was one of its soldiers. it's your voice your vote in the race for president. with just 49 more days to go until election day and the first debate less than a week away both presidential candidates are trying to prove who would be best in the fight against terrorism donald trump hosting a massive rally in fort myers florida overnight..... wasn't closely watched by authorities....and calling for profiling. 042 sot trump on savage nation this am can shorten for time (15:19:50: we have to start profiling. we're looking at people and everybody's supposed to be treated equally, well it doesn't work that way it's radical islamic terrorism his son donald trump jr also stirring things up... jumping in on the refugee debate.... with a skittles tweet. which reads if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you 3 would kill you would you take a
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problem. as for clinton -- she's accusing trump of motivating isis with his words and actions. 120 we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden who made it a very clear point when he said, donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. today trump campaigns in north carolina...while clinton is off the trail. v new at 3 -- president final address to the united nations general assembly. he called for unity and an end to racism and hate. (president obama) "we must reject any forms of fundamentalism, or racism or a belief in ethnic superiority that makes our traditional identities irreconcilable with modernity. obama took an indirect jab at donald trump.saying "a nation
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itself." former president george h-w bush will reportedly vote for hillary clinton in november. but... a spokesperson responded to the report from politico, saying the former president will cast his vote privately--- and won't be publicly stating his preference for president. deplorable names - v a number of donald trump supporters have been adding the names on facebook in recent days. now.. facebook is cracking down. the social media giant requires people to use their real names.. so it's now forcing anyone who includes 'deplorable' in their profile names to change them. many users have embraced the name after hillary clinton said half of trump's supporters can be put in what she called a "basket of deplorables." 0:23 nats of bumpiness inside plane cabin...0:30 that's not the sound you want to hear on a plane...
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angeles to nashville after the plane's tire blew shortly after takeoff. this video was taken from inside the plane as it landed at l-a-x. the plane landed safely and passengers were put on a different flight to nashville. no word on what caused the tire to blow. now to that plane crash in arizona... we're now hearing the pilot's distress calls... moments before his plane a fireball and crashed into a home. kilgore: 20844 i'm having an emergency situation... fire on the wing, fire in the airplane... right before the fire, several parachooters jumped from the plane as part of a planned stunt. the pilot then used a backup parachute to save himself. he landed in a field-- but the plane landed on a home. no one was inside was hurt. but as you can see... the house is a total loss.
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the crash, and whether the plane's maintenance was up to date. an arizona man gets a huge scare while shopping.. when the battery in his e- cigarette suddenly exploded in his pocket. you can see chris tague's fire charred clothing. he also suffered severe burns. he says he's still in a lot of pain.. and has a message for others who use e-cigarettes. 1:07 (chris tague / burn victim)"please be careful i mean they can do more damage than just burn your body, it can take your house, your car, it could take your family." 1:15 could happen and he saw no warning labels on the battery. he is now in the process of hiring a lawyer.. and plans to sue the company that makes the e-cigarette battery. some good news for thousands of former i-t-t tech students who were left high and dry when the school shut down. brightwood college.. formerly known as kaplan college.. says it will honor credits from many i-t-t programs if the students want to transfer. a lot of people lost college loan money when i-t-t shut down
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enrollment fees.. registration fees.. residency requirements and entrance exams. (john g. stumpf/wells fargo ceo) i am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to our team members, and to the american public wells fargo c-e-o john stumpf has just testified on capitol hill. he apologized for the bank opening of millions of secret accounts without customers permission. wells fargo fired employees in connection to the allegations. now...wells fargo is also facing three class-action lawsuits. a rep for the company tells abc news the bank believes it has refunded all affected customers, but they encourage anyone who thinks they may have been affected to contact them. the area around u-n-l-v and the the airport is undergoing some serious transformations. tonight.. county leaders and metro want
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scow is hosting a neighborhood meeting with metro for neighbors who live near the university. they want input on road construction and other improvement projects at unlv and mccarran. the meeting starts at 6:30 at the university crest h-o-a clubhouse. right now -- the whole world is talking about the hollywood's most famous couple calling it quits! angelina jolie and brad pitt are filing for divorce. coming up.. more on her reasons.. and what's next for their six children. but first -- get your tissues ready because this reunion may what this cop did for this man a decade ago. and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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a cop is approached by a man he thought was a stranger. turns out the cop saved this man from drowning when he was 5 yrs old... chris jones, now 24 and a father, spotted officer james poole online as the man who saved his life and worked with the columbus pd to set up this emotional and beautiful reunion. now to that brangelina shocker -- hollywood royalty are angelina jolie has filed for a divorce.. ending her two year marriage to brad pitt. abc's lauren lyster has more. (nats camera flashes--brad/angelin a together on a red carpet) one of hollywood's most prominent power couples splitting up...going from brangelina...back to brad and angelina court documents reveal angelina jolie pitt has filed for divorce from brad pitt, her husband of two years and partner for over a decade. jolie pitt citing irreconcilable differences...petitioning for physical custody of their six
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get visitation news of the split taking tinseltown by storm. sot lesley messer, entertainment editor, abc news - this was a couple that always spoke so lovingly of each other and praised each other so much for being such good parents that this was such a shock brad pitt saying in a statement (to people magazine) today: "i am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the wellbeing of our kids. i kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time." fans of the couple -- saddene most sot: 'i don't think they should get a divorce it's so sad they're such a beautiful smith....((nats movie)) they both adopted and had bioligical children together before ever marrying. jolie pitt talking to abc three months before they wed. sot jolie -- (archive gma interview) - i think the important thing is that whatever we do it's the kids have a great time and we all take seriously the love, and the connection between all of
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decision to divorce was made for the health of the family...saying jolie is asking for privacy during this difficult time. lauren lyster abc news los angeles. anchors adlib and toss to bryan while the cloud cover and moisture has pushed into the area, most models is going to stay to our south and east. however, given the conditions, a chance for rain remains in the forecast through tomorrow. high temps will warm to the upper 80s tomorrow and by the afternoon we will start to see a bit of a breeze, ahead of a
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the area on thursday. this system is expected to bring big winds to the area with gusts to about 50mph om thursday. also, it will sweep in cooler air, dropping high temps back to the mid 80s on thursday, then low 80s on friday. as the system makes an exit on friday, we'll be down to the lower end of the windy category by the weekend we're looking at highs in the mid 80s, light winds and mainly sunny to sunny skies both days. conditions will remain the
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degrees for the start to next workweek. up next -- we have an exclusive sneak peak of the show everyone is talking about: "designated survivor!"
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is.
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giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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it stars kiefer sutherland as a low- level cabinet member who suddenly becomes president. abc's elizabeth hur takes us behind the scenes of this new series.. with a title drawn from real life. ((nat)) "hangs up phone.. right where were we?" kiefer sutherland.. returning to tv.. ((nat)) "dramatic music as he opens windows" as the designated survivor. ((nat)) "you are now the president of the united states.. music." ((sot)) kiefer sutherland, "tom kirkman," on the show "the designated survivo thing." ((sot)) kal penn, "seth wright," on the show "so what happens if we have, god forbid a massive terrorist attack at the state of the union who runs the government." lamonica garrett, "mike ritter," on the show "they send one person away, the president does, in case catastrophe does happen." nat "this is the most devastating attack on our country since 911." the political leadership in the entire country. if the premise of the show.. the creator of the show say.. think again. ((sot)) david guggenheim, creator & executive producer, on the appeal of the show "it's sort of equal parts, family drama, a political drama and
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maggie q, "hannah wells," on why viewers will want to watch "and where we're going with the conspiracy is, it's really mind blowing." calling the plot.. intriguing.. ((nat)) "music.. declare war?" compelling and president "that age old question, do corrupt people ascend to power or does power corrupt and so here's this very good person and what is going to become of him over the long haul and i haven't gotten to read those episodes yet either so i'm waiting to see." ((nat)) "mr. president, you're live.. my fellow americans.." elizabeth hur, abc news, ny breaking news now -- the department of justice has just filed federal charges against the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. one of the charges include use of weapons of mass destruction we're following a lot of big stories for you today. we'll be back with a recap and a final check of your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny t . tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico. my mom's was from italy. 60 years ago they met here in nevada and we grew as a family really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel. but he went on to be the head of tourism for las vegas and helped build the city we know today. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. i'm catherine cortez masto, i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems, isn't that something
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swenson. one person has also been arrested in the case. detectives say they were called after reports of a man hitting people with a bat.. and the victims were not shot. coming up on 13 action news.. live at 5... terrified passengers on an american told to prepare for the worst as the flight crew was forced to make an emergency landing. that and more on 13 action news.. live at 5. then later.. all new on 13 action news live at 6.. a mother is furious after her 12-year- old autistic son was allowed to walk out of class and off campus! tonight, what she says the district didn't do that has her terrified for her son's safety. that does it for 13 action news live at 3:30..
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next. don't forget.. we're always on at and on our mobile app. we'll see you back here in 60-minutes for 13-action news live at 5. until then..
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>> judge judy: you say you gave him $1,500 in cash. >> he needed money. my heart was there. >> announcer: did her love lead to a loan? >> she's never given me any money. >> judge judy: any cash? >> never. >> announcer: or is she leading everyone on? >> judge judy: show me where you put it in the bank and where you drew out cash money. >> i've had that money stored for a long time in safekeeping in an envelope. >> judge judy: oh, no, no, no. >> he's a felon. >> judge judy: listen to me very carefully, madam. >> he's a liar. >> announcer: "judge judy."
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the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution elijaha alexander is suing his ex-girlfriend, jessica sundeen, for the return of his furniture. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 61, your honor, in the matter of alex >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. sir, have a seat. >> judge judy: mr. alexander, how long were you sort of in a relationship with the defendant? >> about september to december. >> judge judy: of what year? >> 2012. >> judge judy: okay. ms. sundeen says in her counterclaim that at some point during this relationship, which was brief, she made a loan to you in the amount of $1,500, a loan which you did not repay.


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