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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  September 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you said it. you said it. wednesday morning. taking a live look outside right now. >> oh, nice baby. >> looking handsome. they announced the return of their ice rink. you've not been? >> no. >> it's phenomenal, november 25th. through january 2nd. it's like the coolest thing ever. used to be a batch of ice now it's -- you can almost have whichever nhl team. >> a hockey game up there. >> it will be amazing, if you hit them hard enough. >> not good. >> imagine. i can't believe it. welcome. i'm shawn tempesta.
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>> coming up on "the morning blend," it's a super run for a super weekend. the car show. >> i can't wait for this car show. i'm a huge car fan. i love cars. i love oldies. and do you know at this car show friday night -- >> i love it. >> i know. good dote 31. get your nostalgia on. >> i realize that you hate my >> no. >> when i punch my car, you hea. >> i completely appreciate your car. >> i appreciate you. >> absolutely. modern technology. he does the volt. you're on the cutting edge. >> that's right. so last time my wife and i she dragged me -- we went to a baby cpr class. >> careful. >> a baby cpr class. it's important. but the conversation ended up heading into breast feeding.
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organization does a survey of all the -- the countries in the world and like we're getting like a f minus as far as breast feeding. >> why is that. >> because we don't do it. everyone has been doing the formula. >> formula and bottle-feeding? >> right. there are definitely benefits. but they handed us a sheet. this is one of the most interesting sheets ever, a list of breast milk home remedies. today's topic of the day is what is your most unique home remedy. i want to read some of these off, because they are >> home remedy meaning other uses? >> other uses other than giving your child the nectar of life. >> do you know breast milk is called liquid gold because it is so powerful? >> do you know how much bodybuilders pay, $10 an ounce. >> no! >> $10 an ounce. >> are they -- >> to drink other people's breast milk. >> no way! >> there's hcg growth here moon. >> i didn't realize that was a
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formula it's 12 to $1,400 an ounce. from a bank it would cost you like $9,000 a year. it's bananas. so here is what you can use breast milk for. bee stings. you have bee sting or mosquito bite, should be okay. sunburns, diaper rash. that's helpful. >> oh. >> puffy eyes. >> no! >> wait until you hear the last this woman. i'm like you got to be kidding me. teenage acne. >> ah! >> i asked the woman, you mean to tell me that -- >> it's awkward. >> the mom -- you're placing the milk on the -- she said yes. i'm like there's no way. >> well -- >> no way that a teenager would allow that to happen. >> no, you would have to disguise it, put it in a bottle,
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>> the new -- the acne ton i can. >> that is fascinating. i still have ac knee. this has been on my -- >> if you have a pimple you don't touch it. you're getting your germs on it. this has been hanging on it. >> quit touching it. >> that has been there for ages. >> can we talk? just stop it. by the way, my home remedy is apple cider vinegar. >> for everything? >> everything. i clean mirrors with it. i drink it because it rebalances your belly. it's very good for you. and i put it in my hair, if you want to clean the shampoo, come on your hair is loaded with product. you should do it. >> it's -- that stuff is like the paint off a car. that is apple cider vinegar, once you open it, it fills the house.
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>> we're going to try. >> good for you. >> well, she's going to try. won't work for me. we want to hear from you about this. the best home remedy, the most unique home remedy, the one that makes people say really? really? share your comments. could read some of your comments live on the air. we have links to both of them, from breast milk to the food for us. mexico inside fiesta rancho. perfect time of year to dine on fresco while enjoying the sizzling fajitas. >> here with some of the delicious food is matthew goebel, beverage manager at fee estoe rancho and jesus lopez. >> gentlemen, hello.
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brought in for us today. beautiful. so we love that you have this outdoor dining, and you have delicious dishes to share with us. what are some of the specials? >> what we have currently going on is we have our blue agave cantina, our bar that is attached to gardunos. so we are open every day starting at noon, and we have many different items starting at $4, working up to $8. great price point. amazing food. we brought some of our favorites here for you look at all the color. we have our traditional street tacos, and here, fascinating, this is our cuban flat bread. it's one of my favorites. in fact, it's by -- i won't be able to fit into this coat. >> i can't work on restaurants. i love it in the -- my goodness. >> 1/2 alley when you're going to have something this tasty and delicious you are going to
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so some of what we're known for, we have our mango margarita. talking about that amazing patio over at blue agave we have our sangriass, and these are just for you, my friends. we have our white wine. we have our red wine, and we have a flavor of the month. the flavor of the month in keeping with our new mexico roots is actually pear. >> interesting. i'm not used to being offered dark or light sangria. that's interesting. it's wednesday. >> the first alcoholic beverage i ever had was 24, and it was a sangria. i'm ready for greatness. >> fantastic. >> white wine in this? >> uh-huh. >> very good. >> that's fantastic. i love that. so we've got drinks. we got the specials.
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gardunos. >> we open at 12:00, at blue agave. we serve all kinds of types of food. we have burritos. we got street tacos. we have the barbeque sliders. we have a lot of really good -- >> you have the great eye democrats. gardunos opens at 4:00 p.m. >> that is correct. >> one of the things you're known for are your >> we marinate them 24 hours, with our fresh recipes. we have the fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice squeezed, fresh lime squeezed. >> what is the word fresh? this stuff is used about a week and a half ago. no, you're doing it fresh in house. >> fresh. >> i love that. >> and that's one of the amaze things about gardunos, it's new
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of these fresh spices and herbs. and i believe chef jesus is going to plate some food for you. >> you showed me everything that goes in the dish, and it's all freeze fresh ingredient. can i take a bite of this? >> she is ready to go. that's not the express lunch that you have. >> no. >> that was just the garnish for the express lunch. salad, if that's what you would like. >> it's happening. and while you're making that, you said new mexican. when i think new mexico i think tamales. >> we will have a specific date we will let everyone know when we're going to be doing our tamales, but we look at starting them in the beginning of november. that is holiday season, and we have amazing tamales.
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we'll freeze them in case you like to eat them throughout the entire year. >> you have to plan. >> you do. this is perfect, because i could stop by, if i have a lot of relatives coming in, i can put them in the freezer and have them ready. >> you got to treat them like the girl scout cookies. they only sell for a certain amount of time. if i could figure out a way to freeze them, love them all year long. all of a sudden you can create your own black market of tamales. >> i'm not saying we do. >> show them the flip, jesus. >> oh, wow, look at that. i try to do that at home and they all get inside the grill and i have to clean them up. >> something i love about your patio dining experience is that on friday and saturday nights you have entertainment. >> we do. we have a live guitar every friday and saturday.
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be out there. >> awe many so. gentlemen, it's great having you. that smells fantastic, and we're going to demolish that during the break. >> we are. >> great having you. >> thank you. some of the delicious dishes for yourselves. visit gardunos, and don't forget the express lunch special at blue agave. if you would like to find out more, the website and phone number are up on your screen. >> smells so good in here. >> yeah, if you have -- the fajita smell just >> lovely. >> that's how you whoa they're ready. >> more to come in just minutes. >> stay with us. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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lose the weight and feel great. you do it without surgery. this morning we have a noninvasive way to shrink down
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the inches off that you have been trying to shed for so lock. >> here to explain is assistant program coordinator for laser med solutions lee waldrip. good morning. >> good morning. >> yes. so what is laser contouring? >> with laser contouring we're basically noninvasively stimulating fat cells so they will open up, releas the fat and your body wilma tab lice it. there is no side you just lay -- you just lay there. you can take a nap if you want to, and the device can sit above you, and we have one that can strap to you. but you're just shrinking your fat cells. >> pretty amazing. we'll talk. who is a good candidate for this? >> anyone, really can be. with these devices, since they're not invasive it's few people that can't do them.
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and we can go over everything over the phone, too. and ask you certain specific things. but typically male, fee may, really doesn't matter the age. if you got the fat cells and you want to get rid of them or get on a healthy lifestyle or get towards something, now that summer is over, we're going back to school and stuff, we can help you. >> well, we saw pictures earlier and there were some bright pink like laser looking lines. how does this work exactly? >> so your body will absorb the energy from the it's sitting above you. >> low level laser. >> correct. so once it absorbs the energy, like almost the holes get poked in the cells and the fat seeps out. you're coming twice a week or three times a week. depends on the treatment you're doing. >> okay. >> and the device. we can go over that, too. >> what part of the body can you do? we all have our own special issues. >> yeah. we can do any part of the body. we can -- with our line oh, we
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the mid section, the thighs, and when you do an area you do front and back of it, too. you get the full 360 circumference. >> we're looking at before and afters right now. it's incredible. tell us what we're looking at. >> with these, you're doing anywhere from a series of, you know, either five to nine, or more sessions. it just depends on what you're looking for, how much you're looking to lose on the device. but clients are getting great results. full upper chest and abdomen. and women you know if you had a -- maybe had a baby, and you're wanting to get some extra fat off that you weren't able to get off, we can help you with that, too. >> it's good for that, too? have a lot of women come in for that? >> we do. and we have a lot of women who hate belly line fat.
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how about that? >> we can do that, too. >> awe many so. and there is another thing that helps feed the process along, called whole body vibration. you got to see the picture. explain whole body vibration. >> it's a vibrating plate that you stand on. with this device, you're basically stimulating your lymphatic system, because everything is flushing into your lymphatic, so you can ma tab metabolize. it's just shake ig it off, and it's fun. >> fun to watch. >> shake it up and get it out. this is very intriguing. where can people go for more information? >> so you can go to our website, which is and then you can also give us a call 702-910-2300. >> very cool. and there's a special offer going on.
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>> wow. >> we got it right there on the screen. it's important to say, eight sessions you do need to go more than once would, because it's noninvasive it's going to take a bit. >> it's over a period of time you want to do this. you don't want to do one, you want to do a series. >> i think with something like that when you're committed, when you see that vis, i want those results, you go consistently those eight times. i want to see this through. >> oh, yeah, clients are very consistent, when they get there early, they try to do the vibration before and we'll let them use it whenever they want. but they get into. >> the special offer was eight sessions. it's great having you. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for joining us. right now, laser med solutions is offering 40% off promotion. it's today only, guys. you get eight sessions of laser body contouring. again, that's a great offer. >> no question. if you want more information on their services and how to achieve the weight loss dreams
9:19 am is the site. the phone number is on your screen, as well. are you on facebook or twitter? like or follow us. you can find us at "the morning blend" on facebook, lv morning blend on twitter. links can be found on our
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... ely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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it's the beginning of a new era at henderson hyundai this fall. to launch a new line of cars like the ride you see right now. it's the luxury genesis brand and you can soon be behind the wheel. >> here with more is john totino, the finance manager. how are you, buddy? >> great, guys. thank you for having me back.
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hyundai had the genesis, which is the top of the line, gorgeous car. it really -- it stood apart from the rest. this is on another level. henderson hyundai you have been selected as the first hyundai genesis brand dealer in the valley. there is a brand split going on. there is hyundai, which are great cars and there are genesis, which are great cars. talk about the genesis brand. >> we're excited at henderson hyundai to launch the ges brand. we're looking to attracts luxury car shoppers and deliver a personalized, hassle free customer experience. we're excited about what the future holds. >> well, it's a gorgeous, gorgeous car, very upscale, being compared to audi and mere said s. >> yes. >> and they had a very elite team of designers. >> yes, they have. they had a lot of different designer influence from different brands. some things that are really cool
9:23 am
been enjoying the vehicle myself. i'm a proud owner for several months. not only is the brand -- the models are assembled of the highest quality materials and workmanship but there is also a lot of very cool features that the vehicle provides. they are fully loaded with all the technology possible. speaking of technology, it has been simplified, which is very exciting because now it delivers a user friendly experience for any generation. some really cool things that the three years of complimentary maintenance. the valet service is provided where they pick up the car, bring it in and service it, then bring it back to you. you get three years of complementary map updates. >> can we talk about that? these other dealers, there is other companies want to charge you 180 bucks a year for the three new streets that were added. >> we're going to offer that for three years for free.
9:24 am
free. three years car connect for free with remote start. enhanced road side assistance. not to mention this luxury line still comes with a ten year, 100,000-mile warranty. >> no. >> which is far greater than any of its competition, usually having a warranty one-third or half of what that is. >> you just named so many incentives to get people to try this car. what is the driving experience like? which model are you driving? >> the genesis sedan, which is going to be called the g 80. >> the genesis g 80. >> yes. it is one of the most comfortables i've ever driven. it's the -- the seat, the head rest, the drivability, it's so smooth on the road, you can barely feel like you're even in a car. you have to be careful because it's so relack laxing.
9:25 am
so stay focused, but the features, the gadgets are amazing that it has tons of technology, very easy to use. >> which i'm a big fan of. that's the picture of the 2017 model. i know over the next five years, this is going to be several models to choose from. >> we're going to release seven models, ranging from a luxury coupe, several sedans, some cross over types and some suvs, as well. >> awesome. >> one distinctive feature i noticed when we had is the grill in the front. >> sure. >> it's a very distinctive design point. >> yes, very wide grill, very bold and has amazing stance on it. the lines on the car incredible. not only does it deliver a vehicle that looks like it's moving while it's standing still, but it's very futuristic and just a great job altogether. >> really is phenomenal, exciting time for henderson
9:26 am
the offers and deals you have. >> we have some incredible deals going on right now. we have zero percent financing on several models. we have up to $5,000 in rebates on select models. the factory has given us huge inventives. come down, ask for me, john totino, and we're going to take care of you. >> awesome. see general and get a test drive. >> this guard is like -- the brand is so -- genesis is so sexy. i >> it is -- can i ask you a personal question? have you gunned it? >> i've gunned it. and it's responded on several level. you still get great gas mileage and you don't have to use premium gas. >> regular are? >> just regular. >> you don't have to spend a billion dollars to look like a billion dollars. >> that's exactly right. >> you're welcome, genesis. you can use that. great having you. for more on the new luxury genesis brand that you can find
9:27 am
the website. my goodness, i'm telling you, go in, take a at the car, you'll be stunned. seventeenth and you'll super run classic car show, cruises in henderson this weekend. it features hot rods, concerts and more. >> as many as 1,000 cars will be on display. a special kickoff happens tomorrow. the display is a water street district from friday to sunday. it's completely free to spectators, so why don't you go out. to find out more head to the
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?? dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. welcome back to "the morning blend." keeping your home organized can
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the pay off is massive. the folks at home depot can create an organization system in your home that will give you peace of mind and stop your significant other from yelling at you. >> yes, i know all about that. here to help us find a place for everything and put everything in its place corwyn frierson, operations manager at home depot. thank you for joining us. >> good to be back. storage organization is a huge thing on people's mind. it's fall cleaning, you start going to the garage, holiday ornaments out, and you're like i don't know where i put anything. it's stacked to the ceiling, and you can't find anything. we got a lot of different ways to help out with that. opening up your closet and you're like i don't know where i had the shirt. i can't find the shirt. >> you have to open the closet slowly to make sure nothing falls on you. >> yeah. we got all sorts of stuff. we have options where we can come into your home and do design consultation. we have full custom storage solutions for garage, for closets, for anything you want.
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more your speed. if you don't want to have to take all the stuff out of your closet to do it yourself. we also have a lot of different options in our store. we have this really cool cube storage system. we got a couple different styles. this one is a step down version. we got some squares, some rectangle ones. different color boxes that go in there. >> corwyn this is an actual piece of furniture. you could bring this home, do it yourself. >> you assemble it yourself. use about half an you're done. >> you can put pictures of your kids there. >> there's different color fabrics and different color cubes that you can put in there. you can leave some open to create a negative effect or put stuff inside those. a lot of different options with that. we have different colors and styles. this one is one of our white ones. we have brown and wood tones. really cool stuff there. >> i love going to the store and getting organizational things. it's very personalized because that unit has so many different
9:32 am
office. >> yes. whatever you want to put in there. so that's one of the advantages that we have. we have a lot of different closet storage options. for example, we showed this one off right before the show. this is just hanging in your closet. you hang it right from your closet pole, so you don't have to add anything else. there is shoes. we have wider ones for shirts. >> and that is the wider one. there we go. >> there are plenty of options available. this is some of storage. that fits on our wire style selfing. just bring your measurements in. we have online tools. we got this space, this is what storage you want, and it says okay, buy these items. it will give you a list of cabinet storage items to buy. >> a closet is usually on the smaller side. >> yes. >> you and i talked about closet organization. >> yes.
9:33 am
as much space as you can utilize. >> you have your space for your shorter shirts and pants underneath, you have longer space for your dresses or whatever, long jackets, that we don't use that much out here but occasionally. >> occasionally. >> i heard that we will be wearing jackets. >> i take this off as soon as i can. >> we have wire shelving units. we have the metal wire shelving. these go all the i with a up to six feet tall. some of the larger units hold up >> we are talking about a good way to store ties. this would be a great way to store ties. >> yeah, right from the -- >> would you? i would do that in a heartbeat. it saves a lot of space. >> that would be great. we got a couple storage totes. the one on there is actually snaps together, so you have small containers and it stacks up, and you can carry them all at the same time. >> this is a must have in the
9:34 am
cabinet, but this is for the nails, the screws, the measuring tapes. >> i need this. >> you can just -- >> my problem i have one bucket of every is screw. so when you try to find the one, you get stabbed 800 times. >> oh, no. >> you need -- >> we have all sorts of different options for that. we have wood crates. these are great for all sorts of different things. we use these for a lot of our instore projects. this month we had our do it herself class. they screwed handles, painted it. >> i love it. >> we used this for -- you can make storage. you put two of these together, put wheels underneath, put a lid on top. there are so many projects you can do with this, that it's fantastic. >> we got about 30 seconds left, want to make sure we get to everything. >> we have our tall garage storing. >> this is my entire garage.
9:35 am
these are very easy to put together. very durable. whole lot of weight. different storage tote options. and we have our closet maid closets. online tools are great for that. if you want to do it for you we can do that. it's free for us to go out. we can give you a whole design consultation, do everything for you. >> you have certified pros. >> they are licensed installers. they're home depot. we're ready to take care of it. >> awe many so. i love it. >> thank you. >>ha >> if you are ready to step up to the organization in your home let the professionals at home depot help. call the number on the screen or visit their website. home and do you know someone who truly makes a difference in this community? you can recognize them with our "give back" award. >>, click on give back, fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 for the great work they do from america first credit union,
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it's an easy way to take years off your appearance, and it only takes five minutes. if your teeth are yellow due to smoking, our next guest says a whiter smile can make you look up to 13 years younger. what? scott defalco is here. not in hours, not in day, five minutes. >> less than five minutes, shawn. >> that's ridiculous. >> it's incredible. i've been doing this for over two years. it's been blowing up all over the country for two years. it's called powerswabs. it's clinically proven to white enyour teeth two shades less than five minutes. i'm going to do a quick demo.
9:39 am
it's changing the way we white enour teeth over the country. >> yellow teeth are the rings inside a tree for humans. we can say oh, man. >> i tell people this, i will take an average looking person, put them on the split screen, i'll take j-lo, yes, even j-lo. and -- >> the queen herself. >> and if her teeth are yellow or stained the attraction factor goes way down, really does. and your eyes are going to go to that person with the whiter what you look like here. if you smile and your teeth are yellow it kills everything. >> this is proof of that. >> we did a panel. we took 100 people and showed them that altered picture you just saw, and they guessed that the girl in the right was up to 13 years younger. >> wow. >> yeah, they did. >> just from that picture? >> same person, digitally altered, but look at the girl on the right. she looks like she could take on the world. the girl on the left looks unhealthy.
9:40 am
you want to give off. i have a younger wife who likes to remind me of that daily, so trust me, i want the 13 years, believe me. >> tell us how this works. >> it's a two step process, patented technology. the first step is the stain swab. you do this. it's saturated with formula, and you rub it for two minutes. what we do we accomplish two things. number one, we lift the stains off of our teeth. the other products people use the strips in the trays will white enthe stain but they don't remove them. >> i noticed that you're able to continue talking while putting this on. is that the gluey stuff and not burning your mouth? >> no, and that's the strips and trays, and people have complaints about them. they're time-consuming, taste bad and the worst part is the sensitivity. and i get that question all the time. they dehigh trait your enamel. the suck the moisture out of it. this not only removes the stain
9:41 am
your enamel. and that is the biggest evantage of this product, minimal to no sensitivity. >> with the other ones getting rid of the enamel, you can't get enamel back. i like init to doing your own laundry. do you do your own laundry? >> i do, just don't fold it when i'm done. >> if you did, if you put your whites in, okay, and say you didn't put your detergent in, just put bleach in, what would it do to your whites? >> it wo >> they would be dried out, just wouldn't be good. that's what you're doing to your teeth. that's why you get the pain in your teeth. that's what you're doing. they don't use the detergent base. you get them smelling good, get the stains out. so we're removing stains, hydrating the enamel, then after the two minutes we're going to whiten. and it's only two minutes. this is like you know your pseudo bleach, and the grade thing about this, shawn, this is
9:42 am
peroxide in the formula. it's much less harsh. and that adds to the minimal or to no sensitivity. >> we're taking a look at some results right now. it's incredible. >> that's after one use, which i'm doing right now. that's on average two shades whiter, over seven days six shades whiter. get in there. get all the solution. >> you don't have to share with other people. there is plenty to go around. >> great thing about this is that i was blessed with teeth but i had a problem tooth that was a little off color. >> i have the same one, almost worse than having all bad. >> but because of the swab you can focus on that one area to get it to the same shade of white as the other teeth. we've done two minutes, less than five minutes, two shades whiter. over seven days, six shades. results last up to six months. >> that's fantastic. people are watching and saying taking a look at the color chart, that looks fantastic.
9:43 am
for me? >> it's like anything else. if someone is 300 pounds they start working out they're going to see bigger results than someone that wants to lose five pounds. it works on everyone. another point, another reason why this has been so popular, is that it lifts the stains off your caps and crowns, shawn. you can attest to this, because when you get the procedure done it looks great. >> of course. >> but over time people will it starts to get stained. you're told there is nothing you can do about it unless you want to invest another seven to $10,000. this will restore them to their original color. it's amazing. and people -- a lot of the host i work with have veneers, caps, and they use this product because they're teeth have gone uneven and they use it to get it back to the original color. >> this is something we all need. great having you. >> thanks for having me.
9:44 am
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look at that shirt. >> the man. >> with my name underneath. there is neil. huge celebration today marks one year. one year. i cannot believe it. >> one year, it is true. we sat over there for the last time.
9:48 am
>> nevada coin mart opened the doors a year ago. here to celebrate is neil sackmary with nevada coin mart. >> congratulations. >> it's tremendous. you know, i can't thank everybody enough. my wife and i work 365 days a year from 9:00 to 6:00 every day. my mom comes here with rick, and we had a great time. and you know, everybody a at channel 13 and "the morning could not be done with just myself. and so i appreciate everything that everybody does, and the community is 100% supportive. i always say, and it's the truth, i am loyal to you, and you show that loyalty back to he me. nobody understands how my business keeps going. everybody says nobody has gold, nobody has things to sale and i say yes, they do. they just wanted to be treated
9:49 am
they treat them like a 6-year-old child they leave. when you come to nevada coin mart, we sit down like a human, it's very important. >> although your 6-year-old child will be amused because big bird is there. >> the other day i must tell you that a gentleman came in and all he wanted was his mom was there, and he said i just wanted to take a photo with you. first time that somebody was like really asked me to come from behind the counter. the listen, you know, i want to take a photo and i can't thank everybody enough. and it's so much appreciated. >> now, today is a big day. you are going over there. tell me about it. the red carpet? >> at nevada coin mart we buy any type of jewelry oxygen, collectibles, silver coins, silver, whatever you want to sell except for guns and cars. shawn is coming over today, the second time, celebrity gold buyer from 11:00 to 1:00. i had some lady come in the other day and she said shawn
9:50 am
because you'll get a better price. >> so come on in. >> it's tremendous. and it's going to be the most wonderful time, and it's just going to be awesome. >> you're going to let him give people prices? >> absolutely. gold, die and months, we did -- today we're going to do everything. shawn is there, and he will do the hypnotic trance on you. >> watch out, everybody. >> you've been doing it for a year n >> yes. people love it. my new commercials, when people see them they're going to freak out because they're so good. you know, the thing is this -- it's really tremendous, and it shows the dedication that i say to you that if you work hard, you can achieve gold. like we're doing on saturday, i've been leading up, i haven't posted anything on facebook, anything like that. but saturday is going to be tremendous. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> today is going to be tremendous. saturday, huge celebration. steve ross is a very deer friend
9:51 am
proclamation from the city of las vegas. i have red carpet. i have car shows. i have radio stations, everything is going to be happening. and it's going to be tremendous. and you know, it just shows when you do good business, people are willing to stand next to you. >> i'm getting emotional, makes me think of when your mother was visiting last time she was here. she said as a little boy you had an instinct for selling. >> yes. i and it -- you know, when people feel that, you know, your destiny is lying in wait in life, it is the truth. i mean, you know, i talk to you because this is what i'm here for and that's why i work 365 days a year so you can come in and deal directly with me. >> i do know where you learned your charitable heart. because when your mom was here she said you have a baby boy coming, that is sweet. look what i got in the mail. she sent me a ton of your books.
9:52 am
>> the thing is that -- >> oh, wow. >> we honor our word, you know what i mean? and so it's very, very important. and it just shows who we are. my mom, my wife, we all do things because we want everyone to have a better place, you know. we can't help everybody but we try to help as many people as we can. so you know, it's very, very important. that's why we're here, because when customers come in and they deal with me, they know that i'm a store. they know that i -- you know, am and i say this, we have been so busy that i just ordered my second and third x-ray spectrometer. >> those are not cheap. >> because we are getting so busy, we come to the store you'll see the second one in operation. i'm just telling you that nevada coin mart, i'm not afraid to spend money for the business. most people do it because they want to drive 100,000-dollar car. i want to do it for the business
9:53 am
>> speaking of business, we are so proud of you here. honestly, shawn and i get a kick out of having you here, because you have a great personality. we know you work a little too much, so we want to he that a moment because you never take a break to honor you. we want to present you with a cake. let's take a moment and celebrate. >> one year. >> this should be a smoosh cake because that's what a 1-year-old gets. >> i have to wear the shirt all day, you know the thing is that -- >> we love you, body. congratulations. this is a very, very important thing for you. you've been on the show since like day one. >> 354 times. >> 354 times. see you more than my wife. it's incredible. thank you so much for being here all these years. we're so proud of you with this new gig. congratulations. >> thank you. >> before we go, want to make
9:54 am
supermarket ever. i can't tell you how many people take photos with my full-sized cut out. sell $200 or more get $55 glazierser gift certificate. come out on saturday. it's going to be tremendous. 11:00 to 1:00. thank you, channel 13. thank you morning blend. thank you everybody. thank you lorraine. >> congratulations. >> shawn, everybody. i appreciate everybody. and this is the one >> she can't do it. >> i'm speaking to you, okay? so come in and see shawn so we can give you the hypnotic trance. >> the nevada coin mart one year anniversary, celebrate with them this saturday from 11:00 to 1:0. they're on jones just north of flamingo. you can call them or visit their website or just stop by and say hello to neil. >> come by today. i'll give you a pen. congressman heck's become part of the problem
9:55 am
ticians like himself, allowing congressmen to travel on private jets at taxpayer expense and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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today on the view, anthony anderson hitting the table. probably the new season of four house, i'm thinking. right after us. to celebrate the few fall season abc, all the cool shows coming out. we do bags. some people do boxes. >> pop corn bowl all the way. >> we have fleece, which you're going to need soon. >> no, you're going to need it. >> i'm sweating profusely now. >> i know, you are. this is super cool bag. we're going to give it away monday. >> we have t-shirt, and glasses. >> and emmy shirt. >> it's fantastic. click on contests. follow the instructions monday
9:58 am
we're going to announce all the winners. tonight the lineup is happening. season premiers at 8:00. then 10:00, we got him, baby. designated survivor.
9:59 am
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