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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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rounds on social media.. and some parents are getting fired up. now.. what might have been a simple prank just a few years ago has become a sensation on social media.. but did it go too far? 13 action news reporter..... david schuman shows us.... how this history lesson got out of the classroom.... almost.... as soon as it happened. 05:52:52 "we are forced to implement a new fee policy beginning october 1." so begins a letter that's been shared more than 75 times on facebook -- even though it never left a bonanza high school classroom. a history teacher there made to start paying to be in class. david schuman "12 dollars for use of a desk, two dollars to take a book home, a buck for the hall pass and 25 cents to like during the 1700's. the clark county school district says students left knowing it wasn't real...but the ball got rolling on social media when someone took a picture for facebook. 05:58:41 "if this were just passed around, written down and passed around, they probably
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media, that's where they spend most of their time." parents didn't know what to make of the letter out of context. 05:54:09 "i would assume it was a joke but i can see how people wouldn't." 05:57:32 "it was meant as a prank but i think there's some subliminal lesson." as people we spoke to scrolled through and read... "that's interesting." ..they began to understand -- even if they didn't love the lesson's execution. 05:57:40 "it started a conversation. i don't know if that was the aim but that's what i think was accomplished." 05:54:37 brenda bestor, parent "i think we criticize teachers a lot when educate and help our kids appreciate. sometimes it might not be the most approved tactics but it certainly got a message across." at bonanza high school..david schuman..13 action news. chopper 13.... fast and first.... over the stratosphere. things are back to normal....after a tense afternoon. part of the casino was evacuated..... after a backpack containing some type of medical device was found..... unattended. police had the boulevard closed.... for several blocks....
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determined..... the device was safe... giving the all clear and allowing guests.... back inside.. a live look now at desert doppler radar. (ad-lib) but... just how much could we see? let's check in with.... 13 first alert.... chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan? overnight we could see a light shower in spots with overnight lows near the normal, into the upper 60s. winds will start to ramp up some with a southwest wind near
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unfolding in north carolina right now. behind me in the monitor is a live look at the protestors taking to the streets. they're gathering in downtown charlotte. but here are some of the other strong images from tonight. in the top box beside me, you're looking at video from the sky as crowds swell. but in the bottom box - a look at the volatile scene from the ground. t look at that. you see the crows there, some of the people covering their faces. you can also see the line of officers there, practically face to face with protestors, to keep this situation safe. but we're hearing things have turned violent and that police have started using tear gas. back out live thousee the sceneg down any time soon. we'll keep checking for more updates and bring you more during this newscast.
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they've found the body of a missing laughlin man. a jogger told police..... he came across.... -80- year-old.... daniel caballero's body.... in the desert. there are no signs of foul play. caballero was wearing the same clothing.... at the time.... five people are homeless after an overnight fire near pecos and gowan. chopper 13.. fast and first over the scene as firefighters battled the flames. tonight.. only 13 action news.. reporter parker collins saw what home looks like inside after the tragedy. 10:38:21-10:38:46 one of the first things the red cross did when they got out here to the scene was hand over shoes to a woman who ran out of this house this morning it caught fire and you can see on the roof where
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at 10:38:32 at this point we know five people cannot go home including a child and a woman was so badly burned she had to go to the hospital in serious condition we've also seen several pets come out of this room. she was on fire when i got to her." butt to kheila martin, neighbor 6:54:59-6:55:05 "they have kids the same age as my daughter of course i feel sorry for them." 10:21:34-10:21:51 there's a lot of stuff in and someone had to be evaluated here on scene because they were go to the hospital near pecos and gowan parker collins 13 action news. it's "your voice.... your vote".... in the race for the white house. with just -49- days to go...... until election day... national security is at the forefront..... of the presidential race. clinton saying.... trump's anti-muslim rhetoric.... is a terror recruiting tool.... while at a north carolina rally... trump telling his supporters....
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here in the united states.... should be watched very carefully! trump: we should temporarily suspend immigration entirely from regions where safe and adequate screening, and i mean extreme vetting, cannot occur. president obama responded..... to the republican nominee's immigration policy..... while speaking at the u-n...saying..... "a nation ringed by walls..... would only imprison.... itself". in tonight's financial focus.. students aren't the only ones who reap the benefits of a great education. up next.. we' university of nevada- reno is driving the local economy as it strives to become a world-class university. "the greed is astounding, it's sickening, it's disgusting." new outrage.... over epi-pens!!! mylan's c-e-o..... on the hot seat...facing questions from congress..... as she defends the soaring price.... of the life-saving drug. and remember, chopper 13 brings you breaking news fast and first.
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but lit the afterburners after the fed announced it wasn't
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up 24 the big local gaming stocks had a good day for the most part. boyd gaming and mgm were up about 1%. caesars was on fire.. up more than 21%. wynn resorts was down about a half- percent. the market surge happened as fed chair janet yellin announced a hold on interest rates for now. the fed says the case for raising interest rates is strenghtening.. so a rate hike could still be on the way. that's in employment and household spending. the next chance for a rate hike would be after the election in december. finally.. u-n-r president marc johnson says the university's continued growth is helping to drive the reno economy. johnson says raising the level of research at the university.. and a growing student population.. are pushing u-n-r toward becoming a top- ranked school. and.. he expects the economic impact could increase as much as 300-million dollars annually.
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is grilled before congress..... over the price increase of the life saving medication!!! the epi-pen is used as an emergency and life-saving treatment..... for severe allergic reactions. in -2- thousand -7-... it cost about -1- hundred dollars.... for a -2- pack. now.... that price is -6- hundred. the c-e-o defended.... the price hike. heather bresch / ceo, mylan 19- the concern and skepticism about the price of epipens. and i think people incorrectly assume we make 60 of each pen. it's simply not true. recent epipen price inreases have not yielded the revenue to mylan many assume. mylan's c-e-o went on to say... the company makes about -50- dollars.... off of each pen. the company will begin selling its generic version..... for -3- hundred for a pair. and... is increasing the limit for eligibility.... for its patient assistance program. a local teacher accused of having sex with a student learns his fate. we'll have details on the judge's decision..
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plus... it's a story.... that has any american patriot cringe... a teacher.... trying to make a point... by stepping on old glory. why he did it... next
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carolina after a night of violence. this is a live look at people gathering in downtown charlotte. 16 officers recovering after riots that shut down interstates last night in the wake of an officer inolved shooting that killed keith lamont scott. there are calls for calm from the city's police chief and scotts wife releasing a statement asking protesters not to hurt law enforcement or other people. a north carolina teacher is suspended.... after stepping on an american flag.... as part of his lecture.... during a civics class.
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honors history teacher..... lee francis giving a lesson.... on free speech. students also claim.... he asked the class for a lighter or scissors.... before stomping on the flag. parents are now pulling their students out of the class... and.... are asking the school superintendent... to fire the teacher. a local high school english teacher will spend the next five years in prison after admitting to having sex with one of his students. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston was in court when frank bayer talked about going to prison. the court today-- saying sorry didnt begin to cover how he felt. the judge-- sentenced him to five to 20 years in prison-- after bayer admitted to having sex with a teenage student. bayer had told police the student pursued him-- even saying he told her they should wait until she was 18. but according to the police report-- that didnt happen. bayers attorney told us today-- he hopes to teach english while inside prison. take sot 20:19:40:19 frank i don't plan on wasting my time in prison, i plan on paying
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parents were in court this morning-- i was able to briefly talk to them after their son was sentenced-- they told me they didnt have comment. mk-- 13an. a new drama premiers tonight on abc starring kiefer sutherland called "designated survivor".. and by all accounts.. it's going to be a huge hit. there's also an interesting political angle to it.. based in fact.. which is why we thought we'd bring in 13-action news political analyst jon ralston to give it some serious credibility this: ---started during the cold war when people were terrified of nuclear war ----those not natural-born citizens, such as sos madeline albright, not eligible. ----designated in show is hud. shaun donovan, obama's hud secretary,
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designated survivor premiers at 10-pm.. right here on channel 13. another injured...
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near vandenburg airforce base.... in california. they were hauling water to the fire..... when their truck hit a curb and rolled several times. the driver managed to escape... with minor injuries. the so-called.... "canyon fire" has now over - 12- thousand acres..... as crews struggle to get the fire.... under control. voluntary evacuation orders are in place.... for people living... near the base. here at home... high winds are on the way..... which could make for a fire danger.... here in the valley. let's check in with.... 13 first alert chief
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overnight we could see a light shower in spots with overnight lows near the normal, into the upper 60s. winds will start to ramp up some with a southwest wind near 15 mph and gusts as high as 30 mph by the morning. these strong winds will be the main weather story during the day on thursday. low pressure moves over southern nevada and that will rush in winds in th category during the day. sustained winds will be near 25 mph from the southwest with gusts as high as 45 mph. temperatures will be very nice with highs not even getting into the mid 80s in some parts of the valley. we could squeeze out a shower or two in the afternoon but the best
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morning hours but even then the rain should be light and not widespread. into the weekend expect a lot of sunshine in the las vegas valley with overnight lows reaching the coolest temperatures in months, possibly into the upper 50s. daytime highs will be into the mid 80s both saturday and sunday, winds will be light. the hoverboard has been a modeste success.. but 'back to the future' fans can rejoice.
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realityn you can start shopping for the new creation from nike. plus... how google's new messaging app..... could teach you a thing or two.... as you text.... with your friends.
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laces" in "back to the future 2".. nike is launching a real version. nike is calling them "hyper adapt" and says they'll go on sale november 28th.. which happens to be 'cyber monday.' nike says the self-lacing shoes are lightweight and rechargeable. now word yet on how much they'll cost.. but since they're not saying.. they won't be cheap. now... here's today's top stories now with 13 action news anchor.... dayna roselli. bloomberg television's coverage of the presidential debates is extending to twitter's interface. and it's now trending.... users will soon be able to watch the debates in real-time right through the app. twitter's exclusive deal with bloomberg also includes live streaming of bloomberg politics pre and post debate shows. many other networks will be using facebook livea rival platformto stream the debates.
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announced a live streaming partnership with abc news. and more tech news is messaging and the ability to add photos to your messages. google says the app can also learn from your conversations and suggests things for you to say. over time, google allo can even learn to mimic your speech style. the app is available for download on android and apple products. a kentucky farmer and his family did a double take... when one of their cows gave birth to a calf with two faces! the requires a little help with feeding and walking.. but otherwise, seems healthy. for more stories now trending -- go to our website ktnv dot-com. join us tomorrow for good morning las vegas-- from 4:30 to 7! coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup.. at 8 -- the goldbergs at 8:30 -- speechless at 9 -- modern family at 9:30 -- black-ish at 10 -- designated survivor then on 13 action news.. live at 11.. julia video squatter screaming
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here! we're moving! squatters are turning quiet communities upside down. but neighbors aren't the only ones scrambling to get out. find out how the growing problem could be causing investors to turn their backs on the las vegas area. that's 13 action news for now.. but... we hope to see you again later tonight.... for 13 action news... live at 11. remember.. we're always on at
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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the moving truck spotted at brad and angelina's mansion. is he moving out? and brad's fury. >> the actor is said to be livid over allegations he's a bad dad. >> she felt the health of her children, either emotionally or physically, was put into danger. >> what happened when george clooney found out? >> i didn't know that. wow. and the french beauty thrust into the spotlight. is she pregnant? then -- >> they're jumping on top of cars. >> chaos on the streets after the latest police shootings. and did she choke? >> shots fired! >> did she get scared? was she choking? what happed? >> michelle versus melania. >> what the first lady is


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