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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 22, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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. september 22 time for great viral videos right this minute. a mom and her child are hanging at the park get has her running for safety. a little boy with a rare condition is ready for his big day. >> to test whether his surgery worked. >> the touching moments he tries to walk again. >> are you >> okay. >> an inventor takes language ray to the next level. the story behind a party in a bra. >> coming to work with you tomorrow. plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. charity nick and gail break down the best from the web. including a snapchat with
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>> summer mitchell talks about the mega interest in her video and the man cure. >> apparently that's money to get my nails done, but not go shopping. a mother and her small children are hanging out in the park. typical chill day. suddenly this truck pulls into the park and for now everyone is just hanging around not paying attention to the truck. see it pull forward and start backing up. beep beep it's going over the curb. you stupid person. you see those women grabbing at that children. >> what was that person even thinking. >> he probably wasn't looking at his mirrors. truck like that, around people like that best to have smem get out of the truck and guide you. >> the truck driver got out of the truck. and once rerealized that he had done, reports are that he left.
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>> at this point, you start to see the other folks come out. they did call emergency services to tend to the mothers and their children. they took the one woman and her baby to the hospital. woman had three broken ribs and the child had head injuries. >> that was way more serious than i was expecting. >> that's a big tree with the force of a truck. >> they're definitely looking for him and it could have been a mistake, but once you leave a situation like this, it's now much bigger than when it started out. crazy. riding down the highway when suddenly this man steps out into the road and shoot. >> insurance scam. >> reports are he was drunk and just hopped out in front of that truck. the thing is the truck drivers instinct. look how quickly he evades the guy. he could have run right over him. >> that was a close call. >>. >> pennsylvania, i think i might
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all their squirrels are like this one. here's what people outside having a picnic. and look who comes along. a baby squirrel. oh, and it is friendly. too cute. that thing is adoshs. this squirrel i think is the welcome wagon. >> that's cute. >> spring forward. guy puts his hand down. okay. i'll back up. squirrel probably run away. no, no, no. this squirrel is like, no, i want cuddle time. this squirrel wants to be up. he obliges. once he climbs up. let me just climb on your branches. >> that squirrel isn't going to treat him like a tree because they like to hide nuts in a small dark place. >> that squirrel is just like i'm going make a friend more life. >> this next family has a completely different experience with squirrel, but nonetheless a good one. at the beginning though not good for the squirrel. caught in the down spot. former firefighter and his son tried to get the squirrel out
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easy. just take off the bottom part and the tool is used to break the bottom part off. use the spade to pry up. come on little squirrel. dig your way out of there. >> i think he heard both of you. watch this. life springs forth from this fountain. >> boom, sucker. >> it ran a 50 in about two seconds flat. >> for these videos we will head to the united this first video. sweet shot. oh, you're staring at that. all four of them in fact. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. watch as they go around enjoying five finger discount. >> kids are getting bad lessons too early. >> see all out there and put is it in his pocket.
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goes tragt in his pocket as well. in the background you can see junior junior picking all the different things he wants. mom has something. she manages to hide that down in her bra. then these guys suck so much. literally all of them. dad picks up the entire jar. >> no. >> and then they just stroll out the front door. this video up on the facebook. got 114,000 2.5,000 shares. and as such the police got a good look at them too no, but dad walked back in to the shop and made a whole bunch of wheerd excuses, but then paid for the sweets. the next video released by the police. we have seen examples on this before on the show. these groups of guys and girls. they're on these mow peds or scooters and armed with sledge hammers. target luxury and high end parts
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way in and steel everything they can. they never actually make their way in. while they weren't successful in this video they did go on an 11 night crime spree. quarter of a million u.s. dollars worth of stuff. the reason we think this video because one cop noticed one of the mopeds that had been used. spotted a guy. caught up to him. 20 years old. acceptability down for six years for his par the investigation continues and they hope for more convictions. >> you know what timet is. time to give away another ipad mini. 21 years of age.
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>> this is little see vanny here. he's getting ready to walk for the first time since he had major surgery: he has a syndrome, sjs. basically results in his muscles being so incredible tight, they dislocate his hip. it's a condition so rare that they're only 100 cases reported ever. now, here's the thing. he is so happy and excited because this is going to test whether his surgery worked. >> look at you. >> kids are so optimistic and innocent. i love it. >> and resilient. >> he's been in a cast for about five weeks since his surgery. >> there's no way you'll be able
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he's ready to jump to the ceiling. >> you have no idea. >> let's not try to push it too much. >> mom breaks down in tears. gives her a big hug. >> earlier this year, tlc had a special featuring him where he got to meet someone that has the exact same condition, which was one of his wishes. he wanted to know someone who had his same observation cals and he they flew another little boy from across the pond and they were able to meet. we'll be keeping an eye to see how he does in the next few months. >> it's time to take a robot for a spin. >> it looks like a miniature tank. it has a lot of capabilities. >> but see what happens when when the test gets a little off
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pain strikes at the nerve level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. technological developments have meant we've seen a lot of videos of robots that can do all kinds of things for the military. this is one example. this is from the russians and if i were this journalist, i wound wonder in vladimir putin had it out for me.
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>> there are reports there was air in pilots. whoever was piloting the machine didn't do a very good job and got to the cliff and kept doing going. >> as you can see the peak of vehicles defeated by sand duningses. >> so just hide underneath one and you'll be fine. it looks like a miniature tank. had the ability to be equipped with a machine gun. a grenade launcher. remotely mine and demine. >> this guy almost became part of the earth when it nearly rolled on top of him. they took the video down, but somehow this video got out there.
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>> this cute little girl is anticipating first bite of walk when dad reaches over to pick it up. >> no, no, what are you doing. >> he pretends he's going to put it in his mouth. puts it back. >> revenge is coming later. >> just as she's calming down you see dad reach back over
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>> here, look. as soon as the waffle returns to the plate, she's all love. >> now from those tears over food to tears of joy because these girls are getting a huge announcement. >> waffles. >> no, a new little member to their family. >> that's going to steal their waffles. >> both of these girls get gifts. one of them opens hers first. it's a t-shirt. >> i love it's pink. yeah. >>. >> she's already a big sister so right now she thinks she's been played. like, oh, but then little sister opens her gift. now, what does pregnant mean. >> big sister doesn't believe. she thinks she's being played
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>> just knock on mom's tumny. >> she walks into the bathroom, grabs the ultrasound and realizes it's true. >> little one still confused. laughter is contagious. here's video proof. the hidden camera prank next right this minute. >> and still to come. a brave guy wants to take a walk across the river. >> that is a very slack line. >> see if they can keep it together all the way to the other side. plus we've got another ipad mini to give away. don't miss thursday's buzz word
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you ever wonder how chuck norris got all those abs and minuses. he's a slack liner. that's a very that r row slackline o. swinging back and forth. he's got it. he's got the core. he's got the cold steally nerves of chuck. this is not chuck. it's not chuck norris. >> i know it's not. >> he's gots the skills to slack line. >> interesting enough when chuck norris does it.
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>> the ladies may have a party in the bra. oh my. it's going to be in every strip club across >> apparently the bra has its own music. >> does it light up when you squeeze it? >>. >> that's classic. the inventor decided to create this thing that's going to change the way you party. he's making party people's lives better. >> let's be honest.
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about? >> the application can be anything you want. he does invent all kinds of other stuff. in fact he apparently has these shoes. playing a tune. >> that won't be annoying at all. >> okay. that's it's that magical time. time we give away an ipad mini. all you need is a buzz word. legal u.s. on canadian resident. head over to right this and click on the ipad. enter on facebook, twitter or both and do it refer e every
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word. it's throddle. >> somebody wins an ipad mini and somebody wins a flat screen tv. >> good luck. summer here is hitting mom's house hard. story behind the shopping trip that becamep a sustained wind nr 10 mph around and gusts up to 20 mph possible. the end of may. a forecast low of 60 is planned with some valley locations getting down to the upper 50s. a major security alert. it's being called one of the what you need to do to keep your personal information safe. stay with us for this and so much more on action news live at 3 in just minutes!
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that?
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oe heck.
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>> it looks like candy paint. >> something is we've seen the videos that tug on the heart strings. this isn't one of those videos. when she goes home, she does what many of us have done.
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everything. she gets the canned food and then the candy dish. >> oh, the heath bars. you can clean that bowl right out. >> you got more because mom has a pantry. oh, look. lemons. >> in the freezer. >> yes >> this is no longer trick-or-treating. >> she's not done yet. >> grabbing tall groceries. >> chocolate covered strawberries. fwl. >> come on, how can you i totally take my mom's up thor ware of food. the dog went with her, but to tell us all about this, we have summer mitchel right this minute via skype. welcome to the show, summer. when you go to mom's house, you do play this broke college student thing all the time. >> absolutely. every time. what's even sad about it is i'm not in college. >> we have to have a talk.
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back girl. >> the first bag was genuine. i was taking on those things and going to snapchat that then when she wasn't looking i cleared out the candy dish and i was like i can take all of this. i'm going to keep on shopping. she doesn't seem to mind. >> what did she say when she saw how much you actually took. >> she didn't let me take it all out the front door. >> see the view count on this already passed 6 million. what is that doing to your brain rit views. i said that many people think this is funny. 200 shares now it's just blown up. i can't believe it. >> this is something that never stops. i still go home and still take stuff. mom, you totally have this, thanks. that's probably why it got so many views. don't you think. >> not the fact i can't afford it. it's the hassle of going to the store half the time. she has nine rolls of toilet paper right here. i'm just take two. >> are you the only child.
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he's 26. he does the same thing. >> are people not seeing the humor in this and saying how could you do this to your mom. >> and my nails are done in the video so apparently i have enough money to get my nais done, but not go grocery shopping. >> was that you? >> no, see you next time. >> thanks for joining us right this has more.
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for police to release the video of the deadly shooting that has sparked so much violence. shooting and... the man accused of shooting two people inside a parking garage at mccarran faces a judge for the first time. plus... a new warning this afternoon if you have a yahoo account. chances've been hacked. the latest on what some are calling the largest security breach ever to do right now to protect your information. but we begin 13 action news live at 3...with a live look outside across the valley. right now, the winds are really beginning to pick up out there. we have team a wind advisory is in effect. the high winds creating a fire danger 13 first alert meteorologist dan bronis is out live. but first let's check in with chief meteorologist bryan scoffield. bryan...just how damaging could these winds be? winds will stay breezy overnight as we keep a sustained wind near 10 mph


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