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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the coolest temperature will be seen tonight in las vegas since the end of may. a forecast low of 60 is planned with locations getting down to the upper 50s. is planned with some valley locations getting down to the upper 50s. we first told you about some power outages around the valley
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hour.. and even more people are in the dark now. according to the nv energy website.. there are about 700 customers without power. each dot on this map represents an outage right now. we'll continue to stay on top of this as utility crews restore power. this just in to our newsroom....a school closure due to power outages classes at explore knowledge academy are cancelled until tuesday. no school tomorrow or monday because of damage to a a man prepares to walk the streets of a valley neighborhood.. armed with a gun.. saying he's had it with all the crime. but... the idea of.... a one man civilian foot patrol.... getting mixed reviews! i would have some concern honestly i think because my kids are out here playing a lot on the street it doesn't bother me to see people want to help our community or the neighborhood 13 action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi joins us
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and explains.... how this is definitely.... raising eyebrows! mahsa.... 20 lived here whole life. tomorrow six am he be walking these streets...six hour and night by using this app.. wants grow...from one man to whole army! turn it in as so, beep, channel mode. less than 12 hours away... i have my bushmaster ar-15 rifle my handy dandy many bullets are in here?) 30 rounds. times four magazines. conor climo says ...the weapons are necessary...since he's patrolling alone. if there is a possibly very determined enemy, we have at least the means to deal with it. so on the eve of his first shift ... a walk to say hello i mean you no harm the message to the family rushing to the car. to others! i'll pretty much stay within constitutional bounds when i'm doing this. but you won't shoot them? no. some .... nervous ....
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picture! (he was just here?) he was just outside. oh wow i don't know what his intentions are, what his motives are, what his background is. first his background-- (you were briefly in the army) very briefly. thats all conor would say about that. as far as what hes going to be looking for. (define suspicious activity, what does that mean) people like they're outside, and they're probably not supposed to be, (how will you determine that?) you know i just be walking and then i just see like silhouettes. the new neighborhood divisive...even this married couple couldnt agree! you don't jnow this person, you don't if hes mentally stable you don't know anything about him, your allowed to have guns hes right allowed to have guns open carry metro says wants to be xx. mahsa saeidi 13 action news. the tulsa, oklahoma police officer who killed an unarmed black man..
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the tulsa, oklahoma police officer who killed an unarmed black man.. is being charged with 1st degree manslaughter. the indictment against officer betty shelby stems from the shooting death of terence crutcher.. who was seen on video with his hands up before being shot. shelby's attorney says the video doesn't show what was happening moments earlier.. wh crutcher. she believed he was high on pcp and says he was ignoring her commands. breaking right now...for the third night in a row protesters are gathering in the streets of charlotte, north carolina. this is a live look at uptown charlotte where the national guard is on standy after last night's protests took a violent and deadly turn. one man was shot and killed. there were dozens of arrests. today people outraged after charlotte's police chief said the department will not release
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his death the catalyst of the demonstrations, new at six -- an area in our valley..... that's seen some of the worst flooding.... in las vegas.... is no longer in a "danger zone". the houses didn't change... but.... a lot of the land around them.... did. 13 action news anchor..... lesley marin joins us..... near "the desert rose golf course".... with more on this change. it's this area here that back in 2012 saw the worst flooding.. the homeownr says water came up to the tires of his truck... but today things are much different..each of these homes now consider out of the flood zone. doug brokaw's remembers the day his neighborhood went under water. it was chest high i have pictures of guys walking through the water in 2012-- the las vegas wash saw some of its worst flooding. one man was even killed by the swift water.
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things are drier... ever since the city completed a 58 million dollar renovation. the washes now able to retain more water. the highest we've seen is probably 6 feet below that bridge the best part-- the savings. 14-hundred homes in the flood area..can do away with the once mandated flood insurance. (steven parrish, regional flood control district ) you don't have to purchase flood insurance anymore so your cost it goes from 1700 to 0 essentially leo villasenor pays nearly 12-hundred dollars a home. it's exciting to know my payment will drop down significantly but i still think we're going to go for a minimal amount of coverage despite-- the wash passing the test each time it rains. many homeowners say they weren't expecting the floods in their skeptical of the future. it's just a wait-and-see right and in fact every time it rains i call home and say is it flooding it yet... the regional flood control
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continuing construction to secure these washes down to nellis and stewart...where another 300 homes will also be taken out of the flood zone. lesley marin 13 an starting next school year.. a massive reorganization of the clark county school district will go into effect. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston sat down with superintendent pat skorkowsky today to get his take on what it means. jon. ----the new clark county school what superintendent pat skorkowsky calls hundreds of local precincts. schools, that is. but if you have hundreds of precincts run by principals, then why do you need a superintendent? play sound 10:08: "your powers are greatly diminished..." 10:34: "...and the school-based side." ----skorkoswky acknowledged that the reorganization looks nothing like
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and said he is excited. he acknowledged there is some wariness, but said the best time to judge if it is working is a year after it starts next a strip club with a bad reputation..... finally draws the wrath.... of the las vegas city council. find out.... why they've finally had enough.. and... what nearby businesses are saying.... about the impact of the city's decision. and.. a courtroom controversy. we'll tell you about a judge's decision after an attorney asks
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lives matter' pin. horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump.
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larry's villa.. near bonanza and rancho.. was open for 44 years. 13 action news reporter david schuman explains what's next for that neighborhood. they won't be reopening. 06:06:48 "that might actually help increase foot traffic, bring a different clientele to the plaza, into the neighborhood." the city council voted to take away larry's villa's business licenses...saying in a complaint the bar and strip club has shown a "continual and repetitive pattern of illegal activity." david schuman "police were called here 490 times in a nearly two and a half year period, including for a murder that happened earlier this summer." paul koretsky opened his laundromat just
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06:05:19 "it was kind of rowdy." ..and he's already seen a difference in business in the month or so larry's villa's been closed. 06:06:24 paul koretsky, rancho circle laundromat owner "people just felt uncomfortable, especially bringing their kids or grandchildren around so now that it's closed it's helped out a little bit." koretsky says talk around the shopping center is now turning to who the new tenant might be. 06:07:31 "you kind of just hope something better goes in and that it helps the neighborhood." less frequent police activity is a good start. near rancho and bonanza..david scu a local attorney takes the black lives matter movement into the courtroom.. but not in a way you might think. up next.. we'll tell you what she was wearing.. and the judge's final say on the matter. and... caught on camera... what kids on a middle school bus were chanting.... that has parents furious... that more isn't being done... to stop it.
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students who were repeatedly chanting the n-word on a school bus. "one, two, three, four, how many (n- words) are in my store?" the rockville student who
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to stop.. but they refused. she later showed the video to her father who called the school. the next day.. tter saying the students were mimicking an online video that shows young black men satirize the way they're treated in stores.. and the students involved were african- american.. latino and asian. "i do believe if there were caucasians that they found saying that word it would've been a totally different response," (butted with) "whatever race they are, they're still saying a word that has a lot of bad the family of the student who recorded the video is now calling for the students to face some form of punishment. meanwhile... a las vegas attorney is fighting for the right..... to wear a "black lives matter pin"... in court.... after a judge ordered her to take it off. today... a lot of people showed up... to support her. 13 action news reporter.... parker collins has the judge's... final answer. 11:16:47-11:17:22 there wasn't a single free seat in judge
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about these pins before they could move on take vo at 11:16:56 just days ago the today so many people wore the same pin and black arm bands. the judge made the point that the pins could be seen as a political stance... making the courtroom not exactly neutral. on the other hand... the same attorney who wore the pin also wore a pro bernie pin in court for months before this with not so much as a word. take sot erika ballou, asked not to wear pin 11:49:43-11:49:48 "i'm taking off theb it in this courtroom (thank you) in the future." 11:17:46-11:18:00 in the end the attorney at the heart of it took her pin off other lawyers say they'll be watching herndon's court closely... making sure other symbolic items are held to the same standard. at the rjc parker collins 13 action news. bail is now set at 6 hundred -50- thousand dollars..... for the man accused of shooting at his estranged wife and her new boyfriend..... in a parking garage.... at mc-carran airport. but now... we're learning the boyfriend's teenage son told police.....
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08:53:50:26 he shot 2 people, including his estranged wife and her new boyfriend, additionally he pointed the gun at the son of the new boyfriend according to the police report.... jeffery brown's estranged wife.... fara... her boyfriend... and her boyfriends son were returning from vacation..... when they found brown.... waiting for them. thats when police say.... he shot at fara and her boyfriend... and then.... turned the gun on the teenager.... before the boy was able to run away. mudslide washed his home off its foundation and on to a state highway. searchers found his body a short distance from where the house came to rest. the mudslide is blamed on severe flooding.. caused by heavy rain across parts of wisconsin. high water has also forced officials to close roads.. and cancel school. winds will stay breezy overnight as we keep a sustained wind near 10 mph around and gusts up to 20 mph
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temperatures will drop. the coolest temperature will be seen tonight in las vegas since the end of may. winds will stay breezy in the early hours of friday with the winds calming around 12 pm tomorrow. skies will be clear but the temperatures will be the highlight of the day 80 degrees which would make friday a perfect early autumn day for southern nevada. as we head into the weekend we will warm slightly but keep the highs below 90. sunshine each afternoon with a slight afternoon breeze expected. we will start off each day on the cool side with lower 60s to
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one of the biggest players on
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what it's saying.... about a massive data breach.. and.. what hundreds of millions of users... need to do know. users... need to do know. and.. find out why some food banks are asking you to be a little more particular about which items you donate to the needy.
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yahoo says... data linked with at least..... -5- hundred million user information including... and passwords... were stolen in late 20- 14. according to u-s-a today... you could also be affected... if you use photo sharing service... flickr... linked to your yahoo i-d. yahoo suggests... changing your passwords... and... review your account... for any suspicious activity. not having a bank account... could be costing you money!
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says... many americans.... don't have an account... with a bank... or credit union. choosing alternatives like cashing checks... or on-line bill pay. but the study says... that decision may be costly. that's because... fees for many alternative services... are higher than those.... of traditional financial institutions. before you pack up some items for the local food pantry.. take a closer look at what you're donating. one food pantry teamed up with nutritionists to see if people can be persuaded to donate healthier options. steve chamraz explains why they want yout cheese at home. (("--natsound--")) they count themselves lucky at the food pantry of waukesha county. where the shelves are stocked high -- with a wide variety of fresh foods. ((karen tredwell/food pantry of waukesha county: "there's always the fear you're not doing the right thing...")) so executive director karen tredwell was a little skittish when a team of nutritionists asked to take a look around. ((lisa stark/mount mary university: "overall, a number of the foods they're offering were low in fiber.
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of the nutritionists who spent seven months studying what comes in to the food bank. and looking for ways to convince food donors -- to give ((lisa stark/mount mary university: "if you're looking to prevent diseases in people who rely on pantries, we'd like to -- to just do a little better.")) together -- the food pantry and nutritionists have launched a new program called "healthy shelves." getting the word out before holiday food drives -- that pantries' needs have changed. out o like salty, cream-based canned soups. in -- are low-sodium vegetable soups. out -- sugary breakfast cereals. in -- cereals made with whole grain, like oatmeal. and out -- boxes of pre-packaged mac and cheese. in -- whole grain and gluten free pasta. ((lisa stark: "of course, not every food that gets donated to a pantry needs to be a healthy food option, but we need many
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component -- is teaching the clients of food pantries to make healthier choices at home. sending them out the door with tips and recipes -- in addition to more healthful ingredients. (("we all like to have a little convenience once in a while, but there's also that family culture of wanting to sit down to a home cooked meal...")) which is another way of feeling nourished. by home cooked, healthy food... thanks to the generosity of complete strangers. for the now -- i'm steve chamraz. charlotte, north carolina is bracing for what could be a third straight night of violent demonstrations in the wake of a deadly police shooting. next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. we'll take you back to charlotte to find out if extra help from the national guard can help curb the unrest.
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement
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erine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto, and i approve this message.
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this is a live look at uptown charlotte where the national guard is on standy after last night's protests took a violent and deadly turn. one man was shot and killed. there were dozens of arrests. today people outraged after charlotte's police chief said the department will not release the video of the shooting death of keith lamont scott. demonstrations, the valley is being blasted by high winds tonight.. including a few gusts that have caused some damage. 13 first alert.... chief meteorologist bryan scofield and... meteorologist.... dan bronis.... are following the latest... let's head... right over.... to bryan.


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