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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 26, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's september 26th. time for new viral videos "the list." >> did i miss that? >> a woman in labor is told to get in line at a hospital, so she's -- >> having to deliver her child in the back of a vehicle. >> the chaotic scene leading to a whole lot of outrage. the biggest adventure pilots in the world are about to g to wing in the number one wing suit race in the world. >> i know they race. the president of the world wing suit league reveals even more about the china grand prix. >> they are going to hit a target this size. >> and intriguing experiment has millions wondering. how a suspicious diner is lighting up the internet. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini.
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and gayle bring the best from the web, including a bride who -- >> h what's about to take place. >> the guest nobody saw coming. >> what is going on? imagine this, you're in labor. you show up to the hospital and they tell you, ma'am, we're going to need you to stand in line behind the 20 people that are in front of you, because that is exactly what happened to this woman in mexico. and that led to her deliver her child in the back of a vehicle right in the parking lot of the women's hospital that she showed up to. the woman that's recording this video, obviously, pretty bent out of shape. she is screaming at the staff, telling them how she's going to record and share this on social media because she was, obviously, upset at how they've been treated and finally medical staff show up with a gurney and
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the car. >> back of the line you go. >> i think they were able to skip the line at this point. >> i think it's time for the hospital to release a statement and say what happened. >> they haven't released a statement necessarily, but authorities are investigating this incident. >> i'll play devil's advocate, they have to triage, and when someone comes in and they are in labor, they could be giving birth in five minutes, but also in two days. >> i in, they check you, okay, you're not dilated. in this case they didn't even get her in the door. that's probably why all the people were so upset. the video ends, but hopefully they were able to get the proper medical care that they needed. we have seen a lot of car accidents on this show.
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because people can't see what's coming. that didn't happen here. that, my friends, is a pachyderm. let's all go over the size of this pachyderm. would you say that this one is large? >> size of a house. >> yeah. watch what happens next. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh. yeah, this is in kruger national park. cornell ratimyer was thing about kruger, when the elephants are on the road, you have to stop and wait, whatever's there, you have to wait for them to pass before you proceed. >> what's the big hurry? you're at a drive-through safari park. that's what you're there for, drive slowly and observe the wildlife. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was able to scamper out of the way, but still it shouldn't have had to. cornell also has other videos that he shared with us. elsewhere in the park, sometimes
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lady. >> meow. >> i want you to see how things turn very quickly. he's giving her a little love bite. oh, yeah, it is a bit nasty. he's really biting her. that other female lion jumps in. the guy is like, uh-oh, if i don't stop, i'm not going to get anything from anybody anymore. one more lion video from cornell. know who he is. >> i have never, ever seen anything like this in my life. in england, looks like a normal street. wait, here's a guy running out. he's robbed the pharmacy and he takes off in a mobility scooter. >> what a rascal.
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>> yes, those go about 8 miles per hour and he got away. they say they can go about 30 miles when they are actually charged. >> grandpa is like, where's my scooter? i need to get to the store. >> what were they taking? >> i believe they got away with some cash. we're not the only ones shocked. >> my mouth was down here, wow. >> was grandpa the thief, was it his own mobility scooter? >> we don't know who the guys are, but apparently have hit up a cosmetics store, as well. >> i'm so confused. >> me, too. >> you're about to get more confused as we head over to ukraine. >> oh! >> i saw that coming a mile away. see what's happening? >> yes, there's a line between both, the guy doesn't see it. >> not just a normal guy. they are laughing because it's a police officer trying to cross
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start spreading the news, lisa van dam in new york city is the latest winner of the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you can win, too, all you have to be is 21 years old and be a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. it's a question that's been around forever, what came first, the chicken or the egg. in vietnam they have a muc simple of the question. check this video out going viral over there of a woman who is at the moment at the beginning of the video cutting through the yolk of an egg she has boiled at home. she was at a restaurant and they ordered a traditional dishes and often you get hot eggs that come with it. she was eating it, seems a bit weird. so she bought some take away eggs, took them home, and this
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showing right there, the nice yellowy bit crumbling, much like you would normally see. the other yolk slices like cheese and comes away very, very, very rubbery. she takes one of those slices, gets a lighter, and sort of starts burning it and it kind of chars a little bit. according to her, it smells kind of rubbery. you can see it starts burning more. now, this is in itself has ignited a is this actually a fake egg, or an egg that's been overcooked and left for a while? there's another one. it looks like a fake egg. then you've got another yolk here on the other side, when you start squeezing it, looks like an egg. we're used to seeing it kind of fold apart. >> i call fake and foul. serve the people a real egg. don't cost that much. >> i'm saying that, definitely something funky with these eggs. i don't doubt it for a second.
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dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels closed captioning provided by -- and moisturize your mouth. like us on facebook, stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. deep dark well and some cattle echoing up through that chamber. what is at the bottom of this well? in order to rescue what's down
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head first down into the well. as you can see, it's quite narrow, pretty tight quarters. when they pull him back up, he is safe and so is the 5-year-old child. >> holy cow. >> that is a young boy that fell down there, obviously, traumatized. remarkably, this kid was just fine, obviously scared, in a bit of shock. incident he couldn't follow the instructions, that's why they had to send this guy down here and pluck him right out of this well. now to a rescue over in england by the rlni. this one, though, could have been avoided. what you see here, two people standing in the middle of the water. that's a car they are standing on. >> caught up by the tide. >> they sure did. they were attempting to drive
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make it, and now the tide came in up around them and swallowed that car almost completely up. thankfully, they were able to get out and get on top of it. quickly rushing out and rescuing both. this was at the holy island causeway and, yeah, the car will likely be completely totalled. police say the man and woman may be on the hook for the bill because they should have known better than to drive out on the causeway. water on the causeway when they attempted to cross. i am convinced that there are angels walking amongst us, because some people are just so kind and giving and make dreams come true, and that's the case for patrick. but even athletes, he's done a number of fitness events, triathlons, but he's never placed.
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buddies in arizona decided that it was time for him to actually get to a podium. for the lifetime fitness triathlon they decided to enlist the help of the best athletes they could come up with in order to complete this olympic distance triathlon. they were going to use will, eric, who's considered one of the best cyclists in the state, and randy, he's an elite runner these guys are good. their goal again, keep in mind, is to have a podium finish. >> and they are not messing around. they are losing time every time they are trying to attach it compared to the other racers and, of course, pulling the extra weight. >> i love they've already felt it but want him to feel it. >> everybody wins. >> which was enough, guys, to
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even a beautiful smile can have germs that cause bad breath, gingivitis and plaque. act? advanced kills 99% of these germs. act? advanced. if this doesn't give you the feels, there is something wrong with your heart. this is from animal aid unlimited in india. residents in the area say that donkey has bitten over a dozen times. >> what the heck bit this thing? >> it was mauled and there you can see the mom so concerned about her baby. that yellow stuff you see on its face and body is tumor. residents in the area thought if you put turmeric on it it would stop the bleeding, but what she really needed was care. there you see someone picking her up and putting her into their rescue ambulance, but mom is following right behind because that's her baby.
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ambulance, they pick her up. the good thing is, is that she survived. you can see they have to work on her quite a bit, because she had bites all over her body, especially her torso. as you can see here, while they are working on her, you're gets. wait a minute, good, you're taking care of her. >> concern in her eye. >> she really does, but after nursing her wounds, check her out now. and i have to say, this part of the video is waiting for a disney movie because of this. mom and baby, baby looks great. what a beautiful animal she is, who needed somebody to care for her. the world winter league china grand prix is one of the premier races in the world when
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well, the 2016 edition is about to take off in october in china, bringing together the top wing suit athletes in the world. >> i didn't know they raced. had no idea. i thought they just jumped off things and got cool videos. >> you see one of our friends is also part of this race. he, in fact, is a technical supervisor. there's a new element that was actually inspired by jeb corliss that will take part in year's grand prix. to tell us more about it, we actually have the president of the world wing suit league via skype "right this minute" all the way from finland. welcome to the show. tell us what this changes. what is this new element you guys are adding to the race? >> five years ago we wanted to create this platform where the athletes and wing suit manufacturer could compete against each other and over the last few years, solely
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we wanted to make sure we could concentrate on speed, but this year we're going to do something new, so besides the speed we're going to have a slalom practice, so they are going to do two turns and fly like a flat corner, so that's going to be the other one, but the highlight of this event will be our talking function, so like an arrow, go up the mountain, fly a kilometer and hit a target this never done it before, a lot of athletes have been practicing, so we know it can be done, but it's going to be interesting for these world class pilots in a position they have to race. >> so exciting. >> gravity works the same on everybody, so how do you become faster, how do you gain speed? >> basically, you control your angle. when you change your angle, put
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head to go down so when you go at a deeper angle, it goes faster. >> how can we watch it online? >> facebook. there is a way to stream it. >> we'll check in with you again in a couple of weeks and will also talk to whom ever the winner of the race is this year. it's time to give away another ipad mini. word. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter each every day. >> time to reveal monday's buzz word. it's aloha. >> head over to, click on win ipad button and enter aloha. >> one day later this week it's bonus give away day. that means we'll also be giving away a flat screen tv.
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middle of an appointment until -- >> she reaches in for some product and suddenly the door opens and she's like, whoa. >> the unexpected walk-in she couldn't be happier to take.stad shooting inside of a local starbucks -- killing one man. plus -- a massive fire breaks out at a henderson home overnight forcing a mother and her son to run for their lives....a video of the flames -- onl and -- a dramatic rescue caught on camera -- you won't believe how this man ended up stuck in the first place! this and so much more coming up on action news live at 3 in just minutes! carla double anchor tricia
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and i'll buy one. >> definitely don't teach them to operate firearms and maybe we'll be just fine. cat baby boom. it's just another day in the salon. washing her client's hair. gets a massage on your head. >> yeah, she's putting her
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teresa is in for some product and suddenly the door opens and she's like, whoa. and the wall turns into -- >> your appointment is at 2:00. >> you're early. >> it's her son who's popped up on her and she is so happy to see this marine. >> leaving the girl. ma'am, my hair. >> she wraps her arms around her baby and she just holds him tight. i think you is clear after this. >> i can't imagine what it's like to be a parent and not see your child for so long. >> the woman in the next video is also going to need a few towels or tissues. it's her wedding day. no idea what's about to take place. >> she's about to get married. >> yes, nick, she is about to get married, but what she doesn't know is her son todd is about to pop up on her and as he
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>> hiding in the grass in the camouflage? >> does he walk her down the aisle? >> you know it, nick. he gets the honor of walking her down the aisle and looks like everybody there is so happy he was able to make it for the big day. as they make their way down the aisle, they are just all smiles. that's our lineup of the day's best videos. for more go to or catch us
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metro says...pedro garcia's card was declined in the drive thru at the business near warm springs and rainbow.. he's now being charged with open murder and facing 4 other charges.... witnesses say he pointed the gun in the air and threatened other customers. adding to the confusion, police say the suspect was one of the dozens of people calling 9-1-1, giving them an inaccurate description of the shooter. with other customers, but was eventually stopped by officers. he has a criminal history and metro believes he's affiliated with a gang. 19:52:24 nat sobbing i'm so freakin sorry a mother and son run for their lives...when the roof over their heads catches fire. now -- only 13 action news reporter parker collins has video showing how terrifying the flames were.


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