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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the dog help... but couldn't legally move the dog. 00:00:01-00:00:07 "it just was crying like just crying to the point where it could hardly even... it was hoarse." so someone went rogue... but no one is saying who. holly mchugh, the animal foundation 23:45:31-23:45:38 "it's your best friend and we love our animals so much so everyone wants to see the best outcome for our animals." for the next 72 hours... no one will be able to adopt the dog. the vets have to look at him and make sure he could go to another home. in the meantime... they'll try to contact the they'll take him. parker collins thirteen action news. we got this tip.... from a viewer. if you have a story.... you want us to look into.. email us.... at 13investigates dot com. be sure to include... your phone number. we're keeping a close eye on some dark skies moving into southern nevada.. so is the rain far behind? 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is in the weather center right now. bryan. a fairly weak storm system over the gulf of california is pushing moisture in our
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increase humidity. chances for rain tonight look slim, but will improve tomorrow and continue on thursday. expect mostly cloudy skies tomorrow and partly cloudy on thursday, with highs in the mid and upper 80s both days. latest on the loma fire in northern california. here's a look at the santa cruz mountains that are continuing to burn at this hour. the fire has grown to 15-hundred acres. so far one home has been destroyed. another damaged. hundreds of homes have been evacuated since the fire began burning. it's still only about 5 percent contained. we're learning more about this
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a starbucks near rainbow and warm springs over the weekend. this is 41-year old alexander khutsishvili.. and the employees at that starbucks say he was a regular. 13 action news anchor lesley marin is there live right now with more. lesley. we're told this man-- walked into this starbucks all the time-- on sunday he came in like clockwork...but in a tragic shooting did not make it home. on sunday morning the 41 year old was at this coffee shop on rainbow and warm springs when police say pedro garcia walked in. according to a police report-- witness heard two men arguing moments before khutsishvili was shot and killed. garcia reportedly shooting 3 times, investigators say khutshivli was hit once in the chest. 1307 59-13 0803 he was trying to do something good and then something bad happened to him friends we spoke to say khutsishvila was known as
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he owned his own business and was loved by employees at this starbucks. nats putting umbrellas up. but through this horror-- an act of kindness. the customers at this starbucks today.. metro officers... sot: we just want to provide support for them it was such a tragic event. it brings booths of us closure. and police reports show this shooting could have been worse...if it was not for pedro garcia gun jamming during the shooting. garcia now facing open murder charges. right now.... people living in one north las vegas neighborhood are taking extreme measures..... to protect themselves.... from what they call.. dangerous squatters. people..... living near nellis and lake mead have resorted.... to carrying weapons. they believe.... squatters have moved..... into this home.... they fear.... the suspected squatters may have gang affiliations. right now.... the vandals are blamed for two
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and some car damage. neighbors plan to file a formal compaint.... with the h-o-a.... today. if you want 13 action news..... to tackle a squatter problem..... in your neighborhood.. just send us an e-mail..... to squatterspotters.... at k-t-n-v dot com. be sure to include.... your telephone number. a man is behind bars after police say.... he hit more than one car.... and tried to get away. it all started..... near jones and flamingo this morning..... when the suspect hit someone's car and took off. witnesses followed him... and say..... he was driving on rims. then.... car.... before his vehicle burst into flames. police say... the suspect was intoxicated. your voice.. your vote and the race for the white house.. and tonight.. the post debate-debate is underway. hillary clinton and donald trump returned to the campaign trail.. both claiming victory in the most watched presidential debates in the era of television. one flash poll after the debate gave the 62-27 edge to clinton.. but it's important to note.. their sample was skewed more democratic than the general
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a new national poll by the l-a times on the presidential race itself shows trump leading clinton by 3 points. the next presidential debate is in.... -11- days. the nominees aren't wasting anytime..... pulling in more voters. a cheerful hilllary clinton addressed reporters this morning...... before a rally in north carolina, clearly feeling happy..... about her debate performance. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "we had a great time last night and i have to say, i was thrilled//i felt so positive about it." today donald tru stumping..... in miami, florida. the republican complained moderator lester holt threw tougher questions his way... and... after being questioned about a sniffing sound last night..... trump blamed the microphone. the next presidential debate is set for sunday.. october 9th at washington university in st. louis. it will be moderated by cnn's anderson cooper. 10-days after that.. october 19th.. the 3rd and final debate will
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registration is open for students who want to be at the thomas and mack in person. eligible students must be enrolled full time and have good academic standing. the deadline to sign up is october 12th. the tv audience watching last night's debate is now 'officially' the largest in the 60-year history of televised presidential debates. according to nielsen.. more than 81-million people tuned in.. beating the previous record set in 1980 during the debate carter. that number doesn't include people who saw the debate at watch parties.. or live-streamed it. it also excludes people who watched on pbs or c-span. some home invaders picked the wrong house to rob.. and one pays for it with his life. coming up.. the shocking video as a woman comes after the would-be thieves shooting.. and tell you what happened
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ladies listen up.... mobile slot machines are calling your name... we'll take a look.... at the latest gaming technology.... geared toward women.... at the global gaming expo... and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first. [cell phone vibrating] when the billionaire koch brothers call, congressman joe heck has been answering. voting with the koch brothers' agenda 85% of the time. giving tax breaks to big oil companies and the super rich, but ending medicare as we know it and forcing cuts to social security. taking care of the koch brothers may be a good call for joe heck, but it doesn't work for nevada's working families. senate majority pac is responsible
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congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. heck voted to protect perks for politicians like himself, allowing congressmen to travel on private jets and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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el cajon, california... that's where an angry crowd has gathered after police shot a black man in a shopping center parking lot. the victims sister says she called police for help because her brother has mental issues. police say he didnt follow commands and was behaving erratically. witnesses at the scene say police tried to stop them from recording and confiscated their cell phones. but some video of the shooting
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hospital but no word on his condition. a big crowd outside the sands expo and convention center as casino employees and patrons gathered to urge casinos to go smoke-free. they say the new mgm resorts casino in maryland will be 100% smoke-free indoors.. and nearly 800 other casinos around the u-s are also smoke free. "smoke-free gaming of america" is a non-profit that hopes to eliminate smoking in casinos because of the health issues associated with secondhand ladies... make no mistake.. you come with... a lot of buying power!!! and... the gaming industry is trying to lure you in..... with love.. lust... and one hot country singer. and... that's just to name... a couple of ways... tonight... 13 action news reporter.... marti glaser shows us... the latest mobile slot machine technology geared for us ladies.... at "the global gaming expo"! nat at the global. gaming expo in las vegas ... nat the bachelor- is among hundreds of new games just
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and some say there are quite a few out there. (font: laura olson- reyes - executive (font: laura olson- reyes - executive director of corporate relations for scientific games ) 114638 -if you look at the demographic more women actually play slot games then men 114641 standup: not only do you get a chance to win a rose at the rose ceremony but if your lucky you might even make it to the fanatasy sot ,its all about love its all about roses and rings and over - a sure win for the ladies..... font: maureen sweeny, chief commercial officer - aristocrat technologies 123653 we are excited to announce out new tim mcgraw slot machine font and they weren't the only ones excited to cash in. (font: paula shaffer... new game) 123114 no when you see that game right next to you everyone sitting and playing they are all full up ha ha it must be a good game . 123229 and sometimes we just have to wait ...
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...2017 unfortunatley ladies.... ...123848 i don't believe it not one of the prizes to win a date with tim magraw123850 tag 124510 and since we missed the real tim mcgraw this morning it looks like i have two more to whose trying to protect her home and property!!! a georgia woman goes after..... -3- armed robbers with her own gun.. and... it's all caught on camera... and... it didn't end too well. plus.. two dogs are left hungry and alone when their owners move out. now.. some worried neighbors are reaching out to 13 action news. when you ask.. we investigate.
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politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck voted ten times
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heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shutting down the government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points. joe heck should be ashamed. women vote is responsible
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the woman who owns the house.... comes around the corner and shoots them. the bad guys ducked the bullets..... as they scampered out of the house. one of the suspect is found shot to death...... in the driveway. the other two got away. police did not charge the she had every right to protect her home and property. . 13 action news got a lot of emails and calls after we told you about this abandoned dog. since then.. another person called about some dogs in his neighborhood that he's worried about. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin went to look into it. neighbors say these two dogs have been left alone here for at least a week. one of them told us their owner moved out and left them behind...but he's been feeding them through the fence.
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if you're not going to take care of them 52 find a home for them, dont abandon them, that's not cool 57 dogs, they're just like humans 02.00 they have feelings, you see them crying 02.02 another neighbor told action news the owners have been coming back and feeding them at night. clark county animal control said it got a complaint about the situation....but said the owners are still coming and going. soc. we learned about this story from a viewer.. so if you have a problem or issue you want us to check out.. send an email to be sure to include your phone number. hundreds of firefighters are working day and night..... to contain a wildfire growing..... in northern california.. right now.... the fire is threatening.... hundreds of homes. and.... animals aren't safe either. look at this.... from the helicopter you can see...... horses pacing back and forth.... with the fire.... just feet away. the cause of the fire is under
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a fairly weak storm system over the gulf of california is pushing moisture in as it moves north toward the area, it will continue to increase humidity. chances for rain tonight look slim, but will improve tomorrow and continue on thursday.
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tomorrow and partly cloudy on thursday, with highs in the mid and upper 80s both days. the system pushes out of the area thursday night, but there may be enough residual moisture to fire off a stray storm on friday. highs will warm to around 90 that afternoon and remain the same on saturday. however, by saturday we will dry out and the winds will pick up ahead of
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system that will pass north of the area on sunday. expect upper end breezy both saturday and sunday with sunny to mainly sunny skies both days. the system will sweep in cooler air and drop highs to the mid 80s sunday through next tuesday. smoothie cafe have once again teamed up with the salvation army for our annual coats for kids drive. we're asking all of you who can for a list of locations visit ktnv dot com or tropical smoothie dot com our goal? no cold kids this winter. with your help, we will all make it happen. special thanks to the salvation army who'll distribute the
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sponsor 13 action news and this community project. who is just... so hard to buy for.... "uber" and "lift" are now selling gift cards! but... you can't find them.... everywhere. we'll show you... the special places. plus.. a new app designed to avoid claims of sexual assault down but could it cause more problems than it solves?
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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from contact 13.. the feds want to know... how big a fine... volkswagen can stand. penalties... in connection..... with its e-missions cheating scandal. now... a bloomberg report says... the justice department... is taking v-w's financial health into account... while settling on a recommended penalty. u.s. officials and v-w... are trying to reach a settlement.... by january. have you ever considered giving someone a free uber ride...
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gift cards... for its ride-sharing service. you can buy them on-line... or... at walmart locations..... nationwide. the news comes... just after "lyft" announced... it will be selling - 20- dollar gift cards.... at starbucks. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. a new app has been released that claims it can clarity campuses. it even includes a contract and takes photos of the consenting parties' i-d's.. then saves them to a password protected file. but does it send the wrong message? here's 13 action news anchor yasmeen hassan. pkg full= could this be the future of consent? take nat: "opening app" take nat: "opening app" this is sasie, a new service that claims to set "the gold standard for affirmative consent" by helping college students stay in
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sexual conduct policies. guy frydenlund / student 14:31:32-39 i know friends and stuff where there has been like questionable and counters and just like it would've been nice for something like that to exist. college student guy frydenlund can see the app's benefits but says using it in real life can be kind of off putting. take nat: 14:40:33-36 i'm not a contract i am a person you can she believes consent is a conversation. na'imah bellamy / package 14:40:38-51 i feel like the person who created this feels like if they have the consent o i feel like there's going to be that argument at i'm not a contract versus we will have this for evidence you know? karmen carter runs blue bench, an organization that provides support to victims of sexual assault. she says the issue with an app like sasie, and others on the market like weconsent and yestosex is what happens if consent is revoked. karmen carter / blue bench 14:02:18-31 one of them says i don't want this anymore i've change my mind this is not what
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not going to show that there was that. despite the concerns, carter and these students agree on one thing. na'imah bellamy 14:41:47-50 i'm glad that it's something that's been talked about finally. guy frydenlund / student 14:31:05-07 it's a good step in the right direction. yasmeen on cam tag: kumasi spoke with a legal expert who says computer-generated consent forms would be probably be admissiable as one piece of changing... sasie has said in published reports that it uses a combination of email termination as well as an invitation to acknowledge that response... which can provide a chan legal evidence giving clues as to what happened. for 13 action news, i'm yasmeen hassan. a valley family is forced to move after their home goes up in flames. next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. more on the devistating fire.. and the sky-high damage estimate. plus.. the fight over whether to build... a new raiders stadium in las vegas.... is getting feisty. 13 action news political analyst..... jon ralston is breaking down...
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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the gloves come off in last night's presidential debate. we'll have the highlights.. and the some of the best jabs. plus.. dancers on the las vegas strip.... taking their bosses to court!!! they claim... they were secretly recorded.... in their dressing rooms.... on the job! and.. extreme weather across the u-s.. from flooding to out-of-control wildfires. but first.. mother nature is threatening with a little rain. 13 first alert.... chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking the new system.... right now. bryan... when is the rain coming? a fairly weak storm system over the gulf of california is pushing moisture in our direction. as it moves north toward the area, it will continue to increase humidity. chances for rain tonight look slim, but will improve tomorrow and continue on thursday. expect mostly cloudy skies tomorrow and partly cloudy on


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