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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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breaking right now.... police are surrounding the area near bruce and charleston trying to get a person who was firing shots to surrender. parker collins is live in that neighborhood... to tell us what swat has been doing for the past 5 hours. parker? also breaking right now.... firefighters are battling this massive wareho
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problem spot on the roads this morning. yasmeen is following a three car crash right now.... let's get right over to her? coyotes "they're holding us hostage in our own home. we can't even go out and sit on
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cloudy skies are still expected 15% within the morning and dry degrees. as we move into the weekend down into the valley. lower 80s. saturday clear into next week with highs in the lower 80s after monday. barbara hadzoglon, hates coyotes "they're holding us hostage in our own home. we can't even go out and sit on the patio in the evening" home. we can't even go out and sit on
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that woman is talking about coyotes...taking over her sun city summerlin neighborhood....we caught these on camera near trop and boulder highway about a month ago. but this time, coyotes have the large retirement community near summerlin parkway and the 2-15 on edge. neighbors estimate there have been almost 20 coyote attacks on their pets in recent months. barbara hadzoglon, hates coyotes "when you walk out in coyotes....and showing his teeth going grrrrr....first thing that goes through your mind is oh no not my dog" the nevada department of wildlife says it's nearly impossible to get rid of coyotes. wildlife experts do suggest carrying a noise maker to scare off the animals. barbara tells us that isn't feasible for the elderly. we reached out to the h-o-a at sun city...they tell us they feel threatened too and are working on a solution. take a good look at your screen
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suspect in a shooting at an illegal unlicesned nightclub over the weekend. police say the victim got into a fight with this man sunday near decatur and flamingo. police are also looking for these two people who are persons of interest. if you recognize any of these three people contact police. officers accused of shooting and killing a woman last december likely won't face charges. the clark county district attorney's office has preliminarily ruled the shooting of brenda kimberl justified. kimberling was shot and killed by police near las vegas boulevard and craig last december. police say she threatened to shoot herself...holding the barrel of a shotgun under her chin, before pointing it at officers. investigators say they found several loaded guns in her home and she was being treated for a mental illness. nearly a month after being recaptured, law enforcement around the country still can't figure out how a north las vegas murder suspect was able
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you see alonso perez twist his arm to pop open his handcuffs and escape. 13 action news crime and safety expert randy sutton...a man with 34 years experience in law enforcement says he still can't believe it. :48:26/sutton "i've never seen hinged cuffs broken before-ever." butt sots :52:10/sutton "he was able to figure out a way to leverage that and snap the cuff." perez escaped from north las vegas...but metro is now examining their policies too. they even tried to re-enact perez's escape, but weren't successful. the country say they can't recall another inmate being able to get out of the cuffs like perez did. our team here also tried... 5:01:13/sutton "i'm handcuffed to this." butted with 5:01:24/sutton "i'm not going anywhere--i'm stuck." butted with 5:01:49/sutton "you can see-it already put marks in my hand." following perez's escape and recapture... north las vegas police created new policies that include monitoring inmates at all
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lot of support on the campaign trail. both first lady michelle obama and vermont senator bernie sanders joined her with just 40 days to go until the election! first lady obama: "nobody has had as much exposure to be presidency as hrc not bill, not barack - and she's a woman," (cheers) butted with sot sanders: it is absurd, it is disgraceful for donald trump and his friends to be talking about 100s of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the top one percent." campaigning in battleground states. he still insists that he won the first presidential debate. now his campaign manager says trump will be better prepared next time. sot kellyanne conway on fox: "i think looking forward to the next format the town hall format we will certainly be taking into account the different logistics" according to a c-n-n poll taken
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of debate watchers thought clinton came out on top. meanwhile...libertari an presidential nominee gary johnson is trying to make a name for himself. he's having some trouble with yet another blunder during a t-v interview...take a look. who's your favorite foreign leader? whos my favorite foreign leader? just name anyone in any continent any country....sighhh butted with :23-:39 i'm having an aleppo the former president of mexico. anybody in the world pick any leader...i'm having a brain moment. had trouble answering a question about aleppo...when he asked what the city was. good morning las vegas time now is xxx 06:58:27 lindsey welch, parent "they said they know where we
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so check our window. we don't want to go outside." both parents and students are terrified by messages they're seeing on facebook. a bizzarre twist in the story of a mother and son lost at sea. the son was rescued...but his mother is still missing. now investigators think they might have some leads.... ((ad-lib)) right now... a child remains in critical
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress? dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. the chef-inspired panini collection from subway is grilled right before your eyes, in our new panini press. but...let's start at the beginning the new salami caprese panini starts with genoa salami, thick-sliced fresh mozzarella, creamy pesto, and italian bread. then it's pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust and meld the flavors in melted cheese. oh, here's the best part.
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south carolina. police say a teen walked onto the elementary school playground yesterday afternoon--- and started shooting. two kids and a teacher were hit--- before a volunteer fireman took the shooter down. officials say training helped save lives at the school. (dr. joanne avery/superintendent of anderson county school district 4) anderson 4 schools have all received active shooter training. the quick response by the principal, teachers and staff, kept this horrific tragedy from being much worse shortly after the suspect was arrested, police also found his father dead. the teacher and one of the kids wounded were treated and released from the hospital. police still haven't revealed
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a creepy clown's facebook threat is frightening some parents. the facebook profile shows a clown picture ---and his name is "garbo the clown". on tuesday morning, the user posted that he was coming after everyone at chaparral high school, so they should run. students we spoke to say... the clown has made threats about using a gun and has sent direct messages to students. :35-:39 they said there was a gun threat in 7th period and everyone was starting to freak out... butted with 06:57:15 lindsey welch, chaparral high it's a joke or somebody in the school or what, but they're sending pretty scary messages." clark county school district police say they are looking into it but have not determined if the threats are credible. time now is x:xx --- new video overnight of a second night of protests near san diego... pause for nats of protesters as we learn more about the police shooting that sparked those protets we're also
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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afternoon along with a small chance for rain. 15-20% chances are topping today's rain potential with high temperatures between 86 and 91 degrees. by friday, rain chances hold at within the morning and dry out entirely by the afternoon. highs will peak at normal values for this time of the year; between 88 and 93
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move into the weekend though, temperatures fall dramatically along with winds increasing. low pressure from the pacific northwest will drop into central nevada. this will carry in cooler air north and shoot it down into the valley. saturday we will still hold in the upper 80s and low 90s but by sunday, mid 80s will be common along with winds increasing to between 10 and 20
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saturday clear into next week all kids in las vegas to be able to stay warm this winter so our annual coats for kids drive is underway. and once again this year, our partner is tropical smoothie. please donate gently used or new children's coats at any tropical smoothie cafe. to find a location near you go to ktnv dot com or tropical smoothie dot com. thanks tot as the temperatures start to get colder, they'll distribute the coats to families in need. and a big thanks to tropical smoothie cafe, a proud sponsor of action news and this protesters new video in overnight of protesters storming the streets
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this is now the second night of protests after the police shooting of an unarmed black man. police have identified the man shot and killed tuesday as 38-year- old alfred okwera olango police say an officer shot him after he pulled a vape pen from his pocket and pointed it at
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that authorities release video of the shooting. police released a still photo showing olango in what authorities described as a "shooting stance." we saw a similar scene in north carolina last week after the police shooting of keith lamont scott. now the governor of north carolina says the state has spent one point four million dollars to control violent protesters after that shooting. to put this into perspective...the state only spent 250-thousand in flood storm julia! taking a live look at the white house right now...after president obama has suffered his first veto override. congress voted to defy the president--- and pass a bill that allows families of those killed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks--- to sue saudi arabia. president obama is responding to the vote... and explaining why he thinks the veto override was a bad decision. (president obama) "i think it was a mistake. and i understand why it
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the scars and trauma of 9/11. butted with :21 it has to do with me not wanting a situation in which we're suddenly exposed to liabilities for all the work that we're doing all around the world." the president also called the override, quote, "basically a political vote". the president has warned that the legislation could set a precident--- that can lead to the u-s facing lawsuits over the actions of its diplomats this morning about 6-hundred u-s troops are preparing to go to iraq in the coming days. the u-s and iraq have agreed on a plan to send additional american troops overseas to help iraqi forces fight isis. the goal is to reclaim the city of mosul...the islamic state group's main stronghold. officials say this is expected to be the final addition of u-s military troops in iraq. currently, there are over
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time now is x:xx --- stores around the country are already full of halloween decorations...but one decoration has already been banned in one country...but not here in the u-s. multiple ca politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck voted ten times to take away their funding. heck even threatened to shut down the federal government
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for planned parenthood. shutting down the government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points. joe heck should be ashamed. women vote is responsible
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survived in a life raft after his boat sank.. is now under investigation. nathan carman's mother was also on board the boat and is now presumed dead. police are looking for evidence of possible reckless endangerment.. seizing items like g-p-s data and reciepts for boat repairs from carman's home. the search warrant noted his boat was in need of mechanical repairs.. and he'd been doing some of them himself.. possibly leaving the boat
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fising with me had i thought the boat wasn't sea worthy." court records also show carman was questioned and his home searched in 2014 in connection with his grandfather's death.. but he was grandfather's death.. but he was never charged and the case remains unsolved. carman will be on good morning america this can catch his interview right after good morning las vegas monsoonal moisture, that
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today. 15-20% chances are topping year; between 88 and 93 increasing. low pressure fr down into the valley. increasing to between 10 and 20 mph with gusts around 35 mph. winds continue for the day but with highs in the lower 80s after monday. a halloween decoration called the "scary peeper creeper" is stirring
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the window decoration has already been pulled from home depot stores in canada. someone complained that the decoration made light of voyeurism, which is a crime. the "scary peeper creeper" is made to mount on windows and features a hooded man peering through a window. it's still available in home depot's u-s stores and online. the historic home where "mrs. doubtfire" was filmed... is for sale in san francisco. the house has 4 bedrooms and the seller is asking four and a half million dollars... the seller, quite fittingly, is a retiring surgeon who specialized in facial feminization. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, there's a new i-phone accessory in the works that could some complaints about the new i-phone... why you may be able to use your old headphones afterall! that's coming up at five...
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are following breaking news...
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans
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schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. flash bangs..and an entire neighborhood on edge throughout the night. an intense standoff between police and a suspect who fired gunshots...has ended.. but nerves are still rattled near bruce and charleston. parker collins is there right parker adlibs parker adlibs parker adlibs we're following more breaking news right now.. there's a huge mess happening on the 215 near decatur... on top of construction.. there appears to be a multi-vehicle crash. marissa kynaston is live from that area right now..what are you seeing marissa?


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