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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. flash bangs..and an entire neighborhood on edge throughout the night. an intense standoff between police and a suspect who fired gunshots...has ended.. but nerves are still rattled near bruce and charleston. parker collins is there right parker adlibs parker adlibs parker adlibs we're following more breaking news right now.. there's a huge mess happening on the 215 near decatur... on top of construction.. there appears to be a multi-vehicle crash. marissa kynaston is live from that area right now..what are you seeing marissa?
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we want to get back to breaking news an intense standoff
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nerves are still rattled in that neighborhood near bruce and charleston. parker collins is there right now..parker what's the latest? parker adlibs parker adlibs parker adlibs police need your help right now finding 3 people in connection to a murder outside an illegal nightclub.
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the suspect in the shooting. the people on the right are persons of interest. the shooting happened sunday near decatur and flamingo. police say the victim got into a fight with the suspect in the back room of a clothing store. the room was being used as an after-hours club. i've never seen hinged cuffs broken before-ever." law enforcement agencies from across the country still can't figure out how a north las vegas murder suspect was able to break-free from his metro has even tried to replicate what alonso perez did earlier this month... but they weren't successful. now, police in here in southern nevada are double-checking their equipment and reminding officers to keep an eye on people in custody. :53:20/sutton "that will be a learning tool for police departments all around the country." the north las vegas police chief ordered policy changes for his depeartment after perez
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monitored at all times. time now is x:xx --- outrage in california. 1:00 nats of horn honking 1:02 protests continue overnight in el cajon..just days after police shot and killed an unarmed black man. this morning, we've learned mistook for a weapon. plus--the next debate is just 10 days, how will donald trump prepare for this one? his campaign has an answer. yasmeen adlibs 1:13 stand up for people killed. what if it was your son, your
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they are upset because a police officer shot an unarmed black man. this morning we've learned the man was pointing a vape pen at officers right before he was shot. police say when they arrived, 41- year-old alfred olango had refused commands. his sister apparently called police for help saying her
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she told them olango had suffered an emotional breakdown and wasn't armed. the community is outraged... "now the nation's eyes are watching "america's finest city", it ain't looking so fine right now.". the officers were not wearing body cameras, because the department isn't equipped with any yet. according to the police chief, both officer have been in law enforcement for more than 21 years. happening now.. union members are calling on the public to boycott donald according to the associated press, the billionaire isn't negotiating a contract with employees here in las vegas. back in december, workers at trump's hotel voted to unionize, but management hasn't started bargaining with them. union officials say trump's employees earn about 3-dollars less per-hour compared to their counteparts on the strip. officials with trump's company haven't commented. in the meantime, trump continues to feud with a former miss universe.
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body- shaming alicia machado 20-years ago after she earned the crown. trump is now saying that he actually helped machado and prevented her from being fired by his organization. meanwhile, the billionaire continues to insist that he won the debate--- despite multiple scientific polls showing most people thought he lost. now his campaign manager says trump will be better prepared for the next debate. "i think looking forward to the next format the town hall format we will certainly be taking into account the different logistics time is running out for both candidates to prepare. the second debate is a week from sunday in st. louis. time now is x:xx --- some valley parents are feeling
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creepy clown...making threats to high school students online. but are the threats legit? we'll tell you what the district is saying.
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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you can see at least 8 cars involved. monsoonal moisture, that wrapped itself around our
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today. partly cloudy skies are still expected throughout the morning and afternoon along with a small
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rain. 15-20% chances are topping today's rain potential with high temperatures between 86 and 91 degrees. by friday, rain chances hold at 15% entirely by the afternoon. highs will peak at normal values for this time of the year; between 88 and 93 degrees. as we move into the weekend though,
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along with winds increasing. low pressure from the pacific northwest will drop into central nevada. this will carry in cooler air from the the valley. saturday we will still hold in the upper 80s and low 90s but by sunday, mid 80s will be common along with winds increasing to between 10 only reach the upper 70s and sunny skies will be common
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after monday. meanwhile, some valley parents are uneasy right now. that's because a creepy clown is making threats to high school students on facebook. whoever is behind the stunt--- is using a profile called "garbo the clown"... he posted tuesday morning that he was coming after everyone at "chaparral high school" so they should run. students we spoke to say the clown even threatened to use a gun. and we talked to a mother, who says her son received a threat --- sent by direct 06:57:15 lindsey welch, chaparral high school parent "i'm not sure if it's a joke or somebody in the school or what, but they're sending pretty scary messages." clark county school district police are looking into it, but say they have not determined any of the threats to be credible. folks in "sun city summerlin" are keeping a close eye on their pets this morning. they claim coyotes have been on the attack. this is file video of a coyote in the valley... people that have been living in
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is now the worst they've ever seen. they're estimating nearly 20 attacks on their pets in recent months. "when you walk out in your yard and you see this big coyotes....and showing his teeth going grrrrr....first thing that goes through your mind is oh no not my dog" the nevada department of wildlife says this area is perfect for the coyotes because they have all the food and officials ask that people don't feed the coyotes... and to carry a noise maker to scare them off. time now is x:xx --- if you can't live without a headphone jack on your iphone ..a solution is on its way. next--hear the idea that a hardware company has come ensure you can still use your wired headphones. and later in this newscast... the store clerk who was dragged out of her a
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macedo have today's tech bytes. < ((kendis 2shot)) in today's tech bytes... it's officially the end of an era for blackberry. ((diane vo)) the company has announced that it will no longer make its iconic smartphone... which was once the must- have device for celebrities and business executives. kendis instead, the company will focus on software developments. (kendis/2sh) new details are emerging about next week's
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(diane/vo) many expect the company to unveil a couple of as well as a new virtual reality platform called "daydream." diane/vo and for all of you who can't live without a headphone jack on your new iphone sevens... your prayers have been answered. a texas hardware developer has made the fuze. kendis same vo the case takes the adapter hardware in the new iphones and builds it directly into the case. the plan is to start shipping those are your tech bytes. ((kendis/2sh)) have a great day. > monsoonal moisture, that wrapped itself around our upper level low, will be and afternoon along with a and 91 degrees. by friday, rain chances hold at year; between 88 and 93 this will carry in cooler air from the north and shoot it arrive and allow the valley to tuesday and wednesday. sunny skies will be common saturday clear into next week with highs in the lower 80s after monday. here at 13 action news we want
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so our annual coats for kids drive is underway. and once again this year, our partner is tropical smoothie. to ktnv dot com or tropical smoothie dot com. thanks to the salvation army. as the temperatures start to get colder, they'll distribute the coats to families in need. and a big thanks to tropical we're following breaking news right now... right now...
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politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck voted ten times to take away their funding. heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shutting down the government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points. joe heck should be ashamed. women vote is responsible
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but things appear to be picking vehicle crash have caused major delays this morning.. yasmeen is tracking your drive times. . but let's get straight to marissa kynaston is live with the latest. marissa adlibs marissa adlibs
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will be surging back to the south today. and afternoon along with a small chance for rain. by friday, rain chances hold at
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low pressure from the pacific down into the valley. saturday we will still hold in the upper 80s and low 90s but winds continue for the day but slack off as we move into tuesday and wednesday. sunny skies will be common saturday clear into next week with highs in the lower 80s after monday. nats of flash bang about this police standoff that lasted more than 5 hours overnight. police say children were caught
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charleston and bruce--- where he was just briefed by police. parker aldibs parker adlibs parker adlibs breaking right now....firefighters are trying to get this massive now....firefighters are trying to get this massive warehouse fire under control in atlanta. this is a live look there right
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firefighters are still battling this fire that started just hours ago. firefighters say the roof has collapsed.... earlier the building was engulfed in flames no word on what caused this fire.... firefighters say it didn't seem like the building was occupied... my arms, my hands." that's devon daigle two weeks ago..just hours after his near death experience. he was hit by a car at west cliff and intersection dangerous for students on their walk to and from school. our crews walked alongside devon yesterday as he returned to school for the first time since that scary accident. "i'm just glad the car wasn't going, super super fast, i could have died." i've seen kids get almost hit a couple of times "i think that really they need to have a crossing guard or some kind of better light system there." we reached out to metro who says a private company is in
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guards. but city management services.. says metro is responsible the city says, because of our story, they will be sending out a team to examine the intersection. plans are moving forward to build an nfl stadium in las vegas but not everyone is happy about it. "nevadans for the common good" is the latest group to come out against the stadium. leaders of the faith-based organization say the current deal on the table poses too much risk. sot marta poling common good @ 50:19 "the plan is really such a boondoggle that it really needs to start over again from scratch." in about 25 minutes, we'll hear from 13 action news political analyst jon ralston about why this group thinks you could be on the hook for some of the stadium's bills. in the race for president.. hillary clinton is trying to attract millenial voters and she's getting some help from a former rival. the democratic nominee campaigned with bernie sanders in new hampshire yesterday.
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clinton--- as she pushed her plan for free public college. and he said the choice is clear, come november. (sen. bernie sanders/ (d) former presidential candidate) "this election is enormously important for the future of our country. it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president." it appears clinton is trying to appeal to millenials. but most polls show young voters are favoring third-party candidates. sanders is planning to ramp up his efforts to get clinton votes in key battleground johnson-vo speaking of third-party candidates...libertarian nominee gary johnson has been endorsed by a traditionally republican newspaper. for the first time its 1-hundred- 43 year history, the detroit news has endorsed someone other than a gop candidate. in editorial, the paper says they came to the decision for one reason--donald trump. time now is x:xx --- what costs more..sending your kid to daycare or paying for their
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this morning. we'll share those results, next. greg adlibs [cell phone vibrating] when the billionaire koch brothers call, congressman joe heck has been answering. voting with the koch brothers' agenda
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aks to big oil companies and the super rich, but ending medicare as we know it and forcing cuts to social security. taking care of the koch brothers may be a good call for joe heck, but it doesn't work for nevada's working families. senate majority pac is responsible
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want the kiddos to grow up too fast...but otherwise. a new report says daycare costs more than college tuition. according to the think-tank
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under 96-hundred dollars a year. compare that to the average cost of in-state tuition which is about 94- hundred a year. making childcare affordable has become a key issue in this years presidential race. this morning, president obama isn't happy about congress overriding his veto on the 9/11 bill. the law allows families of those killed i sue saudi arabia for any role in the attack. the president spoke about the decision during a c-n-n townhall meeting on the u-s military last night. the concern that i've had has nothing to do with saudi arabia per se or my sympathy liabilities for all the work that we're doing all around the world." obama says the override is
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could put americans abroad and the u.s. government at risk of lawsuits. the veto override was a first for obama's presidency. in the meantime, congress has avoided a government shutdown...for now, at least. lawmakers passed a bill yesterday which funds federal agencies through decemeber 9th. had the budget not been passed, agencies would've shutdown tomorrow. the bill also approves federal money for the fight against the zika virus and for the in flint, michigan. time now is x:xx --- up next--a chilling video... a woman makes it out alive after being dragged out of her work..then beaten. hear why police think she was
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monsoonal moisture, that wrapped itself around our
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today. partly cloudy skies are still expected throughout the morning and afternoon along with a small chance for rain. 15-20% chances are topping today's rain potential with high temperatures between 86 and 91 degrees. by friday, rain chances hold at out entirely by the afternoon. highs will peak at normal values for this time of the year; between 88 and 93 degrees. as we move into the weekend though, temperatures fall dramatically along with winds increasing. low pressure from the pacific northwest will drop into central nevada.
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down into the valley. saturday we will still hold in the upper 80s and low 90s but by sunday, mid 80s will be common along with winds increasing to between 10 and 20 mph with gusts around 35 mph. by monday, the coolest air will arrive and allow the valley to only reach the upper 70s and lower 80s. winds continue for the day but move into tuesday and wednesday. sunny skies will be common saturday clear into next week with highs in the lower 80s after monday. a terrifying abduction is caught on camera in los
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you're watching surveillance video of a 28-year-old clerk being dragged out of a convenience store where she works. witnesses look on in horror..and dial 9-1-1. moments later, the woman forced into the suspect's car as he attacks her with a hammer. "witnesses and say that this person has been for the last several weeks has been following her..stalking her..following her around in the car, trying to find out where she lives." the suspect brought the woman to a cemetary where she was able to escape. the 29-year-old suspect is now behind bars after leading police on a chase. the victim is in the hospital this morning. fire-vm an ohio woman has a warning for others after she claims her samsung cell phone caught fire while it was charging.
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the woman says she left her phone at home, charging, while running out to meet a friend. she pulled back in her driveway and saw smoke. "the could have been my face and my head." "people keep their phones by their pillows, right next to them while they sleep." "be careful. that could be you. over a cell phone." the woman's phone was shattered but still intact. says she mailed her s-7 edge to samsung asking for a new one, but they sent it back saying it was in fine condition!! she's now working with her insurance company to get a replacement. a valley woman has turned to us for help after she found an abandoned pile of mail just sitting on the sidewalk. osiris canniff says she found the mail addressed to several different people on vegas drive near rainbow. she says at first she didn't want to pick it up, but then had a second thought. osiris canniff found the mail 13.25.57 when i thought about
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a minute, if that was my mail i wouldn't want it out here 26.02 in the open for just anyone to get a hold of it' 26.07 so that's why i picked it up and brought it home 26.10 we called the u-s postal service to find out why the mail was left there. they told us they can't comment on what happened until they get ahold of the mail and look at it themselves. but they say if you find mail like this, drop it in an outgoing mailbox or bring it to your nearest post office. a former nevada racecar driver is making history s man to receive a driver's license as a quadriplegic. sam schmidt was paralyzed in a crash.. but returned to the track yesterday at the las vegas motor speedway. his car uses eye-tracking technology.. so it can turn in the direction he moves his head. it also uses a device near his mouth that makes the car accelerate or slow down when he breathes in or out. the company that developed the technology says they left no stone unturned when it comes to
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believe it ir not the engineers have thought of everything and the software's functions in it to where if i do something radical like a head but or a sneeze or something - that is not something common to my head movement it ignores it. sam is currently not allowed to drive alone or in bad weather.. but arrow electronics says they hope to have him driving solo in the coming months.. as the technology is tweaked disney is getting ready to remake a classic..and it's topping today's stories now trending. "lion king" is coming back to the big screen. disney made the announcement on twitter yesterday. the studio will reimagine the movie in a way similar to the jungle book that debuted in april. the lion king is one of the biggest animated films of all time... at one point breaking box
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academy and grammy awards. no release date has been set just yet health insurance provider "aetna" is hoping to get more people on-board by helping them buy apple watches. the company plans to create several health apps for i-os devices, such as the i-phone. they're even offering to help subsidize the cost for people who want to buy an apple watch. employers who use aetna would decide whether they want to offer the program to employees. you can check out all of the stories that a today.. just download our free 13 action news mobile app. you can get the latest weather updates, breaking news alerts and more. we're following breaking news
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in the las vegas valley... a barricade situation in an eastside neighborhood..and a
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
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get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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paying final respects to one of its founding fathers...shimon peres. now his body is lying in state at the knesset...israeli's parliment... his funeral will be tomorrow... his funeral will be tomorrow...president obama...bill clinton and hillary clinton will be there among other wold leaders if you're thinking about getting the flu shot soon, you
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the shot closer to when flu season starts...around november.. health officials say it's especially important for the elderly... so the vaccine remains active during the height of flu season. and if you haven't heard already, doctors don't believe the nasal sprays will be effective this year. that means kids will need to get the shot. the c-d-c says everyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot every year. if you need to pass a kidney stone-- just ride a roller coaster. a new study from the american osteopathic association says coaster may knock small kidney stones right through your system. a surgeon behind the research tested the idea after a patient said she passed three kidney stones while riding a rollercoaster in orlando. the governor of north carolina says the state has spent one point four million dollars to control violent protesters after the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott. to put this into perspective...the state only spent 250-thousand in flood
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storm julia! this morning about 6-hundred u-s troops are preparing to go to iraq in the coming days. the u-s and iraq have agreed on a plan to send additional american troops overseas to help iraqi forces fight isis. the goal is to reclaim the city of mosul...the islamic state group's main stronghold. officials say this is expected to be the final addition of u-s military troops in iraq. currently, there are over 45-hundred u- libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson is having trouble gaining any real traction.... and his latest blunder one live t-v probably won't help. who's your favorite foreign leader? whos my favorite foreign leader? just name anyone in any continent any country....sighhh butted with :23-:39 i'm having an aleppo the former president of mexico. anybody in the world pick any leader...i'm having a brain
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had trouble answering a question about trouble answering a question about aleppo...when he asked what the city was. not everyo effort to build an n-f-l stadium here in las vegas. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston has more on why an influential group of religious leaders say this is a bad deal for taxpayers. the small group that called a news conference today is up against the entire gaming industry and the governor. but the issues they raised today are the same ones raised by the other foes -- the culinary union on the left and the state taxpayers association
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is the risk to taxpayers? but they are also asking another question: why so fast? for a grassroots group, nevadans for the common good what could happen if there is a only for a couple of days -- time is of the essence. barricade nats new details at 6-am... on an overnight police standoff that lasted more than 5 hours. we'v'e learned a toddler was inside a home --- where a man was firing a gun. scene near bruce and charleston. parker what are the updates you're getting from police? parker adlibs scene 2 adults and one child were able to get out of house--- after man started firing shots. 1 year old daughter remained inside house. was not hurt.


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