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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  October 5, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> you were at that rally, and typically a trump rally, and you never know what's going to happen there. what was the mood today? >> it was supposed to be a teleprompter trump rally, i've got to tell you that, and he was pretty controlled until he wasn't. he had ad libbed many different times. there were more than 700,000 people at the pavilion. it was overflowed. people were on the hill. many standing ovations, talking about crooked hillary, of course, and her e-mails. he also brought a bunch of families who had lost family members in the war, and that was a very emotional moment. they each talked about why they support trump. it went on for quite some time, 45 minutes or so was the rally, but this was coming to try to get people to register to vote
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nevada is a swing state. it's a toss-up here. >> that's right. and a lot of people thought last week was not a good week for him after the debate and the issue with the release of those tax documents and the statement about veterans and ptsd. did he make mention of that at all while live tweeting the vice presidential debate last night. >> this is a no apologizing tour. so he wasn't apologizing. he was congratulating mike pence on his many people thought pence won on style. he took credit for it and said many people are saying his favorite phrase that he deserves credit for it, because why? he picked pence. he ping-ponged all over the place as he sometimes does, but there was a telepromptered speech in there and he stuck to those republican talking points except when he decided to go off, and believe me, this is amazing. one thing i want to mention, he did not say one word during that speech i expected him to say,
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i think he can't pronounce it correctly. >> yeah, i have that problem too. thank you very much, john ralston. and, of course, where there's a rally, there are always supporters and where there's a rally there are also protesters. 13 action news reporter was on the ground early this morning with those who had a different message for trump. [chanting] >> protesters from around the valley gathered in fro trump's rally >> this is not how a presidential candidate should handle himself. >> reporter: after the candidate's recent string of suites, women at the protest wore crowns and sashes saying ms. piggy. >> he really doesn't respect women, and that means he doesn't respect people at all. he doesn't respect people he doesn't like and that's not what a presidential candidate should be doing. >> but trump supporters seemed unphased, taking selfies with
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their camps weechlt . we talked to one woman who supports trump saying it doesn't bother her. she would focus on his success. >> trump pays. and also, trump has more women executives. so in terms of -- hillary does a great talk but he walks the walk. >> i think the biggest thing for both supporters and protesters out here today, they want people to go out here and vote. they've been passing out flyers like this one. the deadline to october 8. >> 13 action news. and democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in town this week. tomorrow he'll hold a rally at the united brotherhood of carpenter's training center. on friday, he'll meet with nevada's seniors at the sun city mcdonald ranch senior living center in henderson. right now, millions of people are in the path of hurricane matthew as it makes its way
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carolinas have all declared a state of emergency and millions have been ordered to evacuate. >> if it directly impacts florida, there will be massive introduction we haven't seen in years. >> at the moment, matthew is a category 3 storm but is expected to strengthen to a category 4 as it gets closer to florida. we'll have more on this deadly storm coming up later in this half hour. but first, we want to check in with 13 first alert meteorologist brian >> hey, it's still a category 3. that's a good thing. i don't want to say that's a good thing but it wound down from a category 4. as it winds down from the bahamas, it might stay a cat 3. that's better but not great. see the red markings around miami. they've had warnings up since yesterday closer in. here we go, most of coastal florida, a hurricane warning through the weekend. at least the start of the weekend. we have tropical storm warnings down to the south right around
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through fort myers or close to central florida to the north, closer to tampa and fort myers, so we're talking about tropical storm watches. even the west coast of florida could be affected by the utter rain and wind bands from hurricane matthew. look at daytona beach, hurricane watch all the way up to jacksonville and up to the carolinas. look at this path. i know you want to see what it looks like in our future cast version. a lot of rain associated with it, and it still shows it paralleling the coast. but once models show it making land fall in florida before it cruises up the coast. charleston, maybe not a direct hit but could easily see 10 inches of rain because of all the rainfall associated with slow-moving matthew. look at that. it continues moving up the coast quite a bit more through the weekend. we're watching this very closely as well as the national hurricane center. we'll have more coming up. donations meant for sick and
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out like trash. parker collins was first to the scene and was the one who called police. it's a story you'll only see on 13 action news. >> behind me is a donation bin for positively healthy kids. it's a nonprofit that gives stuff to gives that are sick and even dying. look at all the donations pulled out of this once that door was pried open. this was what we found this morning. no one knows who exactly pulled this out and what was taken but the people i'm talking to have never see like this. >> people donate to families that don'thave nothing. they'll do anything -- if you're break into a thing like this, you'll do anything. >> i have called metro. it's unclear how much this will cost charity. near tropicana and maryland parkway, parker collins. it's the latest invention to stop thieves from breaking into your home. the new surveillance app and the
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thieves and keeping families safe. >> her car is about halfway through the bushes. at that point i said, okay, she's not going anywhere. >> you won't believe what these two men saw forcing them to swing into action and stop a mother from driving off with that baby in her car. and remember, chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and here's a look at today's closing numbers. the dow was up 113 closing at
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scared away some would-be intruders. (:18 oh, s. there's a camera.) the high tech surveillance system not only has a camera, but it also sent the homeowner
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and he can talk back to them! (sound up full "i see you, son") (butted with) (17:33 i didn't really know what to say. i just said what came to my mind, like, 'hey, i see you,' and they just took off) the man shared the video with police, and online, where they now have 20 thousand views. he hopes he can help other families keep their homes protected. two men in portland are being called heroes this afternoon...for stopping a woman from driving while drinking a beer... because they noticed she had a baby in the fro the men say they saw the baby in only a diaper just sitting in the front seat. once the woman drove into the bushes-- they knew they had to do something. so they blocked the woman's car so she couldn't leave, and took her keys out of the ignition. "me and ty took turns holding the baby, keeping her warm and trying to comfort her." (butted with) "she was crying, you could tell she was belligerent, typical drunk person, kept repeating the same thing over and over again, saying please don't do this, i just got
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arrested the woman for d-u-i and reckless endangerment. hurricane matthew barreling toward the u-s. a state of emergency declared in several the deadly storm leaves a path of destruction through the caribbean. the latest on when it could make landfall. plus... the latest on the investigation into that deadly train crash in new jersey. just how fast investigators say that train was going. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay
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destroyed by the blast. the fire department says they got a report of a gas smell in one of the homes... 22 minutes later there was an explosion. fire crews say those 22 minutes were life-saving and they were able to get everyone out vm new information this morning on what may have led to a deadly train crash in new jersey. federal investigators are saying the commuter train was traveling two to three times above the speed limit when it slammed into the train station in hoboken. the speed limit there was 10 miles per hour. the n-t-s-b recovered a second data recorder--- but it's not clear if it was working on the day of the crash. last week's crash killed one woman and injured over 100 others...
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transit. passengers forced to evacuate a southwest plane at louisville international airport... due to smoke from a samsung phone investigators say the phone burned the carpet on the plane while it was still sitting at the gate. no word on the model of the phone. fire crews say nothing has changed since a new fire started on mount charleston..... in the mary jane falls area. around 1 this morning... a fire about a half acre in size. they say this is not the same fire that started burning over the weekend... crews say this one was actively burning in heavy trees and brush. three units are now working to make sure it doesn't spread. preperations are underway ahead of hurricane matthew. the category 4 storm left a path of destruction in its wake through haiti, jamaica, cuba and other islands in the caribbean.
3:17 pm's angelica spanos has the latest. nat in haiti, disaster teams are assessing the damage caused by hurricane matthew's flash flooding and one hundred and 45 mph winds. many roads and houses destroyed by the killer storm. one point five million dollars in initial u.s. aid is on the way. voice of a translator: everything in my house is wet.. i've lost everything.. i won't have a chance to get it back florida's governor says, matthew's clamed over a dozen lives, so far.. its next move to is to florida's east coast. sot "we drove to like four different gas stations trying to get gas and no gas." sot home depot worker "we got an additional pallet of generators yesterday and within a half an hour they were gone?they are going really fast" people are scrambling for supplies, food, and bottled water.
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declared a state of emergency.. millions ordered to evacuate in the next 48 hours. sot rick knabb, director national hurricane center " you could still have hurricane conditions on the coast,storm surge heavy rainfall you don't have to be near the center of the storm to be at the center of action in land areas. " fema warning residents in the affected areas to leave before its too late. angelica spanos on cam tag: florida, gov. rick scott says thousands of national guardsman are standing by to he what could be the largest hurricane evacuation in the state's history. (ad-lib toss) let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. one system moved out and another, weaker one is on the way. most of the energy associated with the weaker system will pass to our north, but it will push
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this means below average temps will be the theme for the forecast through friday. expect a highs in the low 80s through thursday, with lots of sunshine and dry by friday we warm a bit to the mid 80s as high pressure builds over the area. afternoon highs will rise to the upper 80s for friday and
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near 60 each day. here at 13 action news we want
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for kids drive is underway. and once again this year, our partner is tropi please donate gently used or new children's coats at any tropical smoothie cafe. to find a location near you go to ktnv dot com or tropical smoothie dot com. thanks to the salvation army. as the temperatures start to of action news and this community project. groundbreaking the las vegas n-h-l franchise broke ground at the team's future practice facility. a special ceremony was held just a short time ago. bill foley...owner of the team...was there along with the
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steve sisolak. the practice facility will need to be finished before the team takes the ice at the t-mobile arena in 20-17. when the team isn't using the new practice will be open to the public. 13 action news and 'dig this las vegas' are giving you a chance to win a 169- dollar gift certificate to 'dig this' where you'll get to take control of a 5-ton caterpillar and dig yourself into a massive hole in america's largest sandbox. just enter each day on our news live at 11 to see if you win. dig this is a proud sponsor of 13 action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. we're learning that yahoo may have complied with a secret government order to scan users incoming emails the one thing you can do right now to keep your emails from being scanned and protect your
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allowed the government to scan millions of user emails. kumasi aaron talks with a security expert about what you can do to protect the sensitive information you send online. "craig doing something" this is a typical day for craig baute. (bawh-tee) --take nat:-- "craig doing something" managing the co-working space he owns, which includes sending a lot of emails. --craig baute / creative density coworking-- --09:04:25-30-- how important is email for you? 27 email is critical it's the backbone of my cote says 90 percent of his communication is done through email. that's why even though he doesn't use yahoo, he was alarmed to read reports that the company allowed the
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according to a report from reuters, yahoo complied with a classified u.s. government demand, and scanned hundreds of millions of yahoo mail accounts last year. the report says the company even built a custom software program to do it, in a move experts say is unprecedented. yahoo called the report "misleading," saying no such program exists. still for baute it's unsettling. --craig baute / creative density coworking-- --09:01:14-20-- honestly i just don't know where to turn to like it email was he says one thing you can do encrypted. --steve fox / security pursuit-- --09:15:01-13-- if they get intercepted they are not in plain text they can't be immediately read or deciphered you would have to come up with a password or a correction key in order to decrypt the secured message. a move baute is already making. --craig baute / creative density coworking-- --09:04:54-05:05-- what do you think you'll do different now? i will check out my privacy settings and i will make sure that i am into and encrypted through my email.
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, i'm kumasi aaron. right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including a terrifying epidemic is sweeping the nation. creepy clown threats and sightings becoming so widespread -- even the white house is weighing in. plus... the latest on the race for the white house. how last night's vice presidential debate is impacting the presidential race.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs.
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arrested a man for shooting and critically wounded an l-a county sheriff's sergeant. the officer was responding to a burglary in progress when the attack happened just north of los angeles. several schools were placed on lockdown and students at nearby antelope valley college were your voice.. your vote in the race for the white house.. and the valley gets another visit from gop presidential candidate donald trump. an enthusiastic crowd turned out to see trump at a rally today at the henderson pavillion.. right on the heels of a strong debate performance last night by his running mate.. mike pence. more than 7-thousand people showed up to see trump.. including some dedicated


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