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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  October 6, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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13 action news investigative house fire. 13 action news investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is live from the scene with the latest. stephanie. hurricane matthew is getting even stronger as it moves hurricane matthew is getting even stronger as it moves
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forecasters say the massive category 4 storm could be the most poweru the u-s in more than a decade. more than two million people from florida to the carolinas have been urged to evacuate. officials warning residents along the east coast that matthew is going to be a deadly storm. (gov. rick scott, (r) florida) time is running out. this is clearly going to either have a direct hit or come right along our coast and we're going to have hurricane force winds. there are no excuses. you need to leave. matthew will bring high winds
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power. right now...disney world, universal and seaworld are all shut down as the storm barrels toward florida with 140 mile per hour winds. 25-hundred national guard troops are already deployed to florida.... to help with last minute evacuations... let's check in with 13 first alert chief meteorologist brian scofield for the latest. and... earlier this matthew pounding portions of
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inches of rain...causing severe flooding with the a storm surge
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these images show the extreme flooding and destruction in haiti, caused by hurricane matthew. at least 108 people have died. the massive storm leaving more than 27-hundred families homeless. we have continuing coverage of hurricane matthew...the latest developments on this storm throughout 13 action new live at 3. but for the latest updates you can always head to ktnv dot com or download our free 13 action news mobile app. a 13 action news update this afternoon. police say they'vem found shot to death inside his ransacked home over the weekend. james farr faces several charges including the murder of chad shelton. roomates came home to find shelton dead from a gunshot wound to the chest saturday night police say a number of items were stolen including at least two guns. a car was also missing but was later found several blocks away. it's your voice, your vote in
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vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in town stumping for his running mate hillary clinton.. and encouraging people to register to vote. he's holding a rally tonight at 6-30 at the united brotherhood of carpenters training center. the event is free and open to the public, but you're encouraged to r-s-v- p online. doors open at 4-30. ahead of the november ballot people are speaking out about question one and gun rights. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston was at a ceremony today honoring domestic violence victims -- and talked out of the hands of abusers. the families of domestic violence victims placed a white rose in a vase today-- as they remembered their loved ones who died. many of them-- hoping nevada makes some changes-- to prevent even more victims. one of those changes could happen if voters approve question one-- a measure on the november ballot that could
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essentially-- there is a loophole in the law-- that allows anyone to buy guns online-- or at gun shows-- without a background check. those who oppose question one-- say criminals and domestic abusers will continue to find guns. but those who support it-- like senator mark menendo-- say right now-- its too easy for these people to go out and purchase a gun. take sot mark menendo, nevada state senator district 21 03:29:31:26 because there are people out there who will sell things to people they supposedly care about and that has to stop 03:29:42:00 marissa tag officials with metro police say they have a plan to stop adding names to these plaques-- they are creating the first southern nevada family justice center-- its a place for domestic violence victims to go to feel safe. its opening in spring 2017. mk-- 13an. a terrifying knife attack caught on camera. a man walks barges into a
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what led up to the attack...and how workers stepped in to prevent a tragedy. plus... an angry group of bikers protesting outside the regional justice center. what changes they're emanding. remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was down 12 points, closing at 18,269
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fight off a violent man with a knife. the workers say the man had been in the store earlier in the day threatening them. about an hour and a half later-- a woman came running inside screaming about a man with a knife. then you see him come inside, knife in hand. beasley/president, beasley technology) "he came in screaming and yelling that he was going to kill all of us." one employee was thrown to the floor. then they work together to get the man outside, where he was arrested minutes later...and now faces assault and battery charges. police say he has been harrassing businesses in the area for the last few weeks. a large group of protesters --- angry with police--- remains peaceful in front of the
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but things quickly changed inside court this morning. 13 action news reporter parker collins watched it all play out. 15:46:43-15:47:10 a lot of people were out here this morning... you can see some of the marks they left behind... in chalk here... black lives matter... no justice-- no peace this was all for police accountability. take vo at 15:46:53 many wore matching shirts and held signs saying the same thing... they were out here for less than an hour... then they went to a hearinu it's a case that's been going on for a while. court. it's a process of the court!" judge eric goodman "let me explain something to you. you don't want to hear what i'm saying because you're upset." 15:47:17-15:47:27 that's just a snippet of the back and forth. parker collins thirteen action news. a state of emergency for millions along the east coast. hurricane matthew now barreling towards florida and the carolinas. we'll have the latest conditions and when it's
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plus... looked at your grocery bill lately? why stores are going out of their way to put more money back in your pocket. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us. four people are lucky to be
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speeding when he lost control...sliding off the road and hitting a wood sign before rolling several times. one passenger...not wearing her seatbelt...was thrown from the car and airlifted to u-m-c with a broken pelvic bone and internal injuries. investigator alcohol were not a factor in the crash. typhoon chaba leaving a trail of destruction in south korea. flash flooding has left at least 6 people dead. according to the coast guard-- the storm left six crew members stranded inside a ferry. and when coast guard rescuers went to help them-- six people were swept out to sea by a huge wave. fortunately-- they were all rescued and survived. in the caribbean and the
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hurricane matthew. abc's marci gonzalez is in florida with the latest. with its powerful winds? and threat of severe flooding- hurricane matthew - is moving towards florida? now a category 4 storm - it's on track to be the most powerful hurricane to hit the u-s in more than a decade. soundbite(english) rick scott, florida governor: "evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, unfortunately this is going to kill people" possibly the largest evacuation ever in the sunshine state- with orders in place- for 2-and a people from here to the carolinas- unidentified man: ? it seems it's going to be pretty bad.. so it's best to get off the island taking the warnings seriously - after seeing the destruction matthew left behind in the caribbean? battering the bahamas- nat and killing more than 100 people in haiti? nats in what officials there call the worst humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake. (soundbite) (english)
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here in florida- theme parks closing? store shelves left empty- businesses boarded up? from miami- all the way up the coast and inland? millions are now bracing for what the national hurricane center says could be matthew's potentially disastrous impacts. tag- emergency declaration tba (ad-lib toss) let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. here at 13 action news we want all kids in las vegas to be
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all kids in las vegas to be able to stay warm all kids in las vegas to be able to stay warm this winter so our annual coats for kids drive is underway. and once again this year, our partner is tropical smoothie. please donate gently used or new children's coats at any tropical smoothie cafe. to find a location near you go to ktnv dot com or tropical
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smoothie cafe, a proud sponsor of action news and this community project. thanksgiving-v in recent years, black friday has been creeping into thanksgiving day. but officials at minnesota's "mall of america" say enough is enough. they are closing the parts of the mall they control on thanksgiving day...and are encouraging all of their tenants to follow suit. by workers..some even saying they cried tears of joy. you may have noticed your grocery bill doesn't seem quite as high. according to a new report from the u-s government...prices are down an average of 2-percent over the past year. analysts say food costs are falling and the supermarket industry is becoming more competitive. that means grocers are running more sales and promotions which keeps more money in your pocket.
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chance to win a 169- dollar gift certificate to 'dig this' where you'll get to take control of a 5-ton caterpillar and dig yourself into a massive hole in america's largest sandbox. just enter each day on our website, then watch 13 action news live at 11 to see if you win. dig this is a proud sponsor of 13 action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. more problems for samsung this afternoon. after another phone catches fire--this time on a southwest hear what the owner has to say about the phone and why officials are so concerned. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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they warn this is a problem that is only going to get worse before it gets better. a-b-c's elizabeth hur has the latest. just minutes before takeoff..
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((nat)) "994.. we got smoke in the cabin." the reason.. a burning smartphone.. ((sot)) green: "it popped, it sizzled you could say even.. i was scared." that's according to passenger, brian green, the owner of this samsung galaxy note 7 .. ((sot)) brian green/samsung phone owner: "i noticed smoke just pouring out of my pocket, pulled the phone out of my pocket, threw it onto the ground where it continued to smoke." samsung recalled nearly a million of its original note .. this is one of those not surprising for abc's aviation consultant steve ganyard. ((sot)) ganyard "it's not just a samsung problem. it's a battery problem." explaining.. to get to the bottom of this.. authorities need to look into the batteries.. now commonly used to charge smartphones and tablets. ((sot)) ganyard "these lithium ion battery fires, they'll burn up to 1500 degrees. aluminum melts at 1200. ((skip to)) we dodged a bullet this time. i don't think we can continue the count on being so lucky." ganyard also says..
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the sole responsibility of the tsa or even the airlines. ((sot)) ganyard "i think there's a role for the congress here to step in and say, if you're going to sell something with lithium ion battery in the country you have to meet a minimum safety bar. we don't have that as of now." elizabeth tag: in the meantime.. samsung says.. together with us officials.. they are investigating.. and if in fact, this latest phone involved is confirmed to be a replacement.. that could lead to a second recall for samsung. right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including the latest on hurricane matthew. millions told to evacuate as the monster storm bears down on the u-s. 13-action news live at 3:30
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matthew.. as the powerful.. and deadly storm bears-down on the east coast of florida. we want to take you out to our sister station -- w-p-t-v in west palm beach, florida as millions prepare for what could be the most dangerous storm to hit the state in years. south carolina deputies forced to open fire after a man begins shooting at them during a
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