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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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ba da ba ba ba good morning, america. breaking news, hurricane matthew hits florida. the eyewall brushes the east coast right now. the deadly storm unleashes its fury overnight. with dangerous winds topping 120 miles an hour. igniting power lines. now fears of life-threatening storm surge topping 10 feet, and waves up to 25 feet high creating catastrophic damage. >> unfortunately, this is going to kill people. president obama declaring a state of emergency. more than 3 million people forced to flee from florida to north carolina. >> too risky to stay. >> shelters filling up. airports shutting down. thousands of flights canceled, disney world closing its theme parks for only the fourth time ever. the new video showing the massive destruction in the caribbean. the death toll soaring overnight. entire towns leveled.
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david muir, ginger zee and rob marciano and our team all across the storm zone on a special edition of "good morning america." and good morning, america. we are live for our viewers in the west, and florida is feeling the strength of matthew right now. that is a look at the radar. you see the the eyewall brushing up against daytona beach. already gone through cape canaveral. you see that wind and rain hitting so hard. pounding the surf. that state is getting hit hard. everyone on alert. >> and then take a live look at daytona beach. this is just 15 miles north. conditions also extremely dangerous there. here's what we know right now. 3.2 million people from florida through the carolinas have been told to evacuate.
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without power in florida, and more than 4,450 u.s. flights have been canceled since wednesday. >> look at the storm right now. it is 350 miles wide and covers an estimated 280,000 square miles. >> just a massive slow-moving storm. our team is on the ground. david muir in jacksonville, and rob marciano in charleston. we'll get to ginger. she is in melbourne. it's calmed down bit. >> reporter: a little bit. but we have been battered for the last couple of hours with 30 to even 70 mile-per-hour winds here. but two miles, there were reports of 107 mile-per-hour winds and that's why the storm is so close. south didn't have as much damage, but boy, is it near the coast. you can see on the radar,
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jacksonville will be next. this is important. you see where they dropped in southern florida. they are on in charleston and savannah. there are flash flood watches that extend to virginia beach, which you will hear about later. look at the track. it hugs so closely to even charleston, that by tonight, even tomorrow, we'll be talking about the storm. we have about 48 hours left with matthew. george and amy? >> all right, ginger. yes. so much more to come and so many people impacted. been told to evacuate. this storm will most likely be the most devastating hurricane to hit jacksonville in 100 years. we have david muir. he is on the coastline. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning to you, david. as we are on the air live, governor rick scott speaking moments ago. reporting that florida is halfway through this hurricane. you have georgia and the carolinas next. more than a half million
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without power because of this hurricane, and as ginger just said, the fear is here in jacksonville and the storm surge. winds are expected to be 125 miles per hour and gusts to that point. it surges up to 11 feet. that's water on top of land, not taking into account the waves that will come in and the high tide. this is compared to superstorm sandy, which was 9 feet and the destruction we saw with that. we'll get more on that inus moment with a map of the coastline and where the surge is most dangerous, but first, the pictures coming in this morning. >> reporter: hurricane matthew slamming into central florida's coastline. >> unfortunately, this is going to kill people. >> with wind gusts up to 115 miles per hour. >> it's kind of almost a whiteout condition out there. >> reporter: the hurricane eye just a few miles now off of cape canaveral. at least 10 inches of rain expected. >> you can see the water out
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>> reporter: 300,000 are without power at this hour. these transformers exploding at vero peabeach. the national guard now standing by. asner vows parents bring their children to shelters like this one in jupiter. >> i'm concerned what will happen when the house falls and where we will go. >> reporter: changing plans in this popular vacation state. even forcing disney world to close. for the history. airports emptied, with more than 3,800 flights already canceled here in the u.s. more than 3 million americans now fleeing their homes from florida up to north carolina. fema officials prepared to provide relief with states of emergency in florida, georgia, north carolina and south carolina. the hurricane already devastating the caribbean. running its path through the bahamas. its force ripping through this
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the coast guard clearing a picture of home after home leveled. just devastating pictures coming in from the caribbean, particularly in haiti where we believe more than 280 people have died. i want to get to the storm surge concern. that's what we're dealing with. look at the map. you see the cone in jacksonville alone. 7 to 11 feet as i mentioned moments ago. that's a when we are concern more concerned about that water than the winds. in the meantime, i want to go 30 minutes south of here and my cl colleague, abc's eva pilgrim who is getting hammered at this hour. >> reporter: david, we are seeing the storm surge here. we are not even on the oceanside. we are on the mainland here, and it's blocking us from the ocean.
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over the storm wall. it is now pouring down. it's pouringaugustine. you see how angry. water is, and we were evacuated. from earlier this morning, we took off because we would not be able to make it across the bridge. that bridge -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: as you can see that's what happens in the middle of our storm coverage. they will be safe. we will be on the water in jacksonville because that's where it will hit next, and this team right on through "world news tonight." >> the storm is on its way to you. let's go to jim dolan. the eye is about 30 miles away? >> reporter: it is, and we are seeing the strongest wind and
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right now here in daytona beach. it is right offshore right there. we had been outside in this storm just a few minutes ago, but the wind has gotten so bad that it blew some 300 or 400-pound piece of glass and steel right we were standing. the hotel would not let us stay out there after that. it has been kicking debris for a long time. we spoke a while ago to the police chief here in daytona beach. he s they are not answering any 911 calls. it's too dangerous to do that. anybody who stayed in their homes after they were ordered to get out after the last day or so, if you are in your home now, they will not answer any 911 calls for four hours, until this storm passes here. if you stayed here in your home, you are stuck there now no matter what happens. the police chief telling us it's too dangerous to go inside and
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they will wait until the -- until this storm passes. about four hours. this is what it will be like now. michael back to you. >> we hope everybody stays safe in daytona. thank you, jim. let's turn to lauren lyster. she is on smyrna beach. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. the wind has picked up. it has become violent and very difficult to operate in and move in, and along with that, the water has risen. just extremely calm river, and it has moved up. it's flooding the streets. these docks are submerged and these are breaking off. drifting down the waterway, and residents are concerned about flooding because of the storm surge is expected to be 6 to 10 feet or more. back to you. >> we'll move to governor rick scott who i spoke to earlier
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governor scott, thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about the impact of matthew right now? >> well, george, it's about halfway up our coast off the coast of cape canaveral. about 40 miles. we have seen hurricane-force winds up to 107 miles per hour. it's still, you know, it's not daylight so we don't know where the damage is. we have been blessed that we don't have -- we haven't had a direct hit. as you know, just hurricane-force winds, we'll see a lot of storm surge. if you're in jacksonville, you still have an hour or two to evacuate. our to have up to 12 feet of storm surge and waves on top of that. it will impact rivers, not just the coast so we've got to be very careful about all the flooding we'll see and often as you know the flooding comes after the fact but this comes with the storm surge it'll come in fast and leave fast so that's what i saw with the hurricane we recently had in the panhandle the water comes in fast and goes out very fast and it can kill you. >> that storm surge still is dangerous. is it fair to say your state has
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like this before. we have over 22,000 people in your shelters. fortunately, no traffic issues. no fuel shortages, probably less than a quarter of a thousand people without power. they're starting to restore it in miami and in the ft. lauderdale area, and still assessing the damage, though, george. >> and as you say going forward you're concerned about more flooding in the coast and inland. what things you brace for right now? >> well, the biggest thing right now especially going north we're going to see a lot more storm surge than we've seen in the southern or middle part of the state. that's my biggest concern right now and my concern all along has been, did everyone take this seriously and evacuate? if you are in the jacksonville area, you still have an hour or so to evacuate. so do it if you have a chance to evacuate. i don't want anybody to be around the storm surge. i watched in the panhandle.
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difference. >> we had evacuation orders for 1.5 million people to move west of the state and we have plenty of people pre-positioned, and we called up 3,500 members of the national guard, and high water vehicles, food, water. so we're ready to deal with this and we'll work in the aftermath. we already have 400,000 people without power. >> one final question, the state of south carolina has extended voter registration because so many lives have been dis why won't you do that? >> george, look, we have the -- we have had plenty of time to register. look, this is politics. i mean, right now, i'm focused on getting this done. i'm focused on saving everybody's life. the biggest issue for me i want everybody to survive this. >> governor scott, thanks for joining us this morning. >> all right. see you, george. >> that was governor scott earlier this morning.
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he says he is most concerned and still concerned about jacksonville, but all major roads are open, and no reports of significant damage. >> that is good news. >> a lot of concern about those high winds as well. causing a lot of problems already. ge let's go to gio benitez in west palm beach. >> reporter: we're still get a little bit of that wind, but i want to show you the power of the storm. i want you to compare this tree to my height here. we're looking at at least three stories tall. look at it. the roots are uprooted right here, and everyone was indoors, and safe and protected. nobody was hurt here. but i want to talk about these power outages right now. we learned we've seen more than 350,000 power outages in the state of florida. no doubt as that storm just continues up the coast, we're going to probably see even more
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but the good news, no report of any injuries right now. but right now there's -- this collective sigh of relief here in palm beach, one lieutenant telling us we prepared, we prayed and we were spared. michael. >> it paid off. gio, thank you very much. president obama is meeting with his team and we will bring you those remarks. he has been tweeting overnight that hurricane matthews is serious as it gets. listen to local officials, prepare and take care of each other. let's go to rob marciano outside of charleston. >> reporter: most people have been listening here. i'm coming to you from a desserted south carolina. opening more evacuation routes last night. this is an area where people walk their dogs, and jog, all boarded up.
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people who haven't gotten out can now. time is running out for millions to get out. >> we need the get out now. >> reporter: the powerful eyewall southern state license plates are heading into north carolina. >> we're concerned. we took everything in before we left. >> reporter: many fleeing inland only to find hotels are booked up. >> it's almost impossible to get something. >> reporter: the reverse highway lanes will last as long as necessary officials say. and like this american red cross shelter. >> we are preparing for as many as 4,000, we can house if had this facility. >> reporter: at least 300 school busses shuttling people across the state, and more than 1,900 national guard troops are at the ready --
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>> reporter: but officials are concerned too many have decided to stay put and ride out the storm. by thursday morning, only 175,000 people had evacuated. >> there is no excuse to risk your life. >> reporter: a risk some residents seem prepared to take. >> we have decided to stay, because our home and businesses are here. >> reporter: the catalan knows are waiting and watching. >> we need more information. we're not ready yet. >> reporter: that family on the fence yesterday, likely on the move today. the track brings that storm as a category 1 or 2. dra dangerously i felt an uptick in the humidity here in the last history. the surface front opens the door for a matthew approach tonight. michael? >> thank you for the update, rob, and matthew causing a lot of problems at airports this morning. abc's david kerley has more on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. moving to safety and the number of cancellation growing, even here in washington, d.c. seeing some flights canceled. already for tomorrow, flights are being canceled.
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tomorrow, more than 2,200 flights canceled. in the past few days, hurricane matthew has led to the cancellation of nearly 4,000 flights and take a look at this. we don't see this often. this is flight radar data. watch the skies over florida just empty as all the aircraft are flown away from the hurricane and picture from miami airport shows terminals empty. not an aircraft on the ground. but here's what american airlines wants to do as the storm passes miami. they hope to start getting flights in there later this morning and maybe some departures this afternoon. it depends on how much damage there has been at the airport, and whether the winds remain, guys. it's going to take the weekend if get to system back on schedule. >> all right, david, thank you. so many people impacted by this storm. let's go back to ginger for the update. ginger. >> reporter: it is well north of east of me, but we're still
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don't go outside even if you think the storm has well passed you. i want to show you the timing. we stopped the clock at 8:00 p.m. where some of the heaviest rains and winds and the surge is from jacksonville to brunswick. we go to the overnight hours and it's georgia to south carolina taking the brunt there. through on in to saturday to north carolina, and by sunday morning, around north carolina and heavy rains have virgi beach, and it goes off. we can say good-bye finally to hurricane matthew or whatever is left of it by the time we reach monday. power lines are down here. we'll have much more coming up throughout the show. let's get to the weekend getaways brought to you by
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>> reporter: and of course, safety first for all of to our crews out here. we have a building fright in front of us. wanted you guys to know that. >> stay safe. we'll be live with the
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morning long. david here, and ginger zee and the whole team on the ground. look at this footage. storm chasers flying into the eye of hurricane matthew. we'll tell you what they are find out about this monster
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in henderson. this one broke out at a home near eastern and saint rose parkway. firefighters had the flames knocked out by the time our crews arrived. nobody was injured and it's not clear right now how much damage was caused. also overnight-- las vegas firefighters were called out to a house fire in summerlin. this is video from the scene near summerlin parkway and town center. crews believe the fire started sure exactly how. they believe it could be electrical because where the flames sparked there were electronics charging. the room is completely gutted. two adults and a teen were displaced. thankfully no on was injured. for the latest weather, traffic and breaking news... we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half hour < > here's a look at today's top stories from good morning las vegas.. democratic v-p nominee tim
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be unstoppably you. welcome back to "gma." all eyes on florida this morning, that is port canaveral, lots of damage there from the wind, just two miles from cape canaveral. and authorities concerned about the high winds there as well. so many structures there that could be damaged by those winds. daytona beach, a ghost town as the storm is hitting this morning. we have rain all across the state. >> yeah, now st. augustine, major fears there as it moves up the coast. a real concern about storm surge. more than 3 million people have been told to evacuate from florida through the carolinas as the eyewall of that storm slams the east coast. and ginger is in melbourne, florida. we have been with her all morning long, and that is right in hurricane matthew's path. ginger. >> reporter: yeah. hurricane matthew is obviously very close to us here. we're seeing gusts up to around
7:31 am
but the eye of that storm is dangerously close to the coast. here's what i want to show you on the radar. we're less than 22 miles from that eyewall, from the center of the storm. it's moving at 14 miles per hour. we should get an update from the national hurricane center is within the half hour to tell us whether it drops to a category 2 or not. even if it does, it doesn't matter. it will still do considerable damage rite at the coast. anywhere that comes in contact with that dark color on the radar there. here, i wanted to show you the path and rpm, the futurecast. the stuff at jacksonville, a crucial time where the heaviest rains are starting to fall and brunswick and charleston and more of that friday night early saturday, saturday day through sunday moving across the state line from south carolina into north carolina. and a quick look at the path. i want to just emphasize, it is
7:32 am
storm force winds. as we are right here. i'll be updating you throughout the morning. starting at 8:00 a.m. >> ginger, you are getting blown around. what can you tell us about the path further out? there has been some concern overnight that the storm might double back on florida next week? >> reporter: yeah. yeah. the computer models kept trying to turn it back around. everyone was saying, oh, my gosh and has happened in history, it's not unprecedented but as of this morning it looks like it will just sit out in the ocean and then hopefully dissipate so it's looking much weaker, and target again. if it does come back, we will be here telling you about it. >> thank you, ginger. you can see the winds have picked up since the last time we talked to her. back to david muir in jacksonville, florida, where the hurricane's winds could be catastrophic. david, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: hey, michael. a rapid intensification just within the last 30 minutes right here in jacksonville, and they
7:33 am
mile-per-hour gusts. and you see the storm surge. you see the waves picking up behind me. there's between a 7 and 11-feet storm surge. that's on the land and that doesn't take into account that could happen at high tide, and the wind is going counterclockwise. you will have the waves crashing onto land behind it and to put this into perspective. back during superstorm sandy, we were dealing with a surge of about 9 feet. they are expecting up to 11 feet right is why there is such concern here, and warnings and watches all the way up through the carolinas, guys. >> that's why evacuations are so important and there's time for so many to get out. look at this footage. storm chasers flying into the eye of hurricane matthew, and i spoke with rick knabb, the director of the national hurricane center for more on this storm. good morning, rick, with what we know right now with matthew's path, tell us what kind of damage you're expecting to see.
7:34 am
the water could do and not just in terms of damage to structures, but lives. this is a big, major hurricane that is just offshore, and it is fully capable of producing life-threatening storm surge, and if you are in an area that emergency managers have told you to evacuate and there's time to go, you absolutely have to go now. your life could depend on it, and i'm worried about the inland flooding that could not oy cause flooding off structure, but if people are on the roads and in the wrong spots, inland flooding can take lives as well. >> you were listening over the the past 24 hours. this is the strongest language i have heard in a long time in terms of getting people to evacuate. tell us why. >> i have used words i haven't used in a long time talking about the scenario unfolding and how scary and disastrous this could be. because when you have a hurricane not just impacting
7:35 am
could unfold here, affecting so many communities and states is what we're concerned about. because we know from hurricane history that water takes 9 out of 10 lives in u.s. tropical systems. that's why we're urging people to heed the instructions. if you live in mobile homes, you are being told to evacuate because of need to heed those as well. not just about the wind, but the deadly aspects of water. >> florida has not seen this type of storm in over a decade. jacksonville in more than 100 years. is it fair to say this is a history-making storm? >> absolutely. matthew will write some history. the key here is that you don't want to be a part of it. i don't want to be writing a report from the national hurricane center that totals up the storm surge or the inland flooding fatality, and you are
7:36 am
we can still control. >> we can see what's happening to florida right now. what can folks in north carolina, south carolina and georgia expect? >> bottom line is there's a little bit of time left especially in georgia and south carolina to get out. because storm surge and inland flooding, water, the going to be the main concern that threatens lives. >> thank you for that important information. in the caribbean, a scene of destruction. already hundreds of people have been killed, and emergency efforts are under way there at this hour. bahamas where they are feeling the aftermath of the hurricane. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. after a nearly 24-hour downpour, the rain here has finally stopped as streets are flooded and trees down everywhere and the process of assessing the damage just beginning. overnight, hurricane matthew lashing the bahamas. the then powerful category 4 storm roaring through nassau leaving behind a trail of destruction.
7:37 am
winds, sending debris flying. tearing rooftops off houses. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: toppling trees, to power lines, even ripping the side off this hotel. the storm surge is so powerful, boats sent smashing on to shore. more than 3,000 tourists on this popular island destination seeking shelter in hotel conference rooms, anything to protect them from this deadly hurricane. now residents picking up the pieces. still assessing the damage. thousands still without power. but before hurricane matthew pounded the bahamas, it left behind a dire humanitarian crisis in haiti. across the country, reports of coastal flooding and demolished roads. this morning the coast guard providing a clear picture of the damage hurricane matthew left in its path, crews conducting the first post-storm assessments over haiti. you can see home after home leveled. the united nations moving in helping residents salvage what they can, 21,000 people now
7:38 am
at least 350,000 in need of immediate assistance. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. hurricane matthew. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> and we are coming on the air right now. for many of you that is "gma" in the west. president obama is about to speak about the hurricane. he has been meeting in the o office with his director, jeh johnson. you see the eyewall of the storm right there. 30 miles off daytona beach. let's go to the oval office and the president of the united states. >> tell me when everybody's set. >> all set.
7:39 am
obviously, everybody has been tracking the course of hurricane matthew, and i just received an update from our fema director, craig fugate, as well as the rest of our national security team. i want to make a couple of key points. first, what we're seeing now is matthew having moved above south florida and some of the largest population centers working its way north. and the big concern that people are having right now is the effects that it could have in areas like jacksonville on through georgia. and we have seen some significant damage in portions of south florida. i think the bigger concern at this point is not just hurricane-force winds, but storm
7:40 am
people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought. and then suddenly, you get massive storm surge and a lot of people were severely affected. so i just want to emphasize to everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane. that the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life and severe property damage continues to exist. and people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials over the course of the next 24, 48, 72 hours. those of you who live in georgia, i think should be paying attention because there's been a lot of emphasis on florida, but this thing is going to keep on moving north through
7:41 am
there are large population centers there that could be vulnerable. pay attention to what your local officials are telling you. if they tell uh-you that you ne to evacuate, you need to get out of there and into higher ground. because storm surge can happen very quickly. people can think they are out of the woods and then get hit in be in a position in which they and their families aren't safe. so pay attention to local officials. in the meantime, contact with the governors of all four of the potentially affected states. i want to thank them all for their leadership. there has been strong cooperation between federal and state and local officials. fema has worked diligently to pre-position food, water, assets, commodities. as the hurricane moves north, what craig is his team will be
7:42 am
and assets further north so that any place that happens to get hit badly will be in a position to immediately come in and help. but i really want to emphasize, the governors have been on top of this. state and local officials have been on top of this. they are the ones who are tracking most closely what is happening in your particular community and your particular area. you need to pay attention to them do not be a holdout here because we can always replace property. but we can't replace lives. i want to thank craig and his whole team as well as the department of homeland security, my own national security team for really staying on top of. we're going to monitor this throughout the weekend. our thoughts and prayers are with folks who have been affected. it's -- even if the damage in
7:43 am
it could be, there are people who have been affected and for them, they are going to need help. last point i would like the make is we're still tracking what happened in areas like haiti that were hit more directly. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. it has consistently been hit and battered by a lot of natural disasters to compoun already great poverty there. we know that hundreds of people have lost their lives and that there has been severe property damage and they will need help rebuilding. i would ask all americans to go to the american red cross and other philanthropic agencies to make sure we are doing what we need to do to help people in need, and we'll continue to
7:44 am
interested on how you can help, go to and we'll provide you with how you can help, because even the smallest contributions make a difference. okay. thank you. fema is in a good position right now. we had some concerns last year when we were in the midst of budget negotiations. i think making sure that fema was properly funded, and not to make them blush, but we happen to have one of the greatest public services in america in craig fugate, and they know how to use their money effectively. that's not going to be an issue. of course, we always want to be cautious about making assessments with respect to damage. we're still on the front end of this hurricane.
7:45 am
we don't know how bad the damage could end up. we don't know how severe the storm surge could end up being, and we're not going to know for three, four, five days what the ultimate effects of this are. if we end up having really significant problems, and really severe property damage, then the staffer act comes in to play, and we have emergency and other mechanisms and more help to governments. that's always in question. as you know, we still have flooding in louisiana that has left a lot of people homeless. over 100,000 people lost their homes there and we still have to rebuild. there is a backlog of need from natural disasters around the
7:46 am
hopefully during the lame duck session to fund efficiently. it's not so much f heema's fund for the emergency response. the issue will be making sure that after the, you know, in this case, the hurricane, but in other cases, flooding or wildfires or, you know, other natural disasters, after they have happened, are we in a position to rebuild? we'll obviously make those assessments after the fact, and then we'll talk to congress about how we can help out. thank you, everybody. >> thank you. >> are you going to be -- >> i'm not going to go with the precinct. i'll probably do early vote. i'll fill out my form.
7:47 am
i'll be voting, man. some campaigning, too. >> all right. >> thanks, guys. >> president obama there wrapping up his meeting on hurricane matthew there in the oval office before he heads out to his hometown of chicago. he says this is a dangerous storm although south florida has avoided the worst of the damage. they were telling everybody in the states of georgia and south carolina, northern florida, jacksonville where the storm is headed next, pay local authorities. kobe a holdout.
7:48 am
avoided the worst so far. >> reporter: and george, we have right here in parts of central florida, the space coast is where we started to feel the effects. 107 miles per hour, one of the top gusts. you see the radar, it's more than 60 miles away from me, and i'm getting battered. daytona is getting hit hard. the storm we anticipate any moment getting new information from the national hurricane center. i wanted to show you the track because it still hugs along, and later this afternoon for jacksonville, the brunt of it and then into savannah. we'll see winds from this as it makes its way off. i'll leave you with the
7:49 am
south. we have 48 hours left with matthew. we'll be covering it, but north along the map, we have our folk. >> i want to go to rob marciano. he was saying this can be very, very dangerous. even though it appears safe. >> reporter: well, for one thing, you know, what you are seeing on your tv, what we're able to shoot is just what we're able to shoot. you're not necessarily seeing it's not safe for us or anybody else to shoot. that could be up the river systems for miles inland. i have seen cases where the bays and rivers will do more damaging storm surge to homes than right along the beach. we could see that in north florida, georgia and certainly in south carolina. that's the next state up after georgia. we expect it to last all day tomorrow, and the latest track
7:50 am
charleston. we could see it by this time tomorrow. it's a dangerous situation. we imagine a very well-prepared assets inside and outside the zone. no worries there. george. >> we heard from the governor of north carolina that his big concern is that this storm somehow stalls above the state, moves inland and that could just drench both carolinas. >> reporter: they have already had a pretty wet couple of months here. when these this interact with the jet stream and things that nudge them out to sea. that will squeeze out more moisture on the western side of the storm. we could see 10, 12, and maybe 14 inches of rainfall. that's why they are worried farther to the north as well. we mention all morning long, 9 of 10 deaths happened during the water. either the storm surge or heavy rain. >> the president said get to
7:51 am
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7:55 am
ee donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck. wrong for nevada. "good morning america" is brought to you by new drug-free aleve direct therapy.
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morning. he's holding a discussion at sun city macdonald ranch senior center in henderson. that starts at 10 a-m. kaine held a rally at the united brothers of carpenter training center last night with hundred supporters. the v-p nominee is busy on the campaign trail while hillary clinton prepares for sunday's presidential debate. union pacific railroad has issued a statment--- following a late night fatal accident
7:57 am
and a pedestrian. the company says people need to be aware of designated crossing areas. officers were called out to the scene near lake mead and the i-15 around 8:30 last night. police say the man was trespassing on private property when he was hit, but right now they're not sure what he was doing. pause for 5 seconds of fighting no one wants to see that happening on school campuses. that's why all this week clark county school district has been standing up to it's part of their "week of respect." the district has skorkowsky got in the spirit and dyed his hair and beard blue! today u-n-l-v atheletics is getting involved...they'll be holding a pep rally at c-t sewell elementary and yours truly will be the mc of that event. good morning las vegas is live every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven..
7:58 am
with more local news and weather. < > if you missed good morning las
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. right now hurricane matthew barrels into florida. the eyewall slams into the coast, extreme wind warnings, more than 120 miles an hour. fears of life-threatening storm surges. >> unfortunately, this is going to kill people. >> alerts now that the carolinas could be facing the worst flooding in history. our team live from the storm zone. silent kill per. the news anchor who died suddenly. a ticking time bomb in her body. the health issues she never knew she had. and she's pitch perfect. anna kendrick here live in times square, and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] that's kind of a fierce good morning from anna kendrick right here. >> i like that. >> we have a lot to get to. of course, we are tracking hurricane matthew right now. our team on the ground.
8:01 am
you're looking live at jacksonville, florida. you can see that weather moving in. they are bracing for what could be the most devastating storm to hit that area in 118 years. >> that's right, amy. >> this is what we know at this hour. 3.2 million people have been told to evacuate. in florida at least 300,000 are without power and more than 2,200 flights have been canceled today an are asking how you can help. we'll have more on the massive effort to take care of those on the coast and what you should do if you're in a storm zone, all that coming up just ahead. so let's start out with david muir. he is leading our coverage from jacksonville. the storm is heading your way, david. >> reporter: good morning. of course, the real concern here in jacksonville, expected to get hit next. we're seeing the strong outer bands of this wind and rain, particularly down on the water. we had to move further inland because you could see that surge
8:02 am
less the winds, that are expected to peak at 120, 125 miles an hour. more the surge itself, between 7 and 11 feet. that's not taking into account high tide and the waves that will come in afterward. you have to keep in mind the 11 feet of water on top of the land and add into it, high tide and the waves and you could have somdev station, when you compare it to superstorm sandy. they were dealing with a 9-foot storm surge. more here, and florida's governor keep that in mind. fema urging residents to heed the warnings. >> people will say it wasn't that bad in south florida, so it must not be too bad. this is still a very dangerous situation to be played out with storm surges and this is our concern right now. the hurricane force winds will do what they are going to do. knock power out and do structure damage.
8:03 am
seen this since the last 1800s to the degree we will see with this storm. >> reporter: as you heard, take the warning seriously. not just the wind, but the rain. gusts up to 125 miles per hour. we had to move further inland because the water was rising. predicting up to 11-foot storm surges and that doesn't take into account high tide and the waves on top of it. they are expecting devastation from when they are historic hurricane here. >> we'll see you tonight. let's go to ginger in florida. she has the latest on the impact. >> reporter: we are on the southwest side of the storm already. it has passed. just way too close for comfort, but the eyewall stayed away from right here. look at the map now because it is essentially on top of cape canaveral.
8:04 am
it's still a category 3. 120 mile-per-hour sustained winds, and it will hug along the coast. i love what david was talking about with the storm surge. that's so true. don't just worry about the wind. you can see it there saturday night into sunday as it makes its way back off into the atlantic up. timing out, a look at those winds. important to note, and jacksonville will feel it and it goes to and we say good-bye to it by monday. george? >> a lot of time until monday. looks like that wind is whipping you around. >> reporter: we get it in waves. it will go calm and then back at us. we see 50 to 60 miles per hour at points. >> let's go to paula faris. >> we are seeing more powerful images of the destruction. left behind, and entire
8:05 am
washed or blown away. the death toll there is approaching 300. that number is expected to rise as relief workers reach more areas. in the bahamas, winds topping 120 miles per hour, peeled the roof off of this house. despite that expensive damage new york city casualties have been reported. authorities from florida to the carolinas have received complaints about price gouging. there are reports of gas stations charging more than $6 per reportedly charged more than $10 for bottled water. shutting down the campaign offices in florida. both candidates off today to prep for the debate on sunday. trump held a town hall, however he denies it was practice for sunday. in other news, the nobel peace prize winner has been announced. the president of columbia is
8:06 am
civil war although voters rejected his peace deal. one week after the train cras crash, the wreckage has been towed from hoboken. they are trying to figure out why it happened. and also, the top online brothel has been charged with sex trafficking. the ceo of backtracking accuse ofd of coaxing adults an children into porostitution, an he could face 20 years. after pressure on social media, the man who threw that beer can in toronto last week, he has surrendered to police. he fled the stadium, but turned himself in after a picture of him made the rounds. we have just discovered the only
8:07 am
every canadian i have ever met is lovely. >> just write guilty across his face. >> the power of social media. >> thank you very much. "pop news" time. >> thank you so much, george. happy friday, everybody. we'll begin with some bruno mars news. love that guy and happy to report he is back with brand-new music today. four years after his last release, this time called "24 karat magic." i bet it is. the grammy winning singer revealing the track's title on twitter saying coming this friday to a speaker near you. the king of "uptown funk," his third album is complete and will be released november 18th. get ready for the download. as you may recall, bruno's 2012 "unorthodox jukebox" was a runaway hit climbing to number one on the billboard 200. who is a bruno fan? he just makes you want to dance. >> prince and michael jackson all rolled into one. >> that's a great description.
8:08 am
come on "gma," will you? also in "pop news" this morning, more music buzz. jennifer lopez has an all new spanish album in the works and a happy surprise, she has called on her ex, marc anthony, to executive produce. the first single set for a november release. it's her first spanish project in a decade and looking forward to this new musical journey to celebrate her latin roots with marc. he is adding he is looking forward to being part of her musical legacy. sounds like neither of these two is looking back anymore. their divorce behind them, and only good things ahead. >> worked together a few times. >> i love it. she is a talented lady. all that music today, i guess. finally, a little mix here. musician, art collector, eric clapton doing a little fall cleanout. you know, though, his get rid of pile looks a little different than most of ours. one thing in that pile, an abstract painting by german artist gerhard richter, well, he bought it 15 years ago and christie's will auction it off
8:09 am
here in new york at an art sale. the painting is seven feet tall. he bought it for $3.2 million and in my biz, in the flea marketing biz, we call it bundle. he bought that with two other pieces for $3.2 million, and they're expecting that he'll get around $20 million for that one piece. >> yeah. good eye. >> yes. another artist with -- another musical artist with a great eye was the legendary david bowie. his collection of art including museum quality paintings by the likes of jean-michel basquiat also on the block this fall this time at sotheby's. that one is expected to go for $4.7 million. but the cool factor for owning a piece of bowie art, priceless. yep. >> because they owned it, i wonder if that adds. >> probably. >> absolutely. basqiat, hangs in moma, in the museum of modern art but add to that that it was david
8:10 am
one piece. do you think i get excited about this stuff? >> she's ready to bid. >> with michael's paddle. >> yeah, right. yeah, you're in trouble. >> we'll go back to the storm zone. we'll be there all morning long and get the latest on hurricane matthew. what you can do to help. then the silent killer. the health issue you may not know you have. dr. ashton is here with all the warning signs. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement?, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you?. liberty mutual insurance. ?
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8:13 am
jacky rosen: and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps"
8:14 am
my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. that i she was an anchor here in new york before she died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm. and now her husband is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening to others. mara schiavocampo with us. it already saved one woman's life. >> remarkable story. about 30,000 people in the u.s. suffer from a brain aneurysm rupture each year and half of those are fatal. that's what happened to colagrossi and now her husband is working to make sure that
8:15 am
signs that his wife missed. >> now we're starting to see more closures than delays. >> reporter: like so many women, lisa colagrossi was always on the go, a deadline-driven new york city reporter, a wife and mom to two boys. >> her family meant everything to her. >> reporter: last year colagrossi began suffering terrible headaches, but put off going to the doctor. >> i stopped and said, don't you think we should go get those checked? and she said, i don't have time. i'll take an aspirin. >> she was just going to power through. >> power through it. >> reporte know, those were symptoms of a ticking time bomb, a brain aneurysm. then moments after finishing a live shot one morning last march, colagrossi collapsed. >> i got a call from one of the top neurosurgeons saying that they had my wife and they weren't sure why. >> reporter: her brain aneurysm ruptured leading to a massive
8:16 am
working tirelessly to save others. starting the lisa colagrossi foundation dedicated to teaching the signs and symptoms of brain aneurysm starting with an inaugural gala and it is working. >> i had just completed working out, and on my way home, i experienced a sudden, very sudden headache. >> reporter: after hearing todd tell lisa's story on a radio broadcast, chris sorenson's sister immediately called her. >> and then that afternoon i just went into the emergency room and nine hours later i went home with this diagnosis. >> reporter: turns out chris did have an aneurysm. todd's warning saved her life. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> reporter: last week they met for the very first time. >> that's a real credit to, you know, my loving and beautiful wife that angela heard my story and that chris can be counted as a survivor and is here today. >> such important work. the foundation will also be
8:17 am
whoopi goldberg whose brother died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm and they've also created a website with a lot of resources about this. it's the lisa colagrossi foundation and people can find it online. >> thank you very much. more on this from dr. jen ashton and, boy, let's begin with the basics. what is an aneurysm? why are they so dangerous? >> if you think about the arteries, blood vessels, you can get an aneurysm anywhere in the body. this would be a normal blood vessel. basically an aneurysm is a bulg part of it and since the arterial blood flow is under high pressure, that can start to leak and rupture which can be fatal. the good news is that many people have these and they don't rupture. >> but it's so heartbreaking to see that lisa had the warning signs and ignored them. what should people be watching for? >> what people need to understand, the classic one is a sudden severe headache. in medicine we call it the worst headache of life and those are the words someone should use if they present to the emergency
8:18 am
blurry vision or change in your vision, sudden drooping of the eyelid. there are lots more symptoms. if you think they overlap with those of stroke, you're correct. the bottom line is the response should be the same. call 911, get to an emergency room. do not deny, ignore or delay. >> immediately. how about the underlying risk factors? >> some people are born with increased risk factors for other things are under our control. things like smoking, uncontrolled high blood pressure, excessive alcohol consumption or drug abuse. lisa didn't have any of those things and a lot of people don't, but the good news is the awareness can be lifesaving. >> that's what we're trying to do today, and that's what the foundation is doing as well. jen, thanks for joining us. coming up, we'll have more on hurricane matthew. it is moving up the coast right now. we'll have what you could do if you're in the storm zone and what viewers across the country can do to help. we'll have what you could do if you're in the storm zone and
8:19 am
8:20 am
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there's nothing "or something" about it. panera. food as it should be. horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> we are back now with the very latest on hurricane matthew. the storm bringing out the best in people along the coast. volunteers racing in to help handing out water, offering rooms to evacuees. let's go back to ginger with all of those details in melbourne, florida.
8:23 am
>> reporter: hey, good morning to you, amy. yeah, whether it's simply just the power out for days or that catastrophic damage that could still happen in places north of here into georgia and south carolina, people are going to need your help. as hurricane matthew barrels along the florida coast, it's all hands on deck. more than 12 million people were bracing for the storm. overnight twitter exploding with the #prayforflorida urging those on the front lines to take warnings seriously. those ominous clouds looming over the sunshine state and the gusty winds. one woman tweeting she's prepared for the worst and praying for the best, stay safe, everyone. but it's not just water bottles and sandbags. another major concern, where do the evacuees go? >> we're doing our best to try to accommodate everybody because we know it's something they can't help. >> reporter: angry stroup, a hotel manager in north carolina, saying her hotel is full. so she's calling others for help. >> we've had all these people coming in from the coast and trying to get them helped.
8:24 am
free stays across south carolina, florida and georgia. >> we have folks that come show up at the office and want to get their hands dirty and get really involved in the trenches and what we do. >> reporter: on the ground volunteers getting ready to jump in. >> we're hoping folks all across the u.s. in their communities step up to help the folks being affected by hurricane matthew. sign up to volunteer or sign up sign up to volunteer, or sign up to make a financial donation. if you want to donate your time, there's several different chapters doing what we call just in time training so we're te shelter residents in a red cross shelter so you have expertise so you can be able to help in your local community. >> reporter: i have to say it was so cool to see people are always concerned about pets in these situations. and this hotel that we were in had as many pets as it did people. so great to see that folks kept them with -- and the hotels allowed the pets to come in there. i want to do a quick check of the storm and the next ingredient that we are, of
8:25 am
david mentioned it earlier. but it all has to do with the tide and the timing. so areas north of us here could still see 7 to 11 feet of storm surge on top of the winds, the heavy rains and, of course, i'm sorry, i'm getting pelted here pretty hard. starting to feel a little daggery. i'm going to go under and we'll and ginger will be keeping you updated on hurricane matthew throughout the morning here on abc news. and coming up, one of the top design bloggers being called
8:26 am
millennials is here helping you upgrade your workspace. and then we have anna kendrick here live. stay with us. you don't want to miss it.
8:27 am
governor sandoval is changing up the agenda for lawmakers for the upcoming special session. along with the funding plan for the proposed n-f-l stadium, leaders were set to discuss a separate room tax increase that would go to public education funding. the governor says that's being set aside for now. the special session begins
8:28 am
there. overnight-- las vegas firefighters were called out to a house fire in summerlin. this is video from the scene near summerlin parkway and town center. crews believe the fire started in a bedroom, but they're not sure exactly how. they believe it could be electrical because where the flames sparked there were electronics charging. the room is completely gutted. two adults and a teen were displaced. thankfully no on was injure new details about the man accused of setting a north las vegas home on fire monday night. according to tony fernadez's arrest report-- he believed drug dealers were out to get him. he told police his home near civic center and las vegas boulevard was dark so he lit a bag dog food on fire to see. he tried to put it out, but quickly the flames got out of control. his girlfriend had to be taken to umc because she had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. join us for good morning las
8:29 am
8:30 am
? nice happy friday crowd here. good morning, america. great audience as always. we have an extra, extra special guest. >> yes, we do. my mommy is here. [ applause ] which means i have to behave. >> yeah, not really. she doesn't have to beha >> she never does. >> yeah. i'll pretend, too. hi, mom. i love you. should we get to our combo? >> yes sh, we should. amy and i have been talking about something. people waste a lot of time without even knowing about it. >> i'm going to say something that i do. i'm going to be full disclosure. how many of you have wasted an entire night like i have just watching trailers and never
8:31 am
has anyone else done that? [ applause ] in fact, i'm so bad my kids will say you've watched that trailer like three times now. >> ours is exactly the opposite. sitting on the couch and the girls will go through eight, nine, trailers, i say, just pick anything. >> they're not alone. i'm not alone. according to a new study -- this is hilarious. we spend 19 minutes watching trailers before we actually pick something and if you look at that in its entirety how much time we're wasting watching trailers, americans, by the way, spend 24 minutes. that was a global thing adding up to six days a year. >> every single day. >> just for something to watch. >> i'm more focused. i sort of turn it on knowing there's something i want to watch. i get right to it. >> sometimes when you don't know -- i'm guilty of that looking at trailers. i like parts of it. yes, this is the one and the scene comes on and i'm like, nah, that ain't it. if you spend 24 minutes on average, by the time you cut the commercials out of everything, the show is only 20 something minutes.
8:32 am
spend so much time doing it it's time to go to bed. i can't even pick the the movie. >> we have a table divide here. >> we do. we do. >> one of those things, pick it, know it. >> and stick it. >> behave. your mom is here. >> that wasn't even me. trust me, you'll know. so i want to talk to about the word fiance. what's your feeling on it? do you like the word? does it bother you? >> it's kind of elegant. >> it feels a little pompous. i bragging. this is my fiance. >> i like when you say fiance but when you say fiance, that's a little different. >> makes sense. fiance. well, a lot of people are saying -- "the new york times" article is saying many, many people in this generation are less concerned with labels and, in fact, consider the word to be exactly that, pompous and so they're suggesting a new label is needed and so i'm wondering what would you -- >> this is the guy i'm going to marry. >> partner or perhaps -- yeah,
8:33 am
this is the man i love or this is the woman that i love. >> sounds like you're not going to marry. >> i would agree with that. i don't know why but apparently sort -- the millennial generation -- >> it's braggy. >> it's braggy, and outdated. >> this is my dude. like what are you supposed to say? what other word is -- what is another word for fiance? >> well, my betrothed. that's even more pompous. >> my betrothed. >> no words are needed. >> i don't -- >> this is my lover. >> ooh. >> i love that. >> lover? again, might not be getting married but how is it braggy. does anyone -- >> a status thing. look at my ring, this is my fiance. it all sounds so important. i don't know. i'm just guessing. >> this says, please don't say look at my ring. that is part of what this generation just does not like. they're more of an understated -- >> i saw one where they said
8:34 am
>> that's a good one. >> that's a pretty good tip. >> if you are a man our advice to men from george and i because we think the same, george. >> always. [ laughter ] >> always. >> you guys are like -- >> separated at birth. >> if you do get engaged and she is with you and you introduce her you better say fiancee. do not -- change it. >> don't worry about this article. >> don't worry about that article. >> michael, if i get engaged now i'm in that. >> yeah, she's at an elevated level. she needs to feel it. when someone is at an elevated level -- so talented and this is -- i'm not bringing -- i'm bringing someone to the table, okay. this is not just someone, this is everybody. this is the star of "pitch perfect," actress and singing sensation, anna kendrick, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello again. >> mwah.
8:35 am
>> good to see you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you guys so much for having me. oh, my god. this is so fancy. i really do. i feel like i can make some decisions. >> go for it. make sot news. >> i feel like -- >> this news in -- the new word for fiance is the guy i'm currently test driving. >> see, you say what i think. we too are separated at birth. >> give me some cards. these are official. >> the cards make you feel official. these are facts i'm reading off a card. it's a fact. >> what is a fact is that you in the new movie "the accountant" and you play -- yes, great movie by the way. >> thank you, one person. >> one person. well, they haven't even seen it. they must have seen a screening like i did. but it is -- you play an accountant in the movie but i heard your -- >> my mom is an accountant and i sent her the script. it's frowned upon.
8:36 am
because i was, like, you have to explain all of this to me. she's like a math whiz and been working as an accountant, like, for her whole life and explaining all the financial aspects because it's really kind of a puzzle and you don't have to like be a math whiz to follow the movie i thought i should kind of know what they mean and the second i was done, that's gone forever. farewell. thank you. but she was also excited because she -- there's all these like jokes about how account are pore borinboring, so are pore borinboring boring, soe was like, this is like a sexy accountant movie. it is like intrigue and like, you know, fights and it's very exciting. >> that's what i see when i go see my account apartment. intrigue. in the movie your character's dad inspired her to be an accountant, pocket protector and all. we'll take a look at a clip. >> i have a pocket protector. >> that's a nice one. i mean his was dorky.
8:37 am
but he convinced me to go into the field because i wanted to study art at the art institute of chicago, but art doesn't pay the mortgage. art doesn't pay the mortgage, young lady. dad's tastes ran more to dogs playing poker. >> i like dogs playing poker. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> so awkward. i know. i know. it's such a serious movie. it's like there's action and there's all these elements, and of course, i come in and i'll be derpy and awkward. >> was it a fun part to play? >> i had so much fun because she's so like -- she's so open and she wants to connect so much and she's really bad at it and ben is playing someone who is on the autism spectrum and wants to connect too and like they're both just going how -- like i feel like you don't like me and -- it's so sweet.
8:38 am
before? >> i met him years ago at a party. hi explain what a jonas brother was and then we ended up doing this movie together and i had such a great time. although, he is a tall person. he is a large human being so there were definitely scenes where i was like don't stand near me. like let's shoot across the room. have a connection but we're across the room. >> he was here yesterday as a matter of fact. he had some nice things to say about you. >> that's very sweet. >> one thing he said you would sing and hum around the set all day long. >> i don't know why. >> theup >> i -- okay, you caught me doing it literally like earlier today. you were like you were just singing. i was not -- how dare you. i guess i do it without noticing. >> what were you singing? >> i don't know. i sing my words like i -- i don't notice it. yeah, like i'm constantly -- in a musical. everybody hates me. >> sing a conversation? >> no. just by accident.
8:39 am
>> okay, yeah. right. >> okay, so, sing this out. you have -- >> i will not. >> but you have a new book -- your first book as a matter of fact called "scrappy little nobody" and -- >> wrote a book, y'all. >> it's hard to write a book. it really is, but describe your book which may be even harder in three words. >> oh. >> scrappy. >> funny, i hope. >> funny, i hope. i like that. [ applause ] >> pretty good. >> and speaking of singing you've been traveling around with justin timberlake. >> i know. >> for your new movie. >> that dude will like -- 6:00 in the morning and doing seven-note riffs without even noticing. i was, like, showoff. we get it. you're a huge dan. >>y you an 'nsync fan growing up. >> i don't want to be another one of those girls -- i tried to resist it.
8:40 am
>> straight to the jonas brothers. >> well, you know what, this movie is fantastic. i have seen it once. i want to see it again. as awkward as those clips seem, you, you, you and not you don't seem awkward at not and i love your description of fiance. i think everybody should take it to heart. >> you heard it here first. >> the movie is "the accountant" it hits theaters everywhere on october 14th. anna kendrick, everybody. coming up, she's been called the martha stewart of millennials. grace bonney is here live. [ ch [ cheers and applause ] politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck voted ten times to take away their funding. heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shutting down the government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points.
8:41 am
women vote is responsible
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8:43 am
welcome back to "gma." we talked a lot about the wind and, of course, the storm surge but we have to talk about the rain too. flash flood watches now up from parts of georgia near savannah there up to even virginia beach. and those flash flood watches come along with the warning you can see up to a foot of rain. a lot of places in that half foot category. so you're seeing the rainfall possibilities there and a quick look at the track. the track doesn't right now match a lot of the spaghetti models and think it may shift eventually to go out to sea so we'll update it throughout the morning. for now let's check your local
8:44 am
this segment brought to you by jeep grand cherokee. lara, back to you. joining me is grace bonney. she's been called the martha stewart of millennials. that's a pretty big title by the way. she has a hugely popular design blog called design sponge. i'm a giant fan of it and now a new book celebrating entrepreneurs and it's called "in the company of women." it is terrific. we'll hear about design tips but first here is a look at grace's journey. ? meet grace bonney. >> after a few hours in the sun it should be good to go. >> reporter: the pioneer lifestyle blogger behind the wildly pop already site, design sponge. she's inspired her nearly 2 million daily readers with tips for home, diy, food and travel. in 2008 she parlayed it into meetups for female entrepreneurs which lives on as a weekly column on her site. now in her new book, bonnie is
8:45 am
makers, artists and entrepreneurs from diverse walks of life to share their stories, hoping to empower readers on their own path to success. [ cheers and applause ] >> here is the book. here is grace bonney. 107 women interviewed for this book. each of them a rock star in their own right. what are you hoping and you ask the same questions of each of them. what are you hoping these guy, the readers get out of this? >> i'm hoping every single woman whether you're a young girl or in a later stage of life can open that page and see someone who reflects who you are that inspires you to follow all of your dreams go it is true an i spent a lot of time reading and it's so interesting to hear how people found their passion, what the most important thing to them is in the workspace. i mean, there really is such inspiring tips and i did notice that you had to sneak a little design in. you can't help yourself. >> always. >> all of these women are
8:46 am
and i want to take you over here because we had a little bit clever at "gma" with the greatest props team in the world. so how important is it to have a unique feel and a pop of creativity in your work space? this is sort of what mine looks like, sadly. you know i love design. i just haven't gotten there yet. this is assuming not grace bonney approved. >> it's snoozeville. >> it's snoozeville. >> it's pretty boring. >> this is the kind of place i can see y i get to it, and also all the women in your book. are you pretending this is my work space. >> exactly. >> this is my workspace. my kids, my daughter. now, why is this going to bring out the greater you? >> when you're in a space that's exciting and inspiring, and makes you feel comforted, you do your best work. so this is why we focus on adding an inspiration board of photos of your family that make you feel supported and comforted when you're at the office and focused on adding bright pops of color that bring
8:47 am
favorite things always flesh flowers or plants because it brings in bright, fresh energy, and then my favorite tip this fabric on the back wall, and you can have the most boring cubicle, and you can add push pins. >> because you can push your -- all of your work, mantras right into it and not ruining it. not like wallpaper or a wall -- >> you can use gift wrap if you don't want to spend money on wallpaper and fabric. >> that's great. you have so many great tips on your blog. i look at it all the time. >> thank you. >> i want to get back to the book. this is more of an inspirational book. how do the two -- how do they go together? >> for me business and design have always gone hand in hand but primarily because i spent so many years talking about amazingly beautiful things but i found the people behind those things and their stories were so much more fascinating and inspiring and i wanted to collect a really diverse
8:48 am
one place so everyone could go back to it and find their path to success. >> how did it feel when you recalled the martha stewart of the millennials. >> a little surreal. >> i want to be martha stewart. >> don't we all? >> yes. >> i want her shoe collection. have you ever seen it? >> so neat and perfect and so are you and this book is so inspiring. i love that you took the time to do it. please more books to come. >> absolutely. >> and that blog, design sponge, you guys and the name of the book, "in the company of women." grace bonney, creative genius, >> thanks for having me. coming up, aja naomi king is with us from "the birth of a
8:49 am
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bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? we're back with aja naomi king. you know her from "how to get away with murder." but -- yes, but now she's taking on the big screen and the "the
8:51 am
of nat turner and in this scene he comes to see her while he's on the run. take a look. >> i killed people everywhere for no reason at all but being black. they say the killing won't stop till they get you. >> i mean, that is a very powerful scene in the movie. and that camera is all on you. just your face and how was it to see yourself on the big screen like that. >> it's pretty insane actually. especially in a film like this one. you know, i'm used to watching "how to get away with murder" which is, you know, like this really fun show that we do, but seeing something like this being a part of telling a story that is so crucial to understand about our history as black people in this country is just -- it's -- it's just so necessary and such a very visceral way for me and i'm just so grateful i got to take on this part.
8:52 am
did it very well and armie hammer was here and we saw you on the auction block. that was your first day of filming. that was a heavy first day. >> yeah. that was an extremely heavy day. i didn't know how that was going to be for me emotionally. i've never portrayed this kind -- i hate saying character because she was a real -- she was a real person that, you know, was living and breathing on this earth and i wanted to honor her but that was reall there and do that and it feels humiliating and you understand immediately the kind of fear that these people lived through but i had to remember that this was her reality and she's stronger than i am and i had to let that kind of just enter me and allow that to exist on the screen. >> and this film won the sundance grand jury prize, had a record sale price. there's a lot of oscar buzz about you, so accept it. take it in.
8:53 am
[ applause ] how do you feel about that? >> i mean, it is very nice when people say nice things but the thing that means the most to me is that people will see the film and that it will educate them about a part of our history that i didn't even know and i'm so embarrassed to say that and i hope they understand that we -- we have that kind of power inside of us and we can all access and tap into our greatness and walk in that. >> well, you know what, you're walking in it the right way and ow can't wait to see you there but you can go see "the birth of a nation." it's in theaters now and we'll be right back, everybody. [ applause ]
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good >> announcer: "good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. food as it should be. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching, everyone. david muir will have the latest on hurricane matthew on "world news tonight." >> do not forget to watch the debate on sunday night. martha raddatz, one of the moderators. have a great day, everyone. moderators.
8:57 am
today's top stories.. firefighters believe a dryer is to blame for an overnight fire in henderson. this one broke out at a home near eastern and saint rose firefighters had the flames knocked out by the time our crews arrived. nobody was injured and it's not clear right now how much damage was caused. democratic v-p nominee tim kaine remains in las vegas this morning. he's holding a discussion at sun city macdonald ranch senior center in henderson. that starts at 10 a-m. kaine held a rally at the united brothers of carpenter training center last night with hundred supporters. the v-p nominee is busy on the campaign trail while hillary clinton prepares for sunday's
8:58 am
department has lost one of its own. a firefighter of 22-years and has passed away after you could call him if you had any issues. he was that person" captain yaphet (yah-fet) miller died wednesday night. firefighters are confident this was line of duty death. miller's heart stopped while fighting a strip mall fire near rancho and washington last month. this resulted in a severe brain injury and he was placed on life support. miller leaves behind a wife and
8:59 am
i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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today on "the morning blend," foodies rejoice. where food trucks from all over will park so you can dig in. comedian ralphie may brings the laughs in studio live. go pink. the big initiative to fight breast cancer as the blend starts right now. friday morning. taking a live look outside right now. there is the broadcast tower way in the distance. all the stations launched that pink initiative for the month. we're going to talk about that in a second. they brought deliciousness in front of us. it's torture. we can't eat right away. people need to see it first. >> i like that shot in the control room. >> that is cute, huh? usually watching other channels


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