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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  October 7, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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what we're now learning about the attack. plus... vice presidential nominee tim kaine in town today. his message to voters here in the valley. but first...... hurricane matthew is showing no signs of letting up. more than a million people are now without power in florida...this as people living in georgia and the carolina's brace for what's to come. the storm continues to hammer the coast of florida...bringing with it heavy rain and 100 mile per hour winds. some areas could see a storm surge as high as 11-feet. todd walker is in daytona of the latest communties hit by the storm today. --(todd adlib current conditions, toss to vo, back to
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lows 58 to 62 on the west side of the valley...59 to 63 on the east side. northwest winds up to 10 mph. .satr highs 82 to 85 on the west side of the valley...84 to 88 on the east side. north winds up to 10 mph shifting to the east in the afternoon. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 63 to 67 on the west side of the valley...64 to 68 on the east side. winds generally light becoming west up to 10 mph after
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there's an easy way to help donate money to help support the american red cross disaster relief effort following hurricane matthews. a-t and t customers can text "matthew" to 90999 to make a 10-dollar donation. the charges will appear on your wireless bill. as we've been showing you... hurricane matth especially hard. we're getting new video right now of the flooding and devastation. the number of people killed is now estimated at more than 500. haiti had yet to recover from a devastating earthquake 6-years ago when the hurricane hit. they're now worried about a cholera outbreak. we will continue to track hurricane matthew throughout the newscast. but for the latest updates you can always head to ktnv dot com or download our free 13 action news mobile app police need your help finding
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investigators say the shirtless man walked to a gas station near bonanza and martin luther king...grabbed a random victim and began attacking him....viciously throwing him to the ground. he stole a number of items from the victim before driving away in this white car. here's a closer look at the suspect from inside the convenience store. 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi is digging deeper into the investigation....and will have the latest on 13 action news live at 6. after a bank robbery in hederson. it happened earlier today at a the citibank near eastern and saint rose parkway. police say the suspect burst in wearing a mask and carrying a gun. he reportedly yelled at everyone to "get down"...before firing a shot into the floor. no word on how much money he made off with. police are also investigating a home invasion in the central part of the valley. it happened just after 11 a-m on east katie avenue...near orr middle school.
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by 3 suspects before being robbed. no word on what was taken. 15:19:42 nat cheer for kaine's entrance democratic vice presidential nominee senator tim kaine is in town. you can hear things got a bit rowdy. it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. today-- he's talking to an older crowd...with his own parents in the room. 13 action news reporter parker collins has the breakdo 16:35:03 it started as a packed room and even after it ended a lot of people lingered and talked asking more questions take vo at 16:35:11 but this whole thing started as he took a few jabs at donald trump again because this isn't the first time he's been in the valley he was here yesterday he brought up donald trumps book the mispronunciation of nevada that got a lot of laughs even some boos at some points but then he quickly got into policy and even took several questions from the audience but take a listen to one of the first
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tim kaine 7:12 "only donald trump would make that mistake and then when he's corrected, you guys have to change you're pronouncing it. my way is a better way of it. i mean wow, you cannot make this up." 16:35:40-16:35:55 that is of course in reference to the mispronunciation of nevada by donald trump but some of the questions he answered had to do with black lives matter veterans healthcare stuff like that it lasted more than an hour in henderson parker collins 13 action news. republicans here at home are planning a massive former republican presidential nominee mitt romney will join cresent hardy, joe heck, dean heller and lieutenant governor mark hutchison for a "get out the vote" rally. the event starts at 9 a-m at the "cresent hardy for congress" headquarters on del webb and lake mead. a wild brawl breaks out in an unlikely place...and it's all caught on camera nats of fight family members come out swinging...outside a courthouse.
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fists to fly. plus... a new warning for cell phone users....after another phone catches fire while charging. and it's not a samsung. remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was down 28 points, closing at 18,240
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fight between the families of a murder suspect and the victim. nats of people fighting :59-1:02 (butted with) ( woman on camera ) "that guy threatened me. that's why my uncle punched him in the face." ( woman off screen ) "you were walking out and pushed him." ( woman on camera ) "no, i didn't!" ( woman off screen ) "yes, you did!" ( woman on camera ) "i did not push him!" two men are charged with killing a pregnant woman. police say antagonizing from both sides led to the wild brawl...but officers were able to separate calm things down. a california woman says her iphone exploded and caught on fire in her bedroom. samsung had similar problems with the note 7, recently..which prompted a nationwide recall. the woman says a flash followed by flames got her out of bed and it was caused by her i-phone 6 plus that was charging on the dresser. her husband had to put it out by throwing the phone in a sink....
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fire was coming out of the underneath my pillow or i was on the phone? my face would be burned."> she says... there were pictures on the phone and the memories of her kids and a recent promotion are all lost because it hadn't been backed up. this is the second iphone explosion in a week... the first was reported by a student on the east coast. he says the same model started burning in his back pocket as hurricane matthew bears down on the east coast... it's causing a nightmare for travelers. airlines brought to a standstill as thousands of flights are cancelled. what you need to know before you head to the airport. plus... a warning for parents this afternoon. a major recall is underway...the baby bathtub that could put your child in serious danger. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first.
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accelerated, just before the accident. the n-t-s-b says the recording devices show it was moving 8 miles per hour...38 seconds before the crash. but it sped up to 21 miles an hour before flying into the transit station in hoboken. investigators b engineer put on the emergency brake less than a second before the collision. one person was killed and more than 110 others were hurt. nats: there is one dropping right there...look right there oh my gosh, there it is, oh my gosh. people in the southeast aren't the only ones dealing with rough weather. folks near wichita, kansas are cleaning up from tornadoes that touched down yesterday. the twisters damaged some buildings and brought down trees and power lines. thankfully no injuries were
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clear up today. as hurricane matthew continues its path of destruction along the east coast, it's also bringing air travel to a standstill. millions of fliers having their flights cancelled or delayed. abcs angelica spanos is in new york with the very latest. flights are grounded, terminals are empty, and vacations are being cut short. nat - transformer explode hurricane matthew also leaving over a million people in the dark after power lines were sot- governor pat mccrory, north carolina "if power goes out don't assume it will go back up quickly. could be prolonged outages so prepare" in a very rare move, savannah's hilton head airport is the latest to close its doors until sunday morning. fort lauderdale airport was also entirely shut down for the first time since 2005, before reopening friday morning. miles away from the shore, orlando international airport's flight board was covered in red-signifying cancelled flights. nat - leaf blow in miami, hurricane matthew passed with little disruption and... flights there are back on track. this traveler from argentina says he could feel the strong
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nat sot - argentine man more than four thousand flights were cancelled through sunday according to flightaware,, and nearly 5 thousand more were delayed. before getting stuck, many packed their bags and headed out. sot: "a home is a home but our family is all safe so were feeling really good." trains arent going anywhere either. amtrak cancelled service up and down the florida coast. flights is climbing as hurricane matthew heads towards georgia and the carolinas. airport officials remind travelers to check flight status before heading to the airport. angelica spanos, abc news, new york (ad-lib toss) let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist
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lows 58 to 62 on the west side of the valley...59 to 63 on the east side. northwest winds up to 10 mph. .saturday...mostly sunny. highs 82 to 85 on the west side of the valley...84 to 88 on the east side. north winds up to 10 mph afternoon. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows 63 to 67 on the west side of the valley...64 to 68 on the east side.
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midnight. .sunday...sunny. highs 84 to 87 on the west side of the valley... 87 to 91 on the east side. winds generally light becoming southeast up to 10 mph in the afternoon. .sunday night...mostly clear. lows 64 to 68 on the west side of the valley...66 to 70 on the east side. winds generally light. .columbus day through tuesday...partly cloudy. highs around 90. lows 66 to 69. friday...mostly clear. lows 63 to 66. highs 83 to 86. winds generally light. .columbus day through tuesday...partly cloudy. lows 63 to 66. highs 83 to 86. here at 13 action news we want all kids in las vegas to be able to stay warm this winter
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kids in las vegas to be able to stay warm this winter so our annual coats for kids drive is new children's coats at any tropical smoothie cafe. to find a location near you go to ktnv dot com or tropical the coats to families in need. and a big thanks to tropical an urgent consumer alert for parents this afternoon. some infant bath tub slings are being recalled because your or worse-- drown. the baby product company is recalling 86-thousand fabric slings that are attached to the "lil luxuries" whirlpool, bubbling spa and shower bath tubs. the recalled slings are missing a white plastic clip. the consumer product safety commission says there's 91 reports of the slings detaching, and 11 cases of babies bumping their heads. the recalled sling and tub sets were sold between october 2012
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retailers like toys "r" us and babies "r" us and online. tomorrow you have the chance to get a car seat for free. c-c-s-d police and the office of traffic safety are hosting a giveaway at thurman white middle school in henderson. the event starts at 8 a-m... and the seats are being given out on a first-come first-serve basis. you also have to have your child with you. officers will then help parents properly install the seat in their car. don't put off you travel plans. "cheap air -dot- com" says prices are already on the rise for thanksgiving. if you've waited until now to book, your fare could cost you an average of 38- dollars more...then if you made your reservation..... in september. if you wait until next month... you could pay 52- dollars more. the decision by the mall of america to close on thanksgiving day may put pressure on other retailers to do the same...allowing workers to spend the holiday with their families. there is a growing list of
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thanksgiving including marshalls, ikea, bed bath and beyond, home depot and costco. other major retailers including walmart and sears haven't announced their holiday plans. 13 action news and 'dig this las vegas' are giving you a chance to win a 169- dollar gift certificate to 'dig this' where you'll get to take control of a 5-ton caterpillar and dig yourself into a massive hole in america's largest sandbox. just enter each day on our website, then watch 13 action win. dig this is a proud sponsor of 13 action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. creepy clown sightings continue to plague communities across the country. and now real clowns have had enough...saying it's giving them a bad name. what they're doing to reassure people they're not dangerous. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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driver who was attacked while stopped at a traffic light. she claims someone dressed as a clown reached through her window...touched her shoulder and growled at her. (sr. officer tabatha timmons, fredericksburg police): "he was wearing a clown mask with green hair, black long sleeve shirt, and was wearing some sort of gardening gloves." butt with (curtis leacock, barber): "it's definitely weird, but it's just foolish. it really needs to stop to be honest." maybe the most bizarre part...after the incident the suspect apologized and took off running. in r supposed sightings...a "clown lives matter" rally is scheduled in tucson, arizona. organizers say the creepy clown sightings have given a bad rap to legitimate clowns. the event will feature a peace walk and give away balloons and flyers. they also say they the event's name is not intended as an offense to anyone. (nikki sinn, "clown lives matter" organizer): "it was very innocent. the name behind "clown lives matter" is very innocent. there is a lot of people who live their everyday lives like this and they are getting death
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been reported turn out to be hoaxes...but there have been a number of incidents of people being attacked or robbed by people dressed as clowns. right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including the latest on hurricane matthew as it continues to batter the coast of florida. this as people living in georgia and the carolina's prepare for what's to come. plus... as the presidential candidates prepare for sunday's debate...we'll look at just how matthew is having on the election.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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lawyer is now claiming. a warning for homeowners this afternoon after a ho in flames. the common household appliance that may be to blame but first.. hurricane matthew continues its slow.. descructive path up the florida coast.. as millions of people in georgia and south carolina brace for the worst. matthew has weakened slightly to category 2 hurricane.. but it's still packing winds of 110-miles an hour. storm surges are battering houses and power is out to over a million customers in florida alone. abc's marci gonzalez is in new


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