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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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churning up the east coast. matthew.. weakening tonight.. but the danger is not gone. but first -- we begin --with breaking news. a manhunt -- now underway for ad fire on cops -- in glendora, california. that's east of l-a. we know -- this bagan as a vehicle chase. but right now -- there's now word on injruries. we'll keep you updated -- as we learn more. we're following another deadly shooting. two police officers -- gunned down -- in and now -- we're learning their names. jose vega -- a dad -- and a 35- year-veteran. lesley zerebny. she -- is a new mom. a third officer -- is wounded -- and in the hospital. right now -- officers are surrounding house. they believe the gunman is inside. police chief -- bryan reyes -- holding back tears at a press conference -- earlier today. the officers what i understand was near the front door trying to negotiate with the suspect to comply. it was a simple disturbance and he opened fire the city." right now --there is no motive for the shooting. nevada highway patrol --
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saying "our thoughts and prayers -- are with our brothers and sisters -- in blue" this -- is just the latest attack on police. almost three months ago -- a gunman -- shoots and kills three officers -- and wounds three others -- in baton rouge. about a week earlier -- a guman -- killed five officers -- and wounded seven in dallas. back at hm -- in a hit-and-run crash the rider -- rushed to the hospital. police -- are looking for the driver -- who caused the crash. it happened -- near sahara and sloan. and a homicide investigation -- is underway -- right now at the clark county detention center. police tell us -- one inmate killed another. detectives have not released any other details. now -- to your voice -- your vote -- and the race for the white house. all presidential debates -- are important. but tomorrow's -- takes on new meaning a new l-a times/usc tracking
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trump -- leading hillary clinton clinton -- by three points. most other polls -- show clinton ahead. and tonight -- on the eve -- of the second presidential debate -- controversy -- dogging both campaigns. jeers and boos the backlash against donald trump -- is fast and fierce. today -- a mix of supporters and protestors -- greet him -- outside trump tower -- in new york. the republican party is in crisis mode -- after trump -- back in 2005 -- bragging -- about groping -- kissing -- and trying to have sex with women "i did try and f--- her. she was married." i moved on her like a b...h, but i couldn't get there now -- abc's kenneth moton reports -- trump's republican supporters -- are running away -- as fast as they can. pkg script: gop withdrawal...more and more republicans are pulling their supporter for their nominee donald trump for vulgar
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"anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am - i said it, i was wrong - and i apologize." but today he was defiant?tweeting i will obtained by the washington post. trump was heard in a 2005 conversation with former access hollywood host billy bush talking about trying to sleep with a married woman identified as nancy. sot trump "i moved on her like a (expletive) but i couldn't get there. and she was married. then all of a sudden i see her and she got these big phony." trump was on the way to a soap "grab them by the p---y. you can do anything." as trump's campaign manager and high profile surrogates rushed into trump tower, several gop members, lawmakers and a former presidential candidate expressing disapproval trump's running mate mike pence canceled an appearance at a wisconsin event with house speaker paul ryan saying he was offended by trump's words but grateful he has expressed remorse. ryan taking his own stance sot ryan today "i put out a clinton tweeted "this is horrific"?the fallout sure to impact sunday's high stakes
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kenneth moton, abc news, washington. today -- most prominent nevada republicans say -- they no longer support donald trump. they're also --calling on him to step down -- from the nomination. joe heck//republican senate candidate @07:58 "t cannot in good conscience continue to support donald trump, nor can i vote for hillary clinton. my wife, my daughters, my mom, my sister, and all women deserve better ." that -- was republican senate candidate -- joe heck. nevada senator -- dean heller says -- he's 99 percent certain -- he won't vote for trump. he agrees with heck -- suggesting the republican party-- find a replacement trump.
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@23:58 "i think our nominee made a comment about 30 minutes ago, 45 minutes ago that he wasn't going to get out of this race. and unfortunatley, i have a hard time believing that's the case. nevada's lieutenant governor -- mark hutchison -- also pulling his support. hillary clinton's campaign -- is blaming the russians -- for thousands -- of private emails -- released by wikileaks. they say -- state actors -- are trying to help donald trump -- by throwing clinton -- under some -- were hig discussions -- from inside the clinton campaign -- as they faced a strong challenge -- from bernie sanders. others -- were everyday exchanges -- and newsletters. tomorrow's presidential debate -- is at washington university -- in st. louis, missouri. the stage is set. it'ill be a town hall. that means -- the nominees -- will take some questions -- from the audience. you can watch it -- live -- right here on channel 13 -- at 6:00 p.m. we'll also be live streaming the debate -- on
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food restaurant -- caught on camera. the disturbing video -- shows teenagers viciously -- attacking each other -- and restaurant employees. 13-action news reporter -- david schuman -- is live, david -- what touched off the fight? a high school student who saw the whole thing told me the fight started last night at this raising canes and got so big so fast that it spilled out into the parking lot here and into the in n out next door. these teenagers and why did violence erupt so quickly? a student from arbor view high school told us it was a post football game brawl between arbor students and centennial high school students. in her words, "everyone was bloody." she says a girl unresponsive on the floor was so beat up she was unidentifiable. the intensity of these videos is truly staggering.
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image of an in n out employee - a bystander trying to defuse the situation - being savagely beaten as he lays helpless on the ground. 16:00:01 kristi calmy, in n out divisional manager "it all happened so fast and everyone just tried to jump in and help." the manager of the in n out says 2 employees were slightly injured but are doing ok. it's difficult to watch really...and the video is eliciting a large response on social media. 15:59:05 "obviously it was very alarming to see something like that." metro police say no arrests were made and it's unclear whether students will facea from the schools. the manager here says she believes the fight was an isolated incident but they'll be looking into adding more security, especially after high school football games. reporting live david schuman 13 action news. about a dozen people -- are dead. more than two million -- without power -- from florida to the carolinas.
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category-one storm -- continues to batter the atlantic. here it is. the storm -- now barrelling up virginia's coast -- leaving behind -- a path of destruction. tonight -- fema teams -- from all over the country -- are touching down -- in areas -- hit the hardest. paris lewbel -- is embedded -- with one of the teams -- just arriving -- in savannah, georgia. on-cam that's right... we've setup - what the teams call base camp here in but now turned into the hub of the feder area. vo the specialized fema search and rescue teams were called to help deal with matthew's destruction... each team is staffed with some of the countries most elite firefighters, police officers and first responders... designed to go into any disaster zone and be self-sufficient for more than two weeks. the teams were first called in thursday evening - driving through the night and heading towards the south... but didn't get in the path of the hurricane. their task is to come in behind the hurricane - so they don't become victims themselves. throughout the day on saturday... teams were dispatched to areas hit hardest by matthew from
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teams were working to help people in need. karla huelga -- is tracking hurricane matthew -- in the weather center. karla -- how strong is this storm right now? pretty quiet weather is on tap for the las vegas valley for the upcoming week. the rest of the weekend will remain warm 90 tomorrow and mainly sunny skies. on monday, we'll get a little push of clouds ahead of a weak disturbance that will pass through the area on tuesday. expect partly cloudy skies both days, along with highs in the upper 80s. also, the winds get a little breezy on tuesday. get a good look at this man. he's wanted -- for a bank robbery in henderson. police say -- the gunman
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morning -- near eastern and saint-rose parkway. witnesses say -- he stormed in -- pointed a gun at a bank employee -- and demanded money. he jumps over the counter -- and fires a shot into the floor
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no one was injured. 13-action news -- fast and first to the scene -- after a mobile home goes up in flames. the fire broke out -- just after midnight -- near nellis and lake mead boulevards. fire fighters say -- no one was inside. neighbors say -- the house is abandoned -- and is often a taking from the propertyis what they are doing.they are trying to steel things to make something , they are destroying the property is what it is . the flames -- kept it from spreading. a daycare worker -- is getting serious backlash -- the bad words -- she taught four-year-olds to say. 00-005 reaction -- to the online video-- is quick. we hear from a parent -- of the one of the kids -- in the clip. plus -- you'll want to see this story. a warning -- about a frightening scam. and -- how to bust the culprits
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remember -- chopper 13 -- is bringing you breaking news--
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two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto
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facebook. 00-005 a friend of the daycare worker -- posting the video online -- so parents -- could see it. isla millan says -- her daughter is in the video. she cried -- and couldn't believe what happened. "i was disgusted, i was upset, i felt embarrassed. more just surprised also because i never thought something like this would ha police are now investigating. as for the worker accused of doing this -- her family says -- she's so upset -- she needed medical attention. tonight -- a warning -- about a very frieghtening scam. a virginia woman -- recieved a call from someone -- using her dad's cell-phone number -- claiming he's taken hostage. the caller -- demanding 13-hundred dollars for his release.
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called police. but --the woman busted the bad guys plan. she calls her dad on another phone. he was just fine. it turns out --the culprits were pulling the same prank -- on him. so how did this happen? the culprits -- could have been using -- a fake caller i-d -- and voice changer app -- allowing them to hijack anybody's phone number -- like it's your own. check this out! japan's largest active volcano -- erupting. you can see the moment it happened -- right here -- on this video. it spews a plume of ash -- authorities say-- another eruption is possible. no injuries have been reported. and take a look at this. it's a gaping sinkhole -- left behind -- after hurrican matthew -- blast through florida. the storm -- tearing apart this road -- near daytona beach. matthew -- was a category-three hurricane -- as it sideswiped florida's east coast. the storm -- killed at least four people there -- flooding some communities -- with up to four-feet of water. right now -- matthew -- is a category-one storm -- off north
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meteorologist karla huelga. pretty quiet weather is on tap for the las vegas valley for the upcoming week. the rest of the weekend will remain warm with highs around 90 tomorrow and mainly sunny skies. on monday, we'll get a little push of clouds ahead of a weak disturbance that will pass through the area on tuesday. expect partly cloudy skies both days, along with highs in the upper 80s. also, the winds get a little breezy on tuesday. as the system moves on, it'll
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way which will drop high temps to the mid 80s on wednesday and thursday. in addition, a system to out south will again usher in some cloud cover on thursday. high temps will top out in the mid and upper 80s for friday and the start to next weekend. a system will start to approach from the pacific northwest on saturday, which will pick up the winds to high end breezy. ly sunny skies. on monday, we'll get a little push of clouds ahead of a weak disturbance that will pass through the are o expect partly cloudy skies both days, along with highs in the upper 80s. also, the winds get a little breezy on tuesday. as the system moves on, it'll pull a little cooler air our way which will drop high temps cloud cover on thursday. high temps will top out in the mid and upper 80s for friday and the start to next weekend. a system will start to approach from the pacific northwest on saturday, which will pick up the winds to high end breezy. 13 action news and tropical smoothie cafe have once again
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on monday, we'll get a little push of clouds ahead of a weak disturbance that will pass through the area on tuesday. expect partly cloudy skies both days, along with highs in the upper 80s. also, the winds get a little breezy on tuesday. as the system moves on, it'll pull a little cooler air our way which will drop high temps cloud cover on thursday. high temps will top out in the mid and upper 80s for friday and the start to next weekend. a system will start to approach from the pacific northwest on saturday, which will pick up the winds to hig 13 action news and tropical smoothie cafe have once again and mainly sunny skies. on monday, we'll get a little push of clouds ahead of a weak disturbance that will pass through the area on tuesday. expect partly cloudy skies both
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coats for kids drive. we're asking all of you who can afford it, to please donate gently used or new children's coats at any tropical smoothie location. for a list of locations visit ktnv dot com or tropical smoothie dot com our goal? no cold kids this winter. with your help, we will all make it happen. sponsor 13 action news and this community project. more trouble for samsung. another -- replacement galaxy- note-seven -- catches fire. the two carriers -- now letting customers -- replace the note-seven -- with an entirely differnt phone. you're watching 13 action news -- where you get breaking news -- fast and first. stay with us.
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as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes.
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and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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a 13- year-old girl. it burns her thumb. the company says -- they are investigating. but -- this isn't the only incident earlier this week -- a passenger on a southwest-airlines flight -- reported -- his replacement galaxy phone-- caught fire. but there is good news tonight -- for samsung customers. verizon and sprint -- will let galaxy-note- sevens -- for a completely different phone. there have been dozens of reports -- of the note-7 -- bursting into flames -- while charging -- prompting samsung to do a recall. the makers of epipen -- agree to a multi-million dollar fine. mylan -- will pay 4-hundred 65- million dollars-- to the government. the embattled pharmaceutical company -- is accused of overcharging medicaid -- for the life-saving allergy drug. mylan does not have to admit -- any wrong doing -- under the agreement. history sheldon adleson's -- las vegas
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than half-a-million dollars -- to state lawmakiers since 2008. almost half -- coming -- in just the last six months. contact-13 chief investigator -- darcy spears -- digs -- and looks at if -- they're making a power-play -- to get votes -- for a proposed football stadium. darcy 10 pack intro lawmakers have been called to special session next week to vote on that adelson-led proposal for a football stadium in las vegas. we've learned members of both parties recieved more than two hundred thousand the sands between january and june of this year. that amount could have a lot of influence. we sat down with republican assembly leader paul anderson, who said there's more to the story than money. paul anderson, assembly majority leader @26:23 "across the board, you're seeing contributions up. and so if you just take one entity, you can certainly start to paint a picture, but i don't think it's accurate." anderson said when republicans took control of the state legislature in 2014, donations increased across the board
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process and because they have more seats to defend. the sands is only one of several major donors to legislative candidates, and anderson said his support for the stadium is separate from adelson's political support. paul anderson, assembly majority leader @31:43 "to draw a nexus there is a mistake." darcy 10 pack tag to see who got money from the sands and how much, go to our website at ktnv dot com and click on this story. all- new stories -- for live at 11-30. including-- donald trump -- apologizing for rude comments -- about women. we're digging in-to his past. this isn't the first time -- his words -- land him-- in hot water. plus -- an incredible catch -- caught on camera. now the video is going viral. hear from the boy -- who is now an internet star.
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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mother nature's wrath. hurricane matthew -- slamming the carolinas -- and leaving a path of destruction -- in it's wake. plus -- an elderly woman's home -- under seige. helicopters swarm. and the national guard -- raid her house -- all for a single plant. but first -- the republican party is in crisis mode. and donald trump -- is the reason. a video from 2005 -- released this week -- shows the gop nominee-- making vulgar
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this is not donald trump's first indescretion. randi kaye -- shares -- a little of trump's past. --reporter pkg-as follows-- donald trump says he loves beautiful women... he also loves to talk about women-- and it often lands him in hot water. like during his long-running feud with rosie o'donnell... (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "she came to my wedding, she ate like a pig." after his dust-up with megyn kelly during the fox news debate, trump said this about presidential candidate) "she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever." critics charged he was referring to menstruation.. trump insisted it was a big misunderstanding. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i was going to say nose and/or ears, because that's a very common statement, blood flowing out of somebody's nose. it's a statement showing anger." (randi kaye/reporting) "kelly wasn't the first female journalist trump sparred with. decades ago- after new york
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trump's bankruptcy, he sent her a copy of the article she'd written.. and circled her photo... writing across it quote "the face of a dog!" much of what trump has said about women was during his many appearances on howard stern's radio show. in 2005, he made this remark talking about a woman in a beauty pageant: (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "first of all she's unbelievably short, and i'm a little bit surprised. i think that the boob job is terrible, you know they look like two light posts coming out a pageant-- stern asked trump how he might change it. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "they said how are you going to change the pageant. i said i'm going to get the bathing suits to be smaller and the hills to be higher." a woman's breasts were always a hot topic for him: (donald ok?" (howard stern/radio personality) "right." (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i mean, it has to be extraordinary, you have to have the face of vivian leigh to be a 10 ..." (howard stern/radio personality) "exactly." (donald trump/(r)
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ok? but she went from an eight to a solid four." and in another appearance on the show: (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "some incredible beautiful women, they'll walk up and they'll flip their top. wow. and they'll flip their panties. i've been with women with extraordinarily bad breast jobs. isn't it unbelievable? women, one woman, beautiful had big beautiful real boobs, really beautiful and she wants them reduced." years later- on the howard stern show-- trump boldly mocked kim kardashian's does she have a fat ass? and if it weren't kim, they'd say, and if it weren't kim, they'd say, 'wow, i don't want to go out with her." and just last week-- trump had to defend comments he made about former her weight gain. he doubled down on those comments on fox news: (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "she was the winner and, you know, she gained a support of women come election day.. in his own words. randi kaye cnn new york. tonight -- republican heavy- weights -- here in nevada --
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pulling out their support -- calling on trump -- to pull out of the race. danny tarkanian -- releasing this statement-- calling trump's comments -- "disgusting" .. but -- the republican goes on to say -- he will still -- vote for trump. while the republicans are trying to clean up.. the democrats -- seizing the moment -- calling gop backlash -- cowardly. kristen orthman- senior advisor, nevada state democratic party (take sot) to be okay with months of comments then suddenly not be okay i am -- he will not drop out of the race. after the debate clinton will be back on the campaign trail with a planned stop in las vegas. she's holding a rally on wendesday -- to remind everyone -- early voting here in nevada -- starts in two weeks. finally -- some good news in the fight against the zika
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at least temporarily -- slow down spread of the virus. that's because heavy rain -- washes away mosquitos -- including the ones -- carrying zika. the storm -- also -- clearing out larvae -- from breeding sites. more good news. mosuito populations -- typically drop -- around this time of year. many counties and towns in north carolina ar under curfews tonight as rains from hurricane matthew cause widespread and massive flooding. abc's marci gonzalez reports.. millions of residents are still script: hurricane matthew - claiming more lives? killing two people in north carolina- when this car they were in washed away? from first police video "we're gonna attempt to save these people" in fayetteville, north carolina- rescuers spent saturday pulling people to safety police video nats baby crying as rescue worker takes it from car into van. as matthew made its way up the coast- leaving a trail of destruction? the storm surge - and strong waves- ripping apart piers in oak island and myrtle
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st power- lines and trees- from the carolinas - down through georgia? sot frank sulkowski, wjcl reporter: "you cannot stand in one place the wind is blowing at such a high pace." humanitarian aid?now reaching hardest hit haiti? while in st. augustine, florida - sot - joan galasso, storm victim "a lot of those things are the outdoor furniture out there - are now in there." residents and business owners- including joan galasso - returning for the first time - sot - joan galasso, storm victim (covered) "its gone, its just unfathomable damage? sot joan galasso, storm victim i never expected this this is horrible, this is my worst nightmare it really is." a nightmare from hurricane matthew - now being felt as the storm finishes its sweep through the carolinas? marci gonzalez standup close: "curfews are in place there overnight, as the major concern remains with flooding.. here at joan galasso's restaurant you can see just how powerful the water was? ripping off part of the building - is you're an a-t-and-t customer


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