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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  October 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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i didn't." (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "because you have nothing to say." good evening. and thanks for joining us -- for this special -- post-debate edition -- of 13-action news. i'm christopher king. the second presidential debate is in the books. you saw it -- right here on -- 13 action news. forget sunday night football. hillary clinton and donald trump -- taking verbal swings at each other -- in saint louis. abc's -- karen travers -- reports. straight out of the gate - th handshake between the two bitter rivals donald trump - under fire for that 2005 audio recording, with his crude comments about women. this was lockerrom talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologized to my family, i apologized to the american people hillary clinton - with days to prep her response - saying trump is not fit to be president. i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it's clear exactly who he is and then 15
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bill clinton of sexual misconduct. if you look at bill clinton, far worse, mine are words, and his was action// hillary clinton not willing to engage: i'm reminded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all. when they go low, you go high just two hours before the debate, a stunning appearance the two candidates battled it out over clinton's emails and private server. it's just awfully good that just two hours before the debate, a stunning appearance by trump on facebook live -- with 3 women who made allegations against the former the two candidates battled it out over clinton's emails and private server. it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of and the affordable care act. hrc he's going to solve it by repealing it and getting rid of the affordable care act. and i'm going to fix it trump battlegrounds. hillary clinton campaigns in ohio while donald trump is next door in pennsylvania. but no doubt this debate will loom large on the campaign trail. karen travers, abc news, st louis.
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between the candidates. tonight -- our partners at politifact -- are evaluating the statements -- to help you -- judge the candidates. one audience question -- focusing -- on the affordable-care act -- obamacare . clinton -- defending the health-care law -- and its impact. " now we're at 90 percent health insurance coverage. that's the highest we've ever been in our country." politifact found a census report. that report says -- nearly 91-percent of americans -- had some form of health coverage. they bought it -- either through an employer,-- independently -- or through a government program,. politifact -- rates clinton's statement tonight -- true. trump also took on obamacare- - repeating a talking point -- that was an issue -- in the vice-presidential race as well. "she wants to go to a single-payer plan, which would be a disaster. somewhat similar to canada. and if you ever noticed the
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certain ways. but, she wants to go to single website says -- she will defend -- and expand the affordable care act. she will also support-- letting people -- older than 55 -- buy into medicare. clinton has said -- she would work -- to prevent the repeal of obamacare -- and to try t and -- she says -- she wants a public option -- to be "possible." but -- she has not called -- for moving to a single-payer system. she's said --she would go for a single-payer plan for everyone. politifact rates trump's statement -- false. unlv hosted their own watch party tonight -- giving students and the community a glimpse -- of what they'll see -- next month -- at the third -- and final debate. it'll be right here -- in las vegas.
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-- and what they expect -- clinton and trump -- battle it out -- at the thomas and mack center. christopher what was so interesting tonight was that i almost forgot we were at a presidential debate watch party -- because of how much laughter there was inside the room..... the watch party was filled with people of all ages and even some out of towners ---- incuding some canadians! the moderator of tonight's watch party made a good point.... he said... this is supposed to be an opportunity for the candidates citizens. but how can they do that when we have to spend so much time talking about allegations of sexual misconduct. the students in attendance are already looking ahead to the third and final debate taking place right here at unlv..... they understand they are experiencing history -- and not every college student can say that. "i think it will bring more attraction to unlv and make it more....make people aware that we are not just a strip with casinos and obscenity....but we also care about politics and we are trying to get our name out there positively"
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and mack center on wednesday october 19th. reporting live at unlv gina lazara 13 action news. there's an on-line ticket lottery -- for students who want to go to that final debate. eligible students -- must be enrolled full time -- and have good academic standing. but you better act now! unlv students -- onl october 12th -- to sign up. one of the candidates -- not up on the stage tonight -- libertarian gary johnson. but that doesn't mean he wasn't involved. he tweeted during -- the 90- minute debate. johnson -- tweeting about donald trump's apology -- for the lewd comments he made about women -- in the recently leaked tape. saying -- "an apology -- does not include shifting this to bill clinton." in another tweet -- he takes a swing at hillary clinton -- saying she is guilty of hypocricy when it comes to wall street.
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stands on deportation -- saying it's wrong to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants -- and suggests issuing work visas instead. in the meantime -- the green-party candidate -- doctor jill stein -- goes to facebook live -- during the debate. she teamed up with "democracy now" -- to livestream -- with her responses -- to the moderator's questions. stein -- answered viewer questions. she tweeted -- speaking on her own policies -- and taking swipes -- at trump and clinton. this debate made history -- in the world of social media. twitter s most tweeted about debate -- of all time! and the site reports -- more than 17-million debate-related tweets. 64-percent of the tweets -- sent -- were about donald trump. and the top five most tweeted policies -- terrorism -- foreign affairs -- the economy -- heathcare -- and guns. the big question tonight -- who won this debate? according to a c-n-n / o-r-c -- instant poll -- hillary clinton won -- 57-percent to 34-percent. but 63-percent say -- donald
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if you're one of the millions of americans -- who watched the debate tonight --we want to tell us -- who you thought won -- and if the debate -- will have an impact -- on who you'll vote for -- in november. hillary clinton -- stumping again -- here las vegas -- this week. she'll be in town on wednesday -- urging nevadans -- to get out -- and vote early. no details yet on the rally. for more information -- on the campaing stop -- and early voting -- just head to our a fire guts a local strip mall... it took dozens of fire fighters -- to knock it out. why one man says -- he isn't letting the loss -- stop him -- from helping kids in need. and -- your car could be part of -- another massive recall. we'll give you a full list of the vehicles affected. karla adlibs a frightening hotel fire.
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investigators say -- an electrical fire on the roof -- forced the hotel -- to evacuate the top floors. there was no damage -- just smoke. fortunately -- nobody was hurt. a late-night fire -- rips through the las vegas culture center -- destroying everything inside. the flames -- spreading to nearby businesses.
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opened at the location -- only two months ago and authorities believe -- the fire may have started inside. the building nextdoor -- the downtown las vegas soccer club. the man who runs the charity says -- the fire won't stop them. we are resilient thats one of the messages we want to teach these kids .. not just raise money for them we hope to lead by example. investigators estimate --1-million dollars in damage. no word yet --on what caused the fire.. 5 seconds of fit we have a 13 action news update -- on this brutal brawl -- at a valley fast-food restaurant. the clark county school district -- now responding to the videos. a fight -- breaking out -- between students -- on friday night -- at two valley restaurants. this -- after a football game -- between arbor view -- and centennial high school. the district says -- they are working with authorities -- contacting parents -- and will be taking approriate disciplanary action.
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injuries. a wrong-way driver -- may be responsible for several deaths... but you won't believe -- what police say he did -- after the crash. and -- a consumer alert for volkswagen owners. but it's nothing to do with the emissions scandal. the huge problem -- that could affect your car. a consumer alert tonight.
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are calling back -- nearly 3-hundred- thousand vehicles -- because of fuel leaks.
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tank was improperly assembled -- on many vehicles. you're looking at the list of ones affected. if your vehicle is part of the recall -- the company will contact you. new tonight -- samsung's problems keep getting worse. sources say -- the company -- has temporarily suspended its production. -- of the galaxy note 7. today -- two major carriers -- at&t and t-mobile -- said they would stop offering replacement note 7s. samsung -- officially recalled the phones -- last month,-- blaming faulty batteries supposed to solve the problem -- but customers have been reporting the same dangerous problems. samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment. will the n-f-l find a new home -- here in the valley? state lawmakers -- meet tomorrow in carson city -- for a special session -- on a proposed stadium. governor brian sandoval says -- they'll focus solely -- on a proposed hotel-tax increase . they'll also -- talk about a possible pay raise -- for police. stay with 13-action news.
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the special session -- and bring you details -- as they happen. we're learning more about the inmate -- accused of murder -- inside the clark-county detention center. this is 33-year-old franklin sharp. investigators say -- he severely beat his cell-mate. the victim -- died at the hospital. sharp -- was behind bars -- for attempted grand larceny -- and burglary. and now -- he's facing murder charges. update a man -- accused of gunning down two cops -- in palm springs california -- is behind bars tonight. police say officers -- jose vegas -- and lesl were responding to a family-disturbance call last night -- when felix -- opened fire. police --arresting john felix this morning -- after a 12-hour standoff -- where they used a remote- controlled robot to fire chemical agents. "almost immediately after introducing chemical agents inside the residence, the suspect emerged out the back door." "we had to utilize some less lethal munitions to subdue him and to get him to comply " a third officer was also wounded -- and is expected to
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man is shot and killed. eight others -- wounded. and now -- the shooter -- is on the run. it happened outside a party -- at a strip mall. dozens of people inside. investigators -- are still trying to figure out -- what led to the shooting. five vermont teenagers are dead -- after a wrong-way driver runs them over. police say -- the driver slammed his truck into a car -- on a highway -- killind the teens. they say -- he took off -- in a stolen police cruiser -- and crashed into seven more cars -- police caught him -- and arrested him. we're following hurricane matthew's -- trail of destruction. the storm now -- downgraded -- and out to the sea. but its deadly effects -- still playing out -- along the east coast. abc's -- marci gonzalez -- is in saint augustine, florida. in matthew's aftermath- lingering concerns in the carolinas "the weather map shows that hurricane matthew may be gone, but in our minds the impact of the storm is still here and still dangerous" warnings- about more possible
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1-thousand rescues in north carolina alone? "we're gonna attempt to save these people" first responders?unable to save others - - more than 20 people killed by hurricane matthew in the u-s?while in hardest hit haiti? the estimate is now at -at least 900. haiti nat of crying while in florida- homeowners- including tom schmitt- this is amazing all of this finding his historic - house- went from this: " here it was in coastal living" to this: "and here's the bathroom" with little left in tact here ?but his optimistic outlook sot: you gotta get up and build again// "in every life little rain must fall in this case literally" rain- and some powerful, crashing waves-which you can
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leading to his house? a big cleanup ahead for this- and so many communities up the coast. mg abc news st. augustine, fl another beautiful day in the books. but-- what's in store for your work--week. let's go to 13-first alert meteorologist -- karla huelga -- with the forecast. a series of little systems pushing through the arew bring breezy winds monday, along with on and off cloud cover through thursday. expect gusts to about 25 mph tomorrow, with highs around 90. cloud cover will make a push in the evening and the mountains could see a stray storm. the breezes will become more occasional on tuesday and highs will top out in the upper 80s with partly cloudy skies. another day of highs in the mid 80s on thursday as the third little system pushes through. system will approach from the
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this will kick up our winds to upper end breezy friday and continue on saturday. expect highs in the upper 80s all kids in las vegas to be gusts to about 25 mph tomorrow, with highs around 90. cloud cover will make a push in the evening and the mountains could see a stray storm. another day of partly cloudy skies wednesday as the second disturbance pushes through, with highs in the mid 80s. another day of highs in the mid afternoon. a fourth, but much bigger system will approach from the pacific northwest starting this will kick up our winds to upper end breezy friday and continue on saturday. expect highs in the upper 80s friday, then mid 80s for the weekend. here at 13 action news we want all kids in las vegas to be pushes through. system will approach from the
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this will kick up our winds to upper end breezy friday and continue on saturday. expect highs in the upper 80s friday, then mid 80s for
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want all kids in las vegas to be able to stay warm this winter. so our annual coats for kids drive and once again this year, our partner is tropical smoothie. please donate gently used or new children's coats at any tropical smoothie cafe. to find a location near you go to ktnv dot com or tropical smoothie dot com. thanks to the salvation army. as the temperatures start to get colder, they'll distribute the coats to families in need.
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smoothie cafe, a proud sponsor of action news and this community project. we'll be back -- with a look at the movies -- dominating the box office this weekend. and -- here's a live look outside -- atthe valley. you're watching 13- action news -- where we bring you breaking news -- fast and first.
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"the girl on the train" -- takes the top slot. the thriller -- starring emily blunt -- pulls in -- nearly 25-million dollars -- in it's opening weekend. tim burton's -- "miss peregrine's home -- for peculiar children" -- settling for second place -- with 15- million. and -- "deepwater horizon" -- takes third -- for its second weekend -- followed by "the magnificent seven" -- and the animated family film -- "storks." 13-action news meteorolog renaissance ,man. not only is part of the number-one weather team in the valley -- he's a top-flight boats-man. he wins first place -- at th 8th annual -- rose regatta -- dragon boat race this weekend. all proceeds from go to medical care -- and support for uninsured women -- and men -- facing breast cancer. that's our news for now... remember -- we're always on -- at ktnv dot com -- and on our free -- ktnv mobile app.
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live at 11. thanks for watching. < > (anderson cooper/moderator) "please allow her to respond. she didn't talk while you
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>> college campuses, they are looking for clowns. >> it can get out of hand real quick. >> then, the notorious pink panther gang that robbed kim kardashian. he was in it. >> and donald trump's accountant breaks his silence. those laws. >> we will have an eyewitness account coming up. >> a day of reckoning for the married tv reporters after their baby tested positive for cocaine. >> how are you feeling? >> plus, man versus mama grizzly. >> she got my head good. >> and, the gymnast with no legs and her extraordinary family secret. >> i was flabbergasted. >> plus, will you marry me


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