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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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at u-n-l-v... let's go live.... to jon ralston... whose been out there all evening... with more on tonight's faceoff.... jon.... we continue our team coverage..... with 13 action news anchor....
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on u-n-l-v campus..... talking to the students.... actually... a few managed..... to get into the debate! lesley? we're told close to 1200 people will be inside tonight's debate. right-- now busses continue to drop off the last of these but those making there way inside include supporter of both parties, local politicians unlv students and even local entertainers. (8 seconds) it's really great for you and lv to be in the spotlight for once ((butte) steve aioki, dj go out there and vote for someone that you think should be the leader of this country we were told a third of tickets went to hillary supporters... we did speak to dreamer astrid
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ortiz..who were invited by clinton herself. donald trump is said to have invited wayne newton a close friend of his. there are also about 200 unlv students inside there...who tell us this is a once in a lifetime moment. but what are people most looking forward to hearing about tonight-- even a 10 year old had an opinion. (8 seconds) (helena inzerillo, 10 year old) candidates really haven't been talking about most of the important issues in america right now (butte) "education and immigration" unlv officials tells us this ll of the they have been able to invite the most guest. live at the thomas and mack lesley marin 13 an let's now head to..... 13 action news reporter..... mahsa saiedi who is seeing protesters....out there this evening mahsa? right now....
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the trump hotel..... on the las vegas strip.
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union 2-26 say.... the event is helping people.... register to vote.... and.... offering free tacos.... to demonstrators. the taco-truck-wall is a play..... on trump's proposal..... to build a wall.... along the mexican border. the union is also protesting..... trump's las vegas hotel..... for failing to bargain.... with unionized workers. this next story.... you might want to close your eyes for.... at least.... that was the consensus from some spectactators..... who saw trump in all his glory... making his way..... down las vegas boulevard.... las vegas marks the 8th state..... that the instalation has visited.... so far . and.... those who got the opportunity to see it say.... it's definitely..... unforgettable. mos : and i would rather not eat then see his butt. mos i prefer not to see a naked donald trump ever again mos it was so sickening it really make my day. yay the floats creators say... the instalation .... was inspired by...... the hans christian anderson fairy tale.....
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it emulates..... the recent controversy surrounding.... trumps campaign. another good thing.... to note... since a huge stretch of the eye - 15- will be closed..... on and off..... for the debate... if you need to get around..... you might want to consider..... using the las vegas monorail. it will be running on its regular schedule.... between -4- and -10- p-m. if you don't want to watch..... the presidential debate.... from home.... it will be shown..... at "the regal colonnade"..... on eastern and pebble... and.... at "the regal village square"..... on fort apache and sahara. it's free and open to the there are debate watch parties.... all across the valley.... tonight... we have a full list..... on our website... k-t-n-v dot com..... slash debate. our whole team will continue to stay on top of this debate.... and.... how it's affecting all of us..... here in the valley. also.... we're always on-line... at k-t-n-v dot com.... slash debate. n-f-l owners got their first pitch..... on the raiders plan.... to move to las vegas. raiders owner..... mark davis presented his fellow owners.... with the $-1- point -9- billion
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signed.... monday. -24- of the -32- owners..... would have to approve the move.... from oakland.. listen to what davis had to say..... about efforts to keep the team..... in oakland. 01.40 "it is unfair for people to keep bringing up, what if oakland does this or what if oakland does that. las vegas has already done what they are supposed to do." no timeline has been set.... for a relocation vote. owners are not set to meet again..... until next year. smoke spreading for miles... in a major u-s city. what set off the flames.... that resulted.... in seve and.... a manhunt continues..... for who opened fire.... on several students..... in the bay area. the latest... on what police are calling.... a targeted attack! yasmeen? highroller-vo and as we go check out this shot from chopper 13 flying over the
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cool... ((ad lib)) this just in...oakland mayor
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houston. oakland's mayor says she will be working to come up with a plan to keep the raiders in oakland...the statement reads in part: "i cannot afford for us to be thrown off our game because nevada lawmakers have deemed it appropriate to put 750 million
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while i am committed to keeping the raiders, i will not enter into a bidding war with nevada using public funds." ((((toss to callahan in live drive))) tonight....
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who they say.... opened fire..... at a high school. -4- students were injured... one of them still..... in critical condition. as abc's elizabeth hur reports... investigators are searching..... for one main clue. classes are resuming at this san francisco high school.. the scene of a frightening shooting.. that left 4 students injured and many more terrified. ((sot)) student: "questions my safety b/c it could happen to ((sot)) student: "it's still terrifying, i don't want to see this going on." gunshots rang out tuesday afternoon.. just as school was letting out.. ((nat)) broadcastify: "5 gun shots heard in the class room." the chaos sending students running for cover.. many back into the school.. ((sot)) student: "everybody pushed our desk and we went under to make sure we were safe." ((sot)) "i thought it was a joke, i thought it was a prank, something was going on but by the look on everybody's face, that was just something
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say they were prepared for an active shooter situation. ((sot)) police: "thinking that the suspect might still be in the school shooting, we found out after the fact that this incident did not happen inside the school but it happened outside the school." four students, 3 males and a female.. were shot in the parking lot.. investigators now believe this was not random and one of the victims was targeted. elizabeth tag: police have not yet revealed a motive.. school officials say grief counselors and extra security will be on hand for students and staff for as long as it is necessary. eh, abc news, ny. right now.... at least.... -6- people are injured..... after a natural gas explosion.... in portland, oregon today. billowing smoke filled the air.... and... could be seen for miles. officials say.... a contractor hit a gas line.... causing a leak. after firefighters and gas company crews arrived and evacuated the building.... the gas ignited.... causing an explosion. -3- firefighters and a police officer were hurt.... in the explosion.
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the band is cancelling tonight's performance.... at "the t-mobile arena". mick jagger has come down..... with laryngitis... and... doctors want him to rest. it's a big disappointment..... to "the green valley high school choir"... more than.... -20- students were supposed to sing back-up.... for the band. saturday's show there..... is still up in the air. anchors adlib and toss to bryan .tonight...mostly clear. lows 54 to 59 on the west side of the valley...56 to 60 on the east side. shifting to the northwest 10 to 15 mph after midnight. .thursday...sunny. highs 79 to 82 on the west side of the valley...80 to 84 on the east side. northwest winds 10 to 15 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon. .thursday night...mostly clear. lows 54 to 59. north winds up to 10 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. .friday...sunny. highs 82 to 85 on the west side of the valley... 83 to 87 on the east side. northwest winds up to 10 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon. .friday night...clear. lows 58 to 63.
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.saturday...sunny. highs around 87. .saturday night and sunday...partly cloudy. lows 64 to 67. highs 84 to 87. .sunday night and monday...mostly cloudy. with a chance of showers. lows 65 to 68. highs around 80. .monday night through wednesday...partly cloudy. lows 59 to 62. highs around 80. our entire newsroom is working
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in las vegas tonight... debate.... in las vegas tonight... we'll check back in..... with steve wolford... live in the spin room... waiting for the debate to start. your taking a liove look at the stage where in
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yasmeen... how are things looking? ((((toss to callahan in live drive))) now...
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following the final presidential debate... we invite you to watch.... a special edition of 13 action
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we invite you to watch.... a special edition of 13 action news at -8- o'clock. we'll be live...... from the thomas and mack center...... at u-n- local perspective on the just concluded final and third presidential debate.... between hillary clinton and donald trump.... right here in las vegas. then.... right after..... 13 action news.... it's two seasonal family favorites from a-b-c... "toy story of terror". you can always d-v-r.... for the kids.... to stay up. we have breakng news.
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this is it. clinton/trump, the final debate. fight night in vegas. there you see the countdown clock. it all begins in just three minutes. >> we're competing in a rigged . this is a rigged election. >> you do have to feel a little sorry for them. they've had a really bad couple >> after a stunning round one. and an even more stunning round two. >> he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is, but it represents exactly who he is. >> false stories, all made up, lies. >> tonight, it's time for the final faceoff. >> bring it on. >> donald trump. hillary clinton. from abc news, the final presidential debate. live, from the university of nevada las vegas, now reporting,


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