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tv   Action News Election Special Your Voice Your Vote  ABC  October 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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voice, your vote, the final face-off. >> the final face-off between donald trump andil just wrapped up. now it all comes down to the presidential election november 8th-. we have our crews all over the place covering the aftermath of the final debate. a programming note. the charlie brown halloween special airs at 9:00 following this newscast. let's begin with our debate coverage with steve wolford and jon ralston in the spin room right now >> reporter: all right. thank you, tricia. we're in the spin room right
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going on. >> not here, though, steve. >> not here. keys could be made from both camps that their candidate came out on top. >> i don't think so, steve. i really don't. >> you don't? >> i have to tell you the lead of every story -- i've looked at the ap lead. donald trump, as the ap put it, threatened to up end the pillar of democracy when asked a simple question, whether he would accept the results of the election. and i'm going to keep you in suspense, as if it's a big joke. that's going to be the big story, the outrageous thing he said. >> what do you say to those who said al gore let his foot stay on the brake for a while in the election? >> florida was in dispute at the time. that was after the election. florida was in dispute and it went to the supreme court. al gore conceded. he didn't say the election was
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by the way, chris wallace did a great job. he understands, as most people do, this is a fundamental pennant of democracy. you have to have faith in the outcome of the election. >> how do you think las vegas did? >> las vegas showed off the town very, very well. the debate went flawlessly. the crowd misbehaved a few times. you probably saw the vegas crowd. this is the third debate of the season. >>it's amazing. probably no other city has had that. we have a thee team on the way hockey team on the way too. tricia, back to you. >> we have some breaking news to tell you about right now. the debate is over, but the traffic nightmare has started again. i want you to take a look here.
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you can see nothing but traffic standstills here along the 215. red lights back to back. the grid lock is coming from the fact that there's road closures back in effect now that the debate is over. las vegas metro police tweeting out that all of those temporary road closures we told you about earlier are all going to be in effect until further notice. >> karla, thank you, as you saw earlier with steve and jon, there's plenty going on in the spin as people pile out, there's a lot going on as well. that's where we find 13 action news anchor christopher king who also listened to the debate tonight. chris, what was your takeaway? >> well, tricia, let me tell you, they're filing out of the thomas & mack center right now as you can see behind me. now, it may not have been as hostile as previous debates, but this debate was tense and intense. the moderator asked the candidates about issues including abortion, second
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one of the biggest issues tonight, sexual assault allegations against donald trump. several women accusing him of touching them inappropriately. they say that this is after trump bragged about groping women. clinton attacked, and trump fought back. >> i didn't do anything. i didn't know any of these women. i didn't see these women. these women -- the woman on the plane, i think they want either fame or her campaign did it. >> donald tnk women makes him bigger. he goes after their dignity, their self-worth, and i don't think there's a woman anywhere who doesn't know what that feels like. >> now, they also debated over clinton's hacked e-mails and whether russia interfered with our elections. and, of course, trump made allegations that the elections would be rigged, but, of course, there's no evidence there's ever been any widespread national
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coming up later in this hour. let's go to mahsa. she's covering what's going on live with the protesters >> reporter: thank you. the cnn stage is behind us. about 100 protesters here. pretty peaceful, but at one point, a trump supporter was calling hillary clinton and her supporters scum, so which they responded anyone who supports trump is a racist. let's show you the signs there. six brothers and sisters responsible that. they say they're not backing any candidate right now. a big mix of supporters. this teacher was a supporter of bernie and now hillary. why? >> i really believe in her education for children, her women and children's health rights. the immigration. i can't support a person that would degrade women as he has
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we're speaking with people who do support trump as we make our way through the crowd. pardon me. i want to introduce you from a couple from arizona. they travelled very far to get here tonight. for you the most important issue is the supreme court and the second amendment. that's why you support trump? >> yes, it is. they've done eight things for radicals except take our guns. when they take our guns, we're done. >> and what about you? >> we've been around long enough k we're just tired of the lying. she lied to us about benghazi. she lied to us -- >> thank you so much for being here. so we're going to keep it out here and let you know if any more protesters get into any arguments. reporting live. let's take it back to you in the studio, tricia. >> mahsa, thank you so much. we'll continue our coverage of the final presidential debate. we want to show you this.
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nair at the 215 and warm springs at the connecter. we'll have more with everything
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the raiders plan to move during a meeting today. the owner presented his fellow owners with a stadium plan. governor bryan on sunday. listen to what davis had to say about keeping the team in oakland. >> it's unfair for peopl to bring up what is oakland does this? what if oakland does that? vegas has done what they needed to do. >> owners are not set to meet again until next year. we'll be right back with a couple of minutes with another check in the spin room after tonight's debate. this is the traffic at the 215
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we continue our team coverage of tonight's final presidential debate with steve wolford and our political expert, jon ralston in this spin room right now. gentlemen? >> thank you, tricia. we're back among the politicians and campaign operatives who have been in the spin room to try to put on the best face for whoever they thought won the debate tonight. jon ralston joining us now with more on that. >> clinton, she's been up in the polls. she probably came in tonight trying not to make a big mistake. what do you think the biggest moment of the debate was tonight? >> well, she came prepared. she knows the issues. she looked presidential, but the new thing was donald trump actually admitting he might not accept the results of the election >> you're a political science
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what do you think the ramifications are? >> i think it's difficult. it makes it hard to come together for any kind of compromise in congress or trying to get her policy through. >> his statement was to the effect i would look at it when it happens. what is the rough with that that you have? >> well, he's suggesting that it's rigged, and he's going to look and s there's no evidence of that. secretary of state around the country, his own party leaders, his own vice presidential candidate said, no, we'll accept the results. for him to back off of that is really un-american and certainly undemocratic. >> chris wallace pressed secretary clinton on wikileaks
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borders. are you worried about that? >> well, she made it pretty clear she didn't mean open borders. she meant electric grids across state lines. when you're talking about open borders, we need to be more of a leader of the world, have more open relationships, more open trade. >> do you think that's really what she meant? of course it is. she's the secretary of state. they go into it with that kind of attitude towards she has been secretary of state. she knows you can't have open borders. she knows a country exists with boundaries. maybe it was a poor choice of words. >> thank you for joining us. we'll send it back to you, tricia from the spin room. >> thank you all. we continue our team coverage with leslie marine who is live on unlv campus. she spoke to individuals really invested in tonight's debate. leslie?
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these people here tonight, there were many locals. it's pretty cleared out, but i want to get to one specific resident, 11-year-old carla ortiz. you heard her name mentioned when hillary clinton was talking about immigration. she's the daughter of two undocumented parents. she spoke at the dnc before, and she was personally invited by hillary clinton tonight. we did get to speak to ortiz before she walked into the debate. >> it could change so many minds, and they would change something that they would do forever. >> now, we also got to speak to wayne newton as he was heading out. he said he believes trump won, but it wasn't a home run like he was looking for. 13 action news.
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thank you. >> this next story you may want to close your eyes for. that was the consensus from others who saw donald trump in all his glory making his way down las vegas boulevard this afternoon. las vegas marks the 8th state that the installation has visited so far. this is naked trump. those who got the chance to see it say it's unforgettable. >> i prefer never to see a naked >> it was so sickening. >> i guess so. the float's creators say the installation was inspired by the hans christian anderson fairy tale the emperor's new coat. >> we've had great weather while folks are in town visiting. >> presidential. >> you came at a good time if you came from out of town. we're going to be nice and crisp.
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very nice before we warm things up and slam the temperatures back down again. we're going to be above normal very soon here and back to below normal. 68 right now. henderson, that's 2 degrees cooler than normal. winds out of the northeast. the northerly flow has helped us cool things down. it's pushed winds down the colorado river valley. for us, not bad. boulder, 68 degrees. that's right on track for yesterdays and winds out of the northwest at. today, should be closer to 80. one degree below normal. we'll take that. overnight in the 50s. this morning we were in the 60s. that's the wrap-up there. we did see gusts today across the valley, not just the colorado river valley. they were anywhere from 24 to 29 miles per hour. so that's borderline breezy and maybe a little bit beyond that. borderline and gusty too. satellite radar composite looks good. what is coming in to change everything. the pattern has been most of the
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stayed just to the north. all we got out of bargain was the wind. that gave us the north-south flow. that was the responsible party. all of these systems have done a number on washington, oregon. these are going to start making their way south. and that's going to make a difference in how it feels here. it's going to bring temperatures down and we'll see a chance of rain. . it's been quite a while since that. a few weeks actually. temperatures getting today, maybe only 4 or 5 degrees warmer. for the weekend, we get up to 91. the disturbances makes their way south and one of those breaks off and kicks it way through by sunday night. into monday we have a chance, not a big chance for rain, but it's worth mentioning. look at the cooldown we get. we see cooler temperatures and overnight lows drop into the 50s. cooler temperatures after what is normal over the weekend.
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>> and we're continuing to keep
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>> and we're continuing to follow breaking news of this traffic situation that's happening on 215 westbound. bryan callahan is out driving around, as you can see. it's starting to loosen up a little bit. about ten minutes ago or so, it's still at a complete he said it was backed up from warm springs to windmill. he said that's about a mile and a half. things are starting to move now. las vegas metro police have tweeted out there are some road closures that are still in effect. that will be in effect until further notice because of all of the debate traffic. >> all right. it looks a lot better out there. from contact 13. team mobile has been fined $48 million.
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policy. it allows its to slow down data speeds when customers use too much data. customers may think they're buying better and faster service than what they're actually getting. the airbag in jeep wranglers may not deploy. chrysler is recalling vehicles. due to a wiring issue, it could cause both airbags the crash.
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>> we continue our team coverage of tonight's third and final presidential debate with steve wolford and our political expert jon ralston. in the spin room tonight, gentlemen? >> hello once again, tricia. we've had a lot of people come by here. we wanted to let donald trump,
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tonight. so we'll let jon do the introduction and fire the first question. >> joining us as spokesman for the trump campaign, you were just saying before we came on that no one wants to talk about the issues, so i'm sure you're going to be upset. the national ap lead is already out. you know what the lead is, that your candidate is not willing to say he'll accept the result of the election. shouldn't that disturb people? >> i don't think it should disturb people. why would any candidate accept results that haven't even occurred yet. it is extremely important that we make sure people are aware and paying attention. he has stated specific cities like philadelphia, who the secretary of state has released information saying there's been voter fraud. there's another reason he's pushing for voter registration, saying we have to win big just to make sure there's no funny business that occurred.
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widespread funny is be. this is the last question i will ask about this. do you worry about him undermining the faith of the american people in the election? >> not at all. i think a lot of people are already worried about voter integrity. if you've been involved in politics, especially at the grass roots level, like i've been, it's worrisome. we're not really talking about widespread, per se. we're talking about specific counties that can determine the way an entire state we're talking about specific counties that determine these higher states. >> katrina, you're inside three weeks before election day, and donald trump will be talking about some issues. what do you think he needs to discuss to really -- among other things -- gain ground with female voters that he's lost. he's lost some of his support among female voters. >> well, i think what you're seeing in the polls, i think you have people with initial thoughts and reactions and
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people realize we're 20 days out from an election. mr. trump has been out there for four decades, and these types of things have never come up. people are starting to believe these are campaign tactics, specifically after things came out today that people contacted by the clinton campaign they were paid to go out and incite violence. these people are paid to do what they do. it's politics. it's a dirty people understand that. >> thank you for stopping by and participating in that sport. >> thank you. >> also what we've seen, some major traffic jams around las vegas right now because of the security that's in place. let's go to 13 action news reporter bryan callahan, joining us now with the latest on what's happening on the roadways. bryan, any luck? >> reporter: steve, a lot less of a nightmare than predebate traffic.
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on the 215. the resort corridor is moving. the closures we saw on our way down in these lanes have since been removed. we got on the 215. there was about a mile and a half backup where the 215 west was closed at warm springs, backed up to windmill. we were stopped for four or five minutes, and they reopened it and traffic moved through there pretty quickly. now we're seeing normal nightly traffic through the resort corridor. things are going a lot here later at night, post debate, because it wasn't during rush hour when we saw the 215 backed all the way up to rainbow. a lot smoother here in the nighttime hours. bryan callahan, 13 action news. >> looking much better. bryan, thank you. >> we're fact checking debate claims. hillary clinton and donald trump argued with immigration reform, with trump emphasizing drugs
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>> the single biggest problem is heroin that pours across our southern borders, pouring in and destroying the youth. it's poisoning the blood of their youth and plenty of other people >> border seizures for heroin have quadrupled since 2008. it's smuggled through compartments in vehicles and it comes from south america. they ranked trump's claim true. >> live on tonight with mr. las vegas >> reporter: tricia, there were 1,200 people invited tonight. one of those being mr. wayne newton himself. he was invited by donald trump. they are close friends. we got to speak to him about what he thought about trump's performance. >> i think he clearly won it, but i was looking for the home run
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he said he believes he won it, but he wanted a little more out of his friend. now he did speak to u.n. lev students who said -- unlv student who is said they had a great time at the debate. we know 100 won a lottery ticket out here to the debate. nearly 5,000 students actually entered their names. when it came to how the debate was put on, everyone we spoke to said unlv did a wonderful job. reporting from the thomson and mac center, 13 action news. >> of course a high profile debate brings out the supporters and protesters. mahsa saeidi joins us live with that. mahsa? >> reporter: the cnn stage is right there. that's a reason a lot of them came out. they wanted their signs to appear on the national media. about 100 protesters. it's really very quiet and peaceful. a couple of people, supporters
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conversations with each other, talking about the issues that matter. some people just joking around and heckling one another. largely people here starting to clear out, but we're going to stay out here, and we'll keep you up to date with anything that happens. mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. >> well, the stats are in. twitter has compiled the biggest moments of tonight's debate. according to twitter, 59% of the tweets tonight mentioned while 41% mentioned hillary clinton. now, the top three tweeted moments tonight, trump and clinton discussing the treatment of women. then trump refusing to stay if he -- say if he'll accept the election results, and then when clinton called trump putin's puppet. and the most retweeted debate was this trump post way back in 2013, wondering if putin will be
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pageant and wondering if he would become trump's new best friend. and one of the million americans tweeting during the debate, doing so from jimmy kimbal al -- jimmy kimmel live. he said let's build economic strength, not a wall. johnson commenting on the leaked transcripts by wikileaks, the documents herself. and he tweeted and release your tax returns, trump. >> senator harry reid's successor will be decided, but he doesn't plan to sit back in retirement. he plans to write another book. he tells us what he'll miss most. >> i'm going to miss my involvement at times, but i'm not going to try to run the senate from afar.
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somebody that can't stop what had to be stopped. that was me running the senate. >> he tells us that he plans to spend more time here in nevada with his wife and family >> a carjacking suspect is recovering tonight after being shot by troopers following a high-speed chase. it all started this morning at a gas station near eastern and fremont where a man stole a woman's car. he lead police on a witnesses describe the frantic scene out of a movie. >> i seen him hit the curb. i know he was running from something. nobody would just hit a curb. >> he jumped out and tried to rob an elderly couple. that's when he was shot. >> health officials say the person was an adult over the age of 65 and was hospitalized.
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january and february. there's still time to get your flu shot. we have more information on how and where you can do that to get the vaccine at >> gun sheaths -- gunshots range out at a high school. police believe it was a targeted attack on one 15-year-old student who was shot. four students were injured, including one girl still in critical condition tonight. many students wer they went back to school. >> i question my safety. you know. it could happen to anyone. >> it's terrifying. i don't want to see this going on. >> the other three students suffered minor injuries and are expected to be okay. new details following that police stop in minnesota that went viral on social media. hundreds of people packed the scone meeting -- city council meeting to voice their concerns. many say the officer used
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some were saying the treatment was racially motivated. >> it's fortunate that it was on tape. i hate to think what would have happened if it was not on taped. the charges were dropped, and the officer will not face any disciplinary action
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>> in tonight's financial focus, the dow was up today 41 points. the nasdaq up the s&p 500 up 5 points. local gaming stocks had a pretty good day overall. all of them saw games today. see czars was up. a proposal from a transportation department would require airlines to require fees chen checked backs are substantially delayed. it's one of the steps the obama administration is taking to
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in the latest proposal, that would include laybacks. transportation officials have not determined what is considered a substantial delay. >> samsung is facing a class action lawsuit by owners in new jersey. the company recalled its note smartphone and ended production worldwide. it does not involve property damage, but instead economic they say since it took so long to issue the recall, they were charged device charges, plan charges for an untuesdayable phone that could -- unusable phone that could not be exchanged. >> the final debate has wrapped up. we continue our team coverage right now with steve wolford and jon ralston in the spin room tonight. gentlemen. >> hi, tricia. i would say most of the spinning is done for the evening.
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get some deadlines taken care of and get their stories filed. >> some of these spinners, it's impressive. >> they said they were bailing out early because they want to take advantage of some of the night life. how do you think this all went down? we're inside of three weeks now before election day. donald trump clearly has his work cut out for him. do you think this could be one of those great political comebacks. where do you think it will stand on november 9th? >> it's very, very difficult for him to make up the ground he's lost. . it's very difficult to change the momentum of a campaign this late. what impact will the debate have? i think some people are wondering about that question. there are two ways debates can affect it. one is people watching it. if they saw a certain thing. a lot of people watched, undecided voters watched. did they see something from either candidate that changed
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using stuff in the debates in political ads. i can see both candidates got some fodder for it. but i do think that donald trump, again, we talked about this earlier, not being willing to say he'll accept the results of the election, well, that will be fine with his base, but it's going to terrify people outside the base. that will be played over and over again. >> this has been an asymmetrical presidential race. for everyone who says trump has to do a could happen on hillary clinton's end of the race to lose it? >> well, i think that there are so few people now who are undecided that it really is going to come down to the ground games of both campaigns. trump doesn't have much of one, but the republican party does. i think if hillary clinton's campaign had their druthers, they would send her to tahiti so she couldn't make a mistake in the next three weeks. >> trump is going to keep
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election. he's going to keep talking about the potential problems with the election, and he's going to reinforce something he's done tonight. you've been there 30 years. you couldn't get it done. the e-mails, the lack of trust. >> what about that? the wikileaks, the e-mail dumps? >> do you think the voters are immune to it in the last part. the ones in the last few days have been really the worst yet in the eyes of many >> i think they are some of the worst yet. some of the conversations that hillary clinton or hillary clinton's aids have, but what she is remarkably good at, steven, you saw that tonight. i've interviewed her. she will not answer the question she does not want to answer. when wikileaks came up, she immediately pivoted to this is a russian hack with trump and putin. she's almost like jell-o when you try to pin her down on that. but they will one ads using some
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that could hurt her. >> that's a very good where do you think we're headed here? three week to go, is it going to be nastier or louder? >> it's hard to believe it's going to be nastier. >> charlie brown halloween is next followed by toy story halloween. stay with us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> all right, gentlemen, thank you. outside the spin room t the thomas and mack is where we find christopher king. chris? >> yes, this is the third and final debate, like the sign said. this is the presidential debate 2016. the folks inside got to hear the candidates battle out over issues like abortion. hillary clinton says she supports rows if versus wade and will defend it.
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court. trump saying he wants to build the wall along the mexican border. clinton saying trump choked when it came time to discuss it with the mexican president. and clinton's e-mails were an issue as well. clinton said putin is trying to influence the election, and trump said there's no evidence of that. there was a lot more that went on with this debate. we'll have more for you at 11:00. we're live outside the thomas and mack center. christopher king, 13 action news. >> take a look outdoors. sole soon we'll -- soon we'll see the great pumpkin. look at these temperatures just before 9:00. you're below the 60-degree mark. 68 for henderson. some great temperatures. still getting kind of a north-northwesterly flow across the valley. we expected that for this evening. although most areas are showing calm and maybe a few degrees
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mile-per-hour wind there. satellite composite, nothing. not showing anything across the area. when we look across the region, it's relatively dry. that's the way it's going to stay up until the weekend. for tomorrow, though, if you're in from out of town, maybe stop in the hotel, watch the debate. and now you're going to do something fun tonight and tomorrow. it will be a clear start, spectacular weather, just to give you some suggestions right there. our fair city has the strip is one thing, and there's so many other things too. you have 60s overnight. . upper 80s. we're going to see an increase in cloud cover. that could lead us to a shower by late sunday night. i don't want to oversell it too much. if you put it in percentages, maybe 30% or so. either way, that drops it down. high pressure builds to get us into the 90s.
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pacific northwest, energy coming through and that will be enough to kick the temperatures down many degrees, even below normal in some respect. of course overnight lows dropping into the 50s makes it chilly. anticipate the next couple of days being nice and sunny, and, then, of course, we warm up. in between that, a morning of rain as soon as late sunday night. back to you. >> and this is just into our newsroom. it was a safe night for debate goers at unlv. as you can a huge concern tonight, especially with so many protesters expected and the tone of this campaign.
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>> and we're continuing to stay on top of the traffic situation that's been happening as a result of the debate here in town. let's take a look at your traffic cam. this is 215 near warm springs. at one point, bumper to bumper traffic, backed up for two
8:55 pm
smoothly. not a lot of traffic out there as there was about an hour ago. looks like everyone is able to make it to their destination. once again las vegas metro police still warning folks that there are a couple of road closures that will be in effect at times until about 10:00 tonight. >> well, we're continuing this fact check tonight on tonight's debate with politifact. hillary clinton speaks about gun control, repeating twice. >> when i think of what we need to do. we have 33,000 people a year who die from guns. >> well, according to the cdc, there were more than 90 gun deaths a day in 2013. the most recent data available, but that number also includes suicides. the rate of homicide deaths are much lower, so they rate clinton's claim mostly true. >> well, coming up next in abc's prime time lineup, it's two family favorites.
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brown. remember to dvr these great family favorites. if you feel it's a little too late for kids to stay up tonight. >> live, dramatic footage, an officer works to save a child found limp in his mother's arms. plus, a favorite artist that died tragically in las vegas is being honored from beyond the grave. we'll have more on that. before we go, let's check in one more time with steve wolford and jon ralston in the spin tonight. gentlemen? >> all right. thank you, tricia. this was just a huge night for las vegas and specifically for unlv. >> it really was. you saw the beginning of the debate, the president of the college was beaming. he got the debate here, and he's going to get a stadium. so it's a great week for unlv and a great week for las vegas. >> it certainly was. jon, thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you back here at
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>> tricia, back to you? >> we'll see you at 11:00. we're always on on the mobile app and website. stay tuned for it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. 13 action news. see you at 11:00.
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