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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 21, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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>> reporter: last month, the former ceo was chastised on capitol hill. senator elizabeth warren accused him of gutless leadership. >> you should resign. this isn't right. >> reporter: since then, the bank has hired a new ceo. paid customers back $2.6 million, was ordered to pay $190 million in fines and says, it has ended all product sales goals. the bank is now rated a c-minus and has lost its accreditation with t in a statement to abc news, wells fargo said its number one priority is to make things right with its customers and restore public trust. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> the ceo walked away with $130 million worth of wells fargo stock. he was on the target board at one point. he resigned from that. and he stepped down from the federal reserve bank of san
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he was well-connected. >> all right. a lot going on there. and some in congress pushing for more, more investigations and so on. coming up, the life of a lion tamer. >> a rare look inside the big tent. and his secrets to his survival. you're watching "world news now.? >> "world news now" continues
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? i'm gonna be iron like a lion in zion ?
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>> iron like a lion. it's one of the things people who train lions for sur circuses, they try to embrace that. but no shortage of risk in a job like that. >> what is life like for them? for one of the world's greatest lion and tiger trainers, who is traveling with the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. up all "nightline.? abc's nick watt. >> reporter: early in the morning in denver, colorado. >> are you done? you're done. good boy. that's how we takes his vitamins. we have to give him the other leg, mom. >> reporter: that's alex's mom. you'll understand why she's here in a minute. >> they can eat up to 16 pounds of meat every day. >> reporter: that must cost you a lot of money. >> our meat bill is $5,000 a week. >> reporter: the lions and tigers and lionesses.
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eating or cleaning. on the move, they must be caged for everyone but alex's safety. >> don't stick your fingers in. there you go. hello my little girl. good girl. >> reporter: armed with a patch of steak, he is in. parents owned a zoo, started training the animals. and then, joined the circus. controlling a 700-pound animal. that could easily kill you. >> exactly. this is the secret. he doesn't realize he can kill me. we don't declaw any of the cats. we don't take their teeth out. >> reporter: do they enjoy it? >> they definitely do. if you're going to keep any animal in a captive environment, you can't expect them to live in a beautiful enclosure for the rest of their lives and do nothing. >> hey. >> reporter: that's alex's wife,
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she and her sister were acrobats. now kate trains what they call the fuzzys. >> i've been working with animals about a year. >> reporter: most of the circus around 300 people, travel the country and live on this train. alex and kate have a pickup, a motorcycle, and a double-wide. they live next door to their animals. >> everyone knows everyone. even if you haven't worked together. but you've heard of that person or their family. >> reporter: there are people who believe such captivity is fundamentally cruel. you think they are content? >> definitely. as long as you provide them with an environment where they can eat, sleep and reproduce, in comfort, then they're content. >> reporter: alex says they aid in conservation efforts. >> people don't believe things unless they see it with their own eyes. that's the great part of what we do. >> reporter: all right.
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? an opening number, some acrobats. >> alex lacy is here. >> reporter: his 12 minutes of fame every day. pays the bills, allows him to spend all day every day, with his beloved wild animals. that most of us would run from, screaming like babies. i'm nick watt for "nightline," at the circus. >> alex and kate, apparently, they have a home in spain. but they're rarely there because they're on the road with the show. >> and usually the act, his particular, features 28 lions and tigers. currently, the biggest in the world. you may recall that ringling decided to get rid of all of the elephants from the shows. but these animals are an active part of it, clearly. coming up, from the circus, to the box office. >> two of hollywood's leading men are opening movies this weekend. but the critics are panning both. our "insomniac theater" is
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? ? looking for something to do this weekend? well, there are two new movies that are opening up this weekend. >> and you can enjoy them both, we hope, even though the critics, not so much. we start with tom cruise's return to "jack reacher: never go back.? the 2012 action thriller, with reacher forced to go on the run from the low, to uncover the truth behind a government conspiracy involving the death of u.s. soldiers. >> maybe i rip your arm off. two things are going to happen in next 90 seconds. >> excuse me? >> first, that phone over there is going to ring. second, you're going to be wearing these cuffs on your way to prison. >> that is one magnificent prophecy, mr. reacher. [ phone ringing ] >> it's just going to keep on
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>> the critics say, we should never have gone back to jack reacher, giving it a 38% splat on rotten tomatoes. brian truitt calls it a major step backward with an a-list actor. chris says, sequel no one asked for to the movie no one quite remembers. >> yeah. i didn't remember there was a first one to that one. next, continuing with the international intrigue motif, you might say. don draper goes rogue in his first major role since "mad men.? jon hamm stars in "keeping up with the joneses" as a secret agent posing as a travel writer. of course. after he and his wife move into suburban atlanta cul-de-sac, their cover is threatened by their nosey neighbors. >> i said, get in the car. >> guys, now. >> we're going to run, okay? one, two -- jeff? i said three. >> jeff, please, would you just get in the car?
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>> on your wife? >> actually might be theatergoers who want a head start to another movie. critics giving it 16% of rotten tomatoes. earth to movie executives, this is not what jon hamm should be doing. and allen salkin saying, i'm sure i'm supposed to laugh at some point. >> the clip was funny. >> there's 15 seconds that was funny. now. that's the news for this half hour.
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