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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  October 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it's magic. that's right, friday morning, everybody. it's a magical friday. we're taking a live look outside right now. the headliner is here with us to talk about a stint on who wants to be a millionaire. thank you for joining us. good morning. you may notice that it's just me here. j.j. snyder. that's because shawn tempesta is out in the field. this is going to be a very fun little moment here. our coats for kids campaign is underway now. and if you've already donated, thank you so much. and if you haven't made your donation, there is still time. shawn is out at the tropical
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215, he's collecting coats right now. shawn can you hear me? >> i could hear you, j.j. i was enjoying my hawaiian breeze, no sugar. that's what i do. tropical smoothie cafe, jones and the 215, it's coats for kids. great to have you. >> thanks for coming out. >> let's talk about what we're doing today. this is very important because it gets chilly in the valley. you might be coats in las vegas. december, january, february. >> it gets chilly. all of our locations in the city, nearly 30, you can donate any new or gently used coat. we're happy to take that in and make sure it gets to the right folks. >> the cool thing is you stop at any of the tropical smoothie locations, box brothers has a box set up at every location. we have the setup here, but there is one inside, as well, about half full. not full enough.
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everyone has been great. the response is awesome every year but the more the merrier. >> we want the cory gaited box companies to be working overtime to build more boxes. once it's done and we get these jackets brought in, tall vision army helps us distribute them. >> and they even setup almost like a storefront where you can go in, if you're in need of a coat or your child is in need of a coat, you almost get to pick the color, the style, the size that works for you. >> it's pretty awesome. you come down here smoothie cafe, i'll be here until 10:00 a.m., but here at the booth and the live shots will be here throughout the afternoon, so come down here and give back to a great cause. it's coats for kids here at 215 and jones, tropical smoothie cafe. >> can you hear me, shawn? >> i can. >> okay, beautiful. i wanted you to show us first of all i'm jealous of the smoothie. second of all show us the cute coats you got hanging behind
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>> : i'm assuming this is the girl's side, although i don't know. the phoenix fun has a girlish color to them. you have the winter coats, some over there, for the boys. i see a harley-davidson leather jacket. we're getting fancy here. don't forget about the big kids, too. they need jackets, too. >> a reminder, tropical smoothie is a proud sponsor of coats for kids here with 13 "action news." and let's change if you watch who wants to be a millionaire on abc you may have noticed a celebrity week. yesterday the magician steps up today. you're here to tell us about your experience and the charity that you chose to donate to. welcome.
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wants to be a millionaire is the thed in society for prevention to cruelty animals. it could use the support. animals don't have a voice, so i chose to be the voice for them. nothing teaches us unconditional love better than pets at home. >> that's i was backstage while you were filming. millionaire. >> we talked about that. >> tell me about your experience. >> millionaire has been on for like almost 20 years, been about 18 years, makes me feel old because i used to watch it. >> did you? >> used to watch it all the time at home with my family. i used to play the online game, you know. and it's a lot harder once you get up there and you're in the
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not playing for yourself. >> oh, yeah, more pressure. >> so much more pressure, because like you want to win the money for the animals. it's like you don't want to take a risk and try to get next question right. if you get it wrong, you go all the way back down to 5,000, you know. >> right. >> no pressure. you're playing for the dogs and the cats. so chris harrison we have a picture of you and he together. see if we can get it pulled up. >> boom. there you are. with you. did he give you any advice before the show? he's seen all kinds of people step up to the podium. >> you know, really not much advise you can have to give other than go out and give it your all. you can try to figure it out through process of elimination. i did download an application, you know, a phone app. i'm not sure that it helped any,
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amazing. in fact, my pups went on the show, because you can't find a friend anymore. >> which is what i would do if i was someone. >> you got to have your plus one there in the studio live with you. so i brought with me ted, who is in my show. he opens up and does announcements and jokes at the top of the show. >> why did you choose ted? he must be smart. >> he is smart. he has some years on he's a few-years-older than me. i brought him on. he loves trivia and is good on topics that i might struggle in. >> okay. >> i brought him on, but he's obsessed, obsessed w. "the bachelor." >> oh. >> which of course, chris harrison -- >> the host does for years. >> so he was so nervous, not about going on who wants to be a millionaire, not about answering the questions correctly, but about being in the same room as
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>> i hope he helped you out. this is exciting. you must have done pretty well yesterday, because we're going to see you on the show today at 2:00, as well. >> i made it onto another episode, thanks to ted. he answered a question correctly. i was hoping you know in the music category i would be strong but it was really tough. helped develop what type of music? and there were options, boston nova, flamingo, but you -- >> you latin somehow but i wouldn't know. >> all the options were kind of similar, and he got it. got it. so we're moving on to the next question, so tune in today. i think here in vegas it goes on at 2:00 on abc. >> it does. let's talk about magic reinvented nightly. what's that? it's some show. i believe that you star in. six nights a week we were talking. >> yeah. >> you love your job. >> i do. i do. >> tell me about the show.
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we opened one year ago. couldn't be having more fun with it. wow, this is what you do when you want to try something different in town. you want to see a show that is unlike anything else, but look, it's a magic show, yes, but this is where you go to laugh and have fun. if you want to have a fun night out, whether it's a date or a -- you want to bring the whole family out, there is something for everyone. and the show sees the full gamut of people, everything from senior citizens, to batch all right children, and that's -- this has that appeal, and i love that. i love the local support we've had in vegas. if you haven't seen the show come out and see it. we love having repeat customers. >> thank you, mat. you're lighting up las vegas. tune in today at 2:00 to catch mat on who wants to be a millionaire. he competes for the second time, and his show plays at the link hotel and casino.
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motorcycles, german sheperds and rock n' roll and more. does that sound like a good time? no, it sounds like a great time. here with the fun ride now power sports along with our executive producer. good morning, you guys. >> good morning. >> hi. tell us about this event. >> yes. coming up this saturday we're going to have the vegas shepherd rescue. they're going to be coming down, we're going to have a really cool event. we're going to have a swat meet. everybody that has the dirt toys, swing down, bring down the
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and the big cool thing is we're going to have two raffles going on. all of it to benefit the shepherd rescue fund. so couple big ones, about a thousand dollars per each raffle. and we got a bunch of vendors that will be there. and it's going to be a really fun event. >> fantastic. i love that you're giving back to jig as shepherd rescue. how is the group going to benefit? >> we get 100% of the proceeds from the raffle, which is incredible. arms to us, and this is not first event we've done with them. they're always really good to us and we're so appreciative. because like i said, it's 100%, and we donate a few raffle items of our own, but the people who are coming out they're vendors who are contributing, so it's really -- spans much, much larger than just -- >> i love it and i know that your group uses your money so wisely.
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tell me about what you have going on right now and how the money will be used to help the dogs. >> well, we are 100% donation based, so there is no government funding or anything like that. so 100% of the money goes to caring for the dogs in our care. >> and there will be dogs at the event? >> there will be, of course, yes. and we will have several different dogs throughout the day. they come in two-hour shifts, because we don't want to get them overstressed or tired or freaked out. >> that's really thoughtfu >> absolutely. especially in the heat. yes. you can meet some of our or fans shall and we have a book that shows you who else is available. >> some great, beautiful dogs. i've met several of them. what time does this go down? >> starts at 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. >> excellent. i love it. julie, there is performers, as well. there is going to be entertainment tomorrow. >> i just send -- first of all, danny wild has been fantastic to
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donate his time and talents with his band, metropoulos. he told me today that there's going to be a lot of guest performers stopping by, as well. it's going to be an all-star event here. >> so if you're in the motor sports and you're into rock n' roll you want to get down there, not to mention the german sheperds, which is what would get me down there. and we got a preview today. the band is here to give us tickets back, kicking it back ol n' roll. i love it. ma troop oh plus, let's have you
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>> oh, great job, you guys. again, head down to power sports tomorrow for food, raffle, music and everyman shephards. thanks to steve beyer productions. they donated all the production needs at the if you like what you heard get more information. call number on your screen and
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck. wrong for nevada. people getting rid of eye bags in minutes, we have a guest here to tell us all about it.
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of injections or surgery, you might want to think again. the remarkable product called plexaderm works in minutes to reduce some of the designs of aging, so if you have wrinkles or crow feet, yeah, or under eye bags, get ready to be amazed. scott defalco is here to share his secrets of this new technology. it will change the way you see yourself in the mirror. thank you. >> get ready to be wowed. this is this product has taken the country by storm. >> tell me all about it. >> i want to introduce you to my good friend, ritchey. we'll put him up on the screen. we call him ritchey bags. he has issues under those eyes. what you're seeing him do is rubbing the flex a he were did under his eye bag. this will work on your crows feet and wrinkles in your forest
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completely gone. you're going to be shocked. >> i could see he has eye bags. eye bags can be genetic, and they make you look just tired. >> you know what, gravity sucks. that's basically what we're dealing with. gravity takes every where in our bodies. i'm going to bring up a term people are familiar with, collagen. what collagen is, it's responsible for the cell structure in our skin. when it get the bags, that's why we get the wrinkles and everything else in our face and people go and get collagen injections for that, but now they don't have to do that. those can be painful. we talked before we started the segment. we hate needles, and it can be expensive. this is topical. it works in less than five minutes, and it completely takes it away. it's incredible. >> can we -- >> let's go back to ritchey and see where we are. this is not altered.
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and you can see after two minutes it's already starting to go away. it's about half reduced. everyone is affected differently. some people take three minutes, some people four minutes, but no longer than ten minutes for it to work. it's really incredible. >> oh, my gosh. you can really see it. >> you can see it. and for the people interested in the tech in a callities, most people want to know does it work, but i carry this piece of rock with me everywhere across the country because this is where it's >> this is what it's made of. >> they are derived from this piece of shell rock. what happens is when you rub it on your undereye bags, or crows feet, forehead lines, technically what's going on is that the molecules in the formula once you rub them into your skin they weave together. as it dries into your skin they actually make it really taught and make a smooth contour, so that's technically what happens
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>> whatever it is, it's working. we also have before and after clips to show. >> this blows your mind. basically this is just, you know, before they use the product and after. like i said each person is different. that one right there is after ten minutes. it takes no longer than ten minutes. >> wow. >> this person it took three minutes. look at that. you look younger, you look better. it's just incredible. and i want to tell you too, for people that ask me this question all the time how does it work with make up, because most guys besides myself don't wear make up. so it's hard to cover these things up. and as you know as a woman, women wear make up all the time. with make up makes it worse. >> it does, because under the eye you add more layers and just makes the creases look bigger. >> you can use this with your make up, and it affects guys more than women because they don't wear the make up. you want to put this on a clean, dry face. you clean your face in the morning, put this on, wait ten
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moisturizer and put make up on after that. >> excellent. okay. so what about the guys now? we had a photo up of a guy. it's amazing. >> it's really incredible. there it is. look at that. that is completely gone. another thing i want to mention, this is something that you can purchase when you call for plexaderm. the reason why we suggest it is that it has an oilless base. so we want you to use a moisturiz oil in it. that counteracts the effectiveness of plexaderm. you put the plexaderm on, you wait ten minutes, put your oilless moisturizer on then make up and it lasts the whole day. >> does it really? that was my next question, how long does it last. >> there are products that are advertised, they tell you it only lasts two to three hours. this is going to last you all day, six to eight hours, going to change your life. >> it really is amazing results.
9:26 am
>> going back to my buddy. now it's almost completely gone. 80% gone. and believe it or not, it was funny when we asked them to do this. we said we're going to ask you to do this. he said really? what are you going to do? we said we have this new product called plexaderm. we brought him in the room and you can see he was -- he actually smiled after he saw the results. >> i hope you did the other eye for us. >> yes, of course, we did. but when he was done and looked in the mirror he was he actually smiled. we were all shocked in the room. it was mind-blowing. >> it's an amazing transformation. both you and i shared -- we have an acting background and one thing you learned it's all about the eye, and right -- and what a way to just take years off your face. >> and to not look tired and to look fresh. i moon you can gain from this, just from that five minutes or ten minutes at the most. you're going to gain maybe ten to 15 years on your appearance. you really are. because the elast usity in your
9:27 am
collagen degrades over time. this is a way to counteract it. >> it's incredible because there are no needles involved. exactly. and it really does well for ordinary people. >> yes. >> everybody could use a little bit of that. >> when you see ritchey, bring him back up on the screen, you see there is -- it's gone. absolutely gone. we were all amazed. here you go. you talk about, you know, looking good. ordinary people can look good. there is a rock star right there. there is a want to be a rock star. not the groupy. and there are the results. it's just incredible. he got up. he actually did smile, i swear. and he was even amazed at the results. >> it's amazing how the small details can make such a difference in someone's appearance. you have a special. >> 40% off of the product and you can buy two get one free. if you call the 800 number, 800-949-9793 or go to, tell them you saw scott on the show with this rock
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>> thank you. thank you for visiting us. >> tell them you saw me on "the morning blend" with you and they'll give you that special and buy two get one free, you can't beat it. >> we are blown away at the results. thank you so much. you saw great results this morning. for more information about plexaderm head to the website or call 800-949-9793. supplies a you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys.
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they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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having a good understanding of your health care isn't always easy. and that's why it's critical for you to take the initiative and to ask your doctor the right questions. what are the right questions? here to help us find out is dr. judith ford, the associate medical director with healthcare partners medical group. good morning, doctor.
9:31 am
thanks for having me. >> so you -- your job is very interesting. you really help people with wellness. you help with health education. what is most important to you? >> so it is health education week, and so healthcare partners is very dedicated to educating our patients about wellness, about preventive medicine. we think it's very important that when our patients leave the office visit they know what going to see their specialists, exercise, diet information, and the plan for follow up. so that's all part of your own personal health education. >> this is great. so it's not just about seeing a good doctor and getting great care. it's also about the patient having an understanding of the entire spectrum of health. >> absolutely. it's all about communication. because some of these instructions are very
9:32 am
can be made. so we're very passionate about communication with our patients, making sure that they understand their medications, and the next steps in their care. and participating in their care. >> participation. >> yes. >> when a patient leaves your office, you have some advice for people. when you leave the doctor's office you should be thinking about these things. what are those things? >> right. so we actually with our patients every patient leaves with a health summary of that medications that were changed or deleted from their care, their specialists who they're seeing and when and why. what tests are to be ordered and when to see their doctor next. we try very hard to make sure that patients have an opportunity to ask questions. we make sure they have phone numbers and contact people so if anything is unclear. we have our total care model at healthcare partners puts the
9:33 am
we haveial workers, case managers, medical assistants, all helping in that care. so it's not just about the moments that half hour you spend with the doctor in the office, it's all that support. our total care model is second to none in the city and we're proud of it. >> excellent. speaking of support, you are particularly passionate about cancer awareness. this month being breast cancer. >> it is. you're wearing your pink. i'm not wearing pink today. i'm wearing healthcare partners teal. but yes, it is breast cancer awareness month. anybody watching the nfl can see the pink all over the field. and i just yesterday was with a patient who was very frightened about getting a mammogram. part of my job is to talk to patients about what is appropriate for cancer screening, help them get the screening they need. >> it can be a little bit intimidating and something you
9:34 am
the mammograms. for -- if people can always check in with you, if they want to make a change to their benefits. >> right. so right now, for medicare recipients, people 65 and older, it's open enrollment time, which means this is the two-month period where medicare recipients can change their benefits. the period closes december 7th. if you haven't made changes you're kind of with the plan you were and so healthcare partners has a lot of health fairs out there, information on our website, to find the medicare plan right for you, seniors have a lot of questions and healthcare partners would like to help be a partner in choosing the right plan. >> that's so great. there are so many choices out there for seniors during this time, and it's great to get a resource like healthcare partners to help you through and make sure you have the best plan for you. >> that's right. >> it's individual for everybody. >> that's right. that's right. >> thank you so much, doctor.
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medicare open enrollment is happening right now. it goes on through december 7th. to find out more about your health care options just head to open enrollment
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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welcome back to "the morning blend." we're going to check back in with shawn tempesta. he is at the tropical smooth hey near the 215 and jones. go by and say hi to him if you're in the area. we're having the annual coats for kids drive. shawn, how is it going out there? >> j.j., before you toss it to me i have to introduce you to something here. you know our set one, right, our set one i make fun of our red chairs. >> yes. >> frankly i think purple suits
9:38 am
>> oh. >> these are the exact -- these are the exact chairs we have on the set. they have them at tropical smoothie. >> why don't you bring them over? we'll swap. >> we'll swap, do a quick swap, get the purple. this is amazing. this is becky with the salvation army. they're helping distribute the coats. >> good morning. >> you have one of the coats you'll be distributing in your hand. >> i do have one of the coats. look at this. this is a used like it's maybe worn once. it is awesome. >> this is fantastic. you end up getting the coats for your children, and they never wear them or barely ever wear them and you're like what do i do with this practically new brand coat. you bring it here for coats for kids. >> that's what you got to do. if you have kids and they out grown their coats, bring them in. >> you have been doing this for 17 years. there are boxes at every single
9:39 am
the valley. we're here at the one at 215 and the jones. when do we have until to drop these off? >> the distribution is november 5th. >> we're coming close. >> we're coming close. and so you got until the end of this month to get the coats in. new coats, gently used coats, we got them. >> how do you end up distributing the coats and finding who is the best fit for these? >> families that we serve throughout the year, we got them signed up for their children to receive coats. >> awesome. that's fantastic. come down here, 215 and jones. we're calling this parking spot is called step four, j.j., if you're wondering. set four, back to the studio. >> i got to tell you, i love seeing you out there in your sunglasses and your coat having a great time. you're plaid for the -- have a -- >> thank you. >> have a great rest of your friday. thanks a lot. and this is a reminder, tropical smoothie is a proud sponsor of coats for kids.
9:40 am
halloween is just over a week away, and while it's a wonderful holiday, it can also be very expensive. this year consider shopping at desert industries where all costumes are under $10. here to help us get outfitted for the holiday, a representative and job host. welcome. >> thank you. >> so let's talk about this, because halloween costumes can be really pricey. >> yes, that's right. they can be from 30 to $100 new, and even one study showed the national average spent on one costume is at least $45. >> that's astronomical. if you have kids, good luck to you. now, tell me about the opportunity for inexpensive fabulous costumes. >> we have some one of a kind,
9:41 am
>> people have them. they wear them once or twice, want to give them away. you are given many costumes to choose from. you also have home decor. >> absolutely. we do. so go ahead and bring in the ones that you aren't wearing that you used last year, bring them in, donate them. find something new. we have lots and lots of halloween decor for your home. in addition to our costumes we have designer shoes, designer clothing, purses, collectible item, all sorts of one of a kind. >> ton of great clothes to choose from around the year. by the way i'm wearing my store find today, just to celebrate thrifting. i'm i love thrifting. it's like you find a piece of gold, you know, when you go out and search for something. now, at deseret industries you
9:42 am
your employees. tell me about that. >> our mission is to provide job training. each associate gets one-on-one job counseling. and there's also additional opportunities for educational and internships, as well. so we provide this for them with the hope that they will gain self-sufficiency and get careers in that area. we're so grateful that we're able to do that for them. >> there is a lot of positive things going on. two locations for you guys, one in north laseg on east flamingo. we have a special treat. we are going to walk over here and my friends are over here on set three. hello, ladies. >> hi. >> they are fitness bloggers. you can catch them at thrifter's anonymous. i follow them on instagram. and they got great halloween
9:43 am
picked out all the costumes for us. >> we sure did, all one location. >> oh, my gosh. all right. take me through. hi, kids. how is everybody? >> good. >> are we ready? yes? okay. show us who we have here today. >> thank you very much. we have alexis, her sister mckenna, each are $4. we have sequin on the shoes, a headband, they were complete. nothing cost more than $10 for their looks. >> that dorothy costume looks brand-new. >> next up we have -- doesn't her costume look neat? she is ariel. the costume is under $10. she is out of the water now. and ray decided to join us.
9:44 am
she has her awesome canteen. this is mia, the sister. >> you guys look so cute. >> next up, who you going to call? call j.j. head to toe ghostbusters outfit, $4. we worked in the toy section, they were 75 cents or a dollar each. $9. last but not least, we have a special guest, she flew in from l.a. >> wow. >> exactly. right? and she sings. >> she is a singer. >> this is chloe. >> ladies, thank you. >> her costume you can find online is $50. we paid $4.99. >> $4.99? >> for the actual true lady gaga costume, available now. >> the thing i'm seeing is if you go out and hunt a little bit you can have a tremendous saving.
9:45 am
>> ladies, you look fabulous. thank you so much. for more information on deseret industries, head to the website on your screen. they have two locations, one on each flamingo, the other in north las vegas west of simmons.
9:46 am
i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown.
9:47 am
n for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. with the holiday season about to begin it's the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. jennifer is an award winner, consumer journalist and is here with great tech picks that can make your loved ones happier and healthier. hey, jen. >> how are you? yeah, it's true, the whole christmas creep starts earlier and earlier every year.
9:48 am
days we'll be talking about holidays all the way back in july. it is never too soon to talk about better living tech, right? >> and it's great to plan ahead. it makes you feel like you're organized. you can enjoy the holiday more. wearable tech is a big trend. tell me what you have to show us. >> well, i just finished reviewing this new samsung gear fit two and i absolutely love it. it is a great all fitness smartwatch. it automatically senses what activity you're doing from walking up a flight of stairs or working out at a gym. it knows what you're doing and tracks it all for you, monitoring steps, playing music. you can store up to 500 songs on your wrist. it's also gps enabled, so you don't have to have your cell phone with you. if you're going to go for a run it will still map your run, know your distance, your pace and keep track of that for you.
9:49 am
i absolutely love it. >> excellent. thank you. thank you for the preview on that. jen, my mom loves photos. she has been looking for a good photo printer for several years. i hear you have a portable one to show us. >> i'm not sure how i ever lived without this. this is the hp photo printer. it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, powerful enough to print all those photos that you have been storing on your phone out in about 30 seconds. it talks to your phone via bluetooth. it also has an app you connect with that app, you can print photos from your social media feeds, like instagram and facebook. it's super, super simple. i absolutely love it. and look at the color and quality of these photos. i just printed these out this morning. this is me getting ready for halloween, a little leaf on my sidewalk, my daughter going for spirit week at her school. this is so great.
9:50 am
business cards. you could print them out and go right from there. >> i love it. how savvy would that be? i want one of those. they're so small. my goodness. >> all right. they're telling me to tell you about everything else i have, but we're running out of time. i have to tell you the other awesome stuff i have. >> please. go. >> all right. air quality october is national air quality awareness month. i just finished reviewing a bunch of smart home gadgets. i love this connected wifi device paired with the blue air classic air pure fire. they work like magic together. the aware is a so if i is 20 kateed smart center, sniffing out gases you can't smell. it talked to the wifi connected air purifier, powerful but quiet, cleans up all the air for better health. keurig brewer.
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it's two minutes from the time you think about having a fresh cup of coffee or tea to the time you're taking the first sip. super easy to clean. this is a great gadget, ideal gift for the holiday season. comes in the blue or black color. this is my personal favorite. another personal favorite of mine this g prod on i didn't series of gaming peripherals, great for the casual and serious gamer. it includes a gaming mouse wired or wireless version. new keyboard and headset, and what's really cool about this is it looks great in an office or in a gaming den. either way it ups your whole playtime. it's amazing. this season and beyond you got to know about paypal, because it is the safest, one of the safest most secure ways to shop
9:52 am
or shopping from your laptop, shopping from your mobile device. paypal lets you use convenient technology to save time, stay secure. one touch works across millions of websites and apps. you get free return shipping, purchase protection. i could go on and on but i'm being told i have to stop this second. but you can tell it's just getting started, all the excitement for the gifts and gadgets just getting started. >> thank you for giving the heads up. great to see >> thank you so much. and if you need to go back and look at anything i talked about here today, go to thunk >> start planning for your holiday gift giving. check out all the latest tech jen talked about at the website on your screen. er to check out on our website. you'll find past segments, facebook and twitter links and recipes. recipes. we'll be r more ads from joe heck's billionaires.
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crime dropped over 20% while catherine cortez masto was attorney general. that's why it's cortez masto who's been endorsed by law enforcement, not joe heck. and her crackdown on domestic violence and human trafficking earned the praise of governor sandoval. don't believe joe heck's trash. catherine cortez masto's kept nevada safe. i'm catherine cortez masto
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13 things to do is sponsored by the south point. >> calling all beer lovers and foodies, head to the clark county amphitheater saturday. there will be more than 200 beers to sample. food by local chefs and live music. and if you like comedy and logic, get on down redneck comedy magic of james michael at the stratosphere. the unique adult only show promising lots of laugh plus magic. and i hear the booze is also cheap. you know the phrase from denver colorado. their first big hit was how to save a live in 2005. they will perform with american authors saturday night. those are just three of the great things happening this week in las vegas.
9:56 am 13 things to do is brought to you by our friends at south point. for more information including upcoming events head to south point the valley and the entire entertainment world are busing over cher's return to the las vegas strip. this morning we're hearing about her big return to las vegas. >> i would like to have a beer, like a mix, you know, because there are some things that i've done beautiful, and i -- i can't do it better, and i think -- >> this is going to be really exciting. she is going to light up las vegas. her performances will be at the new park theater in the monte car lowe, a beautiful space if you haven't yet seen it. they've really revamped that. more shows are expected to be announced soon. the presale tickets are already
9:57 am
on sale on sunday. i want to go to that, and i want to see mr. bruno mars. very exciting for las vegas. guys, coming up on monday, here on "the morning blend," local firefighters show support for breast cancer awareness. how you can join them and their team, plus we got the perfect gift for guys on your gift list. well, it is preseason, preholiday season, and it is a start writing out who is on your list, get that shopping done now. you won't regret it. that's all for tomorrow. that's all for today, guys. join us on monday. everyone have a great weekend. it's friday.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: the weekend starts now 'cause "the view" is live. candidates' roast. the lines that got hillary and donald big laughs. >> this one is going to get me in trouble. >> and the ones that went way over the line. [ boos ] >> plus senator and "snl" alum al franken on how this election has changed political comedy forever. and "the chew's" daphne oz. let's fire up "hot topics" with whoopi, paula faris, joy behar, sara haines and raven-symone. now, let's get thanks started. [ cheers and applause ]


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