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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  October 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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and they saw dozens of horses and birds in horrible conditions... they say were likely to cause sickness, injury or death. those animals were turned over to the animal foundation to be examined. so far... no arrests have been made. new at six.... tonight... a new dog rescue..... here in las vegas.... is crossing borders..... to save the lives of golden retrievers. they're called.... "goldens with they pay...... to have the golden retrievers.... taken out of meat markets and slaughter bring them to america.... for a second chance at life. 13 action news reporter..... gina lazara was there..... for the touchdown of their second rescue... "abby". nats of abby being let out of cage you would never know the back story of this precious golden retriever by the way she's acting right here.... taking her first steps in america. sheila oliveria, goldens without borders "it really is
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friday at 5 p-m at a kill shelter in south korea.... more nats but thanks to these ladies and some other behind the scene volunteers --- abby gets a second chance at life. sheila oliveria, goldens without borders "they really are sad and then they get here and it's as if they're smiling" goldens without borders is a new golden retriever rescue that works with good-hearted people in countries like taiwan -- turkey -- mexico -- china -- and korea.... to bring the dogs to america....that would have otherwise been killed. without borders "there's a great need in these countries given the circumstances that they're in with the dog meat market and strays on the street and slaughter houses" look at abby here... nats of her sitting and giving paw in korea being rescued in korea before her flight to america -- sheila oliveria, goldens without borders "i think for golden retrievers they look for that human interaction and they just don't get it" she's now ready to go to her new foster family...
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days ha ha ha" gina tag: goldens without borders just got clearance to bring 15 more golden retrievers to america that were were rescued from meat markets in china! they will be here sometime soon. if you want to help -- we have a link to the rescue on our website k t n v dot com. gina lazara 13 action news. a north las vegas doctor has been arrested again in connection with a lewdness investigation. we first told you about jorge burgos in last month after his arrest on allegations of inside his office. since then.. police say more patients have come forward.. and they're still looking for any other possible victims. a man and woman are going to be okay..... after they were both.... shot in bed... this morning. investigators say.... that gun.... was in the bed! when the woman climbed in.... she bumped it.... and said.... it went off. police say.... she was shot.... in the hand... and... a man was shot.... in the head. we talked to an expert on guns... who says....
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how this could've happened. i cant imagine a modern gun that exist that you could bump it laying in a bed and it would fire 11 bi this incident is still.... under investigation. we're getting our first look at nevada's only high flying cfigh. nhp is now the only law enforcement agency in the state to use drones. the drone can take video and pictures from a high vantage point to help troopers clear traffic issues faster. right now.. only one trooper in southern neva that will soon change. trooper daniel marek, nhp 21:56:11-21:56:19 "in five years this isn't going to be a story anymore everyone is going to be using it, being the first just means we were able to do something a little bit faster." nhp will also loan the drone out to help other departments some of the nation's biggest websites including twitter.. spotify and netflix were paralyzed this morning from what's described as a massive cyber attack.
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the point that web traffic essentially couldn't move. federal investigators are now trying to find out who was responsible.. while members of congress sounded the alarm. what you have now whether it is foreign or domestic no one knows who has released ransomware, spyware, malware into the system. bare in mind, this malware can live on your coomputer for up to a year. so far.. there is no motive and no one the affected websites are up and running again.. but many are still sluggish. early voting kicks off... in nevada.... tomorrow.... and.... some big names will be in town.... stumping for hillary clinton. singer katy perry will be at u- n-l-v.... tomorrow.... taking first-time voters.... to the polls. the events starts.... at -4- ..... at "the free speech zone." and... president obama will be in..... north las vegas....
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at cheyenne high school.... at 3-45. for more information.... on both of these events... visit k-t-n-v dot com. a moldy..... leaky hole in the ceiling.... above a shower..... is enough to keep anyone away. but.... one valley woman insists.... two weeks was enough time..... to fix it... so.... when her aprtment complex didn't... she called us! contact 13..... investigative reporter..... stephanie zepelin got results for her.... she has the story.... from warm springs and green valley. this video shows what tinamarie lopez had to deal with for two weeks! she says she told emergency maintenance about the leaky ceiling in her bathroom as soon as she noticed it. during those two weeks, her son would not sleep in his room, or use this bathroom. 18.39.47 i cant run a household if the house that im coming home to is garbage 55 and is not efficient 57 she says she called and emailed multiple times, but the ceiling stayed
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story, excuse after excuse 48 on why anything wasn't getting done 51 thursday afternoon they came in and made this fix.....but she's still not happy. we went to the office at crystal creek apartments. they promised they would send maintenance back out....and they did! tinamarie sent us this photo, of additional work they did on her bathroom ceiling after we came out. soc. we looked into this story.... after tina-marie e-mailed us... if you have a story.... you'd like u just send us an e-mail.... to and... be sure to include.... your phone number. as the holidays approach... many people will be exchanging.... gift cards... but... your card.... may become.... someone else's gift! how you can keep that.... from happening... plus.. a wild burglary that looked like a scene from "mission impossible".. but what they were after was more like "happy gilmore." carla. by sunday, weather patterns begin to shift and change over the valley. high pressure moves south and
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northwest. and... count on chopper 13.... to bring you breaking news... fast and first and... only on... 13 action news. with the holidays with the holidays i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see blood coming out of her wherever. narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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as gifts. but before you do.. you need to know about a new scam. 13 action news anchor beth fisher shows you what to look out for.. so you don't waste your money. thieves have just developed a new way of stealing the value of your gift card. but they don't do this at the rack in the store. they're doing this to anyone trying to sell their card. it happened to zac wagner. he wanted cash for his card. so he posted his $400 gift card on craigslist. in no time, he had an offer to
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i got a call.... he asked me how much i wanted for it, i confirmed $350." zac says he started to arrange a hand off. "he wanted to meet me at the best buy down the road on my lunch break the next day." but then the buyer asked for one last thing. "then he asked if i could call and verify it, because he didn't want to drive half an hour and end up with a bad gift card. i figured that's reasonable, i would ask the same thing." using a 3-way call, the buyer asked zac to call best buy and they could hear the available balance on the card. zac can't believe what happened next. "at that point he must have got the numbers from the gift card, and used it to spend almost all of it!" somehow the buyer was able to get the gift card number, based on the keys zac pushed on his phone. an hour later they drained the card, buying a $350 playstation at a california best buy store. the lesson here, craigslist may not be your safest place to put your card up for sale.
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--cardpool --cardcash --gift card granny --and zac says next time: "don't call and confirm it, they can steal the number based on touch tones, which was news to me." this appears to be a new scam. there's news reports of lowe's gift cards also being drained the exact same way. best buy is reminding customers to treat gift cards as cash, and make sure no one sees or hears the card number. fisher helping you, so you dont waste your money. the break-in of a store..... that looked more like a scene.... out of a movie.... has police looking for some crooks.... tonight!! up next.. we'll show you the strange way they got inside.. then got away with 150-thousand dollars in merchandise. (yasmeen tease) canadian police are after some
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let's get right to those live pictures. this massive fireha burning out of control for about an hour. ontario is between los angeles and san bernardino. we now know that this a cardboard recycling plant. but there are lots of wooden shipping pallets inside that are fueling this fire...also there are some reports of hay bales near the plant catching fire. right now officials say no other buildings are threatened but it is causing some travel problems there as metro service is delayed while firefighters try to put it out. canadian police are after some
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away with 150- thousand dollars worth of hockey sticks from a sporting goods store. and one of the suspects looked more like spiderman in the process.. using a rope to drop down from the ceiling. the store manager says he drilled a hole in the roof to get in.. then roamed around the store for about an hour grabbing high-end hockey sticks. (greg goyr sports) "you're amazed, but you're also sickened to watch what he's doing. to go undetected that way and not really have a care." after he found everything he was after.. he put the sticks in a pile by the back door where an accomplice loaded them into a van.. and took off. our "coats for kids campaign" is underway. if you've already donated.... thank you. if you haven't yet.... made your donation... 13 action news reporter.... yasmeen hassan..... is at "the tropical smoothie"... on jones....
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collecting coats.... right now... yasmeen? viewers can donate a gently used or new child's coat at any tropical smoothie location from now until end of october. a list of locations is available at tropical smoothie dot com. -need has never been greater. there are going to be many kids who don't have a coat this winter, c4k helps. december and january, despite it being warm right now. -the salvation army will be distributing coats when it drawing will be monday and announced on morning blend. and... a quick reminder... "tropical smoothie" is a proud sponsor of coats for kids....
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shift and change over the northwest. clouds will begin to winds slowly increasing to breezy conditions by the afternoon. high temperatures due to clouds and winds will drop back to the mid 80s and then to the low 80s and upper 70s monday. rain chances have finally seen a drastic change within the
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to 30% during the morning of monday and will slowly drop moving into the afternoon. grabbing the umbrella for the kids off to school or for you going to work would be a good precaution to take. if rain does occur, thunderstorms are not likely and light to moderate rain will be common starting on the mountains first and then moving into the val by tuesday, we will keep a breeze but partly cloudy skies will change to mostly sunny by the afternoon. high temperatures remain in the lower 80s and upper 70s through thursday but mainly sunny skies are back wednesday. another rain system could impact the valley by next weekend. so a changing weather pattern looks to be on the way for las vegas.
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after millions of recalls.. another tragedy in california has transportation urging certain car owners to avoid getting behind the wheel. and... an unprecedented apology.... from police... what one organization is doing.... to try and ease...
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded.
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to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women. kihuen fought for equal pay for equal work. and ruben kihuen will protect our right to make our own health decisions.
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"takata airbag"!!! it's the -11-th takata-related death.... in the u.s. the -50- year-old victim died.... when she crashed her -2- thousand -1- honda civic... last month.... in california. the department of transportation is urging drivers... not to drive their vehicle... if it falls under "the takata recall". call your dealer... to find out.... if your vehicle is involved. right along... with home sales. both have reached a -4- month high... nationally. but... potential buyers are finding... there aren't a lot of worthy homes for sale... leading to higher prices. here in the valley... the greater las vegas association of realtors says... our housing supply is tight... with less than a -3- month supply of homes available.... for sale. and... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem.
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between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is... 702- 368-2255. in an unprecedented move.. the head of an international policing organization is apologizing for the historical mistreatment of minorities. kumasi aaron has more on the apology.. and what other leaders say should happen next. --pkg full=-- --take nat:-- ...from north carolina --take nat:-- oklahoma --take nat:-- california three instances in three parts of the country where tensions have police-involved shootings. --take nat:-- --00:12-16-- clearly this is a challenging time for policing. terry cunningham, head of the international associations of chiefs of police addressed those challenges head on at a national policing conference. he says leaders have to figure out the best way to move forward, then this. --terrence cunningham / iacp president-- --00:02:57-03:11-- "the first step in this process is for the law enforcement profession and the iacp to acknowledge and apologize for the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in society's historical
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color." cunningham went on to say past laws adopted at the federal state and local level required officers to perform unpalatable tasks like ensuring legalized discrimination. --terrence cunningham / iacp president-- --00:02:07-20-- "while this is no longer the case, this dark side of our shared history has created a multigenerational, almost inherited, mistrust between many communities of color and their law enforcement agencies that serve them." --take tweet graphic:-- the naacp's legal defense fund tweeted the apology is a "good 1st step. some next steps: require anti officers who engage in bias policing." --take graphic:-- but lt. bob kroll, head of the police officers federation of minneapolis, called cunningham's statement "asinine," telling the associated press "we've got officers dying on almost a daily basis now because of this environment, and statements like that don't help." --terrence cunningham / iacp president-- --00:02:36-53-- "we obviously cannot change the past it is also clear that we must change the future."
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understand mistrust in some communities, and those who denounce the police must stop blaming them for injustices of the past. instead both sides must work together to move beyond it. for the now, im kumasi aaron. the new nfl stadium is a done deal in las vegas. next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears digs up some political contributions that may have influenced the way some lawmakers voted. plus... an incredib in san diego... what investigators found.... that was responsible..... for bringing drugs into the country.... from mexico.
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man.. and shut down flamingo and valley view for hours. 13 action news anchor..... lesley marin was the mangled moped.... lay in the street. 122050 122058 police tell us this moped was coming down
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that was making a left turn in this intersection now you can see it mangled on the ground there...debris just scattered across the roadway. police tell us the 48 year old man who was riding the moped was taken to the hospital where he later died... metro says the next three months are some of the deadliest as holiday approach. 120915 120925 we start kind of cringing because we know that our fatalities regularly for the last six years have gone up in these last three months. tag: as for the other car involved...people say that drivr but are fully cooperating with the investigation. reporting from valley view and flamingo lesley marin 13 an while donald trump and hillary clinton get most the attention this election season.. there are some other very important races in nevada. 13 action news political expert jon ralston is here to talk about how some of those candidates seem to be trying to stay off the radar.


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