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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  October 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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that was making a left turn in this intersection now you can see it mangled on the ground there...debris just scattered across the roadway. police tell us the 48 year old man who was riding the moped was taken to the hospital where he later died... metro says the next three months are some of the deadliest as holiday approach. 120915 120925 we start kind of cringing because we know that our fatalities regularly for the last six years have gone up in these last three months. tag: as for the other car involved...people say that drivr but are fully cooperating with the investigation. reporting from valley view and flamingo lesley marin 13 an while donald trump and hillary clinton get most the attention this election season.. there are some other very important races in nevada. 13 action news political expert jon ralston is here to talk about how some of those candidates seem to be trying to stay off the radar.
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agreed to come in and sit down with me here in the studio -- democrat jacky rosen and republican cresent hardy. but their opponents have refused. why? is it something i said? my bad breath? my curmudgeonly demeanor? i don;t think so. ----they are playing it safe. republican danny tarkanian, who is running against rosen, has believed he has a lead and sees no upside, i'd guess, in coming on to chat with me. same goes for democrat ruben kihuen, hardy's challenger. they are playing aprevent get the benefit of seeing them answer questions. by the way, both u.s. senate candidates said they would come in. neither has done so. ----steve's poll to close out segment before we go.. let's do something fun in honor of friday. i wanted your expert reaction to a poll i posted on twitter a few hours ago to see how everyone is going to feel after this
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here are the results: overjoyed and delirious % indifferent % sad.. going to miss it % haven't paid attention % it's all about battleground states..... for hillary clinton and as the election gets closer.
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are favoring trump. she has been pulling out..... all the stops... vice-president joe biden.... first lady michelle obama... and the president himself are all campaigning for her. trump.... while in north carolina....decided to slam clinton... and... her list of speakers. we have a bunch of babies running our country, folks. we have a bunch of losers, they're losers, they're babies. butt to he has put chinese steel workers to work, not american steel workers, and we're going to change that!" so far.... clinton in the lead... but trump hopes.... that will change soon. nevada lawmakers raised hotel room taxes last week to help fund a 1.9 billion-dollar stadium project headed by las vegas sands ceo sheldon adelson. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears dug through reports released this week showing companies led by adelson gave tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to lawmakers in the weeks ahead of the stadium
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ago, we told you how state lawmakers have taken in more than half a million dollars from companies led by sheldon adelson since 2008. newly released campaign finance reports show even more money came pouring in as the stadium vote loomed. the billionare casino magnate doled out more than eighty thousand dollars between june and october. donations went to eleven republican and democratic lawmakers, including some who ended up voting against the stadium deal. in total, companies led by adelson have donated to all but legislators. we reached out to several lawmakers to see if the donations influenced their vote, but none of them returned our calls. darcy 10 pack tag to see who got money from the sands and how much, go to our website at (singing nats) "but i feel your true colors shining through." a new memorial now stands....
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in u-s history. last night... the gates surrounding "the pulse nightclub".... in orlando.... were opened to the public.... for the first time.... since the june -12-th shooting. friends.... family.... and survivors.... writing heartfelt messages..... across a one of a kind.... piece of art. (mr. brainwash/artist) "there is a statement that we are here. we're not forgetting. we are right here, we give love." that was the artist.... who painted the mural. he says.... he created the mural..... not only because of what happened here... but... also because.... investigators have discovered another tunnel under the u.s.-mexican border near san diego. it's located right down the street from another tunnel that was discovered last february. mexican authorities are also investigating an area near tijuana international airport. the airport is connected to the u-s by a pedestrian bridge. self-driving cars are already hitting the road.. and they may be taking over faster than you think. hear what experts are predicting for autonomous technology..
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to las vegas... what she hopes to accomplish.... with her latest residency. by sunday, weather patterns begin to shift and change over the valley. high pressure moves south and east as a front and low drops down from the pacific northwest. and remember, chopper 13 brings you breaking news fast and
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markets are going. dow down 17 nasdaq up 16 sp500 even most of the big local gaming stocks lost some ground today. boyd gaming was down almost 2%. wynn was down about 1%. percent. self-driving cars are quickly coming off the pages of sci-fi.. and onto the streets. business insider estimates by 2020.. 10-million self-driving cars will be on the road. mercedes..b-m-w and tesla alrea. or will soon release models with the ability to drive themselves. but.. at this point it's not exactly cheap. tesla plans to charge buyers 8- thousand dollars to activate
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finally.. kodak is going back to the future. the company.. known for years for its cameras.. is jumping into the smartphone market. the 'ektra' is described as a camera with a smartphone built-in so it's on the larger side.. but resembles an older looking kodak camera with a large lens and 21-megapixels. they're also making a retro- looking case. kodak is reportedly using existing technology for the smartphone part. it's only set for launch later this year in the u-k. this evening... we're getting to hear from music legend.... "cher"... about her big return to las vegas. :14 "i want to do a mix...and i can't do it better" 23" cher will have performances.... at "the new park theater".... in the monte carlo. dates are in february and may... and more shows are
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pre-sale tickets are already on sale.... and regular tickets.... go on sale... sunday. a neighborhood in portland, oregon is rocked by a massive explosion. up next.. see why one firefighter on the scene is being called a hero. and... new information.... on that viral video..... involving a pedestrian.... who was arrested.... in minnesota. why some are now saying..... it may have been justified...
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans. but as federal employees like air traffic controllers worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay. joe heck says he deserves it.
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one firefighter is being called.... a hero..... for what he did..... during those frantic moments. "next thing i knew there was an explosion - saw the explosion to the third floor." this evening.... portland fire lieutenant.... peter saint john says... he still can't believe.... he even survived.... all of this. he responded..... after initial reports of a gas leak... and... saw gas waves.... coming from the building. they knew..... it was serious...... so his team pulled the fire alarms..... to get everyone out. firefighters were able to evacuate the building.... before the explosion... but.... both of saint john's legs were broken.... during the blast. "i feel like i'm not a hero.
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would've done during that time. it's our job. we're to go in and protect the citizens." sanit john is expected.... to make.... a full recovery. the fighting is intensifying between iraqi forces and isis militants around mosul. it's being complicated though.. because isis is using more than 500 families as human shields.. and one u- s commander says it's working. "they're very adaptable, very creative, cunning, we've seen all kinds of examples of that." about what happens when mosul is re-taken.. and wonder if isis will seek revenge in other parts of iraq. we're getting a new prespective on a video showing an african american.. arrested in minnesota for walking in the middle because of a closed sidewalk. investigators have just released some new video.. showing how it looked on the officer's dash cam. abc's angelica spanos has the
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video, larnie thomas is walked to a squad car. sot "'what am i going to jail for? officer: i have no idea lt: but you know im going to jail though. youve been here' officer: whats that lt: you heard me" thomas stresses he was never blocking traffic. lt:im not on the street where cars can hit me. officer: so youre on the road between the curb and the white line? lt: im inside of it, just like a construction worker" some of what happened befo seen in this now viral cell phone video from a passerby. nat pop you can see plain clothed officer, tim olsen, holding thomas prior to the you can see plain clothed officer, tim olsen, holding thomas prior to the arrest. and now, further conflict comes from two different stories from witnesses to police one says.... sot witness 1 "i dont think he was doing anything wrong" but, another says he saw nothing wrong with how the officer treated thomas. sot witness 2 "he was obstructing traffic. he was walking down the middle
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honking at him, he had his headphones on." since the video was shared, outcry spread at an edina council meeting. the city maintains officer olsen will not be disciplined and the citation against thomas was dropped. tag even though that citation was dropped. the minnesota n-double a- c-p says its still waiting for a written apology from the city of edina and says this "isnt justice, but its a step in the right direction" as abc news ny our "coats for kids campaign" is underway. if you've already donated.... thank you. made your donation... 13 action news reporter.... yasmeen hassan is at "the tropical smoothie"... on jones.... near the 215 south beltway.... collecting coats.... right now... yasmeen? viewers can donate a gently used or new child's coat at any tropical smoothie location from now until end of october. a list of locations is available at tropical smoothie dot com. -need has never been greater.
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winter, c4k helps. -las vegas really gets cold in december and january, despite it being warm right now. -the salvation army will be distributing coats when it starts getting cold. -everyone who donates today at this location can register to win a $100 gift card. drawing will be monday and announced on morning blend. by sunday, weather patterns begin to shift and change over the valley. high pressure moves south and
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northwest. clouds will begin to build throughout sunday with winds slowly increasing to breezy conditions by the afternoon. high temperatures due to clouds and winds will drop back to the forecast. valley rain chances have spiked to 30% during the morning of monday and will slowly drop moving into the afternoon. grabbing the umbrella for the kids off to school or for you going to work would be a good precaution to take. if rain does occur, thunderstorms are not likely and light to moderate rain will mountains first and then moving into the valley. by tuesday, we will keep a breeze but partly cloudy skies will change to mostly sunny by the afternoon. high temperatures remain in the lower 80s and upper 70s through thursday but mainly sunny skies are back wednesday. another rain system could impact the valley by next
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pattern looks to be on the way for las vegas. your voice.. your vote in the race for the
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presidential debate at the thomas and mack.. donald trump said he and hillary clinton aren't that far apart on the issue of building a wall on the mexican border. and.. clinton said trump used undocumented immigrants to build trump tower. 13-action news anchor todd inthe politifact 'truth-o-meter.' sot trump from debate @ 24:33 (("hillary clinton wanted the wall. hillary clinton fought for the wall in 2006")) the topic of immigration reform brought that claim to the forefront at wall along the mexico border 10 years ago. politifact went digging to see if trump is right. sot katie sanders/ m @ 2:18 ((it wasn't a huge concrete tall, long wall that
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proposed but it's more like a fence. there would be some gaps)) trump's proposed "wall" would be concrete, at least 35 feet high, and stretch close to 1000 miles. politifact finding since clinton did vote for a barrier fence but not exactly the wall trump envisions.. rating trump's debate claim as... half true. sot clinton from debate @ 25:42 (("he used undocumented labor clinton hitting back minutes later during the debate with that claim. clinton said her immigration plan would bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and protect them from employers like trump. sot katie sanders/ m @ :51 ((we found that he hired a contractor that in turn employed 200 or so polish workers who were not documented citizens)) records show an out-of-court settlement followed. questions remain as to how involved trump was in the construction process and hiring of the 200 polish laborers..
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undocumented labor helped construct trump's new york skyscraper.. rating clinton's claim as... true i'm todd quinones, we'll see you next time for another politifact fact- check. a big celebration getting ready to kick off.... here in las vegas... details.... on the las vegas pride festival... next. you're watching 13 action news... bringing you breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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the pre-show is at 7 p-m... and... the parade starts.... at -8-. there's events happening.... all weekend long. for a full list... visit our website.... k-t-n-v dot com. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup.. 8:00 - last man standing 8:30 - dr ken 9:00 - shark tank 10:00 - 20/20 then on 13 action news.. live at 11.. a family is fed up with the school bus always running late to pick up their child.. and to make it worse..
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and.. coyotes are invading valley neighborhoods all over the valley.. but is it okay to shoot them? the answer tonight.. live at 11 that's 13 action news for now... but remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com.. and... our k-t-n-v mobile app. "inside edition" is next so stay with us. thank you for watching.. and have a great evening..
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>> who could do such a thing? >> a 5-year-old girl left here on a school campus, dark, cold and alone. >> outrage over the little girl abandoned by her own father. >> give her a janet jackson like you have never seen her before. pregnant and covered from head to toe in religious clothing. and jaw-dropping video. he is inside the cage. and chorus of boos. [booing] >> here she is tonight pretending not to hate catholics. [booing] >> how did a charity event turn


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