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  Good Morning America  ABC  October 27, 2016 7:04am-8:17am PDT

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supporters will not go out to vote because they are so confident about this election. >> so focused on energizing voters. now to donald trump. as i said, we sat down at the opening of his hotel in washington yesterday in the he was energized, upbeat and as you will see, in no mood to apologize to his critics or his accusers. i did the first interview on the first day of the campaign. >> you did, that's right. >> here in the trump hotel. what do you say to supporters of yours who think you shouldn't be taking time off the campaign trail through the battleground states? >> i think it's so unfair because, you know, hillary clinton goes to see an adele concert last night and everybody says, oh, wasn't that nice, isn't that wonderful. i have stopped -- i did eight stops yesterday. i built one of the great hotels of my world. what am i supposed to do, not show up? i'm taking one hour off. i built this hotel under budget and ahead of schedule. now that's why i'm doing this. >> you talked a lot about the fact you think this election could be rigged. i want to go back to 2012 and you sent out a tweet. >> the system is rigged. the election system is rigged.
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>> 2012, this election is a total sham and a travesty. we are not a democracy. how is the 2012 election -- >> i look at the way the media treats the republicans and conservatives, and i see the way it's so skewed. a sham and a travesty. >> i think it was horrible the way they were treated in the media. the only thing worse is it way i'm being treated. look, i'm being treated -- hey, it's record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting. the greatest pile-on in american history. i go to these rallies, and they are starting to hate the media because they see it's all a big lie -- not all, but a lot of it's a big lie. >> you got a billion dollars in free media during the primaries. >> i don't know if you call it free when it's bad. what should really be -- they should be talking about wikileaks and the horrible things that have come out about hillary clinton. the horrible things. >> let's stick on this election idea. >> george, she's so guilty. she deleted 33,000 e-mails. they're missing boxes of e-mails. she's so guilty. how could she even run?
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but there's such anger in this country over what she got away with. >> the fbi director appointed by a republican said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a >> he made a mistake. okay? or whatever. i don't even call it a mistake. i think something happened. look, something happened. >> what happened? >> well, i think somebody talked to him. hey, look. i think -- hey, look, how can president clinton when -- >> so you're saying the head of the fbi is corrupt? >> george, george, she's so guilty. congress sends a subpoena. she deletes all of her e-mails, okay. she deletes them. >> if she wins -- i know think you're going to win, but if she wins and gets the kind of win that president obama got, more than 300 electoral votes, and several million in the popular vote, will you accept -- >> i'll make that decision at the right time. i mean, don't worry about it. i'll make the decision at the
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right time. but we have a rigged system. look at what's coming out with wikileaks. look what they're saying. what podesta says, hillary clinton running for president has bad instincts. bernie sanders says she's got bad judgment. so if podesta says bad instincts, sanders base bad why are people even thinking about running for her? >> all 17 u.s. intelligence agencies believe the russians are behind that leak. why don't you believe it? >> i don't know if they're behind it and i think it's public relations, frankly. you know what does bother me -- >> you were told by the head of the homeland security. he said the same thing. >> i don't know what he said. >> he told you that he thought the russians were behind it. >> hacking is untrusting. hacking is very hard to determine who did what, okay. you know that. people are hacking all over the place and nobody knows. they don't know if it's russia. they can't guarantee it's russia and it may be. >> let's talk about mosul. on sunday you sent out a tweet saying that the operation was a total disaster. the defense secretary is on the ground, and he says they are making progress. they are encouraged by the progress. the former dean of the army war college says this shows that trump doesn't know a damn thing about military strategy. >> the army war college of the
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let me tell you, the element of surprise. i've been hearing about mosul for three months. we're going to attack. we're going to attack meaning iraq is going to attack but with us. okay? we're going to attack. why do they have to talk about it? element of surprise. one of reasons they wanted mosul they wanted to get the isis leaders who they thought were in mosul. those people have all left. as soon as they heard they're going to be attacked they left. the resistance is -- >> the defense secretary says 35 of them have been taken out. >> excuse me. the resistance is much greater now because they knew about the attack. why can't they win first and talk later? why do they have to say three months before the attack we're going in? so you can tell your military expert that i'll sit down and teach him a couple of things. threatened to sue the 11 women who have accused you of sexual assault. >> you know, i hate that you waste time when we're talking about isis and jobs and you are still bringing that up. everybody wants to bring it up. >> that was just saturday. >> these were false attacks. these things never happened. these people, i don't know these people. these things never ever
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happened. this was out of the blue. it was made up. probably by the clinton campaign. >> do you have any evidence of have already been debunked. many of the stories have already been debunked. >> "people" magazine story they brought forward six witnesses to corroborate the story. >> why didn't she run it 12 years ago? >> she was afraid. >> oh, she was afraid. give me a break. she was afraid to write it. she would have gotten the pulitzer prize. >> all these women, everyone is lying. >> they made up stories. why? fame or they wanted to help clinton or something -- >> they came out after you denied the behavior. >> george. let's not waste any more time. these stories are fabricated. they are lies. >> lawsuit? >> we'll find out. let's see what happens with the election. we're going to find out. >> when you look back over the sweep of this campaign going back to last june anything you regret? >> oh, absolutely. to have done things over but you can't. you can't, but that's true in life. i'd love to have done in life
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certain things over and you would have to. >> give me one. >> you would love to have not contributed to the clinton foundation. as an example. there are things that you wish you didn't do. okay? but george, all you can do is you put your head down and you have to go forward. >> do you think you should have apologized to the khans or judge curiel? >> i have great respect for the khan family. i have great respect for -- i mean, their son is a great hero, but if i were president at that time, captain khan would be alive today, george. because i wouldn't have been in iraq. so if i were preside, khan's son would be -- >> you did support it initially. >> support? >> the invasion. >> look, let's get it straight. i was opposed to the war in iraq. i was opposed to the war in iraq, and for the most part, the honest people agree with it.
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>> the howard stern statement was pretty clear. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish it was -- i wish the first time it was done correctly. and that was the first time i was even asked about iraq, and i gave a very, like, i don't know. who knows? had i been president, captain khan would be alive today. we wouldn't have been in this horrible, horrible mistake, the war in iraq. >> final question. i heard backstage, colonel dolan said you said hillary clinton was a tough and talented lady. she said, if i win, we have to work together. i know you think you're going to work with her? >> i just want to make that decision at a later date. i'm not saying i'm not or i am. hopefully i won't have to make that decision. i really believe we're going to win. >> and we're going to talk about this all now with abc's matthew dowd and cokie roberts. he says he's going to win. matt dowd, where does the race stand right now? our own tracking poll does show
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it a little bit closer, that six points you said on monday. >> instead of describing this as tightening i would describe it as settling. the race is settling as we remember having a conversation this race has been at 5 or 6, 150 days ago when the general election started it was at 5 or 6. 100 days ago it was at 5 or 6. two weeks ago it was at 5 or 6. a week ago it was at 5 or 6 so i think the race is just settling back into its natural equilibrium. if he somehow moves the race below four to three or two, then this race is very competitive again. >> then you're seeing something new. in the meantime, cokie roberts, what you're donald trump, he still has issues trying to win over new voters, especially women voters, and, you know, we saw how he talked about the accusers right there. you also have newt gingrich, one of his top supporters getting into that tangle with megyn kelly. >> right, right. women are not going for him, but it is -- i agree with matt
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completely. it is settling, but it could get quite tight. republicans have come home, and i think that you are going to see some questioning among some of the women who have been saying that they are for hillary never really been all that happy about it. but, you know, when he says that women are accusing him because they want fame, nobody has ever wanted fame for sexual assault, and people are very hesitant to come forward on something like that. and he says it's been debunked, but it hasn't been debunked. so i think that, you know, a lot of people have trouble believing him on that front. >> okay, cokie, matt, thanks so much. much more of the interview later when i sit down with his wife melania and his children next hour. >> looking forward to that, geor. earthquakes that happened overnight striking the central region of italy just hours apart. this was about 50 miles north of the area where a quake killed nearly 300 people back in august. abc's lama hasan has the scary moments caught on tape. >> reporter: overnight, central italy rocked by two powerful earthquakes toppling buildings.
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the first quake 5.5 magnitude then just two hours later, a more powerful 6.1 magnitude. the streets. at least 60 aftershocks throughout the night. abc's jennifer eccleston is at the scene hardest hit by the earthquakes. >> reporter: here in visso just outside of the epicenter, it's street after street of crumbled buildings. >> reporter: several buildings collapsing in the town of camerino. bulldozers working around the clock as rescuers search for anyone trapped. huge boulders blocking roads. the 15th century church caught weakened by the 6.2 earthquake in late august in the same region that killed nearly 300 people. and this morning rescuers are out scouring the wreckage looking for people who may be still trapped, as the aftershocks continue to rattle the area, amy. >> all right, lama hasan, we know you'll keep us updated.
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and back here at home, michael, i know we had a big night in baseball. >> big night if you're a chicago cubs fan. big night, indeed. their "w" signs out, celebrating a big win last night, tying up the series with the cleveland indians. 1-1, and our own gio benitez is in ohio with all the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. we are in the visitors' dugout here in cleveland where no doubt those cubs were cheering during that winning game. the cubs took home game two of the world series. >> the cubs have evened the series. >> reporter: beating the indians, 5-1. >> and the cubs beat the indians. >> reporte kid, kyle schwarber, leading the offense. >> he does and a base hit. here comes rizzo. >> reporter: going 2 for 3 driving in two runs, the 23-year-old slugger suffered multiple torn ligaments in a
7:16 am
game on april 7th, and hadn't played major league level until the first game of the world series. >> kyle schwarber, two days ago, playing the arizona fall league. you have not seen major league that's possible? >> i mean, you live for this moment. this is the moment that you want to be in. >> reporter: as the series heads to wrigley field tomorrow night, the friendship between cubs second baseman, javier baez, and indians shortstop, francisco lindor delighting fans. >> i've been watching him. i know what he's capable of doing. >> me and him are really close. really, really close. almost like brothers. i know his family. he knows my family. >> reporter: they grew up just 15 miles apa >> reporter: the duo even hit back-to-back triples. >> another three-bagger. gets a base hit into center. >> reporter: cleveland starter trevor bauer got pulled in the fourth inning, but there was as much tension on his pinky as his game. two weeks ago bauer sliced open the finger on his pitching hand after playing with a drone.
7:17 am
before the game number 47 tweeted out this gift he had received from a couple of cubs that fan's gift worked. i got to tell you, the energy here was just palpable from both sides. now that energy moves on to chicago, guys. >> i hope they get some weather there too, huh, gio? >> he is hiding in the dugout. >> i think he's wincing. >> good idea to start it early because of the rain. >> great idea. the rain came in after the game. just after 11:00, so good move there. chicago will be beautiful. you know what was early season hit of snow where i'm from on the pumpkins we go with that snow. measurable snow a couple of weeks early. where it was falling in different parts of mid-michigan. i wanted to also show you this morning happening in pennsylvania, new york and even parts of new jersey and winter weather advisories out for more than 4 inches of snow. let's get to the rainy cities
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coming up next, so much more
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of george's exclusive with donald trump and his wife, melania. what she is saying about those sexual misconduct allegations. >> to accuse somebody without it's very damaging and unfair. >> plus, what she tells her son, barron about the election and the things that are said about his father. and check out this close call with a tiger. it was all caught on camera. the woman made it out of the cage alive. we'll tell you how. things that his father. and check out this close call with a tiger. it was all caught on camera. the woman made it out of the cage alive. we'll tell you how. yoe jo [ girl laughs ] ? on the road again ? [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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i have been joking for awhile that when we started on just this project, we said trump was coming to pennsylvania avenue and we didn't even know at the time what exactly that meant or -- >> one way or the other. >> there's part of our exclusive interview with the trump family right there. ivanka trump who designed that hotel in washington, d.c. opening up there, and we also talk about their hopes to win the white house. just two weeks until the election. melania coming up in just a second. >> look forward to that and hillary clinton preparing to hit the trail with michelle obama in the wake of that bombshell e-mail leak raising new questions about the clinton foundation and how former president, bill clinton, raised millions after he left the white house.
7:30 am
and then some breaking news this morning. a frightening moment in new york city, look at that. a six-alarm fire bursting out in an apartment building killing at least one person, injuring several others. firefighters are on the scene >> big blaze. >> very unfortunate situation. also this morning, we are really excited. we've got the baby twins who are being called the chicago cubs good luck charm. there they are, look at those two. >> they can beat the curse of the goat. i believe it. >> they are the ultimate cubs fans right there. we will talk to their parents coming up. we begin with more of that exclusive interview with donald and melania trump sitting down together for their first joint interview since those accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced against the candidate with her husband by her side. melania addressed that and the campaign's impact on their family and what she'd like to do as first lady. >> you said at the beginning if you run, you'll win. you still feel that? >> i feel that. i feel that. i see the connection with american people, and my husband, and he created a movement, and
7:31 am
the crowd and the people that are behind him. it's unbelievable to see. >> does it make you want to get out there yourself and help him out in the final two weeks? my priorities are my son, barron, our son, barron. i support him 110% and there for him every time he needs me and may join him. we will see. >> she's actually going to make two or three speeches. >> oh. >> and i will tell you. >> so there you go. >> she's amazing when she speaks. she is an amazing public speaker, so she's agreed to do two or three speeches and i think it's going to be big speeches, important speeches. i think it's going to be great. >> you mentioned barron. we'll talk to the other kids in just a minute. how has the experience been for him? he's heard his father say a lot of tough things and heard a lot of tough things about his father. how does he take it all in? >> i teach him. i explain to him so he knows what's going on, and he's taking very well. i keep him balanced, and just
7:32 am
have him a childhood as normal as possible, and he is enjoying his school and his sports. want to have him out of the spotlight for now. >> does he ask you about the news, though? >> yes, all the time he ask me about the polls all the time and -- >> it's very cute, actually. >> like his dad, he follows the polls. >> how is he doing in the polls? >> he's -- of course, he misses his dad a lot, at these days, but he is doing great. >> if you could look back over this campaign is say two things, what has been the best moment, and what has been the worst? >> the best moment t -- the movement that he created, and showed people what he wants to do for the he movement
7:33 am
that he created, and showed people what he wants to do for ththe movement that he created, and showed people what he wants to do for th,the movement that he created, and showed people what he wants to do for ththe movement that he created, and showed that he created and showed people what he wants to do for the country. and the worst i would say dishonest media and unfair media. >> you guys talk about this a lot. what is so unfair about the coverage overall? >> i could just speak for myself that i don't want to mention a specific act, but so often they'll say, oh, donald trump said this or he said that and what i said was fine. if a democrat had said it, if hillary had said it they wouldn't have even thought about it, but i'll say something that's absolutely perfect george, and the next day, it's headlines. donald trump said this or that. >> that comes with the territory though, doesn't it? >> no, no, no, look, i went to an ivy league school. i was a good student. i'm a very smart person. i know what i'm saying. >> well -- >> there have been incidents little bit differently, but i'll say something that's absolutely perfect, and i'll get a call after an interview, like with you, and they will say, did you say this or that? and they will skew it so unfairly. >> people see it for themselves and make up their own minds. >> they don't really because what happens is you poison their
7:34 am
minds. you really do. the media poisons the mind of the american voter. they really do. it's unfair. but the thing is the american i mean, i'm going to see how smart they are, but the american voter -- i think the american investigator is smarter than the media. >> it's clear you both feel very, very strongly about this, clearly you know, we know and i very, very strongly about this, clearly you know, we know and i answered questions about this. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i just start kissing them. >> he apologized to you for it. you said during the third debate, you said you didn't. >> they're false. i have to say that and i didn't even apologize to my wife who is sitting right here because i didn't do anything. >> was that okay with you? >> they were -- they were lies and as i said before, all the accusations, they should be handled in a court of law. >> you believe the lawsuits should go forward? >> yes, i believe that. and because to accuse somebody of -- without evidence, it's very hurtful, and it's very
7:35 am
damaging and unfair. and, but honestly, do we still need to talk about that? in america. >> she is so right about that. she's so right about that. >> they want to hear what we will do to make america better. let's talk about jobs. let's talk about secure our border. that's what american people want to hear about. >> i think people -- >> just to finish, i can't apologize for something that i didn't do. nothing ever -- >> it's more likely to go away if you don't sue. >> we'll see what happens. okay? let's see what happens on the 8th. november 8th. >> have you thought more about what you would like to do as first lady? >> i will focus on helping children and women and also about social media in this 21st century what's going on, it's very hurtful to children. to some adults as well, but we need to take --
7:36 am
>> hard to keep it away from your kids. >> it is but we need to teach them how to use it, what is right to say, what is not right to say and because it's very bad out there and children get hurt. >> by? by what's going on and by negativity. >> you give him advice about tweets? >> yes, i do, all the time. >> well, look, it's a modern-day form of communication, george and you know, i have between facebook and twitter i have 25 million people. it's a big asset. you have to use it right. but it's a big asset. >> she'll tell you when you use it wrong. >> she can give me pretty good advice. what she is saying is true, though. i've seen so many people hurt so badly, not just children, i mean new social media. and she feels very strongly about it. she understands it very well. it's very dangerous for children. >> very dangerous, "the new york times" was -- all the people say think you've insulted. on twitter. >> that's okay. most of them deserved it. >> were you one of them? >> actually, i wasn't. i was a little surprised at that. >> i'm surprised. let's go check it.
7:37 am
i can't believe i didn't include you. no, look, i believe in fighting back. when people are against me, when the power of this instrument and frankly, sometimes i'll use that. and i agree. sometimes it will revert back or sometimes maybe it doesn't come out -- you have to be careful with it. >> what do you think about hillary clinton? not as a candidate. i know you believe mr. trump will be a better president of the united states. what do you think of her as a person? >> i don't know her that well. i think she's out there fighting. i think it's a political machine behind it, behind her. she is protected a lot, and they will not say everything what needs to be said. >> and finally, you're okay with what happens no matter how the vote goes on november 8th? >> yes. the life goes on. no matter what happens. >> but he's going to win? >> i think so.
7:38 am
we're fighting till the end. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> interesting to see their dynamic. i found out melania has never been to the white house. >> oh, my goodness. >> not once so if they win it b. >> oh, my goodness. >> not once so if they win it could be the first time. >> you're going to be talking with the kids coming up next. >> that's coming in our next hour. all four adult children will be there. we'll talk to them in just a little bit. until then, we have the big board, george. got the big board coming up. a scary moment on a plane is what we'll talk about when a pilot is removed from the cockpit and charged with dui after authorities smell alcohol on his breath. plus a new alert this morning about dangers in school zones. what all parents need to know when we come back in just two minutes. ust two minutes. minutes.
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7:41 am
t.j., you just took the gum out of your mouth. >> did you have to do me like that, robach. >> you smell minty fresh. >> geez. we'll begin with an alarming a skywest airlines pilot pulled from the cockpit minutes before takeoff charged with dui after authorities smelled alcohol on his breath. and abc's david kerley joins us now. i can pretty much speak for everyone, that's an airline passenger's worst nightmare. tell us what happened. >> it is really. in fact, i talked to one passenger who was really upset. so this is a pilot who shows up for an 8:30 a.m. flight, he goes down the jetway. passengers then see police down the jetway. the pilot's in the cockpit going through the preflight check with the other pilot, and the police arrive. how did police get ticked off? it was a tsa officer who smelled alcohol on the pilot, and alerted police. they show up, breathalyzer, and he is arrested. he's charged with operating an aircraft under the influence.
7:42 am
he spent $300 and got out of jail yesterday, amy. >> wow. and now i remember, david, there was another incident, two united pilots in scotland were arrested for suspicion of dui. i guess it wouldn't be driving. it's flying. fiu. fui. i mean, how common? a lot of people wonder how common is this? >> i think a lot of people will be pretty surprised about it but on average over the last couple of year, michael, about once a month a pilot is arrested for being over the limit. >> whoa. >> their limit is much lower than ours. .08 on most roadways, and for a pilot, it's .04. the faa says you should have eight hours between bottle to throttle. it's a problem once a month. a bit more awareness. people are paying attention as i said in the incident yesterday it was a tsa officer who tipped off police. >> i had to put my jaw back. once a month? that's not -- >> if you fly a lot that's scary. >> whew.
7:43 am
all right. thanks, david. >> one of the more interesting segments on the big board. i learned a lot today. >> thank you. and we learned you chew minty fresh gum, too. about getting your children to school safely. a new study out this morning is revealing the dangers they face in school zones from unsafe speed limbs to distracted drivers. t.j., that's what you're here about, man. tell us about this. >> we talk about school zone, safe zone, the flashing lights and crossing guard, right, and you got speed limits but they're not as safe as we think they are and not just because of the drivers. a lot of times, it's because of the student behavior. so what do you think they are doing? >> texting. >> of course, they are. they looked at 39,000 kids actually observed them. kids didn't know this was going on but observed 39,000 and 80% of them were distracted in some way, but among high school, 27% were walking across the street texting and then you have one in
7:44 am
three drivers displaying dangerous behavior. parking illegally, or they're looking down at their phones and 60% of the schools don't have appropriate speed limits so, guys, we think about this and it's kind of second nature, it's the slow -- to slow down and do certain things, but by tend of this week, five teenagers will have killed in a school zone. that's the average we're at this in country so this is serious wl have killed in a school zone. that's the average we're at this in country so this is serious and we have to pay attention. >> so unnecessary. my kids walk to school every day, i scream at them put your phones in your backpack until you get back home. shouldn't have them out in school. we went with knowledge police to go witness how people behave in school zones. what did we find? >> take a look, folks. we saw kids distracted and headphones are a big deal. listening to the music. need to be able to hear what's going on. cars were speeding. i know you go from a speeding zone that's 40 miles per hour down to one that's 20, and it's hard to pump the brakes, but people are not consistently doing it, and kids crossing the
7:45 am
street without looking. both ways. from the age you're old enough to walk you're told to look both ways and kids are till not doing it. doing it. how do you solve it? it's the commonsenseit. how do you solve it? it's the commonsensedoing it. how do you solve it? it's the commonsense things you've been taught since you were a child. look both ways. >> talk to your kids. >> even if you are looking don't tan in the street waiting for the car to pass. stay on the sidewalk. little things like that will keep you safe. >> keep it in mind. >> t.j., thank, you man. david, thank, thank you. coming up in just two minutes, the tiger attack caught on camera and the new outrage this morning. plus still ahead, george also exclusive with the trump family. what they plan to do if their father becomes president.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
>> reporter: this tiger handler at a florida fair came terribly close to losing her life in front of a crowd of children on a field trip. she was locked inside the pen size when she falls after losing her balance. and now has to hit the large animal with her fist and then some sort of stick to try to fight it off. >> you can hear me telling my kids to turn around. i was trying to get them away. because at that point, i really thought that that tiger was going to tear her apart, and my kids are fixing to see this. >> reporter: her partner and fe yan as the animal bites down on her leg and drags her across the cage l doll. he keeps beating the tiger as hard as he can as parents covered their children's eyes. she needed surgery, but will live to tell the story. >> never bit and never was a
7:49 am
vicious attack. he just, oh, that's playing. he never growled. we're playing. >> reporter: according to one witness the tiger went after her after she tried to make it jump. >> she was kind of sticking it him to take the second jump. >> reporter: while certainly it was a life-or-death situation many are upset they kept beating at the animal. state wildlife officials insist that no children were ever in danger. back to you in new york. >> what did they expect them to do? i was surprised there wasn't a tranquilizer. >> that's what i was thinking but that was a life-or-death situation. >> hard to watch. >> very hard to watch. coming up, more of our election exclusive with donald trump and his family. there are all the adult kids right there. we're going to have what they say about people threatening to boycott their plus it's thursday. big "deals & steals" ahead.
7:50 am
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ba back here on "gma," we're watching that next storm in the west come into contact with some of the moisture from hurricane seymour and that is putting everyone on alert, especially in even four inches of rain could fall in some of those places and can be a big issue. mudslides possible. up to 55-mile-per-hour winds. this segment brought to you by
7:54 am
there's only one garth brooks, and tomorrow he's coming to "good morning america." >> are you ready? >> i am. >> in an exclusive live performance and brand-new song so where is the only place to be tomorrow morning? tell them, garth. >> good morning, america. >> presented by carmax. "good morning america" is brought to you by new drug-free al the power is in your hands. hera.
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today's top stories.. if you travel through the spaghetti bowl it is going to impact your commute this morning... car-nado--as its being called is in full effect. several closures are underway on the spaghetti bowl right now. 13 action news is tracking the latest on delays and your way around the mess. for the latest information
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visit our mobile app or on place in the race for the white house this morning. fox news has clinton leading by three-points, while rasmussen has her ahead by just one. compare that to polls by u-s-a today and a-b-c news, where clinton is leading by nine. the latest numbers come just 12 days before the election. we've learned more about vice president joe biden's visit to las vegas this weekend. he'll be at the southwest regional council of carpenters on saturday at 11 in the morning. biden is campaigning for hillary clinton. we have information on how to get tickets on our websi ktnv dot com. it looks like nevada is on its way toward legalizing recreational marijuana. here's the latest numbers from our exclusive ktnv rasmussen poll. 53-percent are in favor of the ballot measure. it approves the regulation and taxing of pot..similar to alcohol and cigarettes. 41-percent of people oppose
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. as the race tightens, the trump family speaks out. okay, be honest, which one of you predicted you all would be here today this close to the election? ivanka, don jr., eric and tiffany. side by side with their father and melania. we'll have what ivanka says about the women boycotting her own brand. what they're saying about the family business and what surprised them most during this campaign. running scared. brand-new research reveals just how many women report being harassed while jogging. the surprising new numbers and how runners are telling each other to stay safe right now. broets break free ? it's "gma's" mission paws-ible. >> all month long we are helping to save these adorable pups.
8:00 am
>> we're kicking off our live doggie adoption event all across america. we're helping dogs of all ages >> all: good morning, america. and good morning, america. welcome to thursday here in times square. we've got all our puppies right here. this is butterscotch who just ate my suit. >> i had a little fashion emergency as well with my little friend. you know what, so worth having them here. >> and it's a big extravaganza live co >> and with just 12 days until the election we have more of your exclusive interview with the trump family. >> you see them right there. opening up about life on the campaign trail. the backlash against some of their businesses and what they're going to do if their father wins the white house. >> all right. and you know what, my guy, he's fine. no accidents over here. nothing. >> do not jinx yourself. >> i'm not -- we have an
8:01 am
understanding. they're all here. these adorable little pups are here because we're counting down to our mission paws-ible adopt-a-thon. look at the dogs looking for a happy home. >> yeah. rescues at home, plus, i've helped adopt 14 dogs to friends and family. i'm really into this and i hope you are too. we want to find as many homes for these guys as we can for the next four weeks we are going big or going home. we've got a big halloween pup party coming up today and we'll show you why rescues are the way to go. >> you losing control over there, george? >> what i really am is losing my suit. >> tasty little morsel. >> we'll bring you headlines and >> amy, save us and give us some headlines. >> we'll bring you headlines and begin on the campaign trail today. first lady michelle obama will campaign side by side with hillary clinton for the first time. meanwhile, donald trump is now promising to spend millions of dollars of his own money in the last days of the campaign as some polls show that race tightening.
8:02 am
abc's cecilia vega has all the details. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. hillary clinton will be right here in north carolina later state. she's hoping the first lady can help give her a boost. michelle obama, that campaign's not so secret weapon when it comes to blasting donald trump. but with just days to go, clinton is still facing questions about those hacked wikileaks e-mails. the latest, what's believed to be a 2011 memo from bill clinton's longtime aide showing how he pressured donors to steer business opportunities to the former president after he left the white house reportedly earning the clintons tens of millions of dollars. the clinton campaign not commenting on individual e-mails and on the other side, donald trump is accusing the media of turning a blind eye to those hacked e-mails telling george the press is out to get him and that the election system is rigged. >> they should be talking about wikileaks and the horrible things that have come out about
8:03 am
hillary clinton. i think it was horrible the way they were treated in the media. the only thing worse is the way i'm being treated. look, i'm being treated -- hey, it's record-setting bad it's the greatest pile-on in american history. i go to these rallies and they're starting to hate the media because they see it's all a big lie -- not all, but a lot of it is a big lie. >> reporter: after taking a break from the campaign trail for that big ribbon cutting at his new hotel in washington, donald trump has three rallies today in ohio. amy. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. and overseas there is some more disturbing news from the war in syria. at least 22 children have reportedly been killed in a series of bombings that dest unicef says if the attack was deliberate, it is a war crime. damage assessment is under way right now in central italy where two powerful earthquakes leveled buildings and sent people into the streets. so far no reports of any serious injuries, but nearly 300 people died when a quake hit that same region back in august.
8:04 am
and here in this country, a new survey is highlighting the risk women face on their morning jog. the survey by "runners world" magazine obtained by "the new women under age 30 say they have been harassed while jogging, and one in three women runners say they've been followed by someone in a car, on a bike or on foot. that survey was conducted following the recent murders of joggers in new york, massachusetts and michigan. some women are now running in pairs for added safety. an unusual guest showed up for breakfast at this indian a deer broke in trampling nearly that owner as it ran through the dining room. it eventually jumped out a window to escape. thankfully no one was injure and finally, some wardrobe help for an unfeathered friend. take a look at this penguin. yeah, she had some trouble growing feathers. >> oh, no? so, she has been fitted for a wet suit. look at that. at seaworld she was having trouble regulating her temperature. but now her custom-made tux is keeping her warm and things are going just swimmingly. she's warm in the water.
8:05 am
she's warm out of the water. it is the antarctica exhibit after all. so she needs to stay warm. >> absolutely. >> she's doing well. >> we all need a little coat as well. not as nervous. >> this is one of the dogs, one of the many puppies available for adoption in our awesome adopt-a-thon happening all month long. we'll get to that later. how about a little "pop news" now? the internet is going crazy over this first story. two women who went on australia's version of "the batch," tiffany scanlon and megan marx announced their relationship saying they met at the first cocktail party waiting for their turn to spend one-on-one with the bachelor and that was it. tiffany even won the first impression rose that night. didn't matter, though. megan ended up volunteering to leave the show. tiffany was eliminated after week three. i don't think she minded. the two have been dating now for months, clearly accepting the proverbial rose from each other and don't worry about the bachelor. he ending up finding love with another contestant
8:06 am
and now engaged so all got their happily ever after. >> it's been months so it's pretty real. >> months and months and everybody is happy. >> first i've ever heard of anything like that happening. >> absolutely. absolutely. and to have three cases of love, they going to make it? are they going to make it. three for the price of one. >> very cool. >> now that it's happened in australia, are we going to see it here? >> i was going to say. seriously. we love you, chris, so much. come back to "gma" soon. also in "pop news" this morning, six months after his passing, prince's paisley park, say that three times fast, prince's paisley park officially opens as a museum and the city council granted approval on rezoning after months of deliberation. the 65,000oo expected to attract 600,000 visitors a year just outside of minneapolis. it will cost you about $40 but you'll be able to have access to the purple one's recording studios, his private concert hall and thousands of artifacts from his incredible nearly 40-year career. >> that's really cool.
8:07 am
>> yeah. >> 65,000 square feet. >> and so much magic was made in there. i think it'll be fun for fans who miss and love him so much. and then finally, you know when you open a bag of potato chip, let's face it, it's mindless munching until you get to the bottom. you might want to rethink that approach if you go with these chips from st. erik's brewery in stockholm, sweden. they cost $56 for five perfectly seasoned chips. by the way, that's $11.20 per chip. each made by hand by a chef said to pair impeccably with the brewery's signature india pale ale and they were created combination with a culinary time seasoned with a mushroom that must be picked wearing only cotton gloves. another ingredient is truffle seaweed. it's not a truffle but it tastes like it. every dollar goes to charity. >> okay. all right. >> we're good. >> you attacked me.
8:08 am
i just want to let you know. >> i was going to say, $20 a chip. >> do i get a sample before i like that so they must be really good. >> nice save. >> yep. i've been here a couple years. i know what i'm doing. >> thanks, lara. all right, coming up next here, george's exclusive interview with the trumps, what they think about the recent backlash and what they will do if their dad wins the white house. and tory johnson is here with "deals & steals," everybody. brightening up your home with savings that start at just $9. i don't know how she does it but she does. >> she does. ?
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8:12 am's a canvas for painting... there was the ribbon cutting in washington yesterday at the new trump hotel. and we're back now with more from donald trump and his family. they were all together there in washington, d.c. for that. less than two weeks before election day and we spoke about how the campaign has changed their lives, whether it's been damaging to their company's
8:13 am
brand. as don jr. told me, it's been a brutal process. this is really a question for everybody but it's based on something you said when you were a teenager. you said your father's legacy is how has that changed over the course of this campaign? >> we're proud of our father and what he's accomplished. it is amazing. i've been joking for awhile that when we started even just this project, we said trump was coming to pennsylvania avenue and we didn't even know at the time what exactly that meant or -- >> one way or the other. >> -- how foreshadowing a statement that would be. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination. >> we've seen there all year long. don, there's a lot of talk about the possibility of you running for office yourself. has this made it more likely or less likely? >> it's a tough process. it is a brutal process but there isless that element that's amazing to be able to touch someone that way and seen my father doing that. my only mission is to get him there because i know he can make
8:14 am
a difference. [ chanting "trump" ] >> all three of you -- you're >> i just graduated in may. >> are you interested? >> of course, i'm interested, i think. i'm applying to law school now so i'd like to bring a different skill set to the company. >> all three are senior vice presidents of the trump organization so i want to ask you a question i asked your dad. several stories recently suggesting that your brand has taken a hit over the course of this campaign. what are you going to do about it? >> i think we have the hottest brand and i think buildings are a testament to what we do every day. >> some studies show less foot traffic in some of the businesses. there's one i guess apartment in new york trying to get riverside drive. >> i think the brand is much more than just new york city. this is a global brand. when you look at the people he's touching on a daily basis, the presidency, fixing america is so much bigger than any of that regardless. >> i think the brand is hotter than it's ever been but it doesn't matter to me. i don't care. it doesn't matter. i don't care about the brand. i care about the country.
8:15 am
>> ivanka, you've got your own business. i wonder what you say to the women who started this grab your wallet campaign on twitter to boycott your collection. women who are doing it? >> well, the beauty of america is people can do what they like. but i'd prefer to talk to the millions, tens of millions of american women who are inspired by the brand and the message that i've created. my advocacy of women trying to empower them in all aspects of their life started long before this presidential campaign did. i've never politicized that message. people who are seeking to politicize it because they may disagree with the politics of my father, there's nothing i can do to change that. >> and all of you, you're going to stick with the business even if your dad wins? >> we're building. yeah, it's been an awesome debate. a small cog in the wheel. >> okay, be honest, which one predicted you all would be here today this close to the election? >> i don't think any of us got that far ahead of ourselves when he first announced his
8:16 am
candidacy. we're not a political family. i think we were attempting to understand realtime what that meant in terms of our future and in retrospect, i don't think any of us would tell you we're surprised. i've never in the past seen him fail and this is obviously on another level in terms of his commitment to this country and its people. >> you're surprised? >> well, i guess a lot of people are surprised in terms of the press, et cetera, but i think probably i wouldn't have done it if i didn't think i could win. you know, if i thought i was going to be knocked out nine people ago, i would have probably said i won't do it. so i can't say i'm surprised. it's really about making america great again. that's what it's about. that's why i'm doing this. >> so all the adult kids say they're going to stay with the business even if he does win the white house. they won't go to the white house and become advisers but could raise real questions if he wins about conflicts and how they'll handle that.
8:17 am
that will be a huge issue if we get to that day. >> all right, but an incredible interview. such insight into the family. how it works leading up to these final days of the election.