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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  October 30, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am PDT

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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
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narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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?? ? a lucky, lucky one ? [ sighs ] ? a lucky, lucky one ? ? a lucky, lucky one ? [ tires screeching ] ? a lucky, lucky one ?
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[ gunshot ] [ gasping ] oh, god. [ elevator bell dings ] [ gunshot ] [ screams ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings ] oh, no, no, no, no. [ as ricky ricardo ] lucy, i'm home! lucy, you should have told me we had company. that costs extra. well, according to your little, mechanical friend here, you have been drowning your sorrows in frozen pizza, online shopping... and dolph lundgren marathons. et tu, lucy? is nothing private? not without the proper setting. darling, i-i mean, i know it's difficult for you without katherine, but really, isn't it a little early in the day for this? these are for ryan and esposito.
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surprise them a little later on. and if beckett happens to be there... all the more reason to celebrate. [ police radio chatter ] hey, so, any word on the exam? stop it. you're gonna jinx it. okay, okay. done. hey, lanie. -hey. -so, who is this? lanie: justin fletcher, 38. two gsws to the chest, close range. any idea when this happened? around 10:14 a.m. wow. that's pretty specific. tech's trying to trace it now. so that's our victim's car? yeah. keys were in his pocket. we're just digging into it. then this wasn't a carjacking. or a robbery. victim still has cash and wallet on him. these are bulletproof windows, huh? that's not the only upgrade. these tires are reinforced run-flat, and there are kevlar panels in these doors. so what do you think? maybe he was corporate security? not with that tiny backseat.
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i'm just gonna stop talking. yeah, okay. now the plot thickens. espo, why don't you get csu to sweep this? maybe they can tell us what our victim was hiding here. might be what he was killed for. [ cellphone rings ] is that the test results? [ cellphone beeps ] no, no. tech got a name and address on that anonymous 911 call. mia laszlo. all right, pick her up. yes? ms. laszlo, i'm detective esposi-- yeah. detective esposito. this is detective ryan. we want to ask you a few questions about that murder you reported. can we come in? no. [ lock engages ] excuse me, ma'am! we still need to talk to you! there is a reason it was an anonymous call.
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just a minute. [ sighs ] okay, listen closely. here's how this is going to go. i ride in the backseat, alone, and the windows stay down the whole way. ?? can you think of anyone who would have wanted to kill your brother? no. everyone loved justin. he was such a good guy. he left the army to take care of me after our parents died. he, uh -- he paid for all of it, even though he -- he had a hard time finding a job at first. and what did he do exactly? he was a high-end driver, made a lot of deliveries. anything illegal? i don't know. why? we found a secret compartment in his car, and we think that he might have been killed because of what was inside. do you have any idea what he kept in there or maybe what he was doing in the garage this morning? no. the last time that i spoke to him was yesterday.
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beckett, beckett, beckett, beckett, beckett. [ clears throat ] do i smell? what? our witness is threatening to file a complaint against me for assault with a deadly odor. says that i smell like soiled baby diapers and javi's cologne is "satan's butt sweat." i mean, yeah, it is pretty strong, but... you always smell so pretty. captain. okay, fine. you and espo dig into justin's life, though, see if you can find a connection to someone named falcon. [ door opens ] i'm captain beckett. thank you so much for coming in, ms. laszlo. let's just get this over with.
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i heard two gunshots, and then a guy with a ski mask got on the elevator with me. i thought he was gonna kill me, but he didn't. mm-hmm. instead, he got off at the ground level. i called 911 and left. can i go home now? -uh, no. -why not? because i'm not done asking you questions just...yet. do you always eat kale for breakfast? 'cause that is just wrong. how did you know that i had kale this morning? you reek of it. like, this room stinks of grade-"d" greek food. oh, you should change your name to captain obvious. it's called hyperosmia. look it up. okay, uh, so, what did our killer smell like? gosh, i don't know. it was either puppies or gunpowder. are you always this unpleasant? yep. huh. is there anything else that you remember about the guy in the elevator? [ sighs ] he was a white guy.
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that he got off of that dead guy. esposito: all right. thank you very much. well, the owner confirms it. the garage has no cameras. and i got uniforms pulling footage from surrounding areas. like a well-oiled machine. [ cellphones chime, vibrate ] what's that? it's the exam results. moment of truth. yep. all right, bro. on three. 1, 2... [ chuckles ] yes. sergeant esposito right here. i don't understand. how did you pass and i didn't? oh, hey. ryan, next time, pal. hey. espo, way to go! hey! [ laughs ] nice. you know. hey. hey. how you doing? i'm, uh, good. um, you know, if -- if you just wait by the elevators, ryan and espo will take you home.
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she seems nice. what's with the nose thing? mm, long story. um, listen, i was -- i was planning on calling you. really? well, here i am. roguishly handsome and at your service. what do you need? [ chuckles ] um, i was just hoping i could stop by the loft later on 'cause i need to pick up the rest of my stuff. uh, absolutely. yeah, anytime. ?? she's clearly got the hots for you. who? captain hoochie mama. her pheromone output went through the roof when she saw you. and you know this how? i can smell it, like i can smell that you washed your hair with shaving cream this morning,
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a cursed one. wait. you have hyperosmia. just how heightened is your olfactory acuity? it's off the charts. how do you -- i read a lot. you're telling me you can tell exactly how beckett feels about me just by her smell? yes. tell you what. i have a brand-new ferrari downstairs. smells like heaven. how about i give you a ride home and you can tell me a little more? or officer julian here can give you a ride home, and his favorite meal is sausages and chocolate milk. that's what i thought. [ elevator bell dings ] julian, i got this. thanks. hayley, what are you doing here? working. she likes me a lot, too. you can probably tell -- no. we're still looking into our victim's phone records and social media, but so far, we haven't found anyone named falcon. but we did find a possible link to a company called the falcon unit. [ door opens ] we're checking them out now. why bother when i could just tell you who they are? somebody knows how to make an entrance. hello, all.
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great pants. anyway, you were saying? the falcon unit, it's a private company that specializes in transporting sensitive and occasionally illegal items for wealthy clients. so our victim was a transporter, like the movie? that explains the armored sports car and secret compartment. so, what was in the briefcase? i'm afraid the answer to that comes with a price. i want in on the investigation. and what's in this for you? the item in the briefcase has a rather large insurance policy. you know, this isn't a treasure hunt. we're trying to solve a homicide. and your victim was killed for that briefcase, so you find your killer, i find my missing item. everyone goes home happy, hmm? okay. so, what was our victim hired to transport? a van gogh, lost since world war ii,
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a long-lost van gogh sold for a fortune. how come this wasn't on the internet? the painting has a complicated history. it was looted several times during the war, which made an aboveboard sale impossible, so it was auctioned secretly in zurich, with potential buyers bidding remotely. we should get a list of the other bidders. maybe one of the losers tried to steal it. i already tried. auction house isn't playing ball. i mean, they give up their clients, they lose their business. you know what? i'll reach out to the state department, see if they can apply a little pressure. i think i found our killer.
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iption exiting the parking garage at 10:30. that's 15 minutes after the murder. how come he was still around? probably stashing the briefcase. two minutes later, a subway cam caught him hopping the "f" train. now, his metro card was purchased with a credit card belonging to a freddy stark, a low-level dirtbag with a history of b&e and violent assault. nice job, sarge. [ chuckles ] so, beckett and i had been married almost a year, and -- and things were going great, and then, suddenly, she says she needs space. why is that my problem? oh, it's not, but i-i was just thinking, you could help me with my interactions with beckett, let me know when i'm being charming, let me know when i'm annoying her. you mean like this? hey, castle, you're being annoying. yes, only i'm thinking more like a secret hand gesture so she doesn't... you mean right now? yeah. listen, you are actually fairly inoffensive on an odor level, but i am not a people person and have zero interest in becoming one. let me in. let me convince you.
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it's not. uh, no. i-i-i'm not -- five minutes. if i haven't convinced you, you can just kick me out. fine. but you have to be decontaminated. sounds like fun. [ door closes ] whoa! [ screaming ] wow! ah. you work from home. i consult for a perfume company as a professional nose, specializing in primal attraction. and yet you live alone and never have visitors. i see people. i go into the office once a week.
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you wind up riding an elevator with a sweaty killer. you could smell his sweat. and his gun. what else? nothing. bull. you're like a bloodhound. you just don't want to get involved. but i'm betting you could identify this killer if you smelled him again. that's nice. you an art fan, freddy? i like comic books. how about van gogh? i never heard of him. where were you at 10:15 this morning? i was uptown, walking my cat. omicide. never happened. my cat hates the east village. [ knock on door ] uh, captain? um, it's castle. he's on the phone. -he says he's got a break in the case. -what case? -this case? -[ clears throat ] how does he even know about this case? now, is that any way to talk to the man who can i.d. your killer? wait. you can i.d. him? well, no, but mia can.
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she's an eyewitness -- well, technically, she's a...nose-witness. please put that down. she shared an elevator with our killer, who was wearing a mask. that doesn't matter because she can i.d. him by his smell. yeah, she said that he smelled like gunpowder. look, i'm gonna hang up. this isn't time for party games. it's not a party game. okay, then tell us something unique about the killer's scent. yeah. there was a hint of nail-polish remover. this is a waste of time. hang on. tell her the thing. okay, how about this? there was an old oil painting in that briefcase. boom. how do you know that? are you slow? i smelled it. are you sure you want her back? 'cause i think you can do better. this -- uh, uh, beckett, we're gonna come down to the precinct. no! castle -- [ cellphone beeps ] i'm not going. yes, you are.
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but because a man was murdered this morning, and that man deserves justice. you know, you see your hyperosmia as a curse, when, really, you've been given a great gift. and with your help, the police can put away a cold-blooded killer. now, isn't that worth putting yourself out there? no. and there is nothing you can do to make me leave my apartment. nothing. ugh! -i'm sorry. -oh, my god. desperate times call for desperate measures. -[ gasps ] -whoa. oh, you were right about those tacos.
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[ sniffing ] [ buzzer ] he's not the killer. if word gets out that i authorized a smell lineup -- they have visual lineups for people who have seen killers, voice lineups for people who have heard them.
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and he's clearly lying, so -- so we lie to him, tell him that our witness i.d.'d him. and watch him talk. [ sniffing ] i didn't kill him! that's not what our witness says. what kind of lineup was that, anyway? the witness didn't even look at my face! -where's the painting? -i don't have it. cut the crap, freddy. you got one chance to convince me that you're not the murderer. okay, listen, i was at the garage, but not to kill the guy. tom gilliam. head of the falcon unit. that's who hired justin to transport it. why would they want you to steal it from him? i don't know. but gilliam was really upset when he hired me to hunt justin down, told me to do whatever it took to get the painting back. so i hacked the gps in justin's car and followed him to the garage. but by the time i got there, he was already dead and the painting was gone. what time did you get there? didn't get to the garage till 10:20. esposito: all right, thanks.
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which means he ain't our guy. so, how do you want to go at this falcon unit dude? i say we hit him hard. guys like this only respond to intimidation. is that the way it's gonna be now? "i get this big promotion, and i say we do it this way." hey, hey, no. we can do it your way. how do you want to play it? i say we go at him hard. excuse me! tom gilliam, i'm detective ryan. this is detective esposito. we just have a few questions about the murder of justin fletcher. a real tragedy, but i don't know anything about it. you do. how can i help you? well, you can start by telling us why you hired freddy to steal that painting back from your own employee. you got it all wrong. i didn't hire freddy to steal it. i hired him to retrieve it. justin stole it from us. esposito: that doesn't make sense. you hired justin to transport the painting. no. i hired someone else.
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six figures. justin must have gotten greedy and jumped the job. we didn't realize until the real transporter arrived to pick up the painting, and it was gone. then who's the real transporter? liam hollister, ex-british mercenary. kicked out of the french foreign legion for being too violent. according to hayley, liam is falcon's go-to guy for big-money jobs. i don't think he'd take too kindly to justin stealing his commission. acked justin to that garage and traded two bullets for that painting. you'd think he'd be rolling around in something a little more subtle after committing murder. yeah. hey, bro... are we good? yeah, yeah. of course. why do you even ask? 'cause you've been acting weird all day. and i know that you're bummed, but you never even gave me props for passing. yeah. javi, you're right, man. congratulations, man. really.
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here we go. [ car doors close ] hey! hey! hey. [ people gasping, man shouting indistinctly ] ?? go left. [ groans ] [ gunshot ] [ gunshot ] [ gunshot ] [ scream ] javi, you okay?
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. when you get a cold, you need medicine that works fast. priorities usa action is responsible jim! you're in! coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. you shot your partner. hayley: in the ass. it was an accident. the hospital says he's gonna be fine. just needs a few stitches. and a new pair of trousers. any sign of liam?
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at every crossing in the city, which means if he tries to get out of manhattan, we will find him. well, i will coordinate with him, start digging into liam's life, try and figure out where he might go to ground. [ door opens, closes ] you know liam's gonna ditch the car, right? i know. a ride like that would fetch top dollar. if liam's bolting, he might want some quick cash. who are you calling? your husband. i reckon that he might have some friends why are you still here? the case isn't over yet. it is for me. i saw you back at the precinct. you were having fun. no, i wasn't. [ cellphone rings ] [ cellphone beeps ] richard castle. i'll ask around. okay. all right, we have a new mission -- to find where our suspect might sell a high-end rolls-royce. i can't help you with that. but you can i.d. him once we get there.
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by torturing me? no. mia, you're -- you're not living. you're hiding. i know you find the world a little overwhelming, but out here, this is where life happens. so...let's go. [ elevator bell dings ] [ scattered laughter ] [ applause ] hey, partner, let me help you with that. -[ groans ] -i can handle it myself. javi, it was an accident. hey, what are you doing here? go home. no. i'm here to work. but you were shot. it's just a flesh wound. if he's working, then i'm working. so, i just got liam's phone records. he called hawthorne carter less than half an hour ago. why is that name so familiar?


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