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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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george is here to explain why it may involve revealing who you voted for. tom. we talked to one business owner so excited about trump... she's offering a discount - but only if you say you voted for him... and at another restaurant -- they're pulling for hillary, and say anyone who votes can get free food! at pho 87... sot smart customer! love you! a bowl of pho... sot they dont call me soup nazi for nothing! comes with a side of mia ha... sot eat well, stay away from marijuana once in a while. and this election it's no secret who she supports.. sot we want trump to win... even though some customers disagree... and one person even broke their windows...politics doesnt stop her regulars from getting pho.. sot mia ha / pho 87 mia! even though you vote for hitler, i still come because they come as her sign says... she's far from an angry old man... sot we came from a communist country - we should not vote communist again. i dont want to take the boat back to vietnam okay! but if you happen to agree with
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discount. this is the first time ever! you can 19.87 percent off on election day... the catch? say you voted for trump... sot what if you voted for hillary? do you get the discount! no! you vote hillary you should not deserve to live long because eating our good food you live long and you might produce some more dummies... but dont worry hillary fans... if grits are more your thing... sot we have grits and shrimp, we have grits and cheese.. anything you would like on your grits, we can supply it. gritz cafe... home of cooking approved by the owners... are with her... sot we want somebody who has the knowledge and the experience to deal with the every day problems we face and... theyre offering a free bowl to anyone with an i voted sticker... sot they can support whoever they want, we just want to get people out and be a part of the process... and getting a free bowl of grits. of course getting a free bowl of grits! now some wonder is offering food for free or giving a
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of state... they say its fine... as long as its after the fact... and theyre not actually soliciting voters beforehand promising a deal... tom george, 13 action news. nhp is investigating the death of a woman who was walking on the 15 near jean when she was hit by a semi that kept going. the investigation shut down southbound lanes for hours.. and at least one driver had to make alternate plans for his daughter. "getting her these surgeries is extremely tough but we'll probably go back and possibly try to catch an airplane." don shackley says his daughter has a rare illness. now.. he'll have to reschedule her appointment and hope she'll be seen this year. other drivers were just exhausted. "it's frustrating because just get back home... tired you know?" no arrests have been made in
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a valley man arrested over the weekend for filming metro in the process of making an arrest ends up filming his own arrest 13 action news reporter marti glaser is downtown on 4th and fremont with the latest. sot you want to go to jail? kelly patterson -is the man behind the lens. he calls himself a police accountability activist . sot they just jumped on me threw me into the street and handcuffed me nat patterson says he's been cop block - sot it's. clear and nuetral record of what exactly happened so if the cops are in the right it shows that also for five years. and as for what he says happened downtown on saturday - 224027it's something i didn't see coming at all. sot i have bruised ribs .. i have a sprained elbow and i had. knee injury when i walk it hurts. retired police lt and 13 action news crime and safety expert. randy sutton says cop block,
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antagonizing cops 230031 there was apparently some interaction before what we saw in this video because there was a reference made to it when the officer initially confronted thethe guy who had the camera. 230045 nat regardless of what happened prior - sutton says there is a right to record. 230050 reality is police can not stop someone from video ta that is not in keeping up with the policies of the police department . tag : patterson says he spent 24 hours in jail -he has been charged with obstructing a police officer , obstructing a vehicle in the roadway.
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investigators say the fire started on the first floor but quickly spread upstairs. damage is estimated at 25- thousand dollars. no one was hurt. no bail has been set.... for a local mother arrested.... in connection with her child's death. diana eldridge faced a judge.... for the first time... today. she faces one count of murder... and... two counts of child neglect . her next court appearance is set for.... january. the ramp bringing traffic from eastbound 215 to the airport closed nightly from monday through thursday due to ongoing construction in the area. the closures will be from 9 7, and ending friday morning, nov. 11. during the closures, drivers heading to mccarran international airport from eastbound 215 will be encouraged to follow a detour to windmill lane and then to westbound 215 in order to access the airport. (drivers headed to the airport will essentially be using the yasmeen hassan with your
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your voice your vote in the race for the white house... and local law enforcement agencies are preparing for election day tomorrow. metro is taking every precaution to ensure voters are safe at polling places. they'll be monitored.. and metro says officers will be able to make a quick response if anything happens. metro is also taking steps to keep your ballots safe. metro is involved in ensuring th completed, get to the polling location for the final count each election night. the deputy chief also says there has been no intelligence to suggest any type of disturbance or incident. millions of americans are getting ready to cast their vote... and... hillary clinton is getting help from some big names..... in her last push for support.... before election day! "you can elect a leader trying to move this country
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will be an example to our daughters, and our sons..and that there is no glass ceiling." first lady michelle obama.... vice president joe biden... and... former vice president... al gore have also be on the campaign trail.... today. on the republican side.. house speaker paul ryan told supporters in wisconsin they need to vote for republicans all the way up and down the ticket. that includes donald trum repeal obamacare and start over. "you know when donald trump said that he wants a special session to repeal and replace obamacare, let me tell you something as speaker of the house, not only yes but heck yes. we're ready and we're willing and we have a plan to do that too." the speaker also told the wisconsin voters that he did vote for donald trump. gunfire on the las vegas strip overnight. we'll show you the video.. moments after it all went
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plus... in a story... you asked us.... to investigate... several valley apartments.... infested with mice... and folks there say... management isn't doing enough... to get rid of them. see what happens... when we approach... managers. bryan? ad-libs and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast
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13 action news reporter.... marissa kynaston was fast and after it happened. two men-- collapsed on the ground-- minutes after being shot. one man we blurred because of his injuries-- the other-- you
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police say both these men shot-- after they got into an argument with a third man on this pedestrian bridge. police are still looking for a motive-- but witnesses say drugs may have played a roll. i heard that there was a car accident, and then a fight, and then a gun shooting, and then some drugs were involved, that's about it we are still working on more information about the mens conditions. we'll bring you that when it becomes available. former u-s attorney general janet reno died today at the age of 78. reno was the first woman to serve as florida's state attorney in miami.. and later became the first woman to serve as u-s attorney general. in 2002.. reno ran for florida governor but lost in the democratic primary. her family says she passed away at her home in miami.. after a 20-year battle with parkinson's disease. mice scurrying around a valley
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say management isn't helping enough. what happens when we approach managers... in a story you asked us to investigate. plus.. there's a new number to call if you're having a medical issue.. but don't think it's serious enough to call 9-1-1. we'll explain how it works. is doing everything in its power to get the galaxy note 7 devices out of homes. the plan in place to make those phones so unbearable to have they'll send them back.
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plaza outside the t-mobile arena.. and will be open to the public. the team's top management and nhl commissioner gary bettman will also be there. folks.... at an east las vegas apartment complex say..... their apartments are infested with mice! and.... according to them... it's been going on now... for several months. it's a story..... "you asked us.... to investigate". contact 13.... investigative reporter.... stephanie p found out.... what's going on. 14.54.41 people we interviewed who live here at the stonegate west apartments complex say they have been dealing with mice since june, and it's not getting any better 49 (nat pop from video) halloween of this year, brandy brown found a scary sight in her apartment. (nat) but she says this isn't the first time mice have snuck into her home near sahara and nellis. 13.50.35 if we have seen five alone in the month of november, how many more are there? 39 bb
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issue. lonaral henkins says one ran across her in bed. 13.54.12 im afraid that one is going to bite me and you know they carry a lot of diseases 17 like i cant live there 19 lh the complex has given them mousetraps, but the mice haven't stopped coming. 13.50.46 it's disturbing and it's unnerving 47 at one point when i first heard them squeaking, i was scared to go to sleep 52 bb we went to the office to talk with management. they told us they're putting traps inside and outside the units, and have used a pest control company for the last six weeks. but when we pressed them, they said t the affected units get out of their lease without penalty. brandy will be moving out next month anyway....... soc. we looked into this story after brandy reached out to us. if you have a story you'd like us to investigate... just send us an e-mail to and pleae be sure to include. your telephone number. 911 operators across the state will soon get some additional help from an all new non-emergency line. low-priority 9-1-1 calls will
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nurse who can provide health assessments.. health education.. and referrals to non- emergency callers. the new line is expected to save resources.. but it's not a new system. it's been used in other states and overseas for the past 15 years. 40:58"what we're hoping to do is to get people to the right care. we do not see this system as a gatekeeper.41:04 41:07"but rather get them to resources in the community that might be better equipped to serve them."41:13 funding for the line is coming from a grant for emergency "facebook" is facing..... a class- action lawsuit filed.... in california federal court. it claims... the social media site.... gives advertisers the option..... to exclude racial groups.... from their target audience. "pro-publica" published an article.... claiming it created an ad..... targeting people interested..... in house-hunting... and saying.... it could exclude..... certain ethnic groups.... from seeing the ad. facebook is now accused..... of violating..... federal fair housing and
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facebook says... the lawsuit is "completely without merit." a major u-s firearms manufacturer..... wants to change.... its corporate name. "smith and wesson" wants to become..... "american outdoor brands corporation." the gunmaker says... the name will better reflect.... it's wide range of products. the actual firearms will still be named...... vote.... on the change.... soon. we're getting a new look at some of the damage caused by earthquakes in oklahoma over the past week. this is in cushing, oklahoma.. where they're cleaning up after a magnitude 5.0 earthquake last night. as many as 50 buildings were damaged. fortunately.. one of the largest oil storage facilities in the world was not damaged. some scientists believe the recent seismic activity in the region could be tied to fracking. warm and dry will continue to be the theme this week as a
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pressure persists over the area. expect high temps around 80 through the end of the workweek. over the weekend, a pacific northwest system breaks down the high pressure a bit and allows a bit of cooler air to sneak into the area. this will drop afternoon highs sunday. expect occasional high clouds and light winds for the next seven days. (bryan back to desk) pressure persists over the area. expect high temps around 80 through the end of the workweek. over the weekend, a pacific
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bit and allows a bit of cooler air to sneak into the area. this will drop afternoon highs to the mid 70s on saturday and sunday. expect occasional high clouds and light winds for the next seven days. (bryan back to desk) pressure persists over the area. expect high temps around 80 through the end of the workweek. over the weekend, a pacific northwest system breaks down the high pressure a bit and allows a bit of cooler air to sneak into the area. this will drop afternoon highs to the mid 70s on saturday and
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expect occasional high clouds and light winds for the next seven days. (bryan back to desk) even in the wake of a massive recall.... there are still explosive galaxy note 7 devices out there... what samsung is doing tonight... to try to force anyone with the phone.... to return it... immediately!!! her own hands after someone steals her car right out of the driveway. find out how she was able to track down the suspect. and... don't forget to download.... the all new -13- action news app.... featuring live streaming.. video on demand.... and incredible weather radar. it's free.... in the app store... and... in google play.
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. note -7- smartphones..... being used in the u- s... even after a recall.... from samsung. -85- percent of the phones.... have been replaced.
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will be getting an over-the-air update..... that will not allow the phone to charge.... beyond -60- percent... as well as.... alert the user every time.... returned.... to samsung. and.... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between -11- a-m and -1- p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. awarded a univeristy of virginia dean three million dollars in her defamation case against rolling stone magazine. friday a jury found rolling stone responsible for libel--finding it wrongfully painted dean nicole eramo as a villain in the article. this all stems from a 20-14 interview called "a rape on campus" about a gang rape at a frat house. that story was later discredited. a cleveland woman took matters into her own hands when someone
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she says it took police so long to investigate.. she decided to do it herself. her wallet was in the stolen car.. so she got an alert when got a surveillance image of the suspect.. and posted it on facebook writing- "does anybody know this man? he stole posted it on facebook writing- "does anybody know this man? he stole my car early this morning out of my driveway!!" two days after she started the search.. she found her car in a nerby parking lot. a homeowner fights back af minutes inside a valley home. next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. we'll also tell you what the homeowner says the suspect left behind when he took off. and... the long election season is finally coming to a close.... tomorrow. where you can go in the valley..... to get some free food and drinks.... after you cast your ballot.
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e cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics they think their vote doesn't matter. but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington,
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used technology..... to find a lead... on her disappearance. plus.. we'll bring you our final fact checks from politifact.. and put a few more campaign claims from donald trump and hillary clinton into the 'truth-o-meter.' but first.. a local man takes on... a home intruder! the homeowner says... he stabbed the intruder.... to protect himself. it happened..... just before 8:00 last night.... near hillside and charleston. 13 action news anchor lesley marin spoke to that homeowner.. and explains how it all wn tricia steve-- you can see one of the window still broken in. the man who lives here said that's how this person got it in..opening one of these window. once inside they were there for nearly 15 minutes...before he took matters into his own hands! 1738 39-17 3045 i was holding it in my left hand and then i just stabbed them somewhere in the chest. at this moment homeowner arvi remmelg says his mind was racing.. 1724 57-17 2503 if i would call 911 and then they would maybe attacked me if they heard


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