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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 8, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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using the find my iphone app, he discovered her phone by the side of the road telling abc news, parts of her hair were tangled in her headphones. >> she would never in a million years not pick up our children. >> reporter: family and friends saying she was known as a super mom. >> bring her home. bring her home. just bring her home. >> reporter: there's a $50,000 reward for information leading to sherri's safe return. and authorities say her husband is cooperating with the investigation. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you. shifting gears now, angelina jolie and brad pitt have worked out a major detail in their divorce. she will retain a custody of the six children that they share. the children will continue to have, quote, therapeutic visits with their father, according to a statement released by joljoli attorney last friday. pitt filed for joint custody.
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greatest shooter in pro-basketball history did it again. steph curry, last night, set a new nba record for three-pointers, hitting 13 of them as the golden state warriors beat the new orleans pell kuhns, 116-106. he knew he broke the record as well as the home crowd who chanted mvp. curry was the league's most valuable player the past two seasons. he scored 46 points last night, to which manylike, where was that fwie in the lakers' game. sure could have used him. >> really? >> shade. a would-be armed robber in midland, texas, did not have a good day as seen on video. the man entered a 7-eleven wearing a mask and carry ago shotgun, but he couldn't find any clerks. not even in the office. but he ran into a customer and tried to hold up that guy. the two struggles and the customer came away with the shotgun. the unsuccessful robber was last seen running away down the street. >> huh.
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robbery. everybody out. >> okay. >> instead of everybody down, everybody out of here. there was also an unwanted visitor on a flight -- >> oh. >> reporter: in mexico. >> no. >> a five foot snake slithered out of an overhead bin and fell into the seats. >> oh. >> yuck. snake on the plane prompted an emergency landing. samuel jackson did not come to the rescue, so animal control officers came on board to remove the unwanted hitch kicker. th out how it was on board and if they can keep it from happening again. this one was dedicated to you, kendis. i know how much you love snakes. >> oh, my god, that video is creepy to watch. >> can you imagine being the person in that seat? honey, there's a -- there's a snake. stop it. no, baby, there's a snake. stop it, already. what's that? >> i just can't. i just can't.
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set are you for retirement? that video is creepy. what you can do if your employer doesn't offer a 401(k) plan. i mean, come on, man. the snake on a plane? "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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can you believe it? half of working americans do not actually have pension or a 401k, and a recent report shows one in three americans has saved exactly zero dollars for retirement. >> but if your employer doesn't offer a pension or a 401(k), it's not too late to start saving now. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: 36-year-old simone is ready to start thinking long-term. >> i'm getting older, and i have two small boys. i think it's necessary to start make >> reporter: simone is working full time as a teacher, but her job does not provide a 401(k) savings plan. so we brought in an expert to explore her retirement planning options starting with one that surprised her. >> so you work in the public school system, and if you work for the government, federal government, a state government, there's different retirement planning options for their employees. essentially, they do pretty much the same thing a 401k plan. >> reporter: if you qualify for
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403(b) plans, they allow the same tax deferred max contribution as a traditional 401(k), $18,000 annually. oop popular option, iras. with a maximum conabuse of $5,500 a year, investors have two options. traditional i.r.a., contributions tax decan ductble, withdrawals tacked or a roth i.r.a. with no tax breaks for contributions. but growth and withdrawals are tax free. experts also suggest, if possible, earmark traditional retirement funds in a normal brokerage account. >> put that money to work. take a little bit of risk. you know, don't be conservative. go for it. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> so there's still time. no need to worry. well, coming up on this
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let's end this. ? you'll do what i do what you do when i do ? so this time of year, especially so close to election day, we are here. you hear a lot of politicians touting how they're successful with bipartisan initiatives. well, somewhere in the nation's capital, there's a pocket of partisanship getting goo reviews. >> i like the pocket of partisanship. a lot of ps and alliteration. check out this chocolate. >> reporter: in a city already addicted to politics, even chocolate is getting political. nestled in the nation's capital, local chocolate manufacturer harper mccall is the latest company to indulge in politically inspired delicacies. u.s. marine veteran colin heartman founded the company
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chocolatemaker. >> we wanted this to be funny, showcase the different side of d.c. >> reporter: these partisan treats come in six different flavors. the flip-flopper, taxation without representation, left wing. red state. tea party. filibuster. made with everything from defiantly democratic chocolate mixed with socially conscience hazelnuts. we got an inside look at the factory and ingredients behind the partisan treats. since launching this political collection line, has it been more work for you guys? >> yeah. >> are the machines going more often? >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: sourcing products from farms in brazil investing in the environment through conservation efforts working to improve agriforestry standards. the political question is on display behind me and resident the have the opportunity to vote on the chocolates with this paper ballot, and the flip-flopper won.
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you can buy all six together called the super pac. we can likely expect these will become d.c. staples. the company says they plan to still sell their political collection after the election. diane, kendis. >> all right. our thanks to catherine there. 22 grams of fat in the serving size here. >> and every gram is delicious. >> jack just ran the marathon, and, you know, after a a marathon, you kind of have to carb load and such, thanks to you, jack, i just -- i just want to offer this. >> he's just trying not to eat the chocolate so he's giving it to you. i offered the one -- okay. i'll dig in right here. here we go. >> eat the chocolate!
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my friends, why america's best days are not ahead of us if we reach for them together." election day is here... hillary clinton and donald trump are eyeing the finish line... across the countrysome polls are already open at this hour...millions of people are expected to go vote.. here in nevada polls open at 7 a-m and are open until 7 p-m... the presidential hopefuls made their final pitches to america well into the night... hillary clinton was in phiiladelphia with president obama...the first lady... then it was on to new york, where even more big names has not yet felt the progress


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