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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> your voice, your vote 2016 in history is being made tonight in america. it's a race no one especially the experts, the pollsters saw coming. >> people across the country are glued to their t results still pour in deciding who will lead the nation for the next four years and fill the seat being vacated by a long-time nevada senator. tonight, a red across the country coming to a screeching halt here in nevada. but why are political analyst -- our political analyst john ralston is standing by along are crews across the valley tonight. as just a few states are left counting the final votes in the 2016 presidential election right now, and after months of speeches, accusations, f.b.i. investigations and open microphones, donald trump is leading hillary clinton in the electoral college 264-215.
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is live at the trump gathering in new york city with the latest. >> this is not the kind of night clinton campaign was expecting. started the evening off enthusiastic and confident they would easily win this election but now we're seeing people openly crying here in the crowd. you can see they're turning their attention to the stage clearly expecting to get some negative confirmation here possibly within the next few minutes. seems to be the expectation here in the crowd. meanwhile, hillary clinton spent this evening not far from here in a hotel watching the returns come in alongside her husband bill and daughter chelsea. her campaign clearly questioning tonight how they ended up in this position. live at clinton election headquarters in new york, i'm marssy began zals -- marcy gonzalez.
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announced john podesta would head here and hillary clinton did not, this crowd chanted "lock her up" some of the most vociferous of the night. they want this election called for donald trump. we've seen him outpace every single expectation it seems like in preelix polling one after another winning the states. hispanic votes so many predicted would come were not there. reporting live from the trump election headquarters in midtown manhattan, more information and more boos coming from the crowd here. we'll leave it right there.
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gonzalez. 13 action news political analyst john ralston joining us now to talk more about the red wave that didn't seem to stop until it reached nevada. so it's kind of a bittersweet night for democrats here in this state. >> i think harry reid really is the one having the bittersweet now, steve. he wanted to preserve the state for hillary clinton. that happened. wanted to preserve his senate seat for katherine cortez. still haven't gotten numbers from clark county in a long time. the races have both tightened up a bit. assembly looks like it'll go democratic. state senate has a decent chance to go democratic and two congressional seats that were republican looks like they're going democratic. blue wave hit nevada. that's not what happened to the rest of the country. >> what do you make of the polling numbers? only one that seems to have called this one would be
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tracking poll. that's the one the pollsters were calling the outliar. tonight we have this? >> to be blunt about it -- this has been true for awhile -- polling is garbage, steve. really is garbage. look at nevada. polling was no good. went the other way in nevada. trump was up here for a long time. looks like hillary clinton will win by two or three points at the end of it, but there's something wrong with the science of polling, it's been degenerating for years, steve, poll was rit culd by every -- ridiculed by every other polster in the country. it consistently showed something was happening that no one else saw. >> interesting thing that is happening nationally, ohio, donald trump won by nine points there. rob portman, republican senate candidate coasted to that victory. we saw other states. florida was close for the presidential race, marco rubio
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won that senate race easily in a state that flipped pretty much blue. >> for awhile, she was running ahead of hillary clinton here in nevada. they're pretty close right now, votes with 70,000 vote leads in clark county. new update from clark county. saw a whole bunch of votes out there. opposite as you pointed out of what happened in the rest of country. we thought nevada would help presidential race. we were irrelevant. there goes my #wematter. by the time it got here, the one blue mark didn't help the red that came across. >> we have to break away. get a quick nap. you've had a long day. get back to you in a few minutes. tricia? >> bittersweet night for nevada republicans celebrating a huge upset in the presidential race. didn't get enough down ballot support to get other republicans to capitol hill.
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more. probably mixed emotions in that room tonight? >> reporter: tricia, really wouldn't call it mixed emotions. i've asked self-people how they're feeling tonight. they say -- several people how they're feeling tonight. they say they're feeling victorious. no matter what happened here in nevada, all eyes are on the presidential race. there's been a loot -- a lot of cheering. every time fox news here -- that's what they're watching -- every time they call a win for donald trump, this crowd erupted in cheers. only time i heard this crowd boo all night long is when the name hillary clinton was mentioned. they especially when news outlets started calling a win for clinton here in nevada, voters aren't surprised. they're blaming it on harry green. >> not surprised how long he's been there. he's going to continue with his
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we have a good president. >> kind of like a storm braug at sea like a hurricane, like hurricane trump was going to make landfall. about to make landfall. >> reporter: back out here live, these people will be glued to this tv until they get the results they want and the person in that presidency, of course that being donald trump. these people very excited. they've been here since 7:00. they've been glued to these tv's since 7:00. it's very excitin here at the republican watch party but to take a lack at what is going on over -- look at what is going on in the democratic watch party, let's turn it over to brian callahan. >> yeah, leslie, here mixed emotions is definitely the word. a lot of people in here shaking their heads seeing the numbers up on the board for trump and hillary clinton. a lot of the people in this room though celebrating the fact they were able to push and get
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being declared a winner with 48%46% margin right now overtrump. a lot of the candidates have taken the stage. congresswoman dina declaring victory on the stage. he'll work to serve all of nevada here but a lot of the their head not quite understanding what happened nationally when they were so able to get this blue wave here in nevada. a lot of them saying they have to take what they have with the state and try to build momentum there. reporting live at the aria, bryan callahan, 13 action news. >> thank you, bryan. senate numbers right now. we just touched base with the respective camps.
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percent lead right now over joe heck. this race called early. catherine cortez-masto riding the blue wave that swept nevada as opposed to the red wave. that gave harry reid's fellno -- fellow democrat, catherine cortez-masto his seat. she'll go to capitol hill hill in his place. >> mahsa saeidi is live with more. >> that's right. we're expecting catherine on it take the stage at any moment now. this was one of the critical races we were watching closely, the whole country was watching closely especially as the night went on and it became clear a path for hillary clinton will be very difficult. it became clear the g.o.p. was keeping control of the house.
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control of the senate. as of right now at last check, 48-47. a lot on the line for the democrats right now. this is a last possible check balance on what could be a huge republican win tonight. for them, they're worried about obamacare, supreme court, direction of the country. a lot on the line for them. here unlike many other democratic watch parties across the country, mood is better in the state with the two house races going over to the democrats as well as catherine cortez-masto here. we're going to bring her speech to you live. we'll continue to watch to see exactly what happens here. let's take it out to chris. he's got more on what the heck folks are saying out there, chris?
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red wave stops here in nevada. that doesn't matter to the folks here in the crowd. they're in a good mood. it looks like donald trump may be heading to the white house. that has the folks out here very happy. over on the senate side as you're hearing joe heck may not be as lucky. looks like catherine cortez-masto out to a lead here. heck and masto were locked in a bruising battle. republicans still will retain control of the house even though it appeared heck may b to masto. even though that's happening, heck losing to masto possibly, g.o.p. will -- i should say g.o.p. may also be in control of white house. folks here couldn't be happier. we're awaiting for joe heck to come down. we're told that could happen at any moment. when that does happen, we'll bring that to you. live at the south point, christopher king, 13 action news. >> this is breaking election news just into our newsroom from new york city, john podesta is
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supporters there right now to head hope saying several states are too close to call not asking those people to stay up and wait on those returns. that tells you just how topsy turvy things are right now in this election. >> thank you. >> we should point out when you look at the electoral map, especially last one abc put up, donald trump hasn't reached 270 yet. momentum clearly there. we need that magic number for electoral >> majority of voters decided on legalizing rec reactionnal marijuana in -- recreational marijuana in nevada. >> there's the results there, 54% of vote, 52% of precincts reporting on question two. 13 action news reporter david shuman spent the day watching results on cannabis. >> as the results came in, people here were excited. this is a pro-pot crowd hanging
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vote with comedian and known vote supporters tommy chung. coming into this election though both sides considered it to be a nail-biter pushing their cases hard. >> it'll be a commercial good. it'll benefit the entire valley to have taxes on this. benefit the economy overall. >> personally don't understand why or how having more drugs on the street is going to be better for any community. >> economy was a big selling point for supporters. they say millions will be raised in tax revenue that could go toward education in nevada. those another other side think the impact there is overstated. other point commonly disagreed upon is what legalizing will do to the black market for marijuana, whether this law will eliminate it. man of the hour at this cannabis shop was tommy chung. didn't stick around long enough to see question two pass. unsurprisingly had a lot to say about the issue. >> marijuana makes everybody smarter because scientifically
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brain. thc affects the brain. what it did -- and it enhances what's already there, by the way. >> much more to that interview when we have it all on our web site at don't miss tommy chung's distinctive brand of humor. colorado is a state nevadans could look to when it comes to what happens when this law passes. in nevada, we can expect a similar waiting game as we see this all unfolds. david schuman 13 action news. >> stock markets aren't reacting well. futures on the dow plunged 750 points as donald trump's lead widened through the evening. nasdaq 100 futures off by 220 points. we're staying on top of all of your election night results. make sure to keep right here to 13 action news.
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>> breaking right now, catherine cortez-masto giving her victory speech. she defeated joe heck today. let's listen in. >> many wonderful feel people. i want to you it know, this isn't my -- many wonderful people. i want you to know, this isn't my win. this is our win. we did this together. and you know as i look in the room right now, i could see -- that's right, and there is just an incredible,
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here, the multi-colored fabric of nevada. the diversity here is our strength and i could see from our faces. that we are going to continue to be strong and continue to fight for our families, for our future here in nevada and across this country. now, you've all heard me talk about my story. i'm the great granddaughter of i've got a great grandfather who came to this country from italy and a grandfather who came from chihuahua, mexico. and like many of your stories, they came here for an opportunity to succeed, to work hard, so that they could provide a roof over their heads, food on the table for their kids and give their kids every
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for them. that is no different than all of our stories and that is what we are fighting for! that is our future! you know, because of the courage of my grandparents and the hard work of my parents, my sister and i -- >> you're liftneck to catherine -- listening to catherine cortez-masto giving her victory speech n. she defeated joe heck today. in a very tough senate race. that was a seat held by longtime democratic senator harry reid. going back into the studio now to steve and trish that -- tricia. >> thank you, i'm going to be in the war room right now. haven't had the chance to sit in with john ralston for awhile. here on that side is a live picture out of new york city. that's the trump headquarters. we're waiting to hear from donald trump tonight.
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one of the top clinton people base -- a little while ago, john podesta, one of the top clinton people basically told the people to go home because the race will be going on for a long time tonight. the downballot issues here in nevada, let's talk about those. this is where the red wave stopped tonight and we just heard catherine-cortez masto giving her victory speech. that was a tough race. also house races that are certainly worth looking at tonight. >> the red wave barely stopped here. with the presidential race here in nevada, it'll be very close, maybe under two points when all is said and done. jackie rozen, danny tar kinian race for joe heck's seat is within 7,000 votes now. i think you'll get one more duck from clark county for the rest of the votes. i think it'll be much closer than it seemed at the beginning of the night.
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races that are close democrats are leading and assembly. democrats will take assembly. question is, how many seats. >> what do you make of just the -- how nevada seemed to withstand the national trend? what do you think was unique about nevada that made it different? because the final exit polling, donald trump, 29% of the hispanic vote nationally! >> it wasn't quite enough in nevada. he may have gotten that much here but i think were so great, democratic votes banked and early voting by democratic machine created by harry reid and hillary clinton campaign here was just enough, and i mean just enough. looked like she was going to win the state by five or six points. she'll end up winning like i said maybe by two or 1 1/2 points. >> you said the cushion has to be 9% going into tonight? >> they needed a big cushion. they got it in clark county.
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ballot lead for the democrats. they needed every one of those or most of them at least. >> thank you, john. >> you bet. >> tricia? >> let's take a look at a little weather important for tonight because it was so clear and clean. will it last? that's the question we're going to it answer pretty quickly here. 83 today. historical weather as well. 83 is the record. we tied the record from 1950. we knew we'd be flirting with records. we actually hit this one. 59. we should be 50. we should be we've not seen those numbers. -- 70-50. we've not seen those numbers. lack at the temperature trend past many days. 70 is where we should be. this is where we've been mostly 80's. numbers are just up there. they don't lie. coming back down. that's what is going to it happen. not bitterly cold numbers. certainly, temperatures are going to drop back into the 70's. middle 70's. that's a drop we can handle. relatively clear skies. calm winds right now. that should be the trend for tomorrow. tomorrow should be another 80-plus degree day across the
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not going to end just yet but soon thereafter. you know how that works out. overnight lows around 59. looking at a mild night. that'll be the trend before we start cooling things down a little bit. even when we do, once again, not getting back to normal. remember, we're feeling octoberish. remember how warm october was? october surprise. definitely getting it now. starting to feel temperatures more mild. by some cases 10 degrees warmer than our overnight low should be on average. we don't always get the averages. when we do, impressive stuff. 81 for sunny skies. above normal conditions. not looking at big wind. always love to show you the weakened first. let's take a little gander at it. looks nice. middle to it upper 70's. might throw cloud cover. might change things. might need a jacket late at night. not early evening. not early in the afternoon. big difference. right around 70. in many areas, that'll be the afternoon high. just hit 70 as the afternoon high which means if we're normal
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60's. not seeing that. if anything, most of the day in the 70's for the most part. carries through the weekend into early next week. 80's down to the middle 70's, back up to flirting with 80 degrees again. spectacular temperatures for november. back to you guys. >> thank you,. brian. we'll be right back. >> as we head to break, here's a look at more election results
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>> check this out. canada's immigration web site crashed tonight. experts believe the election here in the u.s. role. business insider reports the site went down 7:30 our time. access has been spotty since. plenty of people and celebrities like brian cranston, amy shumer and chelsea handler joked they'd move if donald trump won. several states decided ballot issues tonight. they were almost as controversial as the presidential election. nevada was one of five states voting on marijuana legalization in some form. recreational marijuana on the
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arizona, massachusetts, maine. california voters approved it there. for medical marijuana, florida, arkansas, north dakota, montana, it passed in florida and arkansas as well as north dakota and it was leading in montana. colorado voters approved a proposition making it legal to help terminally ill patients end their own life becoming only the sixth state to pass a right to die law. >> thank you. we'll be right back with a final
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>> get aload of the seven-day forecast. i like the way looks. the hits keep coming. we'll see more of this. look at this middle to upper 70's. that's practical 80 when you're 78 degrees there. when we drop our temperatures, we only do it for a little bit. steady and warm pattern november. finished off october as the third warmest on record. we're on pace to be the warmest november on record. you can see that by the numbers. >> probably the only person who got a prediction right tonight. >> thank you. i try hard. >> news from the hillary clinton camp. john podesta told supporters to head home. he says several states are too close to call. here are his remarks. >> . >> still counting votes. every vote should count.
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we're not going to have anything more to say tonight. it's been a long night. >> here's where things stand right now. electoral map from abc news shows donald trump at 244. still out there right now. pennsylvania 20 electoral votes there. donald trump has 76,000-vote lead with 98% precincts reporting. michigan is closer right now. 16 electoral votes there. trump with 55 56,000 vote lead. trump is leading in wisconsin. minnesota will probably go to hillary clinton. not a professional on this but a lot of people made bad predictions. i'll stay out of that business, thank you. also close tonight, new hampshire, four electoral votes there. alaska has been called by some of the organizations, three electoral votes there to go into the trump stack as well as 11 electoral votes from arizona.
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count the votes tonight. still some precincts in pennsylvania and michigan to get counted up. >> tracy our assistant news director told me a.p. called it for trump. >> pennsylvania? >> pennsylvania. >> they called the race.
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we're back a little after 2:30 in the east with donald trump closing in on what would be a stunning and historic victory if he gets final electoral votes. i want to explain to the viewers rights now, we can't call the states where he's in the lead right now, cannot project a victory. i want to bring in our political director is out there. >> well, right now, we are looking at the urban areas, and the clinton campaign sees a mathematical chance, even if it's not practical to overcome the gap. in pennsylvania, it's philadelphia, allegany county is another one, numbers are not in yet, but there's a mathematical chance. harder to see, but they have


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