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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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clinton in the electoral college. but breaking right now... hillary clinton has taken the lead in the popular vote. numbers continue to roll in this morning... just minutes ago hillary clinton pulled ahead of donald trump.... she now has about a 100-thousand vote lead. but this won't change the outcome of the election. we elect presidents using the popular vote. and he's already thinking ahead... :14 i say it is time for us to come together as one united people... trump saying he wants to bring the country together... after his historic win. the 20-16 race will go down in the books as one of the most controversial and surprising elections in u-s history. trump spoke around 2 a-
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getting the magic number of 270 electoral votes... dianne gallagher has the message he wanted to get across... as president elect. "i've just received a call from secretary clinton - she congratulated us on our victory." donald trump -- celebrating victory early wednesday... trump: "and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought victory." hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta -- addressing a somber crowd of hillary clinton supporters... hillary clinton campaign) "several states are too close to call, so we're not going to have anything more to say tonight." ...after a bruising several hours for the democratic nominee on a night that shocked much of the nation. tuesday evening started off well enough for clinton as vote totals began to come in.... ...but as the evening pressed on, clinton's lead in several key states began to shrink... way to a lead for donald trump. then, several key battleground states -- considered essential
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trump -- winning ohio... ...florida... ...and north carolina... nail-biter races continued into the morning hours... ...with thin margins in pennsylvania... ... as well as new hampshire -- where the nominees were at one point separated by just 18 votes. --trump -- then pulling ahead of clinton in the democratic firewall state of wisconsin -- ultimately winning it-- ... along with key states like arizona and pennsylvania... trump -- pulling off a long shot victory to become america's 45th president. hillary clinton never spoke last night...instead, saying she will make a statement this morning. her aides say this was a shock to her team... and they needed time to digest what happened. it was obviously a tough night for her supporters. you can see people crying at her watch party in new york. the last we heard from clinton was yesterday evening when she tweeted out "whatever happens tonight...thank you for everything."
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the streets protesting a trump presidency.... you can see people setting fires in the street there.... there were also protesters outside the white house last night... things remained pretty peaceful. in portland dozens of protesters blocked streets and traffic there after news that trump had won the presidential race.... it was a similar scene outside of sacrament at u-c davis... students took to the streets late at night protesting there too... nevada bucked the national democrats actually did well here. hillary clinton carried the state. and catherine cortez masto beat republican joe heck in the race for the senate... the final numbers put cortez- masto ahead of heck by just three points... that makes her the first latina woman to become a u-s senator...and the first woman elected to the senate in nevada. she addressed supporters after last night's victory...and also thanked senator harry reid... 23:51:56 "having the opportunity to serve as your
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(speaks spanish) 23:52:09 butted with 23:46:16 "he has done so much for nevada... this is his night too." 23:46:27 during her victory speech, cortez masto said she would make immigration reform a priority in washington. some close congressional races in our city! democrat jacky rosen beat republican danny tarkanian by just over a point... in district four... democrats were also victorius...ruben kihuen beat republican cresent hardy by about 10 points. in district dina titus had no competition from republican mary perry.... beating her by a wide margin 61 to 28. nevadans also voted yes on question two, which means recreational marijuana will be
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but just because the law was passed... you can't go out an buy recreational marijuana in nevada today. there are still a lot of things lawmakers will have to sort through... like issuing licenses to dispensaries. and it's expected the recreational marijuana plant won't be available for sale until january of 2018. supporters of question 2 are excited what this can do for the state--- but others still have concerns.. :26-32 "i personally don't un drugs on the street is going to be better for any community." (butt) 17-26 shauntel ludwig, da vinci vaporizers "it'll be a commercial good so it'll benefit the entire valley to have taxes on this. it'll benefit our schools, our economy overall." the economy was a big selling point for supporters. they say millions of dollars will be raised in tax revenue that can go toward education in nevada. but those on the other side think the financial benefit was overstated to voters. overnight, we learned the measure to mandate universal
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this race took a long time to call... but just a couple hours ago... we learned 50-percent voted yes...49-percent voted no. there was a lot more on the ballot this election.....we'll bring you more results all com... and at the bottom of your screen. high pressure continues to hold over the southwest today. skies and high 7 to 12 degrees above normal will be common along with winds light and with upper 70s and lower 80s common clear through the work week. by the weekend, a weak disturbance passes north of the valley and will allow for a few clouds to pop in and out of the between 74 and 79 degrees but winds will still be mild; ranging from 5 to 15 mph. as we exit the weekend into
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:15-:20 you have people putting children to children to bed tonight and they're afraid of breakfast some tough words from c-n-n's van jones last night.... more on what he has to say about a trump presidency... while many people are celebrating a trump win this
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about what a trump presidency may mean for america. during political coverage on c-n-n last night... analyst-- and democrat-- van jones had some very strong words for our future president... it's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us...don't be a bully..dont be a bigot do your homework.... you have people putting children to bed and they're afraid of breakfast.
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a lot of people agreed with jones, but many others said he needs to support the future president. around the world this morning investors are reacting with shock to trump's victory... global stock markets are dropping. mexico's currency has tanked and u-s stocks could have a very rough open. dow futures were down more than 8- hundred points last night. after around 6 p-m...when it started to become clear hillary clinton's chances of winning were dwindling. our financial analyst steve budin--- will be in studio this morning to talk about the impact trump's win could have on the markets today. people may not have been kidding when they said they'd move to canda if trump won. the canadian government's immigration website crashed last night. experts believe the u-s election played a major role.
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online searches regarding moving to canada and becoming a canadian citizen have grown in recent months. particularly after trump won the republican presidential nomination. time now is x:xx --- recreational marijuana has passed in nevada... but it's not just in our state... it was a big night for marijuana reform across the country. taking a live look right now in new york city... this is outsie the peninsula hotel in new york where hillary we're expecting to hear from her this morning new this morning
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i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics
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i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington,
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he says quote-- "following a long and spirited election, we must now unite, celebrate the strength of our democracy, and support our new president-elect, donald j. trump." happening just about an hour ago.... russia's leader vladimir putin has congratulated donald trump and the america putin gave a statement saying he wants to restore fully fledged relations with the united states after donald trump's victory. just minutes ago...we're hearing trump had quote a very warm conversaton with president obama... that's according to his campaign manager. obama and trump are set to meet soon. while recreational marijuana passed here in nevada, it was also on the ballot in four other states... it was a big night for
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the measure passed in california...and massachusetts. in maine votes are still coming in right now. at last check with 89-percent reporting it's split down the middle... the measure was struck down in arizona...with 52-percent against. medicinal marijuana passed in florida...north dakota and arkasas pause for nats of cheering there's a new sheriff in town in maricopa county, arizona. retired phoenix police sergeant paul penzone defeated controversial incumbent joe arpaio penzone previously challenged arpaio in 20-12, but fell short. but he says voters wanted him to face arpaio a second time. (paul penzone/maricopa county sheriff-elect) "i can't tell you how many times i was approached and asked are you say never." arpaio was seeking a seventh term as sheriff. he's facing criminal contempt
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ordered to stop by a federal judge. high pressure continues to hold over the southwest today. mainly sunny skies and high 7 to 12 degrees above normal will be common along with winds light and switching directions throughout the day. temperatures will range between 78 and 84 degrees valley wide with upper 70s and lower 80s common clear through the work week. by the weekend, a weak disturbance passes north of the valley and will allow for a few city along with bringing in slightly cooler air. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies will be common with highs between 74 and 79 degrees but winds will still be mild; ranging from 5 to 15 mph. as we exit the weekend into next week, temperatures rise back to the upper 70s and lower 80s with mainly sunny skies and mild winds.
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to a home invasion near
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sleeping when two masked suspects came into his bedroom, beat him up....tied him up and then ransacked his room. the suspects ran and police are still looking for them. the victim is expected to be o-k. right now police are looking for whoever shot and killed a woman in north las vegas... police tell us the 47-year-old woman was killed near lamb and centennial late last night. two relatives were home at the time and both were detained for
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neighbors say when police arrived they were yelling at the suspect to put down the gun... this morning a young girl is recovering after she was accidentally shot at home! police say a man was in the home near pecos and las vegas boulevard when he was manipulating a small gun last night. police say it went off and hit his daughter. she is said to be in serious condition. a high school campus monitor is suspended.... after he was arrested on charges of sexual assault. 35-year-old...ati poni... also worked as a coach... at "del sol hi police say they started police say they started investigating after they received tips that he was acting inappropriately with a teenager. he's facing kidnapping and numerous sex charges nv 33-37 drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun, new information about this deadly shooting involving police in kingman, arizona authorities investigating the case have ruled the september shooting--- justified. police say they were searching for stolen property when
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when he didn't put his weapon down, officers shot and killed him. the officer who was shot is still in serious, but stable condition. new details this morning on a shooting in california... it happened right near a polling location...forcing everything to go on lockdown! i'm tracking all the moments on social media this morning.... i'll show you what's trending right now from the breaking news center... taking a look at the empire state building in ew york city... trumps the it with the words president.... we'll be right back..
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maryland parkway and horizon ridge drive in the southeast valley. r-t-c says this new route will serve about65 in our city it will make it easier for people to get ot green valley ranch hotel and casino and the district... starting tomorrow...there's a cheaper way to get a lyft in las vegas. lyft line will allow passengers to share their ride with others for a discounted price.. like a carpool. uber also has this feature and it has been up and running for a while.... high pressure continues to hold over the southwest today. mainly sunny skies and high 7
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be common along with winds light and switching directions throughout the day. temperatures will range between by the weekend, a weak disturbance passes north of the valley and will allow for a few clouds to pop in and out of the between 74 and 79 degrees but winds will still be mild; ranging from 5 to 15 mph. as we exit the weekend into next week, temperatures rise back to the upper 70s and lower 80s with mainly sunny skies and mild winds. this morning two women are recovering after being shot right near a polling station in
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been bingeing on cocaine before he opened fire. police the 45-year-old suspect started shooting at random cars and bypassers. the shooting triggered a lockdown at the polling center nearby... investigators ahve ruled out any cn election. a 77-year-old man was killed and two women were hurt in a shootout with the suspect and police. they are both in critical condition. the suspect was shot by police. take a look at this.... susan b anthonys tombstone is still covered with "i voted" stickers this morning.... this is at a cemetery in rochester new york where they have seen so many visitors leading up to the election. visiting hours were even extended so more people could stop by... election-v
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but one church in wisconsin is offering 24 election prayer to try and help people with the stress.... the church hopes to unify americans by holding services to pray for our contry's current and future leaders. the big trend of the night on twitter is donald trump's son, barron. we haven't seen too much of him but he was by his dad's side during his victory speech. he's trending -- because it was late, and he was tired. he could hardly keep his eyes moments and tweets. donald trump's twitter bio changed shortly after his speech to say-- president-elect of the united states. and just 45 minutes ago-- he sent out his first tweet since
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such a beautiful and important evening! the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. good morning las vegas... we have a lot of news coming up at five... including the latest on donald trump's big win....and how reacting... ((ad-lib)) plus parker is following
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the 45th president of the united states. he clinched the win in the
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but a major breaking development happening right now... hillary clinton has pulled ahead in the popular vote... by over 100-thousand votes... this of course won't change the outcome. our country decides elections based on the electoral college... here's a look at the electoral map... states like wisconsin, pennsylvania and florida put trump over the edge. while red dominated that map..nevada stayed blue in the race for president. it was close..but clinton pul state..48 to 46. let's get to todd and beth with more on what the campaigns are up to this morning. donald trump defiesthe odds. he will be the 45th president of the united states. it was a long wait until clinton conceded the race. our coverage turns to abc news reporter adrienne bankert, who is following the trump campaign in new york. adrienne adlibs adrienne adlibs


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