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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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their neighborhood. plus... outgoing senator harry reid not pulling any punches. what he had to say in a blistering statement about donald trump. but first...... it could be another night of protests across the country -- as people upset about the streets. in portland, oregon... they're hoping for calm-- after anarchists hijacked a demonstration last night -- and turned it into a riot. todd walker is tracking the unrest. we've been tracking feeds from across the country of anti-trump protests.. from maryland.. to california.. overall they've been peaceful.. but they spiraled out of control last night in portland.. those leading the protests say it wasn't them.. and police agree.. :30 you're sitting there
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vandalizing everything you can because you were pissed off that your candidate didn't win. it's just stupid. it needs to end." :40 chaos in portland when protests opposing donald trump turn into an all-out riot.. windows smashed.. this man.. who says he didn't support trump either.. armed with a gun as rioters target his building.. :31 this is not a peaceful protest at all :33 police forced to use tear gas.. :19 all protestors you are under arrest remain where you are until you ree orders :26 but even portland police admit.. this chaos.. is by-and-large not from anti- trump protesters.. and those protesters tried getting rioters under control.. :41 we spoke with and saw some of our folks that we built relationships with- with black lives matter. it was one of many groups in this event and they made it very clear that they were not part of that they were actually trying to get these anarchist
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good number of those folks left the march. 1:03 donald trump tweeting last night "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair." this morning he followed up changing his tone.. "love the fact that the small groups of protesters have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud!" , i'm todd walker. here at home -- another anti-trump protest is scheduled for tomorrow night. at 8 p-m protesters will march the trump hotel. earlier this week -- dozens of protesters marched down the strip to express their frustrations with president-elect trump. senate minority leader harry reid issuing a scathing statement on president-elect donald trump. it reads in part -- quote--"i have personally been on the ballot in nevada for 26 elections and i have never seen anything like the reaction to the election completed last tuesday. the election of donald trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in america.
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has a tremendous amount of work to do and he must begin immediately. u-s senator harry reid is retiring from office. senator catherine cortez masto will take his place in january. the trump transition is underway. this morning in new york -- the president elect met with his team in private. vice president-elect mike pence was tapped to take over the transition -- and sources say republican national committee chair reince preibus is now the chief of staff. sot shushannah walshe, abc news deputy political director: "number one characteristic that dt is looking for is loyalty? it's something that we saw over and over in the campaign.. and he also wants to have a personal relationship with whoever he chooses." both former new york mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie are being considered as potential attorney general candidates. we'll have much more on trump's
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live at 3-30. a clean sweep for republicans in washington has left democrats wondering what to do next. in addition to the presidency -- republicans regaining control in both the house and senate. now a number of democrats are looking to take over as chair of the democratic national committee and turn the party around. bernie sanders tweeting out "the next d-n-c chair must understand the dire need to listen to working families. keith ellison is that person." sot rick klein "this is a minnesota who represents a new generation of leaders in congress." a win for ellison could signal a significant shift for democrats. the party's left wing members arguing their progressive candidates excited voters more than political elites like hillary clinton. obscene words about donald trump are scrawled on an r-v in plain sight -- right here in
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collins looked into how it got there and why no one has cleaned it up. blur any trace of f word 15:38:04-15:38:22 this graffiti is in plain sight of a lot of people right across from a main road to leave a neighborhood over here you have to see it and it's feet away from a church take vo at 15:38:14 aloto done to change it. take sot doug degraw, lives nearby 14:55:35-14:55:42 "i'm not happy seeing it, but it's not shocking at all." 15:39:35-15:39:50 we've knocked on a lot of doors find the owner of this rv we haven't had any luck but just standing out here reporting on this we've had several people shouting at us from passing cars near maryland parkway and cactus parker collins 13 action news. these highs well above normal will subside and we will just fall into the above normal category for the weekend.
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on saturday compared to friday. we expect to top out at 76 to start the weekend and increase that number to 77 on sunday. a few overhead clouds are likely through the day saturday, more sun on sunday. overnight lows will drop into the mid 50s each morning which is still warmer than where they should be. camera. a mother and her young son desperately try to escape as they-re surrounded and attacked by a group of dogs. we'll have an update on their conditions. plus... we'll head downtown for the annual veterans day parade. how its helping veterans cope as they return from the battlefield. remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was up 40 points --
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annual las vegas veterans day parade. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston was there too -- and tells us how for some--the parade is a therapeutic experience. for this group of women-- the annual las vegas veterans day parade-- isnt just a time to honor their husbands-- is a reunion. theyve been coming to the parade together six years-- to watch their husbands march through downtown-- over 50 years after they served our country in vietna therapeutic. take sot josie dehoyos wife of vietnam war veteran 20:28:08:25 it has really helped him to get over all that he has gone through, to see his brothers again and get together marissa tag the city expected about thirty thousand people to be in downtown today for this parade. its one of the largest in thr country. mk-- 13an. and in honor of veterans day -- madame tussauds las vegas is launching the captain america wax figure over at nellis air force base. 2-hundred and 50-thousand
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this weekends air show. they'll have the opportunity to take some selfies with captain america as they enjoy the exciting performances celebrating "75 years of airpower." 40-thousand people from around the world will be in las vegas this weekend for the highly anticipated rock n roll marathon. there will be a number of road closures on the strip... and in downtown las vegas on sunday -- that will have an impact on motorists and bus riders. you can find a complete list of closures and website at k- t-n-v dot com. a mother fighting to survive.... after a pair of dogs begin attacking her and her young son. how she put herself in harms way to protect the 2-year-old. plus... paddled in school? why a teenager received such an extrme punishment for not standing. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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video is graphic. you can see the woman pick up the 2- year-old as the dogs begin to surround him. she races to the front door and tries to get back inside -- and that's when things get worse. the dogs begin biting the woman's arms as she protects her son. a neighbor comes to help -- but the dogs won't stop. times -- even pulling him by his hair "big laceration on his face and his leg. luckily, i think he's going to be okay and we're just praying he doesn't get any infections." butt with "the people that did help, i really appreciate them and very thankful they were there. otherwise my son and my wife might not be here today." the little boy is recovering in the hospital -- where he will have to have plastic surgery. the dogs are under quarantine by animal control. the family says they plan to
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pledge-v a high school student is texas got a controversial punishment for not standing for the pledge of allegiance. she was sent to the principals office and paddled. :20 "we are supposed to be one nation under god and that is not what we are right now so i don't feel like that is what i want to represent," in texas -- school districts are required by law to have a pledge of allegiance every school day. last week a substitute teacher took offense that carrie didn't stand for the pledge -- so she but carrie says that was'nt justified. according to the student code of conduct -- a student isn't required to stand during the pledge of allegiance. the school says carrie was being disruptive -- and they do punish students for that. a hazmat scare in minnesota after a union pacific train derails -- about 80 miles south of minneapolis. at least one car was carrying propane -- so a hazardous materials team was called in. people living near the crash
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fortunately -- no one was injured. investigators are now trying determine what caused the train to crash. one person is injured after a china southern airlines flight collides with a tow truck at l-a-x. police say the plane crashed into the truck on the tarmac. an employee was treated for minor injuries. the crash remains under investigation. here at home -- one person is dead after this crash near sahara and valley view. we're told one of the drivers another car. the person who had the heart attack died. no word on any other injuries. a water main break causing a big mess at a major intersection near the strip. the line broke early this morning -- sending water pouring down the road -- near paradise and desert inn. it took crews several hours to fix the break. they think it all started from an old pipe that burst. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield.
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will subside and we will just fall into the above normal category for the weekend. highs will drop a few degrees on saturday compared to friday. we expect to top out at 76 to start the weekend and increase that number to 77 on sunday. a few overhead clouds are likely through the day saturday, more sun on sunday. overnight lows will drop into the mid 50s each morning which is still warmer
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to start off the week highs will approach 80 for monday with nothing but sunshine across southern nevada. winds will pick up on wednesday to the windy category but those winds will bring in bigger changes to the forecast. we will drop those temperatures back to near 70 on wednesday with partly sunny skies. overnight into thursday expect some cold conditions in the
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highs will even be cooler into thursday afternoon. rain as of now is slight, but there is a chance we pick up a light shower in spots. a federal judge told amazon how it will reimburse parents for unathorized purchases in-app purchases for video games. the f-t-c had accused amazon of making it too easy to use its app to make in-game purchases... adding up to 86-million dollars in unauthorized charges. amazon must now set up a process early next year -- to alert parents if they're eligible for refunds.. g-mail is now letting you "un- send" any embarrassing accidental emails. there's now an "undo button" on the g-mail i-o-s app.
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five seconds after the email is sent. and unlike the desktop version -- you can't set it to longer times like up to 30 seconds. . new balance is having to do damage control after comments from one of the company's vice presidents. he said things would move in the right direction with trump in the white house. customers then reacting -- posting videos of themselves burning new balance sneakers on social media. new balance says the statement was referring to the - and at grub hub... the c-e-o sent out an email to the whole company saying employees who support trump's ideas should resign -- and trump's views have no place at grubhub... the c-e-o later clarified saying he will not tolerate discriminatory or hateful commentary in the workplace. next -- the latest on that missing mother of two... last seen jogging over a week ago near her california home.
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detector test. what it reveals... you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first.
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authorities now say her husband is not a suspect after new developments in the investigation. a-b-c's lauren lyster has more on that -- and where the search goes from here this california mother of two -- going missing near her home more than a week ago and now -- husband as a suspect... keith papini/husband you'd never think you'd be in a position like this.//it is very difficult for me and for my family. i would never wish this feeling upon anybody... police clearing 32-year-old keith papini after he passed a polygraph test...though these tests can not be used as evidence in court. dan abrams, abc news legal analyst sot: "they're reliable...they're not quite reliable enough to make it admissable in court but it wasn't just the lie detector test here" police were also
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at work when his wife sherri papini disappeared november 2nd...last seen jogging on this rural road in redding. keith says he reported his wife missing when she didn't pick their children up from daycare...and he used the "find my phone" app to locate her cell phone -- found on the side of the street. tom bosenko, shasta county sheriff: sot: "investigators are pouring thorugh data as you can imagine in today's modern smartphones, there can be a lot of data to look at" keith says his wife's headphones were still attached, entangled with strands of hair. tag: the sheriff says a secret witness program is offering a 50- thousand dollar rewardto help find the missing woman...and that the search does become more difficult as time goes on. ll abc news los angeles right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including as anger over the election results continues to spill out into the streets -- donald trump is busy transitioning to the white house -- who he has
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plus -- terror at a high school in california. how some quick thinking students may have prevented a tragedy.
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revealing. plus... panic in california after two students are arrested with explosive materials at school. what they were planning. but first... with two months until his inauguration -- donald trump and his team are planning a transition to the presidency. and a major part of that plan will be who trump picks for his cabinet and other key positions. a-b-c's marci gonzalez has the behind closed doors here at trump tower in new york - president-elect donald trump working on transition plans?deciding who will fill - hundreds of jobs in his administration including key cabinet positions. sot shushannah walshe, abc news deputy political director: "number one characteristic that dt is looking for is loyalty? it's something that we saw over and over in the campaign.. by vice-president elect mike pence?replacing chris christie?


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