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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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saeidi is digging into this tonight.. and mahsa.. as a former nyc prosecutor.. you have an idea how these decisions are made. young ada's sometimes have to juggle several hundred cases. this decision allows them to focus on the most serious ones... the drug dealers ... violent criminals...domestic abusers... maybe it's the location that we picked...plenty of people with the da. freemont street ... on a tuesday night! a feast your ears! (nat pop drums) 1 second (track) but ... for your nose... (sot) (you smell people smoking weed?) yes that's exactly it, yes (butted) (sot) it's coming from everywhere. (track) no shortage of voters here ... supportive of question 2! (sot) people having the liberty to do what they want to do. (butted) (sot) you're looking for some marijuana tonight? yes. (butted) (sot) i think that we gotta let loose on some things. it only makes possession ....of up to an ounce of
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effect january first - (sot) this is a dime bag. (track) the good news for this guy - (sot) i'll probably get like two, two good blunts out of this. (butted) (sot)(face on cam) yesterday this would be a he's holding off on prosecuting these cases a month and a half in advance. even to the non smokers... (sot) a plus for nevada? i'd say yes. (track) but over 45% of nevada voted no to question two. you think possession could lead to actual use in public. yes (butted) (sot) as someone who is not smoking i find it a little tough to walk around freely. (butted) (sot) my job i can't have it in my system at all. (butted) (sot)(cover with freemont vo) i can't take that risk that we had to leave the area and we couldn't enjoy what we came out here to enjoy. "we don't where she got the cubs from.
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lots of questions remain.... around the arrest of a woman with -3- tigers.... at a pahrump home! 13 action news reporter.... bryan callahan spoke with an expert.... about the dangers of keeping big cats.... in your backyard! bryan... the lion habitat ranch works hard to make sure there standards. you can see in the distance the tall enclosures that keepthe lions safe inside.... but deputies say the tigers found in parhump were being contained by a fence not much taller than this one. "at that age they are easy. the problem is they grow ten to twelve pounds a month, so real quick they are out of your range." keith evans has 47 years experience with big cats... he has 38 lions on property at
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and has been following the arrest of trisha meyer closely. "this is what hurts our industry." nye county deputies say meyer had three tigers and eight monkey's on a pahrump property.... when she was arrested. investigators say a four foot fence was all that kept the tigers contained... a vast contrast to the enclosures that protect the lions and visitors at the lion habitat. "we've known for almost 15 years i believe that cats can jump 13 feet. so we are three feet over it plus the kickbacks." what is is the fact there were no permits for the animals in nye county and the fact the tigers appear to be cubs with no mother around. "somebody is breeding these tigers and she is getting her hands on them." evans says meyer tried to move into vegas... before settling in pahrump. "the people that were renting the house reached out to me and said 'do you know this woman?' and i said yeah, walk away." evans says he contacted animal ontrol after getting that tip.
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disclosing their location but say they remain in nye county animal control custody. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. breaking right now--swat has been called in after shots were fired at an apartmemt complex on south maryland parkway between east hacienda and rawhide. metro police say a woman--who is believed to have fired the shots is inside one of the units but wont come out. we have a crew on the way and we get them it's been unseasonably warm lately.. but that's about to change. a cool down is coming.. along with some strong winds. this is a look at what you'll be up against tomorrow. 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking when we'll feel the change. a wind advisory has been issued for clark county. in effect from 10am tomorrow to 1am thursday. a large, strong storm system will push through the region and bring strong winds and a big cool-down to the area. while temps will still run warm tomorrow in the mid 70s, we
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as the system moves in. also, expect windy conditions by the afternoon with peak gusts between 40-45 mph. suspect police need help tonight finding a man accused of violently attacking a woman at a downtown las vegas hotel. pictures beat the victim in a stairwell at the el cortez. it happened about a month ago.. but police just gave us these pictures. if you recognize him.. call metro right away. the new york police department is planning to beef up security..... for "the macy's thanksgiving day parade"..... after "isis" called it.... an excellent target!!! authorities say... "isis" published a picture of the new york parade.... calling on its followers..... to use speeding vehicles..... to attack outdoor events....
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-86- people this summer.... in france police say.... they plan..... to station trucks and concrete barriers..... all around the parade... over -3- million people are expected... to attend. new at 11.. some local parents say they're fed up with things like this- vulgar images and words plastered all over a playground.. and it's so bad.. we can't show it on tv. 13 action news reporter gina lazara went out to the park at hollywood and sahara to get answers. gina look live intro: "i'm underneath the slide at the park...basicall place for kids away from these dirty words and pictures but you can see one quick step up and it's covered in vulgarity" nats: "right here..." natalie ellsworth... nats: "if you look it's everywhere even right there" doesn't need to look hard.... nats: "i could probably find 10 more" to find inappropriate words and pictures plastured on her kids' favorite playground. nats: "it's outta control" natalie says she brings her kids here twice a week.... she finds it. natalie ellsworth "if its not here, it will be somewhere else, on a pole, a slide, every
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else" i watched crystal caracciolo get her first look at the lewdness. crystal caracciolo "that's really nice.....nice" now she has no desire to bring her grandaughter back to this park if these are the things that are happening. crystal caracciolo "these young people they have nothing better going on" the young people are the exact ones natalie says are causing the trouble. natalie ellsworth "unfortunately i've seen it with my own eyes the middle schoolers with sharpies" and each tim natalie ellsworth "it will be here for weeks....months" when it finally gets cleaned up... sometimes it's scrubbed away. other times.... nats: "pretty surethis is paint over stuff" but even that doesn't stop 'em. nats: "and then they've scratched the f word into the paint" gina look live tag: "i reached out to the park managers and the county and they both tell me they were completely unaware of this chronic issue parents are reporting....but they both did say they will take action immediately. reporting at the hollywood recreation center gina lazara 13 action news some well known locals are
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president-elect donald trump. trump's transition team announced today that gaming billionaires sheldon adelson and his wife.. and steve wynn.. are part of the committee. the committee is responsible for planning.. and paying for the activities surrounding trump's inauguration in january. president-elect..... donald trump has been meeting with his transition team today.... to decide.... who will fill key jobs.... in his administration!!! one of trump's top advisors.... on national security.... former rogers... abruptly resigned.... from the transition team... with some saying.... he was pushed out. and.... doctor ben carson says.... he will not be accepting.... a cabinet position.... citing that he doesn't have... the experience. an interesting thing to say.... since he ran.... for president. democrats are continuing to pound the president-elect over his choice for chief strategist. stephen bannon is the former chairman of breitbart news.. and critics say it has a history of anti-semitic and racist content. sot-warren "people didn't vote for trump so that he could bring a white supremacist into
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rescind it. don't do it. the trump transition team has had no comment on calls for bannon's appointment to be rescinded. a retiring california senator is working.... to put an end.... to the electoral college. barbara boxer introduced the new bill today..... calling "the electoral college".... an outdated and un-democratic system. it would be extremely difficult for a bill.... like this to pass.... it needs.... a two-thirds vote.... by the hus and... the approval of at least... -38- states. new information tonight about a shocking attack at the ohio state univeristy during an anti-trump rally 0-05 "you don't have to compromise... hey homeboy." this happened last night. friends and family say the attacker is a 24-year-old student who has asperger's syndrome.. which is a form of autism. they say he has challenges processing situations and stimuli. that man is free on bond
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efforts to bring the oakland raiders to las vegas are a few yards closer to the goal line tonight. the clark county commission approved an increase in the hotel room tax today to help pay for the 1.9 billion dollar nfl stadium. commissioner chris giunchigliani was the only commissioner who voted against the room tax hike. she expressed concerns the state legislature was forcing clark county to approve the plan. commissioners also approved a sales tax increase to put more that revenue will cover the cost of another 300 officers to protect the valley.. including the las vegas strip. the increase takes effect next april. tonight... darcy spears is tackling... a whole new layer of dirty!!! 34:21 darcy stand-up tease: dirty dining is heading to a strip mall anchored by a strip about ever eating out again? join me, coming up... plus.. check out these wild videos.
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the other - bold crooks going to extremes.. and wait until you find out what they were targeting. new at 11 tonight..
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at one point.. the clerk tries to stop them from entering the dollar general store but he's quickly overpowered as they storm inside.. then run out with some speakers. they're even seen chucking grocery baskets at the clerk's head. take a look.... at this heart- stopping video out of florida... the video shows... a baby rolling off a changing table... but... incredibly his older brother runs and catches him...
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she turned her back for a moment..... to deal with the rest of her -5- children.... when it happened. you're about to see why the word 'dirty' is in 'dirty dining.' this week's report even explains why many people believe roaches could someday inherit the earth. and.. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears even has a picture that could make you think twice before you ever visit another restaurant. our dirty dining journey begins at thai street cafe on industrial and desert inn. with 39 demerits, custom here--like in the health district's picture. 29:46 darcy: where's your c grade? it used to be posted up there but now it's gone. chef aminy norchan: yeah, i don't know where she put. darcy: you know it has to be posted in full public view? chef: yeah, i know that. 30:00 darcy: your customers need to know what they're getting into. chef: yes. inspectors found expired food in their fridge, including rice, pot stickers, chicken satay, pork rib and thai dumplings. lots of other food was in the
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electrical outage. there were small flies throughout the facility. and a camping cot in the dry storage area. 28:46 chef: um, that for... is... the owner. is not for us. darcy: the owner sleeps back there? chef: before, but now he is not here. he go somewhere. he not here long time like one month already. chef aminy norchan says inspectors came on her day off, which is why so much went wrong. 27:40 darcy: you know the kitchen was pretty dirty and there was like it hadn't been cleaned in a long time. aminy norchan: yeah, but now, it's good now. darcy: it's good when you're here? chef: yeah. darcy: is it bad when you're not here? chef: yes. but this ty of grease and old food debris doesn't happen in a day. in fact, inspectors note thai street cafe has not been able to stay in compliance with dining repeat offenders. at sushi 21 on tropicana and decatur, this picture is enough
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over equipment and the prep table, garnished with a dead cockroach. a multi-generational cockroach infestation closed this repeat offender's doors. sushi 21's own pest control reports document a "severe roach population." kitchen wares and food contact surfaces were dirty, greasy and unsanitary. the floor under equipment had clearly not been cleaned in who knows how long. it looks like someone vomited on the floor in this picture the inside of the ice machine. /nat/ tacos y tortas el panzon on sunset near sandhill is another repeat offender. they were shut down for no hot water. but inspectors also found a dead roach, dirty shelves, walls and ceilings, and a strong odor coming from the employee restroom. /nat/ honey pig korean bbq on spring mountain and decatur is making it's third dirty dining appearance. the were shut down for failing re- inspection from a previous
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maryland parkway and flamingo was shut down for a rodent infestation. inspectors found food offered for sale was contaminated with rodent droppings and had been chewed through. the rodents food of choice seems to be noodles and for dessert, cookies. darcy tag: thai street cafe still has a c, but they say the owner is focused on fixing violations and getting ready for re-inspection. all the other places have re-opened with a grades. darcy spears, 13 action news. now... to a story.. "you asked us.... to investigate". a las vegas couple is fighting back..... after their car was damaged..... by a stray golf ball... and... they say... the golfer refuses.... to pay up!!! it happened..... while michael poelmans ( pole-mins ) was driving..... out of rhodes ranch. when he passed the golf course.... he says.... a ball hit the windshield. initially... the golfer offered.... to pay for the damages.... but later... changed his tune. 01.16.13 what if it was a dog? what if it was a child? what if it was you, my husband, any other resident? 28 if something
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we called.... a local attorney about this case. he said... the golfer is responsible... but.... there are some assumed risks of living and driving.... near a golf course. a contact -13- consumer alert..... to help make sure.... your stuff.... doesn't get lost!!! delta airlines is launching.... new technology.... that lets you... track your luggage! this baggage tag.... looks normal.. but inside... there's a computer chip. it carries..... your bag information..... and sends.... a radio signal... passengers.... to track their bags.... on an app.... on their phone. a long-standing holiday tradition is once again adding to the glow over the las vegas valley. a special ceremony was held tonight at ethel-m's chocolates in henderson to illuminate the cactus garden with hundreds of thousands of holiday lights. there was even a student choir on hand to get everyone in the holiday spirit with some christmas caroles. a wind advisory has been issued for clark county.
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a large, strong storm system will push through the region and bring strong winds and a big cool-down to the area. while temps will still run warm tomorrow in the mid 70s, we will see a push of cloud cover as the system moves in. also, expect windy conditions by the afternoon with peak gusts between 40-45 mph. the cold front will push in 40-45 mph. the cold front will push in overnight and drop high temps to the 60 degree mark on progresses. east by friday, temps will stay a bit below normal in the low to mid 60s. expect sunny skies in friday. high pressure will warm the area back up to the upper 60s and low 70s for the weekend and the start to next workweek. however, another system will start to approach the area sunday night. we will see a push of clouds on sunday and monday, and at this point it looks like we could have a slight shot at rain on monday. the system moves east by tuesday.
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an alleged what the officer does next--has people praising him on social media. a utah community is trying to
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went on a stabbing spree.... at his high school. police say.... he stabbed.... -5- students.... inside the boys' locker room..... as they were getting ready..... for p-e class he then.... used the knife.... to stab himself.... in the throat. everyone was taken to the hospital.... with injuries.... ranging from fair to critical.
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tries to stop an alleged shoplifter. take a look at what happened when the woman and two others tried to get away. 48-106 "don't you do it, don't you do it.... get out of the car, get out of the car. the officer fired several shots but no one was hurt. the three drove away.. but they were arrested a short time later. a woman is suing a clothing boutique.... after she says..... an unwanted guest came along.... with her dress! you won't believe what she claims she found sewn into her garment.
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another hearing has been set for december 2nd to hear testimony from his former attorneys.. and possibly his mother. now that voters have approved recreational marijuana in nevada.. efforts are being launched to
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which now plans to double the size of its dispensary. for years.. the paiute smoke shop has helped the tribe make money.. and they hope to boost their revenue even more with marijuana sales. the dispensary is set to open january 1st. a new york woman is suing.... a clothing company..... after she says.... she found a rodent.... sewn into her dress! she says... she bought it.... from "the zara store".... in connecticut. but... it wasn't until she wore it.... to work.. that she noticed a strange smell and the leg of a dead ro at the hem of her dress. she says.... she later developed a rash.... from a rodent-borne disease. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after 13 action news. ((verbatim)) if you've been have eagerly
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waiting for nike to release its self-lacing sneakers.. your wait is almost over.. but be prepared for sticker shock. the hyper-adapt 1.0 shoes will be selling for a whopping 720- dollars. the sneakers will be available that does it.... for this edition of 13 action news... live at 11. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next.. and remember... we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com... and... on the k-t-n-v mobile app. and from all of us at channel
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news


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