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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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for the second time.... in as many weeks.. deputies have removed exotic cats.... from a pahrump home. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live near the home with a look at what they found this time. bryan. and we've been out here for about two hours, and we first got here you could actually hear what sounded like big cats growling. deputies say we originally called to the home after a report of exotic animals living in unacceptable con exotic cats locked in bedrooms where they had been... describing the air quality as horrific. investigator say the owners did have a permit to have the exotic cats but they seized all of the animals on the properties because of the conditions at the home as well as the fact that they had a fennec fox which is against state law in all deputies say they seized to lionesses and african lion.... a bengal tiger...
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a cereval caracal hybrid. deputies say the two owners of the animals are currently in a legal dispute, it's only one of them was cited for animal cruelty. they plan to continue their investigation and are working to place the cats with an approved sanctuary. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. 13 action news also located the cubs that were seized in the other case out of pahrump. nye county sheriff's deputies county arrested trisha meyer old cubs.. along with some monkeys inside a home. breaking right now--hundreds of customers in henderson without power right now. the outage affects nearly 18-hundred customers near the area of e burkholder boulevard and north major avenue. it was reported just before 10 on n-v energy's website. it was caused by and equipment problem. crews are working to restore it--and hope to have it back up by 12-45. only on....
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son..... hours after police release dramatic body cam video. "that's cops shooting at him, just for what? for what! because he's driving by?!" the video puts you in the squad car..... as metro officers... open fire! they were shooting at.... daniel prichard.... who they say..... was driving a car.... right at them! 13 action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi is live..... to break down.... how this traffic stop turned violent. mahsa? tricia steve - "zoom .. bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! body cam video shows police firing 10 shots ... as the driver they're trying to
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man .... daniel prichard... is in custody - but miraculously - completely unharmed. "i"ve had him since he was 9 months old and..." "he would never try to run a person down with his car." the 18-year-olds dad speaking only to 13 action news. we showed him video ...of monday's confrontation for the first time! "no way. that is totally uncalled for." one set of images... but tonight .. two completely different versus metro's top brass. "prichard narrowly missed hitting officer hinkley. "to get out of the car and shoot like that, for what? look at that!" the issue: was he trying to get away? or charging right at police! slowing the video down .. the moment the car accelerates rooomm....bang bang! bang! three shots as it comes towards the officer! multiple shots ... bang bang bang bang! as it speeds away! of course even video doesn't show everything.
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"the vehicle tried to run over my partner." what the officers were thinking and feeling in the moment. now a father is praying ... his worst nightmare doesn't come true. "he'll get put in prison, get a felony, and his life be washed away, and him not even have a chance at life." an update.... one person is dead.... after this two-vehicle crash... an update.... to some breaking news... one person is dead.... after this two-vehicle crash... at flamingo and torrey pines. roads shut down for hours.... while authorities investigated. tonight... we're hearing from a witness..... who descibes seeing people.... running from the scene. 02:51:03-03:01:25 i just heard a big boom so i slowly looked and the next thing you know, a couple of guys are runninng out of the truck,...sad thing." police haven't released details....
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i was just paralyzed-in a sense i couldn't take life anymore." a young man's world....turned upside down after his mother is hit and killed while crossing the street. and now the unlv graduate student may be forced to sell his house and drop out of school--just to make ends meet. christopher king explains how the community is trying to help him. vivian valentine..was crossing the street right here..when a pickup truck ran her over. and now..her forced to face the agony..of losing his mom..having to take care of his disabled grandmother..while facing the dismal possbility of losing his home. it's heartbreaking-i don't know how i'm going to deal with this." alex valentine..chokes
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on without his mom. "just heartbroken-just grief-pain." on monday afternoon..alex..was thrust..into the depths of despair. a pickup truck..struck and killed his mom..vivian she crossed las vegas boulevard. "i was by myself -inside my house- having to hear from the hospital that my mother passed away-by a truck slamming into her." vivian..and her husband..also named alexander..immigrated to the us in escape the romanian dictatorship. she eventually..became a "one of my best friends-if not my best friend." alex says..his mom was a kind and generous woman. "she was charitable-she cared about every living soul-she enjoyed life." vivian..took care of her disabled..97-year-old mother-in- law..paulina..and was the sole bread- winner..after her husband died a decade ago.
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of my family, for my grandmother and, of course, for me." a 23-year-old grad unlv..and barely has a cent to his name. vivian..did not leave a will..or life insurance. alex fears..he'll be forced to do the unthinkable..just to survive. "i have to sell my house-she loved this house, she wanted to keep it." alex has no other family members here in the u-s. they're all back in romania. friends and neighbors have set up a go-fund-me account. you can find that by going to our story. live at las vegas boulevard, ck, 13 action news. also new tonight.. some middle school parents are upset after a teacher sent home a controversial letter without clearing it with administration. in it.. the keller middle school teacher talks about his fears under a trump presidency.. and how it may affect him and his students. ccsd says the teacher has been dealt with.. and an apology letter will go home with students tomorrow.
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that was the scene last night.... at "m-and-m auto body". they threw out our reporter..... when he tried to ask.... about a claim of a car mix-up. a woman reached out..... saying she brought in her volkswagen.... to get work done. but claims... the shop.... lent out her car.... to a complete stranger. tonight... the garage owner is apologing for the way he reacted... and insists... he never lent out.... the woman's car. i don't have loaner cars b let alone customers cars-that's not something we practice in." mark guy says... he runs.... a legitimate business. a lot of people found themselves scrambling to find a coat or sweater tonight as temperatures across southern nevada keep heading down. but where will they finally bottom out. 13-first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking the temps right now in the weather center. bryan. this just in-- police searching
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the campus of southern university in baton rouge. the campus is on lockdown and students have been told to shelter in place. an e-m-s spokesperson said the 19 year old man was shot near the libary. he's in critical condition at a
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for u-n- l-v students..... after someone..... may have attacked a girl.... on campus. police say... last tuesday... someone grabbed her....and punched her.... before she got away. police are reminding students to stay safe... and to use.... the emergency phones around campus. disturbing new details..... about a man accused of luring children to his apartment.... with candy..... then molesting them!!! in one case... a victim says.... jose azucena tied her up..... and taped her mouth shut..... before sexually assaulting her. other victims told police... pornographic videos and threatened to harm them.... if they told anyone. azucena is facing several charges including... kidnapping and sexual assault. a lot of new job opportunities are on the way to southern nevada tonight involving both amazon.. and jessica alba's beauty company. a new fulfillment center is now in the works along with a large warehouse and distribution center for the 'honest company.' the deal hasn't been finalized.. but it's now just a matter of
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joined..... the clark county d- a..... in deciding.... not to prosecute..... minor cases of marijuana posession. the clark county d-a's office..... took the action.... earlier this week..... after nevadans voted.... in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. however... authorities in washoe county say.... they will continue.... to enforce the current law.... until it changes... on january -1-st. a las vegas judge is accused of being a bully.... in her courtroom! can i please see my mom? jh you already saw her. she just left. child you don't understand. why a mother says... her heartless actions... have torn apart... her family. and shocking video..shows elementary school students throwing each other to the ground and fighting. and you won't believe who they said... forced them to do it. chicago police are
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elementary school students.. and they claim an adult supervisor forced them to do it. 00-09 "y'all better...wait a minute, hold on. y'all can't be hitting each other in the face.. didn't she say she wanted a clean fight in the first place." throughout the three minute video.. an adult is heard egging the boys on.. and even ordering them to fight. school off involved was not an employee.. and is no longer supervising after-school activities. parents are hoping she will ultimately face charges. bully on the bench!!! that's what a district court judge is being called..... after a controversial video surfaces..... from family court. contact 13's.... darcy spears investigates... the disturbing way.... a mom says... ripped her family apart. darcy 10 pack the heart-wrenching reality is the young girl just wants to stay
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but in this shocking video we get an inside look into clark county family court that few see and fewer will believe. /nats from cell phone video/ the carefree days of swinging from a trapeze in her mother's studio are mostly a thing of the past for this young ballerina. /nat putting cd in player/ for three years since divorce, mother and daughter danced together. /music nat/ now... /music nat/ ... the mother is forced to dance alone. :30 welthy: my daughter was not listened to, her voice was not heard. she wasju appallingly by rena hughes. and no child should ever suffer that. video 3 :05 judge hughes if you have any difficulties, ...will go to child haven. : 17 judge it's not fun in child haven. in fact they put you in a holding cell. just like it would be jail. that's judge rena hughes, threatening a 12-year-old after drastically changing her world. taking primary custody away from her mother, and giving sole custody to her father instead.
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she just left. child you don't understand. i love her. and i'm gonna miss her so much. please don't do this to me. 8:32 darcy she's falling apart in tears, begging the judge for you, to be with you, even just to see you, to say goodbye. and the judge is bullying her. welthy she's such a bully. she's horrible. :30 welthy my daughter was not listened to, her voice was not heard. in this june hearing, judge jeff stempel 3:54 this is kind of reminiscent of those situations that give people pause when a police officer's camera mysteriously stops during a crucial part of an arrest where something goes wrong. jeff stempel is a professor of judicial ethics at unlv's boyd school of law. he says it's unusual for a judge to talk to a child alone. jeff stempel 2:49 the one-sided representation and the exclusion of the mother--that i think almost everybody would
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watch what happened in the courtroom when the girl's mother wasn't allowed back in. child i beg of you! jh you don't need to beg. i've made a decision for your best interest. child how would you know my best interest? you don't know me! jh because i told you, i'm a grown up and you're a child. we reached out to the girl's father who refused to talk about the case. but he did post this comment on you tube under the court video, writing "i'm not happy about this situation and the way the judge handled this matter..." sealed soon after the video was leaked. 1:42 prof. stempel which is also unusual and out of the ordinary. i don't seem to see any jusification for it. and welthy sees no justification for the court to put her daughter through such distress, her pleas seeming to fall on deaf ears. 2:00 court video: i want to be with my momma. please! i don't want to be with him. darcy tag 10pack judge rena hughes declined to comment, but
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custody cases can be highly contentious and everyone has a right to appeal. the full statement is on ktnv dot com. darcy spears. 13 action news. other moms..... whose cases have gone before.... judge hughes tell contact 13.... this isn't.... an isolated incident. darcy shares one of their stories.... tomorrow.... on action news... live at -6-. old man winter is giving people in 9 states a serious wake-up call ton produce the first blizzard for millions of people tonight and tomorrow.. from utah to minnesota. in denver.. chains are now mandatory.. and the bad weather is blamed for one person being killed in a traffic pile- up. friday will be off to a cold start across all locations of southern nevada and northern arizona. in las vegas the overnight low, or morning temperature will be
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to warm up the temperature to 64 in the afternoon, still a few degrees shy of the normal. winds will be light. a freeze warning is in place for western clark and southern nye county (including pahrump). also for central mojave county (including kingman). because morning lows will be so chilly, idea! pipes, pets, plants and people! any exposed outdoor pipes should be wrapped and insulated. outdoor potted plants and pets should be brought inside for warmth. in las vegas we are not going to freeze but elevations above 3,500 feet could and the outlying typical cold areas might by friday morning. by the weekend, high pressure will take over again and mainly sunny skies and light monday may bring a small chance
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our temperatures in the mid 60s. up next.. a frightening case of road rage you need to see to believe. of me trying to kill me on the road... find out.... why that woman.... was understandably freaked-out.. and.... the incredible way.... the other driver.... ended up... getting caught. we'll be.... right back. right now-- we're following
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fire at a child's party. the front porch of this home in dyersburg was decorated for a two year's old birthday. the child's mother is dead and six others wounded including a six-year-old. dyersburg is 80 miles
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tonight... chilling 9-1-1 calls.... out of scotsdale, arizona... where a woman says.... she was being followed by a man.... who kept smashing into her car. oh my god! a guy's hitting into the back of me trying to kill me on the road...he's flipping me off "he's right behind me, hitting me... "did he hit your car?" "yes. twice" she says... she had never seen the man before.. and... he followed her.... for nearly half an hour. stopped..... after crashing and hitting a patrol car. he's facing multiple charges..... including.... driving under the influence chicago cubs' kris bryant is riding high after winning the world series. and tonight... he has another big win....
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and now.. they even have a nickname- ghost guns. experts say it starts with this.. a receiver that holds most of of the gun together. it doesn't have a serial number and requires no background check because it's assembled by an individual.. and experts say all the parts are available on the internet.
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enforce. if you're a fan of the hit show 'how to get away with murder'.. you were probably blown away by tonight's shocking winter finale. don't worry.. we won't give away any spoilers. but viola davis is opening up to 13 action news about how her role as analise keating has changed over the seasons. "i'm just having fun... the best way to act. 04:50-4:56 "she's a lot of things.. for while." how to get away with murder will return in january.
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luckiest guy on the planet." and... his year is getting... even better! today... las vegas native and chicago cubs slugger.. kris bryant was named.... the national league... m-v-p. bryant graduated from bonanza high school where students series title earlier this month. bryant is the second las vegas baseball standout to win the national league mvp in two years.. following bryce harper last year. that does it.... for this edition of 13 action news.... live at 11. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next.. and remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com.. and... on the k-t-n-v mobile app. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching..
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- billy crystal. from "how to get away with murder," alfred enoch. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from jeezy featuring french montana. now, stay right where you are. here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of this ho show. thanks for watching.


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