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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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police have alcohol breathalyzers to test suspected drunk drivers. but what if someone is suspected of driving stoned? we'll take a look at a new device that could soon make that a whole lot easier. but first... donald trump's white house team is starting to come together... with three new positions filled today alone. but he's also having to deal with some lingering disputes. abc's maggie rulli has the latest from washington. th of announcements from team trump pence: "the president elect is a man of action alabama senator jeff sessions and representative micheal pompeo of kansas to director of the cia. but the announcements also
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sessions - donald trump's first cabinet pick - could face a challenging confirmation in the senate in 1986 he was blocked from becoming a district judge over racially charged comments. the aclu and the naacp have already criticized the pick. flynn - is questioned by some for his relationship with russia. as well as comments from his book field of fight? where he wrote "i don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent" matt dowd this is a guy that's unfiltered and very much in the mold of donald another name being tossed around? former rival mitt romney. the two will be meeting this weekend in an attempt to mend fences? after sharing some heated words in the past trump: mitt romney - the guy is a donald trump is a phony, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university and trump university is back in the headlines... the president settled a lawsuit today that alleged trump u was
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maggie rulli close "we're told trump does not admit to doing anything wrong? but under the settlement he will pay 25 million dollars to more than 600 students of the university. maggie rulli abc news washington." a u-s marshal has been killed while trying to make an arrest in georgia. 53-year-old patrick carothers was part of a team looking to take dontrell carter into custody. he was wanted for attempted murder of police officers and domestic violence in south carolina. when officers entered his home the suspect was also hit and died at the hospital. a 26-year veteran of the force -- carothers leaves behind a wife and 5 children. a federal appeals court is blocking the release of "making a murderer''s" -- brendan dassey. he was set to be released today -- after his two-thousand-seven murder conviction was overturned. wisconsin's attorney general is appealing the ruling. in two-thousand-five -- when dassey was just 16 years old -- he confessed to authorities
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photographer teresa halbach. the case was chronicled in the 10-part netflix series "making a murderer." new information this afternoon... federal investigations found that the cincinnati zoo's barrier failed to meet safety standards when harambe -- a 17-year old gorilla was killed back in may. harambe was shot -- after grabbing a 3-year-old boy who made his way underneath the barrier -- and fell nearly 15 moments later -- security officers were forced to shoot and kill harambe to save the toddler's life. the cincinatti zoo has since re- designed the gorilla enclosure. chicago police are investigating this video -- of a fight involving elementary school students. and they claim an adult supervisor forced them to do it. 00-09 "y'all better...wait a minute, hold on. y'all can't be hitting each other in the face.. didn't she say she wanted a clean fight in the first
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video -- an adult is heard egging the boys on --and even ordering them to fight. school officials say the person involved was not an employee -- and is no longer supervising after- school activities. parents are hoping she will ultimately face charges. a texas high school is being scrutinized after students yelled racially charged comments to an opposing school's volleyball team. (jenna aguilar, volleyball player) "when they were saying build that wall and holding the trump sign up, we kw for us." this all happened as the teams warmed up for a playoff matchup. after hearing the offensive chants -- the coach called her team together. (melissa saldana, coach) "we huddled up and i'm telling you some of my girls were a little upset. it was a little disheartening, these girls are like my own children." the district superintendent has apologized for the incident -- saying he's embarassed and humilated.
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deciding not to prosecute minor cases of marijuana possession. clark county d-a's office took the action earlier this week after nevadans voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. however -- authorities in washoe county say they'll continue to enforce the current law until it changes on january first. as more states move to legalize recreational marijuana -- police are trying to find ways to test motorists suspected of driving stoned. a chemist at u-c berkeley in california has spent the last breathalyzer for marijuana. it can detect both alcohol and marijuana -- and can tell if someone has smoked recently. it can be obvious to police when someone's driving stoned -- but making an arrest and getting a conviction are two different things. (sgt. davis dowty, california highway patrol): "because they don't have a tool, like with alcohol, it's very difficult for them to say 'okay. all these things that you saw, that's wonderful and you may have been right, officer.
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the breathalyzer could become available some time next year. a woman fearing for her life -- after a terrifying road rage incident. 911 call 3 tsouli: he's right behind me, hitting me... dispatcher: did he hit your car?" tsouli: yes. twice . what makes it even more frightening is how it all started. plus... we all hate paying a-t-m fees. but are they a rip-off too? the supreme court now weighing in on those extravagant fees. pretty nice in southern nevada as high pressure moves in and gives us plenty of sun and slightly warmer temperatures. highs will stay below the 70 chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. and don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app -- featuring live streaming, video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and
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you see the car drive up over that curb and slam into several people and through that bar in tampa florida. the driver then got out of his car and took off. "it was really chaotic, it happened really fast. i mean it was like the blink of an eye." . police say they have a pretty good idea of who that driver is -- since he left his car behind. but they are still trying to did this. an arizona woman calling 9-1-1 begging for help-- afraid one driver's road rage... might cost her-- her life! nats 911 call: a guy's hitting into the back of me trying to kill me on the road...he's flipping me off the woman says she was driving in scottsdale, when this man-- who she'd never seen before -- aggressively hit her car and then started chasing her. she was so scared, she started calling out to other drivers on the road for help as well.
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"did he hit your car?" "yes. twice. oh my god" (butted with) tsouli: "it was 25 minutes of torment....i could have died/ i could have lost my life" the driver is now facing multiple charges including reckless driving, aggravated assault and dui. winter weather is finally here. up to a foot of snow falling in wyoming and colorado. while it's a welcome sight for some... the blz wreaking havoc for drivers -- causing multiple accidents. the winter storm conditions already being blamed for several deaths in colorado and minnesota. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. the weekend is looking to be pretty nice in southern nevada as high pressure moves in and
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highs will stay below the 70 mark, but above the normal of 65. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on the horizon. there are slight rain chances in the forecast. another system, will move in from the pacific and
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rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizona where it could be heavy. this system will help drop our temperatures back into the mid 60s and expect more clouds than sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from we may soon find out if those
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ruled that a class action lawsuit can move forward. it's against visa, mastercard, bank of america, j-p morgan chase and wells fargo. the suit accuses them of conspiring to inflate a-t-m fees. that would violate anti-trust law. according to bankrate -- the average fee for using an a-t-m that's not at your bank is now at a record high of 4-dollars and 57 cents. now to the black friday rush. bargains -- but are you really getting a deal? with more -- here's abc's becky worley. black friday - tv ads and deal sites tout the best prices of the year, but gadget review site, the wirecutter says hold-on, deals on quality products aren't as plentiful as you'd think adam sot 19;47;30;39 we have a whole team look through a ton of different retailers we found that somewhere under 1% of the deals worthwhile they say the top rated items aren't as likely to be discounted.
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inflation that can take place around the holidays to make discounts look bigger [gfx #1] take this dyson vacuum - it's black friday price is 299 but look back and it was being sold for $80 less last august. tvs are a different story 19;57;25;43 in terms of products that give people some of the greatest discounts on black friday and someone's always looking out for it's tvs - you can get good discounts on great tvs and great discounts on good tvs [gfx #2] also apple products, they rarely go on black friday by 10-15%. so how do you weed out the good deals from the bad? [gfx #3] first, research!! read reviews in advance then use a deal aggregator site like they let you search by item to find the lowest advertised price. [gfx #4] and finally use this site: crazy name but great tool to track price history over time. if you find a lower price in the past than what being advertised - hold off, odds on
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with the weekend upon us -- many of you will head outside to enjoy the great weather and get some exercise. but it's not without some concern. in today's healthy lving -- we'll look at who has the highest risk for injury. the answer might surprise you.
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with more, here's abc's doctor timothy johnson. getting in better shape? you're not alone. the u-s is becoming a more active country, with 213 million people last year reporting regular physical activity. but? ouch. today, a new c-d-c report?
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are responsible for 8.6 million annual visits to doctor's offices and hospitals in the u-s. the most common activity that led to these visits? for both men and women of all ages, it was general exercise -- like running or weight-lifting. but it was young men... engaging in team sports like basketball and soccer? who appeared to be at the highest risk. the good news? half of these injuries were easily addressed without hospital stays. also important to remember that most who exercise? don't end up with aches and pains that require medical attention. and as we all know? most americans don't meet recommended guidelines for physical activity. so by all means, keep up the exercise? while remembering to stay safe out there. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. the zika virus outbreak is no longer an international public health emergency. the world health organization
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this means that the spread of zika is under control on a global level. the w-h-o says it will now create a committee to handle zika research and efforts going forward. right now -- there is no vaccine or medicine to treat zika. researchers in texas are developing an app that would help veterans suffering from p-t-s-d. the app would monitor a veteran's heart rate and alert him if a p-t-s-d attack is coming. the technology would then tell to get through it. among other things -- it could walk him through breathing exercises or connect him to a help line. (farzan sasangohar, texas a&m university): "it intervenes by asking a question: 'how do you feel?' based on that answer, it connects them to some sort of support system." researchers at texas a-and-m university have enlisted 45 volunteers -- who will start testing the app. we'll be back with a look at
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and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. at 8 -- last man standing at 8:30 -- doctor ken at 9 -- shark tank at 10 -- 20/20 at
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several exotic animals from a home in pahrump. the sheriff's office says the owners do not have permits for all the animals. one of the owners facing charges says she rescued these lions, tigers and other animals because they're old and need a lot of care. protesting outside jerome mack middle school today. it's one of the 9 being considered by the state -- to switch to a charter school. they're concerned about the possible changes will have on a final decision will be made next month. coming up on 13 action news.. live at 5... you've heard of exotic animals being taken from homes in nevada... but how do people legally get
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13 chief investigator darcy spears finds out. that story and more on 13 action news live at 5. then later.. all new on 13 action news live at 6.. families torn apart. child support orders overturned. and children as collateral damage. new allegations being made against a family court judge that mothers are calling a bully on the bench, tonight at six. pretty nice in southern nevada as high pressure moves in and 65. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. that does it for 13 action news live at 3:30 -- but stay with us for judge judy up next. don't forget -- we're always on
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minutes for 13 action news live atthen -- thanks for watching and have a great evening.
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>> when her boyfriend started to come around, her mood started to change. >> judge judy: are you the boyfriend? >> yeah. >> judge judy: you were in jail? >> yeah. >> announcer: a roommate's full house... >> they would fight, and me calling the police on him. >> announcer: ...but can he stay out of the big house? >> judge judy: what would have happened to your parole? >> i'd have went to prison, judge judy. >> judge judy: right! >> announcer: "judge judy." >> judge judy: i don't know what kind of judges you've appeared before, sir. i guarantee you none has been as good-looking as i am. [ laughter ]
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enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 21-year-old tarshianna clark is suing her former roommate, 24-year-old chant?e malone, for the return of furniture and personal belongings. >> byrd: order! all rise! calendar in the matter of clark vs. malone. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> judge judy: are you the boyfriend? >> yeah. >> judge judy: you were in jail? >> yeah. >> judge judy: stand up. miss clark, this is what the case is about. you and miss malone decided to rent an apartment together. you were friends. you knew each other. according to you, her boyfriend who, according to you, had been abusive... >> mm-hmm. >> judge judy: ...was incarcerated when the two of you decided to rent the apartment. >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: you rented the


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