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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the horizon. there are slight rain chances with it. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizona sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from monday. . police are still looking for a driver who they say left a woman to die ...after crashing the car they were chopper 13 fast and first over the scene... moments after police say a mustang lost control and crashed into two other cars..... near flamingo and torrey pines. the passenger who died, was identified as -27- year old natalie bruno. witnesses say they heard the driver yelling the name "natalie"... before hugging her.
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relationship between the driver and the victim. nats of animals .. 14 big cats and a fox were taken from this pahrump home after nye county authorities say they were living in deplorable conditions. but the woman's boyfriend says she's had permits for the exotic animals for ten years... and cares for animals no one wants anymore. " instead of them being put down she gives them a h " for her it would be no different then if you took her children away. a very loving mother, you took that includes 3 lions.. a tiger and reviewed.. when it's possible...she could get them back. for the first time a c-c-s-d teacher is speaking out--- about major changes... schools at risk of converting
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in front of "jerome mack middle school" yesterday... with people concerned about the possible changes. mack middle is one of -9- being considered by the state to switch to a charter school. the nine schools were chosen based on their poor performance and low test scores which one teacher is now defending! patti buono teacher mack middle we are working diligently to get them up to grade level, but when the test scores are written, the test questions are written at grade level, they are simply too difficult for where our students are right teachers with the school are now asking parents to reach out to state and local officials before that next decision is made in december. we put one of their fliers on our website with that info you can check it out at k-t-n-v -dot- com. newly released video shows a new mexico university police officer opening fire on student at a campus apartment complex. police say the student was armed with a gun. 07-13 if you want to catch a bullet, step out... drop the gun nats of shooting
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monday....after the suspect began firing off rounds. he was released from the hospital and now faces charges of assaulting a police officer. in washington d-c... a sneaker sale almost turned deadly. police say the suspect met up with a man selling a pair of "nike air jordans"...shooting at him when he got his hands on the sneakers. the victim was able to push the gun far enough away from shooter... in order to save himself. poli the gunman. in just a few hours the newest hotel- casino near the las vegas strip will open to the public. the lucky dragon is on sahara near las vegas boulevard. you're looking at a time-lapse video of the glass dragon chandalier being installed.. which took almost 2-weeks to hang over the casino's center bar. the lucky dragon will officially open its doors at 8pm lighting-v it's beginning to look and
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last night-- summerlin kicked off the holiday season with a parade and tree lighting ceremony hosted by henderson native and b-m-x gold medalist connor fields. if you missed last night's festivities you are not out of luck! downtown summerlin hosts holiday parades throughout the rest of november and december. good morning everyone! coming up... a teen in ohio is in big trouble.... he is caught red-handed on faceboook doing something that is scaring many in his neighborhood. and... the zika virus has been causing year, but finally some good news from the world health organization. ((ad-lib)) plus, kanye west is weighing in on this years election. find out why he got booed at
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campuses..... across the country.... including u-n-l-v. therapy rooms for students..... to share.... their election grief. 13 action news reporter.... tom george.... takes a closer look at the movement.... that has been chastised by critics... as "therapy for crybabies"!!! tom live script steve and tricia, here at the marriage and family the people come in with everything from personal issues to relationship counseling -- but this is the first time they've ever had counseling specifically because of an election... in the aftermath of trump's election-- they've had a lot of people concerned - it's why professor kat hertlein and her students are hosting private post election therapy sessions sot this definitely has affected me i wasn't expecting it to go this way so that's why i really care about being here. the goal - talk through issues
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differently from each other sot here comes thanksgiving we're all going to be sharing space sot they're calling us crybabies.. but some say it's necessary because this election was unlike any other... sot this is a different movement. this is very polarizing times and this is why people feel their very well being is going to be attacked others say counseling is a little too much... sot counseling something devastating that happens to you or your family it's personal if you're really devastated by need to look on the bright side find something trump is good at it. live tag now unlv plans to continue these group sessions through the end of the semester friday. we have the info for you on our website ktnv dot com reporting live at unlv tom george 13 action news live - nv i'm gonna shoot that (laughs) an ohio teenager is behind bars this morning after police say he fired shots
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police say the teen shot off two different guns... first a rifle through an open window.. then a handgun. the neighbor says she was stunned to hear bullets striking her home. "if you're just sitting in your house and you're watching television, you hear something like that, that would freak you out. it would scare you because i'm not used to hearing that." the 15-year-old was arrested on weapons charges. police are still trying to figure out where he got those guns. blowing wind nats developments on a deadly blizzard moving across the midwest. wyoming.. nebraska and colorado have a blanket of fresh snow about a foot deep. 300 weather related accidents have also been reported in minnesota.. two of them fatal. and the storm isn't over yet. the pre-winter blast is expected to pound the northeast this weekend no blizzard in southern nevada..
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resort. managers there say it's finally cold enough to start making snow.. as they build a nice base for the upcoming ski and snowboard season. ((ad-lib)) be light and overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on the horizon. in the forecast. another system, will move in from the pacific and this one could have moisture moving in with it. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizona where it could be heavy. this system will help drop our temperatures back into the mid 60s and expect more clouds than
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rebounding slightly from monday. ((ad-lib at desk)) the zika virus outbreak is no
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health emergency. the world health organization
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they say the spread of zika is under control on a global level. the organization plans to create a new committee to handle research...despite their still being no vaccine or medication to treat zika. meanwhile... a man who announced he's running for president in 20-20 is getting backlash because he says he didn't vote in this election. kanye west --told fans during his concert in san jose, california that he didn't vote butif he had voted... it would've been for donald the announcement was mostly met with boo's from the crowd which led to him quickly defending himself. "that don't mean that i don't think that black lives matter. that don't mean that i don't believe in women's rights. that don't mean i don't believe in gay marriage. that don't mean that i don't believe these things because that was the guy i would have voted for." west has a long history of being politically outspoken.
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national t-v accusing him of not caring about black people. motley crue frontman vince neil says he's no longer going to perform at donald trump's inauguration in january. neil says he was asked to perform months ago.. but today he told t-m-z his band was uninvited. no explaination was given. more schools across the nation are reporting racial slurs being painted all over school campuses. just yesterday a school in california had it's fourt grafitti being painted in the bathrooms. this time it included threats towards black students and the black student union on campus. "we have about 200 students in our bsu and to have them all texting me, like scared to come to school today... it freaks me out." the congressmen in that area, representative eric swal-well, showed up on campus after hearing about the fourth inicident and he says he is truely upset. it's important that we
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their years, that they're calling out their peers and saying "hey, that's not us." the school says it will expel the students responsible for the grafitti. but it is also urging teachers to use these incidents... as teaching opportunities. straight ahead... a contact 13 update... find out what you can do to prevent squatters from ruining your property. you're watching good morning las vegas.. we'll be right back on this here is j-j snyder with 13
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of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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it's happened hundreds of times right in the valley. we're talking about squatters moving in and making themselves at home in your house!!! but, do you know what to do when it happens to you? 13 action news anchor tricia kean takes a look at . what you need to know. < jaimee oliver/homeowner: we
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for jaimee oliver. squatters broke into her home last year. jaimee oliver/homeowner: it was only a month. it felt like eternity. it was supposed to be rented out, just like this rental property, recently damaged by squatters. jaimee says they broke-in half-a- dozen times. jaimee oliver/homeowner: we got in, we changed the locks. they changed the locks again. we got back in. they broke a window. we got back in. they changed the locks again, they destroyed the air conditioner, and took the washer, dryer and the refrigerator. jaimee oliver/homeowner: it cost us about $6,000 in property damage. that's not including rental loss. we got to a point where i'm like, what are we going to do? the answer is, call police. hopefully they can arrest your squatters for breaking-in. then you'll need to post a notice that you're "retaking possession" of the property, and file a statement in justice court.
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something at the courthouse is basically your record to show if this person tries to re-enter, they could be in criminal violation. lauren pena with the civil law self help center says, if police can't make an arrest, you'll need to serve the squatter with a "notice of surrender." lauren pena/civil law self help center: the squatter has the opportunity to answer and if they raise legal defense, it will go to court. if not, it doesn't go to court and the judge may give you an then the squatters have 24-hours to move out. fortunately for jaimee, her squatters didn't put up a legal fight. she was able to get rid of them, with help from property manager "black and cherry" real estate. broker and owner, ashley hawks, says her company is spending thousands in the fight against squatters. ashley hawks/black & cherry real estate: we have had to come up with some crafty, sort better with a property manager's help. ashley hawks/black & cherry procedures. we do have the metro unit on
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we have more information... about the legal steps... for getting squatters... out of your property.... on our website. just visit.... k-t-n-v dot com... and... type in the key word.... "links." also from contact -13- interest rates are set to go up and that means credit card interest rates will go up... too. that could be a big problem for those who plan on paying for "christmas"with plastic. the rates on credit cards are already around -18- percent. but that number could egde even higher if the federal reserve raises interest rates... next month. sot hitha..if you're the typ of person that wants to pay for christmas on your credit card and you don't pay off that balance automatically//you're going to have this holiday hangover//potentially owing a lot more. (11) despite having to pay more interest, it is not necessarily a bad thing interest rates are on the rise. when the federal reserve increase interests rates, it's a sign the economy is getting better... because people are able to afford to pay back loans at higher amounts. as donald trump continues to pick key members of his
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country, including one that will be right here on sunday evening. in some protests .. the protestors have numbered in the thousands. fortunately.. the anti-trump rallies around the valley have been peaceful. but that hasn't been the case in other parts of the u-s. 13 action news anchor steve wolford asks the question: how far can protesters go? (take pkg) (nat sound from portland if possible) some of the most violent demonstrations have taken place in portland, arrested saturday night alone for smashing windows and disorderly conduct.. to hurling road flares at police officers. that's something 13-action news however.. metro officers will do everything possible to allow protestors their rights. (sot) (sot) 10:11 what is okay is free expression of speech and the peacful expression of that.. and that can include some pretty vile stuff..
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don't have the ability to charge someone with disturbing 'their' peace because. (butt/10:56) so, they have to accept certain things. (butt/11:18) and then, there is a line that will be crossed.. and that is.. if you touch a police officer that's the end of the tolerance. if you spit on a police officer.. if any part of you threatens a police officer. that is where the tolerance ends. that's when police can declare a protest an 'unlawful assembly' and the situation police may then order the crowd to disburse. (sot) if you disburse you're okay. if you don't, then you now become one of the 'not' peaceful protestors and you will go to jail. police can also order a crowd to disburse when the rights of others.. not involved in the protest.. are infringed upon.. especially when there's physical contact. that also includes things like block traffic.. which we've seen in cities like los angeles. (sot) 16:57 blocking traffic
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way to protest.. and blocking traffic is illegal. (butt/17:12) you don't have the right to infringe on the rights of others. good morning everyone! coming up... there is another up, that is drawing more atention than usual... why many of the electoral delegates are being harassed by their neighbors and by politicians. and the cast of hamilton greeted mike pence at its performance last night, but they had a special message for him. we are still following that
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kyle canyon road. las vegas fire tweeted this early this morning.... saying they had to extract the person out of their car they say medical heliocopter transported the victim to a hospital. also breaking over night-- a plane crashes into a parking lot near a casino in elko--- more than 280 miles northeast of reno. this is video...posted on facebook by a man who says he lives nearby. witnesses reporting a fiery into a paking lot near a casino--and just miles from elko regional airport. this morning... the n-t-s-b continues their investigation on the crash. the local newspaper is reporting... this was a medical aircraft with four people onboard. according to the paper...the plane was transporting a heart patient to a utah hospital. stay with ktnv dot com for the very latest.
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alert meteorologist dan bronis ((ad-lib)) some members of the electoral college say they've been
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begging them to change their votes. they will cast their ballots on december 19-th. only 26 states actually have laws on the books mandating electoral delegates to cast their vote in line with the election. because of this, electors in other states are receiving waves of emails, and phone calls from people, even politicians ur vote for donald trump because he didn't win the popular vote. one presidential electoral delegate says... he understands why people are upset.. but he has a duty he was entrusted with. 1: 41 "you know, my home county here voted 78 percent for trump, i think for someone to do otherwise might be a little bit hard to come back home. (laughs)" there is currently a bill before the senate to abolish the electoral college, but chance's of it passing are
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the cast of the hit broadway musical hamilton greeted vice-president-elect mike pence to their show last night. at the end of the show, they also had a very special message for the future vice-president. :49 but we truely hope sir that this show has inspired you to uphold our americans values for all of us...all of us...cheering...1:00 pence is said to have taken the impormptu message very well. despite.... him and his family being booed upon entering the musical. this out this morning saying "the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton as very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize! no word yet from the cast of hamilton straight ahead... mcdonalds is trying to beat the competition. findout what hte food chain is doing to be labled "the best fast food restaurant." and, it is one of the worlds
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renovations. ((ad-lib)) this weekend one very special
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88-years- old! celebrations are being held all over the world, but this weekend, disneyland in california is taking time to honor the reporter leslie lopez takes a look. ((((chat))) mcdonald's is going.... semi- upscale!!!! the fast food giant is making changes..... to stay competitive.... by offering table service! mcdonald's is going....
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changes..... to stay competitive.... by offering table service! mc-donald's is also rolling out touch screen ordering and mobile pay options. changes are under "the golden arches"in florida... new york and california. a california couple that got lost in joshua tree park was able to survive by drinking their own urine, the two say they went for a day-hike last sunday, and got lost.
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the couple finally reached a cell tower where they found two maintenance workers who then contacted border patrol. talk about a home improvement projectthat's long overdue.. palace"just announced today...... it's going to undergo a major facelift. that includes getting rid of lead pipes.... old cables and wiring...
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part of the concern is that the historic palace... built in 18-37... the queen will keep living there during the -10- year renovation. ((ad-lib)) when good morning las vegas
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be pretty nice in southern nevada as high pressure moves mark, but above the normal of 65. sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. monday more changes could be on from the pacific and this one could have moisture moving in where it could be heavy. highs rebounding slightly from monday. when good morning las vegas returns... now let's head to new york for a look at what's coming up on good
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for those of you looking to look at what's coming up on good morning america, ((transcribe)) november is lung cancer awareness month and still millions of americans strug november is lung cancer awareness month and still millions of americans struggle with trying to quit can seem almost impossible but here this
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month and still millions of americans struggle with trying
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impossible but here this morning with tips to kick the habit is keisha hooper with > we just had the great american smoke out this week...why is a monumental day like this so important for someone trying to take that first step? > > we hear it all the time but what are the dangers of even casual smoking?
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> what are some tips for quitting smoking...even if you're a life long smoker? > > how can family and friend help support a smoker through try to just kick the habit? stats: more people have actually quit than actually currently smoke about 20% of the positive effects of quitting smoking starts within hours of your last cigarette men more likely to smoke than women > full screen: tips to quit set a date alternate behavior talk to professional support
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13-action news anchor christopher king has the story... "this guy is tremendous! this is is what i'm talking
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love him or hate him..donald trump is going to be the next president. "this guy, right here has a tatoo of me!" we go to the world famous..welcome to las vegas see what voters think..of president- elect.. donald trump. "i wouldn't do that for myself! but he got a tattoo of me-i love it." right away..we find a guy..who thinks trump..will make america great. you're gonna make america a better place." "i already have-i already have-because "i love this guy!" fans..and tourists..even newlyweds..flock to him. "youlook absolutely fantastic!" others..find him..well..deplorable . "i don't like donald trump." "we're not going to be taking hour-long make-up get inot character.'s fremont street./to press the flesh. "my name's hillary." i hillary-how are you? you look very familiar actually." "thank you!" "how are you?" people out here..are just as spilt as the rest the country.
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for it." "i live in canada, so i don't have to worry about him." ((ad-lib)) thanks for joining us this morning. good morning america is up next. and join us back here at 8 a-m
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good morning, america. new this morning, the trump transition. the president-elect inviting a fierce former critic mitt romney to a meeting at his golf course compound in new jersey. is trump teeing up romney for secretary of state? this as other new appointments come under fire over accusations of racism. plus, what's being called trump's stunning reversal. why he is suddenly settling those trump university fraud cases. casting callout. mike pence's broadway visit to "hamilton" overnight. the vice president-elect's divided welcome and the message from the cast. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> and we're in the room where it happens. caught on camera, the fiery


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