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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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car.....flipped over in the ditch off kyle canyon road. they called 9-1-1...and waited. 19:11:29 davila "i felt still on. i'm asking, 'can i turn off the car?' 'no, don't turn off the car.'" emergency crews got the man out.. helicopter nats ..and the helicopter took him to umc. michael and roberto say they did what anyone would have. now they just hope the man's ok. that was david shuman reporting. this morning...a person is dead -- after being hit by a car -- in front of the rio hotel and 13-action news -- fast and first to the scene. police tell us -- they believe the victim -- may have been crossing the street -- outside the crosswalk. detectives closed valley view in both directions -- outside the hotel -- for the has since reopened. take a look at this nasty crash on the southbound 95. this is just before rancho. 4 cars -- colliding. 2 of them -- rolling over. the freeway was shutdown -- for nearly an hour. . 2 people -- were taken to u-m-c.
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right n part of the 215 is closed -- in both directions in that area --until tomorrow morning...and it could effect that monday morning commute. 13-action news anchor -- yasmeen hassan -- has a look -- at some alternate routes for you as we head into your work week. the 215 will be closed in both nov. 21, while crews install parts of a flyover off-ramp over the highway. drivers headed to mccarran international airport will be the airport connector, however, they should expect significant delays as motorists who fail to get off the 215 earlier will also be forced onto the airport connector. the ramp from the airport connector to sunset road will also be closed during the same hours. drivers leaving mccarran will be able to access 215 west from the airport connector, but the ramp from the airport connector to 215 east will be closed during this period. this means that drivers going from the airport towards henderson will need to find an even exits approaching the
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screen. detectives say earl scott junior went missing after a doctors appointment yesterday morning. his wife says she dropped him off near sunset and eastern, that was the last time -- scott was seen. scott may be driving a beige 2003 -- toyota camry-- with nevada license plate 2-8-1- r-l-e if you see him -- call police. involving a kentucky mother takes another bizzare turn. according to police, tommy ballard --the father of the missing woman crystal rogers -- was found shot to death yesterday morning... while he was out hunting rogers -- disappeared in 20-15 police aren't saying what happened -- or if the incidents -- are related. trooper jeff gregory kentucky state police "say your prayers for this family. they've been through a lot ...." ballard's sudden death -- adds more mystery to the case of
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last person to see her alive. police say, he is the main suspect, right now. but they say they don't have enough evidence -- to charge him in her dissaperance. new developments now-- in the scandal -- rocking the columbia-university wrestling team . school officials say some of the members have been suspended, because of accuasations of lewd racist text message they may have sent. the messages are said to include.... homophobic and racial slurs well as crude sexual comments about women. the school has apoligized . and will continue to take accusations-- such as these-- seriously. family and friends of a fallen soldier gathered saturday in kirksville, missouri to pay their respects. sergeant first-class matthew lewell-en and two other u-s service members were killed earlier this month during a training mission in jordan. members of the community and his colleagues held up flags and signs as they bid farewell. fellow soldiers remembered the 27- year-old as someone who put
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following the memorial, seargeant lewellen was buried with full military honors at missouri's veteran cemetary in jacksonville. 00-04 "get on the ground, get on the ground." a florida sheriff's deputy... gets the boot... because of this surveillance video. the deputy claims this woman shoved him during a traffic stop, earlier this year. but sheriff's investigators say that never happened. 24 "he claims at this point butt with "i'm in a fight. you're not in a fight officer." butt with "it's clear to anybody watching that there was no contact. that there was no push that there was no shove. there wasn't anything." the sheriff says, the deputy in question lied on the incident report. the surveillance video prompted the sheriff's department to investigate it further, coming to the conclusion the deputy was at fault. the local prosecutor also dropped all the charges against
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crash in northern nevada. 4 people died as it crashed into a parking lot near a casino in elko. those people have now been named.. they are.. american med-flight paramedic jake shepherd elko firefighter.. tiffany urresti.. patient edward clohese and pilot yuji-irie nats - broadcastify: 9:27 we have an explosion at the barricks parking lot, possibly involving an airplane - ammunition on board butt with tbd sot (phoner from fox pkg) - i hearda the flames butt with nats - fire extinguisher! [boom] initial reports say the plane may have suffered mechanical issues, causing it to go down. the plane was transporting the heart patient-- to a hospital in utah. governor brian sandoval responding to the deadly crash tweeted this statement on twitter saying quote: "i am heartbroken -- by the tragic news of a plane crash in elko. the victims -- and their families -- will be in my prayers -- during this difficult time." good morning everyone!
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weekend... the big names he's considering for top positions in his adminstration. and-- you may want to take a look at your fridge this morning. why health officials say one of your favorite snacks could be contaminated with listeria. ((ad-lib)) facebook filter. what mark zukerberg is doing to make sure..."fake news sources" stay off your timeline. it continues to be a working weekend for president-elect
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elizabeth hur reports the president-elect is welcoming a steady stream of he conducts,...what are being considered extremely important job interviews. script: donald trump at his private golf course in new
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picks. nats up romney: "how are you, sir?" the most prominent name -- mitt romney -- reportedly a contender for secretary of state. (shaking hands) no sign of the barbs they traded during the campaign -- nats up trump: "it went great." -- but, after a 90-minute meeting -- no sign of a done deal, either. sot mitt romney: "we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance .... //"... i look forward to the coming " another visitor -- retired marine corps general james mattis -- considered a top prospect for defense secretary. sot trump: "we're seeing tremendous talent. people that as i say...will make america great again." at his first public appearance in days, the president-elect seemed in high spirits -- even making nice with the press. nats up trump: "what do you need, some chocolate? hot chocolate? (thumbs up) we'll
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taken care of the press." trump has more interviews sunday -- and, he implied, more job announcements. trump: "we'll hear some things tomorrow." (nats up protest) meanwhile, protesters were back in the streets . in washington, dc, police took this man down and handcuffed him. another man suffered a head injury. and in trump's hometown of new york city, hundreds demonstrated against the president-elect. nats elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. more anti-trumpr continue throughout the nation, from new york to los angeles. demonstrators taking over the streets of new york hoping to make their voice heard. protesters marched in texas as well...when violence broke out at the state capitol between the k-k-k's "white lives matter group" and an anti- trump group. back here at home, another protest is scheduled tonight at 8. it will follow the same route as the last one. marchers will begin at the linq
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hotel.. metro is expected to be out in full force. new this morning... ever wonder, if that natural remedy you're taking actually does what it promises? the feds are turning their attention -- to homeo-pathic medicine. from now on companies must have reliable scientific evidence showing the product works. --runs=:19-- --dr. caitlin o'connor / naturopathic doctor: "it's important to not just look at what the claims on the front are about to turn the bottle around look at the could potentially interact with it. of the bottle really what the product is all about on the make sure companies are not misleading the public. america's heartland -- is a winter wonderland. snow is still falling in parts of the midwest -- including this scene
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((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib at desk)) an urgent warning from contact 13. that tub of sabra hummus in your fridge may be contaminated
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the food and drug administration says the affected products were packaged before november 8th at a plant wherethe listeria bacteria was found. the company is voluntarily recalling all tubs with an expiration date through january 23rd 2017 on the lid. listeria can be deadly in young children and seniors. happening today... are you looking for an office -- with a mountain view?
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seasonal -- and full-time employees. there's a job fair today at the resort from noon to four. bring your resume and be prepared for an interview. check out the link we have -- posted on -- for a list of openings. a train derailment in northern india has killed at least 107 people, earlier today. rescuers in uttar pradesh state are scouring the wreckage for survivors. an official told c-n-n affiliate c-n- n news 18 up to trapped in the rail cars. over 150 passengers were reportedly injured, more than 40 of them seriously. this morning... darcy spears is tackling... a whole new layer of dirty!!! 34:21 darcy stand-up tease: dirty dining is heading to a strip mall anchored by a strip club for some truly filthy conditions. are you ready for a picture that'll make you think twice about ever eating out again?
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las vegas.. we'll be right back on this morning. you're about to see why the word 'dirty' is in 'dirty dining'..
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believe roaches could someday inherit the earth. contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears even has a picture that could make you think twice before you ever visit another our dirty dining journey begins at thai street cafe on industrial and desert inn. with 39 demerits, customers should see a c grade hanging here--like in the health district's picture. 29:46 darcy: where's your c grade? it used to be posted up there but now it's gone. chef aminy norchan: yeah, i don't know where she put. darcy: you know it has to be posted in full public view? chef: yeah, i know that. 30:00 darcy: your customers need to know what they're getting into. chef: yes.
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rice, pot stickers, chicken satay, pork rib and thai dumplings. lots of other food was in the temperature danger zone--which the chef blamed on an electrical outage. there were small flies throughout the facility. and a camping cot in the dry storage area. 28:46 chef: um, that for... is... the owner. is not for us. darcy: the owner sleeps back there? chef: before, but now he is not here. he go somewhere. he not here long time like one month already. chef aminy n inspectors came on her day off, which is why so much went wrong. 27:40 darcy: you know the kitchen was pretty dirty and there was stuff that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long time. aminy norchan: yeah, but now, it's good now. darcy: it's good when you're here? chef: yeah. darcy: is it bad when you're not here? chef: yes. but this type of heavy residue of grease and old food debris doesn't happen in a day. in fact, inspectors note thai street cafe has not been able to stay in compliance with
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/nat transition/ we've got four imminent health hazard closures and three are dirty dining repeat offenders. at sushi 21 on tropicana and decatur, this picture is enough to scare you away for good. old raw chicken pieces strewn over equipment and the prep table, garnished with a dead cockroach. a multi-generational cockroach infestation closed this repeat offender's doors. sushi 21's own pest control reports document a "severe roach population." kitchen wares and food contact surfaces unsanitary. the floor under equipment had clearly not been cleaned in who knows how long. it looks like someone vomited on the floor in this picture. and if that's enough, check out the inside of the ice machine. /nat/ tacos y tortas el panzon on sunset near sandhill is another repeat offender. they were shut down for no hot water. but inspectors also found a dead roach, dirty shelves, walls and ceilings, and a strong odor coming from the employee restroom.
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spring mountain and decatur is making it's third dirty dining appearance. the were shut down for failing re- inspection from a previous downgrade. /nat/ and dollar tree on maryland parkway and flamingo was shut down for a rodent infestation. inspectors found food offered for sale was contaminated with rodent droppings and had been chewed through. the rodents food of choice seems to be noodles and for dessert, cookies. darcy tag: thai street cafe still has a c, but they say the owner is focused o violations and getting ready for re-inspection. all the other places have re-opened with a grades. darcy spears, 13 action news. good morning las vegas.. facebook is making some changes.... why mark zuckerburg is trying to put an end to so-called "fake news sources" on your feed. and the pope is shaking up the catholic churches, find out why his new cardinal appointments are drawing some controversy. right now on good morning las
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what he has to say to about donald trump to the people of peru. a deadly dock collapse shocks a city in georgia, we have reaction following the scary moment, and thousands of families are unable to afford a thanksgiving dinner. what two organizations are good morning las vegas! i'm ... let's get started with 13 first alert meteorologist dan bronis ((ad-lib)) after weeks of accusations, facebook is now taking measures
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entering your feed.. the move from facebook comes amid criticism people may have been swayed in the presidential election because of fake news sources. according c-e-o and co-founder, mark zuckerberg facebook wants to make it easier , to report fake news and raise red flags about questionable stories. it will be like when you want to report a photo or a post for having nudity, or for cyberbullying. facebook is also cosidering hiring a fact checking the white house is demanding an immediate halt to syrian airstrikes on eastern..... a-leppo, and for a cease-fire to go in to effect. the united nations says there are no working hoslsleft in the region. the u-n also says rebel groups have agreed to let in food, medicine and other humanitarian aide. but syria ,and its main ally , russia , have not approved the relief
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the bloodiest days so far in alep-po, with 46 people killed. new information this morning on the cease-fire in yemen. the fighting is still going on and has not let up, despite the cease- fire ordinance in effect. that's according to saudi-led military leadersand activisits inside shiite-rebel towns. the 48-hour cease-fied to begino days ago, and has yet to start. aide inside the hardest hit cities. local media outlets in yemen are reporting -- it could be renewed since it hasn't started yet. in light of recent events, pope francis is asking the world to put aside hostilities as we enter the advent season. he shared the plea yesterday at the vatican. the pope also appointed 17 new cardinals, many of whom have more liberal backgrounds such as supporting gay marriage, and
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and three of them are american, which is the most for the most the u-s has had at one time. from the television screen to pages of her book-- gwen ifill touched so many people. and yesterday people filed into the metropolitan a-m-e church to remember and celebrate the host of washington week-- and p-b-s news-hour. ifill was one of the most prominent journalists in the country. she broke down barriers as a black female reporter and political moderator. the 61 year old died monday-- of endometrial cancer. world -- trying to figure out the fate of the trans-pacific partnership. they're meeting in lima, peru. the t-p-p -- is a controversiall trade deal -- between 12 nations. it aims to deepen economic ties among those countries. president obama supports it. president-elect -- trump -- is against it. while at the conference, obama spoke on trade relations, as well as for foreign countries to not fear trump.
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give him a chance. determine what their policies will be because what i always the chinese president as well, to discuss furthering trade between the two countries. a 20-year-old marine is a new military policy...after announcing to his superiors that he is transgender. aaran wixon is an artillery radar operator for the marine corp. earlier this year, the departmet of defense lifted its ban on transgender serving in the military. but last week, wixson did have to wear the female dress blues to the annual marine corp ball that was held in califoria. next year, he hopes to be able to wear the mens dress blues, which is the gender he identifies with. wixson is the first openly
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a firefighter has died trying to rescue some people who fell into the river in savannah, georgia. one of the ramps on the city's river street collapsed saturday afternoon, sending at least a dozen people into the water. officials say the firefighter had an apparent medical emergency during the rescue. he was later transported to the hospital, where he passed away. people who fell in say the situation was frightening. 1:11 then someone pulled me out of the water look around for we were together 1:16 about 30-people were injured, including thirteen who were later hospitalized. exploding toilet could sound like a disgusting -- adolescent prank. but -- it's a serious matter -- to the woman hit -- by a porcelain shrapnel. a toilet literally blew out -- in a florida elementary-school bathroom. (anne burson, plaintiff in exploding toilet lawsuit): "i went to flush, i took one step to the sink and boom!"
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somehow -- the pressure built up -- and the side of the toilet -- blew out. fragments from the porcelain -- left a deep gash -- in anne burson's leg. it became infected -- with a form of tuberculosis. but was treated with powerful antibiotics. burson -- is now suing the city. toddler - v this morning investigators in texas are trying to figure out -- how first responders -- missed a toddler -- in the back of a crashed vehicle. officials say -- the three-year-old girl -- was in an s-u-v -- involved in n monday. several agencies responded. but somehow -- no one saw the girl -- who was thrown to the car's floorboard. the towing company -- that took the s-u-v to a junkyard -- later found the little girl. ( chief roger boyd, odessa fire rescue): "the supervisor on the scene actually has done a walkaround the vehicle, looking inside, saw the car seat, the two back doors were not accessible, so he went to the passenger side door, it was open, so he reached inside and go hold of the car seat, to
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and there wasn't." the little girl-- was taken to the hospital. our affiliate there says -- two family members posted on facebook -- the girl's brain is bleeding -- and she is partially paralyzed. good morning everyone! dozens of families are going without food this thanksgiving... until a few local organizations stepped in. what they make sure more families are fed. it's the las vegas' strips newest casino. lucky dragon...for a first look at all the glitz and glamour. ((((chat))) it's the hottest thing in town.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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the lucky dragon -- opened its doors tonight. it's an asain-themed resort -- from the food -- to the fung shui gaming lounges. they also have the city's only -- indoor and outdoor -- high-end tea garden. sot there are many teas we have
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sot there are many teas we have here that chinese nationals don't even have access to in china .. some of these teas are reserved for high ranking govt officials but you won't find a fourth floor in the resort. the number four is considered unlucky. that's because -- it sounds similar -- to the word for death -- in some asian cultures. . to get better -- if not more accurate. nasa -- launching the "goes- r" satellite -- from cape canaveral tonight. they had to delay take-off --
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earlier technical issue. it's the first of three satellites -- being built to replace -- the aging u-s -- weather satellite system. ((((chat))) ((ad-lib)) thousands of valley families will be enjoying a thanksgiving day dinner -- thanks to a
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65. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay chilly, into the upper 40s. we will notice more clouds on sunday, but a mix of sun and clouds expected as of now. from the pacific and this one could have moisture moving in with it. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizona where it could be heavy. this system will help drop our temperatures back into the mid 60s and expect more clouds than sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from monday. and just before the holidays -- thousands of valley families
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2 semi-trucks full of food made their way to the champion center on bonanza road -- as part of the convoy of hope. the organization expecting to serve a hot holiday thanksgiving meal to more than 10-thousand people today. 02:43:42:23 randall araujo/pastor champion center church "when you see these people come in, each person has a story. and so for me, i get to give them a moment that may change even getting a free turkey for
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were a number of services for veterans -- along with free haircuts, medical screenings and even free shoes for the kids. and -- hundreds of volunteers -- helping feed valley families this holiday. help of southern nevada -- and the junior league of las vegas -- packed more than 2-thousand thanksgiving bags. they've been doing this -- 30 years here in the valley. jacquie levy .. board of directors of junior league ... 00:32:22 it is just very special to everyone who is involved in the junior league this is our favorite shift every year help of southern nevada says - families -- on monday. an 18-year-old woman was shot in the head three times and left for dead. but she's now making a stunning recovery after the attack in fort worth, texas. after being shot in the head, young evelyn buentes survived after being taken to a hospital. she is now able to talk only two weeks after the shooting. her father, however, recounted that horrible night he almost lost his daughter.
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they found glass in her scalp. she fought back and that's when it escalated. she just wouldn't die. she fought." with doctor's permission, evelyn is able to start college next semester, she had to take a leave of absence following the shooting. semester, she had to take a leave of absence following the shooting. remember how they tell you don't discuss politics --at holiday gatherings? well -- one santa -- didn't heed that warning. and now-- he's out of a job. it starts off okay. a florida mom claims -- saint daughter -- she was on his nice list then - the mom says -- santa told the girl -- hillary clinton was on the naughty list! she called management. they immediately -- removed chris kringle from the floor. step aside caped-crusader. a milwaukee mailman -- turns crime-fighter. he takes matters into his own hands two crooks -- tried to take off with a package -- he was delivering. the mailman -- chasing after
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and -- tackling the teenager to the ground. neighbors heard the commotion. they ran out to help -- holding the would-be theif -- until cops arrived. inside that package -- prescription drugs -- postmarked -- from right here in las vegas. milwaukee police -- arrested the 19- year-old. they're still looking for a second crook. when good morning las vegas returns... ) it's mov-ember...but when we return our guest is touching on the importance of mens mental health. but first let's head to new york for a look at what's coming up on good morni america, ((transcribe)) we often talk about physical health when discussing men's health, but in recognition of
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recognition of movember, we're here to raise awareness about mental issues as well. holly davis clinical how might this affect a man's
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issues that are more prevalent in men over women? for men who struggle with mental health issues, should be they be aware of any physical side effects? why is it important to discuss these issues and help to break down the stigma associated with men and mental health if anyone is struggling with a me you suggest they do today?
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winds will be light and overnight lows will stay monday more changes could be on the horizon. there are slight rain chances in the forecast. rain chances sit at 20 percent at best with most of the rain staying east, into arizona sun on monday too. drier air by tuesday with highs rebounding slightly from
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good morning america is up next. and join us back here at 8 a-m for top stories and weather headlines. remember we're always on,ine at ktnv dot com and our mobile app. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.
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good morning, america. new overnight, building his team. donald trump starting a second day of meetings after sitting down with mitt romney. could he be the next secretary of state? and the contender who impressed him for secretary of defense. >> he is the real deal. >> who the president-elect will meet with today. the new "hamilton" duel, donald trump taking to twitter to demand the show apologize for a message sent from the stage to vice president-elect mike pence in the audience. >> we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> the fierce response online and outside the theater. winter blast. the first major snowstorm of the season takes aim at the northeast.


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