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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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-25- seconds. now... it's going viral... on facebook. -13- action news anchor.... christopher king is live on the strip. christopher... why did it take so long.... for someone to step in? that's the question we're asking. the fight happened right here at the venetian. fists fly. a camera rolls. and a security guard..stands by.. watching. take a this wild brawl. "i don' think they like each other." two women..gang they punch her..and grab her by the hair..and tumble to the she..kicks one of her the stomach. "i see hair everywhere." the security guard you see in the foreground..stands and watches..for 25 seconds..before trying to break it up. "is that real?" it is very real. it's on facebook. and it happened..early this morning..inside one of the most luxurious.. hotel/casinos on the strip..the venetian. "that's unbelievable hotel anja rusch..want to know: why didn't that guard jump in sooner?
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it means i could walk around-they could do something to me-it would just not matter-they are not doing their job." "it's a fight-that's what they're here for." katja kohler asks: how "you could walk around and something could happen to you and they would just walk around and stand there and just watch." "guys let go or you're getting sprayed!" about 27 seconds into the fight..another guard jumps in..and shouts-- "stop!" she sprays the split them up. the guard wait so long..before acting? a spokeswoman..sent a written response. "the security guard in the video followed protocol and the situation was resolved without injuries." and someone who works at a casino tells is standard procedure for security guards to wait for backup..before trying to break up a fight. and guests tell us..they do feel safe here. live on the strip, ck, 13 action news. . holiday travelers in los
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gridlock and long lines at the airport. this video was taken just hours ago. but here in the valley. the roads are open and traffic is running smoothly. this is a live look at i-15 near the stateline. a few cars on the road.. but no major problems tonight. mobs of people.... lines wrapping around the building... absolute chaos..... all signs.... it's "black friday"... but... is the shopping frenzy taking a new turn? 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi is live at "the best buy where we saw a makeshift campsite this time last year. so mahsa.. is black friday a ghost of christmas past? it sure looks to be when you look at the ghost town that is this line... but we still expect people to come out.. just not as early.. and not as many... "go! go! go!" super exciting or kinda scary! "aaaahhh!!!"
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... of years past! but on the eve of deals ... "1/2 second" just -4- guys behind that best buy barricade! "standing out here for one night is no big deal." but is it where you can find the best deals ... and where is everyone anyway? "if it's about price and if it's about availibility, there's really no difference between shopping in a store or shopping at" some experts even say -- online discounts can beat in-store prices! that's why less than a quarter of us plan to leave our coach tomorrow! many in the valley ...following that trend! "i'd just rather spend time with my family." shopping." but when it's his little girl's birthday-- "dell computer" he's breaking his rules -- "(how much?) 278." it didn't matter if it was on sale ... as for the price of her new steam vac -- "i don't even know, hahaha!" but if you are watching your dollars -- keep in mind some deals ... like this 49 inch 4k tv for $199 ... are only avaible in stores! and what about hot toys? "" hatchimals ...flying off the shelves! the internet price --
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"you don't want to be the bad parent that doesn't find what your kids' asked for. you really have to do your homework to find out if the item you're looking for is cheaper here are online. we know that it's a great time to buy televisions. experts say it's also good time to buy apple products you can get them for 10 to 15% off reporting live for the top deals... on t- v's.... phones... and toys... the number crunchers recommend like camel camel camel..... which automatically alerts you.... when prices go lower.... and... "price blink".... which flags the best deals.... when you shop. breaking news out of a china--where dozens are dead after a consruction site accident. crews are frantically searching for survivors after a scaffolding platform collapsed at a power plant under construction in south-eastern china. it's already thursday morning there--this accident happening
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as many as 40 people are confirmed dead. numerous others are trapped. new information tonight..... about the man accused of robbing a smog check business.... near sahara and eastern. police say.... rafael ulfrano is in custody.... in connection with the crime. surveillance video shows.... the suspect pointing a handgun at the employee.. safety expert randy sutton says.. in this case.. he did the only thing he could..... or should do... comply. situations wehre you comply with the robber.. ya give 'em the phone, money, whatever he wants and hope that he walks away, and in this case he did." no word yet from metro..... on the charges.... ulfrano is facing. the victim was reportedly shaken- up.. but.... not physically injured. we're continuing to follow new developments on that tragic school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. tonight.. a sixth child has died from injuries. investigators say the driver.. 24-year old johnthony walker..
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hour speed limit when he swerved off the road.. causing the bus to roll and slam into a tree. earlier today.. authorities revealed that no traces of alcohol or drugs were found in his blood. the six children who were killed were between the ages of 6 and 10. the mohave county sheriff's office is asking for help identifying the body of a teenage girl found along highway 93 between kingman and the hoover dam. investigators say she has black hair.. is about 5'7" tall.. old. her body was discovered on september 28th.. but investigators say it could have been there for a week or two before that. a valley man...... won't be able to spend thanksgiving in his home..... after it was gutted..... by a fast-moving fire... this morning. this happened.... near sandhill and tropicana. luckily... the fire station was only a few blocks away... and.... they were able to rescue the owner... from the roof...
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one neighbor said... while he called for help.... others shot video.... on their phones. sot if it was me i would want people to get on the phone right away and worry about lives, not likes... right now... investigators dont know.... what caused the fire. . tonight.. some valley parents are worried about taking their children to a nearby park because of the grafitti being splashed all over the playground equipment. it's an update to a story you asked us to investigate. we first told you about the problem last week. pa the hollywood rec center showed us the profanity scribbled everywhere. after our story aired.. county workers cleaned up. but when we returned today.. we found at least ten more. "not good when your daughter comes out and says daddy look at the word inside" we tried reaching out to clark county about the problem but we were told they won't be able to respond until next week. president-elect.... donald trump has announced a couple more positions.... in his administration.
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the new education secretary. the michigan republican is an advocate.... for school choice and voucher programs. devos says.... she's looking forward..... to working with the incoming president..... to "make american education great again".. and says... the status quo in education is unacceptable. the president-elect also named...... south carolina governor.... nikki haley..... to the become the u-s ambassador to the united nations. haley is an army-wife.... mother of 2.... and the first 'critic' of donald trump..... to get a job.... in his administration. are counted in california.. hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote is nearing 2-million. it still doesn't change the outcome since donald trump easily won the 290 to 232 electoral vote.. based on his victories in 29 states. it is.. however.. becoming a rally-cry for many clinton supporters who are calling for an end to the electoral college. happening right now.. new york city is on high alert..... as thousands get ready for "the
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while those giant balloons began to take shape today... security teams were busy..... barricading streets along the parade route..... with trucks full of sand. last week.. an "isis propoganda picture" showed.... a photo of the parade.... calling on supporters to attack.... by plowing trucks into the crowd. police say.... they have visited -1- hundred -35- truck-rental locations.... reminding employees... to report anything suspicious. brad garrett sot: "if you see something that doesn't look right to you, a way a truck is parked,// somebody is just also standing by.... -3- thousand officers... many who will be armed.... with heavy weapons. in the hours since we learned the name of the first major professional sports franchise in las vegas.. team gear has been flying off shelves. the doors opened at noon today at the 'vegas golden knights' retail store.. and it was packed with fans from across north america. that includes a woman from canada who told us the teams up there aren't very good right now..
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team to root for. sot 135213 buying some t- shirts so that we can be fans from the beginning 134216 you may have noticed they weren't selling jerseys. the team's office says those wont be available until next summer. there are reports that some big names have a stake in the team. according to espn.. new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski is a minority team.. since there are a large number of min every sports franchise. check out this wild video as sparks shoot from a man's pants. we'll tell you what was causing it.. next. plus... right now... bold thieves are on the hunt.... for your packages. contact 13 breaks down..... the simple things you can do,,,,, to keep your stuff safe.
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pants. it happened while he was working ata grand central terminal. his leg and hand were burned when the vaporizer pen suddenly blew up. he's expected to be okay. no word on why the device caught on fire. take a look...... at this heart-stoppping traffic stop.... in idaho. a man pops out of the trunk.... with a gun... but... the officer is able to wrestle him.... to the ground. police say... that man is a wanted fugitive and was trying to hide from police.... in the trunk of his mother's car. both he and his mother are facing charges....
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new tonight.. they're called the "fit mom bandits." two women are accused of stealing from gyms around phoenix by using their baby as part of a distraction. police say it's happening at crossfit gyms. one woman distracts a trainer by talking about a membership. that's when the second woman with the baby rifles through clients bags and purses.. stealing their cell phones. 111- " it really takes it to a whole new level when you're using a child to get away with something illegal, at least 4 other crossfit gyms in the area have seen the same and the clubs all have one thing in common. instead of having traditional lockers.. they use cubbies or bins or clients to put their valuables in while they work out. from contact -13- the holiday shopping season..... hasn't even officially kicked off... and.... already several cities are reporting...... early christmas deliveries are being intercepted.... by thieves!!! the videos..... you see behind me..... are just a few..... that you have sent to us..... over the past year.
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"i check the security cameras on the house and there i saw it someone grabbed the packages off the porch." voeditor notes: vo early holiday season packages nate kelmes and his wife will never see. surveillance video of a hooded crook making the grab and run in front of their university heights home. kelmes has now added this sign to instruct all delivery personel and added even more security. a lesson that has kelmes offering advice. sot runs=:07 outq:...not in front o notes: sot chyroncg [a] - # non-live# # nate kelmes# holiday packages stolen off front porch# regular tab# new at 11# now at 11# => [00993850 (oysinvestigatingl3 super2-line)] "have the packages delivered to the back porch, back door, garage. somewhere out of the way, but already# several cities report packages stolen from porches# regular tab# new at 11# now at 11# => [00993844 (oysinvestiga tingl3super2-line)] the us like signature confirmation and a mobile app that allows you track your package all the way to your door. and if you suddenly find out
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office has a new service. sot runs=:09 outq:...when you crashing.... apple smartphones. after initially opening the video..... everything appears to be fine. but... seconds later... your phone will begin to slow down..... and eventually.... stop responding. but... there's a quick fix. a forced re-boot should.... recover it. a "youtube video" showing..... how the bug works.... has nearly -2- million views. tampering some disturbing video out of
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accused of tampering with food which caused a child to be hospitalized. police say it happened several times around the tahoe area. a week ago.. he was caught on camera putting a substance on food inside a grocery store. a few days later.. police say he poured a substance on some food at a baja fresh.. which sent a 12-year-old to the hospital. investigators still don't know what he was using. tonight... people living near "the las vegas country club" are not shy..... about letting their new neighbor know.... it's not welcome!!! zeny isola, neighbor "we're not are a lot of kids around here and i don't know if it's good for the neighborhood." "hustler hollywood" opens next month.... at the corner of sixth and sahara. but... despite the neighbor opposition... nearby businesses say.... they don't mind.... the adult store coming in. they say... they're hoping it will bring more foot traffic.... to the shopping center..... that some neighbors describe.... as "dead." a city spokesman says... they'll be looking into the
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special holiday meals for families across the valley. he'll be joined tomorrow by a number of former officers and community members to deliver about 100 thanksgiving feasts to deserving families. this is the fourth year they've teamed up to make a difference around the valley. unfortunately.. skiers and snowboarders won't be able to head for the lee canyon resort this weekend. they've been forced to delay their opening because there's this is what it looked like there at this time last year. but.. mother nature hasn't been as generous this year with the fresh powder. the ski resort typically begins their season on black friday. it has now been re-scheduled for december 9th. high pressure holds for today and bring a little wind with it! mainly sunny skies with highs ranging between 65 and 70 degrees will be common along with winds between 10 and 20 mph with an occasional gust around 25 mph. this will be the warmest day in the outlook as we begin to pull
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thanksgiving and black friday. by saturday night, big changes occur. the cold front that we have been monitoring for the past few days is still on track to interact with las vegas by saturday afternoon. partly cloudy skies will be common along with winds increasing through the day into the overnight. by sunday, temperatures drop to highs in the upper 50s and hold there clear into next week! winds will be gusty; topping off at 35 mph gusts sunday into monday early morning but the new data indicates a sky snow. sunday is yielding a 50% chance for cold, moderate rain fall with snow 1-3 inches in elevations 7000 ft and above. rain and snow chances continue into monday but drop fast as the front passes over head. by tuesday, mainly sunny skies are back and a light breeze will take over with highs
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shedding new light on the face-biting murders out of florida and later... we cheerleaders are being suspended over the way they used their uniforms authorities in south florida
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more.
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so- called 'face-biting' murders.. and a warning.. some of the pictures are disturbing. stuart police say the college student who attacked a couple in their garage in august was found chewing on the face of one of the victims. but today.. fbi tests revealed no trace of a hallucinogenic drug in his system.. only trace amounts of alcohol and marijuana. the suspect's lawyer says his client is mentally ill. -4- university of kansas
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because of a photo posted... to "snapchat". it shows... -3- members of the spirit squad.... wearing sweat shirts with the letter "k" on them..... with a caption underneath..... reading k-k-k- go trump. the spirit squad members...... along with the cheerleader whose account the picture was posted from..... are all being investigated.... by the school. local cab companies are facing some stiff competition since the arrival of uber and lyft. up next.. we'll show you how they're hoping to win back customers. and remember to watch good mori latest news, weather and traffic. it all starts at 4-30 in the morning. cab companies...
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a credit card surcharge. . southern nevada cab companies say... they've seen..... declining revenue and passengers.... because of increased competition..... from ride-sharing companies.... like "uber" and "lyft"... which tend to have.... lower fares. the nevada taxicab authority is considerng.... eliminating.... the -3- dollar sur-charge. bad timing on a court ruling for a lot of people working extra hours through the holidays. it involves a new labor department rule that would have given overtime to 4- million
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the rule would force employers to pay overtime to salaried administrative or professional workers who make 47-thousand dollars or less a year. yesterday.. a federal judge in texas suspended it.. saying the obama administration had no authority to impliment the policy. no word on when the judge will make a final ruling on the case. we'll be right back with a final look at your wake-up weather forecast. but first... here's jimmy kimmel.... with a preview of tonight's show.. right after... 13 action news.
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this could be the best app you'll download this year. the next time your child has a meltdown.. just open-up "santa's watching." that's right.. santa will send a message..... through the interactive app..... to remind them.... that he's watching. it only costs... -99- cents... and... is only available.... on apple devices. of 13 action news live at 11. jimmy kimmel live is up next.. and remember.. we're always on at and on the ktnv mobile app. our next reports begin..... at 4:30- a-m.... on "good morning las vegas".
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dwayne johnson from ?billy on the street," billy eichner, cousin sal does funny things, and music from dawes. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very kind. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. happy monday, i guess. hopefully by now you've come to terms with the fact that no matter how much you drink, the results of the election are not


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