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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 2, 2016 5:00am-7:00am PST

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> >>orgood mning.'s itry janua 2, 20.16we e lcomtocb "iss thni morng sa ayturd." kibreaewng ns niovert,ghor me le fveesfrail inom etens ooflngdie in th midwest. aplus, ve massi unmanh ft aor enbrazll a nman opense firn o the s streetofel t .aviv>> ng> cha fes gorun ntcorol. ranimalights and whereou y can ywearour head.oneswe br'll doeak wnhe t news law of20 16. > >>andem remngberi the fo untargetvoble oicef nieatal le co. >> bu> wet eg bin wit ahk looat to s day' o"eyer.pene"yo orur wn ld i s90ecdson. he>> tnty coinoue te, risn i so me c wasesone w't seeiv rer tscresil unt well into next ek we. t >>idhe m pwestrerepar s fomorefl ngoodi. n >> imithe t,dwesea ddly fslood are ttehrea tninganhousf ds ore doeas trwn saream e in dr.ange s townh nortt.of sis lould cou
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o i dnot whis this on my wo rsten emy. i >>n is,rael ama gunnne oped fi re,li kilwong t in a tel viv.>> ha it edppenpo on a r pula st areetndic offiaayls s i t d coulhaeeve bnh muc rswoe. >> e policyiare trng tour fige t outia moorve f a thek.ttac nd >> ahe t damage hasn bee asrelef ed oinshowe g th crskys oaperw n nes yearaneve d 'rtheyyie tresng to htablis whatca t.used i et>> i g tooan mtty letoers sitar aoundo nd dinnothg. he>> t a obamadmtrinisatision prineparg oto d shiometng about gu ns. a >>up gro t ofgeeenarsar cry ou t a droangeusst unt,hi pusng a docar swn acatairse. ll>> at tha-- t >> lommylaee pruys didms ups e wn dond ago he stt uc tk up. here ll>> at thaermatts. >> n sad news,ieatale, col the mygramni wininng shager eds di
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s thi bwille >> n obs"chi tmos inrng tusaayrd." >> t wha would new year's daye b wi ththout e iotraditn? th nee coisy ndlaol p barr ea geplun. >> on i dec't nriessaecly rndomme it. g>> you to intoerhe wat, it ts gel rea fcoldast. nd >> a w telcomeohe t enweekd, ev neeryo.we e hav fsomestantaueic gsts ah foead u,r yolu inc tdingom jo nes. o he'situt wh aew n memoir.'l wedl fin out theon ctiflicng ad hvicete goro fmis h fdsrien vi els andra fnk sinatra. eand thin sgle besten momft o s hireentiee carr.
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" frompechop ad"nd n"iro cf.he"bu e t thw ne ibookgus a foide r ho oome catk thto want ve impro sktheir . ills > >>shand hee hldwner o with ev stdeie wonnor and e w thsp t otlighisgh brin ter othe daandra y. go she t two grammy e willfo perrmer lat in the tu sa rdayn.sessio ak breing news niover ght te af lreveesai flnd are aor me r atnisk i theed swamp dwmiest.e thsimissis rppiiver is ex tpected corest today near theal sm ol townf st. mary, ss miouri. t >>s hat'40es mil south of st.ui loe s wher amanyre rengcoveri fr tom rheorechid gher wat rl eathier eeis wk. alovere l thdifloos ng iedblam r foeaat l2 st 2hsdeath witfivepe tiople ssill misng. h weave . more >> niviodta, gong mornis , it i t no fonlyg loodinbuhere, t ngfreezi. d 29esegreca in npe yesoear d
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's iter nevn bee thath higer he rebefo. d anrrtomoow itex is edpect to t cres0 at 5.feet re aly adthoris m aning mlongain st wreet wheree e arflthe ngoodi ubis stistanal.bu stt moth of ,0e 78eo00 pple wh veo lith in itis clly wi be pr d.otecte as tishe mpisissip r riverises mthisngornipe, caar gir, deau ss mippissii,lo f wodalls i wo g rkinthbut e mareginin 5% idoutse e thdfloo w aallre ervuln.ableth sat'saleverdr huneoed pple d an ckimy onwaneis of o emth. i >>er nevr eve ththoug s i'dee ha i evve neeer sstn a reet recoveked lis. thi >>or rep kter:onim cway l iivesn e thred star nrheighboood of ca irpe gauarde.he tyr cinc coun ilmaeysurvheed t .damage clvehirees arl neay bmsud.erge ntvoluaryva eiocuatns are u nder buway nyt mapl peoe e ar ctrelutoant av
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ll caed "great ooflf d" o1993. d>> i ton't ahinkenyon etexpecdth ouis wldap hpenga aino s .soon >>lo fol twinghatod flo lynear 3/4 of thepl peoe took a go mevernuynt b a outefnd lt r thei homes.>> wdhat di youea lrn fromhe t offlood 1993 and ovimpre? te>> qui a bit tuacally. l weedearn ourpi pumng smsyste re weol very d and n teededo be up edgrad. e we'vdone atth. 'v weare ledne we had aas wte tewatrr tmeatenla pntn ithe dp floondlain a n we'veow moved it h toighro gund ande ww kno iwhatins gog to hn appeacat eh fl stood ageoo f bty . foot ha>> tt slleawaan c witt stand rwateto up ee53 e. >> davidd,begnau th.anksth
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ng daertu we mern to ogteorolist ed cfrurran om wbbtv m in ch oicagor f a-- wbbm.>> l st.ouis cedrest dayestery. capede girarau willre cstly ear rr tomoniow morng it looks like 5 at0 a record cst for them. g theoods new isea the wther re fo fcasthior ts onregi,os mtlydr tly, mos ysunny.bu ilt it wurl tnr colde over the ewnext f days.ou rr otheer weath story ke etffec snow l off take onhe row. i itins gourg to tnde colr into e thnew hiday's gh,0 3 in o,chicag 41 n inrkew yo. 43 in .lexton
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tes degreeo.or sgtinon. mo e nday wmpsee te as drop good n tes degreeo.or s ceso bra l for a cittleolder heweattar to srt the week. t >> hankyou.>> > now to the intensean mt hun r undeinway ae isrlor f the an gunm whope o fnedireli kilng tw opo three oerse wer unwoded. m theotive has notn bee rmdeteine bude policow nw kno o whhe tey ar l fookingor. na jothan wiigiovigltti is in lond. >> te repor ar: thettackap hpened er yestdayn i broad itthoraries e wolithh hdingis aname tsheea sforch m r hico uentins. cu serity videoho shews t gunman ca lmlypp sho fingord foo mtsomen fo bere the ckatta.he n thece plas hisla bck
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e chingun and ls eavethe store oo sh atingnyonen risecuidty vhoeo swsat p rons ta ngki c aovere s thangunm sp traysrehe aita wh gue.nfir . atthe tackat rtled theus by co cimmerisal dt triceoas pple ce atlebred neaew yr's y.da ra ispoeli slicewoay t were or stage. lwed eanensagaihet tr doo so cthey nouldotak bre in. rehundfds oic poleur scoheed t etstreds anea nrby binuildgs ar seinchrg fo theangunm g whoot .away li poavce hote n reedleashe t en id otityef th akettacutr b idsapl peoeho w knew him gnreco hizedn im itheeo vidnd a ll caed auitthories. exthe actot meiv is eaunclr but ll foaows en rectav w oef enviolarce c oriedyut b le paiastinsins ung kn,ivesar cs an sd inomees casun g tsol kil re mon tha 20 ilisraesin sce to ocber. p138tialess nianwerels ao ll
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justes yayterd inmorng, iaesrl ha ondedthver eie bods of 23 o f os theal pniestians i ann pa aprente mov t eoase wiinou hrshe t y newdaear's y at tackerd opene fire.>> t andhose whoim cla to knowe thgunman saye hs in aae isrli arab. ey thcr desimibed h asub troled enand mtally leunstab. as he hep ry ortedlyalread spent ti pme inrison forry t ing to asteal police ofsficer' gun. onanthy. at>> jonhanig vliotti in london. k thanyou. or>> meen tonsisve oearsser aft na ma was sho atnd ctuapdrey b li poutce oside aos mequ inth sou anfrce. e thmaadn h rdammeis h caro int fourdi solwhers reo werd guag in e thuemosq on ayfrid.on lde so sierreuffedin mor ju in.riesth tie moorve f a thekttacas h no bet en ance hadee bnn oh hig alert nc sirre teorbs bom in mbnoveer.
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of halis fin year pushing forgu ntn pl nian sng aserie ofcu exetive tiacs.on candrehip id hase mor from wa haheii wre there pntside is gwindin down h hisayolid ca va. tion r >>r:eportes it waftjust a er e th smassghootin atn an orego un commllity co oege in ctoberth heat tsi pre ddent hecidede tohad takecu exetiven actio on guns. m heheade tnn aenouncemt in his we ddekly aosress ptedn othe we bsite.>> ec i dir tted myoeam t look nyinto act new aions i can take to helped ruceun gio vnclee and on y mondalli'ee m ot withur rn attoerey genoral l lettaynch is to durcuss o tiopons. or>> rep ster:esourc t sayhose on optiuds incledi expan ng thede tifiniwhon of io isn e th bu nesi ossinf sellgun gors so me oubackgrend sal sa gun riles tacgger bdkgroun ch .ecks thede presints blame the bl repuanicgr confoess ivr ging hi m no cehoicut bo te tak un
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w >> kenowe k can't stop every vact ofe.iolenc t but whaf i we tried top sto oneven e? whatn i o cursongres did ay thing? >> as lont mthgr conesslo bcked op prsosaleq rnguiriro backgund ec chks forin onle gun puserchas. an mee whil ssomestate arein takg ti acnon oir the if calaorni a g newun colontr tlawhatk tooff eect yrdesteay wsalloge judos ter ord the urseize ofs gunm froeo pple de demedroangeus byhe tir own mi fa olyyr b law rcenfoenemt.xa teous thgh isoi gnghe ter oth di iorectunn on g col.ntroth wi a newaw l agllowin guns to be ed carripe o inlynub plic pl .aces>> the nraid d notnd respo to ou esr requ t fort.commen wh but en theai detlse of th pr t'esiden as planre and,nounce ic whd h coulsbe aly earne as xt week, thens resporoe fm gun gh ritsup ssporter isxp eected to fu be rious. fors "cb mthis sorningy,aturda"ip ch reid, ho.nolulu>>
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s actionon gunol contr will do uny ubtedlbeon custentio as chipd sai onhe t kahig campan tr ail. tdonald orumpedffer his keta. >> de presibant oma isec expted to an expdro backgundhe crcks fo rc puseha gs atun d whatu o yok thinof ?that w >>i ell don'tik le it. t i don'nylike ahathing tvingo do withha counging ndr seco enamendm t.av we htye plenf oes rul and la arere ene pl tty ofshing they n cao d right nowha tet ar ad alrey there. onthey d 't dothem. avwe he t aouremendals ment al heprth m.oblewe lo're csingce plasve all or wo the rld. erall ov theou chentry ty are cl osing. em tr mendousheental alth ob prlems. dynobodo is nying a athingbout at th. eyall th t wanto do i bslame thegu ns. dan iott is n the gunha ttul plsth tre igger. i so don'te lik it. n'i doket li h whate's doing.>> an you c seeor me ofn joh er dick ison'svinteritew wh na dompld truro tomorinw morng once faat the nerion hne os. cb>> n whe the ccklouc strk htmidnig onfr iday, hsundred of ne w laws wentnt iffo ecrect aossth e
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yi carrgung of nns ias tex and a oksmg innban ii hawai to first of d a kin petbu aser krle van caveoi jns .us d >> goog.mornin e thyenew arerar bsring n goodews fo rah okloma andch massa usetts stwhere ncate itaome xes are dr piopng. d anke worrs iren moha t anoz denat stles wil gets raisein 2016 thbut ste motr consioverewal n ws lar centearound guns. ex in tas aew nn ope carryow alls op pe wle to aear hedolster gun os in mict publ acples.>> it isng goi to be ain learng pr thlle wiso be gmero pwingains ahereet th nnbegiing. m i'surere thel wil sbeome pe aoplee littl sdtartle be y thsi fght oom seonear cgryin lyopen. >>hi tss a coralifnia tenights it s wsla. a bbelnd plet gunils wle hav to be a brightor col to make clear th
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ini hawai newig sns are posted in warng of a firstth in ate nionla wai r tsinghe legal sngmoki e agro fm 18-21. th we laes appli to cteigarets an trd elecmoonic sking cedevis.>> n aewur svey s thowshehat t fo dur fol increasepe hapned in icpublsc high tuhool sdent whose e us igectearetoms fr 5%n i101 to %22 by 2015.>> ne tensseeom beces their fst at steo tre cate annl oine gi refstry o animalse abursor f lepeop h whobeave vien concted of alnimacr uelty. f>> i a youngre goio t pull a g do abehindtr uck. ou if y g areoingo t burn a t.caif a youreoi gng to do seever al animty crueln thehe treds nee to me be sose conenqus ce ytorou ti ac ons.>> ng amoer oth l newawsak t ingef afects crosthe uncotry, wa gtshin.con d. hasro ptehibid yrstm ofoafood conentairs.
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ycd cslist from wearing ear ds bu inot b.h ears se elewheroi illinss i sg tartinalo pirat progmll afoowing r what es are llsentiainy combnatio ck los oner c ptaintarecipition llpainkier ttboles. andn oregond aal caiforniam becee th first ss tateto tiautomarecally pgistereople to w votehehen tyai obtn or nerew adr 'siveren licse. >> tshank .kris hamusic ts los one of its inicoc ng siers. yo new rk's athpollo eater paid ib tr nute toatalie leco.e sh odiedf civongeste h eartfa e iluron neaew ye.r's ev co wlel il rbeememrebefod r incarvutg o a cr areeewhil rr ca tyingheac legyf o her fa , therher latehe fatatr, n ki ngki
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>> nieatalol ced sole morha t n m 30onilli rdrecos. htdaugerf ot gnanatin kg leco, she madeer h name in b.r& shero bke outn i 1975 wheith t hit single wi"this ll ."bee thhisong wchd earne her two gr ,ammy iluncesding bt n ewar astist w ollriginay o tfferedo on somee else s jaysames bernard. t >> iwas oedffer to aareth fr inanklst fir. cthat seasehow 'sthatwi shoeng mt tha her ercare n wasenot depdentn o her fa . ther or>> f allf o 'scole ta,lentt i s waer hat fsher' lyegac that wo uldot bhel hp andnt hau her ca .reer sheea appredit wh him in 5719 on cbs s'rspeon ton persoh wit wa
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lecoas wus jt 15he wn her frathedi lued of ng ercanc.s hiouloss wdld lea a to gg struh le witugdr e wrotedi candly ofer h many lo w psoint on in hergr bioaphy a"ingn" ng "an el omy ldshouer." in an ivinterheew ses dedcrib on he ofer dstarkeom m ents deinsi a bngurni hotel omro. >> i hadle puld my ph paraliernaa.i ok.i s gues gi'mutoing oe likth is. wh and eny the aexed thr doo downan med ca rothugh,wa it se lik va lalhal. w itikas lde go wasay sing'm i not tghhrouit wh you yet. >>'scole gesreattri tumpham ce wi lov" at th's whyli darng 'sit in
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et her g with her father would t seil14 m clions opieandar en r hesix eis dedcuss it in annt iewervi on cbs thisni morwong t years ag o. i >>er nev a gotnc cha teayo s od gobye.d anso iti connue tove conrse eland t ml dyad m howuch i love hi m when i get anpp otuortynio tng sise thed kinf o songs.>> pi deseate hlth obpr,lemse col nt codinue p toutut oec rords andur toel to hecp s hureer legacy. etunforgetabl too >> i sawer her pformt jus year re befo last at t 8he0thir bthdayr fothe e.aploap ollo. e shll sti sounded gnmaicift.en>> as she w sd upposetofo perrm ye new vear's elo in ges an les. >> i .know 65ea yrs old.>> me> ti to s yhowou this mo
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e lnondoeg telraphts repor arsaudi abiacu exetes 57 people mothis g.rnin key fesigur in partf otheb ara ri spngn i .2011 e. th t >>cahe chigobu trineep r ortsch haicago d theig hurhest mder asrate l ot yearf any anmerica ty ci. omthis ces asff oicials say the alovermbl nuer of police oo shs tingpedropd in .2015 dethe mepartfnt oti juscene oped ve inatstiginion hito c cago li podece mepart cnt'sehoos use of e.forc ur>> o cbs tulsa ateffilia rt repoios a prhor oklanma tee ist ouurof s ageryfterwa he s shotay pl ping arankn o his ne.ighborth eype snt nr'ew yeas dayg din
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sliceay thebo neighran r out he of tou hitse wh aun g andho styt paon. w he as notrearst. u >>ienbele.vabl ey th say theul blet puruncted s hi liver anden wtig rhthr toughhi s dybo. > >>a- -ay ssy the acted a tt liddle o. wothe rkeray ss theyai pd for r theiledoubm roo in cndash a ve neplr comheeted t orpaperwk.cb wss neea lrnedou cchas who w hbeingeldy bic mexan th auieoritss haed hir a high pr ofile manexicor attney to es reprent him. t >>hete cenorrs fis dease ro contlpp ao ear tbe ba kicktracwang on arnings bout thege danfrs oel conl phe use. r theyndecommetied cauonbo aut a a yearalnd a hgof ang usive en st erronggu lanageon cgcernin ntpoteheial althca implitions for e ccd laterpp droedho tse wa .rningsth
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alinternen documutts abo what to y sa aboutan ccer reme aug singesthag tt is not ly near aans dgerouss ati texng whileri dngvi. s>> andortanfdan moaged te mak mo thst of ean f wserho w reed d facengduriir theat bwitle th aiowae t throse .bowlth nde batt trouted oletd eouted ft a ake opgallingow cnd a otherar fm th emedge imas pblresumayo toc mk theaw hankeyes d the midte wesrnys wa of make mattersse woror stanfd n wo456.-1 >> ouch. ot>> n odgo. >> . no no oow a lk at theer weath
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c omingp u thedi increbly hi ecgh-ty h waeeto s theac impt of ro dhtug onif calaorni stfores. ofindowut ht ior wks andt wha 's itli tel ngus. a >>nd later, theos lsf o one of e th ol rigina mcastrsembef othe siclascwa tv mer cody as"mh".
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g rninrdsatuay." uber, thene phopp a that co tsnnecve drirs andir the rsca.>> and weew previ thet las lareguasr seeson gam in the cawho iln stle mak it? li a ttleel hpm fro their ndfries.we be'll ht rig ckba. ithisscb "iss thni morng
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mo mest a tricansrusted the enpresidstt, tru tedhe olscho. motoday stri amecanson d't think n you cagotrust mevernnt.d an kwhen aid gets inle troub at oo schl thear pents swoop in alikeysttorne tnto mou a fe e d th iresults ariuthoty of thets paren areer undmined and ey th k giveids theut ahority th at parents should have. im >> tees haved eue issns i 1900 areif dntfere i thann 5019 and 2015. a >>nd i'm notge sugsting 50 ar yes ago were g theood old .daysey th't weren. eevery areas h its changes but do i thn't weink co're regnizing rs s ere' abeen esixplon on ithe orprop otionsf kid on mioedicatn sin thi y.countr kids need orauthity. whenen parts step back from au y thoritatwh's hngappenin i ma nyes cashe is ttoocrte sps in ns and iftead oar pents insettr g clea nrulesowou y have this kid runningun arodhr tgowin
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icameridan ks are now 90 times re moel likybe to oned mnicatio r fovibehaomor c tparedso kid init r aly foplexame. m>> how ouch ift is just the pa otternsf pngarenti chngangi?ol der s rentarwho e pasent who w don'toant t have e thntargume overer whethhe ty t eatheircc brooli or not ca be tusevehey ha justbo been thha exfrusted ulom a fl day's . work >>ar and preents ase confu d and anthey wthe tirid kos t like . themey thth want ideir ks toe lov . them d an ttheyhink thisf i tarhey e or authe itativ tthenirheid ks n' wot like.them yo but obur j iso tea tchig rht
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s ur kidsafe. hedundrs of bravepl peoe we tlcomedhe new yrea onda friy
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tetiradionalar pol bear swim in theeaocn. theer watpe temreratu was alactuly ien thow l0 5s.>> a theemir ttuperaasre w in uthe 3pper0so st iea rllyt fel wcoldthhen otey g othut of ere. h theyaven beeicehi batng since03 thone was we guyith a .druman ed th bandch maroed int the r.wate >> ou you we ld havnkto thi it wo auld be lot warmerec bause arthe weamest wthern o record. a>> notd.s baco guldn'ttoet me do it. t >>ulhat wo bd haveeeen th year d too itto o. >> le whits parth of en natio lestruggfl with ooddu procing ra din androughton csditione havea tsed inhe stwe,or califnia is l stil y.dre threentite sta remains inom serm fo ofug droht w nithearly 90 %in e sever drought. nbecy traoi jnedir arnboe re chsearers who useut cting edge notech.logy>> wek too offea nr crsatoamen.mi
5:28 am
rvrese aoirscot reowrd ls and fo srest dyingft aer four years ofghdrout. t >> iheres a lotf o red on the sc wreen ihichs an sigha tt we ou trble.>> greg is d theecirtor. his fg lyinislab ip equpedit wh la tsershat scan the s it i xlike v-raynisio that pr esoduc i vividmafges o the th healer of eveey tr. >> our smsyste areee sing bdeyonth ade de trees. . ressed c>> thengutti edge lotechnogy, ifundedarn pty b avatar ordirectam jeser camones creat one of a kind 3-ds map of the stforeou thrt ghouatthe eed ras are s arelyever ou drght edstress. ue blas are are thheal ier.>> r youip equmentea r hdsucow mh ? tree >>ye ah. theea mmesuresnt i fedocus on muhow atch wser in iethol fgeia se itlf. blike alood test.on hee of t key iorndicatf s othe
5:29 am
t andhe data this week re edleaswe shod focali'srnia stforereed a iner vy bad e.shap 58li milon t areesrore dught ssstrended ald cou. die asand ditounng 888il mlione hav se ensu meae rablrwates lesin sce theug dro bht iegann 2011. >> thero d hughtaste impacd ar nely 1 bonillies tre in focali?rnia>> t thais cot.rrec >> y nearlll 29 miiones tree hav al ready . died>> e herare t trees hhatave lltotay umsuccbed. he>> ter sevely ssetresd s,tree ar pe theyassedhe toi p nnt ofo ?return>> weon d't owkn. et whaher es strs treel wil so ablylutecu sucmb and beon ge or f i itou cld beounck bacve or me ti. e >>nol ni andte winr ss tormare pe ex tctedino brchg mude need .rain es the e arntscie aistsreop hing
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talden s ate bite mor n.gree fors "cb mthisngorniur sat"day, n betracy, amsacrento. ha >> tect toghnoly isus jt am whazing y at thecan do. >> is it nt ingerestioo tha tt cjamesameronye plahd suc a role. i iteas gr st toeeol technogy ed us t likehat. >> th like at. andak spefing o inlecredib te gychnolo y, thiseear w can ctexpe a d wholentiffereof kind me g ssaginon our smartonphes.mi cong up, wlle' swho you how a outext cplld com aetes serieof s taskoufor y d.ahea fi but rst aoo ltk a theer weath r fo wyourndeeke. up next. dimenecal ws in our mngorni .roundsin includ tg howeo makd goo on e thbe numrne oew nr' yeas re onsolutio for smany people, lo
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and dsr.oo lapknd a pshillip a havedvice on how tost boo yourov heerall ialthen th new arye. aryou che wating cbs"cs bs thi g mornintusa".rday thnog inses em wtok.or yo hurr ai sislltihi tinnng. u yoy mahanave ie ctivicfollles. re iv-actthate em wi omth w ren'sneogai. th lye one oncy a da, foam enprovre to ngrowaiew hrs tup48o ic% re yvivevaour vo va om. wo s men'garoein f m.oa afeelol cred soin com?g on ly onev abrcaa hen ial at ins
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5:33 am
t can'rdaffole to art hentbur inget w theay? tr xiy ne4hum 2r, w no sthe #1 belling frandfror hequentrneartbu. t getecomplect protewiion heth t l neweader in qu freheent urartbn. th atiu's nexvem leecl prottion. ][music, no, no, nono, op perele ah bot asoft nd ..strong. yey!wh isich o whyur od pr auctsoore t.
5:34 am
it ise tim forni morng ro unds.. drjohnk lapoo and dr.ol hly ph .illipsno w that thel bal has dropped, w this leek we hookow tokl tace r populaarnew ye's sores.lution icomingn at number one for newye ar'sre onsoluti ns, soisurpre wi thos ling igweht.12 ay% singhe tyop h te sohed un pohids t os timef year. twhy ishis soar hord f allf o us ? t >> ireis prdtty hae and wll a kn t ow whaobthe prlem is. y if ou areerovhtweigav you he an incrseeadk ris of youe nam it. heart , attackstroke, di,abetes t join pain. s it inot just smcolyetical. hit hasealth eqcons.uences
5:35 am
i >>e n thalclinicng setti we us aepl coue ofif d ferentoltos. aone is bmy i, bodmass index. s it iata relpionshi b etween ht heig and htweig.>> if what 't i don like the er numbiv it ges me?>> d get antifferela formu. ct>> exaly. he if tbe numr is benetwe 25nd a y 29reou a ovweeright. butt idoesav he tilimitaons. c itelan't tl tfehe difrence be tween fatty andmu.scle soet theorically c youould be a dy boer build ande bn ithe igoverweht teca.gory wa and ste rccincumferee. and aec dirtre cor wlation ithdi sease risk. n >>ryow eveonein is go tgo be sa iying'mod a by ilbuder. this time o if yearst feel like op
5:36 am
et. the erat die tyouhinkks wor ll we? t >>he a dietsre kytric. e therawas y verge lar study hidone ts ey ld ooke matthore an 004,0 di tfferenes studiut abo diets fo and thund fat oll ahe tll reaypo pularrc commeavially eailabl et dis, very fewav he any ie scicntifnc evidende behi them ll at a. 1onlyad1 hha wt we call omrandonized ctrol d only two couldea rlly ov prid se goldartandd ee videnc thathe tyep kt w theeightff o afor year morean so the peopl rewho wein trygo tie dt osd there wegh weitct wahers an den jnyg. crai>> a i'm wwaeight tcrshe .girl woit rks. s it ius not jt a .slogan >> andy theol invve uncommity. s it i jnotustou y onr you own me g asurinyour fndood a doing wh at elsere the. is e thermeare aetingsngnd this on tethe inetrnnd aay wseo pple areco
5:37 am
reat secmut for tlahates mak os thnge this . work>> he and trere a a lot of apps no w. le peop u aresingpp as andng doi w itieith frnds andee kping ac trk. catheir elori tainke.ho tw muchehey ar sgpendin by in docig exer tse andshinge lik at th. >> os the ct of trohese ps gram n ca areallyupdd . so ct pralyical ngspeakit, wha yocan ou d 'sthatti essenally free? p >>alracticly kispeang. what o do weiafficsally y? whwatch yoether u are eatingnd ado exing seerci. at the is thrninteelal s f ro contl. butal ,sohe ty havedi stused thi lemindss eating.lo t ok athat okbo.d ane han cl dia the -- the gg bi per thelatehe t moreou y wi ll eat. avmy feorit meexperi,nt gsbrin.if s youuggest aor ptiony b pua tting yered dol cored
5:38 am
l ey wileatou a creple mo but th iat'ss .it if you't donav het iy thewill ea et twic as . many>> er anothlu sotion,xe ercise re mo. 9% vowg into m getinoving 2016. s what eort ofexercis sdhoul we d be oinghere? he >> t cdcs say150in mutes a we fek oer modate seexerci. mi30 nutes, five kays awe ek. atcut th inal h ifft iis in nu 75 mi ates weekin of e d therisis a ltoi gng up.i likeo t t prickineople -to- or have them wveeat itoin their ve lis leseam.ssly eso for ixample af youre rk paoning, dk't parex nte to th store. a parkomway fr ma s itot tha i tnhee cours ofur yoma norl life you areng doi mo re exseerci. and ioevolutn,y thetweren' in gettg on the tmireadrll fou atimes .week erthey w reunningro aund in do wg --ed shoul do that. w >>hahat's srd ius sgtainin .it
5:39 am
arthe sthet of t new ud yort sta it and then it sortof. >> o one ff theeavorit -- my rifavoerte shavice tert i ev ad reas wne o thatd showemji er membsiships gn upsy b 80% in y januarand jimda attennce op drbyped t tha samemo ayunt b ri apl. i solyt reals i focused ont wha cayou n do and when. risome ted and true foulrmas, ifyo xeu eercis with ad frienyou mu are ech morel likyo tbe ns co aistentetnd g a upnd do it. feven i d youon'tl feelike do .ing it hethe otr things, yeou havo t du schercle exeiseh mucik leou y wo sculd lehedu aes busins g meetinor errands. but ils aosa ky, yout now, iis gr heat toave thel goa ,of ,okay 75 mi tnutes,his many days a week. ll i te myie patnts to start really.slow s it i thardo g forom c theouch he to t gym. ybut if iou sayoi'm gng to takea inten malute wk aday. s that iecthe prioipitatn i give my tst ofheman c do .itn
5:40 am
enand the onc y oou areutth ere,yo u keepg.goin omy enlyexerciseg rs imen i wapower g.lkin ti do i about0 4 numite,r fouo tfi esve tim a weeknd a iee fl li t ke that is whai can fnit i t righ anownd it'soo gd fory m he alth aloverl. he >> t big part ist juswi shong up. h.>> yea a >>end w alle lovhe t feeling the ephndorinh rus ofea rlly do vingsigorou ciexerse.bu eet we fltl guiy if wef go of nand do.othingso a walkdroun aot lnd aw kno u yoilare sttil getomng se er excise. a >> pollin fdsom sepl peoe are fogoing r a t hotalealth ke maover this arye. i 9%pls simy inimprov ogverall he alth. we focused ont weigh and er ex bciseutth is erein anythg el ouse y t think ahis is good ti tmeod reminpl peoe on the doing? >> ild wouug sgest ngachi t outods frien and , familyisthere a lotf o ev ceiden that makesou y he
5:41 am
i yearld wou sayl calr you re pants. oucall yr .motherca r ll youfather. s it i ireallyntmporta i andt is so easy.ju anst humec conntion. th i think ere is a lot of re integstin ceeviden. wew kno it jtus ivintuitely. tbutshere inc evidee now ie scicntif iallyest makou y iehealthavr to he coy.mmunit >> myol res iutionbes to more t inrehe pmosent ment. reso the is this emor f esterot que.we us mlet t gof o this life we lahave p snnedso a toav hehe t fe lit thaaiis worting f us. so ihi tt nk i aisboutiv lingn i e thenpresntt mome.>> 'sthat my thmoer. oushe wlld pee an georan. ats thien momhit ts o hrangeas ne enver seig the lht of y.da hi so ts anorge, this moment. >> right. a >>nd tishat hi somete ng i'v ie carrd with mey mle who feli. >> allghrit. hayou mve atomen c toallr you ntpareghs riw t nobyhe ty. waco upming .ub
5:42 am
de a ri inng beiji andho swing yo stu ju m howuchf o all chaengeth l at wilbe. wyou'reinatchbsg "cs thi
5:43 am
> >>be uher tma snert pho app th ats let byou aooke rid in a erdrivri's parvate c is nd expapiing ra adlyndls cal a chin itsum neber onri pority fo er th new arye.bu het tyt mus over comeeg lal ob lestacd s anetcompn itioheon t .road>> h witsmthe ndog ara ticff to e provit,hi cna has asan my as 0 75li milonrb uan coermmuts. andre the is aul mtili bilon ba fttleor their sibu. ness a >>hell ts car adroun us .here
5:44 am
weri cossscrsedei b.jing >> we're in aid di car. d he'toesnt wan to gon o ca.mera ayhe s hse's doings thio tak m ea lelitt extra money. >> i canak meut abo $800 ath mon hesa.idit l wilhelper cov the esexpen m ofy car.>> ridrve se aicesrare bewnd n hito cndna a arehn teclyical gaillel.bu the taw l isel sveectily idth ddi anbe uer ar otiperang rain gy areashi wlehe t go mevern rntwseviets i lareguontis. s >> tince khisind o oftiperaon s is ctilldeonsireled ilgal in inbeij dg, i friveorr ube usbeca we it cill aoverll the ltpenaifies i get ugcaht.di di deswarv uber isn i 360ie citscr aoss chinaco tmparedoer ub's 21.
5:45 am
tour leve drindrs a ri.ders th bo areyi relnng o pciublity st .untsin et a l ttero itonvesbers usr' saceo omid cngpeti inhi csna i fonot r the faintf o heart. 'd we addvi dringe heris n fotore thoffeint rt hea ei.ther for cbshi"cbs trns moing saayturd"," g.beigin>> es inter ttingo tbohink aut so bmebodyalasiclyg takin a brlunch neak oth anoerob j to edriv cars. i >>ntngerestitl batere then i in cha. >>om cgin upe' wll rbeememr ewaynog rersho wpe heleld prop e thtvar wy comed as"mh"e in th iesevents.yo wu areg atchiniscbs th in mornrdg satuay.ju [ e li ]thine wrcrkle gream araveyd. itif sn doeor't wstk fa...
5:46 am
li cllnicapry oven ogneutr ena wrapid rrinkleepair. arit tigets fesne lin wrand leinks h witstthe fa estetr finollaormuab avail le. u'yoeell s yngou lerngookiki sn juin nest ok. wee wonek?ee othis'sne k aereep . pirakld wrinire repa. a dnd forotark sps idrapre tone .pair m i >>x 'm ale.trebekif 'r you50e age 85 to ,is th i is antamporesnt msage. le so pase, e writhedown tr numbeon sc your .reenth cke lot i wankto tal ato youbout t isn'onthe ye ondoour .or ait'slo rate ck yofor e ur lifncinsurae uathat gs ranteeatyour re ne can uver gonyp at a time,r foasany reon. be but ul icny polyoies u see hdo note,ave on yobut geu can tli a mefetilo rate ouck thrghth nie coloenal pran progm. hicall tmbs nuer ea to le.rn mor p thiswalan gns desiedth
5:47 am
opfor pea le on infixed come ntwho wada afforblefe lian insurce sthat'stoimple overageptions ju for 95st $ a mon, t less35han ts cen. a day noact w yoand atur r be willelo n cked ifefor li. w itveill neear incrse. ovyour cerage ne can cver beedancell g as lon pas youay reyour pmiums, urand yota accepnce g iseeuarantd, th wial no hestth queions. ca you e nnot b dturnedownbe ofcause r youthheal. f callr or yourminfokiation tan .d giftbo fth areree,th wiob no onligati. t don'wait, hicall ters numb. now stinaying m. rhyth.. 's it i how t tryveo li...
5:48 am
eeso i nitd 'tat won m weighe .down foe r thitnutryoion ntu wa wi t thoucathe eslori doyou ..n't. y trbo 1ost or00 calies. deachioelicnaus sizck se in drvek giu.s yo.. 25am vitanins ned mirals10and ms grapr of n.otei i sog t's biriin nutndtion asm call ins.alorie noi'm t t aboumto swi t inw he slolane.
5:49 am
g>> iot toee s my k youhonow ngw lo it's been nc sii e dema my fewi? >>t at leasoneau drghte >> ay wne gerobers, nost korwn f s hie rol as wecisinrackg sonurgefr asom mieh drod fm co camplis tionof eupna.monihe ye pladra tpperoh jn dgurin e thlounng-rningit s meco's t firsethre ses.ason l >>fot oub trole withwo men, do yon't u. >>
5:50 am
thera chacter wasel wlwn kno r fo tngradies jok andni martis wi ebth tte matnd aes btd frien ha pwk eyeierce pdlaye bny alle da al. he wasarsmt, funny,io curndus ade tedicad.i slove wayne. ll i's mishimer vy much. ge roidrs dec led toeave infollowntg a coisract d pute with prsroduce in .1975 ci a de hsione later teregretd. r afteh masog rseren wt on to st nar ity "ci of geanls" and "h ousels cal." te laer had meea appesranc onmu srderhe otwre,ar lryan s dersan dgn diaosis mu.rder hels ao had greatce sucss later in life, as aon mey meranagnd a
5:51 am
yn wagee roasrs w 82ea y rsold. >> aftere ht quire the e wasightmo asre seons. h sote wenn oo t say,n idi ado tion tdwrereting it. h hade had knownt ihawould ve en belo so unng rening h wouldve ha justep kist hou mhuth st an yed stad put. >>he trey weh suct a greateam. ay>> alws nice to seehe tey ar fr s iendeain rlif leto o.up next wave heoo lk at the es biggl t nfhmatc ups and a f playofevpriew. fo mer soyo of lualoc nsew is .next stthe re stick.around
5:52 am
g morninaysaturd" we tolcome bs c thisni morng tu sarday. thi'm anony ma son.>>
5:53 am
ak loot a t shetill elvvo ingpl f ayofatsituonion theoa rd tosu boper 50wl .am k ea itwndo. a ndhe tnm froar hcrd sabebl incoal mingou cn ntry itowales th ace pinnlef o popic mus essuccds ann evea hoknightod.>> alsoeg vasas lt year to ll hoooywdhi ts year ath anoer n ru of bffox oice .hits ud incling "hail escaar"rr staing georgey.cloone st>> firre bakingew nrs ove night. th rie ngsihr teat ofod floing inpa trts ofhest midwe as levees ll .danger mtheipississivpi rer is pe exo cted tcrestay tod near st. mary m oumissri. >> 40es mil southf o sout. lis e wherlepeop s aretill re ricovengro fm theor recd
5:54 am
or rep gter:ood rnmoing. rewe aut abo 40in mutesou s othfst ry. ma and werheth a di enffernce ar hou makes.wh ene wt las saw you our last rtrepon whewa it sar dk now that e thsunrt staoed te ris you get oka lo athe t difloong. thesi mispissipiv rer is aal hf mi ehle bind me.we in're do wnwnto. d anre the a wasor majlo fodk bac in 1993 theyal cledhe t so ca lledre gat flood. thatto sgnp siig rht t wheree're ld toan by w eyessitne isre whe wthear opstped. al y readsit ibl probay 20 feet stpahe tp sto.signan hed tsi mispissiper riv will crnot est untilom tworrot a0 5 et fere we'd tolnd ait cy fi ofs cialsayha t itsn aall time corerd.95 t% ofhe citys iro ptect bade fl ood wall thatan chs wittand 53 et fe of r.wate ape.
5:55 am
awallrext elyreme t inedhe r srta nboeighdrhoo we to're sldometr sreuctue s ar ar nendly uater w d nobithe ncg cothern is inmorngre a l theyiow-lilng v agvillesnd ans towsi outde of e th tcityhatou cld m seeore te war orve thet nex 48 orndatyva eiocuate ns havbeen r undewayin scete yesrday and 'r weole td will ceontinuhr toughth ene y thonand vinita. av >> did gnbeaud,ha tnk u.yo an en intsivean m hunter und inway ae isr flor the nmguan who en opeded fir on fyridail kling o ve onsthere wer tycurieo vidws sho the angunm at ace groryto sreor befee h re sache for ahi macne gun. hehe tavn lendes ain begs sh ngootion anyne i ghsit. th auieoritbes eliev tpehe susct m isy entallleunstabpe who snt itimerin pson for ttorying l stea paolice fiof cer' >> id veof o rliepubcan idpresalentian ctedidaal dond tr isump tu feainred a new
5:56 am
ptrum s washownak m hingisal cl fo er th u.s.o t bar all mmsusli afromcameri as his srtuppoers ee chred. e th wfilmas ibdrdden o terwitt id fryay b al abshaab, al edqaa'sso amali masoa-lisebadaf e.filiat edit l to cciriti hsm wisords co beuld used byam islic li mis.tant t >> hrumpas notet y cntommeed a byge messala bsting him at eryests day'owrose bl read acameri is ump is disgtius.ngpa orid f by a anarizol rea ta este itonvesrho ws sayhe tre n islao porce f trumpn ithe pr enesidlt rn cagnmpai. >>nd a sortanford sced onts i t firs fplayrom scagrimme. hrto canisti mfrccafey. the firstye plar tool clect meor an th a 350urll p ypose iardsn a ro owse bl and st'sfordev kinan hoged fak
5:57 am
a 31 yard stouford pownded ia 45-16.>> e we ar hineaded to the final oweekf ethfl neg rarulse d ittu feabires ges gamit wh g bifplayofmp ionlicatis.he thre is ure pictghe riw.t noin fc the n all sixms tea are se t. anthe pthers anddi carolnals hd e thtop twots spolo folwedy b gr y,een ba inwash,gtonin mnesotad an e.seattl esbut thd e coul achange fter sunday night. >>s thing arees lsle carth in e afc. glnew enandnd a thenc broolos hde thtop two otsls. nacincinndti a the chiefs also nc purh theiti ckets.d anin wss thiee wk would send e th janets dex tansth to e pl fsayof. ee sthering wel s erteeld s anarcolts le stil in the labance. s this ia big d.weeken ig >> rht. stake uhe treha tounk yff playo ct piure. je the ts and.texansho
5:58 am
y>> thet jus need to win.u yon are itheve drir seat. coyou yntrolourwn o tefa. easys a rehily notn ng ithefl n ever es godi accorng tocr sipto si wo peuld exaoct chs. iti say all the time ony m show. iscrazy new n iormalen thfl n bu t if thes jet andan texs win ey thin are . nd >> a a lotf o areay sheing t nstexare a a iniv dthision at'sno trt as song. oudo ynk thir eithe of those arefa ctors. >> the xatens,he ty havee don itst fartingffour dierent ar quksterbac. g soheive tdim cret forin havg theil resiency to rise obo ave th at ade.vers efor ths jet gthe asitreat ltleso ap opera.ry
5:59 am
be .foreth isou cthld be feimirst te thelt cot s don'hemake tpl . ayoffs>> he if t yt,don'he tird hea iscoach a deadan m walking. a helready knows ayctuall that othe's n going teto be r urning t totshe coley if th't don n.wi uli wodho say tatugh th the ibpossyilits ieare slim to none. s>> to ahesere the ninehi tngs th atav hoe t pphaen? >>wo w. >> what'st ake sta troomorw night.>> t thaindetermise who in ws th sie divileon tit whichea mns u yoget to host ala pyoff game. t so thahuis ge. sit i soti competive a wndhile home treeams a not geeuarant dan ngythi f theactt tha the pa s ckerosare hheting tik v ings ey th h have ad11in wsn ithe 1last2 aten gre bay at mi otnnesa. wboth lould tove ao betom h e
6:00 am
>>in[ diaue bl]. c >>deonsierred ovil the hl but ab tl tie. se>> it ems to met that whas thi r is aeallyboll aut is who's hot of playfs. loas we tok athe nfct wha do se you e there? fc >> n has twoea rllytr song te tams inarhe c adinalsnd the hepanthors w aret just loshe tirfi merst gat las year.ry veg strone.defens isre extmely labanced. t ifhey meetn ifcthe n am chippionshwo that uld be g amazinnoright w. htheyeave th p twoee sdsth in e wh t abouthe afc side? h theyave twola pyoff spots up r fo bgrabs tuthe bestea tmnd a lyprobabvo my fatorite s ry ofe th iyearen th nfl is the eyta srted out 1 in 5nd ae hav wonow in 9n aow rut bve en be ttterhahey ve aye plar who
6:01 am
>> 'swhat your super?bowl g>> i'moing weith th alcardins. d anrta da boardth in e afc.yo d u coulroth aw dart.>> s thankh so mucbefor ingit wh us .an dde reminr l'nfsov ceerag ar sttoted amorrownt noorn easteth wifl the n today. s it i8about after the hour and nower h ae isk loo at the he weatyor for keur weend.>> > up next,wa "trll seet najourerl" plsonaec thum colnist l virtuaitrealghy rit now. w dotoe get t puthat on. e' shllme ergend a t uellsll a ou abt it and otherhn tecicologal
6:02 am
g morninaysaturd."i mmreconaend adture mtae because i trr t erey we e thtofirst havemia vitafin veriused by en indep odentizrganationth etat sris stlict qua ty and spuritydstandar. mnatureade. mbthe nuneer orm pha acistenrecommdedle ittter vraamin bnd. wh py ispshiliic sonthare e most lo elved icectrth tooh brusbrand meby acarindns ahe tenir dstti s? usbeca le its eave myour ouththwiev a lf el onclea li ykeou'evve neler fret befo
6:03 am
noinonvati y andou. ph soilips nicare diour e gestivemsystnds hale t a lo toverolhe hs.iday 20 rs houan of slxiouy tifighrong cwds to d finpethe t ok cofoing mir faealy m ls e wher eweveat o15r nd pou s tofkeurd y andesi de wonter afl r al othatur stdigesyive s stemaccan .t up t soryiv act 2ia forks wee !en ajoying tctiviawice y a datwfor so week ma ry helptheduce uee freqncy atof bloin,g, gas di rtscomforu or .mbling tr viy actia. an dn no th u e fls viru bhitsig.wi chth aches, ,ills feand ver,th noere's uc sinh th g as a flittlelu. itand ds neeig a blu so: tionntan aivalir. so n wheu the fl,hits ycalldoour rctor aightway an td upnthe ae awithirntivamal t.iflu crpresoniptiif tamslu i a analntivir thatta atcks u the flvirus ts at irc soue
6:04 am
ta u mifldais fro app ved t to treat fhelu in pl peoo e twsweekof a ageldnd oer wh flose mpu sy tomsst d arteinwith lathe wost tay ds. be akfore ttaing miflu,te r ll youordoct y ifou're napregntnu, g,rsine hav ouserials heonth conditis, t orotake meher nedicis. dif you aevelop n icallergio reactn, vea seh,re ras or ns sigun of l usuabeviha,or opstak tg inmitaanflu d ca oull yr ctdo ioredmmlyiate. drchilnden ado ascletsen p incuartirla bemay at ancr ind easerisk eiof ss,zurefu con, sion or rmabnoehal br.avio th ste momo com n esidetsffec are mi o ld tramodeaute nansea vod timing. an luti-f a? goirntival th wiif tamlu. s wetoarp s thritipain, ou so y h don't save totop. be e causbeyou e g on ward. to thday's e day. rp caeme di. letylno 8 ahrhrrtisitai pn tw has rso layein of paf. relie fithe isrst t. fas th coe seasnd lllts a. day g wee ivyoyou ayur dac bk.
6:05 am
le ty.nol > >>oudid y everhi tnkou yr ho olusehlid appancesld wou be oable t orrederup ssplie when nn ruing w?loor c youould have a drone fo
6:06 am
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6:07 am
in go sg toell vr. alwe're so going to see more ha rerdwa. d ansthis i m a moreeobil ex enperice. yit onl costs$99. s it ialler powyed b the phone. we but 'reng goi to seeea rlly me imrsive encxperieroes fm oc ulus ul resi expenve andh muc brette gr csaphi etc.mi cong outs thi .year rs othe by ,hp .sony n >>ext wooe're lt king arsmarte inmessaggss mepsage ap. 'swhatng goi tope hapn there? ou >> y are usedo t nowba probly xt tething wi your mifaly, nd y t read tto wext sithome bo rothts if at is good and some iecompans.lo fts of nocusow on ai, fi articialel intncligee in agmessppe asom becinger smart d anabbeing le to t dohingsor f you. mesog thinbofaceasok h beenpe exinriment g avey hmee sogthin cd allem in fa bfa
6:08 am
so and won youeill b able to xt teay and s book me a se reiorvathin at t erybe th ae islsora integ tion fwithooacebk itself. soy thewill remindou yf o hd birtd ays an lthingsike tt.ha er >> v.y cool atalk bout.drones e thergare bing cha tes inhat ar toena o.>> i't haven allctuayee bn onpersalntly iteeresind ro ds neun tilw. no e we'r tgoingo now t ohinkf adroness casamerr rathethan he colierpts. kita angy realll coo ieself. rethey a goingo t gette betr s.camerath aey arelsooi g tngo become sm gh rit fouar they e ryealld har flth gey areooing t geter smart. rethey a going talo acturtly sta ll fog owinyou around. o >> s ctheyanat loce you. >> tshere i one. toyou ss up ien th air, say you e argoingin kayak ogr o an hike orthsomeing.u yottoss i up in eth air. ak it tes a photof o yous a
6:09 am
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6:10 am
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6:11 am
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6:12 am
k. l[teaughr ] al[ mnoe an]uncer imfor t aicnd r shardermuck , gi g vinfta gi f or theimifalyel's dusicio jam a aylws tmadeolhe hsiday usja t ttli ble itesweret. we rg foo ot tr put ounames thon em! arrich td, i thinkllhey'w kno o wh fit'srom. t yhankoyou b s. reyou'co welme. reyou'co welme. al[ mnoe anr unce ]p haolpy hsiday ofromury familrsto you.
6:13 am
as! he s's a lady oe w w woeoe she's a lady -- > >> tom ma s thatir tom jones hase mor than h aedundr million s.record isin h nemew mo yryveor orirve or the ra ils.he re shade somto s wriesith me ce rentlyt ata avardi stueros he yin nework. y >>llou reay wanted to be a wiwhite lskeon pict. >> .yeahan t d i mereotis dding.
6:14 am
weknow, ry all to to dt wha you do .an mee ing thsoul ersings. si waid iell'm ttorying do at whou y do.>> om t jonesas w4 2n whee hef lt s walemoand toved do lonn to br ineak muto sic. th wi yin a heare had ar numbe one hit. i'm notal unusu tovo be led by neanyo he>> tst fire tim yourd hea t' "its no uaunusl" you now it s waet som fhing oryou. >> . yesi isaid g'veot toav hehi ts .song ve i' t gotveo ha. it>> the pemroblas whe ter manag co who t-wroteg he sonedwant to ve git i toth anoerge sinr butjo wanes lds to heou cecld rord th e mode. n llioof e.thos heer nev did. at. ut >> b when thege sinrur tned wn . chance>> r myngecordiag manerd sai we go out to rsgh thi. up
6:15 am
ca beuse thewa demo sa dda da i nt isotsu unual to beed lov by e non wsoe weand t hado havome sngethi th at had too gp bom baa dom. iai sd how about brass? d anheit's t mostta impor ntth toing r evepe hapn to .me c itedhang my feli. is>> ht nex hitou weld b theth soeme ong t a woody allen . film 'swhat new pussyat c t >>sthe firim toue y heard ,it wh diether d youk?thin>> iug thohtwa he s ngjoki. oui thheght ok was jiting wh me. ca beuseis it y reallngstrae melody dymelo. y>> eah. n >> evetoday. g if you b hearaada da da bam. ou do yw kno iwhatan me? y
6:16 am
a >> wnd i5as 2n thei and ghthouatt whth is is? s hethaid s is inot ath rhym and ue blngs so. i said ino kw atth. ug[ la ]hter >> a sgtrin ofit hsou thrgh the '60se madim h a .star but ist wa thebc a tvie sers "t ishis tomes jon m" thatade him a hoolusehd mena. >>s ithat ryeallt whain kd of rn tuoued yo int aex s sy. mbol>> i thinkas i w a sexbo sym alsso s on a siedtart g.singin >> doom wen still throw u nder twear a you?>> . nono -t likeou- y i know,t is not ke liop in cea caban in norew yk.>> is that i wheret st arted. i >>n '68, .yeahey thha were ving ati maritni wh na pkins ands thian womto sodp u d anju st.ju
6:17 am
d anhopeou yon d't c catchold an d it and ri was wptten uth in e ne r.wspapeit fi back red. >> how? w >>caell bewause i bsn'teing n takeouserissly a a tey sawrehat moth than ey ar heatd wh i was si nging.>> on at oie pnt youot gpp oeosit fadvicerom s frankinatrand a vi eless pr ley. >>yeah. lv >> eiste lisnedo t nejos' re bucords n't didte lik an album s ofdstandar he asreleed.>> he said tom. d weon't g oe.ther s heaid we leaveha tt to rit? we.bu st heaid we. >> wow.el vis is- - >> ng putti you in the same. y >>eah. haand tat was big cenomplemt tome . th and ben i'deki talng to fnkrasi atnatra the bar inae csars ce pala h ande wouldy, sa youkn ouow, y'veot g are g jatazz voice tom. e leavopthat pff stual one. kn you how youtave goom to ce e.with man sd i faidrank i l iovet all.i
6:18 am
s that'ke wordor f youut b at r othestimeit 'ske wordst again beyou pecause onople dw't kno er wh teout p you. e >>lyxact. tthat'she m.problei alwaysd usetonk thi thes ver tilt b woulde an asset.t bumesometipls peoe sayl wel at wh isom t nejos? ye >> ah. ou>> yi' know otm ne in thk roc an dl rol hall of . fame o >> dwayou nt me? i >>ld woue lik toe b yeah. usbecam e i'llbasicay a 0'6s ck rool and rl ersing. >> sir tom jones though a member ofn ave enor mesi excluve club. yo you u got a htknig.hood>> iiammed wtely thenheue qen pu sts the awordn your ou shlders. wthatnbas uieelvable to .me asthat whi somet inger nev dr eamedf o in myst wildeam dres th ouat i womld bece a .knight >>y prett cool.>> yeah.
6:19 am
unmost f halfou hrsev i've er t. spenth ore st aiesre liunbe.evablefi thrst oke bo "overhe top t and backnow" is on sale. aat gre .readal rel ly weln,writte a ton of fu n. lshe's ao lereedas ani compaon co rerd "long lost sesuitcah" wit it. ande' h isnre gat shapend a ok loifs terricnd ati sllou snds pr oblem,e i'v oedffer it toth anoerge sinr first, f ranksi a.natran
6:20 am
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6:21 am
ngtacklili ctemaha ceng to re ce ateaclenn-gyerob js, fi tighorng fin livwag ges,eq paual y, anitd tuio n-freepu cblicgeolles. pe oprele aic sd k anretiofd st eshablintmeit pols,ic an eyd thre want al ce!hang [ rschee a anduspplae ] rn beiede san -rssb- hud,an erfath, dfgranr,athe an es honadt leer dibuil mng aenovemtht wiou y gtoe iv aus feutur to el b iieven. sand iers:er'm bsanie s,nderan apd i e prov mthisgeessa. da saturt y nighat thes movie >> > 2015 waste qui a year for mo utvies bcc angordi tori ec s davixtthe ne2 1on mthsld cou be
6:22 am
e erditof o theie movte websi nd fa.angogo niod morng. >> mo good g.rnin >> g let'shtet rig to .this e ther lis a ootf iesnterting uf stf. rs fimet cot s oubrferyua 5th. ha le .caesari' eeve snil traersor f this realady. ge georey cloon. >> takesce plan ild o hooollywd. or geloge c ioneys kppidnaed by amy ussterioup gro calling em thesselv thefu.ture jo and esh rojosh banlin d this looks like it in is gog to fitig r ht in.
6:23 am
diwhy dhi ts takeo s long? i >> st justeems to be a entrd. the terrailre scod like 62 ll mi vion iiewsn its first week, h whica was .record p soeoarple egr hunyo t seeor me ol zor.ande thand imis thee tey arry tg into foil at plonsagaiwot the rld's mostea butiful peleop. a >>nd the t,wiom se are calling hethis t sescaritth of e arye. >> hi ts isup ser pycree. 30 16s nenew d.glan ait puraman fily bheanisdo tthe od wowhs terehey relesett and ey th are tmeornted ho psyclllogicasiy, phybycally awi tch. el feiks le a grim bthroser fairyil ta c thatomes to .lifefr heom tia do lect tthe s is ionoue y't can miss.
6:24 am
ngtakive or for ctihrisan bale. >> you isd th is sseuppodo tnc lauh th ewis nue seqnce of lmfis, aq n,uamati jusce ueleag.ia and yeahou ye hav bat man. ier revt tong bei a te yen--oarld. jui wsttan toee s batan m fight pe sur man. dan tishis one ofig ehtom cic ok bos moviein comg t.ou et so g th>> anoer one in. may el marvs thi .time n captaia,americiv cil bert jdowny,sr. i ironnmand ach anris evs is captain icamera. >>ed basn o aul popar stinoryle e whervethe gomern ints lngooki to rategulehe t rhsupeeros now. an fd theydin tmsheselve on po op sites.side i onwas the s oetfhi tsil fm an id itkis ndf o like the avgeenrs 2.5. erthare ree lyalas mvesi ghfi.ts loi tveheir drsecto inhi ts sh ow.ey thnt are ingroducick bla
6:25 am
ly real looksfatintasc. >> i feel like'm i g lettingost th ough. s there' been alot.'s itto hard p kee up thwi. t'lemos tve oone that is not. iswhich ng findi dory.e thw follofiup to gndin nemo. t >> ihink that is onef othe po pipular xar esmovi. h doryasik l me 25illion likes on cefabook. e thos mtik lses a anyne disyr o sapacks acr charter. th and eis timor dy isoo lking he for r lyfami. if and y wouatch thera touiler y ecan sear how f if etsffec have me co. l itooks go. rgeous a >>hend tue seqlnd ienepncde e day. he>> ten alisre whe back. ll wi sthmis i not. he d nidot ceomac bk for this. je ff gold bl,uml bilai penl ys i ck ba. d an 9619he wnhi t fsstir came t ou itea rllhey edlp lh aunca ne w d tren dofasis tervimoe, al
6:26 am
he and wreee ar allse the years later. eycan thnv reient .itch risor hemswth comes up.>> ne o ongue e ata srsr wa y.stor is th comes outem decber 16th.bu tt iisot neq a stouel " star ."wars n >> io its a is inspf.of s take rplaceightef bore the rs fitst "s"ar warmo vie. aup groas twiked thin steelg the s plan dto theeath .starok loar for ddeth var toet rurn
6:27 am
ac sp--e f up t nexn ithe ,dish aamand ei fr ctagooks up efbeor, sht bs ri andth oer farivotes.ay st tuned for some great food.yo
6:28 am
g morninrdsatuay." nointhseg emtos or wk. uryoai hisr ti s mayou hay vect inafoive lellics. -areatctiveme th thwien womog's r aine. e th oonlya nce foday am, enprovre to ngrowaiew hrs up48 to ic% vi reouve y vr vaoma vo. n'womegas roein f m.oa ywhene ou'rnglivih wit etdiabstes, ieadycis ex.ting gonlyrnluces a hastcarb,eady cl lyinicalve pro hn toelp ni milomize barod sugke spis.
6:29 am
usit's jugt a coifh. ou you c yld seeouugr coyoh, seu'd ste ju f howar it s cand.prea turobi dssinx m mahesooturs yoro th aatndiv delers , fastrfpoweouul celgh r ief.
6:30 am
> >>f chend amaaag freit grew up c inedar groveew ny jersend a n begareher caer as the bus rl gi. ig in hhoh scol her home iceconomsea tugcher s sgestedhe si vit thear culinnsy itetitu of a.americ e and hoe was oked. afterra ggduatin she worked h througl severatop nskitche, in udclin sg atintn iar pis rebefo l aandinget thar hnriso in y newbeork sideam fedf che ji mmy brleady.>> v herastxp encerieroe b ught hertt aentiono tthed foo tw neanork d she's aeg r ular e judgof pechopd. al asoos coht with tie nn peoningt of her own show ri "amecaner din vire aval"nd st ju edreleas her first co okokbo, a. chefnd amaaag freitme welco to the dish. h >>ewappy n arye. i thiss so ciexting. ov>> i lse thi table. l >>atook isth. lo>> it okst.greate
6:31 am
is it a feast.we ell wld cou start with dessertrs fit. >>ou y calls thi skyh hig pie. d>> iid butt iis a deeph dis e appl pie. e therare ancrieberrs. cayou e n usruehubarbn ithe sp .ring d anaee b stalady withpshash py acpists.hiosan wed av ha e tacock mil iupade ithats anpp aleid cer rg maa.aritit l is aleavery ssonal too.e thsbook iea mnt forhe t home co hook w i'mic basallyti wring ave lor lette to. i >>e hava tinyew nk yorcity kigalli tchen. ire g iw upesn rantaurt tc ki.hens rethey ae. hugpi
6:32 am
nl stai sessteel .tables c toook ate hom is h.toug you,chopp pre do it all yo lfurse ande makall the di shes. t sorehese aes recip i love to amaket home and. n >>toice toet s aer p sonup. n' dobet fr reheat is whon everythe inks is ha heat is wh eryveeon tnkhis is ea sy. s>> i wtartthith beasic and erthe is c aerhaptle calard scy uf stcaf be iuse ksonow memetis s it iy scarooto ckn i your own hekitcn. yoncelou fee tacomforble, then ca you hen go aadnd a make . it>> yo when reu weak touing yr big st te at theul cinary utinstite. >> my oh gosh. y >>uaou actlly e.froz vei lose the iestors. >> i d.di e thero are twbig picractals fo beoure yad gr.uate th e f oirsty ne mesnerv t gothe be f st ome.i awhave r cenhick i fn orontf a metnd ild coue havbeen yt an.hing d ans i wainturntg in ots i , headupside wndo, ckbawards. sti jun' didnot koww h tout c it .
6:33 am
dobut k youwhnow at?i ccanut a chickhi witn my eyesno w. ou >> yed bounc . back >> i cepractid. piicracted i acprd.ticewi nyth ayothing uin fd yweour akot spans dyo then u pcterfe emth. ife per tctedhat a indad meur seat th w thatevould nern happe again. orand wking under purresse has en be thehr tough line fory m ol whree caer. as aefch, aoo gdf che youor wk uwellnder supresre. supresre. etcomping and i rfeeally eel liki worket bternder supresre. he>> wean rlity tv andoo fd fi merst ca t.ou li feeik l yeeou werea rly.e thin begning endn whe we really dndino't kt w if id wouloobe gd b orad or irwed. >> chopdpe has beenuc sh a ph a.enomen eait's rl. dynobows kno. neigh ss hianytng.d anpethey o bn a aasket lndike
6:34 am
'sd it likeni ope fng theridge nievery ght for nndier. >> and a is hdan you thisis dh d anurget yotu signare on it. >> o a dish. i wello'm sxc eited abouthe t ok bo.ju llst reayk coooutf o.itt ge theag pes rtdiy. f>> iou y h couldave this dish withbo anydyt pas or t,presen wh ulo woatd the? b>> ie hav thisit favore dhe tre b woulde nove silr . warewe e wouldhiat ts allh wit our hands. f >>e or moron andmaand a the pldish, heaseead to oureb wsite at>> and up next,nd ara day, st wevierondepe heldis dvecor r heand it's just ahead.
6:35 am
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6:37 am
tof nhe yewreata srs a dndraay o whil w rlememrbe 1520 as a kobreayeut ar. she edreleas her firstdi stuo bu alm. h onirer fstr tou and herin sgle is "re up w"as freeatu ad in co cimmeralrr stainger sena iawillms.>> and joinedte svieon wder at ri chs stmanin a elyxtreme rpopulaay holidd a for plape. isand rpe uhe ser'll pigform rhtno w. s this ia andrday. you'ren broke downnd a tired ofin livgif le on a rr me-ry-go ound y andanou c'td finhe t fi rghte i but i seeout in y w soe nn go ia walkt out
6:38 am
nae gonal wk it out a ovnd ment mouains and ise'll ri up i 'll rise like the day l i'le ris up i se'll ri afunraid ri i'll se up andl i'l do itn i a tdhousan stime again forou y you you for ooyou-h ooh nd an whe theen sil'tce isn ie qut i andtls fee like itset gting t hardeao brthe nd a i know y foueelik le dy gin b ut iro pmise we'll take the
6:39 am
h,oooh ont mouains ng bri it to itst fee ooh,oh ont mouains a nd'l iisl re up 'l iisl rike le the day l i'lrise up l i'l riseafunraid 'l i ul risep nd a i'll do it aan thousd me tisin aga or fu, yo ooh, ooh, ooh oo h, ooh f orou y or f u,yooh o ll a wed nees i hope a ornd ft thae w ehaveach he otr
6:40 am
ande w will rise e wl wile ris e wil wl rise up oh, oh,h o ll we wiis re 'l isel ri up e rislike the day l i'lseri up iitn spe oef th ache il i wl rise aus thotiand mes ag ain w and re'llise up h lighikehe tes wav w re'llise up n ie spitheof t ache e' well ris up a e'nd wll do it a tanhousd me tisga ain for u,yooh oh,, oooh o
6:41 am
or you, oohoo or fou y pl [ apause ] o >> gayaw. 'lwebel ig rhtac bk with more frmusic om thezi amangnd ara day.u yowaare ngtchi cbs t"cbshis rn motuing sarday". at>> sdaur sysession are onspresobyd lu bbue alffo. lo you rve youet pse likfa mi, ly f sotheed ikem lmie faitly wh bl ue. y evertonew cyota womesithth yoe toretaca -cnomaost nainteplnce an. wh tat'sacoyotare? en oginehail cesng re tiio rotatns mu inlti-pospt inonectis deroadsiis assncta e an ucd so mmoh re twfor aro ye 2s or0 5,00 miles ic whcohever fimes rst noright oyw at tn,otatho ge prt 0% aan fincing mfor 60onths t onerhe vlesatira 2015 v4. enoffer uads jan.ry 4th
6:42 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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