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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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rethrned, t ey juswantedot andeher moy l, the awanted erbiggel modt' thanes nity t percenheof twh time peat hapns an cad be'suse itn opewebox ivjust g le it ae ittlr lowe thprice" enthe op d box tealsplhat esacli eske by t bu icalls t, iara yero clund ncearapoe opitrtuny,bu cat bereuse s turnenhapp so te often afe r thyenew ar, th e ere art a loisof duncoo ts t h bejaad in nuary. or"fmp exapule comthters, e ey'rin fe peronct conditith so at an meats th c youoman cnde in a anwe civ ge a you typretd goode n al osoit, d you hon'ttoave thpay ole whice pr ie ont." e th umost dp toteate lochnogy in 2ls0-16 aino browgs de n thpr oicesemn it ls fromt as. yearv' "tals are voways e slving,o noright e w we'rtogoing getbi etgger badter, b tder 4k" v's. acand plikes lile rc wy ley sa e thnstv tratiition m me frod olto il new wakl be tacing plrye ve on so. ls "deain com og uponn disctinued od pratuct the' wreng goibe to ok lotoing e movugthroh,in brewging nel mods in." ch and egris siayrist s'ss it not t justv'he tngs comiin down bprice,thut ooper pularec els wel or "muee blth tooic devmoes, refi wied enables devic's, thatki whnd of seere i ge 2016oing m isr ore fobithe moleco ."nsumer
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ne the pwestros ductheat trt sta e of nveryeaew yr. s heopays pe ele arecoither ming spin to e end thy mone wtheyere il stngl comito in t buyhose onelectrd ics anncappliaes." d anouif yil're stinl lookg for di ntscoumsed itee at thofstart n yourr,ew yeaes busine ses aren incouragr g theiercustoms toch t eck ouinitems to the sre or ea to sonrch . linengcoveri theg bilistory thve in roe newsom, cryan canaday thannels.wo new is thay holide timreis gat forfa immily tthe togeer and ga staranzers ca find attreat e thshflielamann piuetarm overe thy.holidae tharplanetonium u the-n-rca asmpus hon a ct stant exhibi cayou lln strogh throut and i fe ofwsrs shoe in thhedome tater too.e on sof the phowsnglayis now il alt aboun'orio. s beltatand thju ca atgrandfjoher enthy togeer. ry gabo:" we e th haveran intst g wendo to aff stuni at d ght an
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ns coiotellat sns andtuff."ot anshher laow ps ying iabout ic dse worlth, and ie rolecepl ays he eare on rtthh and horougheut t ivun. erseyo chu can eieck thitr webse for ti showf mes. o wcoursevee ha a tlink oo itn bsour weite at v- k-t-con dot m. d ane if likyostars ovu'll le th bie exhihet at tna natiol biautomoeule musghm riw.t no... c it'sspalled moace s.bile... thwhile see muknum is r own fo 's iten ext csivectolleofion ..carsis..thit exhib ir s othe ofmodes ns traatport.fion...rom sh tuttleslao the ovnd rer. an u d yot migh sevenomee se mi faarli fheaces tre. ch mifrael itady:" le's cald sp moace anbiles ffd it ooter a l of o handsbin exhi kts ul's popriar bg nginplin peoe alfromvel oae r thtrcound y anal tl over whe."orldad chts pitwaley sas pleantlyrp su wrisehehen in came with hi s o tw tsons. odaych e ad:" w gwere gonnaino skatg 'sbut itol too cthd for o at swe
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exthe t hibi yletsimou se ulata r roveinlandd g ane a spac tlshutnde latoing o. g it'sheot ty onlizlife se re ofplica ar the mr s roveother th san thenimithsoan. itand be will sp on dierlay the rothmaugh y. av we hnve an i iersionacn ple an me hing weolave co ier airn lvalleynsocatioat than the inmountapes. tems raturewere t coldn oday ireno. di akdn't m ae it fboveg.reezinou w r loorthis masning w only ni vene aboe . we'reealso sing mo udre cloer covin movrog up fm utteh so whwest.vee ha l severa slittle oystemsff tshore,llhey wiov move er the rk wo. weekr radanoright w is
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ncan iinrease cloud r, covey mainld mid anevhigh lel ds clourn. bue codenis gre. owtomorrgn mornira tempetures ll wili be a itttle br, warme but t nowe e havnvan i iersione n plac g meanine we hav acoolerir in ey vallio locatn ns thaat the ta mounemins. treperatures weco ayld todno in redn. diak't me veit aboin freez lg. ours ow thirn mowaing lys onab nine ove. alwe're inso see cg moreloudve congr moviom up fr teh hw soute est. whaveve settral litele sysms offsh heore, t my willerove ov the ekworkweda. raghr riist now et pretty quiwe, but ee are sing b willtte a li wle bitr,arme but chnot mu. tu g rninmeto cri.. seneet wits ss irioffeng are tward fonightoror infmation t aboubia stabfing we rst rtrepoesed yayterd. inthe ntcidek tooe placndarou 3 cl o'yeock dastertey afn rnoointh ble 300- vock ofreiew st. et
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umwith nsterous ndab wous th aere...omnd a w aan wholso re mquired aedicalonttenti. bo erth wspe trantoorted the sphoalitit wnoh lin-fe rethenatg injuinesri. etsecrne witofss is afering on hoe- td usan rdollarfoeward r in ioformatinn leadn g to a . arrestn you cat contacsecret s witnes-2at 3-2nd 49-hur red, o ytexttiour -4p to 8-1-7 4-1 th pe renodeolice meparts nt ive inatstiganing en incidt in involvppg peayer spr at an ea arin caso. e thdeinciapnt hd peneroat aund 1: -m30 afr on aidaye t thpp pe rermillonesort ni virgia st reet. cepolind respoa ed to e disput tw beo een tw opeoplecan the sinofl icoor whd h endenewhen osu spbject thrayed r e othe p withspepper ray. ra seveoul surrgunding erests we ct affethed by ere peppay spr and ce reedived mreical t fatmentrom ms reraa pa. medicsiono serus ri injueres wpoe rerted. th ece suspdet was d scribeas ahi icspanin male 0' his 2s and
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in virgeeia str tt fromhe mipeppere ll. thercanist used du hering ten incidt was rerecovebyd nearou and fo nd tbea ercomm pciallyd roducebear pereenllt pppe seraypr. p- r- ad isg skinctfor viims of ncthis itoident an file e onlin li poorce rept. in for iostructndns ain a lk, theadt-o k-t v-n dod com ancl onick o thevenline ofrsion th ryis sto. d ane thh soutahlake ticoe pole pa dentrtmeor reprots a dp inar durests tringyehis noar's sw gl stobe fe civalreompaasd to lt year. utthe so th lakeolahoe pice medeparte nt madst8 arres hothrougheut tva festil, mp coo ared tes17 arrt ts las . yearlsthey aedo issu 169 f st orethe ard sts an ta ciintions avolved alcoholndso di crderly ionducticn publ. c ine e thf city o hsparksas putaf trntfic con rols ie placr aftetr a acaffic icidentran the il . cityth cie ac hdentneappe td athe rsinteonectipy of d ramiand
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crning.fiity ofsacials y a stcar pruck aole.e thascity hth made e stop ts lighe at thecinters ations sh"flareing ghd lits". at thns mea i thesentern ctioisno fow a ayur-wp stol untire arpairs lee comphited, ws ch i edexpectmo by mnday. orning cioffiarals vie ad msingisotorts ttoanake er alttenaou rntte uilth . en tostill on come el chann two anews..t 5.16 20-an is el onectir, yea p andririmandes aca esucus j areust mo anthsway.we te'll holl win is d gooe,shap whand co isinhangmpg caaign
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th and yee new brar is ngingi atcandides. so tme arenerying w ha overthuling mpeir cas aign ge altomather. onry moley pl exnsai. t atoshe rwle boad paride fray wr-- skyweiters foren't oncused ba footll. st inseead ght sin ts oblrepuanic pr enesid ftialnnrontru- er - nadoruld tthmp. sse meage -- me "acarigr is teat. irumps sg dingustiru," t- mp -n knowfor bi his nsting i- ults -hasn't sbeenn hy otrthe orail on tetwititr "peskle a, "w o hy dtwyou aneet -td reweet ilto ms liont aboubu@jebsh when s he iowso lth in lle pos?" usbeca he ofigis bit $ h o adsn me !"os thire ads terita trump id pres centialdaandi"ite: t bo methers i when gusee a y ngspendiu , yo $knowli60 milon dson ain agae,st mot a lit of , ri " ght?tr voump twingaro stent spding t abouil$2 monli w ak eeto su enicre v. tory id presalentian cdadi: te'm"i in gotag to spert s inding.'t don twantkeo tany aha cesncor." f s hi -partb - je cbushleanced eypricbu ad - ys -d movef stafto rl eavoy stings tatend-- a st insimped trufa will ll. es pralidentida candie'te: "wre
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ofaloliticon envirhement wre il he f sls they pace bsaying agoutr teous ihings. t thinkhe he-- tti emof on ohethe re andno llw wisi subde." n beoncarsrh oved aulesthis aff -- in losreg thp e to. aidshis steams aycathe gnmpai is in gag inen. ergy t onerhe othe sidheof t li pol ticae aislil-- hlary toclinlln wiri bng her sonot-re-secapt we- on - es prt iden cbillonlinton -- the mp ca taign. raile but shnomay t gechanh muchein t y newear. ayfridhe -- mpr ca aaignncnnoued itse rai12d $1li milolon dlars thfor ime prs-arienc- sie cioffi jallyngumpio intrathe ce ilin aprth. boub repn licaand mo deiccratdi cans dateitwill hth aie trndl mo- ay -inmarke g thne asw ph te in yhe newear. mai'm olry m roneyepngorti. de atmocrreic pntsideial ca atndidnae sebetor srniersandeta tlkedfuo a apll-cy acitd crow athisnoftert on aunthe siiverty asof mussach tetts. oday heand h gotedeckla by man we g arinnaa doruld t-smp t. hirtoo
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ay"i smr to um. trd p anhis orsupprsteha ttht bie iollirnaesof hi tcos y untr nwillot nt co tinuen o ow nthisn.atio" trthe suump tepporidr saha, "sme ouon yni berefe" bore tt geesing edcortut of othe ro om. ok loouing ar nnd e-e spaconx falcke 9 roct -- s lastumeen plmetingto arward eorth befnge maki adr uamatic lpright -anding- isad relyy to f. again elc-e-o k on mus tsaidkehe roct s wageundamarid dutsng ih launc an bsd su requenttoeturn earth ec on d21ember he-st. t on falcli-9's fs ght waa abremarkhnle tecical nding ri upght. in landckg roupets isright uc crtoial ti cut cng theost of e spac el trave , sincckthe rocaets n be re edusmo. ocst rhakets tt haveca d rrielepeopte or sa tlliteso r outeovspace per theast 58 s yeareehave barn discteded afr r thei, launchbuoften g rninup
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olmeteoranogist sgelalichilngwi e ll hav aa lookt yourfo lrecastn ater iowthe sh... t but.firs.. mithe t dwesdifloos ng i incont tuingowo grth as ooe fld rswated heah.sout te afe r thk,brea we'elll tu l yo o'wh rs atk iswhand heen t
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le peope in tht midwesuecontinto nd contema with ssive ngfloodiom. in ss e areathe ri rver isinecedd g anthe cl iseanup wa under iy. butn ot acher pl wes theonater ctinuesto d rise.egavid basnaud h the flatestcarom irpe g, ardeaumi rissou mithe sissisrippi isver ti hitng rdrecoh higlsleveth in ate ste isof mi.sourt . bugithe ant oo fllld wat thaecprothets t ld hoing. idoutsate thl wal ait'sh muc erdiffstent iory.w n log lyinar theas tee wadnr coul't be
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ra giu rdea severaleen 5most0 ofeettef war"st : eventh"no this is e most e we'v severeen" t wea ook wridepuith wblicorks di orrectve steokn co f andound hi ve nclesy earlersubmged. te warer stooet t ak on w nholeew inmean tg innehis orighbhood er whe anhomes ned busiavsses he cc sud umme wto theater. gcapeauirardeev was dd astateby cthe sogralled ooeat fld of19 af93. arterwstd mopl peoe in es thooe flond preae aroks to a ve gontrnmeou buyd t an. left e thosstwho bayedd ehinw are noei seodng flos waterigeven hher 9than3. hi "t os isf ne owothe " rst.on o the stherofide r theeriv.. li il gnoisnooverucr brune raer unsays hofdreds i homesn his st e ate arrwundeheater. 's purgingineople un voltary ua evac ation treast o no atakenyan chd ces anleave. od"a floe in th iwinters much ff dit eren athanod floth in e mm suecer b hauseheypot irmias ska rih witlepeopti waing ndarouir these hoube to cu resed
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ngcedist in ui. lod s anr majoro aadwaysn re opeagain.bu hit the ergh watno is viw mongso auth.eond pinple se thoas are e aringettadg rey. d daviaubegnbsd, cs, newe cap ra giu,rdeaur misso i. e ththflood oureat ct ld lasth nerough k.xt weee thsimissis eppi isd xpectetoes cremt in mtephis, e nnesseonja y nuar9-th. we an have si invern on ie placan meweing e hav acoolerir in ey vall onlocati as thane t thtamounins.te atmper wuresldere co i todayn . reno 't didnit make f aboveg.reezin lo our mw thisngorni o wasnly bonine ave.
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r cove umoving tp fromeh so t.uthwesve we hase liveral ysttle sfftems osh heore, t my willerove ov the rk woweek. da raghr riist now y prettquiet, we but ee are s iing ane ncreasin cl oud mcover,miainly hid and evgh lel dsclou c. burn gode isreen. mo torrowmo ternign urmperatl es wilbe a blittlemeit war nr, butotch mure. futuhocast sosws mt in stayong dry y sunda awith y strasnow er showbl possinle, mai iy laten th
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ay mond. cbeste hance will bsdon tueay. se daven owy shers tempatures ge sltting wightly barmer,heut tpa bettern mcomingseore und.ttle mp teureratl es wilowbe bel zifreernng ovendight atl slighy above we e havnvan i iersione n plac g meanine we hav acoolerir in va llleynsocatioat than the ta mounemins. treperatures weco ayld todno in re. 't didnit make f aboveinreezg. lo our isw thni mor ong wasnly ne nive abo'r. we se alsoeeing mo udre clo m coverupoving from te uth sot.hwesha we evve seral slittle oystemshoff sthre, ey mwillovove heer tkw woreek. r radanoright rew is pietty qut,bu
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cocloud aiver, md nly mighand hi l leve. cloudsodburn ce isgr omeen. torrow n mornigertempesaturbe will att li wle bitr,arme n butotch mure. futuhocast st ws mos in stayong dry y sundawith a snstray ow er showbl possinle, mai iy laten y.the daes chanc h getr ighebymo nday. st bee chanc bwill te on. uesday ve seshn day mpows teeseraturge sltting wightly barmer,ut thepa bettern mcomingseore unttled. er temp watures bill beelowfr oeezinghtvernigli and sghtly ab eeove frurzing de ing thday. mi cop ng u tnext nheadeva ba basketeall ts m wainlookg toen lod a ssingk treathisaf ooternlln dailas wvel ha
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e thn soof p aisolimh anmigrt grwho ew up ainok bron lynetentme. he en wtot pc ubliolschos, en thol cgele, wh e ere thrkwo hofifis lgae ben -- gh fi itingtinjusce d anuaineq,lity sp kieangth truwe to por. ov he m tedveo onrmt, wo n ecelti aonrand pasise ofone ri ame bca'smaest .yors onin cs,gresst he upood wofor inrkfag limies an fod r ciprine,pl po op tsingrahe iq r,wa ppsungortier vetans.
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bfundedery ovil a mlion nt cotiribuons, ngtacklili ctemaha ceng to re ce ateaclenn-gyerob js, fi tighorng fin livwag ges,eq paual y, anitd tuio n-freepu cblicgeolles. pe oprele aic sd k anretiofd st eshablintmeit pols,ic an eyd thre want al ce!hang [ rschee a anduspplae ] rn beiede san -rssb- hud,an erfath, dfgranr,athe an es honadt leer dibuil mng aenovemtht wiou y gtoe iv aus feutur to el b iieven. sand iers:er'm bsanie s,nderan apd i e prov mthisgeessa. ne the envada mets baskamball ce tinto goday'saiame agnst nf co rerenceyoival wn ming oa o twosgame lreing stbuak... t h they laven't host atthome isye coar so eyuld thth find e win lu cohimn ttes af..rnoon.ll as we atas masch lart yen s wil.tota l soheets o ad torlawl f forirstha
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tr onfio the ioeld prtor he tga . me..a gottlovesp oronoss.ship atiedset 3 qconderuart... ge a orgihein tdc wil. at..and rr teody gowhwin rmo no pallylays evreci der..esecidth to throw e a ballt nd thagrwas a eat sideci. on..a its ar44 yd uc ton hdowalto m mcolmelitchl...10 ul-3 bs.ldogte. lamer sare scogr n eysoerlambe t thgigeora tequark rbac twillitoss to go wiodfon a r hdtouc..own.bu gslldo17 up ho-3. r wevepennst goate tht 7na. fiayl plof g the..ame.y the aneedl haima . ry..thbut lle bu kdogsnock d itanown eyd th 2 win. 4-17 ll hafa of eame hacd collh bi ersnydin try lg tohiead s wi tldcatso a rtlibewly bo.. winrl. ea ty onhewi tsldcath in dze reanone eyd thgi t ve iheto tlb fulwiack n nsto dianmel igd he fs hts hiinway to e thonendz le...s owerthe ou sh aldere t th7-end 0 wi tsldcabu... ist the gamd woul ngbeloth to zoe raksrbacup... 18...rd4 yat s ouwaand thtch e byrun x aleincoll hs...e n'doesipt sk d leg. ay..geand ts tintondhe enezo..zo. raksrbac
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'sherek a loot at whaisc-b-s wo g rkinoron fve the eewning ns -mat 6 p.... pr the t esidenutis aboke to tane tiw acn on ontgun corol, bl repuaricans ade alrengy firiba anck, lld miacions fsie a ring athreatdss flooe in tht midwesmo inevenwsg ne. ge anerla's h ae with l finalook at fo your ..recast.. n seveowday shers tempatures in getthtg sligmely war tr, buthe erpattcon beorming mtte unseled.
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