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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 4, 2016 2:00am-4:00am PST

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rdoesblesem ve pasts ideoomfr is owre nkr from anis vle cinave inwash.gton >> or rep tter:enhe mie beltoved s ben yria swerelehackdd an d dressepsin jumuits.ey thte reporcldly toaimed be iv acttsis w butexere edecut as es spius acc oedf alinstling me casoras ri the boutish c ld se obisrve isen movemitts in s ssyrianoltronghqqd raerah, whe co n alitioriair stvekes ha el pummsled i samictate po s.sition hi>> t ms is a tessagevio dad me caron. ep >> rr:orte v theeaideo ftures ma a mskedhoan wak spegls enish bwith ashritien acct, th enreate ing th au.k. nd itspr niime mister. o>> and ine daye nvad lyourand,er while we wlel ruth by e shria. ep >> r aorter:esnd comda just ysaf viter darod camew n's neyear o videe messagedpromis to nt coheinue te battlt agains en viollat isexmic tstremis. an>> i wo t us ty be verclear. you llwiot nef dt r >>orep tter:idhe vndeo eths wi a ilchngliea appe ranc cby ahild m inarilittiy fa, gues enthreatnoing mun-imsls.
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ainum nr be hofhligpry ucod edvi olprent anopagesda ms sageai atmed w theanest edd us as re ticruioong tls. s itngtimi b may e no cicoine.dencco iminge n thataftermsih of i s idefeatken the i y iraq ocityf diramays, sael micha, morel er formy deputordirectth of e ci d a ans a cbonnews cortribut . hi>> i ts nk thiesis a m tsageo r theitesupport rs thae they'r il st tl inamhe ge thafter ese se f ries os,defeatti parrlculay ma radi. in i th'sk thatth what alis is l about.>> te repors r: thitepurpord isisde vif,o, jefe is thtofirst e featurlian engaksh speceer sinha jin.di johhe a wasor notxeious eercution ikilledaln a coaiition rir st keov in nember. ri >> kn s vavecleak , thanyou.> >>t tonighntan avei-go rnment a militikehas ta an overer fedal il bun ding i oburns, they're inreatenadg a dely obattleraver rsnchets' righ .ra seveesl proterters w e also o partrmf an ataed sf ndofin vanen da i.2014he jre'sfeenniwlr doofing our laportffnd ateilian. koi he>> ton citstioutn. atth w'st ha'rwe he upere for.
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r >>teeporrmr: ailed mit siaet c upatamp n theerow htie naonalwi feldliug refade ayey sse to lnize e d th rafedevel gontrnme n didavot h e th auy oriturto pe.chas t >>onhe cutstition. t >>buhat iildingpes the 'soplebu .ilding r >>r:eporteon how lllg wi youst ay?>> ng as lo n as isryecessa. r >>r:eporte l groupameader mon nd buedy postfa this okceboeo videa thrlier eeis wk.>> s thiotis nim a t se totand do wn. thit is te timed o stan up and t comeo eyharnnt couy. ee we n hd yourelp. r >>r:eportees yte ardayast let 0 10esprot stersd howeo up t orsuppigt dw hhtamndmond ais h so stn .even o >> gmmhad.on>> h. yea r >>teeporher: t w menere nv cod ictersof aeron aft ar st wtingeyhat thd calle llcontronsed burei on thh r ranc 1 in 20006and erey stived bume, jut a dge re lycenter ordheed t b twotoack onpris a for fboutmoour re s.year d >> kon'twhnow o at t juss seem aliketl lite er ovh reachafor bvingd urne127 ac res. r >>teeporher: t s twoheay t bu dndys son't fpeakheor td m anth laey p sn tondurreer
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e'>> werre h se to utandr p fo brour rsothe s and aistersnd sh ow w the, orld ashowcameri at thst we toick ergeth.>> or rep tter:rohe p stestd prea to he tea nstreil wifdlree gefu. et>> g o outref heu , yordcowas! r >>orep ater:'smmonhe fatr cl enivad h h ois dwnpuis wteith de feralff olsiciar ove gngrazi itperm ns ina evad01in 24. dthatopevelnted io a nf coatrontbeion n tweetimili a mb meaners w d larcenfot.emen w non ammoy bund tsayshe timili pamentolan up occisy th wi feldliug refr e fos yearl unti eyharnnt cousiy res dentcan ai cleim thghr rio ts tlathe nd. w >>henov genernmtet spssi outde e thdsboun tthhat eoe pplee hav gi ven it,ha tt it is theut d oyf e thlepeoppu to att th ve gontrnmein back la its pce. or>> rept'ter: icls unw ear ho amanyn re imithe a litip,grou t bumesambers g y usins weapon is t not ou qof theiouest n if itauthory ies trceto for them t. ou jeff? j >>feenniwlr do ting, yhankou. > >>rrtomoouow, ab60t rk0 woers re rntuo te thfiof cceplom iexn be san nornardifo, calihernia wre p 14weeople lere kil md lastonth t in aaterror tack. e therconfuience bwhlding ere e thngshooti ps took dlaceg urin
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enn violce.>> ti> stardang monewy in n irhampshrme foreer p bsident ill to clin bn willtuegin sfomping r s hin wife iimkey pratary st es.s it imoa big orve fla hilry in clcaton's impaignatn a ste e wheraishe trerls bsanie maetr garrn t is id,concor newha irmpshe. major? or>> repefter: jf,he witn cesom reto pntsideialro surgate po csliti o, norine bmongs o re t tathe thble ilan binl clton. at thn 's oplthe ndus aat negive .sideon p theitossiive bdeill cl n intoanhas ir entpee rerertoi ic of v otoriesarr neto vicries i herehan new e,mpshirhi finisng ura sinprisecg sond in 9219, he g lpinelpropil hlary conlint to up an viset y ctor00in 28. hand heepas a rn utatio in new irhampshare of couing abe t thst d ate ankispeango ttevo rs re di actlyernd pivsuasely. thall ilat w pl beo ut tarhilly cl n'intones beinfit ig a tht ceraga astiner be niersands. heon tat negsiive hede ts re i cbillonlintas's phit, wch na doruld tasmp he madssan iue, mabut ewny nam hhips dreocemtsrafo hought ttlse bat tes outhe fvery tirst 1ime innd992, a th eley t il mep f trum ubringsp os these issu i now lt istoikely u rilemop deiccratrt suppoers of inthe clmiton faecly b tausehey ht foug w thoseonars efce bore, he
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blpedclill reinton frcover omth d em, anreare wady,, illingd ano able tthfight inem aga on lf behall of hiinary clton.ff je?>> g major tarrett ionightw n ne sh hampire. to manight ngny alo the mi ppssissir i rivefastill ce d floos.threatth r e rivexpis ed ectestto cre sin theveouth oner the xt few .days wh meantaile, swhtes there e oo flavds hcee rearded e st liruggo ng tverecor. d daviaubegn id islin il.nois r>>teepor nr:rlea,0y 14cr00 aes leof aerxandnt coully, is inoiar dee unerrwatig tonht. pr125 tioperrees aod floed. rsothe s areunurrode td like he o homeiff jenneyer cor and br n andodillo.>> s thienhappo ed u yot don' thavetoime ll rea y t gey readitfor . >> ep rteor ir:f wtheytoant av lehee, tvey hado to by it at bo. da toeyy tht wenfoout r su esppli. er tht e's nomun ch ihothe use. e threconcs te ithdry tankso a le thvee beyltui tt ha eishtig et feh, hig i andhot's g ldin ni toght. iback11n 20ir theom hooe flded te after waerr ovthran vee imat t we itivas fete fe.ey thed learnes a lson. ou if yef rus le to, eaved buil
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s is ihoour re we'yi staerng he. r >>teeporo r: snifar eane dths ar nfe cod irmellin is,inoiin 15 en alle,villso misshuri f erif jjohnn ordaedboatr oveana be el fi cd to ohecksin res.dent hi>> t ts isoshe rsis ree denc e.ther ep>> rr:ortery ter h andifis we,wa ronda arss, ofe 2 pe 32 ople sirefuo ng te.leav ea>> rcllly ose. r >>teeporher: tomir h ne isow su ndrroun ed ir.wate ou>> y't dont wanbosomeo dy tco n me iloand heot tt resheof t f stuf ythate ou'vedworkr you feli. for ep>> rr:ortens dowm treaarthe my s corpinof eng ieersids confent a mi3,500-evle letee strching omfrth soumiern rissouth to e lf gume of ilxico w.l hold de with at .e base l, wel's therey reall two er diffndent kievs of l he up tmore is a re of levee emsystlt bui a forulgric ture ecprot, tiondoand erwn he e th l leveroof piotect mn isuch hi .gher r >>teeporacr: brek he in ex alr andetycounli, il inois'm distann ng orothe f of othe bi
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yo do ssu mir youhoold use? ea>> yh.>> or rep 8ter:r--yeanaold te tt sunderlaam is huong ondreds f drchilceen forofd out ir the erportch ranes homan by r odo cthey san'tutee bh witcteffe s m sohaany elve f t.s hiermothri, che.stin>> e i'v nbeenouauses. fi'veleelt githarc. k myveids ha n hadblose haey've acd headhes. ep>> r torter:oowo sche ls hav edclosau becf se ormabno ally lhighs eveletof m.hane rebut ntsideels fey' theotre n ge g ttinghenouwe ansbors aut ex reposu.>> su it's l.rrea a weivre a lieing scnce pe ex irimentve belie.>> or rep iter:s t wasathe me ni arghtmr e fon briaand stchrikaine ndtz air thee fiv drchilen.>> lm i ahaost od myarwn p kingpl atace p thetredian'icias ceoffi w, wethere soere h. mucan d d i dihieverytoung i cld. feand i pllt heless. he>> tthn yse bort stasked aing me st que.ions t is i?safeyo owu kner, thone's o ly s much pas at arenatth c youp an keete g llinemth wutithong lyi. h>> you 8ave an and a -y 10d.ear-ol w hooudo yin explao t them 'swhat o goingthn out ere? s >>odomeb'ty didnai maintn a
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s gad fielnoand 'vw wet e goa le probm. s theyllay, wewe, can me go ho now? weand , saynowell, t yet.'l we hl besoome on., okaywhwell, en?o >> dssyou mir youndfrieers ovth ere? ea>> yh. d we gon'to et tousee frr s iend othat oftenrever 'rnce wefae too .r away>> or rep tter:athe kmiz faly ll wi c nowteommumi 40 eales ch mo g rninttto aend r thei careloscted .hool w >>vee haenn't besi outinde s ceto inour swg veset habs .'s sad or>> repheter: te ir oncvithri ng n townhoow a tow mi yareil vrrla ceal,s,bs new rportercaanch, ialiforn. >> ex> up n, t herenathe fincial re foorcast f 2016. rewe ath in e e aggeof a.less neage l.utra deage t.fian e agstagnoic. iolaypus a orrveyag of s.eles ly ones the bt f 1% oieingrednts kemato it inro our ps.duct fo sfr transkormed hoin witexut ivpensdse branr oprurocedes. it he's tim ult ate vbeautyryicto. dynobo a hasdeny ihoa d w olaryou e.
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res nt losirinspimed hay to pl stthe beof game if his le. ck jeriana duncne, cbs news, w york. >> a > momealriod toray f the n woman knowheas tad hug l y of hfort tood,.exas be fo sre dhed ierichmastevs e abelizlaeth huird aggedboutha mlf aonillidi solheers g adin f oftoar wnd aet hom datothy s ousand oturned ut for
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
tt sunderla ismo angdr hunofeds il ch fdrendorce o outf their po rteran rchom hes by ando or cthey san'teeut b withff eects anso mvey hat. fel hishe mothrr, cneisti. i >>be've naen ususeo.i' elve ft thleargic. idmy kavs he hados n eeeblds. 'v they e hadhes.adache or>> repwoter: too schls h avecl bosedseecau ofor abnmally gh hiel levfs o anmethe. t buderesi fntstheel eey'r not geg ttinghenours answe about po exsure. i >> t'srrsueal.we a arein livcig s ence riexpe imentli beeve.>> or repter: ist wa thee sam tmnighfoare rir bndan a ch inristtze ka t and fheir ive drchilen. >> ios almt hyad mwn o pngarki pl atace the atpedianrici's fiofceer, we we there scho mu. i and evdid hieryt cng i.ould i and feltpl heless. t >>thhen oye bs sedtartsk aing me quonestis. isfe it sa?yo knu ow,re thenl's oy scho mu as aar pent thatou y canp kee te g llinthemit whout g.lyin ou>> ye hav 8an and a -y 10olear-d.ho yw doxpou e tlainheo tm 'swhatng goin o out e?ther>> sodomeb dy midn'taiaintn a ga
3:13 am
ayey s, ,wellan c we go home now? d ansawe y,,wellot n yet.we h'll besoome on.ay ok,, wellen wh? yo>> do su mis f your oriendsver there?>> . yeahwe 't don get t soee ourds frien othatftenve or .here e sincewe'r f tooar ayaw. r >>teeporher: tz katil famy ll wi nowmu com 4te0es milac eh rn motoing tt aendhe tir lo red cateolscho. w >>vee han'tee bn odeutsi sinceto ocber.ou r swinget sav he s.cobweb's it sad. or>> repheter: teir onciv thring wn to a nowst gho ria arvill creal,bs ,news rt poncer rah, licaiaforn. n upextre he t,inhe fanci e therloare a ift of dntfere s kindkyof yuc. germs bu alt not l si dingnfecti.. wipes. e arovapprkied to thll e sabeme num tr ofhem. so lysl wipe apare proved k toreill mo petyers of gms an thx. cloro is than cold sed flu ason
3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
cthat'sreompa ad ton 8.8% in he otr years. m soheaybe tre's a lot of pr oessureman the omrket c ing to in y theear. f>> theedai rsed rorates f the t firsn time i ta long ime.30 the r-yeaor mactgage tually went.downwh peat hapns next? s >> no wowe'rein hover gndarou . 4%lo a eot of payple singt tha te ras angre goiin to p ch uvery ow sls ly thiyear. thatsaid, we've got someat da ab ntout res v ersus.buyingd anl,stil inbo aut 58% of et marks thatlt rearay tck rs coveey, th r sayenting is r cheapethan ldat coue chang in 2016. gemortga rateslow.b jo cmarketinontinu g to ov impre.wa ges inngcreasi. htwe mig see some moree peopl ow flo int htheousing .market atthou c bld aeoo gimd te b touy usa hoe. ve>> we'ad h anxt eendedid holayen whom it coes t gas icpres. at wht 's nexe?ther >>itwell, 's amazing. om 40-s pethingntercep droin 20 rothe 30%p dro last arye. s weee oildi trang atut abo7 3 ck bus a .barrel d weuson't st'pect isng goi to be h muc rswoe. d coulowgo dne in th a 30snd te atst th.bu r t foexthe n wt yeare're ok lo aing atonbout ct sistenve
3:18 am
rigas ptces se toge avera ndarou 0 $2.3 to$2.40. outhat wald be drop from last a yearrend pdatty d rn goonews r foum consers. ll>> ji,ap hpy new.year an therks vchy mu. ap>> hpy nyeew ar. > >>ydairce prires a etexpecd tori ftse aerzz bli lardsast month inxates,ok malahond, a new me kxicoleild t abou,04000 cows. rm fas ere arstill aesssngsi the da lo ees aredxpecteo t seri. il stdl ahea he,re a co
3:19 am
spininirmeg co kbackid.>> op> pe wlee erurhurt dgin an of adf-roe rac ainenrgnatift aer a i minoo crpe ceeardne i anto owcrd. h itpeap dnedgurinal trisor f e thkadar llray, a 005,,0-mile ay14-de racac ross the mnsountaid anthets deser ofrg aentina and vi bolia.> >>asit w one of the most am dromatic cebacks ever. asand er jickaca dunn rtsepor, st la t'nighs a blamofeowl edatur u anelnlikroy he.>> tinakag do shot wn the elfid! ep >> r forter:e rom thvery gibeg nnineeit slimed ke or 'segonrs praye wereng bei an s thetartf o sthedecon tequareyr th had a -027 lead on chtexas n u'sug str sglesdeeme ouobvis. o tw bdayseefor the a blamolow th taeir srtingrt quackerba ev troneoy b wkinasrr aanested d
3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
heat tde presiecnt d hidede ha td toake etixecuctve aonion guns. ad he me thenn ancoutemen h inis we eklyads,dresos ptedth on e wh hoite use e.websit i >>ir d mected tyeam at the howhite luse to iook antony new saction i cane tak top hel ce reduun g olvience. d anonon m idayl'lt mee with our to at grney,eneralta loretly nch, d to oiscussurpt oions.>> te reporour: srces tell cbs ws ne those o iptionsnclude pa exnding d theitefinion o wfho n is itheus biness ofel sling ns guha so ttor me gun sales igtrrgeac brokgecund chks and re inquirg ednhance rtieporngnd atr ngacki l ofost andn stole .gunsth pederesintme blas the pu reanblicgr confoess ivr g inghi hom no cice t but toake at unilaceral .tion w >>ew kno we't canto sp every ac t ofenviolce.t bu iwhatf weri tedo t stop en ev e?on wh iat cfesongrids d sog,methin an tythingeco proturt os kid fr omun g ceviolen? r >>teeporr:t lason mthe senat blrepus icand blockeatdemocric os propatals thld woure pvent lepeopth on ore terrch wat list om
3:27 am
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3:28 am
texas a newn ope carryaw l lo alplws peo weithon cedceal pweaponermits toea wr a ho d lsterengun i mostli pubc ac ples. t'>> ig s goin ato be lgearnin oc press. er thine's go tgo begr some owing atpains thebe inginng. sui'm here tilre wl beom se lepeopt thal wil be sdtartle ib posslyth by hte sig s ofomeone rrca yingop.enly r >>teeporhir: tss aal cniifora ti tegh ins gts unwsla, bnian ng refimsarn ir o ouarndch slsoo enevor fol hrsde of cceonedal we onap speitrms. ndbb a lipellght gunsd soln i e thol g sdentateil wl haveo tbe gha briort col like pink to makeea cl ar they re i hawai newns sig arete posd inwarnofg ast fir ie n thnationw lasi raing the legal sngmoki e agro fm 18o t 21. e thlawpp alies to cetigartes eandrolectnic sngmoki des.vice s adeconaw l therean b s ci e-ttgarenes is place where ok smising ohpredibit. o>>ouur yurth s svey thowshat a ur fo foldeaincrpese hapnedn i icpublh higoo sch slnttudesho w e uscie-rega.ttesfr om 5% in1 201 to %22y b 1520.
3:29 am
r>>orepr:teen tssne beeomec es e thrsfitte sta c toereatn a on rlinetregisy of animal s abusereofor phople we havbeennv cooficted l anima ate rntepreseativean d ielje anrnigrt suppoed the s.mean f >> i gyou'reooing tul pl aog dbe ahinduc trfk, i'r youoie g ngto n bura icat,ouf y'reoi gng to dseo averel nimaltcruey, th neere toeds so be qume s oens outo ytir acons. r>>orepr:temo athng oewer n tlawsg akineplac ssacrohe t trcounasy,, das. h oh predibitro sty ffoamood nt corsaine. li caiaforn has bdanneve drirs an d bycicstliros fm wearingar e buds in bothar ers oes rting othem tn heir,earssi clong a llega lo.ophole pa and rents in c northinarola eecan frirze the ch'sildren ed crepit roorts tve prent en idthtity eft.el e,sewheroi illins is sintartg lo a pigrt proowam alling for wh reat ass elyentialna combition s locktaon cerrein pptscriion in paerkill reso, ogonnd aal caiforni mebeca t fhestirte stas to au titomacallyeg rpeister oople tte von whe othey obtainenr rew aiv dr er'snslicee.> >> rtheliepubrecan piasidentl encont adersonre strglypp oosed he to tre pntside c's gunolontr plans. john ckdiersoncu disssed the
3:30 am
ec subjth wit f gopunront-r nerdo naldru t ompn "facehe t na tion.">> l, wel't i don like it. i't donik l aegnythinin havgo t do ch with oangingecur sond am enendmt. avwe hene plfty oes rul and gu res.lationth s ere'typlen t of things hat c theyo an d nrightow thatre a re althady ere, they don't do th em. e we havmea tremendous ntal al heroth p.blem 'r weine closlag pces allr ove th d.e worl ov all cer theryounty' there inclosg. dynobooi's dnyng agthinut abo th at. l al wthey tantoo d isme bla the . guns ands it'ot n theun gt thaul p lsth tre r.igge dso iikon't le it.i tdon'e likt whas he' g.doin t i think hhate'soo lking to do ec exorutive tdersoo dom sngethi nghavi to do with guns. b >>roackgchund hecksnappe for no grmalurun peschas at a nlormast ore. h sorgis aumentou wld bet jus do heit .re 's its thiholoople,ou yan wt to ma tke itehe samev heerywre. >>,john i'moi go ng thave to ke taoo a lt k ait, but i't don li hake cgngin riw t no hthey paveylentf o s ruleguand reonlatinds ay the ou shlold be mok at imean, weho suldld buie lik st inioitut pns for teoplerehat a ck sios. h we savesickoll ave o trhe ac atd thhe's t prm.oble o >> s'd yound spee moron m oeyn at th? >> i wefould delinitd y spenmore y monehaon t hehe's tob prlem.
3:31 am
t geguthe ns. u yohacan llve a the rirestnsctio w youant.bu het t g bad auys areslway g goinavto hee thns gu. m>> let ye askoubo aut utexece ivorders in ragenel. likethem?n' dot like ?them at th p thederesisnt usem the to go nd aroung co.ress we>> ill, don't like cd ourountryas wn'ted basn o ec exe rbodyyeallw kneha tt weve en a hadxen evecuti orr,de such a g.thinit up's sd poseeto b g youet on althg wigr coness and you lecajo y andoou gac bd k anhfortan erd evy ybod igets rn a aoomndwe u endph w d ane'theroms cisprom le andots erof othin thgs. t bu eyoupnd uh wit deals.he gre's ausuy j gtoes --s he' n given up o pthessroce and he justoe gs andig snsxe evecuti rsordeev on hierytng. o>> syo if eru wesi predent -- yo emu see lik ktheind of guy o whyo if eru we pntreside youwo usuld ne axe evecutier ord or two. i >>il w slay e'ers a lfot ore pntcedeed bason t wha he'sdoing. avsome hen beeis hxe evecuti r orde bon theorder angmazily e thtscourll actuaooy tk that ba sck atep d andid shiometng wthatyas ver sisurpring ishe ty thdid te righth ing. tso thabe mayt tha e.on wbut iould bees rndciing aot l e oftixecuerve ordts tha he'sdo ne.i anme-e just --he t one thing od
3:32 am
esw prtiden hes,come in boom, rs fi ft day,irst hour,st fir mi ounute yes can rcind .them>> m letke as a you aboutid veo th bat'snee p but outy al th is an -aisisteffiliad rr teroor gup. tand in vhe tideohey use u,yo ld donamp tru, a clip. on >> d.ald j trump isli calng r foala tot andom cplete ut shfdown oms muslint egerin the ed unitte statis unurl o un costry'se repreesntativ can ofigureut whatep [ ble ] is go o t >> thenidhe veos goen o and says"thet wesil wl euaventlly aturningastts i mmusli ti cinsze."th ey're sgayino tms musliit eher u yojoinad jih orve leahe t un editte stacas be ousehaf wt tmr.rump is osproping.>> ok lo,he t are'sbl proem.i gbrint i .up he otopr peele havd calle me and th ayey s h you gavetouts ng bri p it uau becsera fnklyt' is true.bu bot noandy wots t get edinvolv .w no apeoplereet gting lvinvoed. lepeopt thare an oif dntfere pe onrsuasians thri me ghtnow, , johnsaare yyingouow kn,be may um trn'p iswrt ong.
3:33 am
sere' a lfot oad btu sffng goion . wai'm ngtchi n thesew ghtonit, tu aclyal. s. cban o d s omanyef them eltsen. okyou lo atangermy. loyou tok a usbr.sels u yok looll-- ar ovehe tld wor th ey'rett shuing down csitie at ther nev a had pemrobl fobere. 'r theytte shuowing dntn couries at th h neverad aro pblem fobere.yo uat look pa wris,hat ha.ened u yooklo at focali,rnia what ha .ppened
3:34 am
tha e's pbigroblem out there. so a how yg?doinou enregh pinssure fo here r ya?ug sih. my s nusellare me ah yet ...jus 'wait htil weteit oun theesand ft. i' a m gonnuctake minex masinus-x. o towelate, ab're out to otakeff. th e esoldissasve ft. e they'rlinew elquid gs. d an cyou'reomthing wi me... , waitwhat?! re you e alizvei haol gatd st?us i do g still met the?iles mu new xcine sis-nulimax idqus. gel ssdis olvestfa nlto ushea s maxgttren h di mecine. thstart efe reli. thditch see miry.
3:35 am
> >>etthe r sailalesrs numbe areic tr iklingnth from eol hiday pi shopasng seon.mi mchelleiller has a l aookt th ere winnds an selors. r >>teeporr: unllusuay warm erwintea wtherri tedgger sales op dr s incos,at hats, and ov gles. nsbut codiumers ped seynd mon onhe otgsr gcordin to ermastcardai retl s salelmgrew aost 8%hi ts ho y lidaonseasre compathd to e imsame teae a yr
3:36 am
swomen' a apparel fndreurnitu d lewathe y. le sa bs inecoth sertors wep umo hare t% n 10winationde.>> pl peoree a justut o r >>orepteidr: dav lsabe runs ssmattre andni fur ture pe suenrcinter mp taa. k he's heeping sistore o openn arnew ye's dayer aftin havg a co reakrd-breliing holeday sas onseas. ro>> flam bckda friyil unt now saour hales eeve b 6n up5% ar comp led toast s d it ithehe higst crinea se vei've e rexceperiend. r >>r:eporteis and ring sgpendinin f thetuurniinre bushoess sws utheec.s. onomy is re stinngtheng. says sarahqu n,inla sioenr vp at st mardercavi ad.sers t >>heni fur itureors me rt impocaant beuset tha ryeall sshowta susined coennfidce. bui'm haying ttan sofa d i'm in g vestini'and yim satng tha i ha ve idconf,ence i'm going to n hold oto my b,jo geton b used be and able toay p off t hese rc puhases. ep >> r torter:erhere w e some ri surpngsiip dins uy b tingsrendth imis te ndarou. le sa s insmen'ar appel and trelecs onicwereot bh .down
3:37 am
but qanuinlay ss n it'sose cau rfo erconcn. t >> whisas ame tresndouea yr thfor coe e inomyen thte unid esstat asef redlect in retail le sas. ic whalh reoely dfls re tecthe ti enecre y.onom h whiclyreales bod f wellheor t ne arw ye. r >>teeporndr: a apl coue of he otacr f dtorsngrivi the dispengeng sur --ap cheas g and mme-co.erceli onnein shoppg is up 20%, and el neaico, umnsheers, ty're sp endinggh roulybo a ut75ts cen of ry ever dollaav sthed at e gas . pump> >>suber iki loong toan expnd iin cha. t bue thmpcoany facesh boteg lal lehurdnds aoc lal >> or rep wter:thith oge sm and trthe c affiroto pve ,ithi cna utcommers. d anhe tre's a mu ei thr nebusiss.>> h itas allhe tar cs ouar undshe .okay lhe'sngetti us .in ep>> rr:orte weri cossscrsed
3:38 am
om fr the front seat. hein tg rinea higvywehts uber rt woh upwards of 0$7 rsus a'chins dd aiqudi. r >>teepore'r: wn re ia dd car. is thtl gen pemandicke us up.bu dt he wujtsantgo to on me cara.he s saye' hs dngois thio t make a lelittxt era nemoy. an"i ce makut abo $800 a ntmoh," he said. wi"it elll hovp cheer t esexpen of my "car. de riai-hnglivi serarces rae b nd w nehito cndna a areec talhnicly le ilbugal et th law is se ivlectely foen.rcedbo d th duband reer ara opeting a iny gra a wreahile the rngove mentewrevitss i gu reonlatis.>> l calbeon ur rehe. mitwo snute ayaw. ep>> rr:ortece sins thi okindf atoperision ll stisi conddere il l legain beg,ijin chuio xng fo ld to, us ive dri for urbe usbeca we itcoill alver hel t ltpenaifies et i g ugcaht. wadd d urfs
3:39 am
arcompo ed terub's .21 th bopa comrenies and speingig b to e lurve drindrs a rsride. o'an thd bo r arengelyi on pu itblicuny stikts lise th t-shordliver ubeoa bt weod ren i e thy cit h ofong o.zh a inr lette tonv irsestor ube id sape comtingn ia chinotis n r fo ftheaintf o het.arwe d'd add hrivings ere inot fore th ofaintf heart ei.ther oaseth dne, inbeijg.>> >ya ken may seem like an ke unlilaly poce td fin a vntibra y countrscmusic ene. nbut o aen recrit t tpo nbiairo th wisi predentma obaor maj rr gasaett e w thueinflofnce vi el as onal locic musian. r >>teeporsr: ali daydrght ifts ay aw,on bsfire klcrace, nelongstcks guand ndard, a -- trcounsiy mucak mes theli twightfe riel sis i naobiri, nykea, ait cy eaof nrly 4 iomilln.
3:40 am
op. bur t fopoa re trterliraveng wi reth pntsidema obahe tou cntry si mudc anl fee of acameri inas ex unedpectrely al. gh riwnt doth to e pemerforr, vi els. n noot k wwing rhatealov le is vi els ,otienor oir sis elv as nohe's kn wn ie thess.parthe is not an rsimpeoronat.he s's ary count asy johnn shca. norew yluk bes m >>y mom and my daded lovlv eis lepresy. soand wheny m mome gavir b tthome t tha was the yearis elv es prdiley ioster iuslyam bece a cimusian. oc rek mam mika le aag won l whee >> or replvter: eis was born in ra rul nyke ta,heon s of a ea pr.cher oc r k me te ell mut abont couryus micn ina i irobinand nykea.
3:41 am
h>> augeie aud hnceeren i a.keny baway heck tron fm '50snd a 0s'6 erthhae asslway been a cryount mu psicamrogr oen th aveirwans oth ene kyan soil.>> or rep tter:here still is. in"str ogsf uncotry" runs three s timea ekwe. d davimokatsso hos theho s awnd c says tountrykoo holdft aer a kenydfree lfitsero fm bshriti nicoloulal rne i .1963 k>>nsenya gotos exped to un comutry asicg lone tim ,well i don'tbe o nyooc sial esgrac ep>> rr:orteoc lalsl calir s el a vis omphen.enon he>> tgs sonnd soue lik the ig or.inal at thhy's wre whehever s goe th s ere'uga he llfog.owin r >>teeporikr: llae fndsh a sarah asmwa, wholo folwis elv er wh hevere rfpe.orms>> me and myif were a justzy cra t abou thisguy. ovwe lune co etryt.xpec h >>oiis vs ce i ajustngmazi. r >>teeporlvr: eomis sesetim
3:42 am
arnka, anan up-med-con r othe ankenynt coucery swhne, sto yleshe f rselanafter ca amerin co y untrndlegely, dol rtpaon. i >>ll rea lyovegi sinng her ng sos. pmoste eopl isayin s lgike her. s orinhe sgse likme. co y untrfahas mily luvaes, ,love agod,ound cntry s.road>> or repter: thoseim tseles esthem,lv eayis s s -- -- iv goue c mntryusicni uversal aappealetnd sometimes ss dream in.motion llikengeapim fro anut odoor st inage ro naibi to aon honky-tk s orhiometngig bger in ama.eric >>is it a dream.bu at islwayut p mfysel i n a ot spre wheit if oe dsn h'tnappe i t don'kthins it'ng goibe to a lyreal s bigtoorry fme . iee kp it lesimp. j >>liust ouke c.ntry ea>> yhah, trit's ght. ,oh yes, i'dat r lherove and
3:43 am
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3:44 am
>> ep rteorr:aj mreor gartt, ilph ! noh o...(u hnderatis breh) y heman! pehey ter.nt(uneashusitic) oh ... hha!a ha an jone? hais tu?t yo it ..'s me. u yot don' alookve day o r i70. amht rig? lejinggl jine. y ifpeou're pater n, yo ayu stng youev forer. 's itt whadoyou . if w youtoant e sav ee fiftrcn pet enoror m e ion carcensuran, sw you o itch tgeico. y akou m fe mesoeel ng you ... 'sitha wu t yodo. m youmeake l fee o sngspri s hasg.prun > >>awo hollyciod spe ealtsffec wi rdza ise make quitlaa spnsh o inthe etternh withisom he vi hnck blaonstse hahe tto sry of ti acovon mie>>
3:45 am
-oyearld. withrhsupe umanpowers.e thn actio movieid ks video have upblown lionne,ri scong mi nsllio ofs.view 'rtheye created by his dad, da niel shhao,imot hashio t his fr iends. h >>ere we !go r >>teeporper: s ecialtsffec wi rdzaho w w'skeor odnms fil ch su"k as fuung da pan 2.">> k youwhnow tat iyoold u ab coutinlimbg on e.ther>> or rep tter:hohe slirt cps veevoltd ou of playe timh wit dad.>> c i'minlimbg. >> iknow. myour gom's toingoil kl .me>> te reporr:l reaen momts at ho otme nir dteec bdy dadre a si cmplyreaptund o a srtmaonphe thand tendurne into vi moale-qugiity mac.>> you otforgou yr lunch. >> he's pinretendeg tor iron man th i inknd ala bg stinup the n kitchei and tthoughou it wld be so funo t add gphraicnds a ow shm the h toim h sone ca see
3:46 am
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3:47 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:52 am
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