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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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mepartnt sngtayi busy.te waacr extr ctionesompani are tobusy, leo... citaning p. all urv see pro 'vedreceiven dozs of ed bustca pipe alls...y nd thent ware to ymind tou howd o avoi d thisg urinerwint t. oncehe airts ouopide drres to fg,ezins it' degood ieea to kp the er tempinature ouside y ar homet fileast vefty fies degre or re mo. p "keen kitchetscabine open er whple the iumbingrns undeeath ur yok, siny vanit bi ca jnets aust toomllow se warm to air nt get iaco cont tt withhe pl ngumbi." beit is ttter so beanafe th y. sorre . sincngfloodiag dame be can h boterdang aous...nd everysixpen ve. le cht's weck inith me ogteorolffist jene martiz for fi a okrst loe at thheweatr. od gong morni! , jeff cmostlyanloudy td coldoday
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afanrnoon s d highin d the mierto upp w 30sliith ght wi mnds. ae oderat swintertorm m willtoove ineg the rion y tuesdag morninnowith sw ss pon ible ollthe valoey fndor amo n re tha oa footf n snow isithe werrakeill maav trfiel difa cult. fchanceor ow shnters cos inueugthrohout w thistheek wise an unttled at wetther pa hern.a ave great ay mond! ks than t jeff. turningo cone
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sd wedneniay morofng. alficis ad are mvisingtsotoriske to ta an na altertete rou t untilhen. it n 's afiunofatcial nional daholiuty, bid a hole ay nonthe ss le. alnationa trivi bday iseing atcelebrosed acrers amic..a. ky is sn soutwent olo to a cal to bar n get iheon tvi tria kmania.y... yodon't lu justitove when wyou'regrith a youp ofour s friendsoand anme resdom qution me co as upombout s nethingo one er evy realltoneeds an know d e you arrsthe pet on thas.know.. twells oday iy the dan you cath urank yome sha olessonbsessi eowith jy pardrior turvial psuit usbecay e todaiois nativnal tria y. da balocal ovrs live trauia becse t noo only delthey hiqp the of e thosenin att tdence,rivia gsbrinlo in f ts onebusiss. ha ualey st"irt- ult wog d bein a out rogood c wwd andd e coul t no djust brinkstut booqs our ili a t ttle asathe me" time.e thovfolks bier at n ghorbar an l d grilveoff serenth stet
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eehave bg n doin ftrivia for aew s weekd now anyiare trpung to ll t inl hat alintet lligane collegcr lian with ety compn,itio youca t n beomon sete protty h edheade peoplquso my festionor t djs rivia' wjoshuayoas do u hever bave top reak uany fi ? ghts mjoshuay-ccrare t "whenrehere afi ights a'm notbi very sog guy be the anst m is go winna bn that tut fort he mos t'part iies a frndlymp con.etitio" nos fightoubroke wt whene were e ther ajohnndnd athi but e gg biueer issa joshus says i te cheallrs! put ing our thei aphonesglnd gooing sw ananers...evd belimee you . th she punis ment i jswift.oshua ll wiyo yank ntur poi ys ifreou aug cabuht... int all l all aot un of frs at bave all o. r reno ni toj ght, d wtrivia aill bet e th wlittlerfaldone up ar the iv un. ersity
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ch y at awa ucominghap on c nnnel 2thews isrn e thisfbi ng lookiay for ws to a end ffstandowi at a feldlifu reorge in i'egon. iam brbbn we n ink ew yor twithethe dlsai,
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mi u an r-d late- p foure eopldeare ftad aer a ma e ssivhqeart huakendit iia. 'l wevel ha l thet ateson the da gema. ..teafthr bre eak. 'r"youtce wahahing c 2nnels new isthni moritng whnh jote potr,di angu a evarmeand ogteorolffist je
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edexpectrn to tums thes elveintoth aus oritieorthis m. ningei thonr prisnc sentee es hav mebecosh a flafopoint r long ntheld arni-goveenment stiment at thmo sent n re thazea don miarmed melitia tombers y occup ona natidlal wilfuife rege. webrian orbb repts. li mimbtia mearers wimed s th gunan ied walklk- taaries die guarng lhthe matieur naonal liwildugfe refase in etern foregon sor thestecond raight tnight.uphe groth says e land ngbelo ls toaloc rtsesiden and ma anagersfet the rederal fuge ve han beengtryipu to eash nrby nc ra ohersamut. bumon isndy le thading pae occuurtion, gingre moia militrs membein to joth eir us capoe. he histed tdes vio on bofaceok: ha "we d ve gooernumbt s buthere l is adoot to we, and will evenlytual t get iired df weo t noheget lp."th
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con ound ordsatu-aay -fter a ac pe pefulterostth in e ar neowby t bn of -urns- to prthotest one prisnc sentees of ralocal dnchersanwight end stev on hammd. e thmmhadsone werteconvicd ofar afson stter ngartit whathey ll caoned cletrolrnd bu ts onirhe nc ra 2h inan001 06d 20ey. th edservim t be, autge jud ce re ontlyedrder t theacwo bk to onpris a for fboutmoour reye ars."i t t's not about'me ious abt icamernda. ave we' t gott o ge wh the aceels bhik on ts go wacan bethuse e ey'rngflyiof f." e thvecontrorss y hanireiga ted dedecangs-lopu disvete oblr puic nd laht po fbi ssokesper tn sayshey wo are rkthing wi l localaw en emforctoent ng briea a pl cefu lureso ttione o thdostant ff a rethe . fugen bria fwebbbsor cws ne. th ese protaytors s, the megovernulnt shornd retu the o land topthe pe tle andarhey e y readupto occrey the s fuge alo
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tostill e comhaon celnn n 2ews is thor m..ning. prthe enesidgut's ntn corol s plan bhavee ecomlathe stte hotto tpic onpahe camaiign trl. 'lwevel hahe tet dlsaimi, cong up. olmeteorjeogist tiff marllnez wi
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thafter k.e brea oipinp fnt 2asorecrot, bstadca rt ced ifieheby tri amen ca te meicorologieal soc ty!" ly mosty cloudldand co today s withedcatterrs showee by th rn afted oon aninhighs e th umid to 3pperit0s wt h lighwi mnds. ae oderat swintertorm ll wiin move heto t tregion muesday worningowith snpo ossiblevan the lolley fndor a mo hare tfon a ot of n snow isithe werrakeill ma el travcu diffichlt. a orance f
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lo aroking toundorhe w..ld now. e thctconflien betwe saudiab ar iia and dran isngeepeni, r afteudthe saeci's exofution p 47rsrisonecl... inthuding at enpromintet shii cc.leri i saudiaarab f hasy ormallve sedired atplomieic tths wiir .gan..g iviniairanpln dis omat rs48 houav to lee thtre couny. ovthat m he cameftours aer ns demoortrat is inraran kensacd udthe sassi embaehy in t d sen it o. fire ina 6 pognt 7 maeaitude kerthqua
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inhit redia's moteno asrthegit reoron bef oe dawnn killias at let fourpe inople, 1juringer00 oths and g causin tdamagerao sevel bu ngildis. cepoli t sayeahe dndth a ju in wriescaere busediny fallg br den is iarand ound , imphalpithe ca mtal ofanipurst ate. rd acco iing to'sndia olmeteor dogicalenepartmt, the ic epe entrheof t w quaker as nea th a-e indimamyanrdr boer. an a d ttli cleselotor om h..e. tethe sith of n e sadibernarno ngshootige rampare will n open ist jupl a cou he of. ours er th be willtee tighrir secuty as nl the igiand reenonal cs ter'6- rehundoyd emplcoees k me bactowo itrk. ens bed closesince mb dece wer 2ndllhen kieders syzw ri han ande is wifentashfeli matek starr d theitishoong ag rampy e. mans workeruecontind or to witk, vise ing thofhomes au ictistre childmen and ntally sa di abled bdults,enut hav'tbe ogen tinether la the prece whe cepolier offickes whisd them ay awco. the cenferenin buildg
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e arinnot teren sted idoing hianytbong aunut get safy." ilmeanwhepe, rcaublintn coenders eysay thun'll nydo aof p thederesi ant'snsctio. na doruld tedmp l c thee hargon s' cbe facnathe -tion "trump:t i don'nylike ag thinha o ving titdo wanh churging o asecondntmendme. we p haveoflenty a rulesndgu res.lation he otcor gop rsntendess expreed mi sivilar ews:ri ch"tstie: eshis prenidwat nts ato acte's if hkis a asng, if dhe's atoictar." "rubio:ctwe ele ped antreside th wat hasaraged we on thco tinstituon."th ese prwiident t ll meeiswith jat eytorner genatal loder to ay t usdiscw s nes actionanhe ce takto redn uce guceviolen. os thone opti ls he's iookingnto ud inclnde expathing fie denition w of"iho is e n thnebusiss" of g sellinsoguns, mo that unre g
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om welc. e backorthis m iningn wamoney dtch... iriversn 2015 d enjoyef some oeathe ch gpestaspr iicesden a . cade espricen havee't bisn th lowsi 20nce th09. ale annuge averapr gice of20as in 15 was do 2-s llar40and - ce pents llr ga aon . 9bout4 ce lents hass t 2n in014.da totiy's naveonal aorrage f a ll gagaon of ows is dwon to t ardolltis nadeonwi.
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evin n..ada. a thegevera is ou abdot 2-anllars d ts50-cen. 0- 40n millios.dollar.. 's thatuc how mneh the xtwe pol rbalerwinn w coulds in thi . week t overeehe wndkere... the es conteatants ach wonon millido other nt co westant-mon two. illionbut no b onethought d e granpr nnize-wicking tie et. thnext cechanwi to wn issdednethay. e cechan ws ofnginni n thebiext g isprize ab only e out on- in 300ll e theslargwet pol rbalettick wasn won back i2013. p thatfrerson riom floooda tk m homeanore thil 590-mlion. e and thpau-s de ortmentf ju e sticnvis itiestigang how bblueeaell cr hmeries tandledhe cr ice eam incontamliation tnkedo 10 edreport o casesstf lisierios. re th te of bhoseveelie bd toe en sicky ed b bbluefrell ozen tr tseaie dd. osprutecs ore aramexining hewhetmpr coexany ivecutesco
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bbluereell edcall i allcets i ea crodm pr iuctsrin apl l ofyeast ar. we an igvestn atioby cethe s nterdifor e seasrocontl an evd pronentiwe shod the erlistutia ok bread date tbacko 1020- . co uminghap on c nnnel 2isews thmo g.rnin.. nahappy altionvi tri ta day!hat y storexis nt. se itcret ws ness irioffe ong ane ndthousala dolr arewardhefter t ek weooend sht ting atoa downwnre . no barhewhat tooy're lking c..inom ag uphefter t break.
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ishis el channs, 2 newa cstoreydeounty s puty i co rengverimo this ..rning. after g bein ishotban the leck whi onrespdia ng to icdomest ol vialence c tl overkehe weend. 'l welll teou yha wwet kw noso fa r.
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pr aoblemsr ll overnnorthe da neval . we'loushow y t howo ec proturt yoe hom tduringhis orhistlyicald colerwint. an yod did ..u knowda. toy is on nativial tri ka day?ony siss s willu how yostthe bece plas in t town oo showr ff yourandomow knlesge. stthese toories np yourews ri w ght no-mat 5 ada. toy ismo , ndayarjanu 2y 4th,016. go niod morm ng, i'ueandi gvara. an jod i'm tehn pothar. tfonks r ti starr ng youthday winn chael 2 ws nes thig.mornin i wellrdt's hany to def one oth p e toiestor ms this iornings c thisatold we aher.t nd ilooks nolike atother s brm maye to orp sts iethniis morthng is is eacold wanther. ood it le ks likan r othem stor hmay be oeadingur etway. lrt's staa with quick ok loth at ree foitcast wh or metet ologisarjeff mtinez. mo lostly canudy ldd co today swithssnow pon ible ollthe vaeywe paather httern.grave a eat
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