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tv   Channel 2 News 530PM  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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"t ishis nn cha nel 2s,ewco geveraou y c can oountn" s we saw asiome icgnifsnant ow mthisngornia as m storemsyst d moveugthro sh... ao isorny me pr itecipn ationgcomior? stm tc wapsh tonn cha nel 2atews 5: 30. a wwinter aeathery dvisorthatwe o nt int eeffect tarlierodayfo var the islleys ed sch tuledo u last tntil 7. onightgo niod eve lng i'mn andoermill. i' and ism krreten n,mingtoth ghni..t. b we weginstith waorm tch co ..verage. f chieolmeteormiogist erke alg this in hee weaterr centke... miis sn more siow posovble ghernit? as # stormes2 pushgh throu, #3storm gh is ri it oneets hls. ld a co ser butt omewhawe toaker sl rm wil tmoveghhroue thonregine wedbrsday, inging he anotunr ro sd of anow tollel nsevatioe . thertiwill sll be
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ow shad ting intehe wesrn s,valleye so thrimajof ty othe ip precn itatioe will bd focusein unthe mo atains,a nd as result heanotntr wither weaiser advory p is uthfor e e tahohrarea toughwe y,dnesda 2 wherear-8" e ib possenle dep odingevn elation. avalleyatccumul aionsress poutible b u it iselnlikeyy th ll wign be sit.ificanrs showe ul coind contrsue thufoday bere abr
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an cad you epn keck trae of thwe ..ather.erwherevre you a... th wi f ourchree l anneat2 weher app.yo geu can rat the dar... caforeanst... hed watcs and rn wan ings ilmthe paur of yond had ... anyocau stn cue omizitto y wheree.ou livse just arch -n"k-t-vhe" in te googl oplayr ap stple ore.
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es longvet ri br --haut it s been so the f urce oonmany ctsflicer over watht rig ms, foranore thce a ntury. ti negonsatio a forer longtm lu so btion iegan19n the 80s --an d no trw the riuckee erver opating em agre oent -- -r troa- is nafi plly in. lace npauln elsos joinivus lome fr ucthe trrikee --ver after g talkinicto offreials, g gardinte wa pr-use.--aul t whahedoes tag t reemenliaccompsh? on for cre, it moeates rert ceanainty ibd flexility,kr isten. 90 nt perceth of vee riter's war is a beingedllocatva to neda. 's itsu also tpposedoto prect ar the roea fngm lo-term gh drout ts. bu nit waso easy sk tata -- eaking nrerly the de decas to lecompte. yo mainr marte i "wa got sidecionma ndde ar ove, withinand the ue trt spirierof gov inment,t ly on27 took ." yearswd cro ug lahs. st olakeh adersomre ctoing ergeth c --raeleb atinghen acenivemt th at ny maug thoight mevht naper hpen. r river wateinflowg
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emagreisent al finuily g tdinghe e ushiof ts le120-mier watli t ke id wouldoget utne b ith evink y erybodtiwas mobyvated inwant gg toomet sngethi" e caushiof tres agt,emen cioffisaals ty inuthe f--ure the ntamoudr of t oughesreserv couldip trle. itsince ef took ctfe dbeecemr fi --rst ho 3-td usan facreofeet r wate ahavedylrean beeedstor. ma mayor i rtinbo"every adys lwayrr woouies abe t we'rgonot toing ehaveh nougr,watere we' not in go hg toenave wough, ater 'r wegoe not g inavto houe engh te waelr. w tl, i thinkwihis llsu enreno, for t w, tha gwe canetth through drese tsoughe and b fine." s troa iedexpecto tale leviat o somecof the s nflictthunder e meold odthpa -- brtlyseecau it al orlows mibe flexbeility tween er diffenent agcies. " chadeythor can w tk withhe he otrtr patoies ab be o le t womaybe eark a dexl and changeso atme wacer bd k anh forte to ble abna to maecge a urowing eaban ar, farmdi s,strictnd aba tri wl usesere l alorfacthes in t amegreent. d anasso wnt maingaini crreoneati p andctroteg in iespeckes lihe t lonahn tacu ttt hroat troupyand d ramilake
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"ntonbethe t nefiurto o tahabi ht isfouge trr the e ib d anhethen tto signatiry pares, e th iusers,int's goe g to bhuge thfor lsem ao." ki mat ng iala rediity cdn'tome sy ea -- irrequa ing rocompmise tw beneeen avadaalnd cniifora, u-the pas dentrtmeth of e in te, riorpythe d ramilake iu parite tanbe, e d thketruce me s adowr "wree alith e l thetcomping in sttereous, ye have thoskind flof con bictst ut is take er evy ybodnggivia up lelitt bit etto git a lbitle t." wa tmo alsalowns hhef of t waterri n ghts i ldonner--ake andey th've ag o reed te buy thhaother lf t fromruhe t cckeearson ga irriistion saree t ys thamais a sll but po imlartant ecke b iausedst ad meventoore ro our dughtre . servesngcoverito the sryli pave, elul nn,soha celnn 2ws ne. rn tu cing toearime beet... mting it up wngh stra cers toutheck oit atems the werrtadveised ne onliro has pngven daonerous ce inagain a reno,hefter tal fat ti shoopang at r t bake lparkast
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oh as jern pottts reporli, poce geare g ttinrdthe woha out tt in meeto g up tr sell oembuy its, n' iswat alafys s e. frdiom wedgsng rinj , to dui eq..pment.latoptops al musicin ntstrumeu s...yoprcan ettych muny buy aofthing f ai crstgsli. but no ree policewsay, bt are. ican co ourner yto, in p aotalentily ng daouertus siation.oa br"adway: o lotopf pee le losne moy'y. the tll geturheir pse sn edatchei, thllr waet chsnated." : john p"thehoost-y lidaonseas bis aneig o b forg uyinand se g.llinks fol l arengooki for od gols deaom, frer otho s whhavegi anfts emd itats th areun edwantt . buntrecemi crinal ti ac hvityenas rlio poutce ptingou set a s rious head, upt abou atprivone one onetr ctansa."ions oa br: dwayic"typ, allyit's et mepeing a strfect ..ranger.not inknow pg that" erson. anthat dwager ags trically st illud rateweone tek agooday, af a ter r-16-yeakiold mang a atprivsae tranatction ak pat berpa rrk was sobbed,inhot the ad hela, and edter diy,. sadllk fo ds likeavliid whae n arnot
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s orieisat hn : whalinco"most s mmon iesthe on ad who rtvethise e ey havofa lot ec prteious iy ms theo want ty tr elto s ul, andnanfortuhetely tirpl tsace gen broke lintoater." hn jo: it"so ik's l ce, an ommo orstwhy?" : alinrl"faimmy coon, ye ah."a t loofsh pawn inop busess co ommes frks folav who he beenrn buored befnee. ome custor... al wh"win: ryas ttoing l selhis aucar hedio. weyn thiv arred and thmet wier the pomson fr ai crstgsliey, thbb graheed tir oo subwd fer aneosterok, to off g runninfoand unelrtunaty they re weabn't o le th catcitup wh em th."of r ficedwbroaayay saks, ture yo satrann ctio pto ac ublie.plac e heofven ..fers p.thee olicst n.atiobr ayoadwhe: "t vre'sideo eisurvcellanre thed , analso osomee f th dlargerarept tmenst rkore pain dg lotso have o.vide" mtry to teet inayhe dtimeth ranier at voght. ainid payg in rg lante amouass of cerh. nevet mee anyonr at your home o ofplace ym emplolwent. ahaays ve elyour conl phnde. aor one me rd ha f andruast . le.. oa br"adway: talways omke seone th wiha you. omve sheeone trewh
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e casgsthingo do ." badco ngveri b crimeean t, joh er pottan, ch2 nel news. n also ibecrime waat... shoe dcountys eputiewohave ten womin dy custocc aedusch of ild ne anglect ald animty cruel. ti depu 6es say-o1-yearld th ka dleend ean anr-41-yeaold djoleenreean ween tako int od custaty on s durday.s eputie deresponhed to te ir homonco irrina c ccle ton heck o l severas animalnglivire the and s theyheay tuny foord deplable vi liding con ations,eend thrch aildren11ges 14 to th in e . home iginvestsaators ery three we 10 .. dogsat. 19 cors... m te thanwo bidozen ..rds. 2 andr 5 suga er glidngs livie in thho. me to ghniwet av hane pd ue at aon ar20- yeom-old w wan whot as a cethe f nter o-oan endf-life t courlebatt. oran attr ney foaiaden hlu's sfamilyshays sse pay ed awalastgh niait at sy'nt margis reonal ca medintl ce. er..shwhere e r nevee awok afromhenestsia abafter l dominay surgerin april. at the eytorns saypeshe apars tove had die rfromtoespiraryil hathu's fanuer, fareel gebyes,
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lo l a bidekast wela to dey ai br tn wavehaests tt the sp hoaiital sd d woulaishow hlu br was adain deou and wt ldn' r.recove d ankemier algil whal aveoo lk y atreour fococast, umingp. w ho smucho ugar dinyou thk your e kidsa at on badaily isis? sit itdown wgih a reedsterti diecian into ft d oumuhow s ch itoo ., uspstio tasphoue t th toe frucalse... onl in t'sight th heal. watch rsbut fif t... in you owanip ouhone ynt'll wake to ma sure u yok checata feature th couldpo lltentia yy costusou thoandsin ch data ..arges.o how tturn ffit or , afteeathe brk. ou "ye 'rhiwatchang c 2nnel ws newi... rith k rstengteminon, nd laleon milrer, garrbtt deaorn on rt spo ms, andgeike alr's
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lc weckome bada... veta orages n cao lead tphbig bione lls.bu fat one asmily wed shock when otthey gl a bilovfor er sa2-thouland dol rs. ey th b got ar ill foover sa2-thouland dolrs. g the biasbill wse becau of a fe new e aturppon aonle iphes outhat yot may nar be aw. e ofan vadi guelara expins. m likeenany tetos, ashnen figolddi hidn't th nk mucthabout e textme frssage om a wt&t...ngarni he newas inarg dahis itta lim, he sa s ys he't seen i..before. ht asinon fd/egolente: ager"i st justmaaid - pybe 65ercent ouof ytar da b hasn eeedusnd." ath hien tlls bie. cam
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mkille." ff jeol finegerd/fath: t' "iuas us25lly ll0 doa ars mo annth - wd thiswoas t th ou dsandrsollahe." tff di? erence ew a "nur" featone - to ashn's i-on phlle cawied "as-fi ."sist an st wdardneith i-w , 9.o-s-1 op ineratstg syefem jf ne fi/fgoldather: ad"i hid no haea watt th." was iit'sdenten md tosuake re you ysalwae havoda goig sbynal ma autoy ticall"shiwitctong" lu"cel dlar"..ata. w....a hen wi igfi-ssinal ignalaks we. ilikehtn as hon'sedis er wh te he hhoughts e wal stil ecconntoted i. wifhi.. wlest inreamd g aninsurfg. inbut d,stea p his'shonen bee legobbuping a. datmo .. hare tn 4- 14ho tmeusand gs.... c mikel/ampbelinapple sider:ha "tret is ptty bhigh -anut i cse ape it hngpeni." c mikel ampbel wof theebsite le "app ins" ider wsayshile e""somto cusmersli hake w-ft wisii asoest ds... ma dny'tonno kthw heye cmikel/ampbele applsiinder: t "icos me dbyauef -ltit- s i ch swit..ed on.s that'why th ers e' uanoapr" r.plaphae s noco t.mmen..bu tt toofurn af wifit.ssis.
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enthow dhen at t bm ottoan d stas a non'sisow heat's w sre youofwitch f wifias sist. co ngverito the s, rydiangu a,evarha c 2nnels new mi and erke algl wil lhave aook r at youstforecang, comi up. ngcomiin up rt spo ts...olhe wf pa s ck inggeti t setayo pl in d olerconf rencealivhe... refr tom ghes uy fong acinfrnoes st ate. in ig ton hht'sh ealth.watc.. ea cltin eaitng. j's notr ust fo iadultsnen the . w yearwe're in gooog to lhek at tfo best ods r fouryo k..ids.s, pluch whi to
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brk. th nis yewr,eaan mofy s u e resolvleto cp an uour ..eating. thslash r,e sugaon pile the ve dggies,orrink mr.e wate but bowhat aheut tdo kiduls? shod yo ouu cut tht all s e chipand ch atocolr e fotothem, o? k i asxpan efoert r ttipso no ouurish ler littin ones to s night'thhealch wat. "a e coupl scheese jticks,, uice olchocmiate 'tlk. ahosellre a t greas.foodsp'" elleciar y fo gthisngrowi a ande ctivt eigh ar ye. oldan ved, e hn atgeis ain, qun so dy cn is auriousbo but howest to l fuebohis ordy f t allhe ti acesvitilo he ves.
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mid swimng." m"howcuany f ps olkmi tsihis ze y doriou d dnk aay?" lp hehiing rm isteegisred icdiet- ian thand nee owr oftr nuioitnnn co -ection karensh fisher. nse coitults wleh peopof ge all anes, fitelss levs and me l dicaitcond. ions sfrom huperhyealts, kide likqu to wopleith gn sit ifican tweight. o lose"i azt's am ming to ke thatids,ev s en aasearly wo age t, can ve hain plaquheg in terir arties terela hd to deartseisea." sashe hiys codldhosi obety sn waea't nthrly sue is ie its to twday cao deagdes o. d anesblam p, in aart,hell tti idme kens spthd wihn tecy.ologso on, althg witi getctng aive, howhat sr uld ou bkidstie eang? re heoo's a l bk at ad alance . diet.. o fulllyf mostes veggis,/fruit e wholnsgraiei, protdan and iry. i it'sntmportaar for kshen to ow s clientriapproprtate poion ze siths for foose rood gups, o. to s andashe hs tipalfor l usre pa wnts asare prepace to pk up the sc lhoolesunchin aga. fi ofrst hef, sge suglists ngmiti er pres-lvativeunaden mea
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stbrea s foricandwhes. m "fronca career pioventann std po nint,nco luath mere is allyth coe redammen."tionh witutpean tt buaner batned y manolschos, u yot mighfoopt r al , mondutsoynca or bshewr utte in d.stea d anngspeakifa of kats, ren mo rsnitour sat fatedats pe eslycialn - isecheeeds, r at men s, evet coconul.oi s "it' pvery. opulart coconuoil fis a fadriood noght anw." d th heen t tre's whe s- ord r!suga sakaren mays a skill coo te orwosh boulde e thy dailt limifor d refinesugar. "t 1rulyo 00 tca150 eslori a y. da" mo tideras on i akey.arnd viety b iswhest ient tocomes ng feedi kiour ds. ka evren olen tind quban a g of ip choms fre timimto tt e can'rt huan. oh, t d don'p skimheon t ch atocollke mith, eier. "c tehocolais milk re a gueat fl affor spter ."orts n'quinads glkn to e'ow h ts onheri acght trowk to pouer thrisgh hy. da
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tr nuorition hi you ckald's, ren b willske my aoc the destor gut j on 1anuary8th. i'plus, osve pa ted resome gat sh workiteets w th tipso cut ss exce o sugaryour of ieur dt on we our kbsite, just ic clonk ea the hh lth watcicon. t' lek s checthin on s e roadwith afour trpofic reharter cisonde than in e e alicnt96 poi 5 fi traferc cente . theravare hey fi trafdoc slow 3wns on 595 and80 be eetwn mo d ana an ioddie,n the ttspaghe ai bowlt nd eason i80 tneargehe nugt.ot isherwere thnoe are cc aenidtsor id inc tentsrto repoep so ke g drivinutsafe o a thereonnd be okthe lor out fok slics roadand ktry totreep expia stopng cedistanen betwend you a the hi ve fcle in orontu f yoi' som chaiann de t ands hat'your fitrafc ha "c nnnel 2coews uentinwis th mechief ogteorolmiist erke alg'snp pi foint 2asorecrot, bstadca rtced ifie tbymehe an rica ormeteicologocal siety!" rmas stosh #2 puoues thrgh, m storri#3 is ight onlsts hee. era coldom but sweewhat akeror st mm willroove the ugh th on regisd wedneinay, brging
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atelev. ionswithere llll sti be a icsignifouant amnt of inshadowheg in trn westell vao eys, sjothe maf rity othe ip precn itatio bwillcue fosed inth tae mounndins, aa as re nosult ainther watter weher ad ryviso f is up tor theahoe hrarea tedough w, nesdaywhere re2-8" abl possinde depeing on at elevalion. vculey actimulaons po are bssibleisut it ik unlely wthey sill becaignifint. er showd s couluecontinda thursy s as2 torm # tpushes, hroughst iorm #3ghs ri it onlsts hee. ld a co ser butt omewhaweaker m storovwill muge throh the wregionayednesdin, brgingan roother sund ofnow ll to ati eleva tons. whereill il st al befi signimocant aunt of inshadowheg in trn weste ey vallths, so rie majothty of e pr itecipn atioe will bd focuseine thtamoun ains,a nd as aresult wnotherweinter ather ryadviso f is up tor theahoe hrarea t woughsdedneeray, whe
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ev el vation.acalley ticumulaons ar sse poutible b it isun tlikelyllhey wi be icsignifhoant. souwers cld nt cohuinue tbersday bfore areak in ct the a fion # stormsh2 puhres tough, m storri#3 is ight onlsts hee. lda couter bha somewt er weak w stormveill mogh throu githe reneon wed, sdaygibrinng r anotheofround to snow all ioelevaterns. thlle will sti be si a icgnifamant f ount oad shg owinhein trn weste s,valley so ma the ojorityf the itprecipwiation e ll bsefocud in e thinmounta as, andsus a relt he anotntr wieaer wdvther aisory p is ue for the taho tareaghhrou es wednday, e wherre2-8" abl possie de g pendinvaon elevation. lleyac ticumulae ons arlepossib but s it ilyunlikewi they ll be si icgnif sant. chowersouldnt cohuinue ty rsdarebefoak a brein theac n tion o. friday
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or st im #3t s righ hon itseels. a ercold s butt omewha er weakrm sto wveill mogh throuth one regisd wedneinay, brging r anotheofround to snow allel nsevatioe . thertiwill sll be gn a sit ifican oamountf ow shad ting intehe wesrnll vao eys, s th joe maf rity othe pr atecipitllion wicu be fosed in e thtamoun ains,s nd asua relt he anoterr winter weathor advisy p is ue for thartahoe ouea thrgh dawednesy,er wh ae 2-8"osre pe sibl independ eg ontilevallon. vaey laaccumus tionpoare bssibleut unit is tlikelywihey e ll b ifsignt.icanwe shoours cld inconthuue ty rsdarebefore a bak toas s2 rm #espushou thrgh, m stor i#3ghs ritst on i. heels co a blderomut st ewhaweakerst llorm with move through e gi reneon wedbrsday, ingingan r otheofround to snow all at elevthions. llere will sti be si a angnificout amf nt oad shinowing w therneste s,valleye so thtymajorie of th
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unthe mo atains,s nd asua relt he anoterr winter weathor advisy p is uthfor tae e hoeaarhr tghouwe y,dnesdare whe" 2-8are ib posseple dngendiev on elation. avalleyulccumnsatio are ibposs ile butnlt is uthikely eywi sill be angnificwet. shors d couluecontinda thursfoy bere a inbreak a then ctiodaon friy. n kristelaand tndonikhank me. th nee davaol wpaf ack tndhe es frtano sulte bs ldoghave edplaye some closs game toverheye cars.g ominexup n ht...ear fr heom tve silanr bld ouey n wh
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, "now'sherela dallos codny,wi hath c 2nnelrt spos" rr tomohtow nigol the wckf pa b menstbasketeall l am wiltake a onrin old e val th sfresnotate do bullnogs... thw boms tea moved heto tnt moustain weth from e to wac ..getherth. and steir la 6ga hames eeve bden decid bysi dngles igitveor aid agisn thr yea tbotheams e aretpr styilim..arva. neda's co re trdsehis onass ian9-5 d in1-1 nt mouweain last py r aftelo
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inwyom wg... thileulhe bs ldog 10are nd-5 a i 1-1unn motain pwest..lay.y the ubeatannlv d lalsotoost m t what is it aboue thestwo raproghams tket machs eae gama ba ? ttle "t ouwo tdegh minsld resiiant s teamatgoing si it bacally. ke li s youncaid si fe mymareshn iyears t ha rbeeny ealle clos me gas. sovome meertie somledoub tioveritme, ju is wost tgh tou nd mieaed toims gt ng aanit, d i th itink l wilhebe te samway in gotog insn freato stise th ."year a"yeas lwaytta bainle s mcey es fr yhmani ear mbremeoier gngin dto ae oubltiovermeam gwie th em thdo. i knn't haow w it its wh ouen y t geteawo titms wh a e wholofbunch ti compehotors w tliket o go atheach o aer its g dot.figh" il we w fl hearesrom frteno sta upcomng 30 at 6: 1 andhi1. ts e on tset to tip offw omorroin es fr7pno at oum... ytr can seam ga the inme onlhee at tnt mouain st werk netwoas. at l tt lookhell buredogs ant 6 poior fav. ites
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mcs ire haombeen n tinatedo pl thay in nae mcdohilds ghol schome all agarican me on h marc i30thicn ch tago...he s huskie wcenter aho haslreadysi hgnedeter l iter oftontent t play a noregonarext yee is on hof 755hoigh sciool senrs na nomi pted to tlay ine.he gam.. th and oe onlyrone frtm nohern daneva... ashe isngveragipo 12.5 ints aga gome to h witnd11 a half dsrebounth. and ouen a cofple sguystoigned wi play th the acwolf p yk nexte ear aralsono esmine... in pod t guarl deveareyramsm frosi anerra cghyon hil schooin rnsoutheor califisnia ra aveging 10about s pointmea ga f andour d ansshalf a.hists..oois schl is lyactuald ranke i19the n thco y untrrdacco ming toaxep pr as...ornd fenward knethot wor.en jm froa mantechighho scsiol outf de oktstocon is ag averdoing a ouuble d14ble apoints0 nd 1unrebods... s 24 boy24and ls girbe will ct seleo ed tmcthe s donaldall-am tericann eams oy januar17th. heanotxir boveng es nt i ibackn no refo... inllowstg lath mons us piolymiac tr. ls..grthe and rasieror res ht isngosti usa
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ctionalnshampiohips. ithise s thye4th n ar iw a roth gge biliest cttlehaity s st hoheed tnt eve f forerights ag 4-es 1.. inc sdingome omfrer hine t sheveilstr ate. o "savwe h ke 25frids adom neva, rvegas,vaeno s riou'sarea of th e e statincompet tg herehis ek wewe as s ll aetathlroes fm al erl ov c theryountpe comting iherenon re."so in box tg atsrhe gl wilgo ro thsaugh ayturdin beg aningt 12 eaand 6 dayd . ans it ifree a tottend. is krd ten anonlandt chaabout . usan
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, news 'smikeal finer weath rmas stosh #2 puoues thrgh, m storri#3 is ight onlsts hee. ld a co ser butt omewhaweaker wistorm e ll movugthroe h th onregine wedbrsday, inging he anotd r rounnoof s aw tollel nsevatioe . thertiwill sll be gn a sit ifican oamountf ow shad ting intehe wesrnva slleys,mao the ojoritye f thpr itecipwiation foll be incused unthe mos,tain a andsus a relt he anoterr winter weathor advisy u isthp for e e tahohrarea tough eswednheday, w" re 2-8are po dssiblengependiev on elation. eyvallul accum aationsress po biblet ut iikis unleyely thll wign be sit.ificanrs showeco ntuld cohuinue tbersday fore aea brhek in tn actiorion fday. th tat'ss he new30for 5:. kr i'm n istengremiorton. f nd lailon mr,lere gartt
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