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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 5, 2016 11:40pm-12:42am PST

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acheersppnd ae laus)>> en stephk: than. you s >>entepht': thas nice. n'i dowt kno ify' erall ev t watchs.he new g you euysverc wath, it?me sotimes.ey thgo've omt s geooffd stu on there. t don' t watchh oo mucof it.d ans there'sta big atory th yo ever inelks taouing abght ri t now.'s it . ga oroupeaf hvily armed esprot wterseho havcc oupiedme socathing helled the malurna wtionale ildlifgerefua in te remoof area ea southgost oren. n'i have tt seenmahis ngny ary de bearind men go orencn sie i edreferrue to blas moon "aaf crert be." i max,t's a goodee br, max. gdon'tet aryng.i
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unit's ysese gu who haveen takve orth ge thin call tlvhemsees ami alitia,y'nd there led by afe llere namnd ammo bundy, and ifth atam n seounds fr amiliait'sca be'suse hehe t o sonf thele argendeny clivdy bun.w, noig you mht rbeememr thatna rome fmk bac in 2014,.. when. ve clingh fout theov gternmen and lost allth sympa wyhen hest saarted tuying seff lik this. an>> i wt tol tel you oneor me i thing boknow aut thero neg. te >> sphen: okay, um, don't dneed--on'td nee toin snyg a fmore o thaton sg.ay ok. havet thaat fumiged. l hid now iss son nu contiing athatventi-go trnmentonraditi.d ant'if tha cs whats liven'son n ammotois up ud, i shder to k thin'swhator in st te fromheiv clnden graenchildr.i' a m gonnraguess erndo, p
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ht( lauger ) -l good kookingids. mmnow, a hon andupis gro sayth aney begpr this t otespeto sak rup fors ancher adwightnd rnfor bu9 ing 13ofacres al federla mod aaprn's onotest f behalof es th ue guysompset slee peop--sp alecificsely the guys.>> en steph t: yes,mohe hamnds t wantleo be ceyar: tht're no ovanti-gt ernmentimili.amenth ey're simplyig antenovernmtso ease. t now,ithe milsaiamen eyy th're y reade for thrngove'sment sp re aonse wnd are tillingo diefo e becausvethe go irnments notsp et one r uiredma.s. rshallid sa: he >> tap best chproa i nows to hewait tup gro. out ph>> steoben: pr nablyhaot wt pr the tootesadrs hnd in mi. 's thatta like veking oer th
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edrroundxi by mecans.vy daet crockd t wouliklook le aco dmpleteoofus. i and sagotta cy, thenoonskica esp do h notelp. ybbut ma ie thisn-s a wiwin. t is ise the guys downer he arede edterminta to syut p niindefittely ahe tma nalheur wtionaleildlif , refugenowhy stt juhe let tm re and namee it thmm"the aonbu prndy feserve aor thendrmed acr anky?"( erlaught ) pl ( apause )af l-ter al-ap ( )plause cothese , nfusede,fragilly heavime artud creaneres omed seplaceto wh live viere cionlizati't won thupset em.ey thle are cndarly ed.angere ghalthouha it's knrd to ow tlexacw y hohemany tre are usbecaeie th ir camooos so gd. ug( la )hterhe ore'snein stand bg tetweenwobu ishes, el bieve.(
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d,ad sly,re the's noe hop of isestabl bhing ag reedinmprograca berause, fitnkly, it's a b ofsa a e d while thesmimen ght be t greaiopatreyts, tht're nogr aneat plners. usbecaide ev tently,dnhey di't a packf lot osofood, y thetu orned too facebtek yesndrday aas eoked pople t send, "lsuppies,or s onacks,rny a"thing.ap ( )plauses. ye ks whc, heroiwo lone lf,-i goe,t-alonai mounthan men veal eeways nogded: gtrurt, sing se cheed , anhaluncbles. yi wantou toan hg in, there asfellbe e causs help i won theay.yo u may rremembers viewe atme hoks, wee ago iti menoned oroson the show, so oroze sent a meuc
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eo orne hotlild i couo use t ac resch nabireo di actlyimny t e t ofayhe dni or t gheqto ruestre mo. oreosd anveif eerr thae was ac snrgk-me, encys it inow. 'mso iyi deplo ong theonreo phe.( acheersndus applae )he rello, oos?is thep is stlbhen cod-ert an-at wh? i yes,ze realiho i am thlding is myup to ea deaf r. id i sa a, i amf ware othat! mi needeoore ort!s, staon only d s'theend tmo t my .officeis th i week,be'll ad brogcastinfr 91om 363us sodhonee la,in pr oceton,regon. l justheeave tes cookie at th ofend d thewarived y anthenba wack aowy slly.we be'll ht rigk bac jwithohnkr
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iguh rowht n c youetan ggi 15 gs 10for ck0 buuss pl p $15iner le at thrf is pebeect e causrewe a toabout t startlehe who lo tang disinnce thgye lah and dots ofllata wi mean tslovi of atdeo chting w hos much ithat? 15 g tigs,ovhat's hoer 40 urs of vi chdeo ngatti wow wh oa ou40 hatrs, th l's a ot ofuncommnicatio ye ah veyay lo! 15get fo gigs bur 100 cks, pl pus $15eer lin bu ghd libet's heen tre. co tinnecneng ozi amaupng sboer omwl mtoent n theext. d anr foisth serupow b wl,ree'ch ngargiam our ge arforwd fo l r alnsfa. tr ininoduce g thtelimiitd edion
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i'hi, ked lito ma ake dep-- r:scannean resc item. sc rescan, rean. re iscantem. itvo: ns happe o soften moyou alt st geo used tit. ph icone voine: ma menuenrepres.tative re enpres.tative re tapresentive. vo h : whic wishybe puing rst fit... lare wx,t e go.this : voak...tomes sgee g ttin tusedo. jo hein tio natn. io natnwe idn is o syouride
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m ohshy goep, ste.hani'r we le,e,ikgo so 'rth. wee, , like ggothoth. x: sfs knockr.on doone hoy? ini'm dyaig my homr, m. ir ha? dye, noinnot ba my omthro! re mlax,om. ne ho jy,leust it men! sf oox: drar ngttli . no.tiy!ffan tino. ffany! usit's jlet purp.te daenage ?ughter t gebbscrubuing s.bble ki of s rmdeand rost y rtdind a gmeri. yo onu nlysceed bbru ingbbbules di ecsinf ctings leaner forro100% pblemve sold. orwe wrdk ha y, so ou t don' thaveo.
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rs( cheepp and a)lause te>> s:phen hey! om welc, e backodeveryby. f myueirst ganst is or act ,ct direanor, ucd proder who d starree in "thfiof" cedan arnow st13s in ": hoursthe
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'm >> iin thinkbog ayut mir gls,ma n,nk thi winghat would they saybo aut me?he died in ala pce heid dn't t needo be. a intl bate over something hedo tesn' ant coury thatea mntng nothi .to himer ev iy time goe hom toky becan d those girls i think,th "is ist. i goi'm ing to stay."an d thenom s hething aappens inden d up back here. is why t? thay whtcan' g ioom he? ca why gn't ioom he andt jusst reay the? sepleaco welohme jasn kri.insk(
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rschee a anduspplae )>> ! wowlo ok ats! thi te>> sisphen: isn't thy? lovel>> at look this!th sis i the mostut beaiful ur chch iav hvee ern bee to.>> ph ste ten:s hankvery vankseryh. muc'r we te hereivo recere youco onnfessi . l,>> wel okay,el wl, int tha -case ->> ha wtld cou youbl possiavy hedo ne? n >>ngothi.>> ph steyoen: tu'reheni -scestngeemi i guy e'vever t. me i >> think so. te>> s:phen s,eeming seemingy. gu >> superar dknd uy.erbell ph>> steu en: yot mighbe a gveryoodor act andnl omy see y like aou'rewe supet ppy dog.>> allht rig's, letto salp tkingab out itau becsee you'r inrevealg theth tru. te >> s:phenl, welet l'sev real utone trh about youht rig. now yb evernoody kws you fherom "t fi ofndce," ary eve kbodynows youas . jim a and bit--'m i not goingo t sayug dot hy, buoii'm gng toay s ceoffiy, bodic offe body. for thisew nie mov-- c>> youan sayou dghy. s >>: tephensthis iew the nu. yo alooktha tt. 'sthatt wha we'reea dlingit wh rightow n.
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tok ahi ts. ok lo at this. ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) y >>up.>> en steph l: now,n,iste did a youlways-- did yous alway want is th ?e aronyou fe oho t gseietz who oiis g gng too, "ian c b'tieelveha i d to doha tt." i ."officeyo du justidn'tyee st ih. muc >> yeah. >>t sephen: tulhat wod havebe en-- well,ha ttw sho would d. >>xa ectly. s >>:tephenus seriothly, sis i like end wlessorke, her isn't it ? i >>a t's olotf work. , yeah ait's o lotfk. woran rd it'seal work,. tooi ghthouwot it beuld like,"y leah,atet's epl a coue of r powebars ando dus ph-" wd heikas le, "no,s it'ng goi b toe aiv ling horell f six toei ghtee wks." s>>entephst: juix s toig ehtwe eks.e >> w didza twoi dtionhay wity m r,traine he diddl braooey cperon er "amican sr.nipe" a-two- pdaysngullids sle,pu gshin wtseigh.i lwasike, "whatut abohe tse p bice curls?"an asd he wik le,no ",t' is so
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h youtoave do0 8h- pus bupsy mo to.rrow uli co ddn'tneo oul p.l-up ph>> steuen: yon' couldto don eup pull-yo when urt stad and this isha wt it was like in theen d?>> . yes te>> s: phen dhowoesr youlo vely wife, emily bunlot, howdo hees sl feetabou it? >>he sat hes it. woshe liuld ke toe havy doughbo cky ba .te >> senph's: it ama dratican ch ge. s >> it' fsweetaced.>> en steph:ou y're stillet swefa ced.ha >> tnk you.>> en stephhi: in t ps youlay aa- --- a a ctontracit secury rs peon.>> . c.i.aon ccttraor, or sty. n,agaihi i teonk p tplehink theykn low aot about bienghaz us beca'se itin been n theews a -->> tavhere hne beeea hs.ring w itn as i ntheewslm aostme imy diatelitafter pe hapned. >> elyxact. tandhere'see bucn so mh tdalke e we'vokoverlo hed thetouman sryof s theseix g auysnd what theyd dithat. nightso as b,icallys it' six guys whore
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he so t ny're tot inhear ney hadoig oblonati too g helpny abody. andut witho d the oropf a hat-- a inp dro of aat hy theef lt and eiput ths r liveheon te linnd awe inre, mypi onion, the true tidefinion ofsm heroi. ihi tnk we a tell lot ofup ser ro hees stori t and ihinkt' is ( rsee a ande pplaus ). ph>> stereen: aged. now,he try sto,r o theve ents,th era tgedy of bzienghas- i- is er a vyol palitic one it aic politalie mov? tdoes iak te anyt sor of stance l orayme bla?>> o. nd ancothe arol pt was theol pr ooguee f th tbook ihatt's seban,d o they t saidhe guysth esemselv w whorote ihet, ty ,said "west underand's there a hu geit poltoical sunrm arohid ts , momentisbut thoo bk is solelyou abtht e night andt wha we didth nat."ightyo tu havehio tnk of it as itha bppened teforeheic polital thstorm cat aamefter thju is bost atut wha they did thatht nig,o s i nt'sot a capoliti qlreuagmiha tbot anydy ks thin g it'sotoing be.>>
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m,>> i a a bigit milaryil t to me whis oas tne ofhepr moudest oomentsf my careero t bl be a teohi sne ali gfmmer oli ght onhe t sfiacri acend ro hethism yat m cnousis,un ats,an ncd ules haveut phe on tin le daevery y. te>> sphen: did youet g toet me g thehouys we werll actuayth ere.i, >> did i d. t a losof guy were on seth wit. us my guys i stillon ciafidentl,ja ilck ssva i hise- nam- which is not hisea rlam ne. s >>: tephen wif it was, iouldve haav to h yeou k rilledight no w. ug( la )hter . e >>lyxactus, jlet bdeppe, out d an i'm gonehe wen w comeac bk fromom ciamercl. s >>entephu': yoreng goi t boe ne gon whe weom cek bacro fm >>h! o te>> s: phen'sno, it t justhe tstruckerhe upp t ofhew. sho ke>> wal rdightnt ioha ttne o.>> ph ste nen:ngothi bad.i tdon' want theie audnce torr wo wy whenee comk bac and e' therbos somelsdy eere the. o nonehe snatcd yuou, yo know, kn you ow,oo tuk yo to a iabulgarn-->> he let tm try! ee ( ch ars ande pplaus)>> en steph:ow n,ou y're--ri sey.ousl >>ha t.nks>> te s: phenkind of
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e-you ar h- you aave great re caer.yo gu'vehaot tt,ou y've gotem bilyt.loun yo are ngu tryiak to mepl peoese re?nt you o, >> n no,is l iten,m ane o ofth eki luc gestuy g iuisen thewo d rld ani know. te>> s: phensuyou re are. m i'aan f. u yo lknow iikeou y.>> ik i leou y a lot.>> en steph: we gotnk dru thtoge ter athene keny dercentno ho rs. w >>.e did te>> s: phenneit's o of thegr steatece pla gs toet drunkbe ecausre we'ro surdundey bso onmany w pderfule.eopl a >>hend ten kdynes--l, wel justth oe ideaf ady kennes i allar ouound y. ph>> stet en: bunothey koww h tyto par. t >>heyo. d evenhe t k cennedyenterno kwsho w -->> us i jant wt to sayhi ts.i want toam preble they y likeou m and i'aan f ofr youn whe isk aho w didou y getly emiun blot?>> on i d'tw. kno w itas a leittl asggre.sive>> ph ste aen: iedsk theam seth ofing an dcriel duaig tringheco cimmer bal.reak id saiw, ho did you getl rache yweiss, jou'reames b bond,ut come on. re you' johnns krasiki, buthe s's bemilyt.loun
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s.nervouan ved edyrybo wasik le,wh "atwa urs yo l"ine? itand t washis. d anwashe iks le,ho "rew a?" youan wad i iks le, "ttpreyd. goo" s >>enteph: imi proseom se day li'llloook ikok les. thii promise. wistick th me. nd >> ach i touered hac fe,nd ash d,e sai "n'dot doha tt."an hed t cndalleec syuritnd ae w m gotldarry gt ias wn't a green cardua sit.tion>> no,lt ah hougowshe n is a ze citi n. y,oh, bo i hope she scktisou arnd.>> en stephea: sp tk ofhehis, s kcanick. ass sshe ha d aoneun bchf o action films. i >>in traedr neaer hhe wen sh g wasoinggh throut. thad anchi wateder h fightin tra--be wecause ed trainf out o the same. gym d an sthenhe, dide, liker vy emextrghe fitra tg.inin iand ke wald by a door jtoust be like, "hey, how's itng goi? in s andhe wasch puningnd a ngelbowi t inhis t baghatas war stoting tn opeh, witik le, f flufin it.d anlalou i c tldhinkas w,"p dolease n't have aht nigmare ni toght.ea pl'tse done hav namaightreni toght." s >>enteph h: wead a ton offu sn when wheas on here. showm. thewe
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we did-- she liked it. ht( lauger )rh et, if you-- g(agging )wh ershe l ali go?la ( )ughter te>> s: phenwe had--t' is att lilehi somet tnghatve stere candll a i wereno korwn f g, doin fakeom vit. i >>to have l tel you,mi it ght be myit favor tenhing i therl wo d. te>> senphka: o y. a >>hend t firsthi thang ttnd boveed steel carndl a i onhe tsh oal was ite pre tnded pouke anaid he sd, "do you knows that' f myitavorhie tng in a w"orldse ba bd on ait you. did te >> s:phenal cled "rswaitena eausbyted f."ood at th wasnt thef one "go t withhe ." windan d iho tughtgh it mit be funwi eth w did ama clictic sceneom fr "a few good m."enyo u beom tws crend a i'lle b n jackickel son.
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u jessp did you--p hahelll corne ujessidp d you-- htlauger ) d diou y--rd odere code red? >> yout- wan- u want a?nswers hi>> i tnk i-- g (agging ) ug( la )hter i think i'm edntitle to them. la ( ughter ) >>ph steen: youht oug-- aners. >> il- wil- g pl ( apause ) w
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htlauger ) >>te sphen: you't can handle the-- tru( gags ) pl( ap )ause sand.cene ee( chrs and aaupplse )jo hn knrasiski, "13 h"oursns ope winationjade on ynuar 13. 'l webel ht rigk. bac oopr lf ofjoess paint in. an cld reea.r skin is thmy is y bodroof pof ithat f can ightorpsc iatiriarthtis umwith hira. rahumi b works y rg taaneting lpd hegin lo to b sck afipeci c ur soince of tiflammaon th trat con tibuteso both t joininand skpt symoms. it ro's ptoven r help pelieveain, op stth furoier jamnt dage cland inear skma in duny alts. ct dohaors eeve besn princribg hu mi 1ra fors.0 year mi hu lra canouower y r ab y ilithtto figti infecons, udincltuing ulberc.osis
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si'ved mokea lotd an lquit aot, t buupended re nowhe. usnow i .e this cothe niq derm ch,patc wi nith uteque exnded asrelenoe techlogy, s helpt prevenurthe ge keto smo d allay. i hiwant ts time myto be t las.time 'sthat i whyos choe nidecoq.rm c ct faad. invil paie rel aversedre us brey mose houholds th oan anyeather lrading bnd. to re tathe tires achnd a pains pmorereeople r ach foadvil. li resnef doe 't gety an tbetterishan th.
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e thn soof p aisolimh anmigrt grwho ew up ainok bron lynetentme. he en wtot pc ubliolschos, en thol cgele, wh e ere thrkwo hofifis lgae ben -- gh fi itingtinjusce d anuaineq,lity sp kieangth truwe to por. ov he m tedveo onrmt, wo n ecelti aonrand pasise ofone ri ame bca'smaest .yors onin cs,gresst he upood wofor inrkfag limies an fod r ciprine,pl po op tsingrahe iq r,wa ppsungortier vetans. w no'sheak toning st wall reet a and t corrupcapolitieml syst bfundedery ovil a mlion nt cotiribuons,
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fi tighorng fin livwag ges,eq paual y, anitd tuio n-freepu cblicgeolles. pe oprele aic sd k anretiofd st eshablintmeit pols,ic an eyd thre want al ce!hang [ rschee a anduspplae ] rn beiede san -rssb- hud,an erfath, dfgranr,athe an es honadt leer dibuil mng aenovemtht wiou y gtoe iv aus feutur to el b iieven. sand iers:er'm bsanie s,nderan apd i e prov mthisgeessa. ee ( ch ars ande pplaus) te >> sheplcn: weckome ba,ev oderyby.
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t a greay holida.season t i don' hknowow s you ipentt,bu stt isatcatiy llngspeaki, it obwas pratably w"sching tarwa ecrs," bveause olar the stco eeuple wllks, mif ions opeople nt wese to fe "thewaorce akens," inpush bg it'sicox offe pastit "tanic." rr sok.y, jacyo edu diot for nhing. ug ( lahter )he cefrified tiesh rarong on ttento .matoest bucai'm a icthol i, soll get amy r movie feviews romss "l'otoervaomre rthano," e alofficiap newsper ofth tie va can.'s that, rightavthey h e apa rime sto jes areoust toco templicaepd to rthort hrougco smlored oke. 'oand "ltosservaanre romo" wast noseimpresd. oojust l tk at hheire:eadlin"c eonfusoto sfoca."no dow i own't kn"s what "focatome utans, bun it soitds eveher ry lt insu ving ordeery oulici s. ha"i'll vve theoceal sf ato,se plea."
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mei assure they's- guyre- we notns fall, cathing ee movi"c d onfusezyand han," eve ngaddith that kbe blocusterve "othrdoes nee darkss." e thn-vaticath- and tris is ue--ga etve a bviter reew to"s htpotlig."m i'notg. jokiney thes were lypecialdi oisapp inted fn "theorce 'sawakenai" villsans, tying hey mofail "ctst spelyacular " ines repr eenting avil,thnd "e te counofrpart v darthader,lo kywe ren, a ars mmasktoerely em hiulate ecs pred"essor.i 'tdidne havlea prob tm withhe , maski but upwas atset th, when oo he tffk it oha, his asir w me sorfhow peflectly uffed. ht( lauger )ho tw ispohat ?ssibleif s that'ouwhat yit get wh theda e,rk sidn sigp!me u i but o have t tsay,rehis viewha eas me rrnlly to.i' ugm can ht iisa crisit of fahbe detween eleply hefd belisem ibeddedinn me sldce chihoodd
12:07 am
erlaught ) ap ( )plause so, before--ap ( )plauseth llat's a. right cayou lan appud. anyou cpp a.laud efso bu ore yon jump oorthem f jonot enstying "s"ar warmu as ch w asd,e die let m mdefendyur chexch by ngplainihe why tygh mivet haue iss is witht. e for on ithing,e t's thy storof vi a saboor, n rn isethe dert,ch tosenemo redend opat's c iyrightemnfringent. la ( erught )yo inu thisk god fu vengel?yo ouu sheeld mlat his irwyer, a.( htlauger )no t w, it doesn'hahelp tt the aloriginlo trieagy ftureda he fatr, aon s, and ay holgh ost. cathe ctholicmihurch keght tasu is ae withuy bad gpe who snds enthe mtireryovie t sing totabop peh le wits.a cros d ankemiep in thnd, bo "starrs wath" and ole cathrcic chuhha vear lgelo folswing of in virgs.( seapplau ) etso g offhe tir back.
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rke mi.up on.( rschee a anduspplae ) wh tat'shis?x. a bo ak it t wesn orthout ingsmaand thkes etem bter.
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12:12 am
t guesneis o of thege bigst s namein hopip-h, aiv cicle ,ader andn aiv actist. ea plelse w kcomerille mike.( rschee a anduspplae )ki ikller mkse than forng beihe re.>> nk tha. you ifmy w peut me on at, die i lostfo ndur pou ns andow i can't keep p myantsp. u >>ph stethen: yoank ru fo ar we yingour flormaat swesor f onus t.ight >> allctuahey, tse arema forl. ithiss my p.t.a. mngeeti itoutf . s >>enteph,: ohll reahey, w nu yoe havoto g talk?>> ct exawhly, iene havoto gta lkd aroun otheren parts andyo tu don't wan to dress like, u yo a know,p rap.eru yonput o awe sat suit t hhatasa ar cdiganer sweat.>> en stephen: wh youo gee mt ur yos kid inle earmentyoo schl,do thech teaerso, g "now,il klermi i ke, twantlko ta to." you >>y the sayt thaft aer we s discus cwhy my ihilds ti fighng. ug( la )hter>> ph stecoen: iuldtav he yt an thing wo doithou yr name,ki ller mike? s>> it'ir the gls thaet ar gh fi.ting
12:13 am
's a whole newor wld. y >>eah. s >>entephy: whil kmiler ke?>> in' didte nam mf.yseli twantayo st in' wastik le me so w kidtaas sgndin inhe t rr mindor aid dece e hlookik le aid kr.illei dwoulav hee lik bikega bouti ke mi, orer frari mike. ra i aspid aid k and rdappe al reelly wndl aen sev orig eht rotheuy gnds a stood on a desk andai sd,at "th k aid'sle kilr." ander aftt tha nyobodr eve ll caeed mnk sku again iny m li feus, jtil kler. te>> senphil: kler, tshat' e.awesomyo giur orimenal na is michaelre .nder ic >> menhael r idersy me. nam s >>entephat: th g's aood , nameoo t m,ikeen ouke y'reri teang thee mik apart. a >>nd myau dr'ghte nsame is l michae.render ph>> steuren: yogh dauster' names iic m?haelth at's ay prettnameor f a girl. hi>> i tnk te's go top stoht figing. te>> s: phenal we hl taveo op st finightg. hwe all taveop stoig fg.htin>> es y. te>> s: phen iasai sd'r youe aci vic lr.eadeyo u'reia socllyiv acte. i >>m. a s >>enteph: hopip-h atrtis.
12:14 am
>>ph steen: youn do ow brarbe s. shop>> ar i'm ptf o a very goodap r cagroup rlledheun ts. jewel' we wreorking on partee thr trighow n. te>> s: phenasit wt jus unannoyoced uuy gs are g toingobe lu incded inoa clachel this , year? right >>to back back.>> en stepht': thasta fanstic. e>> w areck ba.>> te s tphen:his i year,f i spcan eak for all white pe,eopl ug( lahter )-- p>> ir refe syouinpeak fgor all ewhiteo pple. s >>entephhe: anotur yoak spe lfor al blackpl peoe,ka oy? od >> tay i do. s >>:tephen is year,gi tra, callya lot of le peope in thte whini commuty ouhave fnd out t abouthe life ofaf ricanca amerinns i fn,erguso orbaltimthe, nor ctoharlesn, r otheesplacun aro ud thenitedst ates. y donkou thi thewa arenessha ttha sen risou thrghse the gearag trajee dass h cedhangny ag,thinat st leaou thrghlo diague. >>hi w ptepleoeat wg,chin geooglja nell eiot, she a hasnex meperithnt, uee bl and ow brnidexp eenerimt. e irancoueoge p tpleoat wch , thatilit wlua act gllyrow. youyo ,u nok bacst to uffha t wtill ymakeough lau. hiif weote p aplere ntow jusdi
12:15 am
ac blk oror w ckinglasspl peoe inam a,ericy' the lre aotor me d blin ithanho tught andy' there a lote morho cg osineto b raignontha tn iho t.ught stheame pemrobl'rs weedi siscusodng tay wecu disedss in90 19,98 10, 1970,nd a tid unel wal cl apa sde a ad spde ans thi pemrobl imis congfr om ctiondiweons c'reinreatg or ainllowg ton happe as ahi wteou grp ofe peopl whool hd a ai certunn amot ofer pow -->> u do yo thinkre the's a em systemic attthpt in tee unidat stes toso ilate poor and no miesriti p, toutm the in mm coieunit tscahat en b rocont?lled t'>> it s nottan a aemptt. all 's ituc sfucessl. if you lookt a danaly ed thhi ysghwa w in, hhichelt buihe t gh hi twaysgo se gailteo pple. e' thers non rouabd-waout dy too ab.lutely>> ph steagen: sain,gpeakinfo wr allhitee peopl what, can hawe-- wt can we doo tdg brieth e gap betweenhe t cniommuties ofol cor?sh youldou--ou y own brarbe ldshoute whipl peotae srt tt gething haeir ir cut atla bck erbarb? shops>> h iope so.
12:16 am
nv cotiersagoons oning th at ose erbarbps shot thare we' nott par . of a >>nd whiteeo pple pay $50or f hair cuts, so,ol absutely.i d woulliket. thai ld woue lik that. ( acheersland appuse )i ak spe atol cslegeen oftnd, awh en i speak atla bckle colges,an d i speak at whiteol cs,lege a ig sl dhtlyreiffeesnt m.sage mthegeessa theyre pacho thi wteki hads tret a in thaalla,ssee la at gnta,iaeorgh, tec pslaceli ewke nk, yor iset gut osideth lle coegeir envntonme,d fin a il chod wh isgi marnal orng doi ce exnaptio sl inlchoo whos i ami tynories, dolon't ikok loue y, ofnot s theameel rn,igio nfot o e thsamekg bacd,rounp helha ttch ildri matteculao intle colge. lp hem the by being a big r,brothe bignt smeoringm. the t don'iv ge them giftsnd aak meyo lfursel feeoo gd, hey i btoughte rsache .at wh'r youine gog to g oetfut oth xpat encerie ae isenothrum han gbeinin takllg fuan adv otagef anca edualtionys stem that canhe lp them inhe tirmu com.nity
12:17 am
being toe havat emp fhyor esomeonid who dokn't lo likeou y i ands craultunolly tro fm your ck bandgrou . s >>entephpe: sngaki ofum cent y,rallak speing oft culalurly--we ly've on m got ainuteer he. ki speafng opl peoeot n ul cy turallomfrr you bacunkgrod, reyou'li feeheng t bern. you like bernie sanders. >> io. d te>> sph oen: akay,sui qckly y asou can,l tel me whyou ybe e lieviebernth is e man. >> k dr.inng i hillst laswo tye ars ofif leke taldbo aut a ppoore'eoplams cn,paigor ziganining uonons eh balf of or poor wkers, oizrgang innsagait wthear mneachit tha was etperpnguatile vioinnce rpyde sansrs i the only li poantici who hassi contstenlyfo r 50rs yeaen tak the social st juice porlatfmo intol psitic. rand nighteow we havn a po opitrtuny tole ecteo somne whois ec dirtutly o of the il phphosoyf o kainginno lenvionce.we canir dy ectlteleceo somne cawho ares pboutoorpl peoe, re caous abmet won,, gayck bla ri .ghts
12:18 am
iklook le hisel hpnd a this unopportinity to his nry is otg goinomto ce in aernoth 20ye otars, n t goingoe comn ian rothe two y.ears ch ( aeersppnd ae laus ) w ifoe dot n takehi tsop unportriity ght, nowre we'in goeg to bti sitngd aroun a mp ca mfireade bcauseye th've ew nihekd tld wor tol, hel i'm ra afyoid, nou kw. te>> s: phenpei hoha tt es dohan't appen hnd i yopeouco mek. bac ll ki igay rhthe tre. erkillik me, eboverydy. trunheel jews. g amonrotheng this. rb baer s.hops l we'ligbe rhtk. bac ydad,anou ct jus drop omeigff rerht h e. noh'lo, ital ke u you p tofrthe ofont s thel.choo 'sthatre wher youndfriee.s ar se y,riouslt' iits, ea's rfilly ne. yo n'u dontt wabe to se iten wurh yo? dad itno, no's.... th bois a but aoy? da tod! slep, pase. to,'sherecy tra. [ hhornon ]kswh at! [ s,beep tesiree scrch ] dabye d! it bwhrakes den youon't. rw focoard n llisioinwarndg an moautonorgus emecyenra bking. ai ave lablheon t newlyde re psignedassat.
12:19 am
on cott celleanleppriexle t turetsge c youerlean ,bullt wige it opt pelele can ghenougo to ma comndo? di u d yo wjusturipe yo bum? , wellrei su. did di u d yocenotith anying t aboutethe e?xtur it er's vfuy...onncti allycieffient. th s is ieqthe leuivant ouof yscr mules. t it jus agetsd hol veof einrythg. ahye. innothleg's ehft bind. th noing. yoare eau cloun entogh co go domman? au (lghars) u e yoouseris? to y.tall ay ok okay w hooudo yl? fee y oh mnegooditss, a'szimang. onlyto cote nell haseaclplnripxte teure
12:20 am
ilph ! noh o...(u hnderatis breh) y heman! pehey ter.nt(uneashusitic) oh ... haha ha ! an jone? t is thayou? 's it.. me. yo t u don' alookve day o ram70. ig i rht? lejinggl jine. y ife ou'rr petepan, yo ayu stng youev forer. it ha's wu t yodo. if w youtoant e sav ee fiftrcn pet enoror m e ion carcensuran, sw you o itch tgeico. y akou m fe mesoeel ng you ... 'sitha wu t yodo. m youmeake l fee
12:21 am
( rschee a anduspplae ) s >>: tephene welcomback,ev oderyby. n myesext gu at isva harrdme l dicaesprof bsor, astiologi, ne a ge, ticistisa chemt, an and ee engine r whositwork whn. d.tra. is miansforng our ol bianogy r d ourefutu. ea plelse w gcomee rs( chee a anduspplae ) s >>enteph:rg geoe. k thanfoyou eir bng here. ea plhase, ve at. sea wthatas-- how was yourid re onth ene sciceil mobe? o >>th, i waser vyrg eney cieffient.
12:22 am
pl( ap )ause te>> s:phen i-t's-t' thas a d brannewta sge,en scice. boy( htlauger )th atin's com og outrf youck , orgethanks-- fore nic to see u yoagain.>> . yup ph>> steen: nrow, fohe tpe wopleonho d k'tnow,'r youe apr esofsorha at d rvarcamedil olschore whe r youheun t church lab. u' yolrve aeady trmransfoed ol bienogy whou yel hped maphe thu mane. genomu' yore not editing.n d.a.o t fightis deasend au rest rrecand th i inkpe s.cies dohow you edit.n d.a.? s >>ero there a aid weie vartyup heon t one tshat'ct attrainge th mosten att ntion iows pe cris r. init's kfd o az buz-- word >>er crisp t,hat sounds lanike p. ap ea>> yt'h, i bs aigpp a.( htlauger ) nytiec mol mularneachi, tu ac, ally cthatan go tghhrou wandith 20.c a.g.s and yonca programt ito go evwherouer yt wan and cut.n d.a.>> ph steinen: om s'seoney? bod >>es y, inen gera thepy, in nhumals cel. te>> s: phen ywhatanou c do
12:23 am
w hoarean hums being mieodifd t righow n?n cayoivu gee m wneolveriws cla? --what ea>> yh. s >>entephha: w bt's deingone gh riwt noh wits? thi>> hi i tnk y'roue berett off th wiout them.( htlauger ) r soight, now it'sng beili apped t toshing aser divse as inelimating miaalar, by wngorki ong makinar malesia-ristantmo essquito . s >>:tephen miaalarta-resisntmo tosquies?>> ea yh. te>> s:phenwe so ur c tehe uimosq stoeso we can't c iatcht om frhe tm. at thoo's cl. 'sthate lik cweuring esrewolvo s an we c'tet gt. i >>h. yea ug( la )hter ether you go. te>> s:phenh, yea yeah. nd>> a.i h.v.nd a the cerrispct ay uallis gndesi oed--mer ca fromba , cteriaewhert ild wouil kl ru vises.>> ph steanen: erd wh te ishis pecris r?er whese do it live? s >>to ior nymall lives in ct ba, eria iandt'see bntr laansp -ntede- w ander oths iturned tntoogechnolhey wre it wcan no work innt pla andan animals dan hum. cells ph>> stesoen: ou y'rein takg,
12:24 am
ba iacterd, an'r youe itinjecng ito int plantnd ama anils.wh ouat cldsi posgobly ng wro, ordoct? >>op hulefly,re the wille b lots s ofyafet and eacfficyes t.ting te>> s: phenn' areout y inplayd g goreor aou yt jus in growg his beard?( erlaught ) au( applse ) iwhats-- >> yeah. te>> s:phenou yt musea hr the yi"plaodng ghi" tng aot l, gh ri t? >>ea yh, ink thi the-- we'reot n ha in teat latgue ll a. ani me,at creing the ursnivee in oua cple ofec s,ondst' ise mor likere we' pyilangin engoreer inwork bg ateing eeenginrs,tr ying toev d selopyafetpr s >>: tephen gcan werows organ now?ul codou y use genehe tyrapo t ow gr a meew nrg oan? >>h, yea you canro gw odsrganoi. uyo canak tean humel cls andff diaterenti ve intoerymp cod licatetissuelu incding ai br ln and aungsnd so. forth te>> shophen: ww longiill li nveow?i' m re theha a cnces thi gene
12:25 am
olife ir ist only for peeopl in berng bo now? >>ea yh, ink thi--el wl, wee havde trmonsnsatio inni a amalst gaginer u yosecan e aid weie varty ofbi rko-ma--ers >> what! he>> woure yan cet god blo el vesss,le sketal,ac cardimu lesc s andoth for- - >>iv g tehemo t me. i h taveout c a c,heck i t? righit ho's w you thow's h l youiveev forer,it ou's y who know. up >> y,ow n i know w'mhy i one th show. s >>entephn: ca b youring back ethol wly mthammo? oui wldov le toee s one. d i'ov le aly wooak gn weetne o? ug( la )hter . w >>ane cea rd theoo wlymo mamth no gewhme, isich tt prey angmazi. ey th have baneen thd i finkor alo ngim te. weand an c nowte wri it.we can edit theom genites wh is cranper 'vd weone de this.we m'veade 15ts edi ofng briingck ba t and ihink.a d.n. s
12:26 am
br and ting ik bacon the show. wthat boulde. funth sat'suserioat r.ings at ther's siousat r.ingsap wethon, u ank mucal eso, thlv woerinee, claus i'mup forse tho, t.oo yothank bu foreing here. gegeorrc chuh,ry eveone.we al're inl gog to live ferorev. l we'ligbe rhtac bk. ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) co eeme se k thl royabbcariean. iv olrde gas en'wall-neav fledorfillta pass, rwiths aviolieso nic fwethilled ceem twi .rs bu wtinginith lgduflent orav sli ckke chisaen maravla rioli, s ormomoked lazzarelic manotti. pl uusnledimitad salan ead brckdsti st ating99t $12.. lifor a d mitetime. veat olin. garde ta neke o ofth piose llows d an atake s big.mell th meey seall rllesy frh at whwe if d tolu yowehe wasd es theee sh dts 7o.ays ag alre ly?wa no y do wny? do y wnicfabrdi conertion ugivea s ekwe, an 'ld weanl chge ur yo f bederorev. mwantfrore hnesess?
12:27 am
pwhy islihionps sthicare ste mo lo elved icectrth toousbranh brd by acameri anshend t dirstentis? be caituse ve leaurs yoth mouwi lth a oeveleaf cl n keli' you nve feverbeelt fore. t gehethalr iemsgu2 in s.week in tinovandon a. you ip philcas sonire om bo . ytolda. y he iknowlst alu', yore we e.lcom atnow thil t-mobdoe has tublelthe rae covege yo pru can u'ove yoigre roht t mo prepleoine or mple esac. lt fau iy fuelrnjecto yo owu shimed h shuh, atill.liveto ould y na iiledt! reyou'ng wro's, itt thaway. ha , , haha t- lemobiew's nen extraded ngelt ace retwhes asice , far d animis 4 ttees bet r in ngbuildis. no u w yoowcan knl, it alom frt almosreanywhe. al . askay.finall sethe farchor bebrown bears gins. na deigli h.hway onlow as g. stpit llop. fi publes.oint hayep, ts t'cold. dtired.ay 2. . coffeeeggs.
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12:29 am
tamount in amyat gesro fmat "wh wentn" dowie ladds anen gentlem, al fos. ee i snt a mouatain te my gas e i seorit md e an emoredaach y ha wgit i itve, a takesway r whethe oi gowhr sen itay
12:30 am
e i see it morreand moda each y i a seeou fire het by te lakll i' m drivewiy car t thouthe esbrak s iouee a minntain y my wait oo's l lmingr argeheby t day i a seekn dariness fa my te ll i've drica my thr without e ak bres o imh, gomme se timesh thow me ote forohold fhm whic cli can imb h, yean whe li feelowu
12:31 am
ul shod go s i mee aaiount mn attey gas i seore it md e anmoh re eacday a mndrey desi a wears dark s dres chbut eai day, u see yoless g oh,omimme se timesh e ow mfothe ldothom frohwhic c ilian cmb ah yeen, whee i fl low s youmehow ig a st nposforwh i ere oush gldo hr t lough aanestond sowne rs k blacitgranine, wowd bls f laire ndke a f farlame
12:32 am
d clark goudsr athend'rou ll wiun i rst or myand un grod he oh, wmen i cocl to imb mshowe e thtamouno in sfar eh bind , yeah fit's aartherway ts iw shadogemats s dlleray te afyr da h, yeame gimwa my ygi mymme e lov me gimch my oiceyo epu keco me amingdroun
12:33 am
mymme gs lun im gvome my ice ke you e ep mngcomiun arod me gimng my lusgi mymme mm, gie my m gimmemey, gim my mmgi, e mygie mmmy g mimmemey, gim mygi mymme way me gim mtey fagi mymme lungs me gimch my oice ke you coep me ouming rnd s >>entephe : thmalbu isha wtnt
12:34 am
l we'lhtbe rig back. te>> s: phen'sthatr it fo "the s latehow." itunerrn tomon ow whestmy gue bwillrre jefey seinld, tosenandr ra paul;an mud a pesical marforbynce an y.dra dano k w stic faroundd or lorsjame .cordengo igod nht! eg>> r lgie:s adieandge
12:35 am
rcanta, tica igivept uor fou yrho thst, e,e on they, onles jam encord!(c s heerapand auplse) j >>: amesesladien & gentlem ,od goni eveng. ksthan b foreinge! her irso aisbnb k bachein ts. newyo ku guysw nonbairbe , thneonlise e rvice wherlepeop r canent t our theis home has aotelte alivrnate. thwell, gey arengetti o a lotf teationtr n focea rencnt itidenin nd taoo a lk. 'm>> i fngeeli duped tayoder aftru g nninofout theire homod tay on ab.irbn
12:36 am
heat sug thohtas w aner oldma n. enit w at toee tnagerho wew thr ra razoor f h8tis 1h by.irthda ll>> rea yy,e ou'v tdoneohis t r ouom he. j >>i ames: o am sradistycted bth 'sat mana fedorscand arf. thdid apey tise ther intviewin heside te,ir homin or a no casi19 in 93? sthis itoryy,s craz? rightwh ulo wo td havehthougng renti yo out omur h te onighe bgest y partofnight ea the ytor a sttotal wrangeravould hde ende dl bay? 'sairbnbga slooun shld be bn"airoub: ye surthabout is?"en whou the creple edturn toth hoeir thme, ndey fouet cigarte tt buros, bbeken oter b, tlesand areven m.ijuanait tt's preriy seifous fi they le s charget agains ythe 18dear-olwh d o di, thisouhe c fldupace a tol ful oyearngf "bei the
12:37 am
, i meanupthe coulle shoved ha kn itown s was acam. o whs wantacto vn atioinoa d?klani bhave teenoak oland. ve ha b youtoeen la oaknd? erthe avreage ntside l looksiketh is: gh(lauter)yo uau th a man'sia pediatricn. ee it sifms as b airbnetis gtingwe r irdeirand weder. re appathntly, aere isre new tnd c of solleges tudentaiusing nbrb t to reneiout th rr dormooms. o withlene coldege stunent in wrk yoev city enen r otingisut h rdormfooom a r $80 night. ino kw. u it bsed to ae thatk socon thedo eaor mount yomr ro wmateastt gemeing son. actiono usw it jant mee s thsohender nsvi are fsitingwarom io. gh (lauter) eainst rd ofseoom e,rvic g theuy ssacro h thewiall ivll ge youha hilf of t s hoetpockf iyou toagree n liste pto himlay sh"craav" by dtte man hews ohisit
12:38 am
u' yootve g - 'chern hold o a .secondyo u'otve ger 'chse -one cond. bu aif youeare roklly loingr foolthat c elegeiexpernce,er thise n a sewvierlece cald ns wiubton clwi that p ll helyoufi itom wu h yo ywhenreou a av trinelg.wa ur yoel hotm roojuisn't st a tmnighanare e.ymorw nolsit's aano ! appe thaysite s ws thathehile t a mainisppeal g saviny,mone m manyrsemben joiketo "maie fr mnds orneeet a elw trav iocompann." , okayeltravom conpaninos are tin a noasdy hha ever d thisco tinversaon -- i, "h t i'manim, isd thmy is ctravelniompageon, ror."at whe typerof pisson th in erk ma aet forav 'tromel conpani'? i "i'mugn a ronah fil nciaspot
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