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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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s storieurtop yori news noght w :0 at 60 a-m. y todaneis wedjasday, y nuar6, 6. 20-1 go niod morm ng, i' pjohnr.otte i'and m dianue gravath. fanksor arstngtiou yr y da cwithnnha 2el wsnehi tmos inrng. rs fihit... tmys storr wintehas gh brout t a lonoof s tw toheea ard ... an heven aogeavy f enover ro. b weodegin tstay in tcorm wah cteame.overagky n sissoe is liv-5at it 80 aen glo dale ts tell uadthe ro ioconditrens the. t bu..first. arjeff mz tinen is iatthe weher er centll to tew us hohilong ts st isorm t going. o lastgo niod morffng, je! a it'snd icy a m foggyouess t er th me this, orningtruse exa ut cadrion g ivin nwithouumers ci acs dentadalrepoy re. rteda ee fr fzingdvog ay isorp is u l unti t9am,s hat' twhenoghe fsh sould ttartrno bu. offa nt wieaer w atherordvis uy isp fo e r thrasieray todh witmore ow snre thein makavg trel icdiff ault,cand sedtterw sno
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itlley wghh hi ts inhe mid s. 30 th and ae snow and foginre makg r foersome very dangadous ros is thng morni. s kyisisson 58 at i-0 at en gl tdale uo tellt s abouroad
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me tich to oueck r t ouwaroadys er cent... th y.anks k yoand alu can soee ktrp k acofe thr.weathewh..ererev you y.anks kan
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hee weaterr...whouever yar we...ouith eer frnn chael 2 heweatp.r ap u yogecan e t strecaan... hed watcs and wa rngsinth in pae olmf yourha annd... u d yocucan e stomizit reto wheiv you lt e. jussearch"k -n-t-v t" inoohe gglaye plr o pl apore ste. d anmere tmberayo sth witch l annews2 neth on r.e ai.. li ononne, eb facanook ted twitr stfor waorm h tccongntinui ra covege. thfor yose of rou whoely onpu tblicporansn.rtatio.. t-the r-rec has thvised s eir bu he scordule fow downtnon re. e th ssierrabupirit ns willow e operathaevery r.lf hou the e servic fruns7 rom 7a-m to p-mer ev..y incdingho . lidays e thr regulas fare its25-cen... e and thd reducefofair, r or seniyos and isuths, just 10 en-c. ts r fonfmore ionormati t abouthew nelescheduu ... yosican vit r oue websit-vat k-tt-- n-dom co cl and onick b thewslue ne links . button d we so havehoome scelol dtoays ll tebo you as ut thig.morninst rt. albere the gouat... r lady t ofwshe snoit, summ ridgeri chscstian sahool, gege ridri chscstian . hool..ttand lilefl
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onou two hlar dey this rn moueing, dos to the icy wa mshop canoguec atholischoolis o stillern wint.. break. on al ag withthll oaser whoe co suntylschoo . l stile to comnnon chaewel 2 ns mthisngorni... wh olat pdeice bescri as lo "deprablnge liviti condions"le d to e thstarreo of twvasun lley n.womed finatout whre they' chbeing d arge nwithow. aplus--an m i cs indyustos thimo g rninr - afteigan eouht hr st
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'v wet e godethe s tailriin cme"y e ou'rhiwatcnnng cha nel 2ews th misngornijo with tehn potr,an vadi gue mra andloeteorogist m jeffz'artinenps pioint 2 ca forest!" mothe whm...eso drtwses dso ki , tgetsrko wo8: by .00.. aland mwaysesanag togivea them thhealncy luh. e thywnewlseeds gekinou olt whe esomsmeal d antiexcilang f fvorsor r theineokw co.ware th y e guwhnao fi llydedeci kd toick ea35 y orsf snbad hackingabits. yo spu in tire usdoo erev wything.e do..
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dthleend ean anr-41-yeaold en jole dean we enre tako intodcusty onsa . turdayesdeputipo res tndedo r thein home onacoricl cire toch seck on aeveral lnimalsiving e thereyand th t sayfohey und pl de lorablecoiving nsnditio, d ane threenchildr11 ages to 14 hin inorstigatths say reere we 10 do 19gs... .. more woan t n dozes.bird 2.. andr 5 suga s glider ilivinghon the me. etand meuping h witerstrangs wh e o arisadverteming itnes onli ovhas prgeen danncrous on e agaiin o, ren t afteralhe fat ti shoopang at r t bakeaspark lt poweek. aliceetre gheting t rd woha out tint meeto g up tsell uy or bms ite, t isn'ysalwae. safbr ayoadw l: "af ot olepeope losmo tney.llhey'he get tseir pur at snch, edeithwar llet at sn."chedwh "walin: inas try sg tohiell s dicar auheo. weyn thiv arrnded a wimet heth tso peromn fr
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bw sur oofestand , ereo otookff nn ruaning fod unatrtunthely eyre welen't abtc to caith up wh th em." e to btrsafe, my toineet theyt dathime rahaer t nn at. ight.. paavoid n ying ie largs amountofca . sh..r nevenymeet aone at hyour pome orf lace o em plntoymean... d ysalwae hav elyour ce.l phon ucominghap on c nnnel 2isews th rn th atan rerch sndtaf of oingoren s is otilldan toe'y. wavll he tethe laelst devntopmefts, aer th bre k.ea or metet ologisarjeff mz tinewill y havenpour pi foint 2asorect
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lc weckome ba. th oue grcup oca pying l federa wi rldlifeinefuge n oregoys sa a thered re goothingsha g ppeninhawith w ct theyall r theio plan teshelp ridentsex seerciir thes rightnsin bur, onoreg. th zee citi cns foritonstnautiol fr greedom adoup lemoer, amn bu idndy sane at a fews conrence er yestatday thar they ene prest to re help s sidentfedendth lvemsees. i itr s ou tgoalt o gelothe gger o back tinloggheg; tch raner ck bara to ngnchi g; toheet t ne mickr bami to ; ningthand e rm faacer b fk tongarmith so at
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twhenoghe ful shoard stt to ffburn owi. a nteaer wtherad ryvisoup is he for ta sierr y todaorwith m te snowherema raking tffvel di aicult,ndsc d atterehosnow sn wers ithe ll vah ey witinhighs id the m30 s.
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d we so havehoome scayol dels tote all youhibout tins morng. orall stouey cscnty arhools e onl al cstoreyscounty arhools e on tw a uro hoay del. today..also. st rt. albere the gouat... r lady he of t, snowsitsummge rid ri chn stia, schoolidsage rgech iaristoln schod ... anlittlefl cowerc atholis schooll are al t on ar wo houy delathismo drning,thue to y ose icro ..adways opbishog manhoue catholic scol tiis sn ll o bwinter. reak.. wialong oth allasther whoe ty counls schoo .
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rsmakepo of a brpular ain- in teasp g apbeare neing fid nsmillioll of doe'ars. ww ll sho
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omwelccke bais. thni morn ng i y moneh.watc t..will gwitteret rid ofit chs 140-r aractelimit?ec spn ulatioy -- bofway s tweet
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--paas ramtent yesrday. noa tech nlogyseews rvice rt repoe s thalsociia med giant oris w okingodn a pratuct th alwould erlow ushas to srelo ngerte connt. it twfoter r undec-and jae-o ck rs dok ey toowito testter yterday ooaftern an to tddresshere . port..nebut coither menfird de nor t.nied i t he aweeted o photof a enstatem rt that pead in tart:he 0 14accharliter hamit ecs "bome be a fuautinsl conttraid " an"we evwill ne er loseethat fling." do but ayrsey s bs userioehavrs t likescaking otreensh ts ofexts itand twtoterssurms peggest oplegh miy t enjonghavie morar chrsacte. p to aay tliwo-millaon dolr ne ficl, for iaimingt can ov impr be yourunrain fn.ctio lu the tyminosias app wo als abilledtos a o ol tp fire u iament. th but sae ftc cys thelaims d misleaerconsumcas - beuse .
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n. wometh.. be rde nen', dot hedate t zu serbergisaid tha on post om frra a gthndmo, er towho erld hnd grahtdaugo er tda nte a werd,igho murht tt n ou thto be ze nexteruckerbg. ti o me tk checourot our adwayswi -jth rth in fe moreff-m traic nt ceer. .. o twdeacciinnts 58 reno 0 at , i-80 p395 att.leasanen accidt s ins,parks spark. blvdat onlincpe, exelct dinays allth arose seas.dolow hiwn ts mo g rninavwe hy e icitcondionses alpecin ly orfthe suace st areets,arlso feas ofinreezg w fog. he dochave coain lsntro e inriffect noght t.w on m rose wahigheiy, ggrger 5ade,80 ro thshugh waaloe vd ley an
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co p ming uhaon c 2nnelth news is inmorng... hi "t cs is 2hannel news,
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge. ujoinres for ngal chae.
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hi "t cs iselhannew 2 ns, ve co yrageanou cnt cou on" heanotrir sef es oorstms is ad heroing thh ugyoreur aa to witnta wieaer wtherad ryvisota in anhoe red mow sno hein tle olteort ogis mjeffneartis z ha e thstlateou in orr sttcm wah te ovam ce.erag thand ice te onoahe rndds a at th h feavyreog ain makg it erdangs our foivdrs er tonirhe inmornmmg co kute.ssy sis on iati- g580 atallend te tou ell yo t abouonroad cs ditionthere. stthese toories np yourews ri w ght no0 at 6:3oda-m. tay is es wedn jday,ryanua-1 6, 206. go
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m and i'ueandi g. vara fthanksor ngstartida your cy with 2hannel hinews tins morng. rs fihit... tmys storr wintehas gh brout t a low of snoheto t ea ar. ..d anenev h avyeaog f er ovo. ren bweinegod t iaystn m ortcwah c teame.overag soky sisivn is l-5e at it 80 a leglendall to teou us abt road ioconditrens the. t tiff mar inez iswen the ather ce o nter ts tell unghow lo this or stoim is glang to st. m good, orning! jeff 's it a a icygynd fogou mess t e ther mthisngorniex, use tra ut cadrion g ivinwith me nu arousenccidlrts aeady rtrepoa ed. zifreeogng f soadvis ry intup uamil 9at, th's twhenoghe ful shot d starto oburna ff. erwintth weaer vi ad isory fs upheor trr siea da tothy wisn more heow trema
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sc reatteowd snwe shon rs ithe ll vaitey wghh hi ts inidhe m s. 30 d ansnthe ndow a a fogakre ming fo
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an snd the fow andreog a making fo dr someusangerod roa thand owe snog and fak are ming r fo dsomeroanged us roa co nsnditio. soky sist n is aati-580 dagleno le ts tell uroabout adnd co titions. here
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outell yut abos thig.mornin d we so havehoome scelol dtoays ll tebo you as ut thig.mornin orall stntey couhoy scarols e onon a de hourodelay tsoay. al... . strtalbe g the. reat..dyour la sof thelinows, lottle fwer ol cathooic schuml, srimit dge ri chscstian anhool, rd sageidge st chrihoian sc aol area ll on tw hoo elur ds ay thig,mornin dueto i thosedwcy roaays.. op bishue manogli cathoolc scho ti is swill on renter bak... wialong th l alr othe cwashoescounty hools. mi coonng up el channew 2 niss th
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icelectr m car fakeraraday tu fus re ingbringi it's cl vehi. es..o up t sspeed.tay wi uths. ou "ywa're ngtchinn cha nel 2ews mthisngorniit wjoh othn pter, an diev gud ara anolmeteorjeogist ffma
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omwelcbae meck. tiak for te s oriehiwe trenk ath wor a nd seco "rmakery faradarefutu" has un iveiledstts firce conarpt c. ah yee , thvenew mahicle de its atdebut c themeonsur tr elecshonics n ow ivelas gas... it and s's one-lweetngooki ze f-f-coero 1 isncept a k,sleegl sinate-sele all-erictc csportshaar tult cod -- inaccordarg to fy radaro-- pduceas as much ne oan thousd ephorsower. e thsecar iterlf offles litt s clue at to whadafarafiy's rst od pructiaron cl wil llookike. cthat- ar -h whicldshouon go sa n le iyetwo --ars ex is edpect to
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g lookinerf-f- zo 1. d anthcheck --is out-a an onir ir flontatit didn'utwork o for i annanter ctional pricketlayer. ar stsm bat canishray g ale got tt lioole tt loshein tof eyes ra aust clianelhannre 10 erportme lal mcinughl. yl gai e: " twantmeo co h andave i anewnterviyo with elu as wl. at th r's thei'eason rem het justo ou see y fr eyesheor tst fir me ti. . niceefso hop aullyfter in we whe te gamwean cav ha e afdrink onter. dlu't bab t i'm nohiblusng." s gayle'alclub chiled has bevior "inateropria"... d anamthe te h finedim-t 10d housanliaustralaan dolrs.
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sathound u.s. e gayl icalledsit a jmpleoke, reno disinspect . tended st is thni mor. ng.. temeolort ogis mjeffneartillz wive
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om welc. e backmein crith beat is in a n n is iy custodthisrn
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spt ks tha flastedrlor neay eihoght yeurs dastery.sp parkse olicinsay igvests atorlo g okina for ecsuspd t ha ll fo aowedd lea hto aonome ea trst o s beet...etweenpr coobasnd way a s first..treet. efjust bo'ore 5 k cloceryestday in morng. su the - spect- idanielssac quenriwaez... eds want in nn co tectionooo a shndting abb ro rery in aeno... as wells g beincoa non-t mpliansex ndoffeer. li poo ce alsinhad atformation th ad he hth made toreats ward rsoffice. li posice critis negoators oa apprched h the..ome. andle d arnee ther fwerepeour ople si ineide belng haid agthnst eir wi alll. url foe werasreleed fe saly. en why thedncoulvi't connce en ezriqusu to derrenwar... st te usams ted gaso m get hiout.e thntincidees was rd olvendarou m 1 no ons wa re injud. "c elhannew 2 nnts cos inuewith te meogoroljeist arff mz'tines pi 2npointas forecadt, brocast rt cebyified me the arican te meicorologocal s!"iety iit's a fcy andesoggy mt s ou e therorthis musning, a e extrca n utioindriv ng withs umerouac
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ngeezi a fogy dvisoris up 9auntil ham, tt's en whog the fd shoultostart ffburn ont. a wither weaer so adviupry is he for trr siea y toda mwithsnore heow trema tkingl raveicdiff ault,nd tescatsnred hoow s iwerse n th ll
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le ect's ch wk inthith s e c-b- eanews tsem and te whathey'rewo g rkin tonmohis rning. .. .. n theisews k bachein trn
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l ale threcrdemoaticpr tiesidenefal hoplluls wi work r toevally nteada vors at mp caveaign e tnts inilhe sver at stdae tolly. a.. this. aheadof ne a diny r partenwith satorha idrry ree . we'r ilivegan ves
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weckome bas . let' ltake aook s atwsome neg makinneheadlis nd arouor the whtld rig now. tfirst,sehe un ccurityouncilll wito meet dday toiscuss ms claino that rerth koa sfsuccesonully c aducted dr hy bogenstomb te. at stn e ruadtv me e th ceannounesment y, terdayg callin iter a p sfectssucce. if fi con, rmedilit wadl lea to sh putr for ssaonger s nction ag noainst rerth ko ta byheit unioed nat ns. r fo omoreisn thry stone, tu in -b to chi-s trns molling foowing shour t ow am.7 a- tta lilole ctoser e. hom.. idpresobent laama edunch an em iootpunal tish to n ghtegun le sa ts in-she u-p, byngassi co bngressusy g inivexecute th auority. plthe xpan eanands mdatory gr backheound c gcks athoun sws, mflea aarkets lnd on-ins.e salemo deancrat cs didatey hillar n clintod anbeanrnie sreders a diapplau eng thet,ffor while bl repuanican cs didatewiare vong d toleismantte any sps thepr enesidket tas. t and,anhe m b whothought e
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dibernarnosa maswicre e ll b igarraned erin fedrtal cou today.en marique isrquez ed accus of yi bu ang two rssaultusifles edce dembtter aack. fsyedk aroos and hifewi sh ta mfeenilalik k pled 14eople in s theinhootd g an lwereaterll kipoed by . lice co p ming u. next..l we'lhaveyo raur t, fficr weathewsand ne mi coneng up wext... ve'll hayo ffur traweic, r athewsand negh rit as now ea you hthd out . e door w stay jith usfeust a ntw momes
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re . her 's youignews r aht nows yo ou head dut the..oor. we ha also teve qui s a fewchool de o lays toutell y t abouthis in morng. orall stntey couoly schoe s aron hoa one-ayur delmo this rning. raseveoll schoons are a ho two-elur dthay. close inude... alst. hebert t.. greatla. our dyof ws snod ... an flittlelower ol cathchic s..ools. w asasell oh st. jiln's chdren nt cesuer... rmmit..idge. sage e. ridg l.. and &ionsbs lamch iaristoln schoais-- age n thos aare on h twolaour dey. urtwo ho. delay r and foofthose w youelho ry on ic publpo transiortat tn...he har-t-c ses revir d theibus lescheduow for drentown no. si the pierra ss rit buowwill n e operathaevery r.lf hou the ic serv fe runs7 rom toa-m 7 p-mev y.ery danc.. ingludiid holays. re the fagular 25re is ..-cents. an e d thd reducefofair, r ni
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-c10tsen. mofor nfre itiormauton abohe t henew sc..duleu . yosican vit we our atbsite - k-t-vcon-dot-m d anonclick lu the b le newsinksbu . tton s let'e get onlofinal ouok at r waroadh ys wit tr-j in mheore m . ip multccle atsidenno in re, 580 at 3 i-80,pl95 at , easant580 sb mhi rose 5ghway,80 t sb a aoddie, snd 580b atda e,montec explat den ys iall th arose seas.dolow hiwn ts mo g rninavwe hy e icitcondionses alpecin ly osuthe e rfacst s,reetar also ofeas ez freing g. fodo we e havn chairocont ls e int ffecghriw t not.on me roshi y,ghwage geiadr gr80e, 5th h rougoewashle vald y an wahigh sy 50 oouthrsf caiton cy. iit's andcy agy fogou mess t e therorthis mngni, truse exa ut caivion drwiing thnu ameroustsccidenea alrdy
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ad ivisorynts up u, il 9amthat'swh heen tho fog saruld stt torn bua off. wwintereather vi ad isorys tup forrrhe siea da to my withsnore heow tre ki marang tffvel di aicult,nd at scsntered weow shothrs in e ey vallhi with tghs inidhe ms.
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