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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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> >> mgoodngorniou to ier v wersin is wedadnesy,ua janry 6th, .2016we e lcomtocb "iss thni morng."rt noa h koretsays iet donated a rfpoweulro hydgen .bombth celaimpa srksrm aland a ep sk aticismthround d.e worl>> > a new doshowwn benetwehe t blrepuican tnaldmpruue qiostns werheth dicanaoran-bedn tz crus i el leigibo tthe esprt.iden > >>ewe'rth at e tolechnshogy ow wi thot ls ofad ggetsnc ingludi aon drvee you' never seenbe fore. > >>first, today'sey "ene oper."yo uror wld in 90 ndsecos.>> the rkdp sayst iwas a hy drogen mbbo.
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clear test. >> n ame eenrgcy mtieeng later da toy. ou>> sorth kugea ssgestwa it s anomatic bomb. . >> finlood gadros, sditranng to morist to mos.rist e >>imvery tthe i abink out th kiose ds, itet gs me mad. >> pntreside obamanc annoues ec exorutive ders tiginhtenupg th lee safs o refi.arms>> ub repnslica are quicko t onrespd. w >> se'reaferec bauseha we ve w- lainabidg cenitizs tha atre ck paing.>> a u..sce servi mrembele kild o tw others. h >>sne waor't bn n i this y.countr w heoras bn in dacana. al>> donp d trumftwent a er ted uzcr andhe tt fac hthate was i bornnan cada. i >>et tweuted o a linko t nz fo jiengumpi the shark. th i inllk i' scktiit whha tt t. twee t >>heac jkpotor f nitoght's rbpowe salldoareo t $450 iomilln.
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a vefite-stame cri cr.eesh epp a tearsoe havd hel off her sixth heist.>> ig a hhoh scolch coan i ph adil aelphia tppearso he utad-bt a rerefee. a >>fll o that mas.tter hi>> tsh das camid v ieon utsornheal corifani cchat aes erdrivin losg control of his ca r. t>>he dverir pteosd thiseo vid roto p cmotear tysafe. n >> oth "cbs isni morng.">> the miailit menn igo orenay sth e ey'ry read tforhe go mevern rnt'sesponse.>> e you'vgot aun bchf os guy le hond up i aal feder blduig in hein tid mdlef oow nhere and no on ome is c ingout. is thn't t at wha aprison lreadyis ?la [ ]ughter nn>> a: ouncerorthis m ning'sye "er" opene p isntresey ed b tatoyo. le s t' pgocelas.>> om> welce toth "cbs is mo "rning.
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ulwerfso rean to worrybo aut h nortkorea.e thec sretiveio natns thimo crning ilaimst'sce sucllssfuy itestedstts firyd hrogen bomb. rteffoke quaor monitske picd up ar tremoedmeasur at 5.1 in itmagnude. t bus expertepare sktical. s theyheay txp e wlosionash muc al smanler th what an h-bomb de ontonati woulde.produc >>is this n korth'soreaou frth cl aimth of e aar nucle test,nd a fi the ncrst sie .2013 tain a s ttementhe wouhite hse ys sa the.s wles rpond pr apelopriatyo tny a north an kore atprovoc.ions d sethsoane i in beijing,he wre th rne govehement tre is un denohecing t stte. th se , goodinmorng. ep >> rr:orted goog.mornine thtestk tooor nkoth rea'sne orighbres heth in ioe regn by sesurpri. e thoslinitiaep rtsorf o an hqeartuake rt eakehqua t, it ournsut ist wa mi seistic acvity,t but iwas ma den-ma ma man-de. ta on svte t today,or neath kor
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izniaturedyd hgeronom bb a was rf peect s.succes no korth a reokto aime at th td saidhe testas w a -dselfseefenas meure. the plexn,osioch whi rteegisred as aag mdenitu 15. e,quakoo tk ac plere whcle nu tear westsere rr caouied tn i 0620, 0920, and 13 20. ot phos todaywe shortd noh re koans cinheere g th, newsewhil inou skoth rea,it csizen watchedne y.rvousl ined mia rtrepos,ou sth kosrea' tamiliasry cubt dot onth wheer e thosexpl wionas bigug enoho t a be hgeydron korth isrea am infousor f its be sar lirattng. a but htheig rower genal bomb bewould a majoran adv icen no techlogy. 's ite morer powful andfi difcult mtoeakn than aomatic bo.mbno korth treanhov s wwedhat ap edpearbe to aso pernale not fr om k jimg onun,ig sning off on a stte.
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beoctotr, iea appredat relions c with ihina,ts biggest lyal, we re wag.rminch seina nt aop t gnmoverent cioffialth to lie mitaryar pade we teat.ndedbu odt tayhi cnaoi jnedgh neiborsin r then egioand sgltrony emcondthned ele nuc n weec expt to seeth anying ot anher th? wordswi rell theso be meio actn on a'chinrts pa?>> la transtor:na chi b haseen ng makie activs effort ttowardhego f al oeanuclr e.peac ep >> rorter: the. u.s isg tryinto mi deter wnehetheris this aindeedro hydgen en emergcyee mting oef th ed unitns natioit securync couil is or set fto day. >> th,anks thse. tanalysn juazaratetu s diedno
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prgeident .orge wh bus and is anow r membee of th task force n onkoorth rea. , juan mgood.orning oo >> gind morng, archlie.>> on how l ig willt take for theun sitedstateet to dermine if th ais wasn h ,bomb aro hydgen tcomendo, a if it was, if they havecotinfirmaon,t whawill it an chge? c >>,harlieco this bulde aam ge ge chantr if i o turns tutshis waa hnydroge mbbo. il it wkel tae somweeks, given na the fture o using nsseors, te incelligenot, and her pa caesbiliti to dneetermit wha edhappen.we 't donw knorefor su yet.if t iwas age hydron bomb,ha tt wi dllstemonrate a togechnoly le orap fwardor f n ortha.kore w itou mldn ea'rthey celoseo t be leing abut to p thatn o a d warheapoand iatent dllyloepy it b well teyondheea korn ns peniula. t >>thas i a key qu,estion mi izniaturaning hed tirty abili tolaunch.wh sattrike citapabilo ies dthey ? have>> h,noraor neath koras hee bn
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arsubmlaine-edunchli bal stic ilmisses. 'vtheyene bery t ding toevelop ot herst balliicis msile ca e thesare maimture. al an dystson'tnk thiy' theve ac re thedheta sgef o being su ulccessfle missira progms.bu eyt th'reva adncing, and not st ju b thereutio obvuslyit wh e thrnuclea prm.ograwh orether t not iwas age hydron mb bois, th is andv antanceme in ei thear nuclr raprogm. w >>ldhy woudo they nd it, a at whou can y tell usbo authe tir , leaderngkim jo ?un do>> we knn't owuc mh about the ad leheer, 's eicrrat and ermyst.ious mothe e st w aknowbout him is om fr dsenni dmroan. ltheyike toje procten strgth bo ntth illerna aynd eyd use inbrnsksmahipa as way ofje procting shtrengtnd a ingotiate.g tabl
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ansthis i ake wicdro pblemor f the niadmionstrati. >> y thankou vmuery ch,ua jn za rate.>> he> t two lngeadiep rcaublin atcandides arein havg their stsharpe o clashf theig campan th niis morng. tdonald trumpanold iewntervier that c tedruzou cldac fe legal bl trouhee as t gopin nomee be ocausehef wre he was .born uz crpo resndedit wh a sixt tha lldownhi. ma r joetgarr ct isgoverin the bl repuacican re in maernchest, ha new e.mpshir rning. ep >> r gorter:moood n. agai is th timen oed t uzcr, o penlyqu inestionheg whetr 'scruz birth inad cana mightre cate legal acobstinles id his bhe for t e whithouse. stintere tingly,airump ssd thi ck babestage hforeisal rly last t nighhein t n smallnorther new sh hampwnire to of emclaront. ai he sind notht g abouthis fo be hre thesundred of su rspporte whohi sdvere odeutsi hein td colef borein coming sideto k pac the l hocalscigh hoolo t e segothe p frtronr.unne>>
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r >>teeporr:on dtrald soump unds tlikeheea lderut b isct aing like aol piaiticn in ripel. eo>> p aplereri woredha ttf ie hwe t ren' iborn n thistrcouny, ic whh he 'twasn,wa he s binorn na cathda, obe prislem that if th moe des cratg brina uilawst, th wse lacouit tauld eake yors t vo redlve an howo dhayou ve a nd cae idatewherre the's thsomeoving heer td hea oef th y part tandhat diinalvidu?>> or rep tter:rump then pr deeten wd het asn'ngtryi to ctakedoruz pwn aeg in ,iowa wh there oe twre a lkeocdn ia lebatt fort.firs i >>op hes thid woulnote b a as reoron f uadisqcalifi.tion ep>> rr:orteor bef aerippeang th wiz cru aat ly raln othe tacapiepl sts in beseptemr, um trp said ccruz'snanadia birth was a asuz w bornn ian cada ton a er amican thmoer,in makg him a u.s. ticizen. 'scruzsp reonse? att twi lerink toon fzie jngumpia kshar oen th tv show ap"hpy
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salymboor f an etanterntinme as phnee goel hopyessl stale. on he tat b ftleront of tv ad s,cr riuz toed t tap the samein gra ofig immtiraon frarust ttionrump s hairinsped.>> theol psiticld wou be erdiff ientf ach bun ofye lawrs orke banrs were cinrossg theio r an grde. r>>orepter:hr cisri ch'sstie su r-pec paucprodhied tsd a on e thur futfe ohe tso prinn o gumoantana bay. ee >> kpry evete rotnro dangeus orterrwhist o is there a nndevert lethem .go r >>r:eporteis chrtie isng bei at btacked oy lotsfub repnslica he t re, no namedumtr ap, hnde's sh puing back. hed saishjeb bu had arbcushy ti sme aer govfnor ori floda and s wait unf t forhehi wte ushoe.ri chsties i rndespoing to ne su paper-c. aj>> m,or anthks.
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ngtaki cnommoen ssete sps to re ctstriun g isni morng hisxe ecutive ti acons facedg stron palolitic tiopposim on froicrepublans and f a ewcrdemoats.rg maaretan brenn ist athehi wteho wusehehere t pntreside d spelleoutis hn pla toyp bass etrgar etmargar m, good.orning ep>> r gorter:ood inmorng. id presobent amaed mourn ae wav g ofleun vionnce i acameri and e'said hrys ting toen tight ri rest octionssan gun les. e thmontme beecam o onef the mo st elheartft spehes of his pr cyesiden. rethe psidentip wedwa ayea trs il whmee reinmberheg t 20 sc olhodrchilleen kild in new ,townne conutcticee thrrs yea ag o. ir >> fstde grarsn iew n grrst s.ader y evertime ihi tbonk autse tho ki itds, s gete m d anheby t y,wa itpe hap onsn e thetstre cs ofgohicary eve
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[ ]plause r >>r:eportenk fla ted byhe re s lativehoof soting viimcts, pr the tesidennc annou sedrtricte n gurules that wouhite hse alofficis say he canmp iose wi t thoualapprov ece exeutivio act rnsreequi al nl gule dearsbe to se licend andct condu bunackgro decchks, wo uld hire 020it addional atf ve inorstigat ms toake bacdkgroun ec chorks me efe,fectiv and ca dedite 00$5il mlion tol menta al heth tmtreaent. ah utep rcaublinas jon czhaffet edcall theidpressent'e movn a ab use ofwepor. >> there p csidentannott jus at unil merallyake up new laws. il>> unt the piaoliticns -- r >>r:eportela late nist ght, e th nrad postehi ts video, mi claitng tha egxistin lawsee nd erstrictce enfor rmentr athethan nd expacking ba groundkschec. he >> t only thiheng tra ave ge er amican has heardut abo oubackgrhend cckss ihe t so ablute fcyallaha tt e what w s need imore. ep>> rr:orte but the pderesint id
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ssfle aonociati lobbyon csgres k toill guny safeteg ltiisla on tl shorry afte t nheewow tn ss ma,acreha he d no ch.oice t >>shat' whyre we'er he today. t noto debate thet lass mas sh ngooti, butdo to et somohing ty trveto prehent tt nex e.on>> s it'gonot toing be ouengh. ep>> rr:orteme forr atf st assireant dictorel micha uc bo shard iaidt won'tre pntve e thnext ngshooti.>> 0 20 isn't .enough e they'vbeen rsundetaffed for ar yes. on it we 't makfmuch o a er diffence.>> te reporter: whi house ci offiadals mitse the plsroposa ar ode mest ctrestriions, but sayis the is thes farthtt tha id presament obgoa can ut witho rohelp fm co.ngress >>armarget, y thankou so chmu.>> >l enios ihr tnieatetsng par t ofeshe ws t thiinmornthg wi more dusangero heweatr. yheavai rn and highds win will ta ake aimt focalirnia. to s day'mstor t isheon secda in esseri of stsyems.6 esinch ofn raild coual fly b ay sors drivero ad uns loleanges ha d toit dchir theod flo
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ad torno ran tcys i nexto tthe los s angeleriver.n, bed gooinmorng.>> ep rr:orted gooinmorn g.'r wepee exg ctin rthe taino ar stllt faheing nre i losan s geleinut abo twoou hrs as tomore srms move h.througta lke aatook th s is i lthe.a. verir,ch whi ye dasterosy rey b about 10 ,feetha w s nopedrop adll theay wk bacdo buwn, st a ttha rainrt stas in fall wg, aereec expting the ri vero t aonce sgainrtta si ring. th ose lng aeseliv r weras ru inshgh wit dsrapi.wa ter lsevelos rem fro lthess an i annchee dyp b mngorni to ve seferal yet b ddmiay. niovergh st inan diego, li dsfeguarcu resed twoel homess stmen edrandth in e rgisinan s di ego river.>> we we re hngittis log and br deisn ithe cut.rrenat p one wointte gopt swen i the encurrwnt doh withe tm and got sp arun .ound r >>teeporr: ash mucs a 3 isnche ofn rai fellos acrars pfts o so uthernal cniifora estuday, li snarngff tranic ody mud waroadys and sngendi sdetrand dr
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s>> isaw car t goinghrough .it so itht,ough oh, i'm fine, un itil el ft my car stllighy li ft off, andus i jtt fel all e th r,watend a thenas i we, lik i t can'--an i c't move. ep>> rr:orte a sgtront gus front in l.a. cyount blew out wwsindo in ht eigme coml rciailbus.dingth roe stinng wdsow d pnedower li annes dt sen dsebrish craing in to ts parth of ute sohern ca liiafornha tret wey onl ce rentlyht fig dingugrohts and ld wi, fire htheeavyai rn is now th atreineng dgeanusro dsmus.lide edei hnnleion cctstrued inreta wing aallsdroun his ,homebu att th n may bote ouengh.>> l theihikelisood h the ousewi e ll bedshovo intthe st.tree ep>> ror iter:en thrr siea va nemoda inuntas, ash mucs a 2 et fe is etexpecod t fall datoy. 's thatto not sgppin terrucks om frng plowi rothugh. w >> ge'veot t io dotus j tto eget thht freige on th other . side>> te reporcor: of heurse tsre i ps an uoide t all of this wild he
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t,droughor califednia nes all e thrain and thew snot ican get. t >> hankyou, oce t hear there i asn uidpse toha tt y.stor>> re> we'ol fnglowiak breing ne n ws ihesoutalrn cniifora er whe aig lhtar eakthquhoe sok e th re.gionth e 4.5 quake hit about half an gohour a nearba g,nnins that' f east oanlos s.geleli pothce in ae are sayhe tre is no ed imm wiateord of damage o r esinjuri. t buhe t u.s.eo gllogica syurve sa ways it ts felhr ttoughou the l. a. basin. th bie f is asking theub pcli h toomelp c tpletetuhe pic oref wh sat thenaan ber krdinorsille di rd afte thedl deay taatcks. ve inorstigateds pieche togetr a li timene for theay dn whe syed fa rook andee tashfkn maliil kled 22 people andnd woued rsothe. af but heter t sghootin there is an -m18einutap gil unt the gun tt ban le ih whic they.diedth
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ssthe minuing mi itesasn ce tyheme at withnyonenv itoestigars haveot n rvinteiewed.>> > the mother of the -csoalled af nzflueena te couldn returo t xa teys an day now.e sh hwaiveder exittradion.he r son isll stin i ximeco, gh fiting poden.rtatiomi ilreya vl larreanis i los leangehes, wreya tonch cou edtravel from comexi. m good.orning r >>teeporr: good fow enenrcemfit ofarcials e wo g rkinwithex tas ariutho ties ooto ce rdinattuthe re rn ofto ucnya coh. e thai detlsf othens traferil wlno mt beade pcublior fur secity re s.ason ioncen a texas jail,he s'll fa ce a $1 monilli bond. atonych cou was belaryis vible heas sod stoin behd aar pontiti lin a aoselng cesrtouomro es tuday. r aftedispeneang n arlyk wee in a if calaorni ,jail the ea48-ydr-ol mrotheee agrd to be tr exedadit. xa teths auieoritils wlow n bring ckher bao tar trant cotyun.
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fargesorll aegedlypi helng he r sonan ethsc eape to comexi.ta anrrcot tyun's sheriff, dee de anrson. op >> he hgopin ifve egrythin goesoosm wthly,e'll geter h backhere. r >>teepororr: mane th00 15 le miays aw in mo exic,city ethan uc cod h haeta me oingf his n.owre erportars swmed hish hig we poredex mican toat,rney rn feando nibetez,s ahent eered e thlifacierty weou cch isng beihe ld. ni beditez sdn't mayuch about r theitvisi buton cedfirme h ok spthe wich cou about his re o turn ts.the u. 'm >> i nott aib lertyo tal tk ab atout wh wesediscusd,'m i so rry. ep >> rr:ortene at ooi pnt the agteeniser vhiited t psortt por ri st sit'stillle uncarn wheou cch wi etll rnuro t roe tduble -y18olear-asd w se centen td toenea yrs of nijuveleba protionn it for worth r fo kngillir foulepeopa in 20
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uchll aegedlyio vlated that ob prwhation fen heoled t mexico in cede.mber >> i'lle b sfiatis wedwehen thavethhem bod locke up yben we cae tak l aeittl stjufoice r thoseam fsilie and op pehale tt were ki.lled>> or rep ter:couch'tts a iorneynme sxico i asking hisen clite b ad extrndited aot n rtdepoed. ift tha ppha iens,ult cod delay et s han' treturno the. u.s by ve se ralntmohs. >> thankyou. > >>anes arrtn i rtheoad reag ll kiofing aol clege snttude we be've epen rngorti on.ea ahd, thein marein fachag crges
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ouub cldel hp un anno tcer:pohis iort "n ofcbs isthor mngnisp" soond rebyst boonu natritioucl onay str g.ay stiv actthe wi. boost a > >>aak merf oop pularra bin games willay p monilli os ver ga alletions itd misle stcuomers. >> d,ahea how the senettlemt co anuld chge the trbrain- aining si bu.ness
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rh loeumatoregist-pdscribeol biogic. th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce. th ree pa..nts.y who matnoha hve ahyealtt, budge bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing or...fdn goo sess'ake. >> p>baowererll fev isea sprdingac heross ton milliit wh a $4 50 ll mickion japote on thline.
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metio tecchyok ruritoads wh n r.j. iorthe "mm"e f-.9 106tr ceaffic nter! s how'kiit looutng ore the, r. j.? mo da ente,t xpecdeyslan iall os thare seas.wnlow do this rn mo hing weicave ndy coitions pe es ociallye n the surfac s,streetar also feas ofg reezin w fog.ave do haie chntn corolsin
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
hu geinflux of mntigraso int ag o.he ie denosd thlee alongatis. >> st> a oatefrg emeency forhe t ocityflf int, mianchig,ve or waits crter .isis ng daserouel levf s oadle ldeape heinto t city'sri dnking water after ithe switcdm fro t'detroiswa syter tstem tohent flier riv stoeav money. clthe den aratiosopenoo dorr f rafeded l aiomand ces ashe t s. u.or attofney ficens joihe t iepan a stinven.igatio 90nd pouees of balf rec led frome som waslmart're sto that may beta cond minateoowith wd te ma.rial ckthe paagesav h uesedy be dat m ofay 17th,ay m9 2th,nd ae jun h. 6t o noneas h rteepordet gting ck si.
7:33 am
s reportoron recd caral ses in au smakersold 17.5 million cars and l tightrucksas ltea y rup .5%am anerics spent $570 bliilonn o new vleehicd s angacheap as and su yrge ofoungeruy bserre a hi be nd thesale. >> s.> a mines i underhe t re arftst aheer tho sg otinhdeat of ol a cgeletu s odentnew n year'satdeh. orcorprial ec jamal johnson was ke tan into cusdy in onariza, a ndthousa milesm fro the crime e scenin n o for hereg alledil klerh wit iginvest uatorssinges clu on so
7:34 am
is thil survelance video odbtaine by ktv showshe tre aahe wre saramu chtschlewaner ots sh on new ar ye's day. thear dkar c sspeedwa ay the st t'udeneds sans i seenen momts fo bet re is.crashe on y,tuesda olsfficia adrreste ne marira corpocl erial jam hn joson. ou do yve belie t he is he te shoo r? h >>see was en inwadg hanun in hithe veghcle rieft b torehe metihe t w shotsirere f fedrom the clvehie. >> ep rteor r:20ea-ydr-ol mu letschrchne wtuas a sdent yi studng siteleviadon, rio and film andhe s was theig desnated er driver for hen frids at a new arye e's pvetyar. they pulled upt ahi ts rs inteonecti and aenrgumokt bre afout hater d hee madew ld tscommen to tsmunechlechr's car.ey th hadtt a tendedhety par ea
7:35 am
to ofhe people in sojohnn's car. a >>pl coue ofea thrtser we thwnro. ou abatt the timy theer we g drivinhthrougnt an iioersectn haand tst i whenev seralts sho wererefid. r >>r:eportee policiestudd ph ndotos aid v teos ofhear p tyst hoed ontt twier ander zoed in a onr useam nedta sane na sagwho eswitntoses m ld thee was thsh ooter. iginvest tatorsouhen ftond phos of snaantae sag nexto t a car awithib visleic lense plate. ehthat vasicle wra tced to jo n hnsowhool picern leaedls ao ow a ned a hondt,piloar simil to th de suv briveny the letschr'chneres pasants hey tyar yie tro ng ts focuheon too gd me tiths wiir the ugda. hter>> ar we le alng goi tos mis her.d an psomeeopleon d't geto t veha themurder. sofar,ha they otve n madeny a otherstarres. >>,manuelnk tha you.
7:36 am
ai brnin trap ing apwill payo t ll ficc anusatioo tedeceiv ercustoms. si lumotyst suggeheed t gesam decould layen demtia and mealzheiser's diwiase tthou ri offenyng aci sfientic proof. wscbs nein busess analyst jill scgehlesinr is here. rd acco ting tohe ftc,ow h far d di cthisnyompa g ioecn deiving ercustoms? >> well, olybviousf, it i ssay hwe can yelpouve prent these ve iory serus coionditns, like zh alr'eimes oren demtiar o mo mery losss i a big ere biggue iss theov genernmt hesaid t ty saidndhat a had th nog in btokact i up. lsthey aseo u sdearch s.wordif ea you srchedor fem dentiahe t y companblwas aoe t place and a d anhapop tntt iouo yrro bwser an d yldou wou seet tha adom ce naup so yturall yould wou be cl in.ined irc seaorhed fen demtia and so thmeg in pisngromisi toel hp
7:37 am
rne govement t didake tiacon. ou i she ld nottheal finfo is r 0. $5. go the ntvernmeth said eom cpany s wainr poodi contion it could ly onor affd $2 mi llion. e >> nd ofcompany? ot>> nt. ye mpthe cocoany omesut and ,says he ky, younow ?whatis th is notut abo our ucprodt, boit's aut ourke marting pr aey hadsp very ecificst enatematt thth said at. now, iesntertingly enghou, this is cdalle thein brara tginin st indury, ghrit?an td whas i veryle car is that ie sctsntise havorbeen wried ou ab at thisndbo aut the pr esomisha that d been minade is thtr indusy in 2014, 70 pr inoment nechuropsytsologisho wsa arid we rie wored t abouthese gr ag pessiveicractndes a what ey thpr are g.omisin yo>> do inu thhik tils wlec afftho rw otheni compakees marirt the uc prodt? i >> i thinkast h .took lo. mo the orst imphitant t ng to me re hmber tere ishat the go rnventmeay sser unded feral law, onlydu proctst thahave be teen vetd byhe t fdare a able to t makehesero pmises a boutes thite condions.ll
7:38 am
.y todathe fdaas h notve approd aiany br tngrainingr proamo s isths iitcr bicalaughs thi stindus ry i ahugestnd eedimat le sa as of abouton billirs dollaso w thereeill b o a lotf fucarecrl syutin here. th e ftc has gonee on the rampagwi thth oomer cpanies and other ap pears.ey thhi got t isyndustr in the cr iross-hahes so tpa comnies ve ha to beul caref now. >> sop keedoing busako? t >>alko t your iefrnds. el>> h lo,lichare. lk ta tofr iends.> >> ghtonipot's alwerbl jomtkpacot has grown toea nrly $5,00000 andth iats af lot o y!mone>> pl peoe areg buyinic tket tocoast-.-coast awe aret are sto here in oo brkl wynhit ais htoryf o g selling winnins.ticketco p ming us on "cb mthisngorni." if'r you wealkingut o the do or oroi gnge to th gym, wh
7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
nve bee won byts tickeho csen by theco s.mputer th que kicic pk tis.cketde omarcga morns in i new york. r >>teeporacr: bk i13n 20is, th ba ndkery a deli sold a winning ck japotit etck and y'todasri pze hwort t three aimeschs mu, pe aoplere finlock sg toee if orhistlly wi rtepea seitlf. e thtrcounsy ioi pdse f or thete laugst hwee poalrbl $r a2 stinve,ment cmeustors thopetro s iiket rich with a inwinning combioatn.wh reat aoi you go ng tdo ifou y alwin ofl ttha y?mone 'm >> ing goive to mo tori floda. r >>r:eporte theer pow ball ck jatpore gw to $450er aft tu sa drday's crawinganame ntd wewi a thout .winnermo plre peoae buy ke tict whe nth
7:45 am
eaincrthses e utpayo.yo aland gave. eo>> pple don'tan wtotan r ksat ou the frthge larst in alpowerbl history.e thst eodimate wids of nning?in 9112 iomilln. olast wneas 90$5.5 mliil wonas ar awinded 2013 of tnhe an ea84-yd r-oln woma ffromdalori s wasothe le oue bght herui qckic pk ttickeaf otter anusher c ltomer heter he go a lad inine. >> i had aic n fengeelit las gh nit. yb malle i'. win>> or rep ster:,tillho tsem sli ch s ance'tarenug enooh t kpee drthe rseameay aw.
7:46 am
- winge- ths odd are 1 in on went un d claimeteand afr a arye,ll a wi nningic tkets piexre. >> oh, my. yl gae,ow hti many hackets ouve y ut bo? bo ught? >> iou bght a upcole. ithats mend staing in sobodyas hn. to wi >> ot why n you? ha >> twht's sat iaid. dynobold woupp be ha wy if ion i but ld wou be llthried. t>> forsthe firi' time m te attompted buy. evi've ngher bout ate lotry et tickor befe. ei >> nasther h arch lie. n >>o,av i hnoe t.>> la i pl y altithe th k you,deo.marc anthe nualsu conmer enilectrocs sh icow offkiially ffcks o today l inveas gas. gwe areheoing tre toho sw you e thte hotstge gad tts andhe .gizmos
7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
>> m> good torningo ourie vwers he in t stwe. i itess wednanday, juary 6, 20 16. lcand weckome ba to "iscbs th rn moing." er thmoe's eare rls new ahead, ud incleing the futurf oan ccer ev pr aentionnd trtmeaent. vidr. da adgus and a panel of sexpertl wilre sha howr you bodyn cahelp fight asdisee. butir fster h e'stoy'das eye eropen8: at 00. >> th> tatestll reayoo tk north a'koreigs nehbyor b suserpri. u.the s. isry tin dg toetneermi hewhetisr th a wasro hydgen bomb. if is,t wat thal wilem draonstte a leapor frdwa for north ko rea.>> es> prtidenma obarn mouedun g enviolnce ime arica andd sai he'sg tryintoht tigen re
8:00 am
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8:01 am
rngoves ment taroundldhe wor are tireacitng wh alarmnd a sk ste tete regisredrn oveight as a mdeagnitu 5.1th eare.quak w itenas cd tereat a sitere whe eanuclstr tees wer carried out in ,20069 200nd a .2013rt noh skorea' ancnnouement on e- statrunis televion took aim atth ite unsted .ates aiit sdhe tes tt was a lf seen-defse urmease. a >>eond p aplescroshe t brorde in th sou koreach wated ne slrvouy, but south a'kores limiaytary ss it dsoubthe t ex ioplosbin was gh enoug to be a dr hy ogenbomb.e securyil counc is ho g ldinmean ergencyng meeti at th r is houto assddre that tu siation. de presintma oba mourned gun vi olenceimvicts. go the ntvernme h willire 020 re monv itoestigars to makese tho ks chec more efe.fectiver thale are sola pnso t crineaseme eantal hrelth tntatmend ao t im proveti reporng to the
8:02 am
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8:03 am
n u caabuy sd heaidhi ts plan isot n a re thato tnytake aone'sun gs aw ay, buteb j bush- - >> you can'ty bcu exe otiverder do ng thihas te t thticonsontuti do t esn'w allotoyou do. w >>hat 'she blyasical g,doin sshe's ihiuing tngs asnd he' no ighering teg lsalitief o it. p >>ntreside obamaam ceut o witht yeheanotr set of wsla, utexecive actions tnihreateng s our aecondmemend rnthtig to ep ke andea br . arms hi>> t as iser libal aagendn os hi tparthat mesakse no nse. hy >> ws i heni signgcu exetive de orllrs a thetime? 's it no .good's it no irfa,nd are they'ot n in gocrg to sew around wheith t se cond enamendmt,y? oka's it notoi gngo t happen. >>om c fmentseorom p cpleam pa orning f the idpres.ency a cbsyo "new esrk tim"ol pl
8:04 am
bfavorunackgrods check a onll n gu ,buyerst thaum nsber i si r milaheto t viewsf oll a anamerics. > >> for thest fir time dd onaltr pumug sedgestt tha ted cs ruz' hbirtn i caanadht mighr tneate s hiiswhy he>> tro p ablemskf ithe crdemobrats aingaw lsuitnd a l that cawsuitanak teea yrs to so relve and howo dyouer govn wh haen tt's over theea hd of an duindivial?>> wa cruz s bornn ia canad ton aam ericanermoth.e th cutonstit sionayso nso pern aexceptur nat balorniz citen sh all be eblligie theo te offic of es prenidt. d it noesot fidenena what l tura bornanmes.>> but a 1120ep rortm fro the co ssngrereional ssearchervice cl sarifie that nalaturne bor cl in pudeseeopln bor adbroao t u. its. cizen s.parente th dstatetmeparent esagre. sait ys, e,quot ahi cldn bor ro
8:05 am
ntpareui acqres.s cipizensh at birth. crsince uz isor bon tn a ic ameran ermoth, he hasur natal bo rn cinstizehip.>> wa this as alsouen iss as i ca reitll what senor mn.ccaihe b wasornve orseas becauseis h er fath s waservingn ithe s it haisbeen dcussed fobere.>> > a siean dgoan ms say that th e ats reoverdacten ithe chsearhi of -ys 10olear-d da erught.en agtts aal r-deighmurha in atternl ionaorairptat pted do wnhe tar b's allseecau she had aui jce inbox herar cry .onr he sfatheraysll at tha sc inreenokg tot atleas an .hourth e tsa sinays hi tsas cent ages owfolled ocpr.edures>> > hthere's fe viewe rom th
8:06 am
ias's broln coey wsesho us how isthou c blde aig br yea for dr ones.
8:07 am
/ s erupl bow 50owshdownve o r su boper 0wl 5 owshdownve or so , ccerehow th nfl isef dending oitselfverdr hunfeds ory ang ch aildrenirnd the repants. 's that cupoming bs on "cs thi in morng." to tnighe w sail th u e fls viru bhitsig.wi chth aches, ,ills feand ver,th noere's uc sinh th g as a flittlelu. itand ds neeig a blu so: tionntan aivalir. so th when u e fl,hits ca oull yctr doigor rwaht ay an td upnthe ae
8:08 am
crpresoniptiif tamslu i an ir antivtal thaat cktas u the flvirus ts at irc soue d ans helpsttop i sfromdiprean ng ibothe dy. ta u mifldais fro app ved t to treat fhelu in e peoplwetwo eks a ofndge aer old wh flose mpu sy tomsst d arteinwith e th tlastaywo ds. be akfore ttaing miflu,te r ll youordoct y ifou're napregntnu, g,rsine hav ouserials heonth conditis, t orotake meher nedicis. dif you aevelop n icallergio reactn, vea seh,re ras or ns sigun of l usuabeviha,or opstak tg inmitaanflu d ycalloudor orctmm iteedialy. drchilnden ado ascletsen p incuartirla bemay at ancr ind easerisk eiof ss,zurefu con, sion or rmabnoehal br.avio th ste momo com n esidetsffec are mi o ld tramodeaute nansea vod timing.
8:09 am
iti did ....d i too. eythna took 'sturent bou,y hairin skai and nls, a it'sam vitplin supthement at henouris ts fromidhe inse... wi tith bior n fotibeauirful haan ngd stroai nls. an mid vitaann c fod e r t vibranskin. i giventt a moh, ou if y, r hairndskin a nails n' do at looklnd feemo utre beaiful,we ve'll gi y youneour mo.y backi itdid i...andl feefubeautil. hetake tur natboe's aiunty h r, ndskin a c nailsgehallen, vi tusit naouresbconty. m tafor deils. icin del giousesummi too!. cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions.
8:10 am
oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
8:11 am
y >>ou >> yo> a south lccereague is g goinupga ainst the nfl in a > >>aou ythce socr teams ioi gngup ga ainsthe t aythey s --ic mheller milles i on e of our b superowl 50 pocorrestsnden i andkst loo like er conc tns forhe nfl will ruin e th pr ark fo 1someds500 ki w40 ay pl. there
8:12 am
e judgdenyied theoc scer 'steam qu refoest r a streinrain gr.orde sole at fastor nowhe t nfl is vi moorng f wwardthith eir plans thfor ele fidad ahef othe big ga me. nd hu oredsfid kays pl sr occeon th riis pestinf tur every ,week t buon ndmo cay,rewseg bin tr oransfming the fieldor fhe t esbiggent evt in tsspor,he t su boper wl. lthe nfs sayhe t league was an gr ptedssermitoion t usehe fi d lein 2015 a pstarth of esu wlper bo bngiddi prs.oces sothe ccerea tms that usem the sa onid it rnly leauted abo the an plos tw weeksgo ae, thoc scer el fil ds wileonly be abl to use e thd fielluntich mar andhe tn ilit wlav h teod finer oth soccerdsfiel. >> not becc aleountab toak ming
8:13 am
to aypl, atth's ogeutraous u.yo >>e gab ifoos ard boa mreember s orraan fconcisth you so.ccer >> wee havyet to see agnythin on p aaperrehe t nfl or theit cyth ayat s tsrehey'ng goio t ture irnint he tam se ndcoition. >>hi sopa mdoenza h topesoy pla er socc in llcoege.e shsaidsi clong theom cplex hucould rt herha cfnces o being terecruid. i >>yt's war easieo tplay and sh oowff andwc shoasers youelf on a good field thant iis on a shighl chood fielusor jt a parkwi omth se asgrs,it whoutse tho fi teldswehen 't donet g the sa me exreposu. r >>teeporher: t nfl sayst i ll wiin meimiz any itmpac onhe t fi aneld d isns igtallinst plaic oo floring tct prote thes. ga po a skesmanls ao said the nfl 4andav9ers h aedylreaom cmitted to rceepla at no cost to the ty ci s ofanta a,clarhe t two ranatus l gras. fields>> se thefe pronassiol hlat,etes
8:14 am
wlboey, thav hehe tirrs caree ilbut. eythe hav theirle whoes liv adalret.y sewe ju're st gngetti testard, e we'r ayoungtethleyis trng to d builreour caers.>> te repor nr: the tfl andhe er socce leaguil wl foface-fn i t couranon juary 11th.e th soccergu leae isin askg for a itcomm fmentroman stara cla to su en trecehe soc treamsl wil a havece plao t aypl. ow>> w ,atth's itinteresng. >> ot a l going andhe tro iny is we be will the ones thatl wilbe t inhatil face i ity,alt's rl fo dithe mea. >> th le is ae ittlofbit ironyth ere. k thanryyou veh. muc>> , yepyep. ne w dmeevelopnts in how you in can ycreaseour odds of be ating ercanc, ourr. d didav sagus ith in een gre room with o somef the cosuntry'ea lding
8:15 am
l ey'lesharhe tir viewsn o ercancat tre.ment > >> bit's aeenat lert sta to withe hntereren ithe henort bast,haut tnks tool cder mp teurerates s andmanow kingma echin esmachinsk, the oni seas has llfinayar rived.i' m don ledar,e' wllth have at to owmorr on hi"cbs tins morng."i' move sloked a t itand qu, a lot debut end up n w nothi use is. e thrmnicodepa cq tch, thwie uniquedextend re telease gychnolo, he evlps prthent gee ur s to amokeayll d. nt i wati this me to my be t lastime. th wat's chy iehoos nidecorm cq. d quilternnorthe works w soopell pe fle cantorge ei ththr ba eroomncxperiee. jue st likorthey f got toconducy,r rand se who aes allfond norgets thing.
8:16 am
m i'rehemy at se houon, nk thainsgivy g daandi ahavesi maseave httrt aack t righy in mewdrivay. th cte doutor pon me a r bayeriaspigin remen. be e suralto t k toyo ocur dtor be yforeinou beg an pi asgirin remen. g to talkuro yor. docto
8:17 am
are in legas vasay tod t forhe in atternl ionaumconser el onectrshics ow. rg laest. kiits fndreeatus tvs ands car d anra wea dbleesevic and esdron. >> this ,yearis it xp edecteo t adrawast let 1500,00 peeopl sp areadcrsos manore th two ll miione squar feet of hi exbition ry eycool ofc icnetse at th nt
8:18 am
ea we hrhi tmos grnin thivecles. >> ve we ha a heardbout apa comny bthatuneen edveila with ew n . look at wh is sofe difntrebo aut ?it>> s thi oone mvery sdehoul irs moone ikre leel a hr.icoptequ ad e xdiskhosa fixedin wg fglyinai larpne strildrone. it can do 50 m pileshoer ur, e. gayl wayou tnt co be wareful tithhat one. w italill upso go to two lo kirsmeteng in rae and runn o a tt ba ery. i >>th hear at adhesets are ct expeedo tre incase by 0%50 and isgopro ng gettio int it? w >>kne all ow that vtuiral al restity mo u ofavs h seeen em thri and t ed.themat thot is n m souchew n ashe t ca thmeras lat wilui acqre or oo shvit the tdeohatou yn the tcwalah r.te rehe is a new groopam caerha tt
8:19 am
a gunchncbuinh f ameraha t stcyn tthemheogetndr atw sof tarehat chstithees t imnto oneea ssmles bo360 hald tout yd kinf oet g in ar wething goe s.ggleth s is i iwhats cgomin next.vr er camas forhe t umconser. >> how about tiselevions per se? >>el tioevisns a allbout about r. hd wek tal about 4kv t ellspeciay e thlastid holsoay seathn and at eis morix pels i tnhe ctpiure. mpmore i aortant wnd i panteopleto st underands thi isom sngethi ca hll higic dynam ngrae, hdr. el a tioevisn can showea rlly rk da a areasndy reall btrigh and o more cf thesolorr you e ye canse l e oncit 's a h largetoarder su mea re it but er's vyig big rhtow n. s >>ngomethica that n showou yr mp pi nles upndice a onpersal. nice. av we h te been aalking bout are atfriger aor sndngomethiut abo sha wander a yedrr.>> lgho sdwe a rgeefrirrato you wacan plk u tond ae wav y our
8:20 am
fnd oe lik thelg taiate on me son moderca rs. d anil it wlom auticatally pop dtheopoor en ine casou yr arms ar ste ju f too oullfce grories an kd/orids. en thla a gooss drn o it thats i edsmok for rkda.ness p taont iit wouh yrnu kscklend a oeit gghs lit. u yo pcaneekn i wutithoav hing pe to o dn thendoor aha see w its inth ere.>> so it's d har tope on the do d harnto ope that fr reatigeroroo dr!i know! y >>eah. d olt firsd worlleprobrims, sahaung as rraefrigeittor wh il bu ct-in namerashaow t t takesh wots of ihat isn there. he so wren you'th at ore st e and saren'ture ife you'rf out o so g,methin lntog ie o thgefrid d an atakeg pen oekrn you phone. >> ha w atutbo theas whing ma e?chin o >>h,s thineis om fro ra ma.thon ara st it-upnil sicon va.lley ea a grort sty.a he wasndr a dryer inne o ch not kestacd.'s it one mainche! unbut likeom ses model s theyell e in turoperehat a liketh at, nethis o has aul fl vented ctinstrundions a i means at's re ryal der andea ryll work. is th is at fasneand eaw id sa , ying.look
8:21 am
alput yl ofloour cthes i ere is noec s tondrip toav he c toe hangntthem io the dryer! swhat ias fticinasng i i ctan itell yfou l yeftourne pho in ur yoes clothen and soud y a me thssage nat youoeed te com ge and t it! >> w?ho t >> i nbetterot bese becau my ph one islr aeadye in th shwaer, ri o ght, sitr bette anot be texte.messag or>> bef we theater starts?>> 's lete hop i ststart borefe th wae ter flows. w hout abori desverls rsca?>> in seeg a lotf ose tho here ni tod ght anxtne ishe tro detit shoe ththing here weve are en se aeing cart thadrwas a one d anto propety cart thaak tes se s lfieouof yvi dring . it b >>rian co,oleyha t mnks souch d an ahave fun t vime inegas.
8:22 am
c isgominac bk inhe t mgoodorningth u ank yotcfor wahahing cnnel a2. i'mevndi guara. g the bithstory niis morng-- ns inteane fog k d slicysroadwa. ofparts ne i-80 usar m wtangere ed closrn ove wightrehile cws ed worker sevraal chashes tt lt resuroed fe m thlehorribdr coiving ionditns. le s t'ndset i tovero me teogoroljeist arff mz tinefor a orsth m watcd.updatese.. to e at wh r theofest or the ms ning iok lokeing li. orgood mjening, ff! 's it a a icygynd fogs mesout th isere thng morniex, use tra n cautiog drivinumwith ns erou ntaccideads alrerty repoa ed. ngfreezidv fog aisisory up uldifficndt, att scanoered sw sh inowers he tle val hy withighs
8:23 am
o time tyocheck dsur roa with n r.j. iorthe "m 1e f-m"06.9 c traffiercent! s how' litoongkiut ohe tre, r. j.? anst. nbd 580 mo at ntciders in cay on cit341 at y highwape50, exayct dellls in aos theae arlos. s tw downhis ro580 thshugh waleoe valy and hi
8:24 am
o we alsuihave qewte a fl schoola deteys to all youboutth niis morng. st all ouorey chonty sce ols aron e-a onelhour ds ay thiinmorng. ve sehoral sce ols aron ao- twelhour dthay. inose ..clude.. st talbertrehe g. at..dyour la no of sanws... led littr flowe ol cathooic schls... el as w sl asoht. jiln's chdrence ..ntermm. sugeit ridge... sa e. ridgnd.. ans liobs & lam st chrihoian scagols-- osain the ar te on ar wo houdelay.e acchhigh ssoool ala on
8:25 am
we l 'lacbe bthk with anoer a nd we going t o t lenit bur >>eaclrly, thisr driven i ss run'ia wasint th.king tshe isg ryinumto pp the gas itbut 'so s, coldgathe mps pu isenfroz. dwhat soeshe ?dous ces aetigarte lighter to osdefret thp pum ha!ndle ala relyad b eaid! a >>ndhe then sed tri tolo bwt i on! he>> t v gassapor iitgnnde a swhenhe triesll to pu the gas pu mpout, it odexples. k weenow thso pernak thiing ts de viyso sa i'm o outf here and le wi ds justsrive away. s >>n'he didt try to douse it wi th v todkat o puutit o. >>om cngbatifo fuel e r the.flam> >>e welcom tback to "cbshis mo inrng." tdo nothary tt at !home mi cop ng usin thif hal ,hour lynear4 1il monli acamerins are nc caer rvsus.ivor th and e ere arngexcitiay new ws to
8:26 am
dadr. agvid ndus a twof ois h ow fellr canceiaspecs list dr. judeas ghern otheig rht and da ashannar prke are inur o ee grn rohoomomomro. a>>orctia damn lewis on n hisewro le as aed hunge fd meranag in e thdrama il"b"lions. e th"hd"omelan srta isn i our to yota greenm roond aer vy ex ngciti. at thah is asead we.llti o me t yshowomou s te ofhe mo g'rninads hes line afromd roun glthe obe.u. ns.s ewd and worlrtrepoho sws n two bew dogreedsec rzeogniyd bth ere amican kennel th isve reserd and glracefu d anenobl sloghi and a um medi eri amecanrl haiessri terer is t alerandus curio andet energic an ald sml. reboth bileds wel bbl eligie to etcomphee in t winestmster ke
8:27 am
i >>ov le dogs. > >> t"usa"odayep rorts on huds. er th e heis.on ef omothe reor memable me moonnts "the olid" owsh. > >> twoer expomts cparedin onle ng ratis of 080oo bksnd a founds s bookareed ratig h her74% of th eim t aendov miesig hher 4% of the time.on utly abo 1% ared ranke much tt ben er thabo oks.> >>onwe c ttinuernhis moing o withk ur looheat tve bra new ofworld .healthat thlu incprdes gomisin neway ws re to pventnd a treat cancer.
8:28 am
isd calle"theky luc s.year" tehe wrie s ondayan crce will be m ablanageae ctiondiucon m h ine thwaye peoplcan livite wh s argeypand te 1 esdiabet. e>> h ise herlo angh witr. d judy gasher ando alsnn aa ba frker,rormeut depy dr irecto t atiohe natrenal di octore f thca nsncer i.titutepl toeased e havyoull a here. y 44agears o, pntreside nixon ar decled aar w on whe are we in that r?wa y >>noou k dw, ihion't tnk we onhave wl at al i andnk thi we tuare acusally jhet at t nnbegiofing ar the w. th for t e firs etime iver, can i walk nto atipaent'soo rm and have op.timism notim opt iism can cheure tm but mi optiansm i cak me t lhem iveng lo ber andetter w tithhan ib horrdile e.seas ha >> w t hasd?change w
8:29 am
isprecmeion dicinend a muimapnother iy thaters offing ast ngaggeri h iopens thi disease an dot bfh o them is ayctuall in pr ceacti. i >> y knoweeou agr on that. di how d imermunothapy works?'s itel hreped psidentmy jim ca rter. t >> i lhasookedn iay w of ea trcating ncer. y inasears ptha wtha we onve de ar is tget tcehe canr and cut it ou tt anditreat wh a toxal c ch em. now thimmuno ierapysoo lking us to ng chae e th simmuneystem and re entifely difrent wayf o ngtreatier canc. 4 it'srs0 yeae in thin makutg b we he are tndre aar we e seeing at loof res.sponse e durablseresponns iie patnts we ve ha s neverfoeen be re. ow >> hit does rkwo?>> p it'sretty ngexciti. h >>s ow doeit work? t >> irkcan woma in ayny w s. anit cby work turningn or you holymp citesta or hiking tngs ca off elncer clsle cald ec
8:30 am
rpopula he >> tan cr cehi-- tocs blatk thdo t n'eatsi me gnal toll aowhe t ll ce cs toomen i and eat . them >> we want atth. judy, youk tal t abouthe anollina jugie broht a loto t the braach regime. n >>ot v meryany peeople hava gstrongliene ke ankleligena lijoe.we li save orves f those oppele. fo thr ree ostfs u whoon d't thave hoseneges, all ofur o ne geves haol a re in balancing at whe we ardexposend to a how we ht fig themff o eloursves. gso ourenesre a still rt onally,uran crsceav heir the n ower vssion ofur oen gesnd a sthat i where tdargetehe trapies andsi phycianin medices come y whenou can ustnderand part of e thogbiolivy drhaing tort tum d an gthosehaenes tt are making feit difrent and ttarge osthe. b>>ut itit's sllh suc aca sry
8:31 am
i'togoing get a mamammogr on afridaysnd it'ay alws a very ne rarve w ckingg.thin u yok looathe tti stastics whereit s sayry eveee thr s,minute two lepeopth in s.e u. f die romca ncer. ouwhen yea hr the "c" wyoord u in thh,k, o, no it's over.i undon't ndderstad, davi, with al hel of ts brainewe hav rk wooning it andll ae of th ch te, nology wthatile st'tl can we say cane cur . it >>te lisn.i' thm wi. you ewe havo toaapprinch it a er diffent y.wahi icstorallyrg we ta et the er canc cell but morear we e ttryinggeo chan the i jobs toge tart thatce canr d anil ke l th acello nd tgechan youhe wrehe tsn doe'tt wan to gr ow and a new wayf o ap chproaaning d i h wopeeld yie i from yt butou're ri wght,e ed fail. myin buss ess hanenot doll as we asul we cod . have >>david,ha wte w reundeatstime t is hissediase.ev seery dihease, trere a la simi,rities but t cheancer scelle can bfe difrentit whin an
8:32 am
ee betwnid indivanuals cning dw ight- - be can quiteffdierent. hathe cllenges i toar tgeth eac viindinddual air thees gent tha get 's ae hug alche.leng 'twe donre undeestimat the le chalnge. a >>re weoo ltking ahe t po itssibil tyhate somof the new ap thernies catt anuack a fmber o er diffent ercancs, notus jt a sp icecif ca?ncer rr>> coect. rewe ain seeg whate w call atsign.ures s change gin theeneslo that ok od repructive odrepr fuciblee rom onf type oca oncer t the other. r yourisk ofy kidnean ccer is fwhator lungce canr whatou y ce reroive fmy kidne .cancer re we aus jt ustnderanding the an ch lges toet us ttarge t hatpa arrticul duindivially. >> ou y onffer acd aneotebo aut ev st' e jobs ckansasity. >> wa he os safen ail lyut pad bon
8:33 am
imwas swgaming an in ithe ndpo. i whates tru that anna said.18 e40s wta srted to cctharaeeriz bcanceryy bod parts andt i 'thasned chang e.sinc il we w clizategorem the byn o it swndches a a neway wl you'l venot hag lunan ccer but th some ting ofhe ndki. >>'s let talk about tiprevenon. inthe thg thatt mos p eople sshould ftartinocus.g on sa you ouy in ykr boot whaou y doea orlyn in a lifeffects what yo atu do ler in whe can w dohe wn wine thk about enprev?tion hi>> i trenk the is a lot we can do. y >>es. nf>> utuortena, lychmuf ot i is e thcbasing this wee havea alrdy n. know >>yes. w >>de woulnt preve cancer if weul co rd getid of reciga. ttes e >>menvironfantal ctors?>> e themenvironacntal ftors andfe li styles.factor inthe th cgs youcoan ntrol. cif youan heat aea hielthy d td anseexerciry and t tkeo ta argood coue of yfrsel andot n ysmoke,ou caned reuc cceanr ri sks by 40%.40 % is gehu. outhen yft're le with all of
8:34 am
haso t wt ishate w atalked boutne geticsne ge.tics eosome pllple wi t learnhey can pr event. he otavrs hlae to py thelt heahy yllifestmee ga allir the. lives kewe taltd abouly ear ctdeteion. i thatlls sti imt.portan o we d sbeatncome cawhers en we nd fiea them rly. >> u do yo -think- do you agree wi th dr. usag about baby pi asvenner ey?ry da>> yes, 100%. >>100%? >> yes! nd>> a forrt hease disea too. it's a r.two-fe >> patroste ca,nceras baby nnaspierasas n.piri da lmianewis has a new .roleyo lu'll toveato hhie ts w weasill mk hiut abo .that at whut aboho t jseameson bd rs rumot tha bkeepinubblg up ou abt u,yoam dian wiles?ov er ,here yhindshour erould.
8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
f hugeans of you. l weoved "hanomelndd" a n it fuinplayg a biirllionae? at>> grela fun pying a bi irllionae. kei'd likn to haow wst it' like b toe a oo was gd fun. erin tms ofct produional vue on e th , showknyou ow, weer we s momentin a yhtacnd a pthelicoer andas fart c as andll haof tint k sd oftuff andng usi th tie beauw ful ne -york- d >>id youk tal to hgeedun fd w guyseho mak soh mucey mon er ev?y year di>> i d. ey th were all hl wit all compeing dseefen b foreing iobill,nairesei bng dg heeun fd tatins. d >> i kon'tnow ife you'v seen . it pia ece inwa "eell strnat jourl"to tday ininhe busecess stion ou abt how theri wters met w aith au.s.nettorery he inew n york a toetlso g aen sseor fhi ts ol whine thg. t' so is not so r-fad fetcheand t noso iofict nal. n >>o. mand i' notoi gng toen mtion anyme na is butecn rent y,histor i in thhek tasre h t beenhis la reshtionyeip plad outit a ltle
8:38 am
antheci finanals titan here in yo new rk. i >>ganvesticotion s.ntinue >> so we hope- - we hopet tha - much -t,in faced you l with c that lip ofom"hd"elanuc mh of th wae y om"heland"et dovinailed a t enouof the . news el>> tl ust wha t chaticonflt is eebetwen th u.s.or attneyd playe byomgi aadind youla pying the bu sssine man. y >>eou'rla pying te he rolof wh igo is ju . saying t >> iheres only one erwinn!yo riu're ght. reyou'ht rig toay s ttha it's s kinginir theom kingds.'s itef chisnd a this isut abo po er's powti 'sut abo popotical dwer anin fancial we por. d an a whatrese the guys prerepad o to dtoet rainha tt r?powean d yoalso, ,u knowt iisn a aientert pning. iece is>> it . i >> at isutbose theuy two gs
8:39 am
hetsyweighin sluggg it t.ou 's itso alkn, you reow, ca fully t justdehrea d ine,ther ait ltlear , gumentita l tlersdiscoue on arlibertrsian veus gure,lation w neymones versu old nemoy. a i'm bluer colla guy, come up om fr v notchery mue humbl nnbegianing ad madef lot o ne mondy an i someay ws he re tspresen the anmerica eamadsricks'ct charaer is ivy ue leag d andedecidok to to very littleey monfi to inght the ic publ's .name h soeve belies i'moi dngng wro in thgs.i hethink d shoulte sta o outf rfmy tu. >> itpe oh ns wita kinky sex sc ene. i >>w kne w youoiere gng to wa e tch thowsh. 'm>> iot nng gettid hooke on r anothedrama. rtit staited w h,thatnd a he , saidyothere u go.i o want tbotalk arut you ac cent.ho dw diou ye decidhi wch newyo enrk accout ye werng goi to do? g >>senerou ofyo u. onas l ig as haveki some nd of ne w york. accent>> you do.
8:40 am
fen i tirstook ,it i t,thoughea grt i can do my jobnd a bada, da baan boom oud it we ld b y raunchntand faanastic ngd doi is th w the tholeime usisi my s handa lot.d ani did try that for about ha lf aay d and banrind aav did, e th cshow'ss,reatorme took to deone siai and ss d, thie,is finbu nt it'surot oow sh. t sohis guy is from s,yonker ok ay? i soenn the d, iec didedhe t yt rhd hms antheha empsis the way yo new akrk spesh witt tha and ph emuaatic qlityit whac pe and e was thmostmp iortantng thi to la tch onto, so ie hop i've thfound at. >> w andresross i ari fendf o a of lot pl peo te onowhis sh.he did atwh?he wrote? a >>wndre is a eacocrtorf othe a shownd excoeecutiv ucproder.he ac gave eccess bfause o his ti es with thean finalci jo
8:41 am
ahe hadtoccess all ofhe tse . guys i soowt alledri ban and didav to sgo andowit d wnithhe tsse guy d anittalk whm the and cereat ie frs,ndship andse u them as ur sotece marial. >> ou are y goingo tbe thet nex s jame ndbo?>> no.i d couloutell y i but h'dave toki u.ll yo ou >> would ye lik to? yowould u likeha tt b?jo in i thwok you euld b great at . it es>> jam bond? >> yes. ha>> t tt ishemu liltimilon ar dollti queson.>> o d you'o love tesbe jam ndbo. l >>ook. y whengrou're uowingp as a kid,u yo iknow, sf someone taido you d woul l you tikeo bees jam ?bond wo you uld love to say'd youe lovr foit toap hpen andou wld i ru nein o of my hseroe byyi plang it?>> ss i guell we wi have to stay netu d.>> we a ind in th ik heres hest to ay. >>
8:42 am
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8:43 am
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