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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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gh liowt snmo this anrning d then n agaihein ter aft. s -- iveit othr for ..e week. or is mhee on t way? bweinegit wsth waorm h tc veco tragehtonig... ie chtef meogorolt iskemilg aer this in hee weaterr centan with ey te onadhe rar. mi . ke..rewhat aok we loing atmo torrow? gs thinoi are gcang to owlm dn a b bit,baut pron'bly woo t go t alsleep thtoges er atiwe connue in re a ptitty acnive el o er patt tn. forrthe shom, ter thela totest sterm sysm willpa ouss thraigh, tr aled by very i weak tmpulseulhat coved gi an edisolatle valowy snr showeand fmoret requenhosnow sn wers i unthe moontains da thursy. ay frid looksto ir be fauily qndet a cool re befoex the nm t storsystem thcomes sarough . turdaythe mlatestunodel rmos are re stoptimit ic thatuthe sarday m storolwill hthd togeer andme coou thrurgh oin area ofstead
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am kandachetwaledge ts athe itcommuniny meetghg tonit e wherhothe sctrol dist ict meth wiil famies. , amanda iwhat'se n storpifor nemi sddlel?choo hothe sctrol disisict in addg an ea arrly sthet to tl schoodays, id proveeing frce servis tost tsuden n theseo ext twtoweeks t keepsyhem buhe and ty'reep kereing pas ntinedformut abo al heonth cs cern afromhall tt fl daood . mage arbarbela sne,groven parwot of t ad8th grweers: "ve droan by d sa tw someonrucks 6. the 2 and s we oaid,thh somesting mu have ha appened."t pinea wbrokeninater le e valv d damagece95 perthnt of t e firsoo fl pr ofe inmi sddlel choodu inring weater brnok. so w ab t atemenngis bei done. erbut thnce's coboerns aut dr chileaen's henlth whgo they ck bao intbuthe ngildi. ac trs,i davier supenintendt : wcsd h"theren as beesomenc coheerns waln we tt k abouas . bestose we havatinformion. e we hav cpeopleinoming a andiral qu fity ist ine, iaccame bk n. clea" an d e becaus uof theeenforesn stcircum tances,oohe schl ridistadct is n ding aearly ar stmet tian by ra ext 15 nu michtes ea sdachool y. rb basnara e elgrovepwas sktical at a firstowbout h thaget chan d coulwork. rb basnara grel pove,t arenwoof t
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ththe maf, myselki loot ng a15 nu miextes petra y,r dawe beten annow rid spreng bitak. t didn' up add ." a barbarovsnelgrene, parwot of t ad8th grthers: "ale law flowsor , timetta liitle bwi of ggle o room s wthatooas gtod w. kno" ny mats parenan like e n mariad crerdock wiee worrt d aboufi thlling wee two d ek voierin hch edild's n.ucatio ma ann crrie ckaddont, pare of 8t erh gradus: "i jt t don'wantto li feel e'ke wlare patying cch up." wa she bnts torme info oedn how to pa preerre h w sonschen hool s doesactart b. k up n ane marickcraddont, pare of 8t erh gradle: "at wast ife can thsee ine the gs hgecan lpt heth wige or tet star sd ono when ethe gcks bath in tere,rehey'pr gobably toing ao bet an le accesprated o eed. st i don'wa tnt him bo fall" sd manys erviceinare beg of fofered sr pines tudentin urneed dthing ole prbronged ae boyslsnd girb cluof e truckes meadowwillde provi ortranspontatinc, luh and vi actities. br orenda toyres, bgis and rls cl trub of meuckee "adows:art, da snce,s,port e andtiducaonbe e cause thes wguys bon'te insc fhoolnoor athwoer tks wee."fe g edindrchilalen is so a nc cobeern ading viaci daups, steerint nden : wcsdow"we knt thaer43 pcentof id our kves lipo in y.vert we wa
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ilare stngl eati's. thathe why tfo anod b nk oferorthvan neda t so thaankids cth have r eibr kfeaaslut and s.nche" yd clhae takaooshi, f od bankf rt noevhern nsoada: "thme of ose li fami ges areo oing thaveff di giculty fettinganood d 'r weg e goinanto expr d ou rvseesicen to tsurehatht ey t.don'" d and to fin tall ofouhe resrces blavaila ye ifttou aneend pi dd mioole sch cl, youd an heathe li onsine verthon of tois sn ry ovn ktom dot c. we p set u fa linkouor y. co sveringwachool match, anda edketchlange, chnenel 2 ws. in turnheg to t b crimeeat... olreno pveice haan a wom in y custodar- chwiged urth m- der te afstr a ngabbirn ove. ight ke taoo a l pk...e oliconrespded mto a ootelurn fotrth sjueet staf miter odnightpon a rea rt of ab stthbing. ..ere.y thea found -y 21 oear-..ld manwa. who s fiidentimied as chael ba o.nquici p.. whoawassed ay at . renown apoliced rresteea40-yd r-ol iavictorin sweet wg...ho spoliceitay adm tted tohe ab st. bingchshe's wiarged th oneun
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mbthe huouoldt cernty shysiff saan es arrs t haadbeen me innn co wectionmuith a harder tt pp ha2 ened 1agyears o. r-57-yeam old pan erwitawas ken usinto cestody y. terdayshe isch inarged mu that rder. iginvestbeators shlieve e isre blsponsithe for h e deatof erjames gwin inndolcocka ba in erdecemb03 of 20 m. theyade a br teak ine he casy earllast .. yeardi. and edscoverin erw'sbo a dy in w shalloingrave the fo llothiuts so gh ofcoolnda. mi cop,ng ull we'ck chen out ionmp ca01aign 26
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re anpublicde presintial tr frondounner runald tmp is indirectatg his attacks a newta --rgets texatosenad r te. cruz ld dona i trumptis queshooning w 's cruzpl birthcoace imuld pacthi s idcandacy. tdonaldru pmp/gopntresideial nd cae:idate "thobprislem t tha heif toc demrirats b ang w la, suitlathe itw suld cou ketars yeaso to relve." ascruz win born a, canadis but h
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ths er akinhim u.a its. c. izenhe po res tndedumo trp intw ..eet.lia tnka o ipclth of e s tvhahow y ppysda... te uzd cr p/gopderesil ntia idcandate: g"i'm toingico stthk wizi fone injumpe g thk shari'and etll l stthe reu of yolebattou it t." heeven tte whise houn got ion stthe mo recbient r rthee issuin cathe tmpaignoday. ul"it wouid be qnite iro, c if te afver se en or yight oearsf a dram taroundrehe pntside's rt birth cee,ificatre if icpublan im prvoary wters cere toe hoos na secrtor auzeis thmir nonee. bosomehody wua actwally sn't rn boe in thedunitte stad s an on lynt 18 mo rhs agoedenounc his di canaizan cit."enship foother boreign ubrn replicans unhave rre for p wsidentithoutri sealous ch tlengesr o thei ib elig fility.r ormegop es pralidentida candihntes jo mc acainitnd meyt romnhe's fatr g - eorge otwere bh bornro abad.
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fgistert-or thaeb- is fruary 13 anth... icd part dipantso needto re be ergistaded aheti of me. ad n/am khaanchairmoe, wash un coopty g w: "twon eeks iad e vanccayou in god n an st regiuter bay i sai why wt? go gi re tsterinhe mu'ute yore ngseeis, thimo go togorrow, to p the gor,office t go tohe raregistfir's of tce, goo the egdmv, rreister anpublicu so yo ma can urke sate thar febru23y rd heat ts, caucu y'rouabe tleo tevo." fo nkr li bs topaoth rty's it webscaes... xpucus e. ress..ora olistucf caatus locheions, ad -vto k-t a-n dotcknd clie on th uebls news linkonbutt. l stilomto chae on c 2nnels new 1 at 1fa- a rmilyoneuni, 3 s yearhein tin makg. 'l wekel ta t yourehe. mi ilke wvel hak a loor at youfo arecasthefter tak bre.... fi but elrst - is nino in wreakg c havo won our nesternrseighbo. we ta'll lke aoo tk atamhe dage an hod sow cmenialifora deresiarnts epe prg arinmofor re orst, msxtne.
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hedoes tll smefr of a yeshl boprund taesentionll fiit you wmih optism? ou do yyo love elur wir ess rdkeyboa t morerthan cefaain mily s?member ouis yesr succtos due in a fil g osystemyonly deu un?rstand ridoes pfrnting ouom yr ettablto r youlewireriss pnter gi ouve yol a j ct ofdeonfince? sifouo, y b mayare gericentc. soe meonknwho owats th r the ightof eafice gr he u lps yoatdo greng this. thand onere's e e placatth h as llit a.
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we balcome ck. e thghonslaul t of eelnino ratedor stcams is flusing aoodingnd ki wreaocng havad on rosss acro rncalifo oia and wtherrnestest ates. c many coastalnialifora mm coieunit ss fromncan fraisco s togoan diend are usher fla waflood antches sd highurf gswarninin.and werter alrets apo n sted istat leata 8 rtris maasinez hat the lest sfromalun v cley,oralifnia.00 -10 pk t g tr24= 1: ----------------------av he fy rain hloodedn omes i an orouge c..nty.itdespe re fitefighorrs w tkingelirslesy p tothump tee war out. rt fanoher --rth w mudd ashedown ll his side aontoor majhw higay inve a ntur. countyan ad innarizoew, crs mbscraled to cu resmae a d n angrhis onandsaf thter sueir t v gok stucin oo flerdwatams. syoantha ung is ch the s ild'mom. t"i can ghankyood, owu kn, a sathouimnd tes. w itn'ould et beh.noug" hi "tirs th nd elreino d late or stm is
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anreerin b ten wasn here ithe ds mi it ofl.t al :t erinabalk a out nicrazy ght in s las!vega b theboattle rnba grttle counds aucuerdinn waslo enud..tiergechc.....aotic.and d diioi ment?"n loud -- -- c-crazy--haos---- w it bouldsye eath to think is ' 'wasdethe atmocrauic c..cus. itbut wa sts juar a w. m up asthis wat the brntle bo grbattleauound cnncus dianer. d roit bugteht sta andpr tiesidendial cans datethtogeer de une r ono roof t tmakeheirse ca as tod solcrout ofowd danevara democts. -c --rarozy catwd n- s--- asit wte hos ld byimongts.e u. na sehator rerry idwh....s o wa omwelcs ed amea hon tow. hero ll hiclary n intoinoutlered hmp ca saigncspecifi for rd affohaable creild ca.h..ealth ca ndre ad paiimfaly. leave ll hiepary: rndublicahe say tresh ese goin agayi...plang the ge arnder c td...ifplhat's aying e th cgender.dard. ieal men!" in martal o'mntley wa bs touild ba on oouma's fn.ndatio
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11:15 pm
"c nnha 2els newincontwiues th f chieormeteisologmit akeerlg's oi pinpornt 2 f becast,stroadca iecertifhed by tca amerin te meoloralogicty socie!" athingsngre goilm to caa down utbit, bbl probat y won'go to ee sltop alergeth c as wee ontinu a iny prett eactivel niopa fttern. sor the thort term,he st late s stormwiystem llpa ouss thraigh, trbyled er a vy mpweak ihaulse td t couln give a edisolaty vallehosnow sanwer d re moen frequowt snwe shors in e thtamoun tins ony.hursda lfriday tooks fo bequairly iet co and orol befnee the rmxt sto csystem tomesghhrouda ste late r modele uns armore stoptimit ic thatuthe sarday wistorm d ll holertogeth andme cogh throure our aeaa instd ofsp g littinheto tth sou.
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r afteeathe brk - r aftebrthe - eak we ke'll tak a looomat s te ofheva adecnced ty hnologg beinde d velope atoday,cot the nsumerel icectron is showven las gas.ay st. tuned m in woney tatch -suhe conmer el onectrowics shd openeintoday la s,s vegali unvei lng theatest d antegrean st ilotechnogy. sa thouofnds ct elegaronic dgets on are ay displ. rthat'sight ma the cossive ernsumct eleronics p shows rovidea peek heinto te futurecof toghnoly - m frommpajor introvemes totc kiplhen ap, iances nto theext o wavelef teonvisis.ia breyn cool e/ cnetr ditoatrg lahde: " hr ornaigh dymic ra tnge. aioelevis cn thatansh llow rea ay darkrereas, allybr
11:17 pm
e your sye can aee all."t once th reings ang goica to n lm dowa utbit, bbl probat y won'o go tee slgep altos ther atiwe connue p in aacretty l tive enio tt pa fern. sor theerhort tm, thete larmst stom systeaswill ps ro th tugh,edrailve by a k ry weapu imatlse th g couldive anol isalated vsnley hoow sd wer anmo qure freowent snrs showe in mo the s untainrson ooiday lbeks to y fairlquiet d anefcool bthore xte ne stormsy omstem coues thrurgh satday. tethe laelst modar runs e moreti op tmisticthhat tue sardayor st hm willtoold ergeth andco hrme turough oin area ofstead th reings ang goica to dlmn owa utbit, bba prowobly gon't to ee slalp thtogeweer as nu contie in tt a prevey actio el ni er patt tn. forrthe sho t term,hela totest sterm sysllm wis pasth h,rougil traa ed by eavery wk im thpulse ldat couan give at isolleed valowy snwe shor and fmoreenrequ st snow ihowersn mo the s untainrson frksay loo f to bequairly iet oland coe befornethe toxt srmst syesem comgh throuda satury.e th mlatestunodel rmos are re mi optihastic te t thrdsatuay m storolwill hged to athernd me coou thr agh ourstrea inead of tt spli ting tothhe sou.
11:18 pm
thafter k e brea- we ke'll tak a looe at somheof tad edvanchn tecbeology ing pedeveloy,d todath at nse coumer in thregs a t goinglmo caa down utbit, bbl probat y won'go to p sleethaltogeweer as nu contie in tt a prevey actini el o er patt tn. forrthe sho t term,he slatestystorm switem asll ps th ugrorah, t biledvey a eary wk im thpulse ldat couan give ol isedatle val sy snowanhower d fmoreenrequowt snwe shon rs i e thtamounonins rs liday tooks fo bey airlt quied anolcoor befnee the toxt srmsy cstem tomes shroughy.aturda e thstlateel modun rars moe re stoptimihaic te t thaysaturd wistorm olll hged tondther aco oume thr agh ourstrea inead ofin th ggs areo oing t dcalma own t, biro but pwobably tn't goo sl aleep ertogeth c as wee ontinuin re a pactty etiveol nipa fttern.heor trt sho t term,he slatestystorm slltem wi pass h,througed trailve by a eary wk im e pulsouthat ce ld givan edisolaty vallehosnow sanwer d re moen frequowt snwe shors in e thtamoun tins ony.hursda ayfrid t looksaio be fierly qut an
11:19 pm
cstemhromes tatough tee laelst modar runs e moreop ictimistth that rde satuayst llorm wito hold agethernd hrcome t ooughreur aeaa instd of insplittheg to t. south mthanksike. teafthr bre - eak we ke'll tak a looe at som tofhe edadvancol techninogy beg delovedaped tothy, at ume conser
11:20 pm
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11:21 pm
on are ay displ. 'sthat righte the massivumconsleer ecsctroni p shows rovide ia peeke nto thfu f ture onotech -logy from r majoemimprovo ents tn kitche iaappl, ncesheto tt nex owavef te silevions.ia breyn coolet/ cnr editoat rg lahde: "igr or hnah dymic ng raele. a tn evisioanthat cow shy reallredark aalas, rely ig brndht ae morheof tor cols eyouranye c a seet ll a."once to aursmake t are thereoo. y chevilunvetsed i e newrilectc ca thr-- lte bohi-- wtach satrts th30- ndousars dolla. pethe exalriment elecactric r ivcan dre ion ats ownn nd eve me coths wiro a d tnehan t catake lf seofies w youhi'rle youe dr g.ivin dg a jurue has atled thbl pu cishing, ompanyanamericfu ysture stems, mu bst payalack 2moston milli ardoll ms tothore tan 6anhousd oyemplees. th rte depaf ment or labohesays tco dimpany pad not ery works du bringooathrd m anr othet shor ea br iks -adnstein makthg emcl ouock t. an thd 'sat v alaiof tion othe l fairtaabor s andardsct.
11:22 pm
to tay ailwo-mollion dnelar fifo mir claicang it ovn impre your n braionfuncti. e thsilumo wty appo as alsbilled a asoo ttol e firdeup acamic or perfanmance t d fighasdisees emlike da.enti t buterhe fedal ad trise commaysion scls the aims d misleaerconsumcas - beuse s there'enno scibace to ck it . upl federaalofficiths say e molu cs labs hompanyeeas agrd tose a ntttleme. lalumos l bs wil thaveveo gi om cust eers anwaasy sy tocrap r theiipsubscr..tions.t but i hawon't adve to y mit anwr ngongdoi. e thy companyssahe tet semtlt en do peesn't tortain ig the ror of its chresearal or qu iity oftsod pructs. saapple inys durweg the eks of st chrid mas anarnew yeay's d, ercustomens spret mo1 than bi n llioardoll as onanpps d in-aas purches. ap ysple sane that s w yearday as2016 wos the mlat popuy r dain hiapp y.storit.. wsth cus omer dispenorng mane thun 1-h-4dred4 mi iolldon arlls. wh and soile smentpeon m oeyn th
11:23 pm
daholiasy se son, iteeanms my rs othent speon it ew a nne dro. ro controlled dvenes ha st regiorered me than th 180- oousandaif the ircraftn t justt he lasektwo wes. de maro degne-ratistrion nd may atortistarn ng ombdeceer b21-th.e ut somerconsumga oronnizatimas estiorte me th -tan 400d housan wdronesere hisold tdas holiony seas. alone ondrree-ragist ctiontsos fi olve-d olarse n th-af- awe e.bsit t bumothe isney un refe dablfor th ope pehole wis regbyter ja 20nuary -th. agthe lsency alao un ached newap wp thisateek th tells erconsume s wheranthey c and flcan't r y thei. drones im e aging beintesepara ad from fdeary amil fmemberrsor yea, naand fioully, y-u're renited. itwell, hr was trsee yeath in e ki mat ng, bubua pit ll was un re witedheith mir faarly elierto day. "m m"ayhet weninmissreg the ye agars mo inurisso wi...hile e thseglosmir faasly win movg. a anl nimauerescup grond fou thedo stg lath monyh. maasem wsc lehedu bd tot e pu, downbut
11:24 pm
hicrochep. tro mic lchiped th temtho ose gl, sersnowho w ve liiz in arona. arrichosd glreser/edunith wit "idog us'm j at ini'we. m ec icstatht rig. nown'i cat libetheve llat ath of s is i enhapp" ing. glthe osrsseay st' ia s es bl..singd . an aalsoin remder o tother mi fa tliescro mip ochir theifu y rrmifa mlyem, bersstjun i se ca. ngcomiin up rt spohes--tf wol mpackeren woke lofoing r a ndsecoai-strwight fn insnreo to t,nighre gareltt ts ls uif ctheyouulld p ol it affingast e thdobull.ngs..inext rt spo s. cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics
11:25 pm
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