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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 8, 2016 2:07am-4:00am PST

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e ll bt righ.back[d teaughmer] sostime thhae wallys lfelta ike t gian.maze ot[mr]he nnjediy 'tdn flieel ke g goinchto sool, ane d shepsldut ngri d theay d anwas t up aghni eme se iedabrrit lealthl e time . gh[dau ter]itel fket li the wre aasei wtghon y mldshouers. ane d thhtweig r wasllea y hard htoupold .ot [mr]he daone dy myghauwater s cr,ying 'sthatn whejennldy to us thshe ghouout abhut grtin elhersf. au[dr]ghteth y en mntparegos t me tmtreaent. th'sathe wthn bae fed inel gsstteartod aw go .ay to wday,nee saw enw evidce
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wacivil nor has ent lesseved, en fiafter rsve yea.a itowng s beind starve by thedi 'sctators. forceme omn, wnden are childn are ng"dyisl in ioow motonn" as e deresiutnt p it. 'shereza eli pbethr.alme ep >> r morter:ofonths de ioprivatven haus pd hee th lesmalndst a p thestooreth to e ry venk bri. tha moeeer ferds hld chiit wh at whks looe lik bbroth,t'ut is ac lytualer watav, fl woredith m. ja n in a aonlinel,ppeama a n aiexpl"wns, vee hafo no nood, tewaanr nod er pownd," an the hers buntts iaro tes."p e,leasld wore ," h, says"we dyare " sttiviy s samothe wstrehetcd ar kie mangou sthp wi, grassand me sodi have sted of onarvati. al and jl this30ust es milm fro e thtacapiaml, d iascus,n
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t weleraveerd th 2e inwh012 en w ittias safll soue eno gh t t visirethe wbelsonho c ttrolhe ea ar. thnow ndey ae mor 4than0 0,00 de resie nts ard,trappe ou surr bndedriy sy ganerovennmt esforc h whoseave oaledllff a e idis vpoeo, bstedtiy acs,vist sh s owe thsirentdeggs bething e rngove smenteroldi ls toooet fd suesli in.bu lat the cst aidthonvoy ey wealloasd to pbas was ck in oc tober.bu ddt suodenly totay, scert, aft pithose octuresstf the arving op peadle hd causeatinternional co atnsternheion, tad ass rn govennment a tounced what itasgo aing to ollowumne hiaanitarn co aid ntnvoy iyao madaba probly so e me timheover tnd weeke. p>> lizr almertrepooming fr thelo ewndon ntosroom night. tliz, yhankou. a warunatuy nas ral gawell l inelos ang bes hasooeen flding iga neodhborhome with fothane r 76 days.
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thas souliern ca gforniaas iecompanrus sts gglep to stothe ow fl.mi ilreya vl larrealois folwing . this or>> rephiter: tars infreoed vid s showwhyou cat youeean't s hewith t e nakedgeye, a yser inspewg latstea0 70,00 pounds eof gasouvery h sr inton outherca rnlifoeiia nrhghboesoods ls th woan tes mily. awa w >>lle cas thi othe bppiil sllon land. ep >> r eorter:onnviralment ac sttivin erikobroc wvichas t blunt aboulathe gtesteaas lk nd fi.ings ne a udw stmmy coonissiy ed ba la rmw fing sui u thetytilis say isgas r nowg eachinrtpoaner rch hbneigodorho hs 18 oourse f thy. da hi>> tn's isont a mee-ti sa asult. is than is oi ongssng a eaultvery lesing. day r >>teeporher: trc sou te ofhe ak lea is hon le i-ya 62olear-d pe pi. hesoutalrn cniifors a gaf chieop ineratceg offietr br.t lane>> er i pllsonaoly aptoogize the deresis.nt is thso is inmethatg thu , yo ow kne , thannuishace teyt th
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avey hcee fadod, we gi apolo ze thfor at. ai agn, f our rocus nights ow ito totry mi eli tnatenuhat ceisan tor iheuessths tatcehey fa by pistopheng tea l fk asasast we can. r >>teeporo r: t tstopeahe lk, utthe y ilitancompedy ne s todr doill ,0wn 8 'rtheyine usreg a wlieftoell in ecterse t thg leakinndpipe a t plug iup. e thcogas y mpanmaestithtes e oc prwiess akll ttie unril apl. stchrisoine underlmed's ho is tlesstwhan leo mioms fr g theasle vee moted afchr her enildr testar gd tok et sicwith un aiexplhened headacaus, nsea noand eeseblds. a>> irrm woboying a gut theas daevery y. m i'yiworrbong ay ut mlyfami's al heth. ep>> r torter:rehere ael 115 wls hein tls hilt thaseyou bee hindme ud, incle ing ththone at is ak lending, at,, scotos of the nl115, ohay ten ve svaafety lve ffshut os. ir >> mlleya vi rarrealngeporti r foonus t.ightre mianya, thk you.> >>iglast n sht, weyohowed u ma relerkabtu picofres pl peoe
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t lleckipains ller at a ct do oor'se.ffican ic offe e thorauths itieissay re jallya ust t frondrfor ug de g.alin llweni, tom ght jid axelroand pr eroducle ashe y veliuecontin ei thstr inven igatiot in wes rg vi, iniathwhere e e statis asuing,g ccusincipharmad sts an isdrug dortributaks of ming io millshns, purcing nas oticto yoanhone wts wanm. the or>> repo ter: nhastate s had tmoreleroubh witcrpresonipti ppain tillswehan irst va,gini d anowno t wn inviest iargin mo rore t tublekehan , rmitpo tipula00on 4. uthisconderviver ofdeo itkermai's marn ph smacy hows esscorpe of poplengicki up pr ipescrs tiondeinsi a ande t th iv drrue-thdo winw.
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yc oxe odon athanutll b 21 ar phesmaciam in a.eric>> or rep iter:e n thtrcouny?>> e in thy.countr ep>> r jorter:leim cag re tspresen thete stath in e ou grrend-bg akinuilawsait agnst pi illl mndls ale who dsalerug di bustri.tors ha>> wu t yo ihavemes so bad ordoctd s anmaphar wciesreho a inwill tg toa urn d blineye usbeca te ofonhe mhaey tt's vo in.lved r >>teepororr: mane thee thr iomilldon s seydof hdorocone rdwere oy ered bita kerm cipharmamest, jalls wiinie, oneye ar. d he paiisdrug dortributs nd hu oredsouf thofsands s,dollar n while mettinganore th$6 on milliof in prit. 01in 2li2, wil he lostenis licsed an sservedthix monris in pson fo ler ily gallendisp dsing.rugs cabut togle s ld uprthe m oblepe hais py,rmac v tugy,alle is benow suing ored fli neglygent infillesg res rd tshowalug vwaley s fi g llin tmore15han in0 pa crpresoniptidas a omy fr one in clloic ane. i,>> h m youelr. beeleng? m i'axjim roeld cwithewbs ns. d weedecidas to nek owndr ray be
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reyou'ed nama in wslaui t, giallestng subrdandae. caryo veu hahi noto ng ttosay me di lyrect?at hisr'awyeres din,ctio he dnwoules't r.pond>> wo we thuld anink rm alal bel ul wo od goff. >> rteeporesr: wrgt vi inia cr sey etareaof hkalth ren bo g wlin usays nntilthow, uge drdi bustri htorsesave d capesc nyruti. i >>u'f yo dre aibistr, utorif yo pu'rediroviedng mioicat n to maphar, ciesonsomeule woy,d sa twow,ishis ot a l. d whato eewe n dd toouo ab?t it ep>> rr:ortet' thae s thispreme be thindnphe uderece nted ws lauit.un weder irst vs ginia' law, ridistrsbuto l are begally ound r toepsuort iospicrdus ofrers omar phesmaci. i >> df thatisortributoo has gd re o ason tevbelithe heat t es prticripthons reat ang bei ll fireed a f notegor latitime me l dicaospurpthes, heen te y arno mt toe akthelat dy.iver he>> tvey haob an tiligaon? >> y the dhave aesuty, y. ep >> r aorter:urmerisogece bern t
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erolesale in thy countrand of one fe 11 de indantsn the at stsee's ove- a fiveryear pheiod, ty ed fills order11for ll8 miion oc hydre odonoxand e ycodons,pillou ensugh to epply wveryest iavirgin 1n within3 pals pil a ye ar. ha>> tsct's thary ma.>> is it . s, yeis it . s it ialactuhely tdu prof ct o iwhatld wouer refas to a nebusilass p bn, ainuss esanpl by e peoplrethat a h notabonorle le peop.>> or rep wter:hee reacoud t towy lar ers foouamerisrgrce oley thed us tdny coul 't en commust becahie of tgos oning galiti.tion p thisalotenticely predent- se trtting sial isbeet to gin inoc r.tobe>> ka remarpoble re jrting, thks.>> e > thtamili iry hasiedentifd grthe beeen t rewawho lls ki ed da tues ay innifghastan.'s heff stage serttant mahew inmccl otockw f necomexi .'s heye 30 olars d. l hes eavefea wi t and heirth
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a fi firethght wial the t oibann th his mbird tou s there'ewmore neas ahd. di new guetary esidelinth from e go ntvernme s won'tl it welwith wanyone aho has t sweetooth. weand ke'll tain a fale itian or sparts c a forve "di." e th o"cbsigvernewht nils" wl beri baght ck. ph il!oh .. no. er(undre his bh)at he n!y ma y her.petene (usinthuc)asti .oh.. ha ha ha ! jo ?anne tisyohat u?'s m.. n'you dookt lo o a dayrveam 70. ig i rht? ngjiinle j gle.if e you'rpapeter n, ststu ouay yorng f.ever wit'syohat .u do ouif yt wanavto se ft fipeeen enrc mt orore ar on can insurce, u yo tswitcho.o geic m youmeake l feeouso y. ng.. it w'syohat .u do ou ye makeeme fl s rio spasng hun spr g. buhey etddy, l t's gethese yqdaliuil gquidanels .d go thbut liese gquidarels w.e ne mu x cinestfa. max 's itam the sere diffence. e thesltare mutoi-sympm. ll wear so the ese.
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it fadviceeaor a hielthy dt.e thlihead--nes me lean ndat a eg ngs mayokow be t ay, bur suga d anltsall sti bad. 's here j dr.apon look.>> te repor nr: thea ew usdgu inideleces r pommendeople co e nsum tless10han % oflo caerries pro day fdem add rs sugat , abousp12 le10 than c% ofiealors per frday urom satatated fbos, aut a -f fasteeood cherseburgd , anlessan th00 2,3li milamgrs daper y of um sodiab, ouast a tef poon ota sable lt.wo shmen couldmeonsuwe beten 60 1,2,0 and lo400 ca dries aay. n, me t 2,0000.o 3,00 s let'hosee isw thpl sam e ofda alily mekss stac up. hif youreave cendal afe cofe br for t,eakfases a cheape wr forlu anch,pln apr e fosna ack, , salmontavege ables gnd a lass e of winnnfor did er, adl smalpi ofece e cakdefor t,sser youns co aumed 2boutal,150 cories. t busothe loda axcne ed eedethe
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tup ey wraipand chais contn ab 1,out mi100 ralligf ms o di soalum, y read ohalfe f th mmrecod araron z aabi isis regd tereet din itiaoxat len ey honed add? sugar h >>s oney isuadded gar, ou althisgh it ur natt al, buyo otu'll natice th milk tsproduc a, such os milk ar evenyo hagurt, ras 12 gsums of gar pe p,r cuhe and twhn yen ou are ng makifr it a avuit-flored , yogurtouthat dhebles tar sug fr 2 om 14 to 2s gramseper g.rvin ep>> rr:orteso we al a askedboutod fo us withtenexpecghdly hi um sodi. he >> te samf type oorflav ngdressiic, wh ih isantali , in bo one cttlee an bll450 miigramsof m sodiu 3versusli00 milgrams. ep >> r torter:a hat's huge di cefferen. y >>eah.>> or rep ster:, cott'sitea so syto f get oakedut. mi you thght think nais spich ap wrbe is ttterishan thce pie w of bhite, reade but thd brea s haal90 cs oried anatno sedurat ndfat, ara the w cp, 210s aloried angrtwo ofams at satur, ed fatso
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d >> reabethe lals. jo dr. okn lapo. c, donk tharys ve mh.uc> >> ucomingrep, we' t goingo re
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ot l ofs augh d"one aaya t meti." to t nighonariz ga isngetti th ne elo iinraats thod floed hesoutalrn cniiforisa thk. wee s iniean da go, erdrivne turd a ,0$200am00 lhiborgthni, ite whe e onerthnte, ispo a oaeedbt. bu bet evliite r ot,nohe t gien dne nid sot.tallan ned sar fanncracoisa , n ma tc wa whing ravesinoll got unpod de toacpar hat onrringtie has dd.he ch was s, neidersuthe onper d"onet ay atia me." i >> a gottl litese prheent re yofor u. sit'shiomethang tl t althe di lan es iarthe apartment e tifigh ait'ser whispt -silenflush fovalve cr youran. h>> pattoarring on died f mealzheidir's e.seashe as w6. 8 > >> min at,omenyi defheng t
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$7a m00liil ronetn ur> >>anamericuis pursreng a dam dhaven rivejathe t ckpofor rd satuhtay niger's powo ball t t more$7han il00 mlion. 'sherek marssstra.mann ho>> trese a w thenginnibe numrs ri ghe.t ther or>> repotter: ngo much t done t atffhe otoice day. he>> tni winicng t.kets r >>teeporver: ee ryonouwas t inwork ag onir rett emen.plan t >> whereefas dinelita y zzbu ou abt it.>> te reporf r: jefrosen ga orhinized s of pficeinool la atnta. >> et l l'sk oo tatsehobe numrs e on tmoreime. r >>r:eportet lass night'$500 iomillawn drwaing ths 18e thti heme tkp jacasot hle rolerd ov nc sie e th wlastr innein no ervemb.ha ouve ych watt ed ib clim 300, 0, 40. 500 ou>> yve drin dowinthe taterste se and ose thg e biarbillbods and lyou're wike,ow.
2:25 am
n wo."that>> te repors r: thiil$700 m lion pojackr t fonga siinle wner ul cotud ac mallyonean a e-time ptcash o $ion ofll428 miion. in to wu , yo gjustdeot to fy od f ds omi292 n llioneto o. j >>onust e?>> rteeporour: ye havtta beer ch f ance ohibeing igt by lhtningwh owile drning.>> o why dayi pl?be e causnti waey mon.i ponlywhlay t'en i00s $7 ll miion. $5ll0 miion? m i'innot sttereed.>> or rep tter:jahis t ckpois al y readcoa re$1rd by 10 iomillndn, aye plan rs i44 st watesdrill itive he hig r by tu sa nrday'sightwi drang. ee>> i fckl luday toy. r >>epr:ortech whiwh is fy soew oppelet fel wlikengorkiay tod, an mod to'srrowot n lngookih muc erbett. e' >> winre trying to w b theig e. on 's that it. r >>teeporarr: mssk stramann, s cbatnews, lanta. at th "'s theghoverni" t news th for dais friy.r fof some oheyou, ts newco s.ntinue r forsothek , checitback wh us st jutl a litt e bir latethfor e mo g rnin anewscbnd "iss th
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om fr b thecaroadenst cinter newyo y,rk cit s i'm pcotty.elle-- pt ca bionstay vi--c ww e th "is theercbs ovnight ne ws." w >>meelcoth to vee "ohtrnig
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i'neelaija quino.> >>dethe feveral go hrnmentas me co w outs ith it latest el guidn ines oouwhat yd shoul seat toaltay hethy. ilmost w al comeurs no se.pris ss lear sug s, lessalt.dr th. jonaooan lapthk has e re st. or>> repheter: tsd new ua id gu relinesmeecomeond pple e consumhaless t% n 10of ca esloriay a dm frosuadded gar,ab tout 12ooeaspns. haless tofn 10% ie calors per frday atom sedurats, fatut abo afa d st-foobucheeseanrger, d lessan th00 2,3li milpegrams r ofday , sodiuma about poteason of ta ltble sa. me wooun shonld c bsumeenetwe 1, an600 40d 2,lo0 ca aries. dayn, me t 2,0000.o 3,00 selet's the how amis sofple y dails mealksstac up. ou if ye hav acerealfend cofe br for t,eakfashe a capese wr for nc luaph, an r ple fok,a snac sa , lmontavege ables gnd a lass e of winnnfor did er, adl smalpi ofece e cakr foerdessout, y
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e t th asoda elonedexceee d thco red mmendelisugar ndmit, a the rk turaey wchp and ntips coain ab 10out 1,ig0 millf rams o di soalum, y read ohalfe f th mmrecod endentamou. ar sharon zisabi eg a rreisted it dietatian h lenoxill. on is hedey add? sugar>> i honeyd s adde sugar,al ithoughatt is nbuural, t u' yootll nthice ilat mk uc prodchts, sulk as mien or ev ayo hagurt, ras 12 gsums of gar pe ar cup,n nd theouwhen y arema ngkit ifra t-uiedflavor yo thgurt, ouat d tblesarhe sug 1from 22 toam4 grr s peinservg.>> te reporalr: we asoedskbo autfo wiods xpth uney ectedlhigh so dium. he >> tty same flpe of avor es drwhsing, iich isantali , in e onlebott b can0 e 45igmillmsra s ofm odiuusversil 300 ms.ligram ep>> rr:ortes that' a huge erdiffceen. y >>h.ea>> or repcoter: sittt, o 's seasy g toaket futed o. u yothmight think piis s nachwr s ap ierbettn tha pthis iece
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chas 70s alorie sand noedaturatfa tt, andp,he wraal 210 cories an o d twofgrams at satur, ed fatso h youtoave d reathl.e labe. dranjonathk, lapoo n cbs ews,ne .w york th lye famifl of a orida n womaedwho di b aftereing rc foemibly rrooved fspm a hoitalby ic polthe say t ey wana de feveral iniostigatn. a barbar wdawsontoent e the.r. mp cog laininmaof stonsch pai.wh den thersoctoed tri to ha discr,rge heef she ro used t leave. li poerce wede callla and pced r hearunder orrest fde disorrly nd cod uct ansstrespaing. t onayhe we to thcasquad r, she ap colld sed andilater ed. fa the btmily othained ce dasham co reg.rdin >>it erheal wkut of oer he efpeac -ully- >> myoh, . god o >>car i ken ta o youut. ar>> b dbaran awsoidsa w sheas aiin pd n andncoulre't b.athebu fit ofce tr john tadlockried em to rr ove heenoxygk. mas et >> lak's tise th off. y >>'tou canth take !at off>> an i c. y>> no,'tou can!>> ma yes, 'am. hayou o ve tleave.
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alto c lhountyiberpi hostal gh eiurt horls eaier. laange w washeith ecr nie hothroug out therdeal. i >>sh said ede ne o do, she n't. e' sh, s finefishe's ne. ea >> lalve it one! ca i enn't evhe breat! he >> ter officpe susctsoed dawn tr was o ying tgoavoid ing toja il.>> ou put ys r handndbehir you . back an>> i cat't brehe. ou>> yal seem t.l righ>> as ple be, ioueg y. d >>coawson d llapsee outsidof spthe housital j ft feete rom thli po.ce car >>li falowng dne lik isth, yi lawnng dot', that s notogoing y stopm ou frog jai 's>> she sick.>> o she'skay. so>> dawinn remat ed nexheto t po clice 1ar forte8 minus. r officek tadlocancad medil st ieaff tretd to gn. her i s >>ushe's j wt deadeight. l >>eray hk. bac bo somerady gfeb her et. m >> linutesa ater, doctorde dmandedbeawson it readmted to
2:31 am
lhoun l hibertylospita said ey thti connue toev grihee t loss t ofheie patnt aarnd we e tt sein ag upic medal and mm coyunitk tas force to vireew pbesticractndes ate bet r mm coatunicion. th>> in e,at tapas she wng beggifo lpr he.>> th marita smxoh diidn sa herco wusin pas ar illaerof h uncommity. ry>> eveknone baew barra. e sha was jewel. en >> bcrjamin ump is pr rengesentin' dawsofas .mily ob >> nouody sh lld diethike is. ittoday ar was bawbara dson. w ifeon d't speakth to is, itwi soll be e meon telsew.omorro m>> the eedicalr xaminede edterminie she domd frlo a b od n clot ingher lu. it hospffal stad saithey hotad ndi erscovt ed tham problewhen ey thar dischr.ged he e statcaand loorl autharities e iginvestating.> >>three austntraha cin otchips le iispromtoing op coe erat awithal feder im cr iinalganvestitionto inaf the s iety ofd.ts foo prthe cuobe fo ases onir norovus re outba ak at rarestaunt in
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cothe ismpany ng reeli i aftert s wad linke to akoutbre osoof fd bo nern illn sses istat lea nine at stases lart ye. li po ace arefosking e r thbl puelic's h fp inngindir a paiof el jewrery stors robbe e h. sout veinigstoratbes e lieve they'vhi at halfen dozre stoivs in fe st .atesma e tsid aoftatlan thtr sofing be rob bries eganla ilst apr. e thesvethieves han a pla and ey thck stiit to . nd fiew a j selry ntorea ear gh hianway t d histthe whore en it o firstndpens a a therere no om custers.e thllsurveiidance vwseo sho oneof b then razevethiepus g llin thoff tee laeist h esterarli th weeth n,e womave belie bd to he iner te lar 20s o30early kss, loc the dofront a or at jejared y welrst nore in corthinarolrea befo ma hking ter wayexo the e pensiv ndmerchaise. wthisftas a fer thes bi sayshe fo worced tye emploo es inta ckba a roomoit gunp znt andd ip tieei
2:33 am
er>> fedgeal abents thlieve e n woman and mahiare be nd sixis hegets in forgia,, lorida h soutnacarolies, tennndsee, a rt noroh ca.lina>> a thesey re verlawell pnned je stwelry roore iebbers. atheyotre nwa just g lkinin to jethe y welresstor. htheymeave sowl kno aedge bout inthe rydust. be i e liev'rtheysse po ibly gibrinheng t am toge lartyr ci asuchw s ne cyorkority e somof lathe crgers itiee where thes t thefs ringatoperome fr. or>> reputter: aeshoritihe say t cteamularefpely inseicts th r p incianama chty bea, thn e womaok spn e to aeeemployay the d sbefore che wasshaught oving ondiamndds ach watntes io a pl c astibag. e shrs weave glos to h aideny fi prnger, intsfobut mer so as reason her nevde hidr n he .face he>> t mchost ngallepaing f rt o cathe s se ipithe esctur s areo r cleaweand e havoosuch gd rv suaneillooce fhatage tdyt nobo mehas cowa forrd w yetith in atformtoion p heldeus iy ntif es thope pele.>> te report'r: ilis beheeved t ie thveves han stolensmillio in gh
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icey pork sty es bthe rs inteprtate, lyesumabn for asy eae, escapng usiif a d ferent eacar e ch timidto avoth furer de iotectn.>> h witalsociia medse thes, day mesodybono k wws thoe.hey ar 'rtheyine usrvg se iicese n thco y,mmunith sucelas hots, rarestauasnts, g stitas.on outhey canld be reywhe. r >>teeporgar: athin, i e fbis pi hoomng sy ebod iwillifdenty e thn womaeaat lerst vony so, e becauss she'ngmakief no rtfo idto hfae her wece as se've en ithatein surv vllanceideo. 'rthey we alsoedorrit thathese vethiee s arngbecomie morco ennfidant eid thbbr roieers d coul mbecomeskore riy and ol vient.
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
cada. r >>teeporrur: cn z is ithe dd mif le oeka weon-ls g bu tour i ofowa. pi hoong t avoid the s oeedsf do trubt isump in try pg to.lant 'scruzat strisegy e, simpl esharvtet voens whndever a at wh eratevnt quas itieanhe c. mtheathks worhi tsay w h ieren unthe copoty, tipulaf on oabout 7, 000. y four aearschgo, e,arlik ric nt sa corumedarris thitycoun th wiot 101 ves.> >> ibackshn wa, ingtonvice es prjoident n e bidee says h l stil athinkshabout wt t mighve ha been. debiden nocided unt to r for es prbeident hicause t s hear iwasn'tn it. w noayhe segs "i r eret itvery day." najulianan goldmhe has try sto. r >>r:eporteic the vese prt iden a did ofround er ints viewto botalk asiut pre odent'sbama ec exacutive ontions gun l,controus but jhst mont afteran ngnounciul he wohadn't cllenge y hillarn clintomofor de cratic na nomithtion, cee visi predent ma cdet'lear il s stilinsomethg t heabhinks ilout day. i
2:39 am
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2:40 am
q. ira" ofall ud a s iden,t losit. ulhow conod you t?>> te repors r: dayr aftehe and nounceldhe wouekn't se the e whit hhouse, he saidisow h son a feltutbo r himngunni.>> e somlepeopwr have itten , thatknyou boow, hi on s at de shbeddaaid oud, ygo've t toru d n ane therthwas isly holwood ntmome. th noliing hake t, t ever ever ha.ened mas ar atteacof ft t, iwas th ae --t lmosopthe teposi at at thnt as wt, almosyo dad, gu'veot ta to sngy strous, becae the fa s mily itogoing to look you, dad. wi asnter hal finrrly aived he on tco east ndast, as that'od gos newskfor rti resos. re the tigion ss ll doevenot ha mu shch frer. powde lbut att'east i es coldh nougtoma noke hln daener wr t foupa cof le o .runs r >>teeporher: trese a d theays i lyreale hatobmy e awnetamounasin wer coved wi noth s tw bysghankg ivinthe pa wost trs yea. nobut caw beofuse s thi heat wwave be'vegoeen thing h rougin ce de, mber'vtheyd e harda ha ti etme g ptinge eoplheon t
2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
i camupe it w thheam ne and ri lycs. es thtie artosts heok te, nam the cslyrid , anyethe hear tg son s waossuppo ed t chaveouome t an ded maon a llsentiaeyy thad rems e songth erat neved exist. th is a ere cechanso that me day ep>> rorr:temo a tng phosenglayion c thehed, tho autd r anhis wi fe. na fiy,ll a hlbomn as am.albuyo n u cahadie ppy. y >>eah. s i warealgoady ding toie ha utppy, ban i c h die aappier nd swith aacoundtrk now. t'>> thae s thrn"oveewight n s" th for dais friy. > >>stinveheors orad f e thexits d ank stocespricmm pluet. atwh hl as wal rstreet?attled
2:55 am
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2:56 am
or the wisld, wi sloe ng mor hethan tse chinenm goverisent le g ttind on, anhethat t megovernapnt's h ahazardptttems to ve interitne in ets marks and de e valucuits arrencyinre givg th ese imprhasion toet it dsn't kn tow howgeo manaro the tuble. niour seioor natnal es corrt pondeny anthonismason fo g llowin tall ofhis. onanthy?>> or repcoter: s wtt, itas a in pay ful dackto che your 40 1(k). do the oww is d tn more0 han 90in pocets siny, mondas that'morean thpe five lye cata tst forl-he seloff gaonce a cin washina. e theschinete markdo shut wn r aftehaless t an half n hour mthisngorni p afterg lungin7%. as it w s thed econwnshutdo this . weekve inarstors iee worre d th eschinone ec somy is.lowing p gdthgrowh , whic% hit 12five ar ye is ago,bes now 7%low .if 's chinatr in e,oubl that ul co td mean froubleheor tt resof or the wld. d an twithaohis chhes in t gh shankeai marerts, the e arwo s rriechthe e inest don' have ohandleein thn r owomecony noright cow, stt.>> nt and athhony, ese chine e ar
2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
arere loe a ot of therca atndidhoes we havinto w newha irmpshe. o fromerur ptispec dve, we on'tvi nyew ata one sa te as must- win.we go're g inomto carpete hd and totry e winerverywhe.>> or rep cter:haruz kes tan a erharde linmmon ionigrati than p,trumos opptring s ump' inwills gnesllto aepow dd orteim anmigro ts trnretuth to s.e u. tdoesache fu t yoteenr il lllegarmy petlanenr y bayou fr veom eter en tringouhe c ntry ga lelly?>> on i del't b tieveanhat yonewh coo has e me herllillegay ou shelld be leigib forti cihizensp.>> te reporz r: cruthfaced e al reofity po that eslicy yterdayin rm stoe lake when hmet a n womateprotec dd fromtieportaon ba by oinma admioistratn utexectiive d uz tolmathe woern, und a cr siuz prey,denc w sheavould he l to aeavetond he , ld herscott,br teaking che law hreatesuman ag tredies. aj >> mreor gariott in uwa fors ni toght. jo mankr, tha you. 17 msiner whoe wer trapped for ten i hoursn a s maltinen i ns la ning,yoew werk, recu res ed
3:00 am
htheyotad gten stuckn i an el orevat fe900 et unrodergund. ey the wer ldifte out by ane cra ju st a few a at .time nobody, hurtbuthe tey werd. colth t e shaf dwas 20.egrees today,re the was are sca in onparis he ter annivsary ofhe t te isrrortat atn ck orl"chaie he mbdo"age.azin rk mall phiisips re the. r >>teeporhir: tmes ti o thenly dy bo lyin ng ostthe s reetof ri palos be tngede o thckattaer. h heppad aheroacpod a lice iostatrrn ca ayingch but er's e knifshand ngouti i theisslamt mi wlitant "ar cry aallahu,"kbargo gd isatre.po slicethaid weere irre wes ngcomi o outs f hietjack i, asf om frui a s vcide sest,hihot m ad de. e annaxami otione f th fbodyound b no bomb,olut psaice eyy th did ndfi h ad-anitwrnoten te ai cl amingiallegtonce s. isi rajawad s bi runota cl shingtorear neby. w >> ieaas rcolly d ncerneca beeruse tha e was olschou , yokn stow, jur neae thcepoli at
3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
1,about ll100 mi oigramsf umsodire, alhaady f lf othe re encommamded .ountar shabon zar ri is ateegisred di n etitiaoxat len a honey sdded?ugar h >> ioneydes adr,d suga ghalthouis it ur natbual, t ll you'e noticilthat mk pr , oductss such ar milk oeven a rt yogu12, has o gramsr f suga cuper ndp, awh then aen youre imakinguit a frort-flaved rtyoguat, thou desblhe t sugar om frto 12 gr 24 peams rvr seing. or>> repe ter: wskalso a aedutbo wifoods xpth uney ectedlhigh di soum. s>> thepeame tyav of flor dr ngessiwh, h icisli itainan, e onlebott b can0 e 45igmillmsraof m sodiu 3versusli00 milgrams. or>> rephater: thut's a ge ff di.erence ea>> yh.>> or repcoter: sittt, o 's seasy g toaket f.ed out u yot mighk thin sthischpina ap wrbe is ttterishan thce pie teof whiad bret , bubrthe ead ha cs 90iealord s anurno satated t, fa t andrahe w10p, 2or calies twand amo grats of s furatedat, y
3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
r >>teeporhir: t00s $7li milon ck jar pot folea singne winr accould mtuallyonean a e-time o cashofption mi $428 llion. w tou in, yo gjusto ot tdefy odf ds omi292 n llioneto o. j >>onust e?>> rteeporour: ye havtta beer ochanceg f bein lhit byngightniil whnie drowng.>> o why d?i play us becawae i onnt mey. oni plyy laenwhs it'00$7 ll miion.$5 ll0 miion? noi'm tet inedrest. ep>> rr:ortes thipojack t is adalrerey a bcord$1y 10mi iolln,la and pyen rs i44 at stiles wdrl itive he hig r by rdsatuhtay nigwi's drang. i>> flueel tocky day. r >>teeporhir: ws ch isowhy ew fpe leop flielt orke w tking, oday d anrrtomo now's lotoo mkinguch be ertt. e' >> winre trying to w b theig e. on th's i r >>teeporarr: mssk stramann, s cbatnews, lanta. t hat'she tni "overwsght ne" thfor is or somef u,yo thes new r ot,hers checkac b wkith us
3:21 am
in morngs newand "cbs this mo g.rnin" tfromrohe bstadcate cen nr in ewrk yoy, cit s i'm pcotty.elle-- pt ca bionstay vi--c viwww.cotac.m th hee is tov "cbs t ernighne ws."
3:22 am
ws ne."i' me elaino.quijan> >> theer fedaler gov hnmentas me co outh wit itst lates gu esidelinat on wh youul shod to eat stay mo c willsome ao n sesurpri. less gasur, less .saltdr j.haonatokn lapoas h the . rest ep >> r torter:he new usda gu inideleces r pommendeople co lnsumehaess tn %10f o ca aloriesro day fm addedar sug, ou abeat 12 t.spoonsle n ss tha c10% ofs alorieper da omy frat saturs,ed fat a about oofast-feed chrgsebud er, anlessth ,3an 2li00 milpegrams ofr day di soabum, a out poteasf on ota sable lt.wo oumen shsuld conweme beten 0 1,602,and ca400 esloriay a ,0n, 2o 00 t3,000. selet's the how plis same of da y ils mealksstac up. y ife ou havrecendal ae coffefo ear br akfast,es cheape wr for nc lun h, ae appla for snack,sa velmon, esgetabl a andss gla in of wdie for adnner, ald sml pi ofece e cakdefor t,sser you
3:23 am
thbut dae sone aloxc ed eedethe co red mmendelisugar ndmit, a thetu rarkey wd p ans chipn contai t abou0 1,10igmillf rams oso , diumadalrelfy hath of e re encommamded .ountsh zaroni arabegis a rd istere iadietit ln atilenox ey honed addar sug? on >> hs ey id adde sugar, ghalthou n it isalaturt , buyo nu'llicotate th milk ucprodchts, sulk as mien or ev a rt yogus , hara12 gsums of gar p,per cuhe and t yn when ou are ma ngkifr it a avuit-flored gu yoatrt, thes doubl s the ugar 1 from 22 tos 4 gramseper g.rvin>> or rep wter:soe aled ask aboutfo thods wine uecxpdltehiy gh um sodi.>> am the spee tyav of flor ngdressiic, wh ih isantali , in boone cttle bane ll450 mimsigra ep>> rr:ortes that' a huge er diffence. >>r:eportett sco s, it'ssyo ea etto g o fakedut.yo ghu miint th sk thischpina ap wrbe is ttterthhan ceis pie of te whiad bret , bubrthe ead s haal90 cs orienoand sedaturat
3:24 am
tw and amo gr ss ofedaturat fat, so av you heae to rlad the bel.. dranjonathpo lacbok, s ,news yo new rk.> >>the fofamily a f lorida nwoma whod dieer aftei bng fo rciblyveremo ad frompi hostal ol by pice say they want a lfedera stinven.igatioba rbara dawsonen w tt tohe e.r. mp coinlaing ofma stoch pains.en wh theoc dtorsed tri to di e schargher, sheus refed to e. leav wpolicellere canded ace plad u hernder atrres for dilysorder co nduct and patresssing. on the way to thead squ r,cahe sll coanapsed erd lat died. theam fyil onebtaihed th das cam de vio. le>> paseve lea or ian c take you.>> ar bbara dnawsod saihe sas w in n pai and couldn't e.breath butff oicern johktadloc tried to reermove hge oxyn .mask>> ou y can'te tak thatof f! >> ican. >> no, you t!can' y >>es, ma'am.yo
3:25 am
aw dsoniv arred by aanmbulce toal chounib lertypi hos tal teighrs hou asgela w h wither niece.>> i seaid sh h needer , she don't. fishe's e'ne, shnes fi. l >>t eave ialone! ti can' even thbreae! >> theer officus sedpectso dawn wa ngs tryioi to avg d gointo ja il. p >>ut youran hinds behdr you ck ba. >> ian c't thbreae. ou>> ym see all ghrit. >> eaplse, i beg u.yo >>aw d csonedollaps tsou ide ofth ite hospt al jusrofeet fe m th cpolicear. >>ha tnot's t gooing t soutop y fr ngom goi tol. jai he>> s's .sick >> she'sok ay. d >>awson remainedex nt tohe t li poarce c for 18 teminus. ca medifl stafed tri to geter h . in >> she'sus jtea dd .weight l >>ay her back. >> minutes telar, aoc dtor
3:26 am
ite hospalre whe she .died osthe hpitald sai theynu contie to ev grihee tos lse of th tpatiennd ati setng up aic medal andmu comnityk tasor fceo t vi reesew bt cepractis. n >> iha tt tape, w sheasgi begng r fo .help >>th marami sthon dixai sd her us coasin w ala pilr of her itcommuny. >>on every e knewrbbaara. wa she s a jewel.>> bn enjamip crumis re enprestinghe t lyfami. ob >> nodyul shod dieik l eth.isda toasy it wba barra ondaws.if we s don'topeak t thitis, l beom s eeonelse motorrow. >> theal medicne examir rm deteined d shefried om b alood clot in her lung. anstate doc lalut arihoestire a in> >> teshe rantaur ctinha ip chotle is pngromisi to ercoopitate wh aal feder cr iminalti invesongati.
3:27 am
akoutbre at ata rest uran in rncalifoia. mpthe coany iins reelg aftert iwa ins lkedo td foo born il s lnesseein nins state last year. po relice ask aing for the pu blic's help indi finng a pair j of sewelry torebbroers. st inveigorats bveelieve they' hi alt hf aoz den ss torein five trrk sanassmrt repos. ep>> rr:orte m this iall wshere is thin strfg oob resberi began st lail apr. esthiee th hvesavela a pndn a eythck sti to it. afind jewelryre stor nea a hi y ghwaand hit the storen whe stit firpe o ansnd a therereo n eie survcellaneo vidws sho one t ofhera bzenev thiesli pulng of f theat lisest hetar e lier this.week wo the man, bdelieve to be in herla te 20s or early 30s, locks the dofront or at aed jarew jelry or store in nolth carefina bore hmakinger way to theen expsive thas w afterhe tbi fay s sshe rcfowoed tmp eloyeesnt io aac bk
3:28 am
ei thr. hands>> er fedals agent believe the n woma m andan arein behdix s is hets in gigeora, idflora, h soutnacaroli, tee,nnessend a rt noh roca.lina t >>hesere a vy erllwenn plaed y jewelrstore roiebbers. rethey aus not jt wkial ingo nt e thel jew avey hmee sowl knoedge about th e stindury. b iveelie trehey'os pysibl br ngingim thea to ar l cgerity suchs ayonew crkity ore som of eth lgearcir estihe where tse theftgs rinra ope tefrom.>> te reporyr: the recayfull tinspec their targets. inan pciama ty acbeheh, tan wom ok spe to anmp eeloye the day fo berehe s wasau cghtho sving amdi iondsnto abag. for some asreon, she'ser nev dd hieren h face.>> m theostha cgillenarng pft o e this case thetu picres are so r clea andha we veuc shoo gd rv suaneillooce f ttagehatod noby s hae comwa foretrd yh wit in ioformat hn touselp if ident y e thes.people>> rep iorter:t'sel bieved the
3:29 am
ndgh e lrjewey. p theyickto sres by the rs intetate, pblresumary fo an sy ea es,capesi ung afe difrent car etiach ome t avoidth furer de n.tectio it>> woch sial media these da,ysme sonobody kws whoy uey'resing sviers ce tinhe mm co sunity,such a tehols, aurests,rant gas atst.ions they ceould b r >>teeporagr: ain, the fbi is ho spingodomebily wl iifdent y e than womle at vastery soon, usbecahee s'sin makg no etffor id to he he er facasve we' seen that inur sncveillae devio. 'r theye alsoor wriedt thahe tse th aievesre bgecomin more nf coident andir the rriobbe es ul coecd b momeoreis rky and enviolt.>>
3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
f da cana. ep>> rr:ortez crunis i the mi ddlef oa wegek-lon t busour i ofowa. uz cr'sat stregy is ,simple esharvtes votne wher a andt wh eratevit quantheies can. theop pioulatern he isut abo 0.7,00fo eaur yrs aargo, ch rlie,ick umsantored carri thisnt couy with101vo tes. ck ba in waonshingt v,ice es prjoident n e bideesays h lstils think aboutha wigt mht b haveeen. nbideid deced noto t run for es prbeident hcauseis heart sn wa't in .it h now seays "i ritegret everyy. da" an julidmna golan has they. stor>> te repor vr: theesice pr identdi rd a ooundfer intviews to botalk a putntresidea' obams ex eecutivns actio onun g l,controus but jt msonth after un annoecing hou wldn'ten challgehi y llartoclin dn fortiemocrac mi noonnati v, theesice pr identma arde cles it'l stilinsometh g
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3:36 am
aj"moro bn,bideve serdh wit him in ."iraq l alof a sudden, it los it. or>> repayter: dser aft he unanno hcedeld wou sn'teek the e whithouse,e hai sdow h hison s afelt hboutim inrunng. s >>omepl peovee hatt wrien th yat,ou ,knowon bo his eddeathbd sai, dad'v youeot g to n ru and t whereashi ts hwoollyodmo .mentno gthinik late th ,everr eve ha.ened a aste mat fr of iact,st wa e thlm-- a tostheos oppite at thatinpot. asit wmo alst, dad,e you'vot g ta to stry song,au becse the mi falys itogoing k looouto y, d. da>> er> wint hasal finlyiv arred t onthe easco ast, and that's od go news for ski s.resortth eio reg sntill d noesote hav fmuchresh .powder atbut st lea it'sd col ehnougo t ke maow hln daener wort f aou c oplef .runs r >>teeporher: trese a the days ill reaye hat my mawneeaiountn was cedover swith bnowksy thannggivi the pa stwo t aryes. t bu nowau becse of thist hea wa e've weeve bn goingou thrgh in ce de,mbery' theadve h ad har
3:37 am
esslopnt uil jay.nuarno w, outhgh, itot gol cd d an rsskie r areciejoing.r fohi t gsfroup ooy jful rsskie, cayou rkn mary janua 6s th athe st be o daye f th.yearth bat'sseecauw snohas flyinal ar drive on the poconos'wn shaee tamounin.ll we, rnot ealsnow, but a inmachdee mand ble ofat w aernd recomp assedhair tt's now ricoveng t a ohirdef thlo spes th tankso fdrigi ertempesatur.>> re we' ausnxioo tthget e as seon arstd.te ep>> rr:orte jimtu ists a na ma pgingartnernd a in his r35-yeaee car tr hereheren' hast been aea suison qte like this. afromab cin named peho, he edlookow tdarhe tri btegh arnd co utlder furehi ters wint and s hiinmachldes couer o has tl feeoo gdo t look out an ed sese theac mshine bnglowi sn ow.
3:38 am
e livlo csey b and ian c hear em th atghnit. k inowt jusfrom encxperieen whe it'sea rllyin makdg goo snow.we 're tiopicmist. three qs uarterheof tso sean li aesadhee', so wkire loo ng fo drwar to a goodry janua and ua febrry.>> te repor dr: butrecembe oidisappusnted jtut above ery esski rortn iorthe ntheast e wherthe nrumbe ofsa uble lstrai o isnly %.43co e mpar tthato 99% tshat' sk eiabl outstwe. is th ista foogef omy family ngskii inyo w amingew fks wee o, agre whehe t snowas wve or 11 feet .deep cayou n b tlamebohis rom ot bus as seonn o theni el no wereath erpattchn, whi keptpe temreratus ahighrynd d ien th .eastth is telaso-seanre feze htasn' lyon h teld uphoseer eago t hit th eslopes, but nearlyry eve lo bcalesusinons c tnectedohe t skimy econo.>> s it' notse clo tot whawa it sla east yr. r >>orepter: sheor wkst ahe t ar st gtingateio actn ssport
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arcompo ed tara ye. agoan r d foe thosrtresolo empyees as ea slsona as the owsn,it 's en be no cava.tion>> pathe stitoo's tk a tolln o us. ep>> rr:orteen she wet morn tha m a wonth ithoutpay. at wh is ite lik f yorouhe woun yha ven't gthotten e atphon call jaand y nuars comendarou?>> t wha it'sik h feor ,me 'sit st jud. hari' tm nod usetato sg rtin this te lath in ase seon. hit's aardndhe tre's t billso be . paid t >>shat' o the tnehatts hur themo hast, tvingteo pllpleo e, ge e e, wjuston d'tav heor wk ye t. ep>> rr:orte but jim sstu ssee o annipportuorty f csrowd in lookakg to me up fort los time. >> clialng in soick t .schooli e hopha tt'say ok.ta
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y.'s it r all wightmeith .>> or rep ater: lot of rtresos e ar oinffergin onleen inctives tonc convi pe teoplehat even thought ihas. 'm >> itr alex ebek. y ife ou'r tage 50o 85, i thismps an intortasa mesge. asso plee,wr doite nwn theumber y onreour scen.e th ilockto want talkto bo you aut t isn'onthe ye ondoour or.'s itat a re lockfo urr yoin life esurancth raat guayontees eur rat vecan nep r go u tat anyime, an for ony reas. cbut be.arefulny maie policu s yoseedo av not he one,bu u t yotcan ge fe a li rtimeckate logh throue thalcolonin penm.prograca s ll thinumber rnto lea more. lathis ps n waeddesign
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ler peopfi on a coxed inmewh ao wantblffordae i lifecensuranth imat's s gple coptrage oions stfor ju a $9.95, month haless t cn 35 aents wt noan urd yoe ratewill b ck lofoed in .r life il it wr l neveseincrea.yo erur covage vecan neanr be ccelledas as long ay you pyo miur preums,an ad yournccceptae ua is gd,rantee nwiththo healio questns. nnyou catuot be owrned dnca be yuse ofheour .alth orcall fin your atformtion kid bore are fe, n withlio ob.gation wadon't it,ca s ll thi nnumberow. , [coughh]coug jamike? net? h coug cif your an heame. n'do tt evenbohink aut it.
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ar ishe tes ftive ckso.>> y ver rfcoloul.>> ep ror tter: iheres a re luvoontifo a.ot >> w!wo es the e argreat. r >>teeporr: aev rioolut dneep in s the oolef n'mes iofashn.we jwaust nt to seer you socks. lua revon tion isocks.oh wo, w! bananas.sock >>oc sks areea rllyas ey fix to ic spe upr you bewardro.>> iea rllyov lehe t .gown r >>teeporr:d bra skgoreis i se pleah d wittathe sntteme he's . seen s haitpr surveised en yout tha ck soes hav becomeh suc a big th ing? i >>t has, alactuly. msin ter of thisre tnd ifspeclyical's, itin kdf o l ike theew gatgay dru to men's n.fashio yt an thinghates giv guys the co e uraganto wbet to or me ri dathng in aseir fhohion cices,th rat's acoeally hiol tng. >> rteeporr: one manng drivi theso ckol revn utioheis tlw aays er dappwy dane wade.
3:44 am
ackks soch witgothe ld toe. t >>shat'll a i udse to have.>> de wa ,awfadeay. >>te reporr: the im11-t eal arl-stis has hwn o linef o fa nshio shaocks tt he helps si degn. t >>shis i ancc a fessoryor men wthatne caa have cool mtomen un eadernurth oan pts or on our tfeethafet we el ae littlra ext t abouour ou.tfit whene you'rbl ae to spend 4,$1 $1 5 onoc sksfe difrentm fro a wa tch. r>>orep ter:dewaks's soc are cr d eatefor theal cniiforaed bas ancompany stce. t sohis is the househa ttoc sks t.buil>> ye s. r >>teeporhir: wohch j wnilson lp hended fou afterve suryinghe t d blanca landsowpe bel n'mes kn ees. he>> teg cattsory ielf was as leep. r >>r:eporte llyiteralhi wte ac spe. w >> ahitendla bspck ace.>> or repr:te he fdillet tha ac spthe wid bolor col asnd tt pa.erns adthey me atmismchedai prs a inmarketolg to. theyen wt for funnd aui qrky and
3:45 am
ok lotoing p steo intlaa gaxy ffar, aarway. an end thre theba is basketll. heon t t,courre whees shoav he balwayseen ,kingta snce wants fa ns toee son beyrd one underhat the easnker. i >>t is laliterly aam ge ch r.ange or>> reps ter: asof thi asseon, istancehes tff o sicialuock s pr oior t the nba. d anug thoh the tadearils en't pu , bliccestanl wile havts i ologolln a thens shin i et baskball.ho ucw mash hhe t d nbaeal enrepres yted toou as apa comny er in tfms o? sales>> 'sitee bn ae hug cutontribor of growth, and it's a goodnk chu urof o aloverl ree.venuth at'she td kin ofea d tlhatou ywa nt. r >>teepor tr:oche skar mket is a mbiultinllio dr ollabusssine. moren tha .5$5li bilon rl eprntrerseneu a drengippi rtheis toe .in i >> think not a l ootfpl peoe p wake uon ain certang morni andsa
3:46 am
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3:47 am
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athis lrkest wooc fuses on how c weanou t ocherthwis th our nt tale ws oncee ovdiscer w hatth ose talentsar e. ji axm roel hd tashe orsty. ep>> rr:orteor befuee t'ssday wi orth mecy b oamene of thees bt ll se mingrsemoi of all time and the e "fivpeopleou yt mee in enheavld" so m 10onilli picoes. tc mih m'albos dsream had nngothi to o dit wh wrg.itin >>as i wus a mn icia iwhenan began d iho tught tt'hawhs e er my nttale. lay ne i otver wrhie anytng. ep>> rorter:he t piano prlaye mo toved newrkyo,ke boodny a t joincohe uld, wlehi heck knoed r ondecor mpcosany' doors and t gom the all sedlamm in his .facewa s it l painfutwhen it didn' ?happen ah>> ye i,t washe tir fstim te in y mfeli that allhe tht ligs 'thadn tdurne eegrn.>> or repter: freailuec bame .fuel arin large pt your tctraje orywa ets s my ilfaure. ye>> ah.e thor efftt tha iut p ino t ac
3:49 am
th in ore wldf ori wting is ethec dirsut reltf omy e.failur itk tooaon limg teef bore music sn wa't aou wndor f ti has healed that.d ani can takeoy j inus mic again. r >>r:eportees the rsult i his te last okbo"t, heag mictr sings raof fnkie topres." >> iat creedhi tsha cracter thatis so pinure hisic musal ttalen at th his gruitain strgns tur bl heue wen h ceshang mesos one'li fe.ev neeryons joi ad banin life. s only oomef themla py simuc. at thhe's t truth. llwe a atffecne o heanotr.>> te reporr:as it's much a pr tojec as abook.r fo aom conpani ,cdom albet gs -lrealifeic mus tiansoer off ei thrak t oesn anfrskie' ct fil>> ve erye tim ht e hitea no his
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e>> h came uph wit a numberf o ihitsen invted. es the atsrtisk toohe t ,name the cslyrind, ahe tea y trheg son wa sspoupsedo tomhave ce out d an made a .song iaessenteylly thde remags son th erat nev exd.iste i ers the anc chaet tha some y da >> or rep ater:mongse thola pyingon he t t cd,heut ahor and his fe wi. llfinalby, aomas h an m.albu u yodican epphay.>> ahye.i awasdylrea t goingieo d ha utppy, b d i caniepi haper andwi athnd souktrac now. >>s that' theer "ovt nighnews" thfor is .fridayfo mer soyo of heu tew ns ntcos.inue for rsotheec, chkk bac with us la rter fo the morning n aewsnd "c hibs ts rnmoing."om fr thead broadenca niptiounng f cded by
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